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#2046: Day billows mountain Son of God! I also this/should earnest

Chapter 2046 day billows mountain Son of God! My also this/should earnest point! The blood Kun sword leaves! 第2046章天澜山圣子!我也该认真一点了!血鲲战刀出! „Can you also enter the cinders ore star?” The people stare slightly, never expected that Wang Teng makes such decision suddenly. “你还要进入烬矿星球?”众人微微一愣,没想到王腾突然做出这样的决定。 Good, now understands the best time of that three big regiment, not fault-tolerant.” Wang Teng said: „The information that we know is more detailed, then more is then favorable for us.” “不错,如今正是了解那三大军团的最佳时机,不容错过。”王腾道:“我们知道的情报越详细,接下来对我们便越有利。” Good that the Wang Teng brother said.” The day billows star latitude nods said: Knows oneself and other side, can be ever-victorious.” 王腾兄说的不错。”天澜星纬颔首道:“知己知彼,方能百战百胜。” Now we know about that three big regiment too few, does not know that they sent the powerhouse of what rank to come, if did not clarify, might have the big problem.” “如今我们对那三大军团了解太少,不知道它们都派遣了什么级别的强者前来,如果不弄清楚,很可能会出大问题。” Such being the case, you then go.” “既然如此,那你便去吧。” Several immortal levels exist to nod, agreed. 几个不朽级存在点了点头,同意了下来。 Should better probably have an immortal level to exist to follow, assures your security.” The immortal level of that named night/lodge city has serious saying. “不过最好要有一个不朽级存在跟着,保证你的安全。”那位名为宿城的不朽级存在严肃的说道。 These immortal levels exist quite take seriously Wang Teng now actually, does not hope that he has any problem. 这些不朽级存在如今倒是颇为重视王腾,不希望他出任何问题。 Immortal level existed was extremely striking, again good that even if senior restrained, feared that was is still very difficult to hide the truth from the Demon Venerable level of that deep god clan to exist.” Wang Teng is a little surprised, but shakes the head, said: Is I am on the contrary more convenient, my law of hidden has also seen, to me should a little confidence?” “不朽级存在太过醒目了,即便诸位前辈收敛的再好,怕是也很难瞒得过那冥神族的魔尊级存在。”王腾有点意外,但还是摇了摇头,说道:“反倒是我一个人更方便一些,我的隐藏之法诸位也已经见过,对我应该有一点信心吧?” This......” several immortal levels existed looked at each other one. “这……”几位不朽级存在不禁对视了一眼。 This, the time does not wait for the person, fast returns at once.” The three clan immortal levels of that greatly bountiful empire exist to say. “就这样吧,时间不等人,速去速回。”那位大饶帝国的三眼族不朽级存在道。 Un.” “嗯。” Wang Teng nods, again rubbish, is hiding the figure, touches directly quietly toward the cinders ore star of distant place. 王腾点了点头,没有再废话,隐藏着身形,直接朝着远处的烬矿星球悄悄摸去。 The day billows star latitude gazes at void of front nobody left, the vision is glittering slightly, does not know that is thinking anything. 天澜星纬注视着前方空无一人的虚空,目光微微闪烁,不知道在想什么。 Son of God!” “圣子!” night/lodge city looks suddenly to the day billows star latitude, said: How do you see to this Wang Teng?” 宿城突然看向天澜星纬,说道:“你对这王腾怎么看?” The immortal level of that three clan exists with the immortal level female of yellow long hair, looked to the day of billows star latitude. 那三眼族的不朽级存在与黄色长发的不朽级女子,也是纷纷看向了天澜星纬。 Day billows star latitude silent, suddenly said: Is a very formidable opponent.” 天澜星纬沉默了一下,突然说道:“是一个很可怕的对手啊。” Three immortal levels exist all stare. 三位不朽级存在皆是一愣。 They have not thought, actually will say so the words from the Son of God mouth of this day billows mountain. 他们都没有想到,竟然会从这位天澜山的圣子口中说出如此话语。 