CSG :: Volume #11

#2071: Looting wonder drug garden ( 1 )

I am all right.” Kai Ya gaze is light, as if links her not to realize, that words that just said that completely likely is not her beforehand disposition. “我没事。”凯亚神色平淡,似乎连她自己都没有意识到,刚刚自己说出的那番话,完全不像是她以前的性格。 Jian Chen has not continued to speak, the vision is staring at Kai Ya, reveals the surprised uncertain color. 剑尘没有继续说话,目光盯着凯亚,露出惊疑不定之色。 „The increase of strength, will indeed cause the person confidence inflation, and battle efficiency that shows when the God Lord boundary by Kai Ya, she steps into the God King boundary now, perhaps battle efficiency not weakly in me. Is Kai Ya progress speed is too quick, as well as along with the status markup that the increase of her strength creates, made her mood have some change?” In the Jian Chen heart thinks secretly, in heart is Kai Ya felt that worried. “实力的增强,的确会使人信心膨胀,并且以凯亚主神境时展现出的战斗力,如今她踏入神王境,恐怕战斗力并不会弱于我。难道是凯亚的进展速度太快,以及随着她实力的增强而造成的地位增高,才使得她的心境产生了某种改变?”剑尘心中暗暗想到,心中不免为凯亚感到担忧了起来。 He does not know that occurred at Kai Ya matter, is actually good or bad, if according to such makes use to develop, when Kai Ya will break through to Beginning Realm in the future, can become desolate, heartless? 他不知道发生在凯亚身上的事,究竟是好还是坏,如果依照这样的趁势去发展,待凯亚日后突破到始境时,会不会变得更加的冷淡,更加的无情? To his knowledge, World of Immortals or Saint Boundary, have is the high-ranking to Expert become do not have the emotion, regards all living things like the ants. 据他所知,无论是仙界还是圣界,都有许多身居高位的至强者变得毫无情感,视众生如蝼蚁。 Kai Ya, your progress speed was really too quick, this way, feared that was the mood cannot follow, from now on the strength promotion, must slow down, many paid great attention to the mood the training.” Jian Chen is serious, sincere saying. 凯亚,你的进步速度实在是太快了,这样下去,怕是心境跟不上,今后你的实力提升,必须要放缓一些,多加注重心境的修养。”剑尘一脸严肃,语重心长的说道。 Um!” Looks the concern in the Jian Chen vision revealing, in the Kai Ya heart warm, reply gently, the manner once more became temperate, did not have formerly that swift and fierce and cold intention. “嗯!”看着剑尘目光中流露出的关切,凯亚心中一暖,轻轻的应答一声,神态再次变得温和了起来,没有了先前的那股凌厉与冷意 Then do we because of this do? Copes with five prince directly?” Master Chan Long opens the mouth to ask. “接下来我们因该怎么做?是直接去对付五皇子吗?”缠龙大师开口问道。 Since you complied with black crow, that five prince certainly cannot let off.” The Kai Ya vision looks to Jian Chen, opens the mouth to say. “既然你答应了黑鸦,那五皇子就一定不能放过。”凯亚目光看向剑尘,开口说道。 Jian Chen lowers the head to hesitate, said: Copes with five prince not to be anxious, currently five prince people have many, to kill him to have certain difficulty. However the battle in this Azure Sea God Palace finds at everywhere, I think that five prince they move in Azure Sea God Palace, could not avoid various disputes. So long as there is a dispute, they surely will present the damage, when their strength seriously is damaged, we in cope with him not to be late.” 剑尘低头沉吟,道:“对付五皇子不急,现在五皇子身边的人可是有不少,要想杀他有一定的难度。不过这沧海神宫内的争斗随处可见,我想五皇子他们在沧海神宫内活动,也是避免不了各种纷争。只要有纷争,他们就必定会出现损伤,待他们实力严重受损时,我们在去对付他也不迟。” You did not fear that Yun Xin does meet to die?” Kai Ya said suddenly. “你就不怕云心陨落?”凯亚突然说道。 