AAMD :: Volume #21

#2044: No wonder the mouthful spews! Blood blood

Chapter 2044 mouthful spews no wonder! Blood blood! Begin!( Sought subscription to ask monthly ticket!) 第2044章难怪满嘴喷粪!血子还是血子!动手!(求订阅求月票!) With arrival of Dark Species that three big regiment, Wang Teng and the others also anticipated. 随着黑暗种那三大军团的降临,王腾等人也不由期待了起来。 Anticipated that Dark Species hits. 期待黑暗种打起来。 You said that these Dark Species regiments will really hit?” An immortal level of day wind empire exists to ask. “你们说那些黑暗种军团真的会打起来吗?”一名天风帝国的不朽级存在问道。 He is called night/lodge city, is a conferring nobility upon immortal level, the middle-aged man appearance, wears the silver-white long gown, magnificent and expensive dignified makings, have the good position in the day wind empire obviously. 他叫做宿城,乃是一位封侯不朽级,中年男子模样,身穿银白色长袍,有一种华贵威严的气质,显然在天风帝国有着不俗的地位。 To come is also, a conferring nobility upon immortal level, even if in day wind empire such higher civilized state, is exists absolutely top. 想来也是,一位封侯不朽级,哪怕是在天风帝国那样的高等文明国度,也绝对是顶尖存在。 Looks at the appearance of this Wang Teng saint, seems very self-confident.” The conferring nobility upon immortal level of greatly bountiful empire exists had not directly replied, but shoots a look at the direction that Wang Teng was, said. “看这位王腾圣者的样子,似乎很自信。”大饶帝国的一位封侯不朽级存在没有正面回答,只是瞥了一眼王腾所在的方向,说道。 He calls Wang Teng for the saint now, obviously takes seriously the extreme, does not dare to belittle him again. 他如今称呼王腾为圣者,可见是重视到了极点,不敢再小觑他。 This is a delicate and pretty man of three clan, sends the shawl scarlet, both eyes just like the flame, the forehead place has an unusual flame mark, looked apparent is quite uncommon. 这是一位三眼族的俊美男子,一头赤发披肩,双目犹如火焰,额头处更是有着一个奇特的火焰印记,一看便知极为不凡。 However at this time his body, does not have the least bit aura to reveal, is completely reserved. 不过此时他的身上,却是没有半点气息显露而出,完全内敛。 Truly very self-confident appearance, by this time, he as if had victory in the hand as before.” The immortal level of Lask federation exists is an extremely gorgeous female. “确实非常自信的样子,到了此时,他似乎依旧胜券在握。”瓦斯科联邦的不朽级存在是一位极为艳丽的女子。 It seems like over 30 years old an appearance. 看起来三十多岁模样。 Naturally this is only the representation, the physical age definitely continues, but that mature graceful bearing made one unable to bear want really to look at several much. 当然这只是表象,实际年龄肯定不止,只不过那成熟的风韵着实令人忍不住想要多看几眼。 She has a yellow mighty waves long hair, that yellow is not golden yellow , is not earth yellow, but is one extremely pretty yellow, is joined to her appearance, the makings are more unique. 她有着一头黄色波澜长发,那种黄色并非金黄,也并非土黄,而是一种极为靓丽的黄色,配上她的容貌,气质更加独特。 In brief, aunt anything was most fragrant. 总而言之,阿姨什么的最香了。 Wang Teng looked at her several eyes to come secretly, if the opposite party were not the immortal level exists, and does not know that already many ages, he definitely met...... looks at several again. 王腾偷偷看了她好几眼来着,如果对方不是不朽级存在,且不知道已经多少年纪,他肯定会……再多看几眼。 These three are the immortal level that three big influences set out exists, is the conferring nobility upon immortal level, the great reputation, the strength is outside good. 这三位便是三大势力所出动的不朽级存在,皆是封侯不朽级,盛名在外,实力非常不俗。 But the day billows mountain does not seem to present the immortal level to exist, the World Lord Level peak that cannot only see the depth exists, this makes Wang Teng very strange. 