CSG :: Volume #29

#2878: Great Emperor falls/dies

Dark Star Great Emperor this sonic boom drinks, immediately makes other Dark Star Clan Beginning Realm powerhouse awaken, does not immediately have the half a point to hesitate, immediately puts out the temple, broke in the temple by quickest speed. 暗星大帝这一声爆喝,顿时让暗星族余下的始境强者纷纷醒悟过来,当即就没有半分迟疑,立即就拿出神殿,以最快的速度冲入了神殿中。 Your three go advanced.” Tenth palace Palace Master is getting angry to fling the temple, in her both eyes sad coexists with the hatred, after three Vice- Palace Master of tenth palace hid in into the temple, Feng Xue then grasped a low-grade Divine Item long sword, in the vision revealed meaning decidedly, killing that fierce did not fear to Jian Chen. “你们三个先进去。”第十殿殿主红着眼甩出神殿,她双目中悲伤与仇恨共存,待第十殿的三位副殿主都躲入了神殿之后,冯雪便手持一柄下品神器长剑,目光中露出决然之意,悍不畏死的杀向剑尘 Feng Xue, goes back quickly, you cannot injure him, do not make the foolish matter.” Will break in second palace Palace Master in temple to see this one, immediately sends out big loudly shout, but he sees Feng Xue that firm look, when that discards all courage, in the heart is secret immediately sighs, no longer says anything, turns around to vanish in the temple. 冯雪,快回去,你根本就伤不到他,别做傻事。”正要冲入神殿中的第二殿殿主见此一幕,立即发出大喝声,但他见冯雪那坚决的眼神,以及那股舍弃一切的勇气时,心中顿时暗暗一叹,不再说什么,转身消失在神殿之中。 Ten big temples had changed into middle-grade Divine Item completely, although is the broken condition, but its firm is not low-grade Divine Item can place on a par, hides in into the temple, in Dark Star Clan these Beginning Realm powerhouse hearts had a security sense finally, is paying close attention to outside fight in the temple. 十大神殿已经全部都换成了中品神器,尽管都是残破状态,但其坚固也绝非下品神器可以相提并论,一躲入神殿之中,暗星族这些始境强者心中才终于有了点安全感,然后就在神殿内密切关注着外面的战斗。 They have not controlled the temple to attack Jian Chen, in addition when their ten big temples are complete, forms formation that unable to Jian Chen to cause the damage through the temple, loses the seventh palace and sixth palace let alone now. 他们都没有操控神殿对剑尘进行攻击,他们十大神殿尚且完好之时,通过神殿形成的阵法都无法对剑尘造成伤害,更何况如今失去了第七殿和第六殿。 Not only these two big temple whole army has been annihilated, third, fourth, the ninth palace has Vice- Palace Master falls/dies respectively, under the strength sharp decline, they could not threat Jian Chen. 不仅这两大神殿全军覆灭,就连第三,第四,第九殿都各有副殿主陨落,实力锐减之下,他们更加对剑尘构不成威胁了。 The Feng Xue action, these have hidden into major Palace Master and Vice- Palace Master in temple naturally also saw, is in the heart sighs secretly. 冯雪的举动,这些已经躲入了神殿中的各大殿主副殿主自然也是看见了,一个个都是心中暗暗叹气。 Feng Xue Palace Master was too deep with the sentiment to Kun Tian Palace Master, now knows Kun Tian already falls/dies news, this to the attack that in the Feng Xue heart creates, is not we can imagine 冯雪殿主坤天殿主真的是用情太深了,如今知道了坤天已经陨落的消息,这对冯雪心中造成的打击,根本就不是我们所能想象得到的” Feng Xue Palace Master this is unafraid of death, Kun Tian dies, she does not want to live obviously, courts death on own initiative 冯雪殿主这是视死如归啊,坤天一死,她显然也不想活了,主动去找死” This Martial Artist strength was too terrifying, really cannot believe that his is less than thousand years old, then no one could have rescued Feng Xue Palace Master “这名外界武者的实力太恐怖了,真的不敢相信他的年纪还不足千岁,这下谁也救不了冯雪殿主了” In the major temples, hides in inside Beginning Realm powerhouse sends out the sigh, that Martial Artist has extinguished two big temples continually, making everyone experience his cruel and merciless, therefore in their opinion, Feng Xue does not have the hope of returning alive. 各大神殿中,躲藏在里面的始境强者纷纷发出叹息,那名外界武者已经连灭两大神殿,让所有人都见识到了他的心狠手辣,因此在他们看来,冯雪已经是没有了生还的希望。 Jian Chen also detected obviously is threatening to Feng Xue, his complexion expression has not changed, but stretches out the finger, separates to empty to Feng Xue distantly. 