CSG :: Volume #11

#2073: Motion exposition

Jian Chen, Kai Ya, Xiao Zheng and Chan Long their several people, as if quite the same as had not detected the burning hots in White Clouds Sect these God King vision, their several people in break formation with total concentration, as far as possible gathers some God level Heavenly Material Earth Treasure. 剑尘,凯亚,萧正缠龙他们几人,似乎浑然没有发觉白云派这几名神王目光中的炙热,他们几人都在聚精会神的破解阵法,尽可能的多收取一些神级天材地宝 Also some people return to the wonder drug garden one after another, without a single exception, these people have not ended up to turn out the good end, was all volunteered by White Clouds Sect several God King, gets rid to strike to kill on own initiative. 在此期间,也有一些人陆续的返回神药园,毫无例外,这些人都没有落得好下场,皆是被白云派的几名神王自告奋勇,主动出手击杀。 Since White Clouds Sect these God King and Jian Chen they cooperate, Jian Chen and Kai Ya they are only responsible for the honest display the God King Initial Stage proper strength, the diligent consumption formation energy, copes with other to arrive at these Martial Artist of wonder drug garden, naturally several think that cultivates for profound White Clouds Sect five big God King. 自从白云派的这几名神王剑尘他们合作之后,剑尘凯亚两人就只负责老老实实的发挥出神王初期应有的战力,勤勤恳恳的消耗阵法的能量,对付其余来到神药园的那些武者,自然有几位自认为修为高深的白云派五大神王 Elder Ying, I felt that this called Jian Chen several person some not to suit.” After cutting to kill two waves entered Martial Artist of wonder drug garden, in White Clouds Sect five God King, that cultivates for the weakest female to that middle-aged man is passing on the tone channel. 应长老,我感觉这叫剑尘的几个人有些不对劲。”斩杀了两波进入神药园的武者之后,白云派的五名神王中,那名修为最弱的女子对着那名中年男子传音道。 Elder Ying, formerly on own initiative opened the mouth with that middle-aged man who Jian Chen talked, he was in White Clouds Sect all elders, a strength strongest person, if the singles defended alone, in all God King Late Stage elders in White Clouds Sect, nobody was the Elder Ying match, therefore Elder Ying naturally became the pillars in White Clouds Sect these five people. 应长老,也是先前主动开口与剑尘交谈的那名中年男子,他乃是白云派所有长老中,实力最强的一人,若是单打独守,白云派内的所有神王后期长老中,都没有人是应长老的对手,因此应长老自然成为了白云派这五人中的主心骨。 Elder Xi, where doesn't suit?” Elder Ying asked. 希长老,哪里不对劲?”应长老问道。 They in the way exchange that to send greetings, except for them, White Clouds Sect another three people are unable to hear the content that they discussed. 他们都是在以传音的方式交流,除了他们二人,就连白云派的另外三人都无法听到他们所谈的内容。 Elder Ying, you did not think that they were too quiet? Does not fear us completely, and when formerly we cut kills these to enter God King of wonder drug garden, their gaze have not changed.” Elder Xi passes message, vision vague is sizing up Jian Chen several people. 应长老,你难道不觉得他们太平静了吗?完全不惧怕我们,并且就连先前我们斩杀那些进入神药园的神王时,他们的神色也是没有丝毫变化。”希长老传音,目光隐晦的打量着剑尘几人。 Ha Ha, Elder Xi, you looked that their several people only know in low spirits break formation, from this point saw that their innermost feelings are not the surface are so calm, the calmness in your eyes seeing, merely is the false appearance, is one side their innermost feelings intense reflection. Their four people eventually are only God King Initial Stage, is it possible that you also think that what rough seas they can turn out to come out?” Saying that Elder Ying not cares, has not placed in Jian Chen several people the eye completely. “哈哈,希长老,你看他们几人只知道闷头破解阵法,从这一点上就已经看出他们的内心并非表面这么镇定,你眼中所见的镇定,仅仅是假象而已,是他们内心紧张的反射一面。况且,他们四人终究只是神王初期而已,莫非你还以为他们能翻出什么大浪出来?”应长老毫不在意的说道,完全没有将剑尘几人放在眼中。 But “可是” Does not have what, but, Elder Xi, is it possible that haven't you such grasped to us? Our four God King Late Stage, in addition your God King couldn't Middle Stage, have levelled at present these four people?” Elder Ying some have not interrupted the Elder Xi words patiently. “没什么可是了,希长老,莫非你对我们就这么没把握?我们四名神王后期,再加上你一名神王中期,难道还摆不平眼前这四人?”应长老有些不耐烦的打断了希长老的话。 Elder Xi no longer said a word, vision often looked to Jian Chen their four people, in her heart always faintly has an misconception, suspected very much Jian Chen their calmness did not install. As if as if as if really some do not place the meaning in eye them. 