Has he attaching great importance to that Wang Teng gone to so the situation unexpectedly? 他对那王腾的重视竟然已经达到了如此地步吗? What kind of talent three immortal levels have this day billows mountain Son of God to have much clearly at present, in entire day billows area young one generation, he can say that shows disdain for outstanding heroes existence. 三位不朽级存在很清楚眼前这位天澜山圣子有着怎样的天赋,在整个天澜疆域年轻一辈当中,他可以说就是傲视群雄般的存在。 Even if in the middle of the entire universe, he is also the extremely top talent. 甚至哪怕是在整个宇宙当中,他也是极为顶尖的天才。 The old ancestor on day billows mountain had once said that the day billows star latitude be likely to be on par with historically the peak Heaven's Chosen. 天澜山上的老祖曾说过,天澜星纬有望与历史上最顶尖的天骄比肩。 Now this Son of God's appraisal such high to that Wang Teng, explains in unexpectedly his heart, feared that had regarded an extremely terrifying opponent that Wang Teng. 如今这位圣子对那位王腾的评价居然如此之高,说明他的心中,怕是已经将那王腾当成了一个极为恐怖的对手。 „Can Son of God have the confidence to deal?” The immortal level female of that yellow long hair hesitated, asked. “圣子可有信心应对?”那位黄色长发的不朽级女子迟疑了一下,问道。 Does not have the confidence.” On the day billows star latitude face shows a happy expression, light saying. “没有信心。”天澜星纬脸上露出一丝笑意,淡淡的说道。 Three immortal levels exist stare again, without the confidence, coming out that you also do smile? 三位不朽级存在再度一愣,没有信心,那你还笑的出来? They somewhat could not master the idea of this Son of God. 他们有些搞不懂这位圣子的想法了。 „Isn't this more interesting?” The day billows star latitude is looking at void of distant place, said with a laugh. “这样才更有意思不是吗?”天澜星纬望着远方的虚空,笑呵呵道。 Three immortal levels exist to look at each other in blank dismay, smiled bitterly. 三位不朽级存在面面相觑,不由的苦笑了起来。 It seems like this Son of God really treated as the opponent that Wang Teng. 看来这位圣子是真的将那王腾当做对手了。 Several people no longer talk too much, the vision fell above the cinders ore star of distant place, the silent waiting, was only in their hearts is unassuageable, the entire heart as if has followed Wang Teng to enter the cinders ore star. 几人不再多言,目光都是落在了远处的烬矿星球之上,默然的等待起来,只是他们的心中都难以平静,整颗心仿佛已经跟随着王腾进入了烬矿星球。 Also does not know that what result he will bring back to? 也不知他会带回什么样的结果? ...... …… Wang Teng does not know three immortal level and conversation of day billows star latitude, cannot think that the day of billows star latitude has the so special status unexpectedly. 王腾并不知道三位不朽级与天澜星纬的交谈,更想不到天澜星纬竟有着如此特殊的身份。 Son of God of day billows mountain! 天澜山的圣子! Even exists from that three immortal level to his attitude is not difficult to see, they had treated as same rank existence it. 甚至从那三位不朽级存在对他的态度不难看出,他们已是将其当做了同级别般的存在。 Obviously on this day Son of God of billows mountain is not low in the day billows area position real number. 可见这天澜山的圣子在天澜疆域地位实数不低。 Wang Teng touched the cinders ore star quietly, immediately then saw above below land the terrifying war that erupted. 王腾悄然摸进了烬矿星球,当即便看到下方大地之上正在爆发的恐怖大战。 Three big dark regiments toward belittled the regiment to launch the impact black. 三大黑暗军团向着黑蔑军团发起了冲击。 But belittles the regiment not to sit waiting for death black, under organization that in the blood god clone, immediately opens Belittles to kill black! 而黑蔑军团也没有坐以待毙,在血神分身的组织下,立刻开启了【黑蔑杀阵】! The black fog rolls, terrifying array in all belittles among the army soldiers to reappear black, covers three big regiment all Dark Species. 