CSG :: Volume #21

#2071: Five prince murderous intent

In the Jian Chen eye the cold glow dodges, although he knows around the Xiao Man body to have a mysterious strength protection, in this Azure Sea God Palace, feared that does not have her who anybody can injure, how could but does he tolerate God King powerhouse to get rid to Xiao Man? 剑尘眼中寒芒一闪,尽管他知道小蛮身体周围有一层神秘的力量保护,在这沧海神宫内,怕是没有任何人能伤的了她,但是他又岂能容忍一名神王强者小蛮出手? When flying sword when the old man projects will soon stab Xiao Man, Jian Chen began, the best-quality Saint Item long sword in hand chops loudly. % M 就在老者射出的飞剑即将刺中小蛮时,剑尘动手了,手中的极品圣器长剑轰然劈下。.%M That old man already expected Jian Chen from this at one fell swoop, corners of the mouth under the smiling face of revealing a taunt, the thought moves, shoots at Xiao Man flying sword to increase suddenly. 那名老者早就料到剑尘会由此一举,嘴角不由的露出一丝嘲讽的笑容,意念一动之下,射向小蛮的飞剑度骤然攀升。 However, Jian Chen this sword, similarly is quick inconceivable, even if the flying sword under old man's control, has promoted one time, but is still not able to avoid the attack from Jian Chen this sword. 然而,剑尘这一剑的度,同样是快的不可思议,即便是飞剑在老者的控制之下,度足足提升了一倍,但依然无法躲避来自剑尘这一剑的攻击。 ding~ 叮! The long sword belt in Jian Chen hand was making this old man cut for it panic-stricken terrifying strength on his flying sword, in clear steel and iron handed over in the whining noise, collided a bright spark. Sees only flying sword that the old man controls in a low and deep sword cry sound, was divided by Jian Chen flew by far. 剑尘手中的长剑带着一股让这名老者都为之惊骇的恐怖的力量斩在了他的飞剑上,在一声清脆的钢铁交鸣声之中,碰撞出一股灿烂的火花。只见老者控制的飞剑在一阵低沉的剑鸣声中,被剑尘劈的远远飞了出去。 This Jian Chen is very strong, this absolutely is not the strength that God King Initial Stage has.” That old man complexion changes, his mind and flying sword melts, only then he knows that own control the handle flying sword, in surface perfect, in fact the interior had a faint trace crack. “这剑尘果然很强,这绝对不是神王初期所具备的力量。”那名老者面色微变,他心神与飞剑相融,只有他才知道自己控制的这柄飞剑,表面上完好无损,实际上内部已经出现了一丝丝裂缝。 Jian Chen this sword, has made his flying sword present a damage, even he keeps Spiritual Perception in flying sword, nearly was scattered. 剑尘这一剑,已经让他的飞剑出现了一丝损坏,甚至他留在飞剑内的神识,都险些被打散。 This person cannot resist with all one's strength!” That old man takes the bull by the horns, the personal appearance flies suddenly retreat, spreads out with Jian Chen by far, and adopts the stance that will not begin once more. “此人绝不可力敌!”那名老者当机立断,身形飞暴退,远远与剑尘拉开距离,并摆出一副绝不会再次动手的姿态。 However, Jian Chen actually does not plan to let off him, the personal appearance rocks, changed into the remnant shade to graze to go toward that old man together, the best-quality Saint Item long sword cold brightness in hand is threatening, blooms the intense sword glow thorn to forehead of old man. 然而,剑尘却并不打算放过他,身形晃动间,已经化为一道残影朝着那名老者飞掠而去,手中的极品圣器长剑寒光逼人,绽放出强烈的剑芒刺向老者的眉心 Jian Chen begins, similarly is relentless, this sword, just like jumped over the lightning, is much quicker, keeping in the field many God King Spiritual Perception from catching, obviously is the effect that wants to achieve strikes to kill. 剑尘动手,同样是毫不留情,这一剑,度宛如已经越了闪电,快得不可思议,让场中不少神王神识都无法捕捉,显然是想要做到一击必杀的效果。 Feels power and influence that Jian Chen this sword contains, that old man complexion big change, one set of high-grade Saint Item Battle Armor reappears, covers his entire body, only the remaining two eyes expose outside. 