CSG :: Volume #21

#2069: The world shelters ( 2 )

Is feeling the pricking of forehead transmitting silently, cold glow dodges to pass from the Jian Chen eye, this hides is getting rid in secret the person of sneak attack, obviously is to strike him cuts to kill. 』. 』 M 默默感受着从眉心中传来的刺痛感,一丝寒芒自剑尘眼中一闪而逝,这躲藏在暗中出手偷袭之人,显然是想要一击将他斩杀。』.』M Person of strength getting rid is quite good, similarly in God King late-stage, and covers the nihility by Dark Principle, the eyesight or Spiritual Perception were affected, are hard to wield the true function, if he to other these common God King with the similar sneak attack method, could not say that Huan Zhen/Really can achieve the situation that strikes to kill, but was a pity that what he faces is Jian Chen. 出手之人实力颇为不俗,同样在神王后期,并且又是以黑暗法则笼罩虚无,无论是眼力还是神识都受到了影响,难以挥出真正的作用,他若是对其他那些寻常的神王用同样的偷袭手段,说不得还真能做到一击必杀的地步,但可惜,他面对的是剑尘 The best-quality Saint Item long sword that among the electric light flint, in the Jian Chen hand that handle just seized, changed into a remnant shade to puncture suddenly. 电光火石之间,剑尘手中那柄刚刚夺来的极品圣器长剑,突然化为了一道残影刺了出去。 Whiz!” “嗖!” Jian Chen this sword wonderful quick is incomparable, is just likes the lightning is seriously ordinary, disperses dazzling rays of light, having the Way of Sword deep meaning directly with integrating in the darkness, just like the poisonous snake is quietly the black long thorn that punctures to move generally in the same place. 剑尘这一剑的度奇快无比,当真是犹如闪电一般迅,散出刺目的光芒,带着剑道的奥义直接是与融入黑暗中,正如毒蛇一般悄无声息刺来的黑色长刺触碰在一起。 His sword, but punctures with the feeling, but the sword actually accurate incomparably point in the sharp point place of black long thorn, leaves clear steel and iron to hand over the sound of cry sharp, is mixing Chaos Force sword aura and Dark Principle interweaves, blows out the intermittent formidable energy shock-wave, made covered here darkness in the fierce shake. 他这一剑,只是凭着感觉刺出,但剑尖却无比精准的点在黑色长刺的尖端处,出一阵清脆的钢铁交鸣之声,混合着混沌之力剑气黑暗法则交织,爆出阵阵强大的能量冲击波,令的笼罩这里的黑暗都在剧烈的震荡。 However, after striking, the black long thorn vanishes suddenly, without a trace, has not remained including the half minute aura and fluctuation, was disturbed in Spiritual Perception, in dark space that the naked eye five fingers do not see, even if Jian Chen does not seek the person of getting rid to hide where in secret. 然而,一击之后,黑色长刺骤然消失,无影无踪,连半分气息和波动都没有残留下来,在神识受到干扰,肉眼五指不见的黑暗空间之中,即便是剑尘也寻不到暗中出手之人藏在何处。 Jian Chen brow micro wrinkle, grasps long sword to stand erect there, the body is tall and straight, to the person one type like the mountain stability, cannot shake. 剑尘眉头微皱,手持长剑屹立在那里,身躯挺拔,给人一种如山岳般的稳固,不可撼动。 He knows that own met a talented killer, covers this space by Dark Principle, quite therefore changes into his domain this space, that killer in this space like a fish in water, grasps the absolute initiative. 他知道自己遇见了一名实力不俗的杀手,以黑暗法则笼罩这处空间,相当于是将这处空间化为他的领域,那名杀手在这处空间中如鱼得水,掌握绝对的主动。 But regarding Jian Chen, actually fell into the mire, is quite passive, hides in killer in secret , if not get rid, he is unable to realize that the opposite party is where. 而对于剑尘来说,却是陷入了泥潭之中,极为被动,隐藏在暗中的杀手若不出手,那他也无法察觉到对方身在何处。 Jian Chen cold snort, the whole body golden light sparkle sees, Great Luo Sword Aura condenses together instantaneously, is bringing dazzling and dazzling golden rays of light cuts directly to the darkness. 剑尘冷哼一声,浑身金光闪耀见,一道大罗剑气瞬间凝聚而成,带着一道耀眼而炫目的金色光芒直接斩向黑暗。 sword aura, the darkness had been driven away, however the next quarter, Dark Principle again was then filled. 剑气所过,黑暗被驱离,然而下一刻,黑暗法则便再次被填补了回来。 However in Jian Chen begins, the black long thorn appears again, is quietly as before, raids like lightning from the Jian Chen back, thorn to the cerebellum of Jian Chen. 不过就在剑尘动手时,黑色长刺再次出现,依旧是悄无声息,从剑尘的背后闪电般袭来,刺向剑尘的后脑。 