而天澜山似乎并未出现不朽级存在,唯有一个看不出深浅的界主级巅峰存在,这让王腾非常奇怪。 Is it possible that on this day is the billows mountain so seriously self-confident? Felt a World Lord Level peak enough? 莫非这天澜山当真如此自信?觉得一个界主级巅峰就够了? But said no matter how, good and evil three conferring nobility upon immortal levels, many is also some energy. 但不管怎么说,好歹有三个封侯不朽级,多少还算是有些底气的。 As for Dark Species that side situation how, but must the information that waits for the blood god clone. 至于黑暗种那边情况如何,还要等血神分身的情报。 Has the blood god clone in any case, these information can attain. 反正有血神分身在,这些情报都可以拿得到。 Trades the bright universe, even if the teng snake health/guard is not good to enter that star, naturally does not know that Dark Species has many powerhouses to arrive. 换到光明宇宙这边,就算是螣蛇卫都不好进入那颗星球,自然不知道黑暗种有多少强者降临。 But the blood god clone to be different, he belittles armed forces' command black, can dock directly the high levels of three big regiments, what high-level strength they had, will not definitely hide the truth from the blood god clone, have no reason to hide the truth from him. 但血神分身就不一样了,他是黑蔑军的统帅,可以直接对接三大军团的高层,它们有什么样的高层战力,肯定不会瞒着血神分身,也没有理由瞒着他。 Therefore gains very difficult information to bright universe here, clone there in the blood god is the small matter. 所以对光明宇宙这边来说获取很困难的情报,在血神分身那里不过是轻轻松松的事情。 ...... …… Meanwhile. 与此同时。 Above cinders ore star. 烬矿星球之上。 The blood god clone also to see arrival of that three big regiment, belittled armed forces' deputy command to return to his side black in abundance, looked to the place of that three big regiment spaceship landings. 血神分身也看到了那三大军团的降临,黑蔑军的副统帅纷纷回到他的身旁,望向那三大军团飞船降落之处。 When they see clearly the status of that three big regiment, the complexion slightly changes. 而当它们看清那三大军团的身份时,面色都是微微一变。 Dark scale regiment! 暗鳞军团! Black flame regiment! 黑炎军团! Nether world regiment! 幽冥军团! These are not weak the powerful regiment that in black belittles the army, that nether world regiment can arrange to enter first three existences in all dark regiments, compared with belittles the regiment to want fearful many black. 这些都是不弱于黑蔑军的强大军团,其中那幽冥军团更是在所有黑暗军团之中能够排进前三的存在,比黑蔑军团要可怕的多。 The nether world regiment that even if arrives at present is not a main force, merely is only a squad, made them dread sufficiently. 哪怕眼前降临的幽冥军团并非主力,仅仅只是一支小队,也足以令他们忌惮不已。 To be honest, belittles the regiment black, although in the bright universe is also ominous illustrious existence, but in front of the nether world regiment is a Little Brother. 说实话,黑蔑军团虽然在光明宇宙也是凶名赫赫的存在,但在幽冥军团面前就是个小弟弟。 This did not say that belittles the regiment to be very weak black. 这不是说黑蔑军团很弱。 But is both sides at all not in a level. 而是双方根本不在一个层面上。 A high level is the Demon Venerable level exists, even is stronger, a high level is actually only the high-rank demon sovereign level, can compare? 一个高层乃是魔尊级存在,甚至更强,一个高层却只是上位魔皇级,能比吗? Absolutely does not have the comparability. 完全没有可比性啊。 Fortunately now nether world regiment, only then a squad arrives, is not cannot socialize 12. 所幸如今幽冥军团只有一支小队降临,也不是不能周旋一二。 Moreover behind the blood god clone also to have the Demon Venerable level to exist, is not good to act bashful. 而且血神分身背后也不是没有魔尊级存在,不是那么好拿捏的。 In addition, that dark scale regiment, the black flame regiment is also not allow to neglect, if really hits, belittles the regiment to be not necessarily able to ask for what advantage black. 