BFAMMGS :: Volume #2

#197: Sunflower bonsai

Right, our shop promoted the cheese hot dog most newly, can taste?” Yan Huaiyou read the report form in these days shop, closed the computer satisfied, proposed. “对了,我们店最新推出了芝士热狗,要不要去尝尝?”闫怀佑看完这几天店里的报表,非常满意地合上电脑,提议道。 Cheese hot dog is not buys the half-finished product to come back to explode directly? Your shop does on the spot?” River auspiciously somewhat curious. “芝士热狗不都是买半成品回来直接炸的吗?你们店的难道是现做的?”江祺有些好奇。 Does on the spot.” Yan Huaiyou definitely nods, „the new product of our shop new master.” “现做的。”闫怀佑肯定地点头,“我们店新来的师傅的新品。” river Qi:...... 江祺:…… Actually therefore is C. C a restaurant? Does the secret room escape from the shop? Does the script kill the shop? 所以C.C究竟是餐馆?还是密室逃脱店?还是剧本杀店? , Will arrive at the meals and snacks I also to keep the belly next time immediately to eat meal.” The river auspicious tactful rejection, sets out to prepare to go back, but also without going out of the office gate suddenly thinks, actually oneself today why to come C. C to look for Yan Huaiyou. “不了,下次吧,马上就到饭点了我还得留着肚子吃饭。”江祺委婉拒绝,起身正准备回去,还没走出办公室门就突然想起来,自己今天究竟是为什么会来C.C找闫怀佑。 He is not eats the melon today, he has the proper business. 他今天可不是来吃瓜的,他是有正事的。 Right.” river Qi a face sincere said/tunnel, I listened to the orange saying that your shop had floral water of orange taste, very nice-smelling and common floral water was different, gives me uniform one bottle, gave me the link while convenient.” “对了。”江祺一脸正色地道,“我听橙子说你们店有一款橘子味的花露水,非常好闻和一般的花露水不一样,给我匀一瓶呗,顺便把链接给我。” Floral water?” Yan Huaiyou said that this minor matter he really does not know, reports the news to shopkeeper slow, lets him with the bottle floral water to river Qi, „the present, did your shop have the mosquito to be inadequate in December?” “花露水?”闫怀佑表示这种小事他是真不知道,发消息给徐店长,让他拿瓶花露水给江祺,“现在都12月了,你们店难道还有蚊子不成?” When the air fresh medicinal preparation uses.” river Qi is saying with a smile. “当空气清新剂用。”江祺笑着道。 Yan Huaiyou:? 闫怀佑:? Can the floral water also work as the air fresh medicinal preparation to use? 花露水还能当空气清新剂用? After five minutes, river Qina the floral water is returning to the shop. 五分钟后,江祺拿着花露水回到店里。 The normal floral water cannot certainly work as the air fresh medicinal preparation to use, regardless of after all it is what flavor, its essence is one bottle of floral water. 正常的花露水当然是不能当空气清新剂用的,毕竟无论它是什么味道,它的本质还是一瓶花露水。 But has the floral water of spirit of toy, can, when has to drive the mosquito, the air fresh medicinal preparation of scavenging air effect used. 但有玩具之灵的花露水,就可以当有驱蚊虫,净化空气效果的空气清新剂用了。 „The floral water of orange taste sunflower, you want I took carry back to you.” river Qi was saying to the counter on sunflower bonsai toy. “向日葵,你要的橘子味的花露水我给你拿回来了。”江祺对着柜台上的向日葵盆栽玩具说道。 Thank you boss mister, dropped two drops on my flower petal on the line.” On the unfaithful/stamen has the smile sunflower happy said/tunnel that draws. “谢谢你老板先生,滴两滴在我的花瓣上就行了。”花心上有一张画出来的笑脸向日葵开心地道。 On counter seems like confuses falsehood with the truth sufficiently, is the model and size compares the normal sunflower to want on slightly many, plants the sunflower bonsai in plastic toy pot is river Qi in the spirit of third toy December 1 pulled out. 柜台上的这个看上去足以以假乱真,就是型号和尺寸都比正常的向日葵要小上不少,种在塑料玩具花盆里的向日葵盆栽就是江祺在12月1日抽出来的第三个玩具之灵。 