BFAMMGS :: Volume #2

#199: Very punishment

Rips to compel, an appealing recreational activity. 撕逼,一项老少咸宜的娱乐活动。 In the life can rip to compel everywhere, can rip to compel with anyone, can, because the benefit rips to compel, can, because rips to compel contradictory, can, because idles is ripping to compel bored, even can, because wants to rip to rip to compel. 生活中处处可以撕逼,和谁都能撕逼,可以因为利益撕逼,可以因为矛盾撕逼,也可以因为闲着无聊撕逼,甚至可以因为想撕而撕逼。 In most situations, Jiang Qi is that surrounds to rip to compel eats the melon people. 大多数情况下,江祺都是围观撕逼的那个吃瓜群众。 When Jiang Qi in childhood the Internet was also not very developed, wants to surround to rip to compel to look at the luck, must look that the surrounding person is willing to participate in this recreational activity. 江祺小时候互联网还不是很发达的时候,想围观撕逼都得看运气,得看周围的人愿不愿意参与这项娱乐活动。 Must look that the commerce of food market is short in weight, was discovered at the scene, exactly Qiao Huifang or Jiang Xiaohong who go to the food market to do grocery shopping sees, must look that among the schoolmates in school has to have the contradiction, among the guardians has to have the contradiction, among the teachers has to have the contradiction. 得看菜市场的商贩有没有缺斤少两,被当场发现,又被恰好去菜市场买菜的乔慧芳或者江晓红看见,得看学校的同学之间有没有发生矛盾,家长之间有没有发生矛盾,老师之间有没有发生矛盾。 At that time, ripping to compel to be a quite rare matter. 那个时候,撕逼还是一件比较少见的事情。 Rips to compel is not usually intense face-to-face, must care about own reputation, in secret slightly rips the crowds not to know, usually cannot start what mighty waves. 面对面撕逼通常不会太激烈,总得顾及自己的名声,暗中的小撕围观群众又不知道,通常都掀不起什么波澜。 But is now different, now the network is developed, so long as you think, as well as some likes the platform that rips to compel in the micro blog, can join the ranks that rips anytime and anywhere, coming full ripping to compel. 但现在不一样了,现在网络发达,只要你想,在微博以及一些喜欢撕逼的平台,随时随地都能加入开撕的行列,来一场酣畅淋漓的撕逼。 Jiang Qi these year of request Jiang Bing and river these two love delicious melons the luck of online first-level surfing player, ripping of experience compels to be not infrequent gracefully. Entertainment world these every large or small undercurrent surge, does not listen to the illustration not to understand that they are ripping anything's ripping to compel also to understand much, how is also half to rip to compel the expert. 江祺这些年托江冰和江婉婉这两个爱好吃瓜的网上一级冲浪选手的福,见识的撕逼不在少数。娱乐圈那些大大小小暗潮涌动,不听解说根本不明白她们在撕什么的撕逼也了解了不少,怎么着也算是半个撕逼达人。 Half rips to compel the expert not to think, the local area of December rips greatly, the lead unexpectedly is oneself. 半个撕逼达人没想到,12月的本地大撕,主角竟是自己。 After seeing crowd of news, Jiang Qi thinks oneself will eat the pure eating melon person. 在看到群消息之后,江祺以为自己将会吃个单纯的吃瓜人。 After reading the complete piece article, Jiang Qi the startled realizing lead unexpectedly is he himself! 看完整片文章后,江祺才惊觉主角竟是他自己! «[ Such as dream] bankruptcy, the sacrificial victim of first blind competition has appeared! How long will the disorder of murder mystery industry also continue This soft article, inside mentioned two murder mystery game store names from beginning to end. 《[如梦]倒闭,第一家恶性竞争的牺牲品已经出现!剧本杀行业的乱象还将持续多久?》这篇软文,里面从头到尾是提到了两家剧本杀店的名字。 One is the bankruptcy such as the dream immersive inference searches the tuart hall. 一个是倒闭的如梦沉浸式推理探桉馆。 Another is Starry River Scenario Club. 另一个就是星河剧本社 This article is not long, style not Taihang, the heat degree is also ordinary, Boss Zhen has no money to buy to promote very much obviously, but content very disgusting person. 这篇文章不长,文笔也不太行,热度也非常一般,很显然甄老板已经没什么钱买推广了,但内容非常恶心人。 In this article just like several scenario shops of head molds the industry malignant tumor of capital invasion Starry River Scenario Club, on the difference said by mentioning names Jiang Qi and the others used oneself influence on form cliques, carries out the monopoly, did not give the space that other young shop owners survived, wished one could[ such as dream] the pot of bankruptcy flung completely to Jiang Qi and the others. 