感受到剑尘这一剑所蕴含的威势,那名老者脸色大变,一套上品圣器战甲浮现而出,将他的整个身躯都笼罩在内,仅剩下两只眼睛裸露在外面。 Bang!” “砰!” When that old man just put on Battle Armor, the Jian Chen long sword has then stabbed his forehead, blows out sound of the sad dull thumping sound. 那名老者刚穿上战甲时,剑尘的长剑便刺中了他的眉心,爆出一声沉闷的闷响之声。 That old man has the Battle Armor protection freely, the great power that but was still blown out by Jian Chen this sword striking to fly, the neck vertebra breaks completely, the head nearly divides family property with the body. 那名老者尽管有战甲保护,但依然被剑尘这一剑所爆出的强大力量给击飞了出去,颈椎骨全部断裂,脑袋都险些与身体分家。 Jian Chen, the old man has clarified will not begin once more, do not go too far. friend, copes with him together, should not be defeated by him one by one.” That old man passes message by Primordial Spirit, in heart panic-stricken, protected his forehead the war helmet, the forehead place had the crack. 剑尘,老夫已经摆明了不会再次动手,你不要欺人太甚。诸位道友,一起对付他,千万不要被他逐个击破。”那名老者以元神传音,心中惊恐不已,护住他头部的战盔,眉心处已经出现了裂缝。 He does not doubt, if Jian Chen comes to strike again, puts on the high-grade defense Saint Item on him must be broken. 他毫不怀疑,剑尘若是再来一击,穿在他身上的这件上品防御圣器都要被打破。 Surrounding God King is indifferently not the meaning that goes forward to begin, among them, many afterward God King listened to others saying that the Jian Chen strength was very strong, but actually strong, in their hearts absolutely did not have a bottom, must probe the Jian Chen strength with old man's hand. 周围的神王都是冷眼相都没有上前动手的意思,他们当中,许多后来的神王都只是听别人说剑尘的实力很强,但究竟有多强,他们心中完全没有一个底,都要借老者之手来试探剑尘的实力。 At this time, the Jian Chen second sword punctured, sword aura like the rainbow, sword intent everywhere, intense sword glow that bloomed, the jet black nighttime sky will give to exaggerate snow white, the momentum was astonishing. 这时,剑尘第二剑刺出,剑气如虹,剑意漫天,绽放出的强烈剑芒,将漆黑的夜空都给渲染成一片雪白,声势惊人。 The second sword, Jian Chen crushed old man high-grade defense Battle Armor of directly, the sharp sword sharp place, the silver-white sword glow turnover is uncertain, being relentless pricked forehead of old man, body and soul completely eliminated. 第二剑,剑尘直接击碎了老者身上的上品防御战甲,锋利的剑尖处,银白色的剑芒吞吐不定,毫不留情的刺入了老者的眉心,形神俱灭 But that handle receives old man thought control, flying sword that flies toward here, lost all strengths along with falls of old man, fell all of a sudden on the ground. 而那柄受到老者意念掌控,正朝着这里飞回来的飞剑,也是随着老者的陨落而失去了所有的力量,一下子掉落在了地上。 Jian Chen complexion has not changed, after taking away conveniently the old man has pointed on Space Ring, then returns to arrives at side Xiao Man. At this moment, his sword intent is dreadful, results in just like present age Sword God, one man guards the pass, the potential of Yorozuo opening, cold sound track: Also who wants to try?” 剑尘脸色没有丝毫变化,随手收走了老者手指上的空间戒指之后,便重新返回到小蛮身边。此刻,他身上剑意滔天,宛如一名当世剑神似得,有一股一夫当关,万夫莫开之势,寒声道:“还有谁想要试一试?” All around complete silence, many God King truly by the powerful strength that Jian Chen showed shaking, has not displayed any battle skill, merely was twice often getting rid, then struck to kill God King late-stage by the potential of complete crush, such strength, deep has shocked their mind. 四周鸦雀无声,许多神王确实被剑尘展现出的强大实力给震住了,没有施展任何的战技,仅仅是两次常的出手,便以完全碾压之势击杀了一名神王后期,这样的实力,深深的震撼了他们的心灵。 Has not displayed battle skill so to be terrorist, if displays battle skill, that will be also formidable to the what kind situation? 