BFAMMGS :: Volume #2

#200: Endures to get more mad for a while

Oh.” “唉。” „.” “啧。” Snort.” “哼。” „.” “靠。” Daytime time, on the mouth was saying does not respond is best solution matter Jiang Qi of means that when time of quiet, in closing one's eyes will soon fall asleep, the brain is the article content that this afternoon sees. 白天的时候,嘴上说着不搭理就是最好的解决事情的办法的江祺,在夜深人静之时,在闭眼即将入梦之际,满脑子都是今天下午看到的文章内容。 The mathematical last big problem that these character these words even these punctuations, ends can hardly be removed after the college entrance examination to be the same, when he most relaxes crushes into his brain, appears in him at present, making him have to think, can not not care. 那些字那些话甚至于那些标点符号,就跟高考完后挥之不去的数学最后一道大题一般,在他最放松的时候挤进他的脑子里,浮现在他眼前,让他不得不去想,不得不在意。 .” The Jiang Qi long stretch/leisurely one breath, sits directly from the bed, turns on the wall lamp. “呼。”江祺长舒一口气,直接从床上坐起来,打开壁灯。 Hateful, endures to get more mad for a while, draws back one step more to want more to owe. 可恶,忍一时越想越气,退一步越想越亏。 Boss mister, was the sound that I just wielded a sword quarrels you?” The cavalries see Jiang Qi to sit suddenly, some worries asked that I will be careful next time, did not make the sound as far as possible.” “老板先生,请问是我刚刚挥剑的声音吵到你了吗?”骑兵见江祺突然坐起来,有些担心地问道,“我下次会小心的,尽量不发出声音。” „It is not.” Jiang Qi shakes the head. “不是。”江祺摇头。 „Was boss mister, the orange taste that I sent out is too thick? Was really sorry very much, I do not have the means to control the density of fragrance like the rabbit rabbit.” The sunflower rebukes oneself very much, lowers the head, even the branches and leaves droop. “那老板先生,是我散发的橘子味太浓了吗?真的很抱歉,我没有办法像兔兔那样控制香味的浓度。”向日葵很是自责,垂下了头,连枝叶都耷拉下去。 Not, very nice-smelling, I have other worrying matter.” Jiang Qi explained hastily. “不是不是,很好闻,我只是有别的烦心事。”江祺连忙解释。 Board board, you at the bothersome matter?” Rare with king two him has not stayed together Lili jumps from the desk to the bed on, arrives at Jiang Qi on to ask on hand. “板板,你是在烦烦文文的事情嘛?”难得没有和王二丫呆在一起的丽丽从书桌上跳到床上,走到江祺手边上问道。 Tonight after coming back, Lili thinks suddenly excellent movie scenario that takes itself as the positive/direct role, the approximate content is Guman child saves the world, wants Jiang Qi to help her input impatiently scenario compilation In, stays in Room Jiang Qi and other scenario came out. 今天晚上回来后,丽丽突然想到了一个以自己为正面角色的绝妙的电影剧本,大致内容就是古曼童拯救世界,迫不及待地要江祺帮她输入进【剧本编写器】里,呆在江祺里等剧本出来。 Almost.” Jiang Qi nods, is sudden one thought that I owed.” “差不多吧。”江祺点头,“就是突然一下觉得我亏了。” Classification person hits the aggrieved feeling that your palm of the hand you have not been able to hit back.” “有一种别人打了你一巴掌你还不能还手的憋屈感。” Really can fabricate a rumor to make? 难道真的要造谣造回去? Jiang Qi is lost in thought. 江祺陷入沉思。 If really lets on woof Xinghua...... 如果真的让汪杏花上的话…… Lili is also lost in thought. 丽丽也陷入沉思。 Suddenly, Lili yelled excitedly: Board board, Lili helps!” 突然,丽丽兴奋地大叫:“板板,丽丽帮帮!” Has not waited for Jiang Qi to have the response, Lili has helped: Hungry!” 