AAMD :: Volume #21

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The sudden imposing manner, making everyone be startled. The old men in that day wind empire are just like damn stare the big eye generally, his imposing manner actually by the opposite party direct steamroll, did not have the strength to hit back. 突然爆发的气势,让所有人都是一惊。那位天风帝国的老者更是犹如见鬼一般瞪大眼睛,他的气势竟然被对方直接碾压,毫无还手之力。 This was too rather fearful. 这未免太可怕了。 Territory Lord Level peak Martial Artist, has the so terrifying imposing manner unexpectedly. Moreover the dead center that he places that imposing manner, feels intensely, at this moment as if faces ancient gods, the dignity and sacredness, making one unable to rise slightly the meaning of contending. 一个域主级巅峰武者,竟有如此恐怖的气势。而且他身处那气势的正中心,感觉最为强烈,此刻就仿佛面对一尊古老的神明,威严而神圣,让人升不起丝毫抗衡之意。 This imposing manner is not absolutely simple. 这种气势绝对不简单。 Other powerhouse also sensations to anything, in the eye presented a vibration one after another. 其他强者也纷纷感知到了什么,眼中出现一丝震动。 This extremely unexpected. 这一幕太过出人意料。 No one has thought, this Wang Teng is in front of so many powerhouses, dares to launch an attack unexpectedly suddenly, and that imposing manner. Even they must dread 12. 谁也没有想到,这王腾当着这么多强者的面,竟还敢突然发难,且那气势之强。连他们都要忌惮一二。 He did not fear that isn't able to end? 他难道就不怕无法收场吗? On the scene has later period of many World Lord Level after all, and even the immortal level exists is not common Martial Artist may compare. 在场毕竟有着诸多界主级后期,乃至不朽级存在绝非寻常武者可比。 His Territory Lord Level peak Martial Artist, even if there is allied armies always the graceful support, is impossible to have that full energy to be right. 他一个域主级巅峰武者,即便有着联军总帅的支持,也不可能有那么足的底气才对。 Including the powerhouses of several big influences, in addition, these young generation of Martial Artist, were shocking was so more unusual, stared the big eye, on the face full was color with amazement. This fellow was insane! 连几大势力的强者尚且如此,那些年轻一辈的武者,就更是震惊异常了,一个个瞪大眼睛,脸上满是骇然之色。这个家伙疯了! Unexpectedly dares to exist to begin to World Lord Level later period. 居然敢对界主级后期存在动手。 Major thousand health/guard Chang of teng snake health/guard at this time are also stunned of whole face, is looking at Wang Teng, the feeling is somewhat unbelievable. 螣蛇卫的各大千卫长此时亦是满脸的愕然,愣愣的望着王腾,感觉有些难以置信。 They shock in Wang Teng similarly erupt, but terrifying imposing manner. Originally from the beginning, they underestimated this new supervisory history. 他们同样震撼于王腾爆发而出的恐怖气势。原来从一开始,他们就小看了这位新任监察史。 Can have the so terrifying imposing manner, will his strength be weak? Perhaps several thousand health/guard Chang on the scene, not necessarily is his opponent. No wonder he can before like that teng snake health/guard Ling of relaxed taking up supervision history rank. 能有这般恐怖的气势,他的实力会弱吗?也许在场的几个千卫长,都未必是他的对手。难怪他之前能够那般轻松的拿起监察史级别的螣蛇卫令。 Has the so terrifying imposing manner, how the aura above that flying snake mentioned in ancient legends command can shake his slightest. 有着如此恐怖的气势,那腾蛇令之上的气息如何能够撼动他分毫。 Meanwhile their domineering to this new supervisory history also had a new understanding. 同时他们对这位新任监察史的强势也有了一层新的认识。 Facing the powerhouses of day billows area four big influences, does not fear, the direct positive/direct hard steel, was too brave! 面对天澜疆域四大势力的强者,都丝毫不惧,直接正面硬钢,着实太勇了! Before Arch wins compared with the present scene, felt dwarfed simply. 之前阿奇博得与如今的场面相比,简直是小巫见大巫。 In the crowd, Arch wins the pupil contraction, the complexion is stiff, does not know that is thinking anything. 人群中,阿奇博得瞳孔收缩,面色僵硬,不知道在想什么。 Another thousand health/guard long Ma Tianlu, actually somewhat rejoiced at this time, rapidness that he instigates fortunately, not, but the temper of this supervisory history, he feared that cannot ask for what advantage. 另一位千卫长马天禄,此时却有些庆幸,还好他怂的快,不然以这位监察史的性子,他怕是讨不到什么好处。 Weighs the branch heart to vibrate, looks at the Wang Teng back, on the face is revealing color of the rousing. 