CSG :: Volume #29

#2877: The day of darkness

Is angry very much? Very angry?” A Jian Chen face sneers stares at Dark Star Great Emperor, in the heart smooth intent is drippinging. “很生气?很愤怒?”剑尘一脸冷笑的盯着暗星大帝,心中畅意淋淋。 Initially when Dark Star Clan conducted offered a sacrifice to greatly, although he with Dark Star Clan has erupted a war, but at that time, he mainly to rescue Sheng Yu, as well as stopped Dark Star Great Emperor to give the Raising Principle Fruit mature time. 当初暗星族进行大祭时,他虽然与暗星族之间爆发过一场大战,但那时候,他主要是为了营救圣羽,以及阻拦暗星大帝育道果成熟时间。 This destruction Dark Star Clan more than 20 main cities one after another, that also for the unsurpassed big incantation that to destroy Dark Star Clan displays time, saves own. 这一次的接连覆灭暗星族二十多座主城,那也只是为了破坏暗星族施展的无上大咒,拯救自己 Therefore looks like in Jian Chen, Sheng Yu enmity, as before unreported. 因此在剑尘看来,圣羽的仇,依旧未报。 these days, Sheng Yu was eliminated whole body blood essence, suffered so brutal suffering, this enmity is absolutely irreconcilable, he must give vent to indignation for Sheng Yu. 这些日子,圣羽被剥夺了全身精血,遭受了这般惨无人道的折磨,这个仇可谓是不共戴天,他必须要为圣羽泄恨。 Must want justice for Sheng Yu. 必须要为圣羽讨回一个公道。 Meanwhile, but must let Dark Star Clan, pays the serious price. 同时,还必须要让暗星族,付出惨重的代价。 Destroys the big sacrifice, seizes Raising Principle Fruit, exterminates more than 20 main cities, but also is far from enough! 破坏大祭,夺走育道果,诛灭二十多座主城,还远远不够! Killed Palace Master you so to be angry, will that following matter, let your nervous breakdown?” The Jian Chen corners of the mouth reveal to sneer, in both eyes killing intent is intense, at once form flashes before, appears side Vice- Palace Master An Lie of seventh palace instantaneously. “不过才杀了一位殿主你就这么愤怒,那接下来的事,岂不是会让你精神崩溃?”剑尘嘴角露出冷笑,双目中杀意强烈,旋即身影一个闪现,瞬间出现在第七殿的副殿主安烈身边。 An Lie such as meets ghosts and demons to result, was frightened complexion to be pale instantaneously, in both eyes reveals the panic-stricken flustered color that is hard to conceal, immediately by the quickest speed retreat. 安烈如遇见鬼魅似得,瞬间被吓得面色苍白,双目中流露出难以掩饰的惊恐的慌张之色,立即以最快的速度后退。 Facing powerhouse that this Dark Star Great Emperor cannot even do, in the An Lie heart could not have had slightly the thought of resistance, in the brain the only response, then escapes! 面对这位连暗星大帝都奈何不了的强者,安烈心中已经生不出丝毫反抗的念头,脑中唯一的反应,便是逃! And escapes by quickest speed! 并且是以最快的速度逃! However his surrounding space has changed, although he in by quickest speed retreat, but the body actually also stays in as in same place, is unable to get rid of this piece of space restraint. 然而他周围的空间已经改变,他虽然在以最快的速度后退,可身躯却依旧还停留在原地,始终无法摆脱这片空间束缚 That feeling, seems around his body the piece of space, already by unlimited extension. 那种感觉,就仿佛是他身躯周围的这片空间,已经被无限制的延长。 Stop!” Dark Star Great Emperor angrily roars, immediately makes a move to rescue An Lie. “住手!”暗星大帝一声怒吼,立即出手营救安烈 Each Beginning Realm powerhouse is mortal form valuable precious in Dark Star Clan, every time will lose one person to have the enormous influence on the Dark Star Clan strength, An Lie is in danger, will make the Dark Star Great Emperor spirit tie tight instantaneously. 每一位始境强者暗星族中都属于魄宝般的珍贵,每损失一人都会对暗星族的实力造成巨大影响,安烈遇险,瞬间让暗星大帝精神紧绷。 Does , the Jian Chen present strength is not weaker than Dark Star Great Emperor, even goes beyond, in this case, Dark Star Great Emperor , to rescue An Lie, is naturally beset with difficulties. 只是奈何,剑尘如今的实力已经不比暗星大帝弱,甚至是有过之而无不及,在这种情况下,暗星大帝要想救下安烈,自然是困难重重。 The next quarter, saw in An Lie surrounding space to present blade of the space to flash to pass, the head of An Lie split immediately, Primordial Spirit was cut the nihility. 下一刻,就见安烈周围的空间中出现了一道空间之刃一闪而逝,安烈的脑袋立即分裂,元神被斩成了虚无。 An Lie, body and soul completely eliminated! 