Jian Chen shook the head with a smile, said: We and Yun Family, merely is a cooperation, because although Yun Xin departs with five prince, keeping us from fulfilling making of one year of protection, but we were Yun Family captured a Heavenly Law spirit root after all, made up sufficiently all, therefore, we and Yun Family have not owed mutually. As for the Heavenly Law spirit root regarding Yun Xin, is the luck or the calamity, looks at her good fortune.” 剑尘笑着摇了摇头,道:“我们与云家,仅仅是一种合作关系而已,虽说因为云心跟着五皇子离去,让我们无法履行一年时间的保护之约,但我们毕竟为云家夺得了一株天道灵根,足以弥补所有了,因此,我们与云家已经互不相欠。至于天道灵根对于云心来说,是福还是祸,就看她个人的造化吧。” Naturally, she, if can aware ahead of time leaves Azure Sea God Palace, instead safe many. However we should doing has done, actually the Yun Xin road should how choose, has not related with us.” “当然,她若能自觉的提前离开沧海神宫,反而会安全不少。不过我们该做的都已经做了,云心的路究竟该如何抉择,已经与我们没有关系了。” Walks, we go to the wonder drug garden, by our present strengths, in adding on Chan Long this Master Formation Principle, gathers in the wonder drug garden wonder drug, because of this relaxed many.” “走吧,我们去神药园,以我们现在的实力,在加上缠龙这位阵道大师,收取神药园里面的神药,因该会轻松不少。” Jian Chen their several people are confidence inflate, now their not only strength increases, and also has Azure Sea Mountain is the escape route, even if met the formidable match not to beat, can retreat Azure Sea Mountain. 剑尘他们几人都是信心膨胀,如今他们不仅实力大增,并且又有沧海山为退路,即便是遇见了强大的对手不敌,也可以撤退到沧海山 Then, Jian Chen they take Xiao Zheng from rush to the wonder drug garden newly, when leaving the Azure Sea Mountain range, Jian Chen is sending greetings to Chan Long: Master Chan Long, now you whether can also control Azure Sea Mountain formation?” 接下来,剑尘他们带上萧正从新赶往神药园,在离开沧海山的范围时,剑尘对着缠龙传音:“缠龙大师,现在你是否还能控制沧海山阵法?” Chan Long induced silently, shakes the head saying: „It is not good, I only then am in the Azure Sea Mountain boundary, can control that Supreme formation.” 缠龙默默感应了下,摇头道:“不行,我只有身在沧海山的地界中,才能控制那座太尊阵法。” Jian Chen nodded, knows fairly well. 剑尘点了点头,心中有数。 Quick, they under the leadership of Xiao Zheng, then again go to the wonder drug garden, when they enter in the wonder drug garden through the narrow winding path, gaze simultaneously of all people stare. 很快,他们在萧正的带领下,便再次来到神药园中,不过当他们通过羊肠小道进入神药园内时,所有人的神色齐齐一愣。 Big wonder drug garden, God level Heavenly Material Earth Treasure proliferates, sends out pure fluctuations of energy, however at this moment, here is actually a nobody left. 偌大的神药园,神级天材地宝遍布,散发出一股股精纯的能量波动,然而此刻,这里却是空无一人。 Does not suit, this is not very normal, only if Azure Sea God Palace will soon close, otherwise in the wonder drug garden will not have the situation of nobody left inevitably, recently inevitably had any matter to occur, I seek find out the situation personally.” The Xiao Zheng sinking sound said that immediately inquires the situation. “不对劲,这很不正常,除非沧海神宫即将关闭,否则神药园内必然不会出现空无一人的情况,最近必然有什么事情发生,我去寻个人了解了解情况。”萧正沉声说道,立即去打探情况。 Quick, Xiao Zheng then returns, was saying to Jian Chen several people: In the wonder drug garden front beyond hundreds of thousands of li (0.5km), presented an inheritance of Great Primal Beginning Realm, this inheritance is somewhat different, so long as can be approved, can inherit this Great Primal Beginning Realm mantle, therefore, many people have overtaken, hopes to try one's luck, in wonder drug garden these people, because of this also in that side.” 