Although king two he and Lili wants to have spirit of the toy, but looks like rabbit rabbit that type wholeheartedly to look for the big master, does not like young master the spirit of eventually different kind of toy. The spirits of most toys are like the cavalry and sunflower, so long as wholeheartedly has one to love their young masters. 虽然王二丫和丽丽都很想拥有一个玩具之灵,但像兔兔那种一心想找大的主人,不喜欢小主人的玩具之灵终究还是异类。大多数玩具之灵都和骑兵、向日葵一样,一心只要拥有一个爱他们的小主人。 The sunflower bonsai is one seems like very ordinary decoration class toy, in the pot has the button, in a sunflower according to pot will wave the branches and leaves, wiggles forward, sings the cheerful nursery song, the children to school age prepares very much before obviously. 向日葵盆栽是一个看上去非常普通的装饰类玩具,花盆上有按钮,按一下花盆里的向日葵就会舞动枝叶,扭来扭去,唱出欢快的儿歌,很显然是给学龄前的小朋友们准备的。 The little friend who before young master this school age the sunflower admires, the smaller the better, even if that type is still crawling, babbles, it did not mind the young master of baby stage the words do not talk clearly. 向日葵心仪的小主人正是这种学龄前的小朋友,越小越好,哪怕是那种还在爬,牙牙学语,连话都说不清楚的幼儿阶段的小主人它也不介意。 It did not even mind after and other young masters grow up, discards it changes a new young master, it to oneself definition is the toy that 1 ~ 5 -year-old young master likes. So long as the young master over 5 years old does not like it being probable it to discard, although it will be sad, but it happier has grown up in the young master has not needed him. 它甚至不介意等小主人长大以后把它扔掉换个新的小主人,它对自己的定义就是1~5岁小主人喜爱的玩具。小主人只要超过五岁不喜欢它要把它扔掉也可以,虽然它会伤心,但它更高兴于小主人已经长大了不需要他了。 Naturally as the spirit of toy, the sunflower naturally cannot be only ordinary sunflower that can sing. 当然作为玩具之灵,向日葵自然不会只是一个普通的会唱歌的向日葵。 He can the scavenging air, be able to drive the mosquito, can work as fragrant Xun. 他可以净化空气,可以驱蚊,可以当香薰。 On drop few water toward his flower petal can the scavenging air, drop a lot of water be able, when the humidifier, dropping the floral water can the expelling worm, and after sending out dilutes the fragrance of floral water, dropping the perfume can work as fragrant Xun. 往他它花瓣上滴少量水可以净化空气,滴大量水可以当加湿器,滴花露水可以驱虫并且散发稀释后的花露水的香味,滴香水可以当香薰。 Own function has become this intrepidly, the sunflower feels inferior very much, classifies is in itself and rabbit rabbit one kind and does not have any use, without the means accompanies young master playing heartily the spirit of useless toy. 自身功能已经强悍成这样,向日葵还是很自卑,把自己归类为和兔兔一类的并没有什么用处,没有办法陪小主人尽情的玩耍的无用的玩具之灵。 It not only envies the rabbit rabbit had found admiring to love its master, and envies the cavalry jump to protect the young master flexibly. Looked like the spirits of other toys to be useful in it, but it was only one ordinary will sing, sunflower bonsai that can the scavenging air, unable to move. 它既羡慕兔兔已经找到了心仪的爱它的主人,又羡慕骑兵可以灵活的跳跃活动保护小主人。在它看来其他的玩具之灵都有用极了,而它只是一个普通的会唱歌的,可以净化空气的,不能自己动的向日葵盆栽。 In order to let the sunflower regains self-confidently, river Qi places on it the counter, told in the shop intentionally the person, his friend delivered him high tech an air cleaner and humidifier of sunflower bonsai toy appearance, stirred up everyone, so long as were all right collects toward the sunflower, feeling to be really easy-to-use on the praise sunflower. 