除此之外,那暗鳞军团,黑炎军团同样不容忽视,如果真打起来,黑蔑军团未必能够讨到什么好处。 Command!” Black rubs special-grade vice- commands to be serious, looks to the blood god clone. “统帅!”黑摩特等副统帅面色凝重,不由望向血神分身。 Now they have done several things at the same time to treat as the blood god belittled the pillar of regiment black, sees the arrivals of other Dark Species regiments, naturally can only wait for him to make the decision. 如今它们已是将血神分身当做了黑蔑军团的主心骨,见到其他黑暗种军团的到来,自然只能等他做决定。 The idle fog gao vision flashes, in the heart sneers suddenly. 惰雾藁目光一闪,心中突然冷笑起来。 In front of that three big regiment, it must have a look at this new command also to be able but actually to turn what wave. 在那三大军团面前,它倒要看看这位新统帅还能翻起什么浪来。 It is almost certain, in front of that nether world regiment, he cannot ask for what advantage absolutely, humiliation is the inevitable matter. 它几乎可以肯定,在那幽冥军团面前,他绝对讨不到什么好处,丢脸是必然的事情。 Even if it, in front of the nether world regiment, the slight energy, cannot only lower the head finally. 哪怕是它,在幽冥军团面前,都没有丝毫的底气,最终也只能低头而已。 But by it to this blood understanding certainly, the opposite party will not easily lower the head absolutely, finally therefore suffers a loss can only be he himself. 而以它对这血绝的了解,对方绝对不会轻易低头,所以最终吃亏的只会是他自己。 Command, they seem like the future to be bad.” Blood blue abundant this time also stands after behind, knits the brows to pass on the sound said that the blood god clone. “统帅,它们似乎来者不善。”血蓝博此时也站在血神分身的身后,皱眉传音道。 These three big regiments just now enter the scene of cinders ore star, they saw, batters, even has not informed their one, many belittles the soldiers of regiment injured black, obviously simply has not paid attention to them. 这三大军团方才进入烬矿星球的场面,它们都看到了,横冲直撞,甚至没有通知它们一声,以至于不少黑蔑军团的战士受了伤,显然根本没有把它们放在眼里。 Walks, we greet them.” The blood god clone to say with a smile lightly. “走,我们去迎接迎接它们。”血神分身只是淡淡笑道。 Numerous Dark Species the complexion varies immediately, does this new commander want to admit defeat? 一众黑暗种顿时面色各异,难道这位新统帅要服软? Not without this possibility. 并不是没有这种可能。 The strength of that three big regiment does not compare belittles the regiment to be weak black, particularly the nether world regiment, did not admit defeat is not good. 那三大军团的实力丝毫不比黑蔑军团弱,尤其是幽冥军团,不服软都不行。 Their many are somewhat disappointed. 只是它们多少有些失望。 After all who does not think unyieldingly. 毕竟谁不想硬气一点呢。 What a pity this time situation was different, even this new commander, feared that is unyielding does not get up. 可惜这次的情况不同了,就算是这位新统帅,怕是都硬气不起来了吧。 The blood god clone not to know that behind an idea of numerous Dark Species, the figure flashes, then selfish flies toward the spaceship of that three big regiment. 血神分身并不知道身后一众黑暗种的想法,身形一闪,便自顾自的朝着那三大军团的飞船飞去。 Three big regiments have arrived, the plan can start. 三大军团已经降临,计划可以开始了。 Also is the wind performing skill time! 又是飙演技的时候! One crowd of deputy commands do not know similarly the blood god clone to take advantage anything, silent with. 一群副统帅同样不知道血神分身打着什么算盘,沉默的跟了上去。 They are away from the spaceship of that three big regiment is not far, in an instant arrived at the near. 它们距离那三大军团的飞船并不远,转眼就来到了近前。 Meanwhile, the spaceship of that three big regiment also opened the cabin door slowly, whole bodies are filling the form of dark aura from departs, falls in the ground slowly. 与此同时,那三大军团的飞船也缓缓开启了舱门,一道道浑身弥漫着黑暗气息的身影从其中飞出,缓缓落在地面上。 