很快,萧正便重新返回,对着剑尘几人说道:“在神药园前方数十万里之外,出现了一个混元始境的传承,这传承有些不同,只要能得到认可,便可继承这位混元始境的衣钵,因此,许多人都赶过去了,都希望能碰碰运气,神药园里面的这些人,因该也都在那边。” hearing that, in the Jian Chen eye the ray flashed, to Chan Long, Kai Ya, the Xiao Zheng three people was saying: „An inheritance of Great Primal Beginning Realm, can you interested?” 闻言,剑尘眼中光芒闪动了下,对着缠龙,凯亚,萧正三人说道:“一位混元始境的传承,你们可有兴趣?” Chan Long, the Kai Ya two people shook the head. 缠龙,凯亚二人都摇了摇头。 How has interest that does not need to think, knows that there collected certainly many people, the approval that to be inherited, the difficulty can be imagined, wastes the time with it in vain, might as well handles a useful matter while this time.” Xiao Zheng sighed lightly, had self-knowledge very much. “就算有兴趣那又如何,不用想,也知道那里一定汇集了许多人,要想得到传承的认可,难度可想而知,与其白白浪费时间,还不如趁着这个时间做点有用的事情。”萧正轻叹,很有自知之明。 Jian Chen nodded, has not gone to pay attention to the inheritance of that Great Primal Beginning Realm, begins to start to destroy the protection wonder drug directly formation. 剑尘点了点头,没有去理会那混元始境的传承,直接动手开始破坏保护神药的阵法 formation of protection wonder drug is firm, but any firm formation, cannot leave the support of energy. Therefore, meets to arrange anti- day by Master Chan Long, has sieged Great Principles Flower, has separated the formation energy fountainhead, lets protect these wonder drugs formation, cannot obtain the slight energy supplement. 保护神药的阵法非常坚固,但任何坚固的阵法,都离不开能量的支撑。因此,接下来由缠龙大师布置阻天阵,将一朵大道花围困了起来,隔断了阵法的能量源泉,让保护这些神药的阵法,根本就得不到丝毫的能量补充。 I broke this formation energy fountainhead, then we begin to consume the formation energy, this can better grasps the effort.” Master Chan Long opens the mouth to say. “我已经断去了这座阵法的能量源泉,接下来还是我们自己动手消耗阵法的能量吧,这样可以更好的掌握力度。”缠龙大师开口说道。 Then, four people of simultaneously begin to attack formation, sees only multi-colored fluctuation of energy gushing out, has formed huge energy storm in the wonder drug garden. 接下来,四人齐齐动手攻击阵法,只见五彩缤纷的能量波动一股股的喷薄而出,在神药园中形成了一个巨大的能量风暴。 Protects Great Principles Flower formation to be very formidable, even if by Chan Long by an anti- day isolation, were broken its energy to supplement, has consumed Jian Chen they day, puts the energy consumption of this formation completely. 守护大道花阵法很强大,即便是被缠龙以阻天阵隔绝,断去了它的能量补充,也是足足耗费了剑尘他们一天的时间,放才将这座阵法的能量消耗殆尽。 „!” Only listens to together the light sound, big disintegrates immediately, by the formation protection in inside Great Principles Flower, did not have the appearance that the least bit covers up in Jian Chen in their view. “咔嚓!”只听一道轻响,大阵顿时土崩瓦解,被阵法保护在里面的大道花,毫无半点遮掩的出现在剑尘他们的眼帘之中。 The breath of Jian Chen became somewhat loud, looks that in the Great Principles Flower vision has filled the burning hot. He may clear remembering, initially Bright Moon Fairy Maiden for this Great Principles Flower, but does not hesitate to brave to offend the Blood Sun Empire nine prince dignity, put down Seven Absolute Cloudy Mountain. 剑尘的呼吸变得有些粗重了起来,看着大道花的目光中充满了炙热。他可清晰的记得,当初皓月仙子为了这一株大道花,可是不惜冒着得罪血阳皇朝皇子的威严,平掉了七绝阴山 „When Great Principles Flower, it is reported that can let the God King peak Expert breaks through Everlasting Beginning Realm, increases five successful probabilities, is precious in Saint Boundary.” Xiao Zheng is also a face fiery looks at this Great Principles Flower, drools. 