为了让向日葵重拾自信,江祺把它放在柜台上,故意告诉店里人,他朋友送了他一个高科技的向日葵盆栽玩具模样的空气净化器兼加湿器,惹得大家只要没事就往向日葵跟前凑,感受完了就夸赞向日葵真好用。 Short one day was shy, it that the sunflower praised was the sunflower is not the mimosa pudica, it thinks embarrassed gathered the flower petal. 短短一天的时间把向日葵都夸的羞涩了,要不是它是向日葵不是含羞草,它都想不好意思的把花瓣合起来. river Qi according to the sunflower said that dropped the floral water of two drops of orange tastes toward its flower petal on. 江祺按照向日葵说的,往它的花瓣上滴了两滴橘子味的花露水。 Quick, the orange of undulating sends out fragrant from the sunflower. 很快,澹澹的橘子香就从向日葵身上散发出来。 Sunflower, you were really good, what a pity you did not accept the big master, otherwise I can look for 3 and 4 different masters to you probably.” “向日葵,你真是太棒了,可惜你不接受大主人,不然的话我大概可以一口气给你找三、四个不同的主人。” Because of a building at present only then river Qi and king two his two people, the sunflower can not have the taken into consideration swaying from side to side branches and leaves, not feeling all right said/tunnel: Boss mister, I know that you like me very much, but I want a young master.” 因为一楼目前只有江祺和王二丫两人,向日葵可以无所顾及的扭动枝叶,不太好意思地道:“老板先生,我知道你们都很喜欢我,但是我还是想要一个小主人。” You can look slowly do not worry, so long as remembers when the time comes before I damage thoroughly installs in me the recycling bag on the line.” “你可以慢慢找不要着急,只要到时候记得在我彻底损坏之前把我装回回收袋里就行。” Facing the spirits of these stubborn toys, river Qi knows how, regardless of he persuaded or traps to be useless, they were only stubborn. 面对这些死心眼的玩具之灵,江祺知道无论他怎么劝说或者诱骗都是没有用的,他们只认死理。 He can only sigh the one breath to say to king Er: Yeah, two he, you do not be discouraged, can always meet rabbit rabbit such again.” 他只能叹一口气对王二丫说:“哎,二丫,你别灰心,总能再遇上兔兔那样的。” King two he nods firmly: Boss, I believe you to be able!”. 王二丫坚定点头:“老板,我相信你可以的!”. After feeling the orange taste the floral water, river Qi reports the news to make her to the river ice find time to make to be big in the evening and conspicuous recruitment poster, tomorrow will want. 感受完橘子味的花露水后,江祺发消息给江冰让她晚上抽空做个又大又显眼的招聘海报,明天就要。 river ice replies ok not to have the issue, lets river Qi goes back in the evening bring the point to bake to her while convenient. 江冰回复ok没问题,让江祺晚上回去的时候顺便给她带点烧烤回去。 Since the point turned on the cell phone, river Qi had a look at latest blueprint that Schoolmate river ice sent in while convenient. 既然点开手机了,江祺就顺便看看江冰同学发来的最新的设计图。 Because river Qi, although the matter are many, but to the money very happy reason, Schoolmate river ice goes to this cunning Party A regarding river Qi, a day an idea of powerful and unconstrained style accepts overall. So long as money arrives, colorful is black he to you to make, a building that river Qi requests separated 100 draws to make the theater real-life scenery blueprint he also to make quickly. 因为江祺虽然事多但给钱很痛快的缘故,江冰同学对于江祺去这个刁钻的甲方,一天一个天马行空的想法全盘接受。只要钱到位,五彩斑斓的黑他都能给你弄出来,江祺要求的一楼隔出100平做戏院实景的设计图他也很快弄了出来。 Design drawing river Qi cannot understand, but the concept map he can understand, looked probably under did not have the issue, river Qi the reply expressed that this single to become, decisive ending, began to look for the repair team. 设计图江祺看不懂,但概念图他还是能看懂的,大概看了下没问题,江祺回复表示这单成了,果断结尾款,着手找装修队。 He has two options about the repair team. 关于装修队他有两个选项。 Before one is the river ice, commonly used. 一个是江冰之前常用的。 