BFAMMGS :: Volume #3

#201: Instigation

That side Jiang Monarch wants the contact method the efficiency is also quick, Jiang Qi just arrived in the shop Jiang Monarch[ such as dream] WeChat of boss pushes to Jiang Qi, also told Jiang Qi the information of boss while convenient. 蒋君那边要联系方式的效率也很快,江祺刚到店里蒋君就把[如梦]老板的微信推给江祺,顺带还把老板的信息也告诉了江祺 [ Such as dream] is a female boss, asking Wu dream, after Jiang Qi added WeChat, to call the opposite party for Boss Wu directly. [如梦]是个女老板,叫吴梦,江祺加微信后可以直接称呼对方为吴老板。 Jiang Qi transmits the good friend to apply. 江祺发送好友申请。 Wu Mengmiao agreed. 吴梦秒同意。 Wu Paopao: Hello, is Starry River Scenario Club Boss river? I listened to others saying that you looked for me, what matter had? 吴泡泡:你好,请问是星河剧本社的江老板吗?我听别人说你找我,请问有什么事吗? Jiang Qi: Is such Boss Wu, I heard that your shop must transfer, is interested in publishing the itself/Ben, the furniture, the item, this frame and even clothing? If your shop has appropriate dm, our shop can also receive. 江祺:是这样的吴老板,我听说你们店铺要转让了,请问有兴趣出本,桌椅,道具,本架乃至服装吗?如果你们店有合适的dm,我们店也可以接收。 Opposite party quite a while not chapter of news. 对方半天没回消息。 The young primary undertaking is defeated, how is worrying should expires before the shop rent thoroughly, the crowd of things in shop transfers Wu dream, only thought that had the big pie to pound her head together. 年纪轻轻初次创业就失败,正发愁该如何在店铺租金彻底到期之前,把店里的这群东西转让出去的吴梦,只觉得有一块好大的馅饼砸到了她的头上。 It is well known, the shop goes out of business is very easy. 众所周知,店铺倒闭很容易。 But wants to transfer the thing in bankruptcy shop, is very difficult. 但想转让倒闭店铺里的东西,很难。 Not to mention the second-hand item does not sell, even if you want to sell still sell do not bid, even if can sell still expires before the shop rent to have the place to deposit the items of these reselling. 且不说二手道具不好卖,就算你想卖也卖不出价,就算能卖出去也得在店铺租金到期之前有地方存放这些转卖的道具。 Why Jiang Bing stores up the hobby like, went out of business various equipment items of so many shops to place in preserve within before, was she likes? 江冰为什么像个囤积癖一样,把之前倒闭了那么多家店铺的各种设备道具全都放在储藏间里,是她喜欢吗? Is because cannot sell. 是因为根本卖不出去。 The opening a shop easy pass/test shop to be difficult, your one pile waits for the clear thing, cannot sell out not to have the place to put, the ultra-low cost sold to collect the loving dearly money of scrap. Even if admits in the second-hand transaction group to sell, still only then this sells, style attractive furniture that these initial cost bought initially, various types of this frames, a series of book size items, for various reasons are very difficult to act including various clothing. 开店容易关店难,你一堆等待出清的东西,卖不掉没地方放,超低价卖给收废品的心疼钱。就算放进二手交易群里卖,也只有本好卖,那些当初原价买来的样式好看的桌椅,各种本架,一系列开本道具,包括各类服装都因为各种各样的原因很难出手。 The thing of big-ticket item is most difficult to act, the local area cannot sell, outside area is not good to mail. 大件的物件是最难出手的,本地卖不出去,外地不好邮寄。 Although Jiang Qi did not understand[ such as dream], but this shop can become the shop owner of 1st bankruptcy unexpectedly, the scale is not definitely big, it is estimated that on 2-3 rooms, did not say exaggeratingly, besides redundant itself/Ben[ such as dream] in shop all thing Jiang Qi can eat up. 江祺虽然不了解[如梦],但这家店竟然能成为第一个倒闭的店家,规模肯定不大,估计就2-3个房间,毫不夸张的说,除了重复的本外[如梦]店里所有的东西江祺都能吃下。 But the goods that two handbooks exactly are in murder mystery game store that goes out of business should better to sell. 而二手本恰好是一家倒闭的剧本杀店里最好卖出去的货品。 [ Such as dream] is going out of business, the Jiang Qi Hsintien is repairing, in does this world have a ratio this more skillful matter? [如梦]正在倒闭,江祺的新店又在装修,这世上还有比这更巧的事情吗? Jiang Qi takes the cell phone to wait for Wu dream news. 江祺拿着手机等待吴梦的消息。 