AAMD :: Volume #21

#2045: Two ten thousand Huangbang powerhouse! The kings do not see the king!

Puts in an appearance, the blood is blue, black, demon Locker and other Dark Species were then shaken to draw back directly. 只是一个照面,血蓝博,黑摩特,魔罗克等黑暗种便直接被震退了出去。 Their complexion big change, in the eye reveals a color with amazement. 它们面色大变,眼中露出一丝骇然之色。 No one has thought, these two Dark Species strengths are so unexpectedly intrepid. 谁也没有想到,这两头黑暗种的实力居然如此强悍。 When facing idle fog gao, they with joint forces , is also not the extent that distressedly. 哪怕是面对惰雾藁时,它们合力之下,也不至于如此狼狈。 Saa Houdusse!” “撒乌迪斯!” It is scatters Houdusse, ten thousand Huangbang 6030 scattering Houdusse!” “它是撒乌迪斯,万皇榜6030名的撒乌迪斯!” Calls out in alarm spreads from the deputy commander Sabres mouth suddenly, as if saw what inconceivable existence, the eye stared to the pinnacle instantaneously in a big way. 一声惊呼突然从副统帅萨布尔口中传出,似乎看到了什么不可思议的存在,眼睛瞬间瞪大到极致。 Idle fog gao has also recognized this Dark Species, this moment vision is quite dignified. 惰雾藁也早已认出这头黑暗种,此刻目光颇为凝重。 Opposite party's ranking above ten thousand Huangbang compares it also to want high many. 对方在万皇榜之上的排名比它还要高不少。 Do not look at probably only high 30. 别看好像只高三十名。 But, above ten thousand Huangbang is extremely powerful high-rank demon sovereign level exists, 30 have spread out big sufficiently. 但要知道,万皇榜之上皆是极为强大的上位魔皇级存在,三十名已经足以拉开不小的距离。 Moreover the opposite party is of black the command flame regiment, they have heard the given name of opposite party- black flame demon sovereign! 而且对方还是黑炎军团的统帅,它们都听说过对方的名号-黑炎魔皇! Before had not seen the opposite party, therefore does not have first to recognize. 只是之前没有见过对方,所以才没有第一时间认出来。 Among the major regiments is far away, generally is very difficult to contact. 各大军团之间相距甚远,一般很难接触到。 Similar to...... 类似于…… The kings do not see the king! 王不见王! This is the Dark Species consensus. 这是黑暗种的共识。 Because they actually also know, once the major dark regiments bump into one, definitely will clash, the battle is unavoidable. 因为它们其实也知道,一旦各大黑暗军团碰到一处,必然会发生冲突,争斗在所难免。 In order to avoid the discovery of this situation, among the major regiments does not need, will not meet. 为了避免这种情况的发现,各大军团之间没有必要,不会相见。 But this black flame demon sovereign also before entering bright universe, just became the command of black flame regiment, reason that the reputation is big , because it then attacked and occupied the big piece star territory in the short time in the bright universe, is meritorious, prestige illustrious. 而这黑炎魔皇也是在进入光明宇宙之前,刚刚成为黑炎军团的统帅,之所以名头不小,是因为它在短短时间内便在光明宇宙攻占了大片星域,功勋卓著,威名赫赫。 However what in the eye of idle fog gao are more is a meaning unclear look, no one knows that it is thinking anything. 不过惰雾藁的眼中更多的是一种意味不明的眼神,无人知道它在想什么。 Jie Jie Jie...... looks like my reputation to be big.” “桀桀桀……看来我的名头还不小。” That sheep's head demon clan Dark Species scatters Houdusse to see the people to recognize him, immediately smiled fiercely. 那羊头魔族黑暗种撒乌迪斯见众人将其认出,顿时又狰狞的笑了起来。 In the laughter, it has rushed to the blood god clone front hundred meters places, the meaning of slightly not having given up, was a fist bang clone to the blood god directly. 