还不等江祺有反应,丽丽已经帮完了:“饿饿!” For a long time does not have hungrily Lili is particularly suffering, in the grievance is disclosing a pride: Board board, Lili good hungry, Lili begging for food food, big food food!” 好久没有饿过的丽丽分外委屈,委屈中透露着一丝自豪:“板板,丽丽好饿饿,丽丽要饭饭,大饭饭!” Jiang Qi:...... 江祺:…… When contributing 9900 Lili stops shouting is hungry, Jiang Qi realized the gravity of matter finally. 在捐完9900丽丽才停止喊饿时,江祺终于意识到了事情的严重性。 Won't kill?” Regarding Guman child, having a human life should not be the issue. “不会出人命吧?”对于古曼童而言,出个把人命应该不是问题。 Although Boss Zhen is surnamed Zhen, but his crime not until death! 甄老板虽然姓甄,但他罪不至死啊! Lili argued for oneself loudly: Lili well, does not offend somebody!” 丽丽为自己大声辩解:“丽丽好好,不伤人!” That is good, Lili is really good!” Jiang Qi touches Lili's head with a smile, although does not know that Boss Zhen will soon experience anything, so long as thinks that he will not feel better in the future, oneself felt relieved. “那就好,丽丽真棒!”江祺笑着摸摸丽丽的脑袋,虽然不知道甄老板即将经历什么,但只要想到他未来也不好过,自己就放心了。 Jiang Qi turns off a light, lies down, goes off joyfully. 江祺关灯,躺下,快乐睡去。 Turned off a light to fall asleep to Jiang Qi, the cavalries have not thought how should help Jiang Qi. 一直到江祺关灯睡着了,骑兵都没有想到该怎么帮到江祺 I am really useless, including the means of helping boss mister cannot think.” Does not know completely the account cavalry starts to rebuke oneself, jumps to the window that on the sunflower is, sits near the sunflower. “我真没用,连一个帮老板先生的办法都想不出来。”完全不知道事情经过的骑兵开始自责,跳到向日葵所在的窗台上,坐在向日葵边上。 I cannot think.” The sunflower traces the cavalry to comfort him with the branches and leaves, Elder Sister Lili is fierce.” “我也想不出来。”向日葵用枝叶摸摸骑兵安慰他,“还是丽丽姐姐厉害。” Lili stick!” Lili was proud, for did not awaken by noise Jiang Qi only to be able with the smallest sound saying that proudest words, Lili was an elder sister, naturally stick!” “丽丽棒棒!”丽丽自豪极了,为了不吵醒江祺只能用最小的声音说最自豪的话,“丽丽是姐姐,当然棒棒!” The sunflower and cavalries look at Lili with the vision of worship. 向日葵和骑兵都用崇拜的目光看着丽丽。 Obviously, overnight, Lili had/left two to worship her little fan younger brother . 很显然,一夜之间,丽丽多出了两个崇拜她的小迷弟。. On December 11, to did not match to have Boss Zhen of name to be doomed the unfortunate day. 12月11日,一个对不配拥有姓名的甄老板而言注定不幸的日子。 It is not happy a long time Boss Zhen, rare mood joyful snort/hum the song is getting out of bed. 心情已经不好了很长一段时间的甄老板,难得心情愉悦的哼着歌起床。 Although «[ such as dream] bankruptcy, the sacrificial victim of first blind competition has appeared! How long will the disorder of murder mystery industry also continue Has not caused any reaction, even no one discussed. Starry River Scenario Club has not even made any response, has not cared this article completely, but to him already enough. 虽然《[如梦]倒闭,第一家恶性竞争的牺牲品已经出现!剧本杀行业的乱象还将持续多久?》没有引起任何反响,甚至没什么人讨论。星河剧本社甚至没做出任何回应,完全没把这篇文章放在心上,但对于他而言已经够了。 He wants is this effect. 他要的就是这个效果。 This has not bought any promotion, is doomed unable to raise the article of what water splash, is only his probe. 这篇没有花钱买任何推广的,注定掀不起什么水花的文章,只是他的一个试探。 Really, Starry River Scenario Club my young Boss river and Boss Yan of short temper is completely two styles. 果然,星河剧本社我那位年轻的江老板和脾气暴躁的闫老板完全是两种风格。 