CSG :: Volume #21

#2072: To fighting Mister Shu

On the dust face the expression of that faint smile, in five prince hearts has had one not good premonition suddenly, this makes his heart sink suddenly, in the brain remembered unrestrainedly is sent to strike to kill the Jian Chen Bai Ji brother and sister as well as Black Crow by him and other people. 』 M 尘脸上那似笑非笑的表情,五皇子心中突然产生了一种不好的预感,这让他一颗心骤然一沉,脑中情不自禁的想起了被他派去击杀剑尘百奇兄妹以及黑鸦等三人。.』M Black Crow has a special ability, person who any by his eyes, regardless of being separated by far, he can accurate seeking. Therefore, although Azure Sea God Palace is big, but there is Black Crow in the side, if the Bai Ji brother and sister want to find Jian Chen and the others, is the easy matter. 黑鸦有一项特殊的能力,凡是被他眼的人,那无论相隔多远,他都能准确无误的寻到。因此,沧海神宫虽大,但有黑鸦在身边,百奇兄妹要想找到剑尘等人,乃是轻而易举之事。 But now, in five prince eyes almost must die Jian Chen without doubt live well, instead by him was sent to strike to kill Jian Chen, this because of this ninety percent sure Bai Ji brother and sister, actually lost the contact. 可是现在,在五皇子眼中几乎是必死无疑的剑尘活的好好的,反而被他派去击杀剑尘,本因该十拿九稳的百奇兄妹,却已经失去了联系。 Above this all sorts, explained all Bai Ji brother and sister and Black Crow, cuts to kill the motion of Jian Chen to be defeated. 这以上的种种,无不是说明了百奇兄妹和黑鸦三人,去斩杀剑尘的行动已经失败了。 Reason that looks for five prince below, but the news told five prince, was only this news to five prince, perhaps was a quite bad news.” Jian Chen said with a smile lightly, the facial expression was self-poise, as if did not know condition at this moment. “在下之所以找五皇子,只是有一件消息告诉五皇子而已,只是这消息对五皇子而言,或许是一件比较坏的消息而已。”剑尘轻笑道,神情镇定自若,似乎根本就不知道此刻的境况。 What news?” Five prince sinking sounds asked that the complexion not good vision to glance by that God King that Jian Chen struck to kill, in the heart the affirmation own idea. “什么消息?”五皇子沉声问道,脸色不太好目光一瞥被剑尘击杀的那名神王,心中愈的肯定了自己的想法。 Several days ago I witnessed a fight in mountain range, finally three God King falls there, that three God King respectively are two male female, is only my person, as if with initially followed several people side five prince somewhat similar, does not know that these three people of five prince understanding did not know.” Jian Chen said. “几天前我在一处山脉中目睹了一场恶斗,最终有三名神王陨落在那里,那三名神王分别为两男一女,只是我人,似乎与当初跟随在五皇子身边的几人有些相似,就是不知这三人五皇子认识不认识。”剑尘说道。 Five prince had affirmed instantaneously three people that in the Jian Chen mouth said that is the Bai Ji Bai He brother and sister and Black Crow they, this makes his face pale, in the heart is the anger is more dreadful, to Jian Chen of killing intent, went to the situation in the extreme. 皇子瞬间就肯定了剑尘口中所说的三人,就是百奇百合兄妹和黑鸦他们,这让他一张脸变得铁青,心中更是怒火滔天,对剑尘杀意之强,已经达到无以复加的地步了。 No wonder Bai Ji they have not turned over, originally has encountered the mishap.” Five prince in saying that in the heart clenches jaws, he does not believe that the Bai Ji brother and sister and Black Crow are falls in others the hand, the strength that because shows now by Jian Chen comes to kill the Bai Ji brother and sister, although a little difficulty, but by no means is impossible. “怪不得百奇他们迟迟未归,原来已经遭遇不测。”五皇子在心中咬牙切齿的说道,他可不相信百奇兄妹和黑鸦三人是陨落在别人之手,因为以剑尘现在展现出的实力来想杀百奇兄妹两人,虽说有点难度,但也并非不可能。 Follows in five prince Yun Family numerous position God King, in this moment heart is also dark startled, the vision of dust lived the change. 跟随在五皇子身边的云家众位神王,此刻心中也是暗惊不已,一个个尘的目光都生了变化。 They followed in five prince sides recently, naturally had heard Bai Ji and Bai He two brother and sister's strengths, have not thought these two brother and sister unexpectedly falls, this let them is sobs. 他们跟随在五皇子身边这些日子,自然听说过百奇百合两兄妹的实力,没想到这两兄妹竟然陨落了,这让他们所有人都是嘘唏不已。 