笑声中,它已冲到血神分身前方百米之处,丝毫没有罢手的意思,直接又是一拳轰向了血神分身。 Today, they must suppress this to belittle the regiment surely black. 今日,它们必定要镇压这黑蔑军团。 How many can a cinders ore of cinders ore star have? 一颗烬矿星球的烬矿能有多少? Insufficient minute/share. 不够分啊。 Therefore can only belittle the regiment to kick to be eliminated this black, who makes it seem like best bully. 所以只能把这黑蔑军团踢出局了,谁让它看起来最好欺负呢。 If before, idle fog gao holds the post of the command, they will perhaps also dread 12, now a junior of mid-rank demon sovereign level peak holds the post belittles the army to command black, what can they also dread? 如果是以前,惰雾藁担任统帅,它们没准还会忌惮一二,如今一个中位魔皇级巅峰的小辈担任黑蔑军统帅,它们还需忌惮什么? Gives me the town/subdues.” “给我镇。” Saa Houdusse one to grin fiendishly, condenses, but scarlet black fist seal pounds to fall loudly under. 撒乌迪斯一声狞笑,凝聚而出的赤黑色拳印轰然砸落而下。 Blood!” “血子!” Command!” “统帅!” Belittles a regiment numerous Dark Species complexion to be ugly black, aids radically without enough time, is incapable of aiding, the blood is just now blue, black Moroccan special-grade Dark Species can resist is the limit, now also can only look helplessly the opposite party direct impact blood god clone to go. 黑蔑军团一众黑暗种面色难看至极,根本来不及援手,也无力援手,方才血蓝博,黑摩特等黑暗种能够抵挡一下便已是极限,如今也只能眼睁睁看着对方直冲血神分身而去。 Moreover all these are happen in a flash, from such near, coming how can respond. 而且这一切不过是发生在转瞬之间,距离如此之近,如何能够反应的过来。 Bang! 轰! Scattered Houdusse's fist seal to tear all around air, making the space collapse, presents fissures, it may be said that was the terrifying. 撒乌迪斯的拳印撕裂开了四周的空气,让空间崩溃,出现一道道裂痕,可谓是恐怖至极。 The intense fresh breeze sweeps across, blows the clothing that the blood god clone flap flap makes noise, a blood red long hair at in the air recklessly dance. 强烈的劲风席卷而出,将血神分身的衣物吹得猎猎作响,一头血红色长发都是在空中肆意狂舞了起来。 The blood god clone to raise the head slowly, vision tranquil looking to scattering Houdusse, the corners of the mouth exuded a smile suddenly. 血神分身缓缓抬起头,目光平静的望向撒乌迪斯,嘴角突然泛起了一丝笑容。 That is the smile that...... the sinister plot works. 那是……奸计得逞的笑容。 Saa Houdusse actually to stare slightly. 撒乌迪斯却是微微一愣。 Can this fellow also smile? 这家伙还笑得出来? Should not be scared. 该不会是吓傻了吧。 In the time of its god, the blood god clone to move finally, he did not have the unnecessary movement, but lifted the hand, a fist rumbled. 就在它愣神的功夫,血神分身终于动了,他没有多余的动作,只是抬起了手,一拳轰出。 little to become, great demon fist! 小成,巨魔拳! The domain of strength, melting the boundary fifth-order! 力之领域,融境五阶! Bang! 轰! In an instant, terrifying dark colored fist seal erupts together, above is condensing the strange trace, sends out the terrifying the strength. 刹那间,一道恐怖的暗黑色拳印爆发而出,上面凝聚着奇异的纹路,散发出恐怖的力量。 Fist seal condenses, but the instance, as if there is great demon to shout, the terrifying great demon empty shadow also appears together, making all around Dark Species stare. 拳印凝聚而出的瞬间,仿佛有巨魔在嘶吼,一道恐怖的巨魔虚影随之浮现,让四周的黑暗种都为之一愣。 Blood group did Dark Species, use the method of great demon clan unexpectedly? 一个血族黑暗种,居然施展出了巨魔族的手段? This picture without doubt unusual being out of sorts. 这个画面无疑非常的违和。 