BFAMMGS :: Volume #2

#198: Opens rips

After matter of repair alarmed the river ice, river Qi returned home from work ahead of time, after a long inquiry, ravelled finally sinking boss and river of ice repair team is anything relates. 在装修的事情惊动到了江冰之后,江祺提前下班回家,经过一长串询问,终于弄明白装修队的沉老板和江冰是什么关系。 He and river ice are only the pure boss and repeat customer's relations, but he and Jiang Xiaoliang and Qiao Huifang, is river Qi and river ice biological father biological mother relates not general, they were the past lumber mill always work together. 他和江冰只是单纯的老板与回头客的关系,但他和江晓亮与乔慧芳,也就是江祺和江冰的亲爹亲妈关系不一般,他们是当年木材厂老同事。 The sinking boss also takes small young compared with Jiang Xiaoliang, he is the last batch the lumber mill. 沉老板比江晓亮还要小几岁,他是最后一批进木材厂的。 Why as for is the last batch, because after he enters the plant, few month of lumber mills went out of business. 至于为什么是最后一批呢,因为他进厂后没几个月木材厂就倒闭了。 Just got employed is unemployed. 刚就业就失业。 Then the sinking boss opened did one line of but actually one line of fantasy professions. 然后沉老板就开启了干一行倒一行的奇幻生涯。 After lumber mill bankruptcy, worked not to probably look newly, but worked in the past is not easy to look, Jiang Xiaoliang was brought under southern coastal provinces to do business with the help of old colleague together, sinking boss type just entered the plant several months of rookie not such deep colleague relations, can only look for the work. 木材厂倒闭后工作没了总得找新的,但当年工作不好找,江晓亮都是在老同事的帮助下被带着一起下南洋做生意,沉老板这种刚进厂几个月的新人没有这么深厚的同事关系,只能自己找工作。 The sinking boss goes to the small restaurant end tray to be the service person, small restaurant but actually. 沉老板去小餐馆端盘子当服务员,小餐馆倒了。 He and friend buys cheap and sells dear together the pirating official document piece, was grasped. 他和朋友一起倒买倒卖盗版牒片,被抓了。 Made the furniture sale, the furniture manufacturer but actually. 做家具销售,家具厂倒了。 Goes to the work site to move bricks, work site...... 去工地搬砖,工地…… This work site does not have but actually actually, is the contractor falls behind the wages, did for two years only to receive one year of money finally. 这次工地倒是没倒,就是承包商拖欠工钱,干了两年最终只拿到了一年钱。 Felt own all things are not smooth, even starts to suspect lumber mill that most starts actually because of anything, but sinking boss but actually learns from a painful experience, decides to go to sea to start an undertaking, with getting to know each other well sends slightly carries out the repair together. 觉得自己诸事不顺,甚至开始怀疑最开始的木材厂究竟是因为什么而倒的沉老板痛定思痛,决定下海创业,和相熟的发小一起搞装修。 Then unsurprisingly cannot make money almost to starve to death, but also owed the brothers wages of repair team, steps onto the old route of contractor the past years owed him the wages. 然后不出意外地赚不到钱差点饿死,还欠了装修队的兄弟们工资,走上了当年欠他工资的承包商的老路。 Was poor were just unemployed initially can only choose compared with Jiang Xiaoliang and Boss Qiao who Huifang pitiful sinking from the past old colleague borrows money, but at that time Jiang Xiaoliang at own life peak, was prepares to wrestle the bicycle change the eve of motor. 穷得比当初刚失业的江晓亮与乔慧芳还凄惨的沉老板只能选择向当年的老同事借钱,而当时江晓亮正处在自己的人生巅峰,也就是准备搏一搏单车变摩托的前夕。 Was had no friendship colleague to lend money by the past, Jiang Xiaoliang is receiving in the past him, when most difficult was drawn by the old colleagues, now must draw a principle of difficult old colleague, borrowed sinking boss sum of money Jie his urgent matter. 被昔日没什么交情的同事借钱,江晓亮秉承着当年他在最困难的时候被老同事们拉了一把,现在也要拉一把困难的老同事的原则,借了沉老板一笔钱解了他的燃眉之急。 