黑雾滚动间,一座恐怖的阵法于所有黑蔑军战士当中浮现而出,将三大军团所有的黑暗种笼罩。 Kill! 杀! The meaning of fearful slaughtering fills in the world, as if made this cinders ore star change to slaughtering places. 可怕的杀戮之意弥漫天地之间,仿佛让这颗烬矿星球都化作了一片杀戮之地。 Dark Species of three big regiments have not expected belittles the regiment to be prepared black early, they congeal to kill a speed to be quick, to is almost several breath has then completed quickly, the tacit understanding of coordination, not under three big regiment beforehand making a move. 三大军团的黑暗种也没有料到黑蔑军团早有准备,它们凝结杀阵的速度非常快,快到几乎是几个呼吸便已经完成,配合之默契,丝毫不下于三大军团之前的出手。 Obviously, both sides had expected that attended the meeting such. 很显然,双方都是早就预料到会有这么一出。 Belittles to kill black!” “黑蔑杀阵!” Saa Houdusse and dark scale cockroach is the complexion changes, this belittles the regiment black Belittles to kill black The prestige they have naturally also heard, can form array at the strength of entire regiment is very difficult matter, needs to train the tacit understanding for a long time, and trains, may achieve. 撒乌迪斯与暗鳞蠊俱是面色微变,这黑蔑军团【黑蔑杀阵】的威名它们自然也听说过,能够以整个军团的力量组建一座阵法是很困难的事情,需要长时间培养默契,并加以训练,才有可能做到。 Let alone this is array of meaning of implication slaughtering, is rare and rare. 何况这还是一座蕴含杀戮之意的阵法,更是难得与罕见。 Even if their black flame regiments and dark scale regiments, is unable to comprehend the meaning of slaughtering, is composes one type to be their army at most. 哪怕是它们的黑炎军团和暗鳞军团,都无法领悟出杀戮之意,顶多就是组成一种属于它们的军阵。 Although is also very powerful, but with Belittles to kill black Compares, slightly obviously was ordinary. 虽然也很强大,但与【黑蔑杀阵】比起来,就稍显普通了。 If independent combat, to be honest even they thought that does not have the odds of success of least bit. 如果单打独斗,说实话连它们自己都觉得没有半点的胜算。 But now they are three big regiment joint efforts! 但现在它们是三大军团合力啊! How does he dare? 他怎么敢的? At this time when scatters Houdusse and dark scale cockroach looks to front blood god clone, in the heart raised an absurd feeling. 此时撒乌迪斯和暗鳞蠊望向面前的血神分身时,心中不由的升起了一种荒唐之感。 As if this fellow had expected that they will collaborate! 仿佛这个家伙早就预料到它们会联手! Also has prepared hard anti-, the meaning of slightly not having flinched. 也早就做好了硬抗的准备,丝毫没有退缩的意思。 He did not fear that belittles the regiment to fall into the perdition black? 他难道就不怕黑蔑军团会陷入万劫不复之地吗? Facing three big regiments, the energy where he does come? 面对三大军团,他哪里来的底气? They cannot think through, is unable to understand the idea that the blood god clone, only thought this person seems like some crazily...... 它们想不通,也根本无法理解血神分身的想法,只觉得此人似乎有些……疯狂。 Snort!” “哼!” Saa Houdusse not to acknowledge oneself underestimated the opposite party, cold snort/hum, said with a smile ferociously: Blood certainly, you belittle the regiment to be suppressed today black, you think that wants to overturn by your strength?” 撒乌迪斯并不想承认自己低估了对方,冷哼一声,狞笑道:“血绝,今日你黑蔑军团必被镇压,你以为凭借你一人之力就想翻盘吗?” How does not try not to know good, your three big regiments seem like also no more than so, I suppress you backhandedly.” The blood god clone to say with a smile lightly. “不试试怎知道不行,你们三大军团看起来也不过如此,我反手镇压你们。”血神分身淡淡笑道。 Extremely arrogant!” The dark scale cockroach drinks greatly. “狂妄!”暗鳞蠊大喝。 Bang! Bang! 轰!轰! Next quarter, both sides the flowing light is the collision in one. 下一刻,双方所化的流光便已是碰撞在了一起。 