The latter is filthy rich, seeks revenge for the slightest grievance, a point owes is not willing to eat, is not affable. 后者财大气粗,睚眦必报,一点亏都不肯吃,是个不好惹的。 The former is a luck is good, university student who no social experience, just graduated, the temperament is good, can endure the temper, is fruit cake that can try to pinch. 前者就是个运气好的,没什么社会经验的,刚毕业的大学生,脾气还不错,耐得住性子,是个可以试着捏一捏的软柿子。 Hey, old does stretch/open, how your side prepare? At noon today can send? Right, only in view of galaxy murder mystery and j was enough, does not want to send one time, today first sends the first video, has a look at their responses. Remembers name that do not have, the picture do not bring. Money? The advance payment haven't I given you? Tail also ties step by step, you could rest assured that I am a person who that type can repudiate a debt?” “喂,老张啊,你那边准备得怎么样?今天中午就可以发是吧?对,只针对星河剧本杀和j就行,不要一次性全发,今天先发第一条视频,看看他们的反应。记得千万不要带的名字,连图片也不要带。钱?定金我不是已经给你了吗?尾款也得一步步结呀,你放心,我是那种会赖账的人吗?” Boss Zhen hangs up the telephone, in the mind starts to imagine Starry River Scenario Club little Boss river and j that to by the appearance that oneself a series of combinations fight with the fists cannot find the way, cannot bear want to smile to make noise. 甄老板挂断电话,脑海中开始想象星河剧本社的小江老板和j的那对被自己一连串的组合拳打得找不着北的样子,就忍不住想要笑出声。 It is not the online belt/bring rhythm, who can't? 不就是网上带节奏嘛,谁不会呀? Who will be the winner is uncertain. 鹿死谁手还不一定呢。 Bumps!” Clear sound broke to pieces along with the glass sound that falls on the ground, crushed the fond dream of Boss Zhen. “碰!”一声清脆的响声伴随着玻璃碎了掉在地上的声音,击碎了甄老板的美梦。 Boss Zhen turns head, discovered own glass does not know that was broken by the bear child of which family/home. 甄老板一扭头,发现自己玻璃不知道被谁家的熊孩子砸碎了。 Who, the child of which family/home doesn't teach? Also smashes the person glass, how much money knows my family glass? You ended me to tell you, I report to the police now!” Short of breath Boss Zhen telephones to the property suit hastily, making the property give him quickly a confession, otherwise he reported to the police a while. “谁呀,谁家的小孩不教好啊?还砸人玻璃,知道我家玻璃多少钱吗?你们完了我告诉你们,我现在就报警!”气急的甄老板连忙打电话给物业投诉,让物业赶快给他个交代不然他等会儿就报警。 Because a morning good mood bear the child did not have Boss Zhen trades the clothes preparation to go downstairs to eat meal, finally just went out discovered own cell phone has not taken, goes home to take the cell phone the time discovered own key has not brought unexpectedly. 一早上的好心情都因为熊孩子没了的甄老板换好衣服准备下楼吃饭,结果刚出门就发现自己手机没拿,回家拿手机的时候发现自己居然钥匙也没带。 Felt oneself are really unlucky Boss Zhen must knock the door of neighbor family/home, telephones taking advantage of the neighbor telephone for unlocking the master, lets unlock the master to come to unlock. 觉得自己真是倒霉透顶的甄老板只得敲邻居家的门,借邻居电话打电话给开锁师傅,让开锁师傅上门开锁。 Really is unlucky.” Boss Zhen scolded one, thinks just gave to unlock the 80 dollars of master to be grieved, visit fee/spent also wants 30, real black heart.” “真是倒霉透顶。”甄老板骂了一句,一想到刚刚给开锁师傅的80块钱就心痛,“上门费还要30,真黑心。” This time Boss Zhen has not known, this is only his unlucky day of start. 此时的甄老板还不知道,这只是他倒霉的一天的开始。 