They assume the potential of triangle, sized up opposite party one eyes mutually, then looked that clone and the others to front blood god. 它们呈三角之势,相互打量了对方一眼,而后纷纷看向面前的血神分身等人。 The blood god clone also to size up them, in heart gradually is somewhat surprised. 血神分身也在打量着它们,心中渐渐的有些惊讶起来。 Taking a quick look around, these three big regiments are Dark Species of head, is the high-rank demon sovereign level intermediate stage and even the later period exists unexpectedly, and strength must be very powerful. 一眼看去,这三大军团为首的黑暗种,竟皆是上位魔皇级中期乃至后期存在,且实力应当十分强大。 The dark aura that they lend fills the air in the sky, made this cinders ore star darkness even more. 它们散发出的黑暗气息弥漫于天空之中,令这颗烬矿星球越发的黑暗起来。 The blood god clone behind black Moroccan special-grade Dark Species, is serious incomparable, as if felt the enormous pressure. 血神分身身后的黑摩特等黑暗种,都是面色凝重无比,仿佛感受到了极大的压力。 Even if idle fog gao, is so. 哪怕是惰雾藁,亦是如此。 Only has the blood god clone complexion is still light, stands is crossing the hands behind the back to stand same place, not seem to come under the least bit influence ordinary. 唯有血神分身面色依旧平淡,站在原地负手而立,似乎没有受到半点影响一般。 Truly does not have any influence. 确实没有什么影响。 Now he strongest will may endure the ratio conferring the title of prince upon immortal level to exist, can the will that these high-rank demon sovereign levels have, how affect him? 现在他最强的意志可堪比封王不朽级存在,这些上位魔皇级存在的意志,如何能够影响到他? What a pity they do not know, when they noticed that the blood god clone that light appearance, in the eye reveals color of the surprise. 可惜它们并不知道,所以当他们看到血神分身那副平淡的样子,眼中都是不由露出一丝诧异之色。 You belittle the new command of regiment black?” At this time, the black flame regiment direction, a grandiose incomparable sheep's head demon clan Dark Species vision flashed, opens the mouth to ask. “你就是黑蔑军团的新任统帅?”这时,黑炎军团方向,一头壮硕无比的羊头魔族黑暗种目光一闪,开口问道。 Good!” “不错!” The blood god clone to nod lightly, said with a laugh: Everyone came from far away, welcome.” 血神分身淡淡点了点头,笑呵呵道:“各位远道而来,欢迎欢迎。” „......” “……” The atmosphere somewhat is immediately strange. 气氛顿时有些古怪起来。 This belittles the army commanders to be able not to know that black they to do what? 这黑蔑军统帅会不知道它们来干什么? Such polite what's the matter? 这么客气是怎么回事? Does them suddenly not to know how to say. 搞得它们一时间不知道怎么接话。 Black rubs special-grade belittles armed forces' deputy command black is also on the face the muscle twitches, feels is a little speechless, are their new commands credible? 黑摩特等黑蔑军的副统帅也是脸上肌肉抽搐,感觉有点无语,它们这位新统帅到底靠不靠谱啊? The look in idle fog gao eye even more teased, but has not said anything, these three big regiment future were bad, it took black the person who belittled the army, unavoidably must be affected, only if...... 惰雾藁眼中的神色越发戏谑,但并未多说什么,这三大军团来者不善,它作为黑蔑军的人,难免要受到波及,除非…… Jie Jie Jie......” “桀桀桀……” Interesting!” “有意思!” That sheep's head demon clan Dark Species laughs, in the eye reveals one to disdain, least bit impolite saying: Has not thought that belittles armed forces' new command black is instigates the package unexpectedly.” 那羊头魔族黑暗种大笑起来,眼中露出一丝不屑,半点不客气的说道:“没想到黑蔑军的新统帅居然是个怂包。” Ha haha......” “哈哈哈……” In it behind, dark soldiers of one crowd of black flame regiments as if heard what extremely funny matter, immediately laughed wildly. 在其身后,一群黑炎军团的黑暗战士仿佛听到了什么极为好笑的事情,顿时狂笑了起来。 