In a while, Jiang Qi was brushed the screen by a series of exclamation marks of opposite sending-. 没过多久,江祺就被对面发来的一连串感叹号刷屏。 Can look Wu dream is excited. 可以看出来吴梦的心情很激动。 Wu dream is truly excited. 吴梦确实很激动。 She is excited must suspect oneself met the cheating. 她激动得都要怀疑自己是不是遇上诈骗了。 Wu Paopao: Really all wants? 吴泡泡:真的全都要吗? Wu Paopao: The furniture, the backless stool, this frame, does the item, including the air conditioning, refrigerator these things really all want? 吴泡泡:桌椅,板凳,本架,道具,包括空调,冰柜这些东西真的全都要吗? Jiang Qi:? 江祺:? My goodness, the air conditioning and refrigerator, this is really the timely rain. 好家伙,还有空调和冰柜,这真是及时雨啊。 Hsintien 2nd floor hit the innumerable room partitions to separate several rooms, original cafe all beforehand things included several high efficiencies the cabinet machines, on afk air conditioning are made by the boss, Jiang Qi did to be easy to buy preparation of a number of new air conditioning. 新店二楼打了无数隔断隔出了数个房间,原咖啡馆所有之前的物件包括数台大功率的柜机,挂机空调都被老板弄走了,江祺都做好买一批新空调的准备了。 Jiang Qi decides to ascertain. 江祺决定问清楚。 Jiang Qi: How many do these things probably become new? 江祺:这些东西大概都几成新? Wu Paopao: 90% new, my shop opens in May of this year, all things are brand-new, air conditioning refrigerator anything within the warranty period, all documentary evidences I am remaining well. 吴泡泡:90%新,我店今年5月份开的,所有东西都是全新的,空调冰柜什么的都在保修期之内,所有的单据我都留好。 Wu Paopao: Boss river you, if all wants, I can ultra call the contracting cost you lowly!!! 吴泡泡:江老板你如果全要的话,我可以给你个超低打包价!!! Looks is the opening a shop novice. 一看就是个开店新手。 Like Jiang Bing this opening a shop expert, the thing in shop basically is in the secondary market washes, at the beginning of opens a shop to close the shop prepared. 江冰这种开店老手,店里的东西基本上都是二手市场上淘来的,开店之初就为关店做好了充分的准备。 Jiang Qi: You first make the approximate picture to me, then issues me the application, waits to be late I to go to your shop to look directly. 江祺:你先拍大致照片给我,再把本单发给我,等晚点我直接去你店里看。 Wu Paopao: Good Boss river, waits for your presence momentarily! 吴泡泡:好的江老板,随时等候您的光临! Wu dream estimated that now in shop, quick gives the scene picture that Jiang Qi sent in came out freshly, the purchase records of various types of big-ticket items and maintained the list and application. 吴梦估计现在就在店里,很快就给江祺发来了新鲜出炉的现场照片,各种大件的购买记录和保修单以及本单。 Wu dream has not lied, the thing in her shop is very indeed new, placing in the second-hand trading market is the goods in great demand, the premise can sell absolutely. 吴梦没有撒谎,她店里的东西的确很新,放在二手交易市场上绝对是抢手货,前提是能卖得出去。 But the application of her shop be only application of part in Jiang Qi shop is the superposition, that batch of books that the Starry River Scenario Club application actually rare and beautiful flowers, Jiang Bing buy very much at first all are two handbooks, but is precisely very cheap two handbooks. 而她店的本单只有一部分和江祺店里的本单是重合的,星河剧本社的本单其实很奇葩,江冰最初买的那一批本全都是二手本,而且是非常便宜的二手本。 Because of small advantage, therefore is the initial capitals, new this does not have. 因为便宜,所以都是老本,新本一个没有。 Jiang Qi ran a exhibition, bought one pile to discount horror script to come back, new this few, mostly could not sell to do the initial capital of promotion. 江祺跑了一趟展会,买了一堆打折恐怖本回来,新本也没几个,大多都是卖不出去搞促销活动的老本。 This also causes the Starry River Scenario Club application, at first sight comes up to seem like for one more than one year not to buy the new itself/Ben, has struggled the pitiful shop owner in bankruptcy online. 这也就导致星河剧本社的本单,乍看上去很像是一家一年多没有买过新本,一直挣扎在倒闭线上的可怜店家。 [ Such as dream] although the shop must go out of business, but it opens enough late, this year the new basically follows to buy, moreover is brand-new, even has not opened( if has opened a shop will not go out of business), therefore this quality is quite actually good. [如梦]的店虽然要倒闭了,但它开得够晚,今年新出的本基本上都跟风买了,而且都是全新的,甚至没怎么开过(要是开过店也不会倒闭了),所以本的质量其实相当不错。 