大道花,据传可以让神王巅峰的强者突破无极始境时,增加五层成功的几率,在圣界非常珍贵。”萧正也是一脸火热的看着这座大道花,垂涎不已。 Jian Chen puts out a jade box immediately, has preserved Great Principles Flower cautiously, said: Great Principles Flower in wonder drug garden also has many, several, we poach Great Principles Flower first completely, finally carries on distribute again.” 剑尘立即拿出一个玉盒,将大道花小心翼翼的保存了起来,说道:“神药园中的大道花还有不少,足足有十几株,我们先将大道花全部挖走,最后再来进行分配。” The people do not have the objection, then, Chan Long continues under the cloth anti- day around second Great Principles Flower. 众人都没有异议,接下来,缠龙继续在第二株大道花周围布下阻天阵。 In an instant, Jian Chen they stayed half a month in the wonder drug garden, plants several Great Principles Flower in wonder drug garden, had been poached by them all, does not have remaining, only the remaining rhizomes stayed there, will only wait for years later being in full bloom again. 转眼间,剑尘他们已经在神药园中呆了半个月了,栽种在神药园内的十几株大道花,已经被他们尽数挖走,一朵都没有剩下,只剩下根茎留在了那里,只等若干年后的再一次盛开。 Jian Chen they have not stood still, after Great Principles Flower digs, continues to begin to other God level Heavenly Material Earth Treasure. 剑尘他们没有停歇下来,大道花挖完之后,又继续对其他的神级天材地宝动手。 God level Heavenly Material Earth Treasure in wonder drug garden are many, various, the great variety, many type let alone Jian Chen they do not recognize, even if experienced Xiao Zheng cannot distinguish, can only affirm that these Heavenly Material Earth Treasure very precious, the value to imagine highly difficult. 神药园内的神级天材地宝非常多,各种各样,种类繁多,许多种类别说剑尘他们认不出,即便是见多识广的萧正也分辨不出来,只能肯定这些天材地宝非常的珍贵,价值之高难以想象。 Several Great Principles Flower that Jian Chen they poach, in this wonder drug garden numerous wonder drug, are not including a drop in the bucket. 剑尘他们挖走的十几株大道花,在这神药园这众多神药中,连九牛一毛都算不上。 At this time, a robust middle-aged guy appeared in the wonder drug garden, looks that Jian Chen was receiving God level Heavenly Material Earth Treasure cautiously, facial expression immediately one dull, at once vision subconscious took a fast look around in the wonder drug garden, had discovered quickly then only remaining rhizomes, already completely poached Great Principles Flower, this made his complexion immediately change, revealed the panic-stricken color, called out in alarm said: „Did your you all take away Great Principles Flower?” 这时,一名虎背熊腰的中年大汉出现在神药园中,看着剑尘正将一株神级天材地宝小心翼翼的收了起来,神情顿时一呆,旋即目光下意识的在神药园中扫视,很快便发现了只剩下根茎,已经全部被挖走的大道花,这让他脸色顿时一变,露出惊骇之色,惊呼道:“你们你们你们将大道花全部都拿走了?” Imprisons him, here news cannot reveal!” Jian Chen complexion sinks, without hesitation overran toward that guy, gets rid decisively. “禁锢他,这里的消息不能泄露!”剑尘脸色一沉,毫不犹豫的朝着那大汉冲了过去,果断出手。 Kai Ya also at the same time gets rid, erupts astonishing war intent, destruction Principle and Divine Fire Principle simultaneously use, copes with this guy with Jian Chen together. 凯亚也在同一时间出手,爆发出惊人的战意,毁灭法则神火法则齐齐动用,与剑尘一同对付这名大汉。 This guy merely God King Middle Stage, independent combat, Jian Chen and Kai Ya any person can cut to kill easily, let alone this time is they together gets rid. Therefore puts in an appearance, this guy was then imprisoned, then had been knocked down by a Jian Chen fist. 