river Bingkai so many shops, opened upside-down so many, actually without compensating complete wipe-out, the indebted knack is, the repairs of all shops, simple her oneself make, difficult her oneself the chart, oneself look for the repair team to minimize the cost. 江冰开了这么多店,开倒了这么多家,却没有赔的血本无归,债台高筑的诀窍就是,所有店的装修,简单的她就自己弄,难的她就自己出图,自己找装修队把成本降到最低。 Opened so many shops, river ice and her commonly used repair team the relations of person's have located quite ripe, the friend circle will select of to praise mutually. 开了这么多家店,江冰和她常用的装修队的人的关系已经处得相当的熟,朋友圈都会互相点赞的那种。 Another is Yan Huaiyou introduces. 另一个就是闫怀佑介绍的。 Yan Huaiyou as the extremely evil rich man, the standard second generation of rich, anything has the relations, anything has the acquaintance, the repair team that he introduced was responsible for repairing the C. C repair team, it is said was also his acquaintance. 闫怀佑作为万恶的有钱人,标准的富二代,什么都有关系,什么都有熟人,他介绍的装修队是负责装修C.C的装修队,据说也是他的熟人。 river Qi thinks, finally chose river ice the acquaintance. 江祺想了想,最终还是选择了江冰的熟人。 This cooperated about ten times, credible. 这个合作了近十次,靠谱。 Before the river is auspicious, online has looked at a piece, why the decoration company and repair team universal non- often pit, like butchering the guest specially, because they do not have the repeat customer generally, without extra worries. 江祺之前在网上看过一个段子,为什么装修公司和装修队普遍非常坑,特别爱宰客,因为他们一般没有回头客,没有后顾之忧。 The repair team that river ice gets to know each other well did not have this aspect issue, she was the gold medal repeat customer, in frequency high time one year then 2-3 times. 江冰相熟的装修队就没有这方面问题了,她是金牌回头客,频率高的时候一年内得回头2-3次。 Repair team WeChat river Qi of boss river ice gets to know each other well also has, the Qian Jiang ice opens the clothing store time she does not have the time, making river Qi help supervise work, WeChat that at that time added. 江冰相熟的装修队的老板的微信江祺也有,之前江冰开服装店的时候她没时间,让江祺去帮忙监工过,那时候加的微信。 river Qi: Sinking boss, recently not? Did you have a look at this live you to meet recently? 江祺:沉老板,最近有空不?你看看这个活你们最近能接吗? river Qi sends the blueprint. 江祺把图纸发过去。 After dozen minutes, opposite chapter of news. 十几分钟后,对面回消息了。 Sinks( repair): Was your older sister...... on hand so recently ample? 沉(装修):你姐最近……手头这么宽裕了? Takes river Qi of cell phone:? 拿着手机的江祺:? Sinks( repair): You must urge your older sister, this is not the beforehand small scale, I looked sketchily, this type little said 20 w. 沉(装修):你得劝劝你姐,这可不是之前的小打小闹,我粗略地看了看,这种少说得20w。 Sinks( repair): Meets can meet actually, this year does not make money easily, I urged your older sister to be clear that opened this shop again. 沉(装修):接倒是能接,这年头赚钱不容易,我劝你姐想清楚再开这个店。 How touching repair team and repeat customer's relations! 多么感人的装修队和回头客的关系啊! river Qi: This time is not my elder sister must open a shop, is I. 江祺:这次不是我姐要开店,是我。 Sinks( repair):...... 沉(装修):…… Sinks( repair):[ Smoke] 沉(装修):[点烟] Sinks( repair): You and your older sister study anything is not good, studies this. 沉(装修):你和你姐学什么不好,学这个。 Sinks( repair): Was not good I to with your older sister say. 沉(装修):不行我得和你姐说说。 river Qi:...... 江祺:…… Said you possibly not to believe that I and my elder sister were different. 说出来你可能不信,我和我姐不一样。 I open a shop to make money. 我开店赚钱。
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