After confirming[ such as dream] has the clear goods the quality, Jiang Qi draws Jiang Bing to go directly[ such as dream] examines merchandise on the spot. 在确认完[如梦]出清物品的质量后,江祺直接拉着江冰去[如梦]实地看货。 Taking Jiang Bing is mainly because she has the experience of naughty goods. 带上江冰主要是因为她有淘货的经验。 Jiang Bing opened upside-down so many shops, bought so many second-hand furniture in the secondary market, experienced quite deeply regarding the quality of appraisal second-hand commodity. 江冰开倒了这么多家店,在二手市场上买了那么多二手家具,对于鉴定二手商品的质量可谓经验颇深。 After one hour, Jiang Bing appraised. 一个小时后,江冰鉴定完了。 The appraisal result is: Buy! 鉴定结果是:买! This type first time opens a shop the bankruptcy moe the new shop owner to only happen by happy circumstance simply, entire shop with brand-new is the same, just like a buried treasure. 这种第一次开店倒闭的萌新店家简直是可遇不可求,整家店跟全新的一样,宛如一个宝藏。 Can buy, that needs to discuss the price. 可以买,那就需要谈价钱了。 [ Such as dream] opens standard the shop in the building of residence, the house is a three-bedroom apartment, therefore three book size rooms, three sets of furniture, three on-hook air conditioning, an ordinary power cabinet machine that places the living room, one set of sofa, a big refrigerator and several clothing. [如梦]是开在居民楼里标准的小店,房子是三室一厅的,所以有三个开本房间,也就有三套桌椅,三个挂机空调,一个放在客厅的普通功率柜机,一套沙发,一个大冰柜和数套服装。 Were many, 78 different package, 3 city limited do not have exclusive. 本不少,78个不同的盒装,三个城限没有独家 Two handbook packs sell basically are 2001 books, city limited look at the quality, hot city limited expensive/noble, had not heard cuts fifty-fifty is buys at a high price. 二手本打包卖基本上都是200一本,城限看质量,火的城限贵点,没听说过的对半砍都算是高价收购。 These thing Jiang Qi estimated a price sketchily, places in the secondary market the pressure on keep prices down almost about 2 w, the qualification accounted for more than 50%, regardless of household furniture these things buy price expensive/noble, placing in the second-hand junction market is the white vegetable price. 这些东西江祺粗略地估算了一下价格,放在二手市场上压压价差不多2w左右,其中本钱就占了一半以上,桌椅板凳这些东西无论买的时候价格有多贵,放在二手交市场上就是白菜价。 I feel good.” In look that in Wu dream anticipates, Jiang Qi said the words that she most wants to hear, can all want except for redundant package this me, hit the contracting cost.” “我觉得不错。”在吴梦期待的眼神中,江祺说出了她最想听到的话,“除了重复的盒装本我可以全要,给个打包价吧。” Wu dream felt, since this simply is she has opened a shop has heard the best news. 吴梦觉得,这简直是她开店以来听到过的最好的消息。 Yesterday also thinks oneself started an undertaking to complete wipe-out, never expected that turns over to a point today. 昨天还以为自己创业要血本无归了,没想到今天就归了一点。 Wu dream unified these days to inquire purchase price that thinks, offer: 1.5 w!” 吴梦结合自己这些天打听到的收购价格,想了想,报价:“1.5w!” Jiang Qi Jiang Bing:? 江祺江冰:? Wu dream thinks own price report was high, said hastily: My these things are very new. You read here itself/Ben, many I open have not opened, has not opened one time, is brand-new.” 吴梦以为自己价格报高了,连忙道:“我这些东西真的都很新。你看这里的本,有好多本我拆都没有拆,一次都没有开过,都是全新的。” You, if thought that the price is a little high, 1.3 w.” Wu dream whole face is disturbed. “你们要是觉得价格还是有点高的话,1.3w也可以。”吴梦满脸忐忑。 Jiang Qi and Jiang Bing look at each other one, they read out from the look of opposite party, they know why Wu dream shop can be the 1st bankruptcy. 江祺江冰对视一眼,他们都从对方的眼神中读出了,他们知道为什么吴梦的店会是第一个倒闭的了。 15,000.” Jiang Qi said, did not attend to Jiang Bing you are silly, has the look that the small advantage did not gain to continue saying that was me probably needs Boss Wu you to help my one slightly busy.” “1.5万可以的。”