这名大汉仅仅神王中期,单打独斗,剑尘凯亚任何一人都能轻易斩杀,更何况这次是两人一同出手。因此一个照面,这名大汉便被禁锢了,然后被剑尘一拳打晕了过去。 I must arrange formation in the entrance, preventing the people to enter.” Master Chan Long opens the mouth to ask. “我要不要在入口处布置一个阵法,阻止众人进入。”缠龙大师开口问道。 Jian Chen denied his proposition without hesitation, said: This clarified has been more exposed, cannot such do, we destroyed formation speed to speed up.” During the speeches, Jian Chen puts out Huan Zhen Tower, received in this guy Huan Zhen Tower. 剑尘毫不犹豫的否定了他的提议,道:“这样岂不是摆明了欲盖弥彰吗,万万不能这么做,我们破坏阵法速度必须要加快了。”说话间,剑尘拿出还真塔,将这名大汉收入了还真塔中。 This guy will revive quickly, even if were imprisoned, is hard to guarantee that he can use other method summon to exit, only then throws into the Huan Zhen Tower little world, can make Jian Chen feel relieved. 这名大汉很快就会苏醒过来,即便被禁锢,也难以保证他会不会使用其他的方法传讯出去,只有扔入还真塔的小天地中,才能让剑尘放心。 Suddenly, Jian Chen looked that concentrates to the Huan Zhen Tower vision suddenly, in the eye flashes through a bright color, throws Huan Zhen Tower broadmindedly to the upper air, under the control of his thought that Huan Zhen Tower inflates rapidly, turns into one to have ten meters high tiny pagoda fully, has pounded toward formation of protection wonder drug directly. 突然,剑尘看向还真塔的目光猛然一凝,眼中闪过一丝明亮之色,豁然将还真塔抛向高空,在他意念的控制之下,还真塔飞速膨胀起来,变成一座足有十米高的小塔,直接朝着守护神药的阵法砸了下去。 Immediately, protects the wonder drug formation ray to glitter rapidly, the entire formation strength, is about much speed to weaken in with unexpectedly. 顿时,守护神药的阵法光芒急速闪烁,整座阵法的力量,竟然在以快得不可思议的速度衰减着。 Only this, then let the energy consumption of formation eight. 仅此一下,便让阵法的能量消耗了八层之多。 Jian Chen both eyes shine, the control Huan Zhen Tower strength cautiously, second time has pounded, wants to break this formation at one fell swoop. 剑尘双目放光,小心翼翼的控制还真塔的力量,第二次砸了下去,想要一举破掉这道阵法 Bang!” “砰!” Finally, in a sad sound, ten meters high Huan Zhen Tower has crushed formation directly, is bringing compared with the mountain also stronger big thousands of times of fearful strengths, pounded directly in the ground, making the trim earth of wonder drug garden fierce trembles, just like having earthquake resulted. 结果,在一声沉闷的响声中,十米高的还真塔直接压碎了阵法,带着比山岳都还要强大千万倍的可怕力量,直接砸在了地面上,使得神药园的整片大地都是剧烈一颤,宛如发生大地震似得。 That God level Heavenly Material Earth Treasure, naturally does not have the suspense was pounded the smashing by Huan Zhen Tower. 那株神级天材地宝,自然毫无悬念的被还真塔砸成了粉碎。 However Jian Chen their several people, not only does not have therefore to love dearly, instead reveals excited excited gaze. 不过剑尘他们几人,非但没有因此而心疼,反而一个个都露出兴奋激动的神色 Has not thought that this tower so is unexpectedly formidable, Divine Item that this breaks through the enemy lines simply specially, good, is really good, had the help of this tower, we will gather the wonder drug on speed quick many, clean that even can dig all wonder drugs in wonder drug garden completely, but will want the control force surely, can only pound, cannot pound second.” Master Chan Long is excited, excited saying. “没想到这座塔竟然如此强大,这简直是专门破阵的神器,太好了,真是太好了,有了这座塔的帮助,我们收取神药的速度会快上许多,甚至可以将神药园里的所有神药全部挖的一干二净,不过千万要控制力量,只能砸一下,万万不能砸第二下。”缠龙大师兴奋无比,激动的说道。
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