Jian Chen turns around suddenly, although naked eye not obvious, Spiritual Perception not available, but as well as this walks the rich experience that accumulates relying on the fearful fight intuition, path that as before accurate incomparable capture black long thorn. 剑尘豁然转身,尽管肉眼不可见,神识不可用,但凭着可怕的战斗直觉以及他这一路走上来所累积的丰富经验,依旧准确无比的捕捉到黑色长刺刺出的轨迹。 Sees only his palm to open, covers Chaos Force to find out suddenly, grasped the black long thorn in the hand. 只见他手掌张开,覆盖着一层混沌之力猛然探出,一把将黑色长刺抓在了手里。 Black long thorn extremely sharp, easily then broke Jian Chen Chaos Body defense, his palm was lacerated, the wound deep obvious bone, flows the blood of chaos. 黑色长刺极为的锋利,轻易的便破了剑尘混沌之体防御,他的手掌被割破,伤口深可见骨,流淌出混沌之血。 But Jian Chen actually not cares a whoop the palm of own, cultivated Chaos Body to grant him incomparably formidable flesh body, this small wound for him, did not hurt the essentials. But he in holding that flash of black long thorn, the best-quality Saint Item long sword in right hand punctured. 剑尘却毫不在意自己的手掌,修炼混沌之体赐予了他无比强大的肉身,这点小伤对他来说,无伤大雅。而他在抓住黑色长刺的那一刹那,右手中的极品圣器长剑已经刺了出去。 Jian Chen grasps to the black long thorn, uses the sword, almost completes at the same time, does not give the opposite party to leave time of response. 剑尘一手抓向黑色长刺,一手出剑,几乎是在同一时刻完成,根本就不给对方留一点反应的时间。 Puff!” “噗!” As fame and profit pierces the flesh body sound to transmit, feels the resistance of the long sword slightly transmitting, Jian Chen is knowing that own has injured the opposite party. 随着一声利器洞穿肉身的声响传来,感受着从长剑上稍微传来的一点阻力,剑尘知道自己已经伤到了对方。 Although knows the opposite party to be near at hand, but Jian Chen as before is actually not able to realize existence of person of sneak attack. 尽管知道对方近在咫尺,但剑尘却依旧是无法察觉到偷袭之人的存在。 Remains silent, hides is damaged in the killer of sneak attack in secret, is not prolonging contact, extracts after the Jian Chen hand the black long punctures, decisively retreats, without a trace that in an instant then vanishes, making the person not have the mark to seek. 一声闷声,隐藏在暗中偷袭的杀手受创,不在恋战,从剑尘手中抽出黑色长刺之后,果断退走,刹那间便消失的无影无踪,让人无迹可寻。 Immediately, covers this piece of space Dark Principle to vanish does not see, Jian Chen, presently completely lost the trail of that killer, even the surface of his killer had not seen that only has the faint trace bloodstain on the long sword leaving behind. 顿时,笼罩这片空间的黑暗法则消失不见,剑尘查,现已经完全失去了那名杀手的踪迹,甚至他连那名杀手的面都没有见到,唯有长剑上留下的丝丝血迹。 However passes through this to delay, following God King also pursued, in enough over a hundred God King vision is having the color of burning hot, the wind spreading electricity holds up surrounds toward Jian Chen and Kai Ya that two people. 不过经过这一耽误,后面的神王也已经追了过来,足足上百名神王一个个目光中都带着炙热之色,风驰电擎的朝着剑尘凯亚二人包围而来。 Their essential targets are Zi Yun, but now Zi Yun and Kai Ya in the same place, therefore Jian Chen and Kai Ya two people naturally also became the goals of these people. 他们的主要目标是紫韵,但现在紫韵凯亚在一起,因此剑尘凯亚二人自然也成为了这些人的目标。 Walks!” Jian Chen drinks lowly, in these people he, although has not realized the specially formidable aura, but the side has Xiao Man, lets his hands tied feet tied, does not dare with these person of intense wars. “走!”剑尘一声低喝,这些人中他虽然没有察觉到特别强大的气息,但身边有小蛮,让他束手束脚,根本就不敢与这些人激烈大战。 However, grasps in the palm of Jian Chen to Xiao Man, just about when moves the Xiao Man body, actually moved a naked eye, the mysterious strength that Spiritual Perception could not realize. 然而,就在剑尘的手掌抓向小蛮,刚要触碰到小蛮的身躯时,却触碰到了一股肉眼,神识也察觉不到的神秘力量。 This mysterious strength covers the Xiao Man entire body, not only keeps the palm of Jian Chen from moving the Xiao Man body, when Jian Chen touches with this mysterious strength, the moral nature cannot bear unexpectedly violently trembles. 这股神秘力量笼罩小蛮的整个身躯,不仅让剑尘的手掌无法触碰到小蛮的身躯,并且当剑尘与这股神秘力量相触时,心底竟然忍不住猛烈一颤。 