I heard that this blood certainly is the blood group talent, and had once fought with Heaven's Chosen Wang Teng of that bright universe, and moves out, now looks like also no more than so, the strength of that bright universe Heaven's Chosen feared that also exaggerated.” The dark scale regiment direction, Dark Species packages in the mist, tone contemptuous saying. “我听说这血绝乃是血族天才,且曾经与那光明宇宙的天骄王腾交过手,并全身而退,现在看来也不过如此,那光明宇宙天骄的实力怕也是夸大其词了。”暗鳞军团方向,一头黑暗种包裹在雾气之中,语气轻蔑的说道。 The blood god clone to look at Dark Species of three big regiments, on the face has not lost one's temper at present slightly, is very tranquil, even the corners of the mouth have a happy expression. 血神分身看着眼前三大军团的黑暗种,脸上丝毫没有动怒,很是平静,甚至嘴角还带着一丝笑意。 As if what they are saying to be not he. 仿佛它们在说的并不是他。 Sheep's head demon clan Dark Species and Dark Species of dark scale of regiment that black flame regiment, saw that Wang Teng actually does not have the least bit to respond, somewhat is depressed, immediately felt fought with the fists on the cotton. 那黑炎军团的羊头魔族黑暗种和暗鳞军团的黑暗种,看到王腾竟然没有半点反应,不禁有些郁闷,顿时感觉一拳打在了棉花上。 The attack on words, has the result, often lies in opposite party's response. 话语上的攻击,是否有成效,往往在于对方的反应。 However without responding what to do? 然而没反应咋办? In their eyes, that belittles armed forces' new command simply not to have the appearance that the least bit is angry black, they thought that oneself are putting on one -man show probably general. 在它们眼中,那黑蔑军的新统帅根本没有半点生气的样子,它们觉得自己好像在唱独角戏一般。 This blood is not a young generation of talent, how to have such disposition? 这血绝不过是一个年轻一辈的天才,怎么会有如此心性? Said the blood group is really the old Yin coin. 还是说血族果真都是老阴币。 What is main, the look of opposite party is very strange, looks like...... 最主要的是,对方的眼神很奇怪,就像是…… Is looking at the clown to be the same! 在看小丑一般! Suddenly, Dark Species of these two big regiments are responds, the complexion is somewhat ugly. 一时间,这两大军团的黑暗种都是反应过来,面色有些难看。 How to stop? Do not stop, please continue your performances.” At this time, the blood god clone to make the posture of invitation, light say/way. “怎么停了?不要停啊,请继续你们的表演。”这时,血神分身做了个请的姿势,淡淡道。 Gan! 淦! The blue veins on two Dark Species foreheads immediately violent suddenly, vision ice-cold incomparable stares at the blood god clone. 两头黑暗种额头上的青筋顿时暴突而起,目光冰冷无比的盯着血神分身。 The blood is blue, blood Neil and other blood group Dark Species hearts one tight, somewhat does not know whether to laugh or cry. 血蓝博,血尼尔等血族黑暗种不由心头一紧,有些哭笑不得。 Really! 果然! Is this taste! 就是这个味儿! Was their blood right. 是它们的血子没错了。 They were very strange, with the temper of their blood, how possibly easily to admit defeat, now looked like is really they want. 原本它们就很奇怪,以它们这位血子的性子,怎么可能轻易服软,如今看来果然是它们想多了。 Blood is still blood. 血子依然是血子。 Others did not understand, they and he contacted were so long, but can also not understand? 别人不了解,它们与他接触了这么久,还能不了解吗? May exactly be this, instead made them worry. 可恰恰是这样,反而更令它们担忧。 At present after all is three regiments, moreover has nether world regiment such existence, is very thorny. 眼前毕竟是三个军团,而且其中还有幽冥军团这样的存在,很是棘手。 But but their blood the lawless generation, even Sir Demon Venerable dare to begin initially, now facing that three big regiment, will fear? 而它们这位血子可是无法无天之辈啊,当初连魔尊大人都敢动手,如今面对那三大军团,会怕吗? But why does not know, in their hearts is some faintly is unexpectedly excited. 但不知道为什么,它们心中竟是有些隐隐兴奋起来。 