CSG :: Volume #11

#2070: Bites immortal Monster Flower

hearing that, the black crow stagnates immediately, reveals the color of make things difficult, submits to Jian Chen, this quite therefore is betraying five prince. δδ 『. M 闻言,黑鸦顿时为之一滞,露出为难之色,臣服于剑尘,这可是相当于是在背叛五皇子啊。ΔΔ『.M „Don't you want?” The Jian Chen expression became low and deep. “你不愿意?”剑尘语气变得低沉了起来。 I ...... black crow reveals the hesitant color, has hesitated half sound, when he thinks that Jian Chen to initially enter the strength of God King boundary, then when can cut to kill Bai Ji and collaborations of Bai He two brother and sister easily, as if finally set firm resolve, clenches teeth saying: My black crow submits to you are not, but you must guarantee that five prince their one group of people are unable to leave Azure Sea God Palace, otherwise, if makes five prince know that I betrayed him, my family will be hit by the total destruction.” “我......”黑鸦露出犹豫之色,沉吟了半响,当他想到剑尘以初入神王境的实力,便能轻易斩杀百奇百合两兄妹的联手时,似乎终于下定了决心,咬牙道:“我黑鸦臣服你也不是不可以,但是你必须要保证五皇子他们一群人无法离开沧海神宫,不然的话,要是让五皇子知道我背叛了他,我的家族会遭受灭顶之灾。” If you are unable to achieve this step, my black crow rather dies in your hand, will not bring the disaster for the family.” The black crow does not have the sentiment of least bit regarding five prince, because he follows when side five prince becomes a guard, is actually not he hopes, but was taken his family as to coerce by five prince, forcing him to join, therefore, in his heart to five prince, has a resentment to read throughout. “如果你无法做到这一步,那我黑鸦宁可死在你手上,也绝不会为家族带来灾难。”黑鸦对于五皇子没有半点的感情,因为他跟随在五皇子身边成为一名护卫时,其实也并非他所愿,而是被五皇子以他的家族为要挟,强迫他加入的,因此,在他心中对五皇子,始终都存在着一丝怨念。 Good, I promise you.” Jian Chen complied without hesitation, that talent ability of black crow, makes him feel really joyful, sooner or later will have the big use. Next, the homicide the Bai Ji brother and sister, have become enemies with five prince, this matter, that five prince will not give up inevitably, they will sooner or later have a war. “好,我答应你。”剑尘毫不犹豫的答应了,黑鸦的那种天赋能力,真的让他感到欣喜,迟早会派上大用场。其次,他杀了百奇兄妹,已经与五皇子结仇,此事,那五皇子势必不会善罢甘休,他们双方迟早会有一战。 At once, the black crow swore with own painstaking care immediately that gives loyalty to Jian Chen, but he before swearing also explained that Jian Chen one day does not remove five prince, he does not calculate that on the 1st does is the Jian Chen person. 旋即,黑鸦立即以自己的心血立誓,效忠剑尘,不过他在立誓前也说明,剑尘一日不除掉五皇子,他就一日不算做是剑尘的人。 I must depart first, find a place to hide, cannot make five prince know that I betrayed him, otherwise, once made him live were leaving Azure Sea God Palace, my family may end.” The black crow said that the facial color is dignified. “我得先离去,找一个地方隐藏起来,不能让五皇子知道我已经背叛了他,否则,一旦让他活着离开了沧海神宫,那我的家族可就完了。”黑鸦说道,面色凝重。 You stay in Azure Sea Mountain, here you will be very safe, no one can threaten you, if five prince they found here, even if them has God King place Expert to escort, must die without doubt.” Master Chan Long spoke. “你就呆在沧海山,在这里你会很安全,谁都威胁不到你,如果五皇子他们找到这里来,哪怕是他们当中有神王强者保驾护航,也是必死无疑。”缠龙大师说话了。 