Has not waited for them to think. 只是还不等他们多想。 Bang! 轰隆! Sound of the huge thundering spreads, two fist seal have collided loudly in one. 一道巨大的轰鸣之声传出,两道拳印已是轰然碰撞在了一起。 That region as if solidified the flash, later the terrifying Source Power complementary waves then rewind to open toward all around, rolled up and pushed along the sand and crushed stone in ground, opens toward all around crazy sweeping centered on them, like forming sand storm. 那一片区域仿佛凝固了一瞬间,随后恐怖的原力余波便是朝着四周倒卷而开,将地面上的砂石都卷动了起来,以两人为中心朝着四周疯狂扫荡而开,如同形成了一场沙尘暴。 Saa Houdusse complexion changes, the pupil contracts suddenly. 撒乌迪斯面色一变,瞳孔骤然收缩。 It has not thought really, at present this blood strength certainly, can actually go to so the situation. 它着实没有想到,眼前这血绝的实力,竟然能够达到如此地步。 At this moment looks again to the opposite party, discovered that his complexion as if is very from beginning to end tranquil, even the look that meaning of teasing also never abates. 此刻再看向对方,才发现他的面色从始至终似乎都很平静,甚至眼神之中的那一丝戏谑之意也从未消退。 Snort!!” “哼!!” Its complexion is gloomy, immediately cold snort/hum, within the body dark Star Source Power and Fire Attribute Star Source Power erupt loudly, flood into that fist seal, making it more terrifying, wanting to suppress the blood god clone strongly. 它面色阴沉,当即冷哼一声,体内黑暗星辰原力火系星辰原力轰然爆发,涌入那拳印之中,令其更为恐怖,欲要强势镇压血神分身。 What a pity it underestimated strength that the blood god clone. 可惜它还是低估了血神分身的实力。 Broken!” “碎!” Whispered together immediately spreads from the blood god clone mouth. 一道轻声低语顿时从血神分身口中传出。 The behind great demon empty shadow roared crazily, rune/symbol writing above fist seal flashed even more fierce, bloomed the dazzling ray, seemed to be the terrifying strength fermented. 其身后的巨魔虚影疯狂咆哮,拳印之上的符文闪动的越发剧烈,绽放出耀眼的光芒,似有恐怖的力量在其中酝酿。 Bang! 轰! In an instant, in that fist seal is to then erupt a tyrannical incomparable strength, toward scattering Houdusse wells up to go crazily. 刹那间,那拳印之中便是爆发出一股强横无比的力量,朝着撒乌迪斯狂涌而去。 ! 咔嚓! The sound of disruption also spreads together immediately. 一道碎裂之声立刻随之传出。 Saa above Houdusse's fist seal to reveal immediately a clear incomparable fissure, could not resist the blood god clone unexpectedly displayed great demon fist seal. 撒乌迪斯的拳印之上顿时显露出了一道清晰无比的裂痕,竟然抵挡不住血神分身所施展的巨魔拳印。 What?!” Saa in Houdusse eyes to reveal unbelievable. “什么?!”撒乌迪斯眼中不由露出一丝难以置信。 !!...... 咔嚓!咔嚓!咔嚓…… But has not waited for it to think, one after another crashing spreads, reverberates unceasingly in the sky, making the muscle on his face twitch crazily. 可还不等它所想,接二连三的碎裂声紧接着传出,不断回荡在天空之中,令其脸上的肌肉疯狂抽搐起来。 Saa Houdusse, your mid-rank demon sovereign level does not handle.” “撒乌迪斯,你连一个中位魔皇级都搞不定。” Makes way!” “让开!” At this time, together hoarse ice-cold drank the sound to transmit from the left side greatly suddenly, the complexion that the command scattered Houdusse was uglier several points. 这时,一道沙哑冰冷的大喝声陡然从左侧后方传来,令撒乌迪斯的面色更加难看了几分。 Whiz whiz whiz...... 嗖嗖嗖…… Sound air-splitting gets up along with the intermittent grating neighing sound, later then sees the fierce python broken hole that black fog condense, goes toward the blood god clone direct impact. 破空之声伴随着阵阵刺耳的嘶鸣声响起,随后便见一道道黑雾凝聚的狰狞巨蟒破孔而出,朝着血神分身直冲而去。 ~ “呵~” The blood god does not do several things at the same time, a chuckle spreads from his mouth, as if has waited for the attack of opposite party to arrive. 血神分身丝毫不慌,一声轻笑从他口中传出,似乎早就等着对方的攻击降临。 Un?” The Dark Species vision of that dark scale regiment ice-cold, stares at the blood god clone. “嗯?”那暗鳞军团的黑暗种目光冰冷,盯着血神分身。 Hiss! Hiss! Hiss...... 嘶!嘶!嘶…… One neighed from that terrifying python mouth intermittently spreads, they performed all open the big mouth, clone to tear and bite to go toward the blood god. 一阵阵嘶鸣从那恐怖的巨蟒口中传出,它们尽皆张开大口,朝着血神分身撕咬而去。 ! 唰! The back that however in the meantime, the blood god clone has the blood fog to surge fiercely, then dark-red vines speed away, welcomed to the python that these black fog condensed. 然而就在此时,血神分身的背后却是有着血雾剧烈涌动,而后一道道暗红色藤蔓疾驰而出,迎向了那些黑雾凝聚的巨蟒。 Titter! Titter! Titter! 噗嗤!噗嗤!噗嗤! The terminals of these dark-red vines are incisive, just like a javelin of , moreover their speed is extremely fast, almost can only see dark-red remnant shades, then pricks in that python big huge mouth instantaneously, pierces it. 这些暗红色藤蔓的末端尖锐无比,宛如一柄柄的标枪,而且它们速度极快,几乎只能看见一道道暗红色的残影,瞬间便刺入那巨蟒大张的巨口之中,将其洞穿。 Short in an instant, these pythons then change to the black fog has lifted to open all. 短短的刹那之间,那些巨蟒便尽数化作黑雾散开。 Immediately these dark-red vines then speed away to go toward Dark Species of dark scale regiment, such as the javelin must nail tight it generally on the spot. 随即那些暗红色藤蔓便朝着暗鳞军团的黑暗种疾驰而去,如标枪一般要将其钉死在原地。 Scoundrel!” “混账!” Dark Species of that dark scale regiment also has not thought that own attack was struck to be broken by the opposite party unexpectedly, in the eye reveals meaning of the becoming angry out of shame immediately. 那暗鳞军团的黑暗种同样没想到自己的攻击竟然被对方一击而碎,眼中顿时露出一丝恼羞成怒之意。 In within the body dark Star Source Power surges, a black claw finds out, grasps ruthlessly to that several dark-red vines. 其体内黑暗星辰原力涌动,一只黑爪探出,狠狠抓向那几道暗红色藤蔓。 Clang ~ 铛~ Two collide, resounds a gold/metal iron to hand over the sound of striking unexpectedly, and black claw falls on the place of vine, erupts one group of sparks. 两相碰撞,竟响起一阵金铁交击之音,且黑爪落在藤蔓之处,更是爆发出一团火花。 Bang! 嘭! Immediately a great strength spreads from that dark-red vine, shook to draw back Dark Species of that dark scale regiment forcefully. 随即一股巨力从那暗红色藤蔓之上传出,将那暗鳞军团的黑暗种硬生生震退了出去。 The black fog outside his body was also broken, revealed the following appearance/portrait. 其身体之外的黑雾也被震碎,露出了下面的真容。 This is a blood god clone never to see Dark Species. 这是一头血神分身从未见过的黑暗种 Its whole body covered entirely the paint black scales , is glittering the ice-cold gloss. 它浑身布满了漆黑色的鳞甲,层层迭迭,闪烁着冰冷光泽。 But its appearance is strange incomparable, the head is long and narrow, with that dark scale evil python giant beast unexpectedly is quite similar, above was covered with the sharp barb, has a big mouth, revealed canine like sawtooth, fierce exceptionally. 而它的模样更是诡异无比,脑袋狭长,与那暗鳞邪蟒巨兽竟是颇为相似,上面长满了尖锐的倒钩,有着一张大嘴,露出的尖牙如锯齿,狰狞异常。 It behind, has several long tails. 其身后,有着数条长长的尾巴。 