剑尘显然也察觉到正气势汹汹冲来的冯雪,他面色表情没有丝毫变化,只是伸出手指,隔空对着冯雪遥遥一点。 Immediately, Feng Xue surrounding space solidifies suddenly, just like is time static, making Feng Xue maintain the stance of governing spatial flight, was framed is unable to move same place in the slightest. 顿时,冯雪周围的空间猛然凝固,又犹如是时间静止了似地,令得冯雪保持着御空飞行的姿态,被定格在原地无法动弹分毫 By the Feng Xue Everlasting Beginning Realm 5-layer strength, is impossible to shake Jian Chen space restraint in a short time. 冯雪无极始境五重天的实力,在短时间内是绝不可能震开剑尘空间束缚 Ended, Feng Xue Palace Master ended saw this, these hid in Beginning Realm powerhouse in temple, some people have not endured closed the eye, Feng Xue following was out they to expect, is killed by cutting that the space sharp blade was relentless, under space caved in suddenly is inhaled in the void crack, refused stubbornly to keep the corpse. “完了,冯雪殿主完了”看到这一幕,那些躲藏在神殿中的始境强者中,已经有人不忍的闭上了眼睛,冯雪接下来的下场他们已经可以预料,不是被空间利刃毫不留情的斩杀,就是在空间突然塌陷之下被吸入虚空裂缝之中,死不留尸。 However then, making the matter that Dark Star Clan these Beginning Realm powerhouse were surprised happen, by Space Force restraint Feng Xue, not only did not have such as them to imagine falls/dies like that as instead that Martial Artist under waved, Feng Xue whole person such straight collision to the tenth temple, vanished in the tenth temple. 不过接下来,让暗星族那些始境强者大感意外的事情发生了,被空间之力束缚冯雪非但没有如他们想象中的那般陨落,反而随着那名外界武者的一挥手之下,冯雪整个人就这么直直的撞向了第十神殿,消失在第十神殿中。 This?” “这这是怎么回事?” „Hasn't that homicidal maniac demon killed Feng Xue unexpectedly?” “那名杀人狂魔竟然没杀冯雪?” This all of a sudden, lets all Palace Master and Vice- Palace Master instantaneously is staring an eye, is surprised. 这一下子,瞬间让所有殿主副殿主都瞪着一双眼睛,大感意外。 However does not wait for in their brains to have other thoughts, then has transmits just like the startled thunder-like bellow together, Dark Star Great Emperor displays secret skill, erupts the most powerful attack and Jian Chen battles in together, by imperial seal seal that he controls, is blooms flood Heavenly God energy, and when the blood essence combustion of Dark Star Great Emperor, exposes pities that prosperous prestige. 不过不等他们脑中生出其余念头,便是有一道宛若惊雷般的轰鸣声传来,暗星大帝施展秘法,爆发出最为强大的攻击与剑尘激战在一起,被他控制的玺印,也是绽放出滔天神能,并在暗星大帝精血燃烧之下,展露出惜时那鼎盛之威。 Immediately, this stretch of the world blasted open, the trim changes into the darkness void, these fights time, world look changes that they hit, the livelihood does not have the light, that destroying the heavens, extinguishing the earth energy fallout, will float fierce swaying that temple in distant place attacks. 顿时,这片天地炸裂了,整片虚空都化为黑暗,这一次交手,他们打的天地变色,日月无光,那毁天灭地能量余波,将漂浮在远处的那一座座神殿都冲击的剧烈摇晃。 But at once, in this dark world, then shone dazzling sword light suddenly, saw only Jian Chen with the body sword, changed to the thunder to pierce the nihility, brought a piece of dazzling thorn to Dark Star Great Emperor. 但旋即,在这黑暗的天地间,便猛然亮起了一道刺目的剑光,只见剑尘以身化剑,化作雷霆洞穿虚无,带起一片耀眼的刺向暗星大帝 Bang! 轰! A loud sound, Dark Star Great Emperor keeps off the triangle shield before body is struck to fly by Jian Chen, but sword light that Jian Chen changes to is remaining power does not reduce in the slightest, broke open the Dark Star Great Emperor protecting body energy with irresistible force, hit the Dark Star Great Emperor body ruthlessly. 一声巨响,暗星大帝挡在身前的三角盾被剑尘击飞,而剑尘化作的剑光则是余势不减分毫,一路势如破竹的破开了暗星大帝的护体能量,狠狠的击中了暗星大帝的身躯。 The Dark Star Great Emperor whole person was struck to fly, puts on his middle-grade Divine Item Battle Armor, the above crack was also becomes more. 暗星大帝整个人都被击飞了出去,穿在他身上的中品神器战甲,上面的裂缝也是变得更多了。 Dark Star Clan does not lack Divine Item, may take a broad view at the entire clan, as if could not find complete Divine Item, almost all Divine Item damages the condition. 