All Attributes Martial Dao 全属性武道

You defeat a kendo genius and drop [sense 2], [sword talent 1]... you pick it up, your savvy is improved, and you get a junior kendo talent! You defeat a body-refining genius, and drop [Body Refining Technique 1], [Holy Blood Overlord Body 1]... You picked it up, learned a top-level body-refining technique, and got it after taking the shit luck. Defying the heavenly physique, the Holy Blood Overlord, won the title of God Level [The Undead Cockroach]! ... You have defeated countless opponents in your life. Suddenly, one day, you slashed the innocent gods and monsters passing by with a single sword. You accidentally chopped the Galaxy into two by practicing the knife at home. The small fist punched the sun and made the world. Falling into darkness... It turns out that you are already invincible! !

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