That tail impressively python appearance, but this python somewhat is slightly different, as if the variation is excessively common, resembles the different insect different python, swinging, ice-cold dark eye pupil is a all around slowly, strange incomparable. 那尾巴赫然正是巨蟒模样,只不过这巨蟒略有些不同,仿佛变异过一般,似异虫似异蟒,缓缓摆动,一双双冰冷的暗色眼眸注视着四周,诡异无比。 The blood god clone to shoot a look at its one. 血神分身不由瞥了它一眼。 Dark scale clan! 暗鳞族! This is a quite powerful Dark Species clan- dark scale clan! 这是一个颇为强大的黑暗种族-暗鳞族! He had heard this race, personally has not actually seen, now is to see finally live. 他曾经听说过这个种族,却并未亲眼见过,如今总算是见到活的了。 Really with hearsay, ugly disgusting. 果真与传闻中一样,丑陋恶心。 Well ~ 咦呃~ Shut out! 嫌弃! But while that dark scale clan Dark Species was shaken draws back, scatters Houdusse's fist seal unable to support finally, explodes the broken, terrifying Source Power complementary waves rewinds loudly toward all around, attacks on scattering Houdusse. 而就在那暗鳞族黑暗种被震退的同时,撒乌迪斯的拳印也终于支撑不住,轰然爆碎,恐怖的原力余波朝着四周倒卷,冲击在撒乌迪斯身上。 Plow of its grandiose body in the ground has a long trace, suddenly/violently Tuishu a kilometer distance, stops the figure. 它那壮硕的身躯在地面上犁出一道长长的痕迹,暴退数千米距离,才堪堪止住身形。 Instantly, all around falls into the middle of a deathly stillness. 刹时间,四周陷入一片死寂当中。 These fights is bold, within extremely short several breath, three people separate, all around Dark Species has not responded. 这一番交手可谓是兔起鹘落,发生在极短的几个呼吸之内,以至于三人分开,四周的黑暗种都还没有反应过来。 Afterward their stiff rotation necks, dull looks at the blood god clone, in the eye reveals the inconceivable color. 随后它们僵硬的转动脖子,呆呆的望着血神分身,眼中露出不可思议之色。 A mid-rank Territory Lord Level peak exists, unexpectedly supported in besieging of two high-rank demon sovereign levels, even also got the winning side. 一个中位域主级巅峰存在,居然在两个上位魔皇级的围攻之中撑了下来,甚至还占据了上风。 Looked again that two high-rank demon sovereign levels exist, all was shaken to draw back, no matter what who can look at the embarrassed colors on their face. 再看那两位上位魔皇级存在,全都被震退了出去,并且任谁都能够看得出来它们脸上的难堪之色。 The blood is blue, black, demon Locker and other Dark Species opened mouth close to, immediately some do not know how should voice feelings at this moment. 血蓝博,黑摩特,魔罗克等黑暗种张了张嘴巴,顿时有些不知道该如何表达此刻的心情。 Only has one lying trough to reverberate in the mind unceasingly. 只有一句“卧槽”在脑海中不断回荡。 Although they have seen the strength that the blood god has done several things at the same time, knows that he is not simple, but really cannot think, in so the situation, the powerhouses of two commander ranks besieges, he can also accomplish a task with ease unexpectedly, even gets the winning side. 虽然它们早就见过血神分身的实力,知道他不简单,但实在想不到,在如此情况下,两位统帅级别的强者围攻,他居然还能够游刃有余,甚至占据上风。 Especially when they see clearly the Dark Species appearance of that dark scale regiment, in the heart is shocking unusual. 尤其是当它们看清那暗鳞军团的黑暗种模样时,心中更是震惊异常。 Dark scale cockroach! 暗鳞蠊! The dark scale cockroach of dark scale clan! 暗鳞族的暗鳞蠊! ten thousand Huangbang 6023 rd! 万皇榜第6023名! This is one compared with scattering Houdusse more powerful existence . Moreover the opposite party similarly is the command of dark scale regiment. 这是一个比撒乌迪斯更加强大的存在,而且对方同样是暗鳞军团的统帅。 The blood god clone to repel these two to exist unexpectedly simultaneously. 