这篇文章里俨然把星河剧本社为首的几家剧本店塑造成了资本入侵的行业毒瘤,就差指名道姓的说江祺等人利用自己的影响力拉帮结派,搞垄断,不给其余小店家生存的空间,恨不得把[如梦]倒闭的锅全部甩给江祺等人。 Saw oneself sudden one turned into the feudal bully, the capitalist, the might, Jiang Qi almost did not have a blood to spit. 看到自己突然一下变成了恶霸,资本家,强权,江祺差点没一口血吐出来。 What at sixes and sevens son of a bitch?” Jiang Qi scolded, why only to scold me not to scold Yan Huaiyou and JC?” “什么乱七八糟的狗东西?”江祺骂道,“凭什么只骂我不骂闫怀佑和JC?” In my shop altogether on 5 rooms, the murder mystery market of Xuncheng died? A shop in my 5 room can give the run bankruptcy other shops.” Jiang Qi thought that he had the injustice not to locate to say. “我店里一共就五个房间,浔城的剧本杀市场是死了吧?我一个只有五个房间的店就能把其他的店给挤兑倒闭。”江祺觉得他真是有冤没处说。 [ Such as dream] before this shop him , although listens not to listen, but how to go out of business the matter in this aspect he to understand about a newly-opened shop. [如梦]这家店他之前虽然听都没听过,但关于一家新开的店铺如何倒闭这方面的事情他可太懂了。 Nothing but is several reasons, the boss will be the novice will not operate, the sales clerk will be the charlatan only wants to drift along, the section will not be good, the luck will not be good, the time will not be right, the competitor will be too many. 无非就是几个原因,老板是新手不会经营,店员是混子只想混日子,地段不好,运气不好,时机不对,竞争对手太多。 Regardless of how this pot buckles should not buckle above him! 这口锅无论怎么扣也不应该扣在他头上啊! But a lot are are completely sometimes unreasonable. 但有的时候很多事情就是完全不讲道理。 Boss Zhen does not know that stemming from what idea, possibly thought Yan Huaiyou has money unable to stir up, the Starry River Scenario Club shop small fame is big, the boss is a layman is not in charge to work as the fruit cake to step on, direct alignment Jiang Qi opens rips. 甄老板不知道出于什么想法,可能是觉得闫怀佑有钱惹不起,星河剧本社店小名气大,老板又是个外行不不管事可以当软柿子踩一踩,直接对准江祺开撕。 Eats Jiang Qi of innumerable melon to fully realize that compels facing this bewildered ripping, does not respond is the best resolution format. 吃过无数瓜的江祺深知面对这种莫名其妙的撕逼,不搭理就是最好的解决方式。 The aspect that That side Boss Zhen basically must lose, he depends on the sticky candy now together, depends itself barefoot does not fear to put on shoes, knew perfectly well that has no way to win, but is disgusting you. 甄老板那边基本上是必输的局面,他现在就是一块赖皮糖,仗着自己光脚的不怕穿鞋的,明知没法赢但就是要恶心你。 Jiang Qi may be understands beforehand Jiang Monarch and Cao Luoping follows on the heels to buy by Boss Zhen this snatches is anything felt. 江祺可算是懂之前蒋君和曹洛平被甄老板跟在后面买本抢本是什么感觉了。 I am not quite clear,[ such as dream] what relations bankruptcy and do we have? I had not listened to have this shop before, is the significance that this article writes what?” Liu Lan when ate the noodles to read the entire chapter article, almost ate the surface appetite not to have continually, this impure was sick purely, looks for trouble?” “我不太明白,[如梦]倒闭和我们有什么关系呀?我之前都没听过有这家店,这文章写出来的意义是什么呀?”刘澜在吃面的时候看完了整篇文章,差点连吃面的胃口都没了,“这不纯纯有病,没事找事吗?” This type of bewildered small article no one looked, you look, altogether more than 100 browsing, it is estimated that are we looked that does not need to respond was enough.” Has white/shell Ru say/way who rips to compel the experience, some people are this, you more respond him more to be enthusiastic. Do you believe that where if us used the customer service number to send the friend to encircle or the resentment this article, the heat degree one got up, you did not respond him not to have the heat degree he more uncomfortable.” “这种莫名其妙的小文章又没人看,你看,一共才100多浏览,估计都是我们看的,不用搭理就行。”非常有撕逼经验的贝茹道,“有的人就是这样,你越搭理他越来劲。你信不信,要是我们这边用客服号发朋友圈或者在什么地方怼了这篇文章,热度一下就起来了,你不搭理他没热度他更难受。” Is like this by others sprinkling sewage for no reason, is at heart uncomfortable.” The Cai Min extremely angry say/way, „is really the disgusting person.” “可是就这样被别人平白无故的泼脏水,心里不爽。”