This mysterious strength, gives his feeling is vast boundless, continuous endless, arrives unable imagine formidable, impossible to be destroyed radically, making Jian Chen startled palpitate. 这股神秘力量,给他的感觉是浩大磅礴,连绵无尽,强大到不可想象,根本就不可能被摧毁,让剑尘都惊悸不已。 The Jian Chen pupil shrinks, the vision closely gazes at complexion pale lying down in ground Xiao Man, look is fluctuating erratically. 剑尘瞳孔一缩,目光紧紧的注视着脸色苍白的躺在地上的小蛮,神色变幻不定。 Kai Ya has been observing Xiao Man at the same time silently, sees this situation, in her eyes is also rays of light dodges, said: This little girl, received the protection of this stretch of world, so long as in Azure Sea God Palace, she by world the person of asylum, only if has to dominate in the Azure Sea God Palace strength, perhaps otherwise, anybody could not injure her in the slightest.” 凯亚一直在一边默默的观察着小蛮,见此情况,她眼中也是光芒一闪,说道:“这小女孩,受到了这片天地的保护,只要是在沧海神宫内,她就是被天地所庇护之人,除非拥有凌驾于沧海神宫的力量,否则的话,恐怕任何人都伤害不了她分毫。” hearing that, in Jian Chen heart one startled, said: „Is this possible? If she receives the asylum of this stretch of world, how that will be injured?” 闻言,剑尘心中一惊,道:“这怎么可能?如果她真的受到这片天地的庇护,那又怎么会受伤?” Zi Yun also hears the words that Kai Ya spoke, similarly is look that a face cannot believe that what are more is puzzled and doubts, obviously harbors with the Jian Chen similar question. 紫韵也听见了凯亚所说的话,同样是一脸不敢相信的神色,但更多的还是不解和疑惑,显然是怀着和剑尘同样的疑问。 Kai Ya has hesitated, then the vision rhyme, said: If I guessed right, this little girl because of this before Azure Sea's Moon appeared injured?” 凯亚沉吟了下,而后目光韵,道:“如果我猜测没错的话,这小女孩因该是在沧海之月出现之前受伤的吧?” When Azure Sea's Moon appears, my indistinct feeling the Azure Sea God Palace rule, as if lived some change. When behind my little girl, I can feel indistinctly that around her body, seems surrounding an energy, this energy and Azure Sea God Palace coordinate with each other across a great distance, as if... As if representing the entire Azure Sea God Palace strength.” “在沧海之月出现时,我隐隐约约的感觉到沧海神宫的规则,似乎生了某种变化。后面当我小女孩时,我隐约能感觉到,在她的身体周围,似乎环绕着一股能量,这股能量与沧海神宫遥相呼应,似乎...似乎又代表着整个沧海神宫的力量。” Kai Ya vision deep is looking at Xiao Man , to continue saying: So formidable strength protection, in this Azure Sea God Palace, to her who anybody cannot injure. But she unexpectedly has been injured now, this can only show the strength that around her body presents, after she is injured appears.” 凯亚目光深深的望着小蛮,继续说道:“有一股如此强大的力量保护,在这沧海神宫内,没有任何人能伤的到她。可现在她竟然受伤了,这一幕只能说明她身体周围出现的这股力量,是在她受伤之后才出现的。” Here, Kai Ya short silent moment, said: If I have not guessed that wrong, the appearance of Azure Sea's Moon, because of should be related with this little girl.” 说到这里,凯亚短暂的沉默了片刻,道:“如果我没猜错的话,沧海之月的出现,因该与这小女孩有关。” Listened to this saying, the Zi Yun whole person to be shocked, was the whole face unbelievable look, the appearance of Azure Sea's Moon is related with Xiao Man? She is really hard to imagine, so fearful will Azure Sea God Palace, why live such big change because of Xiao Man? Actually on Xiao Man to hide this what secret? 听了这话,紫韵整个人都惊呆了,满脸都是难以置信的神色,沧海之月的出现与小蛮有关?她实在是难以想象,如此可怕的沧海神宫,为何会因为小蛮而生这么大的变化?小蛮身上究竟隐藏这什么秘密? Not is only he, Jian Chen also feels very inconceivable, the whole face is the stunned color. 不仅是他,就连剑尘也感到很不可思议,满脸都是错愕之色。 Miss, the inheritance of Great Primal Beginning Realm is not you can attain, hands over the inheritance, you can depart, if not so, that consequence you also because of should know.” “姑娘,混元始境的传承不是你能拿到,交出传承,你可以离去,如若不然,那后果你也因该知晓。” At this moment, big loudly shout transmits, sees only Jian Chen and Kai Ya and the others, had been surrounded by numerous God King all round. 就在这时,一道大喝声传来,只见剑尘凯亚等人,已经被众多神王团团包围了。 ps: During the new year's celebration, the free renewal is not quite stable, asking everybody to excuse me. 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