血神分身居然同时击退了这两个存在。 Is he really a mid-rank demon sovereign level exists? 他真的是一个中位魔皇级存在吗? Same issue reappearing again in their mind. 相同的问题再一次的浮现于它们的脑海之中。 The muscle on idle fog gao face twitches ruthlessly, its vision flashes suddenly, during looking at the blood god is doing several things at the same time to fall into was silent. 惰雾藁脸上的肌肉狠狠抽动起来,它目光急剧闪动,望着血神分身陷入了沉默之中。 Dark Species of that three big regiment was also silent, their vision some delay looked at the blood god clone, the head could not make a turn. 那三大军团的黑暗种也是沉默了下来,它们的目光有些呆滞的望着血神分身,脑袋转不过弯来。 Even on some Dark Species faces also brings fierce laughing wildly, but actually solidified at this time, seems especially funny. 甚至有些黑暗种脸上还带着狰狞的狂笑,但此时却凝固了下来,显得格外滑稽。 This does belittle armed forces' command so to be unexpectedly strong black? 这个黑蔑军的统帅居然这么强? Isn't it the blood group young talent? 它不是血族的年轻天才吗? How can command such ten thousand sovereign list powerhouse to compare with them? 怎么能够与它们统帅那样的万皇榜强者相比? Did the mid-rank demon sovereign level exist is so when strong? 中位魔皇级存在什么时候这么强了? Thoughts flash through in their mind, all Dark Species were done ignorant, is unable to understand. 一个个念头在它们脑海中闪过,所有的黑暗种都被搞懵了,根本无法理解。 That nether world regiment is Dark Species of head, casts the body that the vision the blood god clone instantaneously, in the look has the meaning of thick inquisition. 那幽冥军团为首的黑暗种,瞬间又将目光投到了血神分身的身上,眼神之中带着浓浓的探究之意。 Your this strength, dares to snatch the cinders ore?” The blood god clone to look to that two Dark Species, calm crossing the hands behind the back stands, light say/way. “你们就这点实力,也敢来抢烬矿?”血神分身望向那两头黑暗种,淡定的负手而立,淡淡道。 You!” “你!” Suddenly, two Dark Species as if received the enormous insult, the anger in eye almost must concentrate for the essence. 一时间,两头黑暗种仿佛受到了极大的侮辱,眼中的怒火几乎要凝为实质。 Command military might!” “统帅威武!” Commander is invincible!” “统帅无敌!” Belittled Dark Species of regiment immediately just like hitting the chicken blood black was ordinary, roused very bellows, the sound gathered one, the direct impact clouds, vibrated the vault of heaven. 黑蔑军团的黑暗种顿时宛如打了鸡血一般,振奋无比的大吼起来,声音汇聚一处,直冲云霄,震动天穹。 Saa the complexion of Houdusse and that dark scale cockroach is gloomy as if must drop the water leakage. 撒乌迪斯和那暗鳞蠊的面色皆是阴沉的仿佛要滴出水来。 Command such vegetable/dish compels, what three big regiments, is mediocre.” The blood god clone to continue to provoke anger. “统帅都这么菜逼,什么三大军团,也不过如此啊。”血神分身继续拱火。 The blood is blue, black, demon Locker and other Dark Species could not bear the corners of the mouth twitch, their commanders really do not dislike the matter to be big. 血蓝博,黑摩特,魔罗克等黑暗种忍不住嘴角抽搐,他们这位统帅是真的不嫌事大啊。 So provokes anger, how could the opposite party can bear. 如此拱火,对方岂能受得了。 Scoundrel!” “混账!” Kills to this sovereign!” “给本皇杀!” Suppresses belittles the regiment black!” “镇压黑蔑军团!” Really, two Dark Species moved the real anger, immediately erupts to angrily roar, even orders two big regiments to begin directly. 果然,两头黑暗种动了真怒,顿时爆发出怒吼,甚至命令两大军团直接动手。 Bang! Bang! Bang...... 轰!轰!