Blood god clone alone war two ten thousand Huangbang powerhouse! 血神分身独战两头万皇榜强者! The microcosm empty shadow that two high-rank demon sovereign level Dark Species erupt covered the trim sky, clone to suppress toward the blood god under. 两头上位魔皇级黑暗种爆发的小世界虚影笼罩了整片天空,朝着血神分身镇压而下。 Bang! 轰隆! The blood god clone to refuse to admit being inferior, its back piece of endless bloodshed appears suddenly, the bloodshed tumbles, the hundred zhang (333 m) thousand zhang (3.33 m) high blood-color ocean waves shoot up to the sky. 血神分身不甘示弱,其背后一片无尽血海骤然浮现,血海翻滚,百丈千丈之高的血色海浪冲天而起。 In the middle of that bloodshed, the innumerable phenomenon appear. 在那血海当中,无数异象浮现。 The fierce combat, blood bat in groups, the blood viper jumps into the sea, blood crow across the sky, beast tide limitless...... 刀光剑影,血蝠成群,血蝰蹈海,血鸦横空,兽潮无边无际…… The blood camphor tree is against the wind long, changes to a blood red heaven big tree in the bloodshed, the innumerable vines sweep away...... 血樟树迎风而长,在血海中化作一株血红色的苍天大树,无数藤蔓横扫…… Has the blood wind to wreak havoc, like the most fearful disaster...... 更有血风肆虐,如同最可怕的天灾…… Meanwhile, but also has many strange mysterious rune/symbol writing to reappear above the vault of heaven, just like the mark of the world, above brand mark. 与此同时,还有着诸多奇异玄奥的符文于天穹之上浮现,宛如天地之纹,烙印其上。 These rune/symbol writing somewhat present for the blood red color, some present for the color of darkness, is glittering the strange ray, sends out the strength of extremely terrifying source principle. 那些符文有些呈现为血红之色,有些则是呈现为黑暗之色,闪烁着奇异的光芒,散发出极为恐怖的本源法则之力。 Bang! 轰! The next quarter, this domain, then directly collided with that two microcosm empty shades in one. 下一刻,这一座领域,便直接与那两座小世界虚影碰撞在了一起。 The fierce bellow also resounds. 剧烈的轰鸣声随之响起。 The sky vibrated, the collision locates fissures to reappear, toward spreads to open in all directions, the strength of endless space from fills the air. 天空都为之震动了起来,碰撞处一道道裂痕浮现,朝着四面八方蔓延而开,无尽的空间之力从其中弥漫而出。 The fearful Source Power fluctuation sweeps away in all directions, making many Dark Species unable to bear draw back, in the eye reveals the panic-stricken meaning. 可怕的原力波动横扫四面八方,让许多黑暗种忍不住退开,眼中露出惊骇之意。 The battles of these three commanders, are in so the situation unexpectedly terrifyingly. 这三位统帅的交战,竟然恐怖到这般地步。 Simultaneously Dark Species of that three big regiment looks to the vision that the blood god clone, again changes. 同时那三大军团的黑暗种望向血神分身的目光,也是再度一变。 This does belittle the command of regiment black so powerful really? 这个黑蔑军团的统帅真的如此强大吗? By the mid-rank demon sovereign level peak boundary, blocked the attacks of two high-rank demon sovereign level commanders unexpectedly forcefully, and has not fallen evidently leeward. 凭借中位魔皇级巅峰境界,竟然硬生生挡住了两位上位魔皇级统帅的攻击,而且看样子并没有落入下风。 Belittles Dark Species of regiment black is the heart inspires, their commands are so powerful, they also does what fearing have? 黑蔑军团的黑暗种则是心头纷纷一振,他们的统帅如此强大,它们又何惧之有? Kills!” “杀!” Kills!” “杀!” Kills!” “杀!” ...... …… Intermittent war cry resounds through in void, black the dark soldiers who all belittle the army fell into crazy slaughtering. 一阵阵喊杀声在虚空中响彻,所有黑蔑军的黑暗战士都陷入了疯狂的杀戮之中。 This is their unique elements. 这是它们的特殊之处。 Belittles the regiment itself/Ben by slaughtering black is celebrated worldwide, even if the black flame regiment, the dark scale regiment, is unable in comparison. 