暗星族并不缺少神器,可放眼全族,似乎都找不到一件完好的神器,几乎所有神器都是破损状态。 Divine Item of breakage condition, is not naturally able to resist the attack of Jian Chen completely, withstood this struck, Dark Star Great Emperor within the body was a vitality turns immediately wells up, five main internal organs sharp shake. 破损状态的神器,自然无法完全的抵御剑尘的攻击,承受了这一击,暗星大帝体内立即是一阵气血翻涌,五脏六腑剧烈震荡。 Fight between Jian Chen and Dark Star Great Emperor hit for three days and three nights, under the long-term fierce combat, Dark Star Great Emperor finally is gradual was weak, from the evenly matched of former and Jian Chen, transformed completely by the situation of Jian Chen absolute steamroll. 剑尘暗星大帝之间的战斗足足打了三天三夜,在长时间的激战之下,暗星大帝终于是逐渐的不支了,从之前与剑尘的势均力敌,转变成了完全被剑尘绝对碾压的形势。 Three days battle, Dark Star Great Emperor all acts full power, middle-grade Divine Item by his displaying time and time again, within the body blood essence is also combustion time and time again, long-time, causes his within the body source strength, finally faces the difficult position of soon drying up. 三天激战,暗星大帝皆是全力出手,中品神器被他一次又一次的施展,体内精血也是一次又一次的燃烧,长久累计之下,使得他体内本源之力,终于是面临着即将枯竭的困境。 Now, Dark Star Great Emperor has been scarred, not only the body is proliferating numerous sword cuts, within the body five main internal organs had also turned into the powder dust. 如今,暗星大帝早已是伤痕累累,不仅身上遍布着众多剑伤,就连体内五脏六腑也早已化成了碎末。 But reviews Jian Chen, besides somewhat distressed, has not actually displayed the least bit weak sign, instead fiercely competes and successfully competes. 而反观剑尘,除了有些狼狈之外,却是没有表现出半点不支的迹象,反而越战越勇。 Also has many injuries on him, but Chaos Body that powerful physique, causes these injuries, is unable to become any influence on other party. 在他身上同样有不少伤势,不过混沌之体那强大的体魄,使得这些伤势,根本就无法对他造成任何影响。 As for the within the body energy, creates one type to Dark Star Great Emperor continuously, growing continually, seems the inexhaustible, inexhaustible misconception. 至于体内的能量,更是给暗星大帝造成一种源源不断,生生不息,仿佛是取之不尽,用之不竭的错觉。 Bang!” “砰!” In a bellow, put on that on Dark Star Great Emperor to become broken middle-grade Divine Item Battle Armor again, under together swift and fierce sword qi finally was torn to pieces of being unable to withstand the load, changed into everywhere fragment to rupture. 再次一声轰鸣声中,穿在暗星大帝身上的那一件早已变得非常残破的中品神器战甲,在一道凌厉的剑气之下终是不堪重负的支离破碎,化为漫天碎片爆裂开来。 !” The Dark Star Great Emperor opens the mouth blowout blood, on that pale face covered entirely weakly. “噗!”暗星大帝张口喷出鲜血,那苍白的脸上布满了虚弱。 Jian Chen while winning the pursuit, a palm racket ruthlessly on the head of Dark Star Great Emperor, that powerful strength shakes the smashing the head of Dark Star Great Emperor instantaneously, together with the Dark Star Great Emperor entire body by Jian Chen this palm, directly hitting void rupturing. 剑尘趁胜追击,一掌狠狠的拍在暗星大帝的脑袋上,那强大的力量瞬间将暗星大帝的头颅震成粉碎,连同暗星大帝的整个身躯都被剑尘这一掌,直接给打的虚空爆裂。 Great Emperor 大帝 The distant place, in the major temples, hides in inside all Palace Master and Vice- Palace Master, exudes the sad cry sound in this moment, their eye of zi wants to crack, the eyeball drop blood, as if the sky has collapsed. 远处,各大神殿中,躲藏在里面所有殿主副殿主,在这一刻纷纷发出悲呼声,他们目眦欲裂,眼珠子滴血,仿佛天已经塌下来了。 In the world had blood rain, this was the blood of Dark Star Great Emperor, incarnadine trim land. 天地间下起了一阵血雨,这是暗星大帝的血,染红了整片大地。 Dark Star Great Emperor entire flesh body has not existed, by Jian Chen completely destruction, only had that bronze lamp that floats in the world, is burning slowly bunch of small flame. 暗星大帝的整个肉身都已经不复存在,被剑尘完全毁灭,唯有在天地间漂浮的那一盏青铜灯,徐徐燃烧着一簇小火苗。
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