希长老不再言语,目光不时的看向剑尘他们四人,她心中总是隐隐有股错觉,很怀疑剑尘他们的镇定并非装出来的。似乎似乎似乎真的有些不把他们放在眼中的意思。 When in the Elder Xi heart draws this conclusion, including her felt that some cannot believe. How many people she had already observed Jian Chen their with the White Clouds Sect mystique, their boundaries indeed are God King Initial Stage, four God King can Initial Stage, how pose the threat to them? 只是当希长老心中得出这一结论时,连她自己都感到有些不敢相信。她早已用白云派的秘法观察过剑尘他们几人,他们的境界的确是神王初期而已,四名神王初期,如何能对他们构成威胁? But Jian Chen also asks the situation about Divine Sound Principle Sect, but makes his disappointed is, these people of sect are too at present far regarding the Divine Sound Principle Sect great distance, knows is also very limited, besides knowing Divine Sound Principle Sect in Heavenly Fire Province central region, other knows nothing as before. 剑尘也开口询问过关于神音道宗的情况,只是让他失望的是,眼前这几人的宗门对于神音道宗相隔太远,所知也是非常有限,除了得知神音道宗天火州中域外,其他的依旧一无所知。 As formation were broken, the wonder drug that Jian Chen they harvest is also more and more, when whenever they harvest wonder drug, White Clouds Sect that five God King, beat speed of heart will speed up, a deep excitement and fiery, were repressed by them in the moral nature deep place. 随着一座座阵法被破开,剑尘他们所收获的神药也是越来越多,而每当他们多收获一株神药时,白云派的那五名神王,心脏的跳动速度都会加快,一股深深的激动和火热,被他们按捺在心底深处。 The person who as if harvests these wonder drugs is not Jian Chen, but is they resembles to result. 似乎收获这些神药的人并非是剑尘,而是他们自己似得。 Came three God King, there is God King Late Stage.” At this moment, Elder Ying complexion sinks, leaves behind Jian Chen and Kai Ya and the others continued to break through the enemy lines here, their five people directly go forward to meet head-on. “又来了三名神王,有一名神王后期。”就在这时,应长老脸色微沉,留下剑尘凯亚等人继续在这里破阵,他们五人则直接上前去迎战。 They desirably the choice of location of war in the only access, did not fear that Jian Chen their several people while run away randomly. 他们刻意将大战的位置选择在唯一的出入口上,也不怕剑尘他们几人趁乱逃走。 Originally you secretly dig unexpectedly here take the wonder drug, but also wants to kill me to eliminate a potential informant, snort, gave up any idea.” Has understood quickly then clearly all in wonder drug garden with God King Late Stage that White Clouds Sect several elders fought, sent out sonic boom to drink, did not prolong contact, spells is experiencing personally the price of heavy losses to flee from here with great speed. “原来你们竟然在这里偷偷挖取神药,还想要杀我灭口,哼,休想。”一名与白云派几位长老大战的神王后期很快便洞悉了神药园内的一切,发出一声爆喝,毫不恋战,拼着身受重创的代价火速逃离了这里。 Damn, making him run away.” Several elder vision saying of White Clouds Sect bitterly, are then relentless cuts to kill another two God King, is pale the face to arrive in front of Jian Chen. “该死,让他逃了。”白云派的几名长老目光恨恨的说道,而后毫不留情的将另外两名神王斩杀,铁青着脸来到剑尘面前。 Here news will reveal quickly, once makes others know in our hands to have massive God level Heavenly Material Earth Treasure, they will not let off inevitably our, rally togethers to attack, we must leave here immediately.” The Elder Ying sinking sound track, complexion is very unattractive. “这里的消息很快就会泄露,一旦让别人知道我们手中有大量神级天材地宝,他们必然不会放过我们的,群起而攻之,我们得立即离开这里。”应长老沉声道,脸色很不好看。 Jian Chen their four people also understand that the gravity of matter, immediately stopped continue break through the enemy lines, receives Huan Zhen Tower, departed with the Elder Ying five people together. 剑尘他们四人也明白事情的严重性,立即停止了继续破阵,收起还真塔,和应长老五人一同离去。 But Chan Long, Heaven Blocking Formation remove, did not have existence of Heaven Blocking Formation, at present this energy passed eight many formation, immediately starts the continuous absorption Azure Sea God Palace energy to supplement. 缠龙,也将阻天阵给撤掉了,没有了阻天阵的存在,眼前这个能量流逝了八层之多的阵法,立即开始源源不断的吸取沧海神宫的能量进行补充。 From the wonder drug garden beyond hundreds of thousands of li (0.5km), has Immortal Cave, entire Immortal Cave was covered by very formidable formation, sends out the intermittent formidable fluctuation of energy. 在距离神药园数十万里之外,有着一座洞府,整座洞府都被一层非常强大的阵法笼罩,散发出阵阵强大的能量波动。 