黑蔑军团本就是以杀戮著称于世,哪怕是黑炎军团,暗鳞军团,都无法与其相比。 Therefore Dark Species of two big regiments facing so fearful slaughtering imposing manner, unexpectedly was blown. 因此两大军团的黑暗种面对这般可怕的杀戮气势,竟不由的被镇住了。 Bang! Bang! Bang...... 轰!轰!轰…… The terrifying bellow resounds in void immediately, all Dark Species are the crazy collision, various Source Power Fighting technique rumble, then explodes in the sky, scene extreme confusion and wild. 恐怖的轰鸣声当即在虚空之中响起,所有的黑暗种都是疯狂的碰撞起来,各种原力战技轰出,而后在天空中爆开,场面极为的混乱与狂暴。 Another side, scatters Houdusse and dark scale cockroach sees the blood god clone to block their offensive unexpectedly, in the eye reveals the unbelievable color again. 另一边,撒乌迪斯和暗鳞蠊见血神分身居然可以挡住它们的攻势,眼中再一次露出难以置信之色。 You comprehended the two strength of source principles unexpectedly!” “你居然领悟了两种本源法则之力!” Dark scale cockroach vision ice-cold looks at the blood god clone, the eyeground has the ray to flash crazily, obviously the innermost feelings are not calm. 暗鳞蠊目光冰冷的望着血神分身,眼底有着光芒在疯狂闪动,显然内心并不平静。 „The only two strength of source principles made you shocked, really has not seen the world.” The blood god clone the light sound also to transmit. “区区两种本源法则之力就令你们如此震惊,真是没见过世面啊。”血神分身平淡的声音随之传来。 „......” “……” On two Dark Species faces the muscle twitches, the innermost feelings are wild with rage. 两头黑暗种脸上肌肉抽搐,内心狂怒。 This blood has not paid attention to them certainly from the beginning, is really hateful. 这个血绝从一开始就没有将它们放在眼里,实在可恶。 Why? 凭什么? His mid-rank demon sovereign level, why does not pay attention to them. 他一个中位魔皇级,凭什么不将它们放在眼里。 How even if he is blood group Heaven's Chosen, they can become above ten thousand Huangbang powerhouse, is the talent grows to come, now is side powerful, how to accommodate a junior contempt of trivial mid-rank demon sovereign level peak. 哪怕他是血族天骄又如何,它们能够成为万皇榜之上的强者,何尝不是天才成长而来,如今更是一方强者,岂容一个区区中位魔皇级巅峰的小辈轻视。 Gives me the town/subdues! Subdue! Subdue!” “给我镇!镇!镇!” Saa Houdusse to angrily roar again and again, the microcosm empty shadow above its top of the head blooms the endless dark-red ray, as if has extremely terrifying dark-red flame burns, sweeps away the four directions. 撒乌迪斯怒吼连连,其头顶之上的小世界虚影绽放出无尽的暗红色光芒,仿佛有着极为恐怖的暗红色火焰在其中燃烧,横扫四方。 Meanwhile, the innumerable scarlet red and black rune/symbol writing in Xianhua above its microcosm empty shadow, performs to reveal the mystical, sends out the strength of fearful source principle. 与此同时,无数的赤红色与黑色符文于显化于它的小世界虚影之上,尽显神异,散发出可怕的本源法则之力。 You think, only then do you grasp the two strength of source principles?” “你以为只有你掌握两种本源法则之力吗?” Bang! 轰! As the strength of two source erupt, the microcosm empty shadow that scatters Houdusse is more terrifying, clone toward the blood god Bloodshed domain Suppression under. 随着两种本源之力爆发,撒乌迪斯的小世界虚影更为恐怖,朝着血神分身的【血海领域】镇压而下。 Bloodshed domain The instantaneous strenuous vibration, above rune/symbol writing is collapsing unexpectedly, as if must unable to support. 【血海领域】瞬间剧烈震动起来,上面的符文竟然在崩溃,仿佛要支撑不住了。 The dark scale cockroach vision flashes, gazes is scattering the two strength of source principles Houdusse erupts. 暗鳞蠊目光微闪,注视着撒乌迪斯爆发的两种本源法则之力。 The strength of Fire Attribute source principle! 火系本源法则之力! The strength of dark source principle! 黑暗本源法则之力! Saa Houdusse worthily is the powerhouse of sheep's head demon clan, has two species talents, and developed so the situation. 