Then the sinking boss transported, although does not have greatly richly greatly expensively, but makes money finally. Did so many year of repair teams, the repair team of sinking boss is also ranks among the best in Xuncheng nowadays, has the cooperation with several large decoration companies, the business scope is broad, once for a while can receive some big lists. 然后沉老板就转运了,虽然没有大富大贵,但终于赚到了钱。干了这么多年装修队,沉老板的装修队现如今在浔城也算是数一数二的,和几家规模不小的装修公司都有合作,业务范围非常广,时不时就能接到一些大单。 river ice who he meets only generally is also the cost prices, does not make money. 他接的江冰的单一般也都是成本价,根本不赚钱。 However he will do the business that so many do not make money, even also urged the river to make him open a shop auspiciously is discrete, because not only past Jiang Xiaoliang, when he most difficult borrowed him a stash, because also he thought that oneself transported the mildew passed to Jiang. 但是他之所以会做这么多笔不赚钱的生意,甚至还劝江祺让他开店需谨慎,不只是因为当年江晓亮在他最困难的时候借了他一笔救命钱,还因为他觉得自己把霉运传给了江家。 It is well known, Jiang Xiaoliang bicycle changed the motor to be defeated, in failure assuming one's post point rooftop, but also many years of money paid off, rendered back the money also arrives at river Qi and river ice sometime has thought in childhood their parents divorced, otherwise this was very difficult to explain why celebrated the new year unable to see the biological father. 众所周知,江晓亮单车变摩托失败了,失败到差点上天台,还了好多年钱才还清,还钱还到江祺和江冰小时候有一段时间一直以为他们爸妈离婚了,不然这很难解释为什么过年都见不到亲爹。 But Jiang Xiaoliang bicycle changed that time of motorized failure, happen to was the time that the sinking boss transported. 而江晓亮单车变摩托失败的那段时间,正好是沉老板转运的时间。 When knew that Jiang Xiaoliang business goes bankrupt, the sinking boss is guilty hates unable dead to apologize. Although this matter which perspective, regardless has no relations from him, sinking boss but who likes doing on large scale the feudal superstition always felt oneself are the chief criminal. 在得知江晓亮生意破产的时候,沉老板愧疚得恨不得以死谢罪。虽然这件事情无论从哪个角度上来看都和他没有什么关系,但非常喜欢大搞封建迷信的沉老板总觉得自己才是罪魁祸首。 Renders back the money with great speed even helps lend money after Jiang Xiaoliang repays a debt, the sinking boss regularly must go to the temple to burn incense to bless Jiang all smoothly. 火速还钱甚至帮忙借钱给江晓亮还债后,沉老板隔三差五就要去寺庙烧香保佑江家一切顺利。 Jiang is well more than ten years later, river ice appears. 就在江家平安无事十几年后,江冰横空出世。 Opens a legendary experience of but actually shop, very difficult not to make the sinking boss associate to own in the past. 开一家倒一家店的传奇经历,很难不让沉老板联想到自己当年。 river Qi who knows the matter beginning to end:...... 得知事情始末的江祺:…… Therefore, how these thing elder sisters you do know?” The river auspicious soul asked. “所以,这些东西姐你是怎么知道的?”江祺灵魂发问。 So detailed mental journey, intertwining of innermost feelings, guilty, these complex emotion river Qi suspected that even their parents should not know. Two family member these year of contacts are not close, otherwise river Qi not possible before river ice opens a shop does not know that who the sinking boss is. 如此详细的心路历程,内心的纠结,愧疚,这些复杂的情感江祺猜想就算是他们爸妈应该也不知道。两家人这些年交往也不算密切,不然江祺不可能在江冰开店之前都不知道沉老板是谁。 „, This.” river ice sits cross-legged to sit on the bed, changed a posture, I know that these actually are also the accidents of sorts, I want the sinking boss should not to know that I know these.” “哦,这个呀。”江冰盘腿坐在床上,换了个姿势,“我会知道这些其实也是机缘巧合,我想沉老板应该都不知道我知道这些。” The clothing store that I opened before do you still remember? Fortunately most ruthless that time, repair time I also make you help me supervise work.” “我之前开的服装店你还记得吗?