江祺道,不顾江冰你是不是傻了,有便宜不赚的眼神继续道,“就是我这边可能需要吴老板你帮我一个小忙。” Needs you to give to Boss river these things? Without the issue, when you want me to help you order goods spill, the rent of my shop was the 20 th of this month expires.” Wu dream positive said/tunnel. “是需要把这些东西给江老板你送过去嘛?没有问题的,你什么时候要我帮你叫货拉拉,我这个店铺的租金是这个月20号到期。”吴梦积极地道。 Wasn't this small busy, yesterday's article Boss Wu you sees?” “不是这个小忙,昨天的文章吴老板你看到了吗?” Article?” Wu Mengzi announced after own shop bankruptcy transfer, has not paid attention to the matter that both sides have moved again, how the brain should the thing that these cannot sell the shop in sell the turning point blood. “文章?”吴梦自宣布自家店倒闭转让之后,就再也没有关注过双方活动的事情,满脑子都是该怎么把店里这些卖不出去的东西卖出去回点血。 I forward to you.” “我转给你。” After five minutes . 五分钟后。 Utter nonsense! Person who which brain has the issue idles is all right to do, ate to the full supporting writes this article!” Wu dream was angry. “一派胡言!哪个脑子有问题的人闲得没事干,吃饱了撑的写这篇文章啊!”吴梦愤怒了。 If before today, she saw this article may feel no, after all she and Jiang Qi have no relations, but is now different. 如果是在今天之前,她看到这篇文章可能会觉得没什么,毕竟她和江祺没有任何关系,但是现在不同了。 Now Jiang Qi is her donor father! 现在江祺是她的金主爸爸! Saves the benefactor of her wallet! 是救她钱包的恩人! Is the angel! 是天使! Is, in inciting relations between her and donor fathers? 是谁,在挑唆她和金主爸爸之间的关系? Is who is spreading rumors and causing trouble! 是谁在造谣生事! Is who wants her source of income?! 是谁想要断她财路?! Boss river you do not care about this article to talk nonsense, this article and my relations do not have, I do not know this matter. My shop bankruptcy is completely my issue, is completely because I the shop open in broken community that in this no one comes, will be I incurred full-time dm of two not book sizes, will be I do not have money Jiao not to have the next quarter house rent.” “江老板你别在乎这文章里瞎说的,这文章和我一点关系都没有,我根本就不知道这件事情。我店铺倒闭完全是我的问题,完全是因为我把店开在这没人来的破小区里,是我招了两个根本就不会开本的全职dm,是我没钱交不起下一季度的房租。” Let alone east the house rent, I looked for an apartment used both hard and soft tactics for a long time, tried every means to persuade to let his also my half of deposit, I the property fee/spent could not hand over this month. I owed the property property to spend for more than ten days!” Wu dream opens the mouth sold itself a cleanness. “别说房租了,要不是我找房东软磨硬泡了好久,好说歹说让他还我一半押金,我连这个月物业费都交不起。我都欠物业物业费十几天了!”吴梦张口就把自己卖了个干净。 Jiang Bing started to sympathize with Wu dream. 江冰都开始同情吴梦了。 This does business the person who she who can does is also defeated may be really rarely seen. 这做生意能做的比她还失败的人可真不多见。 Some people slander Boss river with the matter that I go out of business absolutely intentionally you, Boss river you could rest assured that I help you clarify now! In this/Ben crowd in my shop the good and evil also more than 200 people, I help you release the clear statement in the group now.” Wu dream was saying pulls out the cell phone to edit the explanation. “绝对是有人拿我倒闭的这个事情故意污蔑江老板你,江老板你放心,我现在就帮你澄清!我店里的约本群里好歹也有200多人,我现在就在群里帮你发澄清声明。”吴梦说着就掏出手机要编辑说明。 „It is not anxious, you have a look at this again.” Jiang Qi forwards to Wu dream the short video. “不急,你再看看这个。”江祺把短视频转给吴梦。 Wu dream looked that the short video face was black. 吴梦看完短视频脸都黑了。 I thought that this should some people aim at me intentionally, wants to go out of business this matter to slander me taking advantage of your shop. Although these are the things of irrelevanting, but the heat degree of this video you also saw, is high somewhat strangely.” “我觉得这应该是有人故意在针对我,想借你店倒闭这件事污蔑我。虽然这些都是无关痛痒的东西,但这个视频的热度你也看见了,高得有些离奇。” Who about is possibly makes the video to write an article to slander my matter, do you take shape?” “关于是谁可能做视频写文章污蔑我的这件事情,你有头绪吗?” Definitely is Boss Zhen!” Wu dream blurted out. “肯定是甄老板!”