轰…… Dark Species of that two big regiment seems prepared early, hears the order, immediately then erupts respective Source Power, toward belittles the regiment to kill black. 那两大军团的黑暗种似乎早有准备,听到命令,当即便爆发出各自的原力,朝着黑蔑军团杀去。 Black, demon Locker and others the deputy command complexion drastic changes, completely without expecting these two big regiments said that begins to begin, moreover such tacit understanding, said that they do not plan well who letter/believes. 黑摩特,魔罗克等副统帅面色剧变,完全没料到这两大军团说动手就动手,而且如此的默契,说它们不是计划好的谁信。 Obviously, the opposite party has taken advantage to suppress belittles the regiment black, owes in their hearts also to harbor leaving things to chance. 很显然,对方早就打好了算盘要镇压黑蔑军团,亏它们心中还一直抱着侥幸心理。 Too was really naive. 实在太天真了。 They think all sorts of performance that suddenly the blood god clone, in heart immediately suddenly. 它们突然想到血神分身的种种表现,心中顿时恍然。 It seems like the commander had seen anything, knows that simply does not have the moderate leeway, will therefore do. 看来统帅早就看出了什么,知道根本没有缓和的余地,所以才会那么做。 Since must hit in any event, admitting defeat is also useful, might as well hits. 既然无论如何都要打,服软又有什么用,还不如打一场。 Belittles the prestige of regiment is not possible to drop black. 黑蔑军团的威名不可堕。 Suddenly, in these Dark Species hearts emerges crazy war intent. 一时间,这些黑暗种心中都是涌现出疯狂的战意。 Isn't three big regiments? 不就是三大军团吗? Fears anything! 怕什么! They have to meet compared with this more difficult situation, the true life and death fights them fearless, will also fear at present these three big regiments? 它们又不是没有遇见过比这更为艰难的处境,真正的生死大战它们都无惧,还会惧怕眼前这三大军团吗? Let alone they also so domineering commands. 何况它们还有一位如此强势的统帅。 All belittled army Dark Species to look black to the blood god clone, waits for him to make the decision. 所有的黑蔑军黑暗种都是望向了血神分身,等待他做出决定。 In the blood god clone eye reveals a strange color. 血神分身眼中露出一丝诡异之色。 As he expected. 果然不出他所料。 Hits! Hits! Mutual wounds that best hit! 打吧!打吧!最好打的两败俱伤! In his heart smiles, immediately then not slightly hesitant, strikes while the iron is hot, in the mouth erupts cold severe the sound of bellowing: Three big regiments go too far , along with me kills.” 他心中不由一笑,当下便没有丝毫犹豫,趁热打铁,口中爆发出冷厉的大吼之声:“三大军团欺人太甚,诸位,随我杀。” Kills!” “杀!” Kills!” “杀!” Kills!” “杀!” ...... …… Belittles Dark Species of regiment to erupt to angrily roar black instantaneously, leader Dark Species appears from the black fog in sky, just like terrifying demons, above dense and numerous being situated in cinders ore star. 黑蔑军团的黑暗种瞬间爆发出怒吼,一头头黑暗种从天空中的黑雾之内显现而出,宛如一尊尊恐怖的魔头,密密麻麻的立于烬矿星球之上。 If on this star has other lives, so battle formation, surely scared. 这颗星球上若是存在其他生灵,如此阵势,必定会令人胆寒。 Praying mantis arm, when car(riage)!” “螳臂当车!” In front of my three big regiments, what you belittles the regiment black is?” “在我三大军团面前,你们黑蔑军团又算什么?” Saa Houdusse and dark scale cockroach all sends out the color of cold drinking, goes toward blood god clone suddenly/violently to rush. 撒乌迪斯与暗鳞蠊皆是发出冷喝之色,朝着血神分身暴冲而去。 You acknowledged finally.” “你们终于承认了啊。” The blood god clone spooky saying: You really become the lackey of nether world regiment.” 血神分身幽幽的说道:“你们果然成为了幽冥军团的狗腿子。” Dissolute!” “放肆!” Courts death!” “找死!” Two Dark Species are angry immediately, they cooperate with the nether world regiment, is called the dog-leg unexpectedly. 