Then, Boss Zhen experienced walked to arrive at half of shoes to open the rubber, when roadside and other traffic lights played the cell phone had a scare by a scream, the cell phone fell on the ground broke to pieces an corner/horn. 接下来,甄老板先后经历了走路走到一半鞋开胶,在路边等红绿灯玩手机的时候被一声尖叫吓了一跳,手机掉在地上碎了一个角。 The vegetable-stuffed steamed bun that in the morning buys child in has the gravel almost tooth collapse drop, went back to ask the boss theory boss only to draw back him to buy the money of steamed stuffed bun. 早上买的菜包子里有沙砾差点把牙崩掉,回去找老板理论老板只退了他买包子的钱。 Repaired on the road of cell phone to pass by a cesspool, under the building threw the thing to come to be splashed suddenly sewage. 去修手机的路上路过一个污水坑,楼上突然扔东西来下被溅了一身污水。 Probably in December was also bitten a large package by the mosquito bewilderedly, the bird excrement of dropping from the clouds fell on the trouser legs coverings this insignificant minor matter, has been not enough to be lived by today's this unlucky diary. 像是12月还莫名其妙被蚊子叮了一个大包,从天而降的鸟屎掉在了裤腿上这种微不足道的小事,已经不足以被今天这个倒霉日记住了。 The unlocking spent 80, buying the new shoes was colored 129, cultivating the cell phone was colored 400, a day of anything did not have dry/does Boss Zhen except the spiritual loss beyond, the wallet had lost 609. 开锁花了80,买新鞋花了129,修手机花了400,一天什么都还没干的甄老板除去精神损失外,钱包就已经损失了609。 Is the water goes against?” Always believes in the materialism, did not believe in the ghosts and gods saying that also did not believe the retributive justice, can therefore feel relieved bold Boss Zhen who did the matter lacking virtue first time did the feudal superstition. “难道是水逆?”一向信奉唯物主义,不信鬼神之说,也不相信因果报应,所以可以放心大胆的干缺德事的甄老板头一次搞起了封建迷信。 „The luck was so no wonder bad recently, competition is not smooth, it seems like must look for a quite effective temple to bye-bye.” Goes out one in the morning, returns anything not to have dry/does Boss Zhen to have the salt added the lunch carelessly, decides to go to the shop earlier. “怪不得最近运气这么差,比赛活动也不顺利,看来是得找个比较灵验的庙拜拜。”出门一上午,归来什么都没干的甄老板草草吃了顿盐加多了的午饭,决定早点去店里。 Although the competition is not smooth,[ such as dream] also went out of business, but the business in his shop has been very good this period of time, daily was the full house, this/Ben one crowd also fills formed two crowds. 虽然比赛不顺利,[如梦]还倒闭了,但他店里的生意这段时间一直都很不错,天天都是满场,约本一群也满了组建了二群。 Generally speaking this time moves him definitely not to owe. 总体来说这次活动他肯定是不亏的。 Hits the money of advertisement is the fool donor father and 29 bosses that participates in the activity 100-200 collect, he also corrupt. 打广告的钱都是冤大头金主爸爸和29家参加活动的老板们一人出100-200凑的,他还从中贪了点。 Goes out, That side old stretch/open reports the news to express before video a half hour, has sent. 出门的时候,老张那边发消息表示视频半小时前已经发出去了。 This time video and yesterday's article may be different, yesterday's article was only the spend some change makes one bring some, has not bought the promotion. This time video Boss Zhen bought the promotion, but also hired the sailors to attack and occupy the commentary area. 这次的视频和昨天的文章可不一样,昨天的文章只是花点小钱让人带一些,没花钱买推广。这次的视频甄老板可是花钱买了推广的,还雇了水军攻占评论区。 