撒乌迪斯不愧是羊头魔族的强者,拥有两种属性天赋,并且都开发到了如此地步。 The strength of these two source principles, at least are the fourth-order levels. 这两种本源法则之力,起码都是四阶层次。 Even this has not possibly scattered Houdusse's full power. 甚至这可能还不是撒乌迪斯的全力。 Do not look at loudness that the opposite party roars, in fact cruel, it is certain the opposite party also leaves leeway the subsequent hand. 别看对方吼的那么大声,实际上阴损的很,它可以肯定对方还留有后手。 Although they cooperate with the nether world regiment, wants to swallow the cinders ore of this star, but they did not feel relieved to the nether world regiment very much, in heart as before vigilant. 它们虽然与幽冥军团合作,想要吞下这颗星球的烬矿,但它们对幽冥军团都不是很放心,心中依旧警惕。 With the split vision of corner of the eye what the dark scale cockroach shot a look at a nether world regiment is first Dark Species, discovered that the opposite party has not acted unexpectedly, is only float in void, gazes at that to belittle to kill black, all around Dark Species is not even able to approach its slightest. 暗鳞蠊用眼角的余光瞥了一眼幽冥军团的为首黑暗种,发现对方竟没有丝毫动作,只是悬浮于虚空之中,注视着那座黑蔑杀阵,四周的黑暗种甚至都无法靠近它分毫。 Damn!” “该死!” The dark scale cockroach saw this, in the heart criticized one. 暗鳞蠊看到这一幕,心中不由暗骂了一句。 But it also has no alternative. 但它也无可奈何。 The opposite party solely are not the powerhouse of nether world regiment, the strength Houdusse to be stronger than it and scatters, they simply do not have the qualifications to make the opposite party begin. 对方不单单是幽冥军团的强者,实力更是比它和撒乌迪斯更强,它们根本没有资格让对方动手。 Having them was also enough! 罢了,有它们也足够了! It deeply inspires, looked clone again to the blood god, in scattering Houdusse erupts in the situation of strength of two source principles, in addition the strength of its world, how this blood possibly can also block certainly. 它深吸了口气,再一次看向血神分身,在撒乌迪斯爆发两种本源法则之力的情况下,加上它的世界之力,这个血绝怎么可能还挡得住。 In the dark scale cockroach eye reveals the fierce meaning, own microcosm empty shadow crazy suppression under. 暗鳞蠊眼中露出狰狞之意,亦是将自身的小世界虚影疯狂镇压而下。 But two microcosm projections the strength without doubt is very terrifying, moreover this is above two ten thousand Huangbang powerhouse, they are high-rank demon sovereign level's fifth existence, is not the common high-rank demon sovereign level may compare to grasping of strength of source principle. 两座小世界投影而出的力量无疑是非常恐怖的,而且这还是两位万皇榜之上的强者,它们都是上位魔皇级第五层的存在,对本源法则之力的掌握绝非寻常上位魔皇级可比。 Bang! Bang! Bang...... 嘭!嘭!嘭…… The blood god clone Bloodshed domain Above, has rune/symbol writing to blast open to open unceasingly, in which phenomenon is exploding broken, changes to the endless blood-color ocean waves to sweep across to open, that bloodshed surges, will soon arrive just like the terrifying disaster. 血神分身的【血海领域】之上,不断有着符文炸裂而开,其中的异象更是在爆碎,化作无尽的血色海浪席卷而开,那血海翻腾,宛如恐怖的灾难即将降临。 Existence of this level fights, looks like the gods to arrive above an ordinary life star, strikes conveniently, is the unsurpassed mighty force, disaster that initiation is inconceivable sufficiently. 这个层次的存在交手,就像是神明降临在一颗普通的生命星球之上,随手一击,便是无上伟力,足以引发难以想象的天灾。 Blood certainly!” “血绝!” A rave from scattering Houdusse mouth spreads, its indifferent overlooks the blood god clone, said lightly: „Do you take to refuse to accept?” 一声狂吼从撒乌迪斯口中传出,它漠然的俯视着血神分身,淡淡说道:“你服不服?” Hehe ~ “呵呵~” Complexion that the blood god clone as before slightly invariable, even sent out a chuckle, said: You are happy too early?” 