Black crow vision dragon, in the brain can not help reappears Bai He of that Monster Flower with no reason at all rupturing, asking that a face dreads: Is it possible that I just escaped, is you get rid in secret?” 黑鸦目光龙,脑中情不自禁的浮现出百合的那朵妖花无缘无故爆裂的一幕,一脸忌惮的问道:“莫非我刚刚逃跑,也是你暗中出手?” Master Chan Long nodded. 缠龙大师点了点头。 Good, I temporarily stay in Azure Sea Mountain.” The black crow also is quite but actually simple, complied refreshedly. “好,那我就暂时呆在沧海山。”黑鸦倒也极为干脆,爽快答应了。 Afterward, the black crow looked for a cave in nearby as temporary Immortal Cave, but Jian Chen the vision dragon, asked: Here also obtained the fortuitous encounter, extinguishes kills the Monster Flower method, including me felt that a surprise, you prevent the black crow to run away, similarly makes me not have a clue to come out.” 随后,黑鸦就在附近找了一处山洞作为临时洞府,而剑尘则是将目光龙,问道:“在这里也获得了奇遇,灭杀妖花的手段,连我都感到一阵惊奇,还有你阻止黑鸦逃走,同样让我没有毫端倪出来。” Chan Long long implored the tone, said: Indeed fortuitous encounter, Jian Chen, I, if I here, can cutting effortlessly kill Beginning Realm Expert, you do believe.” 缠龙长吁了口气,道:“的确有一番奇遇,剑尘,我如果说我在这里,可以毫不费力的斩杀始境强者,你信不信。” In the Jian Chen eye the fine glow explodes dodges, the vision does flicker is staring at Chan Long, complexion is extremely serious, earnest, after good half sound, opens the mouth saying: I believe that you can achieve, is only why you in suddenly, can have such formidable strength?” 剑尘眼中精芒爆闪,目光一瞬不瞬的盯着缠龙,脸色极其严肃,认认真真的,好半响之后,才开口说道:“我相信你能做到,只是你为何在突然间,能够拥有这么强大的力量?” I can control Azure Sea Mountain that Supreme formation, the trim Azure Sea Mountain boundary, became my territory.” Chan Long has not concealed to Jian Chen, said truthfully. “我能控制沧海山内部的那座太尊阵法,整片沧海山的地界,都成为了我的领地。”缠龙没有向剑尘隐瞒,如实说道。 hearing that, the Jian Chen pupil shrinks, reveals the panic-stricken color, is hard maintains tranquil. 闻言,剑尘瞳孔一缩,露出惊骇之色,难以保持平静。 Long time, he deeply inspires, slowly returns to normal, the vision stares at that broken section Monster Flower stump residual limb, in the heart is knowing this Monster Flower by the tens of thousands, was controlled Supreme formation to cut to extinguish by Chan Long. 良久之后,他深吸一口气,缓缓的平复下来,目光盯着那碎成万段的妖花残肢,心中知晓这妖花,是被缠龙控制太尊阵法斩灭的。 Suddenly, the Jian Chen vision concentrates, body dodges, appears in the Monster Flower stump residual limb, present from a shatter rhizome only has the seed of thumb size, is dispersing dim dense light, inside breeding has a formidable life aura, is very uncommon. 突然,剑尘的目光一凝,身形一闪,出现在妖花残肢之中,从一段破碎的根茎内现一颗仅有拇指大小的种子,散着一股朦朦胧胧的氤氲之光,里面孕育有一股强大的生命气息,很是不凡。 Well, master, this bites immortal Monster Flower.” At this moment, Azure and Violet Sword Spirits that sound spread to the Jian Chen brain. “咦,主人,这是噬仙妖花。”就在这时,紫青剑灵那久违的声音传入了剑尘脑中。 Bites immortal Monster Flower, is the World of Immortals product, only has World of Immortals just now to produce. This Monster Flower, can through swallowing all lives practices, growth is very astonishing, is a very special life, is belongs in World of Immortals is very scarce and rare thing, many big sect big influences, meticulous care will bite immortal Monster Flower to take the spirit of Hushan.” Azure and Violet Sword Spirits said. “噬仙妖花,乃是仙界的产物,唯有仙界方才能生成。