The title of video also has the sedition very much. 视频的标题也很有煽动性。 The «deity fights, does the little rascal meet with a disaster?! Xuncheng murder mystery game store activity conflict beginning to end» 《神仙打架,小鬼遭殃?!浔城剧本杀店活动争端始末》 The title eats the melon, the content all draws the offset frame, but turned into the video from the form of writing, the essence is invariable. 标题是吃瓜,内容全是拉偏架,只不过从文字的形式变成了视频,内核还是不变的。 The commentary area's sailors have also taken place, the first several commentaries are: 评论区的水军也早已就位,前几条的评论都是: [ Such as dream] was also too miserable, is completely the unexpected misfortune. [如梦]也太惨了,完全是无妄之灾。 I am the Xuncheng person, these shops I have played, the telling the truth galaxy and j are not really good, but also is very expensive, is the fame butchers the guest greatly. 我就是浔城人,这些店我都去玩过,有一说一星河和j真的不行,还贼贵,就是名气大宰客。 Oh, Dadian of this year is this, just did on to shear the fragrant-flowered garlic anxiously, a point does not care about the reputation. 唉,这年头的大店都是这样,刚做起来就急着割韭菜,一点都不在意口碑。 I am also Xuncheng, the blind box moves me also to know. I want to participate, has not thought that draws is the safety strips, no wonder my friend pulls out these not valuable net. 啊,我也是浔城的,盲盒活动我也知道。我本来想去参与的,没想到抽奖都是暗箱操作,怪不得我身边的朋友都是抽到了那些不值钱的络子。 In building was also too naive, does this type of blind box draw possibly does not have the trick? 楼上的也太天真了,这种盲盒抽奖怎么可能没有猫腻呢? ...... …… Looks is almost the one-sided commentary area, Boss Zhen only feels refreshing, a morning unlucky matter did not call the matter, going out community entrance of smiling. 看着几乎是一边倒的评论区,甄老板只觉得神清气爽,一上午的倒霉事也不叫事了,满脸笑容的走出小区门口。 Then. 然后。 Bumps!” “碰!” Aiyu.” Boss Zhen was hit by the storage battery car in the place, shouted abuse, how did you ride a bicycle? Doesn't have the long eye? Hasn't seen front to have the person?” “哎呦。”甄老板被电瓶车撞到在地,破口大骂,“你怎么骑车的?没长眼睛呐?没看见前面有人呐?” Excuse me, excuse me, that corner was the dead angle I have not really thought a moment ago some people will come out suddenly. My this vehicle speed is not quick, are you all right? Can go to the hospital?” “不好意思,不好意思,刚才那个拐角是死角我真的没想到会突然有人出来。我这个车速也不快,你没事吧?要不要去医院?” Certainly must go to the hospital, do you also want to run? Aiyu, my leg, you look flow... definitely is a blue and purple piece.” “肯定要去医院啊,你还想跑吗?哎呦,我的腿,你看都流…肯定是青紫一片。” Sorry, sorry, I send you to the hospital now.” “对不起,对不起,我现在就送你去医院。” Real tm is hapless.” Boss Zhen scolded, today has not bumped into a good deed from going out.”. “真tm倒霉。”甄老板骂道,“今天从出门起就没碰上一件好事。”. Hapless Jiang Qi of Boss Zhen does not certainly know that he now is speechless. 甄老板的倒霉江祺当然是不知道的,他现在都无语了。 The speechless reason naturally is because he saw the video. 无语的原因当然是因为他看到了视频。 The «deity fights, does the little rascal meet with a disaster?! Xuncheng murder mystery game store activity conflict beginning to end» this video bought the promotion, the user who the local area likes brushing the short video, for example Jiang Bing, for example the river gracefully, for example Liu Lan has very high probability to brush to this video. 