没有施展战技就这么恐怖了,若是施展战技,那又将强大到何种地步? Handle best-quality Saint Item in hand, indeed gave the Jian Chen strength to bring the qualitative leap. 有一柄极品圣器在手,的确给剑尘的实力带来了质的飞跃。 He He he he, is really the big power and prestige, a person of strength, has frightened these many God King, really makes this prince at this moment, have several points of cold intention laughter to transmit impressive together, sees only one to wear purple soft armor, age 20 -year-old youth takes big strides from the distant place. “呵呵呵呵,真是好大的威风啊,一人之力,就震慑了这么多神王,真是让本皇子刮目相”就在这时,一道带着几分冷意的笑声传来,只见一名身穿紫色软甲,年纪不过20来岁的青年从远处阔步走来。 youth Yuxuan lets, Dragon Hang is vigorous and mighty strides, the body has an unquestionable dignity, one for a long time occupies one imposing manner that the top digit fosters. 青年器宇轩让,龙行虎步,身上有着一股让人不容置疑的威严,一久居高位而养成的一种气势。 He since appears starts, vision has then condensed on Jian Chen, in the pale not wonderful vision, is hiding a swift and fierce meaning, has one, light killing intent. 只是他自从出现开始,目光便一直凝聚在剑尘身上,淡无奇的目光中,隐藏着一股凌厉之意,更是有一股,淡淡的杀意 The Jian Chen vision falls on youth, then recognizes opposite party Mysterious Thunder Province Blue Sky Dynasty five prince, the side is following dozens God King, including Yun Family God King also. 剑尘目光落在青年身上,一眼便认出对方正是玄雷州碧落皇朝的五皇子,身边跟随着数十名神王,包括云家神王也在其中。 Yun Xin, impressively also side five prince. 云心,赫然也在五皇子身边。 When Yun Xin dust, in a pair of beautiful pupil reveals the faint trace excited color immediately, simultaneously in the heart also secretly relaxed, just wanted unable to bear when Jian Chen greeted, the beautiful pupil glance stood in five prince, as if the heart had the worry, only the strong powerful system repressed. 云心尘时,一双美眸中顿时流露出丝丝激动之色,同时心中也是暗暗松了口气,刚想要忍不住的和剑尘打声招呼时,美眸一瞥站在身边的五皇子,似乎心有顾虑,只好强制按捺下来。 Yun Lianqing similarly is also the eye one bright, touches with the genial vision and Jian Chen, has greeted, simultaneously in his eyes rays of light flashes, cast aside the eye to stand by the meaningful glance nine prince in front of him, conveyed the information with very vague way to Jian Chen, careful five prince. 云连庆同样也是眼睛一亮,用和善的目光与剑尘相触,算是打过招呼,同时他眼中光芒闪动,以眼色撇了眼站在他前面的九皇子,用十分隐晦的方式向剑尘传达信息,小心五皇子 Yun Lianqing knows that very early in the morning five prince have killing intent to the Jian Chen heart, because their Yun Family in Blue Sky Dynasty, therefore in front of five prince, their Yun Family does not dare hurriedly, even if he knew perfectly well that five prince must kill Jian Chen, does not have the means. 云连庆一早就知道五皇子剑尘心有杀意,只是因为他们云家就在碧落皇朝之中,因此在五皇子面前,他们云家根本不敢造次,即便他明知五皇子要杀剑尘,也是毫无办法。 Originally is Mysterious Thunder Province Blue Sky Dynasty five prince, Jian Chen was also deliberately considering unexpectedly and other matters, sought for five Your Highness prince, has not thought that now meets five prince, was really life where does not meet by chance.” Jian Chen has been holding holding the fist in the other hand to five prince, reveals to wipe the meaningful smiling face. “原来竟然是玄雷州碧落皇朝的五皇子,剑尘还寻思着等这里事了,就去寻找五皇子殿下,没想到现在就碰见五皇子了,真是人生何处不相逢啊。”剑尘对着五皇子抱了抱拳,露出一抹意味深长的笑容来。 hearing that, in five prince eyes the fine glow dodges, vision stubbornly is staring at Jian Chen, said: Why can you look for this prince?” The Asian first beautiful woman, ** outstanding buttocks, hot stature perfect stature proportion!! 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