亏得最狠的那一次,装修的时候我还让你帮我监工。” „After clothing store repair is completed, I inquired prices of other repair teams, discovered that the sinking boss lowers to simply inconceivable to my price. At that time I only know that he is parents' old colleague, is thinking must thank him to invite him and repair team the people of eats to bake, finally his liquor drank drank the fragment.” “服装店装修完成之后,我打听了一下其它装修队的价格,发现沉老板给我的价格简直低到不可思议。那个时候我只知道他是爸妈的老同事,想着要谢谢他就请他和装修队的人吃烧烤,结果他酒喝多了喝断片了。” That night he drew me to tell verbosely these years his puzzled mental journey, said that he does not dare to say with our parents, went bankrupt father's then possibly is his mildew transports/fortunes the evil. drawing my time told me, the small ice, is the sinking uncle is unfair to you, the sinking uncle is so unlucky, you will not open one to owe a shop, the sinking uncle is uncomfortable.” “那天晚上他拉着我絮絮叨叨的诉说了这些年他纠结的心路历程,说他一直不敢和咱爸妈说,老爸当年的破产可能是他的霉运害的。拉着我的时候跟我说,小冰呐,都是沉叔对不起你呀,要不是沉叔这么倒霉,你也不会开一家亏一家店,沉叔心里难受啊。” river Qi:...... 江祺:…… Suddenly river Qijing does not know that should say anything. 一时间江祺竟不知道该说些什么。 Long time, river Qidao: Discussed repair time, I deliver sinking boss several five-colors ropes.”. 良久,江祺道:“等谈装修的时候,我送沉老板几条五彩绳吧。”. Because there is relations that sinking boss firm cannot be broken, the repair of river auspicious Hsintien starts smoothly. 因为有沉老板这层坚不可破的关系,江祺新店的装修顺利开始。 Is looking at the repair blueprint of river auspicious complete set, the sinking boss offered 18 w this astonishing low price, lowers to simply inconceivable, making river Qi suspect that sinking boss list is possible, not only does not make money also to give instead of taking the point to go. 在看完江祺全套的装修图纸了,沉老板报出了18w这个惊人的低价,低到简直不可思议,让江祺怀疑沉老板这单可能不光不赚钱还要倒贴点进去。 He most starts is not the repair budget of real-life scenery stage is among 20 w ~ 30 w, in addition after the stage, how the whole repairs calculates that is impossible to be lower than 30 w. From the beginning what river Qi thinks, if the price can press in 27,28 w is excellent, finally the sinking boss opens the mouth is 18 w. 要知道,他最开始不算实景戏台的装修预算就是20w~30w之间,加上戏台后整体装修怎么算也不可能低于30w。江祺一开始想的是,价格要是能压在27,28w就已经是顶好了,结果沉老板张口就是18w。 This price almost makes river Qi propose: This was also too low, or rises, 250,000 how?” 这个价格差点让江祺提议:“这也太低了,要不涨点吧,25万怎么样?” Naturally, this saying river Qi has not said. 当然,这话江祺没说出口。 He chooses to board. 他选择包饭。 On the lower level adds near 400 draws shop, must make the stage, must hit the room partition, the water and electricity may do, the resilience may compared with the general new home repair mostly. The resilience is big, the person are also many, river Qi after Huang Fugui discussed that Huang Fugui did not mind that every day makes dozens bowls of green vegetables surface. 上下层加起来将近400平的店铺,又要造戏台,又要打隔断,水电可能还要重新做,工程量可比一般的新房装修大多了。工程量大,人也多,江祺在和黄富贵商量后,黄富贵并不介意每天多做几十碗青菜面。 In the sauced meat shop river Qi matched that large size in noodle restaurant to boil a barrel to Huang Fugui, the efficiency thief was high. 卤味店里江祺给黄富贵配了面馆里的那种大号煮面桶,效率贼高。 The river must board auspiciously, the sinking boss rejected at first. 江祺要包饭,沉老板最初是拒绝了。 Then began first day river Qi delivered the surface and sauced vegetable/dish, after the first green vegetables surface entrance, the words that the sinking boss rejected swallowed together. 