Has not thought that the Jian Chen friend strength so is unexpectedly fearful, died including the Bai Ji brother and sister in his hand unexpectedly, harmed me in vain to be worried about one.” In the Yun Lianqing heart the secret passage, he naturally knows the Bai Ji brother and sister's death, cannot cut off the relations with Jian Chen. “没想到剑尘道友的实力竟然这么可怕,竟然连百奇兄妹都死在了他手中,害得我白担心一场。”云连庆心中暗道,他自然知晓百奇兄妹的死,与剑尘脱不了关系。 At this time, stood has stood in five prince Mister Shu, a face temperate said to Jian Chen: Jian Chen, your name, although has not appeared on the God Lord tablet, but the hearsay you defeat Mo Cheng that the God Lord tablet has been listed first, is deep storehouse leakproof peerless supreme talent. Now you cultivate for have stepped into God King Realm, with the book somewhere in the same boundary, some book no talent, wants to ask for advice your excellency divine ability, but also asked your excellency to help.” 这时,站在五皇子身边的书先生站了出来,一脸温和的对剑尘说道:“剑尘,你的名字虽然没有出现在主神碑上,但传闻你打败了主神碑排名第一的莫城,乃是一位深藏不漏的绝世天骄。如今你修为已经踏入神王境,与书某处于同样的境界,书某不才,想要领教领教阁下的神通,还请阁下成全。” Mister Shu polite scholarly, well-mannered, the expression that his words spoke is very light, the tonality in words, having one to make the person, if washes the spring breeze feeling, making the person have a comfortable feeling from the bottom of the heart, can be able not help increased to the Mister Shu favorable impression. 书先生温文儒雅,彬彬有礼,他话说的语气很轻,话语中的音调,带着一股令人如沐春风般的感觉,让人从心底生出生出了一种舒爽之感,会情不自禁的对书先生的好感大增。 However, when the Mister Shu following movement, clearly is opposite with the makings that his semblance exposes, sees only his voice just fell, then blows out the terrifying, the flash then arrives in front of Jian Chen, lifts in the palms, seems has one to imprison a strength of stretch of world to grasp like lightning toward Jian Chen. 然而,书先生接下来的动作,却与他外表展露出的气质截然相反,只见他话音刚落时,便爆出恐怖的度,一瞬间便来到剑尘面前,抬掌间,好似带着一股能禁锢一片天地的力量闪电般朝着剑尘抓去。 The previous quarter, a Mister Shu face is affable, a human and animals harmless touching type, however the next instance, he as if turned into fierce ferocious beast, extremely fearful, leaves the stingy to be severe, fierce incomparable. 前一刻,书先生一脸和悦,一副人畜无害的摸样,然而下一个瞬间,他就仿佛变成了一只凶猛的猛兽,极为的可怕,出手狠厉,凶猛无比。 Jian Chen felt immediately own entire body sinks suddenly, seemed to be that a mysterious imprisoned strength fills the air among the Mister Shu palms, wants to imprison own body, lets him such as the falling mire. 剑尘顿时感觉自己的整个身躯猛然一沉,似有一股神秘的禁锢力量自书先生手掌间弥漫而出,想要禁锢自己的身躯,让他如陷泥潭。 Jian Chen complexion became dignified, Mister Shu of strength, was his entire life is rare, was far from Bai Ji Bai He their two brother and sister can compare, facing Mister Shu, he felt one since he has stepped into God King Realm, most formidable pressure. 剑尘脸色变得凝重了起来,书先生的实力之强,是他生平罕见,绝非百奇百合他们两兄妹所能比拟的,面对书先生,他感受到了一股自从他踏入神王境以来,最强大的压力。 This pressure, even if he surrounds facing surrounding dozens God King, has not produced. 这压力,即便是他面对周围数十名神王包围,都不曾产生。 The Jian Chen vision becomes swift and fierce, Mister Shu was too quick, has approached his body, under so near distance, has not facilitated to appear, sees only his left hand turns into a palm, bringing Chaotic Force to eject loudly. 剑尘的目光变得凌厉之极,书先生的度太快了,已经临近了他的身躯,如此近的距离之下,已经不方便出现,只见他左手成掌,带着混沌之力轰然击出。 This palm, Jian Chen has not kept the hand, attacked fully, having the unprecedented potential to break the imprisoned space, has broken through all hindrance, collided with the palm of Mister Shu loudly together. 这一掌,剑尘没有留手,全力出击,带着一往无前之势打破了禁锢空间,冲破了一切阻碍,与书先生的手掌轰然碰撞在一起。 Two palms touch, collides in just like two stars together, blows out the sound of startled day bang, the fearful energy shock-wave is more centered on them, toward spreads to go in all directions, the ground chap, the blown sand walks the stone, the innumerable vegetation changed into the powder. 