Black, demon Locker, Sabres and others the deputy commands actually stares fiercely, the whole face compels ignorant, turning the head of mechanical type looked that clone to the blood god, probably somewhat cannot feel the mind. 黑摩特,魔罗克,萨布尔等副统帅却是猛地一愣,满脸懵逼,机械式的转头看向血神分身,好像有些摸不着头脑。 What situation? 什么情况? Do not admit defeat? 不是要服软吗? How on the hard steel suddenly, they have not responded. 怎么突然就硬钢起来了,它们还没反应过来啊。 I know...... wait/etc, what did he say?” The idle fog gao eye meaning of teasing solidifies immediately, cannot bear suspect did oneself misunderstand? “我就知道……等等,他说什么?”惰雾藁眼中的戏谑之意顿时凝固,忍不住怀疑自己是不是听错了? Does this fellow want the hard steel three big regiments? 这家伙要硬钢三大军团? This with it estimated that the situation is completely different. 这跟它预想中的情况完全不同。 The complexion of idle fog gao azure red, the gigantic sole almost must dig out a giant castle in the ground immediately. 惰雾藁的面色顿时一阵青一阵红,硕大的脚掌几乎要在地面上抠出个巨型城堡。 No one knows luckily it is thinking anything, otherwise...... 幸好无人知道它在想什么,不然…… Snort!” That sheep's head demon clan Dark Species cold snort/hum, vision mean stares at the blood god clone, said: Idle talk little said, you should know we come this to make anything, this star we took over control, hands over the cinders ore that you unearth.” “哼!”那羊头魔族黑暗种冷哼一声,目光阴狠的盯着血神分身,说道:“废话少说,伱应该知道我们来此做什么,这颗星球我们接管了,把你们挖掘到的烬矿交出来。” „...... You are snatches the thing, no wonder on the mouthful spews from the beginning.” The blood god clone to say suddenly. “哦……原来你们是来抢东西的啊,难怪一开始就满嘴喷粪呢。”血神分身恍然道。 „......” “……” Dark Species of three big regiments on the face blue vein suddenly/violently Tu, the ice-cold vision will all go to Wang Teng immediately, that look as if wished one could to kill him to be the same at the scene. 三大军团的黑暗种顿时脸上青筋暴突,全都将冰冷的目光投向了王腾,那眼神仿佛恨不得当场杀了他一般。 You said again!” In the sheep's head demon clan Dark Species eye the cold light explodes flashes, dark Source Power in within the body erupts. “你再说一遍!”羊头魔族黑暗种眼中寒光爆闪,体内的黑暗原力爆发而出。 Bang! 轰! As intense clone as the pinnacle malignant influences direct impact blood god. 一股强烈到极致的煞气直冲血神分身而来。 Courts death!” “找死!” That whole body also coldly one by dark scale regiment Dark Species that the mist packages, terrifying dark Star Source Power sweeps across, goes toward the blood god clone steamroll. 那头浑身被雾气包裹的暗鳞军团黑暗种也是冷冷一哼,恐怖的黑暗星辰原力席卷而出,朝着血神分身碾压而去。 Comes, I stand here, you may begin to try greatly.” The blood god clone to cancel the finger to them, said lightly. “来来来,我就站在这里,你们大可动手试试。”血神分身冲着它们勾了勾手指,淡淡说道。 In his eye has an anticipation. 他的眼中有着一丝期待。 Begins! 动手啊! Begins quickly! 快动手啊! Hits! 打起来! The cinders ore that before unearthed had been received by him, remaining also 2/5. 之前挖掘的烬矿已经都被他收了起来,剩下的也就五分之二不到。 Was equal to saying, except for by 1/5 that the main body poached, he obtains on this star 2/5 cinders ores, was in an impregnable position completely. 等于说,除了被本尊挖走的五分之一,他已经得到了这颗星球上五分之二的烬矿,完全立于不败之地了。 Dark Species of these three big regiments want to rob from his hand the cinders ore, is no different than dream of a fool. 这三大军团的黑暗种想要将烬矿从他手中抢走,无异于痴人说梦。 As for remaining 2/5, he simply has not thought to have sole possession, these are must rob to the main body, must therefore hand over in the Dark Species hands of these three big regiments. 至于剩下的五分之二,他根本没想过独吞,那些是要给本尊抢夺的,所以必须交到这三大军团的黑暗种手中。 