然后开工第一天江祺把面和卤菜送了过去,第一口青菜面入口后,沉老板拒绝的话就一起咽下去了。 In December seems river Qi the lucky moon/month. 12月似乎就是江祺的幸运月。 All are very smooth. 一切都很顺利。 The blind box activity is well underway, in shop daily full house, all shop business that participates in the blind box activity have the improvement of certain extent, the peaceful seasonal variation busy season, after the recruitment poster pastes, receives many responses, the repair progress fast, Hsintien is almost one day a type, the only small regret probably is azure responsibility. The video promotion of W has not imagined useful. 盲盒活动进展顺利,店里天天满场,所有参加盲盒活动的店铺生意也都有一定程度的起色,澹季变旺季,招聘海报贴出去后收到不少回应,装修进度飞快,新店几乎是一天一个样,唯一的小遗憾大概就是青荷.W的视频推广没有想象中的有用。 8888 promotions pound, the fans rose several hundred, currently does not have an account number to break 1000. 8888的推广砸下去,粉丝涨了几百个,目前还没有一个账号突破1000大关。 The prestigious value of approval rose dozens, the effect had. 认可的声望值涨了几十个,效果还是有的。 But this is also reasonable, azure responsibility. The W account number every week renews three videos, earlier the length of video is quite short, makes a net bag to belong to the manual area, the heat degree was quite low. 但这也在情理之中,青荷.W的账号每周更新三条视频,前期视频的长度都比较短,打络子属于手工区,热度本就比较低。 According to that side side Jing company feedback, azure responsibility. The W fan coherency is quite high, the hit rate transforms as the conversion rate of attention is not low, waits for the video number to raise one again, trades a more expensive promotion to be able to harvest the good effect. 根据方靖公司那边的反馈,青荷.W的粉丝粘性比较高,点击率转化为关注的转化率不低,等视频号再养一阵,换个更贵的推广应该能收获不错的效果。 river Qi prepares and other video numbers to send to the 10 th video the time again buys the new promotion. 江祺准备等视频号发到第十个视频的时候再买新推广。 December 10 , 5 : 00 pm, the blind box activity starts 13 th day, Hsintien starts to repair 5 th day, from pulling out the spirit of fourth toy also has less than 24 hours. 12月10日下午5点,盲盒活动开始的第13天,新店开始装修的第五天,距离抽第四个玩具之灵还有不足24个小时。 Boss Zhen the script competition, presented the first withdrawal shop. 甄老板举办的剧本比赛,出现了第一家退赛的店铺。 The reason of withdrawal is very simple, the house rent expires, is incapable of operating, the shop goes out of business, can only withdrawal. 退赛的原因很简单,房租到期,无力经营,店铺倒闭,只能退赛。 The poor management script kills the shop to go out of business, since this year had presented many times, this should not bring to everyone's attention, most brings to the attention of shop owner other have not gone out of business 经营不善的剧本杀店倒闭,自今年以来已经出现了很多次,这本不该引起大家的注意,最多引起其它没倒闭的店家的注意 They can with low price the two handbooks and clothing items of purchase bankruptcy shop. 他们可以低价收购倒闭店铺的二手本和服装道具。 However this everyone even not clear name the bankruptcy of shop, actually brought to everyone's attention. 但是这次这家大家甚至都不清楚名字的店铺的倒闭,却引起了所有人的注意。 Because goes out of business along with this shop, a marketing soft article. 因为伴随着这个店铺倒闭的,还有一篇营销软文。 «[ Such as dream] bankruptcy, the sacrificial victim of first blind competition has appeared! How long does the script kill the industry the disorder also to continue 《[如梦]倒闭,第一家恶性竞争的牺牲品已经出现!剧本杀行业的乱象还将持续多久?》 This soft article is Jiang Monarch retransmits to the group. 这篇软文是蒋君转发到群里的。 river Qi sees the first response of this article unexpectedly is, came, finally came. 江祺看到这篇文章的第一反应居然是,来了,终于来了。 He waited for such long ripping to compel, finally came. 他等了这么久的撕逼,终于来了。
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