《神仙打架,小鬼遭殃?!浔城剧本杀店活动争端始末》这条视频是买了推广的,本地爱刷短视频的用户,比如江冰,比如江婉婉,比如刘澜都有很高的几率刷到这条视频。 The river brushed gracefully, and first killed the commentary area to rip to compel, pushed this video to Jiang Qi while convenient. 江婉婉就刷到了,并且第一时间杀进评论区撕逼,顺便把这条视频推给江祺 Yesterday evening Jiang Qi got more mad, after spending 9900 dollars for Boss Zhen bought the Lili backlash meal, Jiang Qi is not mad. 昨天晚上江祺是越想越气,当花了9900块钱给甄老板买了个丽丽牌反噬套餐之后,江祺就不气了。 He started to love dearly money. 他开始心疼钱了。 For flowered these wasted money surnamed Zhen, is really undeserved. 为了姓甄的花这些冤枉钱,真是冤枉。 Moreover Boss Zhen this I cannot kill you also to be disgusting your attitude, really makes people disgusting very much. 而且甄老板这种我弄不死你也要恶心死你的作风,真的很让人恶心。 Jiang Qi is one fears the troublesome person very much. 江祺是一个很怕麻烦的人。 Huang Fugui is also one fears the troublesome person very much. 黄富贵也是一个很怕麻烦的人。 Therefore Huang Fugui in being the itinerant peddler will not bump into anything to trouble generally, does not want to go to provoke anything to trouble on own initiative, but if really has anything to trouble to look, he will find the way to solve this trouble from the source. 所以黄富贵在当货郎的时候一般都不会碰上什么麻烦,也不想去主动招惹什么麻烦,但如果真的有什么麻烦找上来,他会想办法从源头上解决这个麻烦。 The concrete solution is the solution makes this troublesome person. 具体的解决方法就是解决制造这个麻烦的人。 It is a pity that now is the society with a legal system, Huang Fugui this set of quick ruthless highly efficiency solution troublesome is not suitable. 遗憾的是现在是法制社会,黄富贵这套快准狠的高效率的解决麻烦的办法是不适用的。 Lili's counter-attack troublesome means are useful, venting, but is expensive. 丽丽的回击麻烦的办法有用,解气,但费钱。 woof Xinghua and king two his are also unusable. 汪杏花和王二丫的也不能用。 Therefore Jiang Qi thinks it over, thought that solves this matter to depend on he himself. 所以江祺思来想去,觉得解决这个事情还是要靠他自己。 He felt that Boss Zhen as if regarded a fruit cake him, how can want to pinch how to pinch. If he not quick ruthless solution this greatly troublesome, only feared, will have the inexhaustible small trouble. 他感觉甄老板似乎把他当成一个软柿子了,可以想怎么捏就怎么捏。他如果不快准狠的解决这个大麻烦,只怕以后会有无穷无尽的小麻烦。 Fortunately he has thought may not be solved troublesome, but can make him change from the melon lord eats the good way of melon person. 幸运的是他已经想到了一个不一定可以解决麻烦,但可以让他从瓜主变回吃瓜人的好办法。 Hey, including the elder sister, I asked your matter. You have[ such as dream] the contact method of boss? Some words troubles push to me.” “喂,珺姐,我问你个事呗。你有[如梦]老板的联系方式吗?有的话麻烦推给我。” You can help me do, this afternoon. Good, thanks.” “你可以帮我搞到是吧,今天下午就可以。好咧,谢谢啊。” I think that...... you misunderstood, I want to[ such as dream] boss buys a thing. Today's video? That video I have seen. Do not care? Yeah, how I may care, this type of bewildered thing, so long as does not affect business anything of our shop empty.” “我想……你误会了,我就是想向[如梦]老板买点东西。今天的视频?哦,那个视频我已经看见了。不要在意?哎,我怎么可能会在意呢,这种莫名其妙的东西,只要不影响我们店的生意什么都是虚的。” Un, good, you do not care including the elder sister, leaves angrily the body.” “嗯,好,珺姐你也别在意,别气坏了身子。” Jiang Qi hung up the telephone. 江祺挂断了电话。
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