血神分身的脸色依旧丝毫不变,甚至发出了一声轻笑,说道:“你们是不是高兴的太早了?” „ Do two this thump mou order coil Wei to be handsome? “两种本捶蛑秩绾危俊? Two people with joint forces how?” “两人合力又如何?” Light words spread from his mouth, seems saying an extremely common matter. 一道道平淡的话语从他的口中传出,仿佛只是在说一件极为寻常之事。 But falls in scattering Houdusse and dark scale cockroach ear, is to make their heart anger even more exuberant, two Dark Species all are the vision ice-cold stares at the blood god clone, the anger shouted: 但落在撒乌迪斯和暗鳞蠊耳中,却是令它们心头怒火越发旺盛,两头黑暗种俱是目光冰冷至极的盯着血神分身,怒喝道: Extremely arrogant!” “狂妄!” Since is not willing to admit defeat, that do not blame us is not forgiving hand/subordinate.” “既然不愿服软,那就别怪我们手下不留情了。” Bang! Bang! 轰!轰! Finishes speaking, their microcosm empty shades are crazy suppresses to go toward , the strength of terrifying world falls in torrents from two microcosm empty shades unceasingly, that agglutinates the essence general energy just like the black silk ribbon, lets fall, shells clone in the blood god Bloodshed domain Above. 话音刚落,它们的小世界虚影便是疯狂的朝着下方镇压而去,恐怖的世界之力不断从两座小世界虚影当中倾泻而下,那凝集成实质一般的能量宛如黑色的丝绦,垂落下来,轰击在血神分身的【血海领域】之上。 !!...... 咔嚓!咔嚓!咔嚓…… The blood god clone that Bloodshed domain The edge starts to collapse unceasingly, the terrifying fissure also appears, spreads to open toward all around. 血神分身那【血海领域】的边缘开始不断崩溃,恐怖的裂痕随之浮现,朝着四周蔓延而开。 Played was similar, my also this/should earnest point that also played.” “玩也玩的差不多了,我也该认真一点了。” The blood god clone to look at that nether world regiment is Dark Species of head, suddenly tranquil saying. 血神分身看了那幽冥军团为首的黑暗种一眼,突然平静的说道。 Saa Houdusse and dark scale cockroach vision concentrates, surprised uncertain stares at the blood god clone. 撒乌迪斯和暗鳞蠊目光一凝,惊疑不定的盯着血神分身。 Played was similar? 玩的差不多了? What this fight did this fellow regard? 这家伙把这场战斗当成了什么? Unexpectedly said that is playing! 居然说是在玩! In two people of hearts is angry incomparable, immediately said with a smile ferociously: Since you want to play, we accompany you to play well.” 两人心中都是愤怒无比,当即狞笑道:“既然你想玩,我们就陪你好好的玩下去。” Good.” Blood god clone cracks into a smile, in the hand presents a giant and fierce dark-red sword suddenly, above is twining strange dark-red rune/symbol writing, just a appearance, then has air/Qi of bloody evil spirit to fill the air, making all around space shake. “好啊。”血神分身咧嘴一笑,手中骤然出现一柄巨大而狰狞的暗红色战刀,其上缠绕着奇异的暗红色符文,刚一出现,便有着一股血腥凶煞之气弥漫而出,让四周的空间为之震荡。 This is a extremely fierce blade! 这是一柄极凶恶的刀! Clang! 锵! The sword shakes void, makes the sheath sound, seems informing the world its arrival. 战刀震荡虚空,发出出鞘般的声响,似乎在告知世人它的降临。 This is......” scatters Houdusse and dark scale cockroach sees that sword, in the eye reveals a surprised color. “这是……”撒乌迪斯和暗鳞蠊看到那柄战刀,眼中不由露出一丝惊疑之色。 This sword made them feel a threat unexpectedly. 这柄战刀居然让它们感觉到了一丝威胁。 Meanwhile, what even that nether world regiment was first Dark Species looked. 与此同时,连那幽冥军团的为首黑暗种都看了过来。 Bang! 轰! The blood god clone actually to the opportunity that they responded slightly, the whole person not to change to dark-red flowing light direct impact two Dark Species to go immediately together, his body has meaning of the bloody evil spirit to fill the air, was exactly the same as the aura of that dark-red sword. 