安烈,形神俱灭 Before the breakthrough, Jian Chen Space Principle is in enters the Everlasting Beginning Realm situation initially, Space Principle of this level was unable to pose the threat to An Lie this 4-layer Everlasting Realm powerhouse by far. 在突破之前,剑尘空间法则才处于初入无极始境的地步,这种层次的空间法则还远远无法对安烈这种四重天无极境强者造成威胁。 Yet now, as the sensibility of his Space Principle reaches to Everlasting Beginning Realm 8-layer, enabling him once only Space Principle that was used to hurry along, immediately becomes a fierce attack method. 可如今,随着他空间法则的感悟臻至无极始境八重天,使得他曾经只能用来赶路的空间法则,立即成为了一种厉害的攻击手段。 Jian Chen blocked the attack of Dark Star Great Emperor, then points at to another Vice- Palace Master Kasor gently point of seventh palace. 剑尘挡住了暗星大帝的攻击,然后手指对着第七殿的另一位副殿主卡索尔轻轻一点。 That piece of space that the next quarter, Kasor is at crashed suddenly, presented black hole of fist size, was correct to say the strength of Space Principle the sharp blade shuttled back and forth in void. 下一刻,卡索尔所在的那一片空间突然崩塌,出现了一个拳头大小的黑洞,更是有道道空间法则之力所化的利刃在虚空中穿梭。 But Kasor body, then vanishes in a sad and shrill pitiful yell sound does not see. 卡索尔的身躯,则是在一片凄厉的惨叫声中消失不见。 Kasor falls/dies, after he dies, even is the corpse has not even stayed behind, the entire body vanishes does not see. 卡索尔陨落,他死之后,甚至是连尸体都没有留下,整个身躯都消失不见。 Suddenly, then two big Vice- Palace Master falls/dies, this lets remaining all Palace Master and Vice- Palace Master is in abundance fearful and apprehensive, the invincible fearful strength that Jian Chen shows, has made all Vice- Palace Master be afraid. 一个眨眼间,便是有两大副殿主陨落,这让剩下的所有殿主副殿主纷纷心惊胆战,剑尘展现出的这种不可战胜的可怕实力,已经让所有副殿主心生恐惧。 Dark Star Great Emperor complexion gloomy is incomparable, in both eyes killing intent treads the day, he grasps imperial seal seal to lash out Jian Chen full power, various secret skill display one after another, erupts flood heavenly power energy. 暗星大帝脸色阴沉无比,双目中杀意踏天,他手持玺印全力出手攻击剑尘,各种秘法接连施展,爆发出滔天威能。 Meanwhile, Palace Master as well as all Vice- Palace Master of ten big temples also make a move, the cultivation of long years, making them grasp many God level battle skill and various secret techniques, at this moment, numerous God level battle skill and secret techniques displayed, in the world the pressure was dreadful immediately, the powerful energy formed the storm to wreak havoc crazily. 与此同时,十大神殿的殿主以及所有副殿主也是纷纷出手,漫长岁月的修炼,使得他们都掌握了多种神级战技和各种秘术,此刻,众多神级战技和秘术纷纷施展,天地间顿时威压滔天,强大的能量形成风暴在疯狂肆虐。 Facing the attacks of dozens Beginning Realm, Jian Chen has not dodged the movement that and has avoided, but sends out together radiant sword light, the attack from first palace Palace Master will separate the air attack to be loose. 面对数十名始境的攻击,剑尘没有丝毫躲闪和回避的动作,只是发出一道璀璨剑光,将来自第一殿殿主的攻击隔空击散。 Bang! Bang! Bang! bang...... 轰!轰!轰!轰...... Shortly, Jian Chen then came from the attacks of dozens Beginning Realm powerhouse submerging. 顷刻间,剑尘便被来自数十名始境强者的攻击给淹没。 Big Palace Master and Vice- Palace Master in abundance complexion one happy, because they see Jian Chen to have no protection, withstands their attacks by flesh body completely. 个大殿主副殿主纷纷面色一喜,因为他们都看见剑尘没有任何防护,完全是以肉身来承受他们的攻击。 Good, withstood the attacks of jointly our so many people, even if he does not die must peel a skin......” “太好了,承受了我们这么多人的联手攻击,他即便不死也要脱一层皮......” So many God level battle skill , he even if flesh body in powerful, is impossible unable to withstand......” “这么多神级战技,他哪怕是肉身在强大,也绝不可能承受得住......” ...... ...... At this moment, in the Dark Star Clan many Beginning Realm powerhouse heart rouses secretly, they think that this Martial Artist is invincible, without thinking was wounded easily. 这一刻,暗星族不少始境强者心中都是暗暗振奋,他们原以为这名外界武者不可战胜,没想到这么容易就被击伤。 