蔡敏愤愤道,“真是恶心人。” All right.” The Jiang Qi comfort said, he passes the time of most air/Qi is not air/Qi now, „the sewage Yan Huaiyou sailors will sprinkle.” “没事。”江祺安慰道,他过了最气的时间现在已经不气了,“脏水闫怀佑的水军会泼回去的。” But most likely (80%) in this writing an article way, this way will not have the efficiency, performance-to-price ratio too low Yan Huaiyou does not like, he quite likes the simple and crude the rumor way. 只不过八成不会以这种写文章的方式,这种方式没有效率,性价比太低闫怀佑不喜欢,他比较喜欢简单粗暴的造谣方式。 Sprinkles starting from that moment that the sewage fabricated a rumor from Boss Zhen on the television, this ripped to compel the main key of war to set. 从甄老板在电视上泼脏水造谣的那一刻开始,这场撕逼大战的基调就已经定下了。 Rumor. 造谣。 Will fabricate a rumor compared with whom purely. 纯粹地比谁会造谣。 The both sides punishment, whose looks at punishment very much. 双方都很刑,就看谁更刑。 Here normal staff also in indignant, another side unusual staff has not made clear the situation. 这边的正常员工还在愤愤不平,另一边的非正常员工还没搞清楚情况。 Therefore the present was we were divided into two factions, stole away of business, did another side snatch writes an article to slander to fabricate a rumor in the newspaper to scold us?” woof Xinghua asked. “所以现在是我们分成了两个派系,互相之间抢生意,另外一边抢不过就在报纸上写文章污蔑造谣骂我们是吗?”汪杏花问道。 Almost, can understand. Is opposite that side newspaper not Taihang, you can understand that for third-class tabloid that type no one reads.” Jiang Qi said. “差不多,可以这么理解。就是对面那边的报纸不太行,你可以理解为那种没人看的三流小报。”江祺道。 woof Xinghua nods, does not care about the small sound said: This is very normal, my father's theatrical troupe can abuse each other in the newspaper with other relational not good hostile theatrical troupes every year, the person who sometimes my father writes a letter on another's behalf will unable to write me also to help write, the boss will you need me to help write?” 汪杏花点点头,根本不在意地小声道:“这很正常,我爹的戏班子每年都会和其他的关系不好的敌对戏班子在报纸上对骂,有时候我爹这边代笔的人写不过来我还会帮忙写,老板你需要我帮忙写吗?” Your clear situation, you help write.” “你清楚情况吗,你就帮忙写。” What situation must be clear about, slanders to fabricate a rumor soon that several?” woof Xinghua opens the eye to have doubts very much, did not understand that this has anything to be difficult, is breaking off the finger to the Jiang Qi number, scolded opposite thing to be rotten, the price was expensive, uses deception. The peach-color news, arranges several illegitimate children to come out, said that they and officials collude, the grass manages human life, cheats out of money, takes substandard products as fine products, embezzlement wages, false propaganda. Manages it to have, so long as writes definitely to be able these several.” “要清楚什么情况,污蔑造谣不久那几条吗?”汪杏花睁着眼睛很是疑惑,不理解这有什么难的,掰着手指头给江祺数,“骂对面东西烂,价格贵,弄虚作假。桃色新闻,编几个私生子出来,说他们和官员勾结,草管人命,骗钱,以次充好,克扣工钱,虚假宣传。管它有没有,只要把这些都写出来肯定能中几条。” Jiang Qi:...... 江祺:…… You may the real punishment! 你可真刑啊! Two he, your family that side to steal away of business, fabricates a rumor the situation of abusing each other generally is what?” woof Xinghua asked curiously. “二丫,你家那边为了抢生意,造谣对骂的情况一般是什么样的呀?”汪杏花好奇地问道。 King two he thinks: I am not very clear, but I remember that in childhood in our next door village some people fabricated a rumor the unmarried girl of which family/home and others have an affair, causing that elder sister to break an engagement by the husband's household, finally hung oneself dead.” 王二丫想了想:“我不是很清楚,但我记得小时候我们隔壁村里有人造谣谁家的闺女和别人有染,导致那个姐姐被夫家退婚,最后上吊死了。” Jiang Qi is startled holds breath cold air: Then? That elder sister's family member not the person who does go to the government authorities to fabricate a rumor?” 江祺惊得倒吸一口凉气:“然后呢?那个姐姐的家里人没去官府告造谣的人吗?” King two he shakes the head: Going to the yamen is too expensive, that elder sister's mother in the family/home of rumor person sheared her head with the sickle directly. Originally the government authorities must make an arrest, finally before the people of yamen come met the locust plague, many others sell sell the female to sell the wife, that mother was sold, the person also being disinclined manages of yamen even.” 