此妖花,可以通过吞噬一切生灵来修炼,成长的度十分惊人,是一种十分特殊的生命,在仙界都是属于十分稀少而罕见之物,许多大宗派大势力,都会精心培育一株噬仙妖花来作为护山之灵。”紫青剑灵说道。 Immortal Saint two, although is hostile, but still some people meet cross-boundary to go, this bites immortal Monster Flower to wander about destitute from World of Immortals, this point is unquestionable. In Saint Boundary, many people does not recognize bites immortal Monster Flower, does not know that bites the immortal Monster Flower true value, otherwise, will bite immortal Monster Flower is so is buried absolutely.” “仙圣两界虽然敌对,但是依然有一些人会跨界前往,这噬仙妖花是从仙界流落过来的,这一点不容置疑。只是在圣界中,许多人都不认得噬仙妖花,更不知道噬仙妖花的真正价值,否则的话,噬仙妖花是绝对不会被如此埋没的。” Now bit immortal Monster Flower already to die, only remaining this seeds.” Jian Chen shakes the head sighs lightly. “现在噬仙妖花已经陨落了,仅剩下这一颗种子了。”剑尘摇头轻叹。 Master, bites immortal Monster Flower through the seed production, the seed in your hand, quite therefore bites the immortal Monster Flower descendant. The masters you quickly drop a drop of blood on the seed, making the seed have your aura, once such seed grows, will then regard the only master you. And the blood of master is the blood of chaos, therefore this bit the seed of immortal Monster Flower to integrate your blood, will also carry on a more further transformation. This bites immortal Monster Flower is the special life, its becomes the length very rapidness, believes that it quick will become the big boost of master.” The Qing Suo that gentle and charming and clear sound conveys in the Jian Chen brain, was urging Jian Chen quickly drops the blood to recognize the host. “主人,噬仙妖花就是通过种子生成的,你手中的这颗种子,就相当于是噬仙妖花的后代。主人你赶快滴一滴鲜血在种子上,让种子拥有你的气息,这样种子一旦成长,便会将你当成唯一的主人。并且主人的血液乃是混沌之血,因此这噬仙妖花的种子融入了你的血液,还会进行更进一步的蜕变。这噬仙妖花乃是特殊的生命,它的成长度非常之快,相信它很快就会成为主人的一大助力。”青索那娇柔而清脆的声音在剑尘脑中传来,催促着剑尘赶快滴血认主。 Jian Chen has not dropped the blood to recognize host immediately, but took the seed to say the sound to Chan Long, from Chan Long there seed wanting. After all this bites immortal Monster Flower is Chan Long kills, mentioned reasonably, is the Chan Long spoils of war. 剑尘没有立即滴血认主,而是拿着种子向缠龙说了声,从缠龙那里将种子给要了过来。毕竟这噬仙妖花乃是缠龙所杀,按理说来,也是属于缠龙的战利品。 Since you are interested in that seed, you take away freely.” Chan Long does not care at all, in fact, he and Jian Chen walks from Cloud Province, shares hardships, in experienced together does not know that the multiple life and death slaughtered, true walked from corpse mountain blood sea, among since both sides, already created a deep friendship. “既然你对那种子感兴趣,那你尽管拿去。”缠龙满不在乎,实际上,他与剑尘云州一路走过来,患难与共,在一起经历了不知道多次生死厮杀,真正的从尸山血海中走来,双方之间,早已建立起了一层深厚的友谊。 Jian Chen no longer hesitates, dropped blood of the drop of chaos decisively on the seed, immediately the blood is quietly integrated. 剑尘不再迟疑,果断滴了一滴混沌之血在种子上面,血液立即悄无声息的融入了进去。 But this bites the seed of immortal Monster Flower, after buying in the blood of this drop of chaos, inside life fluctuation became rushed obviously, ray that bloomed also even more intense. 