两头黑暗种顿时大怒,它们只是与幽冥军团合作而已,竟被称为狗腿。 Although they are truly taken in the terrifying strength of nether world regiment, made such decision, but they never felt oneself have anything is not right. 虽然它们确实是摄于幽冥军团的恐怖实力,才做出了这样的决定,但它们从未觉得自己有什么不对。 Dark World, law of the jungle, survival of the fittest. 黑暗世界,弱肉强食,适者生存。 Facing nether world regiment such colossus, who can contend directly. 面对幽冥军团这样的庞然大物,有谁能够正面抗衡。 You belittle the regiment not to fear black, you are great, are you aloof from worldly affairs? 你黑蔑军团不怕,你了不起,你清高? Bang! Bang! 轰!轰! Two Dark Species contain ones anger to act, was more terrifying than before, the boundless vast microcosm empty shadow erupted, went toward the blood god clone steamroll. 两头黑暗种含怒出手,比之前更为恐怖,磅礴浩瀚的小世界虚影爆发而出,朝着血神分身碾压而去。 Bang! 嘭! The blood god clone not to keep the hand again, the under foot treads ruthlessly, steps on broke to pieces the ground, changed to together the blood red rainbow light unexpectedly, moving forward to meet somebody of has not flinched slightly. 血神分身也没有再留手,脚下狠狠一踏,踩碎了地面,竟化作一道血红色虹光,丝毫没有退缩的迎了上去。 Ties belittles to kill black!” “结黑蔑杀阵!” Simultaneously sound of the big drinking spreads from its, reverberation sky. 同时一道大喝之声从其口中传出,回荡天空。 Yes!” “是!” All belittles Dark Species of army to drink black with one voice. 所有黑蔑军的黑暗种齐声应喝。 That sound gathers one, enormous and powerful spread over the cinders ore star, as if this entire star vibrated. 那声音汇聚一处,浩浩荡荡的传遍了烬矿星球,仿佛这整颗星球都是为之震动了起来。 Void beside. 虚空之外。 The Wang Teng main body and day billows star latitude and the others naturally also heard this huge sound, in the eye all erupts one group of none. 王腾本尊和天澜星纬等人自然也听到了这巨大的声响,眼中皆是爆发出一团精光。 Hit!!” “打起来了!!” The day billows star latitudes and these immortal level powerhouses look at each other in blank dismay, are pleasantly surprised, later cannot bear look to the cinders ore star, wishes one could to see situation immediately. 天澜星纬和那些个不朽级强者都是面面相觑,又惊又喜,随后忍不住望向烬矿星球,恨不得立刻就看到其中的情形。 Wang Teng guessed right. 王腾猜对了。 These Dark Species really attack brutally. 这些黑暗种果然大打出手。 From this momentum, absolutely is the war between regiments. 从这声势来看,绝对是军团之间的大战。 At this moment, in their hearts filled simply unbelievable, and even has an absurd feeling. 此时此刻,他们心中简直充满了难以置信,乃至是有一种荒唐之感。 Obviously is the same camp, finally actually so attacks brutally, they do not fear mutually wounded, loses own strength? 明明是同一个阵营,结果却这般大打出手,难道它们就不怕两败俱伤,损耗自身的实力吗? If the bright universe, will not have such matter absolutely. 如果是光明宇宙,绝对不会发生这样的事情。 However the fact puts at present, is beyond control they not to believe. 不过事实摆在眼前,由不得他们不相信。 Moreover this to the bright universe, is a big good deed. 而且这对光明宇宙来说,何尝不是一件大好事。 Dark Species hits, their opportunities also quietly during fermentation. 黑暗种打起来,他们的机会也正在悄然酝酿当中。 Everyone, while the Dark Species war, I happen to touches into the cinders ore star to have a look at the situation.” Wang Teng said suddenly. “各位,趁着黑暗种大战,我正好摸入烬矿星球看看情况。”王腾突然说道。
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