But outside protecting Immortal Cave formation, then collected numerous God Realm Martial Artist, from God Lord to God King, even also presented several Heavenly God. 而在守护洞府阵法外面,则是汇集了众多神境界武者,从主神神王不等,甚至还出现了几名天神在其中。 Snort, our these many people defend here, I do not believe her to be able the inheritance of Great Primal Beginning Realm to carry off “哼,我们这么多人守在这里,我就不信她能将混元始境的传承带走” Must blame only to blame her cultivation to being too low, the God Lord boundary, obtains the inheritance of Great Primal Realm merely, not only will not bring the least bit advantage to her, instead will annoy fatal disaster “要怪只能怪她的修为太低了,仅仅主神境,获得混元境的传承,非但不会给她带来半点好处,反而会惹来杀身之祸” Defending that one crowd of God King keep close to beside formation, the expression is low and deep, grins fiendishly wear a look, looking at steadily is staring in Immortal Cave. 一群神王寸步不离的守在阵法之外,语气低沉,面带狞笑,一个个目不转睛的盯着洞府之内。 But in the most surrounding of crowd, an age only has the 15~16 years little girl to wear the white clothing, slim and graceful standing by a big tree, an eye similarly tight is staring in Immortal Cave, among the facial expressions has filled anxiously. 而在人群的最外围,一名年纪仅有十五六岁的小女孩身穿素衣,亭亭玉立的站在一颗大树旁,一双眼睛同样紧紧的盯着洞府内,神情间充满了紧张。 Sister Zi Yun, you cannot certainly have the matter, you cannot certainly have the matter, you cannot come out, cannot come out little girl to grip tightly both hands, was praying in the heart, was extremely worried that fine face was frightened somewhat palely. 紫韵姐姐,你一定不能有事啊,你一定不能有事啊,你千万不能出来,千万不能出来”小女孩紧握着双手,不停的在心中祈祷着,非常担心,那张精致的面庞都被吓得有些苍白。 Her cultivation to be low, only then Mortal Realm, just became Earth Saint Master, let alone collected God Realm Expert here, when were some Origin Boundary wars energy fallout that produced, can make this and other small and weak existences be killed violently instantaneously, stands is very here dangerous. 她的修为非常低,只有人境界,刚刚才成为一名大地圣师,别说汇集在这里的神境强者,即便是一些源境大战时产生的能量余波,都能让她这等弱小的存在瞬间毙命,站在这里十分危险。 Fortunately around this Immortal Cave, has not fought to erupt! 所幸在这洞府周围,并没有大战爆发! At this moment, the God King wind spreading electricity that a whole body is bathed in blood holds up flew from the distant place, is away from very far distance loudly to shout: Some people grasp various break formation most precious objects to gather God level Heavenly Material Earth Treasure in the wonder drug garden specially wantonly, the entire wonder drug garden emptied one-fourth, Great Principles Flower did not remain, wants the wonder drug immediately prevents them, delays again, they must the entire wonder drug garden evacuating may not.” 就在这时,一名浑身浴血的神王风驰电擎的从远方飞了过来,隔着很远的距离就大声喊道:“有人掌握专门破解各种阵法的至宝在神药园大肆收取神级天材地宝,整座神药园都空了1,大道花已经一株不剩了,想要神药的立即去阻止他们,再耽误下去,他们非要把整个神药园给搬空不可。” Anything, entire wonder drug garden emptied one-fourth” “什么,整座神药园都空了1” Real false? The wonder drug in wonder drug garden is over a thousand, emptied one-fourth, to have been poached more than 200 “真的假的?神药园内的神药可是上千株啊,空了1,岂不是被人挖走了200多株” Day, once Azure Sea God Palace opened one time, the wonder drug in wonder drug garden is poached at most also several, this emptied one-fourth all of a sudden “天啊,曾经沧海神宫开启一次,神药园里的神药顶多也才被挖走几株而已,这一下子就空了1” A stone arouses thousand overlapping waves, this God King words, let collect numerous God King around Immortal Cave immediately have held breath cold air, the shock of whole face. Also some people do not believe that is holding the heart of question, thinks that this person harbors evil intentions, mostly is inherited that God Lord has the relations, wants to direct them, is the idea of luring the enemy out of his stronghod. 一石激起千层浪,这名神王的话,顿时让汇集在洞府周围的众多神王都倒吸了一口凉气,满脸的震惊。也有人不相信,抱着质疑之心,认为此人居心叵测,多半是和得到传承的那名主神有关系,想将他们引走,是调虎离山之计。 The second chapter, owes has made up, asked the brothers to help to stop the public number while convenient, stopped a quite therefore subscription, the ramble here thanks. 第二章,欠下的已经补上了,顺便请兄弟们帮忙辍下公众号,辍一下相当于是一个订阅,逍遥在这里谢谢了。
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