两掌相触,就宛如两颗星辰碰撞在一起,爆出惊天巨响之声,更是有一股可怕的能量冲击波以他们二人为中心,朝着四面八方扩散而去,地面龟裂,飞沙走石,无数草木都化为了粉末。 These time clashes, power and influence extremely violent, likely is not God King Initial Stage is fighting with God King late-stage radically, instead is more like two Peerless Generation God King is preying. 这一次对撞,威势极为的猛烈,根本就不像是一位神王初期在与神王后期交手,反而更像是两位绝代神王在进行搏杀。 After striking, Mister Shu body floating draws back, unflustered, look has not changed, is only in the vision of dust, is bringing wiping the color of shock is hard to conceal. 一击之后,书先生身形飘然而退,从容不迫,神色没有丝毫变化,只是尘的目光中,带着一抹难以掩饰的震惊之色。 But reviews Jian Chen, is body fierce one, was hard the self-made backlash several steps, the ground by the chap that he stepped on, has left the deep footprint. 而反观剑尘,则是身躯剧烈一阵,难以自制的后退了几步,地面都被他踩的龟裂,留下了深深的脚印。 God King that all around collects are getting more and more, but without a single exception, all God King these time fight by Jian Chen and Mister Shu, but the terrifying power and influence of having shaking. 四周汇集的神王越来越多,但毫无例外,所有神王都被剑尘书先生这一次交手,而产生的恐怖威势给震住了。 Jian Chen, Bai Ji they, because was killed by you, because you completely have this strength.” Mister Shu crosses the hands behind the back to stand, is separated by dozens meters to stand firm with Jian Chen, look light is staring at Jian Chen, restored the touching type of that polite scholarly once more. 剑尘,百奇他们,因为是被你杀的吧,因为你完全有这个实力。”书先生负手而立,与剑尘相隔数十米站定,神色平淡的盯着剑尘,再次恢复了那温文儒雅的摸样。 Good, was killed by me.” Jian Chen said that displays no fear, instead fights intent to soar to the heavens, the imposing manner is astonishing, the body has intense sword intent to fill the air, stands erect just like handle Divine Sword there. “不错,是被我杀的。”剑尘说道,毫无惧色,反而战意冲天,气势惊人,身上有一股强烈的剑意在弥漫,宛如一柄神剑屹立在那里。 Bai Ji their deaths, we can not investigate, these heavenly material treasure that you obtain, we will not have any read think, we want your behind that little girl. If you leave that little girl, we cannot to make things difficult for you.” Mister Shu said that the vision sweeps to injury Xiao Man that changes for the better gradually, reveals wipes the strange color. 百奇他们的死,我们可以不追究,你获得的那些天材地宝,我们也不会有任何念想,我们只要你身后的那个小女孩。你如果离开那个小女孩,我们绝不会为难你。”书先生说道,目光扫向伤势正逐渐好转的小蛮,露出一抹奇异之色。 Meanwhile he passes message to five prince, is out of the ordinary by extremely serious expression explanation that little girl, is more important than anything. 同时他向五皇子传音,以极其严肃的语气说明那个小女孩非同凡响,比任何东西都重要。 In five prince eyes rays of light flashes, naturally is also the Xiao Man unusual place, trivial Mortal Realm cultivates is, can live in peace with each other under energy fallout that two God King Realm Expert wars blows out unexpectedly, this is not normal. 皇子眼中光芒闪动,自然也是小蛮的不同寻常之处,区区人境界修为,竟然能在两位神王境强者大战时爆出的能量余波之下相安无事,这太不正常了。 hearing that, the Jian Chen corners of the mouth reveal a taunt look, sneers saying: About Bai Ji their matters, you can not investigate, but I actually must investigate.” 闻言,剑尘嘴角露出一丝嘲讽的神色,冷笑道:“关于百奇他们的事,你们可以不追究,但是我却必须要追究到底。” A Mister Shu brow wrinkle, said: Jian Chen, your strength is very indeed strong, God King Initial Stage can achieve your this situation, takes a broad view at entire Saint Realm is also few, but you radically are not my match, you because of should know that I have handle Divine Item.” 书先生眉头一皱,道:“剑尘,你实力的确很强,神王初期能做到你这种地步,放眼整个圣界也是屈指可数,但你根本就不是我的对手,你因该知道我有一柄神器。” Just wants to ask for advice the Divine Item might.” In the Jian Chen hand the long sword shakes, immediately sword light soars to the heavens, is radiant just like a galaxy. “正想领教领教神器的威力。”剑尘手中长剑一震,顿时剑光冲天,宛如一条星河般璀璨。 ps: Now rambles is restoring to renew, asking everybody to be patient, I will try hard in addition. 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