However must be fastidious about the method. 不过要讲究方法。 Is impossible they to threaten casually, he handed over 2/5 cinders ores all. 不可能它们随随便便恐吓一下,他就将五分之二的烬矿尽数交了出去。 If that is right, he also has what face. 若是如此,他还有什么脸面可言。 Therefore must hit. 所以必须打一场。 Moreover must press the arrogance of three big regiments ruthlessly, making them know that belittles the ominous prestige of regiment black. 而且还要狠狠的压一压三大军团的气焰,让他们知道知道黑蔑军团的凶威。 Dark Species of three big regiments frown immediately, whole face surprised uncertain looks that the blood god clone, they really could not see the energy where he comes, dares to speak with them unexpectedly. 三大军团的黑暗种顿时皱起眉头,满脸惊疑不定的看着血神分身,它们实在看不出他到底哪里来的底气,竟然敢这么跟它们说话。 He did not fear that really hits, will belittle the army to be suppressed black? 难道他不怕真的打起来,黑蔑军会被镇压吗? „Doesn't boy, you hand over seriously the cinders ore?” Sheep's head demon clan Dark Species coldly said. “小子,你当真不将烬矿交出来?”羊头魔族黑暗种冷冷道。 I hand over, how do you divide?” The blood god clone to say suddenly with a laugh: „Do you snatch the nether world regiment? When the time comes makes the bridal clothes to them? Said you are actually the lackeys of nether world regiment? Foot soldier attendants?” “我交出来,你们怎么分呢?”血神分身突然笑呵呵道:“你们抢得过幽冥军团吗?到时候给它们做嫁衣?还是说你们其实就是幽冥军团的狗腿子?马前卒?” Dark Species of nether world regiment has not opened the mouth from beginning to end, as if this matter has nothing to do general with them. 幽冥军团的黑暗种从始至终都没有开口,仿佛这件事与它们无关一般。 However the blood god clone to feel them, just like looked that the good play looks at all these generally, as if has victory in the hand generally. 但是血神分身可以感觉到它们正如看好戏一般看着这一切,似乎已经胜券在握了一般。 Blood god clone naturally cannot let off them, drags down directly it. 血神分身自然不会放过它们,直接将其拉下水来。 The future is in any case bad, with its waits for the opposite party to launch an attack, might as well turn the passive situation into initiative, first to draw in the join them. 反正来者不善,与其等着对方发难,不如化被动为主动,先将它们拉入局中。 The water more mixes, he is better to catch a fish by hand. 水越混,他才越好摸鱼。 The Dark Species of dark scale regiment and black flame regiment was silent immediately, they looked at each other one secretly subconsciously, the vision looks to the center nether world regiment. 暗鳞军团和黑炎军团的黑暗种顿时沉默了一下,它们暗暗对视了一眼,目光下意识的看向中心处的幽冥军团。 These two big regiments happen to are located in the both sides of nether world regiment, just like surrounds general it, does not know that is intentionally for it, the aspect of accidentally forming. 这两大军团正好位于幽冥军团的两侧,宛如将其包围起来一般,不知是故意为之,还是无意中形成的局面。 Clone to watch the good play this feedback to the blood god. 这回轮到血神分身看好戏了。 He have a relish looks at them, how wants to have a look at these two big dark regiments to choose? 他饶有兴致的看着它们,想看看这两大黑暗军团会如何选择? However, Dark Species of nether world regiment has not opened the mouth as before, is Dark Species of head also packages in one group of mist, but that color is actually the dull purple, is passing a different kind honored feeling, has the enormous difference from other Dark Species confusions evilly. 然而,幽冥军团的黑暗种依旧没有开口,为首的黑暗种同样是包裹在一团雾气中,不过那颜色却是暗紫色,透着一股别样的尊贵之感,与其他黑暗种的混乱邪恶有着极大的区别。 The blood god clone obviously to feel, its vision is falling on oneself, has one type ice-cold and indifferently, careless. 血神分身明显可以感觉到,它的目光正落在自己身上,带着一种冰冷与漠然,还有一丝漫不经心。 