血神分身却没有给它们丝毫反应的机会,整个人顿时化作一道暗红色流光直冲两头黑暗种而去,其身上更是有着一股血腥凶煞之意弥漫而出,与那暗红色战刀的气息如出一辙。 dark-red Source Power gathers above the sword, condenses together dozens zhang (3.33 m) terrifying blade glow. 暗红色的原力在战刀之上汇聚,凝聚出一道数十丈长的恐怖刀芒。 Even above that blade glow, has dark-red flame to fill the air, its winding, then changes to above the flame trace brand mark blade glow. 甚至在那刀芒之上,更有着一股暗红色火焰弥漫而出,将其缠绕,而后化作火焰纹路烙印刀芒之上。 High-rank demon sovereign level Fighting technique- demon flame knife skill! 上位魔皇级战技-魔炎刀法! Cuts!” “斩!” Sonic boom drinks from the blood god clone mouth spreads, he has not hesitated slightly, the sword in hand cuts loudly horizontally. 一声爆喝从血神分身口中传出,他丝毫没有迟疑,手中的战刀轰然横斩而出。 Bang! 轰隆! The blade glow across the sky, one cuts from the left side, such as the dark-red bolt of white silk, as if must cut together forcefully general front two microcosm empty shades. 刀芒横空,从左侧一斩而过,如一道暗红色的匹练,仿佛要将面前的两座小世界虚影硬生生斩开一般。 Damn!” Two Dark Species want to take back two microcosm empty shades again is some without enough time, can only look that blade glow cuts to fall , the complexion all changes. “该死!”两头黑暗种再想收回两座小世界虚影已是有些来不及,只能看着那刀芒斩落而下,面色俱是微变。 Bang! Bang! 轰!轰! The blade glow then falls above two microcosm empty shades instantaneously, erupts terrifying the sound of thundering, made its strenuous vibration, fissures spread toward all around at the visible speed. 刀芒瞬间便落在两座小世界虚影之上,爆发出恐怖的轰鸣之声,令其剧烈震动起来,一道道裂痕以肉眼可见的速度朝着四周蔓延。 The blood god clone this Fighting technique no small matter, not only achieved was skilled in the rank, was high-rank demon sovereign level Fighting technique, and contained the two strength of fourth-order source principles in inside, coordinated half god level the weapon blood Kun sword, its might posed the threat to two microcosm empty shades sufficiently. 血神分身这战技非同小可,不但达到了精通级别,更是上位魔皇级战技,且还蕴含了两种四阶本源法则之力在里面,配合半神级的兵器血鲲战刀,其威力足以对两座小世界虚影造成威胁。 Saa Houdusse and dark scale cockroach complexion again crazily changes, in the heart not restrainable emerges one with amazement. 撒乌迪斯和暗鳞蠊面色再度狂变,心中不可抑制的涌现出一丝骇然。 Will Fighting technique that this blood displays certainly be so powerful? 这血绝施展的战技怎会如此强大? They can look, that should be only high-rank demon sovereign level Fighting technique, but this might somewhat was really odd. 它们看得出来,那应该只是上位魔皇级战技,但这威力着实有些离谱了。 Fourth-order Fire Attribute source principle!” “四阶火系本源法则!” Scattered Houdusse as if suddenly to discover anything, in the eye the pupil shrank, somewhat unbelievable is looking at that blade glow, lost the sound said: You also comprehended the fourth-order Fire Attribute source principle unexpectedly!” 撒乌迪斯似乎突然发现了什么,眼中瞳孔一缩,有些难以置信的望着那道刀芒,失声道:“你居然还领悟了四阶火系本源法则!” Does not blame it being shocking. 不怪它如此震惊。 The third source principle! 第三种本源法则了! This is the blood god the strength of third source principle clone to display, moreover scatters Houdusse most familiar Fire Attribute source principle. 这已经是血神分身施展的第三种本源法则之力,而且还是撒乌迪斯最熟悉的火系本源法则。 Even it, still comprehends the fifth-order level the Fire Attribute source principle, at present this blood is not the mid-rank demon sovereign level peak, unexpectedly can comprehend fourth-order the Fire Attribute source principle, simply damn. 要知道,即便是它,也不过是将火系本源法则领悟到五阶层次,眼前这血绝不过是中位魔皇级巅峰,居然可以将火系本源法则领悟到四阶,简直见鬼了。
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