王二丫摇头:“去衙门太费钱,那个姐姐的妈妈直接拿镰刀去造谣人的家里把她的脑袋割了。本来官府要来抓人的,结果在衙门的人来之前遇上了蝗灾,好多人家卖儿卖女卖老婆,那个妈妈被卖了,衙门的人也懒得管就算了。” I was sold at that time.” “我就是那个时候被卖的。” Jiang Qi:...... 江祺:…… Sorry disturbs. 对不起打扰了。 I forgot you am not the society with a legal system. 我忘了你们不是法制社会。 Greatly amazed Johann:() 大受震撼的老约翰:() „Had Uncle Huang, you encountered the similar situation?” The Jiang Qi choice asked Huang Fugui who has done business truly. “黄叔,你原先遇到过差不多的情况吗?”江祺选择问真正做过生意的黄富贵。 Huang Fugui is lost in thought. 黄富贵陷入了沉思。 Long time, only listens to him to be slowly typical: Possibly is because I am an itinerant peddler, I the dispute in business, basically must rise to before hiring the situation of murder person.” 良久,只听他缓缓地道:“可能是因为我是货郎,我之前遇到的生意上的纠纷,基本上都得上升到雇凶杀人的地步。” Itinerant peddler is widely traveled in village in each village and even in the mountain sells the goods, meets the robber who plunders is actually the routine matter. Some are really mountain bandit, some are the villagers counterfeit mountain bandits, some itinerant peddlers even can cooperate with the local mountain bandit, traps intentionally some external the itinerant peddler who or does not know the business goes to the remote village to sell the goods, then makes the mountain bandit silence a witness of crime.” “货郎走南闯北到各个村里乃至山里的村子里卖货,遇上打家劫舍的劫匪其实是常事。有的是真山匪,有的是村民假冒的山匪,有的货郎甚至会和当地的山匪合作,故意诱骗一些外来的或者不太懂行的货郎去偏僻的村落卖货,然后让山匪杀人灭口。” Fabricated a rumor this matter I not to hear, but in our town/subdues has presented the external merchant and local merchant actually has the quarrel/corners of the mouth, threw filthy water to say matter that mutually the opposite party goods had the issue.” “造谣这种事情我没怎么听说过,不过我们镇上倒是出现过外来的商人和本地商人发生口角,互相泼脏水说对方货品有问题的事。” Jiang Qi on the spirit, this situation was similar immediately! 江祺顿时就精神了,这情况差不多啊! Then?” “然后呢?” Then waiters of both sides fought one, died 34, the local merchant bribed the county administration to buckle the outside merchant, heard that spent much money to come out.” “然后双方的伙计打了一架,死了三四个,本地商人买通县衙把外地商人扣了,听说花了不少银子才出来。” Jiang Qi:...... 江祺:…… He knows, he should not hold the too high hope to the feudal society. 他就知道,他不应该对封建社会抱有太大的希望。 In some sense, because of primary time the reason of background, the staff who his these do not want the wages the whole staff ruthless person besides Johann. 从某种意义上来说,因为所处的原生时代的背景的缘故,他的这些不要工资的员工们除了老约翰外全员狠人。 Each very punishment. 各个都很刑。 Johann carried the surface to sit diagonally opposite dentalium Ru their tables silently. 老约翰默默端着面坐到了斜对角贝茹她们那桌。 „, How did Teacher John you sit? Did your side sauced vegetables/dishes finish eating?” “诶,约翰老师你怎么坐过来了?是不是你们那边的卤菜吃完了?” That side has the wind, I come calmly calm.” Johann said. “那边有风,我过来冷静冷静。”老约翰道。 After woof Xinghua listens to other two's experience, thought that own method is good, at least non- deceased person, exciting said/tunnel: Boss, needs me to help you write an article the counter-attack?” 汪杏花听完另外两人的经历后觉得自己的方法还挺不错的,至少不死人,兴奋地道:“老板,需要我帮你写文章反击吗?” You must believe me, the article in my aspect writes is very good, my father have praised me!” “你要相信我,我这方面的文章写的真的很好,我爹都夸过我!” Jiang Qi expressed that he does not believe actually not woof Xinghua talent, he was somewhat worried oneself go. 江祺表示他倒不是不相信汪杏花的才华,他就是有些担心自己进去。 That side Yan Huaiyou the good and evil is only belt/bring rhythm -type rumor, woof Xinghua this is really fabricates a rumor. 闫怀佑那边好歹只是带节奏式的造谣,汪杏花这可是真造谣。 That of special punishment. 特别刑的那种。 „.” The Jiang Qi forced smile, another day I will buy two legal books, the apricot blossom you are attractive, look carefully.” “不了。”江祺苦笑,“改天我买两本法律书,杏花你好好看看,看仔细点。” „?” woof Xinghua has not understood. “啊?”汪杏花没明白。 I am young, does not want to go.” “我还年轻,不想进去。”
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