However the opposite party truly has such energy, because he is later period of a high-rank demon sovereign level exists. 不过对方确实有着这样的底气,因为他是一位上位魔皇级后期存在。 Clone this trivial mid-rank demon sovereign level peak junior facing the blood god, later period of a high-rank demon sovereign level exists is completely the stance of steamroll, how it possibly cares it. 面对血神分身这个区区的中位魔皇级巅峰小辈,一个上位魔皇级后期存在完完全全是碾压的姿态,它又怎么可能将其放在心上。 However even if faces later period of a high-rank demon sovereign level to exist, the blood god clone still to have energy, therefore in heart radically fearless. 不过即便是面对一个上位魔皇级后期存在,血神分身也有一丝底气,所以心中根本无惧。 Is away from that dull purple mist, two people vision as if looked at each other one. 隔着那暗紫色的雾气,两人的目光似乎对视了一眼。 Snort, but also wants to sow dissension, this sovereign first took you to say again.” “哼,还想挑拨离间,本皇先拿下你再说。” Suddenly, that sheep's head demon clan Dark Species and Dark Species of dark scale regiment looked at each other one with no trace, is goes toward blood god clone suddenly/violently to rush unexpectedly in abundance. 突然,那羊头魔族黑暗种与暗鳞军团的黑暗种不着痕迹的对视了一眼,竟是纷纷朝着血神分身暴冲而去。 Blood is careful!” “血子小心!” Commander is careful!” “统帅小心!” Blood blue abundant and other blood group Dark Species, and even belittles armed forces' deputy command black is the complexion big change, drinks repeatedly greatly. 血蓝博等血族黑暗种,乃至黑蔑军的副统帅俱是面色大变,连声大喝。 This was extremely sudden. 这一幕太过突然了。 No one has thought, these two Dark Species clone to begin to the blood god suddenly. 谁都没有想到,这两头黑暗种会突然向血神分身动手。 Thinks their somewhat meeting dreads nether world regiment, but evidently, they as if want first to solve now belittle the regiment black. 原本以为它们多少会忌惮幽冥军团一下,可如今看样子,它们似乎想要先解决黑蔑军团。 Belittles army numerous Dark Species black seriously is startled and anger, drinks makes noise at the same time greatly, erupts Source Power in abundance, wants to help the blood god clone to block that two Dark Species. 黑蔑军一众黑暗种当真是又惊又怒,大喝出声的同时,纷纷爆发出原力,想要帮血神分身挡住那两头黑暗种 It looks like in them, the blood god clone is the mid-rank demon sovereign level exists after all, facing the surprise attacks of two high-rank demon sovereign level Dark Species, how can resist. 在它们看来,血神分身毕竟是中位魔皇级存在,面对两头上位魔皇级黑暗种的突袭,如何能够抵挡。 Bang! Bang! Bang...... 轰!轰!轰…… The blood is blue, black, demon Locker and other Dark Species responded quickly, suddenly/violently to rush, erupted Fighting technique directly in abundance, the bang approached the opposite party. 血蓝博,黑摩特,魔罗克等黑暗种反应最快,径直暴冲而出,纷纷爆发战技,轰向了对方。 Jie Jie Jie...... was too weak! You were too weak!” “桀桀桀……太弱了!你们太弱了!” That sheep's head demon clan Dark Species whole face disdains, rumbles suddenly a fist, dark Star Source Power condenses the terrifying fist seal, above is glittering the strange trace, pounded loudly blue to the blood abundant and the others. 那羊头魔族黑暗种满脸不屑,陡然轰出一拳,黑暗星辰原力凝聚成恐怖的拳印,上面闪烁着奇异的纹路,轰然砸向了血蓝博等人。 The Dark Species whole body mist of dark scale regiment moves rolling, condenses a leader to paint the black terrifying python suddenly, howls to explode to shoot. 暗鳞军团的黑暗种浑身雾气滚滚而动,突然间凝聚出一头头漆黑色的恐怖巨蟒,嘶啸着爆射而出。 Bang! 轰隆! , The blood blue abundant and the others the attacks collapse in a flash all, then opposite two attacks fall on them loudly, shook to draw back it directly. 一瞬间而已,血蓝博等人的攻击尽数崩溃,而后对面的两道攻击轰然落在它们身上,直接将其震退了出去。
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