But quick, all of them then dumbfounded instantaneously, eyes stare in a big way, on the face is completely the unbelievable god, because they discovered that Jian Chen after flesh body withstood their attack, body unexpectedly does not have any wound. 但很快,他们所有人便瞬间呆住了,一个个眼睛瞪得大大的,脸上尽是难以置信的神,因为他们发现剑尘肉身承受了他们所有人的攻击之后,身上竟然没有任何伤口。 Even if among them Divine Item of some people hits on Jian Chen, has not created, even if a wee bit injuries. 哪怕是他们当中一些人的神器打在剑尘身上,也没有造成哪怕是一丁点的伤害。 What does this mean? 这意味着什么? This means them to collaborate, displays powerful God level battle skill and various secret skill, has not wounded the qualifications of Jian Chen. 这意味着他们所有人联手,施展强大的神级战技和各种秘法,都没有击伤剑尘的资格。 Not...... not ..... this impossible......” “不......不.....这不可能......” This is false, this certainly is false......” “这是假的,这一定是假的......” ...... ...... Dark Star Clan all Beginning Realm powerhouse shocked, some people in ruthlessly rubs the eye of own, cannot believe all these. 暗星族所有始境强者都震惊了,有人在狠狠的揉自己的眼睛,不敢相信这一切。 This, gives them in all person hearts, had the incomparably huge impact. 这一幕,给他们所有人心中,都造成了无比巨大的冲击。 Because this had subverted their cognition completely. 因为这已经完全颠覆了他们的认知。 Can flesh body of person, be in so the situation powerful? 一个人的肉身,能强大到这般地步? Even if Dark Star Great Emperor is the pupil shrinks, he obviously feels to obtain, this Martial Artist flesh body powerful too many are too at present more than previous time. 哪怕是暗星大帝都是瞳孔一缩,他明显感觉得出,眼前这名外界武者肉身比上次强大了太多太多。 Dark Star Clan Beginning Realm powerhouse dumbfounded, but Jian Chen does not have the moment to hesitate, his sword light punctures Cang Qiong (vault of heaven) together, cuts to fall seventh palace the head/number of people of last Vice- Palace Master. 暗星族始境强者呆住了,可剑尘却没有片刻迟疑,他一道剑光刺破苍穹,将第七殿的最后一位副殿主的人头斩落。 Da Fu, falls/dies! 达夫,陨落 Immediately, seventh palace all Beginning Realm powerhouse, all extinguish! 顿时,第七殿所有始境强者,全灭! Later, Jian Chen launched a unilateral slaughter, after the seventh palace destruction, his goal aims at the sixth palace, Space Principle is flexibly utilized by him, deliberately avoids Dark Star Great Emperor, specially in view of ten big temples. 之后,剑尘展开了一场单方面的屠杀,第七殿覆灭之后,他目标指向第六殿,空间法则被他灵活运用,刻意避开暗星大帝,专门针对十大神殿。 !” Sixth palace Palace Master, Irvine falls! “噗!”第六殿殿主,欧文陨! !” Sixth palace Vice- Palace Master, Si Wuqing falls! “噗!”第六殿副殿主,司无情陨! !” Sixth palace Vice- Palace Master, the division falls without the life! “噗!”第六殿副殿主,司无命陨! !” Sixth palace Vice- Palace Master, Dean falls! “噗!”第六殿副殿主,奥古丁陨! !” Third palace Palace Master, Carrido falls! “噗!”第三殿殿主,卡里多陨! ...... ...... The engagement time is not long, then some numerous Beginning Realm powerhouse falls/dies, the seventh palace and sixth palace were the destruction, the third palace, the fourth palace and ninth palace also had Palace Master or Vice- Palace Master falls/dies. 交战时间不长,便有众多始境强者陨落,第七殿和第六殿更是先后覆灭,第三殿、第四殿、第九殿也有殿主或是副殿主陨落 On this day, absolutely is in the Dark Star Clan history the darkest day, in the short time, over ten Beginning Realm powerhouse died in battle, as Dark Star Clan first powerhouse Dark Star Great Emperor, has to show disdain for same rank spatially, endures compared with Great Primal Beginning Realm invincible battle strength, may face Jian Chen slaughter, does not have the slight means to prevent. 这一日,绝对是暗星族史上最为黑暗的日子,短短时间内,就有超过十名始境强者战死,作为暗星族第一强者暗星大帝,空有傲视同阶,堪比混元始境的无敌战力,可面对剑尘杀戮,却是没有丝毫的办法去阻止。 You hide in into the temple completely!” Dark Star Great Emperor is getting angry to send out to shout the sound, a strength without the least bit reserved eruption, launches an extremely heartshaking and moving war in the upper air and Jian Chen. “你们全部躲入神殿!”暗星大帝红着眼发出嘶吼声,一身实力毫无半点保留的爆发,在高空中与剑尘展开一场惊天地,泣鬼神之战。
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