Beginning From a Murder Mystery Game Store 从剧本杀店开始

Question: How does one run a family murder mystery game store?

Jiang Qi: Simple.

You first need an existing family murder mystery store, then you just need a character from inside the story to come out and be your DM (murder mystery game host). Only then can you properly run a murder mystery game family store.

At the very beginning, Jiang Qi believed he was playing a card game, and the store he is operating was a murder mystery game store.

Afterwards, he found out that it was actually a family restaurant.

A large theme park full of restaurants.

A shopping centre full of amusement facilities and restaurants.

A resort village with a shopping centre of amusement facilities and restaurants.

Jiang Qi: ???

Now remember people, I actually started a family murder mystery game store, right?

Game Guide:

  1. This game is a card game where task failure is unlikely to have any consequences. Requesting players to rely on cards, and thus to assist with tasks, take great efforts to collect cards.

  2. Cards can reach as high as Three Stars. Requesting players to strive to upgrade their cards.

  3. The range of freedom in this game is extremely high. Requesting players to explore by oneself.

  4. All interpretations are decided upon by the game.

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