而这颗噬仙妖花的种子,在吸纳了这一滴混沌之血之后,里面的生命波动明显变得更加澎湃了,绽放出的光芒也是愈加的强烈。 „The life of this seed was really experiencing a transformation, this transformation estimate must continue several days.” Felt the internal change of seed, in the Jian Chen heart secretly was anticipating. He knows that Azure and Violet Sword Spirits will not be aimless, since they said that this seed own big boost, that this seed, will unable to say quickly Huan Zhen/Really will bring the pleasant surprise to him. “这种子的生命果然在经历了一股蜕变,这蜕变估计要持续好几天的时间。”感受着种子的内部变化,剑尘心中不禁暗暗期待了起来。他知道紫青剑灵不会无的放矢,既然他们说这种子很快就会自己的一大助力,那这种子,说不得还真会给他带来意外的惊喜呢。 Jian Chen, what matter did here live?” At this time, Kai Ya also from closing up in the cave walked, was looking at Bai Ji and Bai He their corpse, the bloodstain of as well as on Jian Chen contaminating, a brow wrinkle. 剑尘,这里生了什么事?”这时,凯亚也从闭关的山洞内走了出来,望着百奇百合两人的尸体,以及剑尘身上沾染的血迹,眉头一皱。 Kai Ya, you also broke through to the God King boundary.” The Jian Chen vision condenses on Kai Ya, immediately reveals the excited color, at once just fresh all will tell Kai Ya. 凯亚,你也突破到神王境界了。”剑尘目光凝聚在凯亚身上,当即露出兴奋之色,旋即将刚刚生的一切告诉了凯亚 After having known the cause and effect, a Kai Ya vision cold, cold [say / way]: These five prince, really do not know the immensity of heaven and earth, is it possible that he thinks that with his meager strength, can act in a self-serving manner inadequately.” 得知了前因后果之后,凯亚目光一寒,冷冽道:“这五皇子,真是不知天高地厚,莫非他以为凭着他那点微薄的力量,就能为所欲为了不成。” gaze on Jian Chen face one stiff, is staring at Kai Ya, face kind asking: Kai Ya, are you all right?” Somehow, this moment Kai Ya, makes Jian Chen feel unexpectedly a little strange, that is full in the cold intention sound, is unexpectedly faint is having an imposing manner of keeping aloof, as if not pay attention to the world person. 剑尘脸上的神色一僵,愣愣的盯着凯亚,一脸关切的问道:“凯亚,你没事吧?”不知怎的,这一刻的凯亚,竟让剑尘感到有点陌生,那充满冷意的声音中,竟隐隐间带着一股高高在上的气势,似乎不把天下人放在眼里。 God King of five prince side collections about 50 people, master will hold the Divine Item book gentleman, this is a quite formidable strength, however in the Kai Ya mouth, can only be unexpectedly meager strength. 皇子身边汇集的神王将近50人,还有一名手神器的书先生,这已经是一股相当强大的力量了,然而在凯亚口中,竟然只能算是“微薄”的力量。 In the Jian Chen cognition, Kai Ya is not such disposition, even if she has to sufficiently crush five prince formidable their strength, is insufficient to say this. 剑尘的认知中,凯亚并不是这样的性格,即便她有着强大到足以碾压五皇子他们的力量,也不至于说出这样的话来。 Chan Long is also surprised uncertain is staring at Kai Ya, although he and Kai Ya is acquainted is not long, but also knows that what person Kai Ya is, is what disposition, the words that this moment Kai Ya, says, make Chan Long feel similarly a little strange. 缠龙也是惊疑不定的盯着凯亚,虽说他与凯亚相识不长,但也知道凯亚是一个什么样的人,是什么样的性格,这一刻的凯亚,所说的话,同样让缠龙感到有点陌生。 But this strange, is bringing also incomparable familiar, as if this so resembled to result, lets in the Chan Long heart contradictory. 但这陌生中,却又带着一股无比的熟悉,似乎本就该如此似得,让缠龙心中矛盾不已。 ps: The third chapter has made up. 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