吴梦脱口而出。 Several days ago he looked for in our business competition group to report the news saying that he thinks the means stayed in a brothel overnight the surface stably, this definitely was the solution that he tried to find!” The Wu dream categorical said/tunnel, more wants more to think that own mentality is right, certainly is he, this competition is he does.” “好几天前他就找我们那个商家比赛群里发消息说他会想到办法稳定住局面,这肯定就是他想的办法!”吴梦斩钉截铁地道,越想越觉得自己的思路是对的,“一定是他,这个比赛就是他搞出来的。” I do not want to participate from the beginning, wants to make the shop go out of business directly. Was Boss Zhen contacts with me saying that on own initiative this was an opportunity, conducting the activity can the drainage, perhaps the shop have the hope of bringing back to life. He also deceived my 200 dollars, when anything moves the propaganda funds, I am thinking at that time the shop rented in any case expired on 20 th of this month, participates to move hopefully perhaps.” “我一开始都不想参赛,想直接让店倒闭的。是甄老板主动联系我说这是一个机会,搞活动可以引流,没准店铺还有起死回生的希望。他还骗了我200块钱当什么活动宣传经费,我当时想着反正店租这个月20号才到期,参加一下活动没准还有希望呢。” I was really am been miserable by his pit, this sold 781 person also a little profits, participated in this what broken to move a 29 9 itself/Ben, the one cent has not resulted to gain, does my month property fee/spent unable to hand over.” Wu Mengyue said more is angry, I also asked the boss who in shop several other cannot support quickly, their situations are similar to me, was flickered by that honeyed words surnamed Zhen, now regrets.” “我真是被他坑惨了,原本一个本卖78一个人还有点赚头,参加这个什么破活动29块九一个本,一分钱都没得赚,搞得我这个月物业费都交不起。”吴梦越说越生气,“我还问了其他几个也快撑不下去的店铺的老板,他们的情况都跟我差不多,都是被那个姓甄的花言巧语忽悠来的,现在都后悔死了。” Jiang Qi eye one bright. 江祺眼睛一亮。 „Do your activities have the shop owner who other want to go out of business?” “你们这个活动还有其它想倒闭的店家?” Has, I announced couple days ago does not participate in the competition shop transfer time, several shop bosses report the news to comfort me, said that they have almost similar idea.” Wu dream nods. “有啊,我前几天宣布不参加比赛店铺转让的时候,有好几个店老板都发消息安慰我,说他们有差不多类似的想法。”吴梦点头。 If actually they want to transfer, similar not redundant itself/Ben, the air conditioning, the refrigerator, the furniture, the clothing, item these things I can one and accept.” “其实如果他们想要转让的话,类似的不重复的本,空调,冰柜,桌椅,服装,道具这些东西我可以一并接受。” Boss Wu you possibly does not know, I prepare to open a Hsintien before January again. The area of Hsintien is very big, two add almost to have 400 draws, although I cannot guarantee the blanket acceptance, but at least can receive very big one batch.” “吴老板你可能不知道,我准备在1月份之前再开一家新店。新店的面积很大,两层加起来差不多有400平,虽然我不能保证全部接收,但至少能接收很大一批。” Wu dream:! 吴梦:! I contact with them now!” “我现在就联系他们!” That clear matter......” “那澄清的事情……” Boss river you felt relieved!” Wu dream is striking one's chest to guarantee on the difference, this matter gives us!” “江老板你放心!”吴梦就差拍着胸脯保证了,“这件事情交给我们!” We will certainly not make your prestige be damaged!” “我们一定不会让您的声誉受损的!” Jiang Qi showed the satisfactory smile. 江祺露出了满意的笑容。 That today first this, the thing first places you, waited for after a period of time the preliminary repair of my shop similar I again to take. How...... do I first give you as for the advance payment 2000 advance payment?” “那今天就先这样吧,东西先放在你这边,等过段时间我店铺的初步装修差不多了我再让人过来拿。至于定金……我先给你2000的定金如何?” Good Boss river, Boss river walks slowly, Boss river was careful, that side has a stair!” “好的江老板,江老板慢走啊,江老板小心,那边有个台阶!” Off topic 题外话 In the evening played detective script...... 晚上去玩了个推理本…… Plays this injures someone! 玩本害人呐!
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