衡科心头震动,望着王腾的背影,脸上都是不由露出一丝振奋之色。 Has to acknowledge, with such a boss, had the security sense. 不得不承认,跟着这样一位上司,太有安全感了。 Does not need to be worried that will be abandoned. 根本不用担心会被抛弃。 World Lord Level late Martial Artist said that the resentment on the resentment, said the hand to act, whom asked also? Also who? 界主级后期武者说怼就怼,说出手就出手,就问还有谁?还有谁? The wind brocade is also looking at the Wang Teng back, the brilliance in eye is even more strong. 风锦同样望着王腾的背影,眼中的光彩越发浓烈。 She, has not really misread Wang Teng. 她,果然没有看错王腾 The scene falls into the middle of a deathly stillness, the atmosphere becomes somewhat dignified. 现场陷入一片死寂当中,气氛变得有些凝重起来。 The Wang Teng imposing manner has not taken back, fell on the old men in that day wind empire as before, a looking disdainfully stance, as if never Martial Artist placed in this World Lord Level the eye later. Haughty! This is what kind of haughtiness! 王腾的气势并未收回,依旧落于那天风帝国的老者身上,一副睥睨姿态,仿佛从未将这界主级后期武者放在眼中。狂傲!这是何等的狂傲! Suddenly, these young generation of Martial Artist thought that this Wang Teng is haughty. 一时间,那些年轻一辈武者都是觉得这王腾狂傲至极。 They do not have personally to see Wang Teng. To his understanding. Only limited to the hearsay, sees him now for the first time is so the situation, only has the haughty two characters to his appraisal. 他们没有亲眼见过王腾。对他的了解。仅限于传闻之中,如今第一次见到他便是如此情形,对他的评价唯有狂傲二字。 This person was too crazy. 这人太狂了。 " Wang Teng! " On that day the old men in wind empire saw themselves unable to resist the Wang Teng imposing manner at this moment in any event, somewhat became angry out of shame, coldly is staring at Wang Teng, opened the mouth saying: " You know that what you are making? " 王腾!」那天风帝国的老者此刻见自己无论如何都无法抵挡王腾的气势,不禁有些恼羞成怒,冷冷盯着王腾,开口道:「你知道你在做什么吗?「 " You know what are oneself making? " Wang Teng look faint asking. 「你又知道自己在做什么吗?」王腾眼神淡漠的问道。 He is the temporary captain who the allied armies chief commanders-in-chief assign, these people want to take advantage of own seniority, so refuses to accept, if he not said that what dignity but also there is? 他是联军总帅指定的临时指挥者,这些人想要倚老卖老,如此不服,他若毫无表示,还有什么威严可言? " ...... " 「……」 On that day the old men in wind empire fell into silent, on the face the muscle twitched ruthlessly. 那天风帝国的老者陷入沉默,脸上肌肉狠狠抽搐了一下。 He naturally knows with this 他自然知道与这 Wang Teng contends, asks for less than the least bit advantage absolutely, when the time comes allied armies accountability, even if later period of his World Lord Level exists, it is estimated that must be punished. 王腾抗衡下去,绝对讨不到半点好处,到时候联军方面问责下来,即便是他这个界主级后期存在,估计也要受到责罚。 Very special period, line of very matters. 非常时期,行非常之事。 Facing this war, World Lord Level late Martial Artist is anything. The immortal level exists continually, must obey the command, otherwise must be criticized after the war. 面对这场大战,界主级后期武者又算什么。连不朽级存在,都要服从指挥,否则战后必然要受到清算。 Moreover at present this Wang Teng energy may be Territory Lord Level Martial Artist is not so only simple, the opposite party is not only seven saints, the back is standing the starry sky school and virtual Yuzhou Corporation's such giant influence, even if the day of wind empire before them, does not occupy any winning side. 而且眼前这王腾的能量可不仅仅是一位域主级武者那么简单,对方不但是七道圣者,背后更是站着星空学院和虚拟宇宙公司这样的巨头势力,哪怕是天风帝国在它们面前,也不占任何上风。 However makes him bow to Territory Lord Level Martial Artist , he is unable to accept simply absurdly. 然而让他向一个域主级武者低头,简直荒唐至极,他根本无法接受。 Suddenly, the scene was then at a stalemate. 一时间,场面便是僵持了下来。 " Wang Teng, odd/surplus is the ancient in my day wind empire, is the senior, you do not have to his respect, how obedience? " At this time, the day wind empire went out of a youth appearance World Lord Level Martial Artist, knit the brows to say. 王腾,余老乃是我天风帝国的宿老,也算是前辈,你对他一点尊重都没有,如何服众?」这时,天风帝国这边走出一名青年模样的界主级武者,皱眉说道。 His named Li Xuesong, is the talent of day of wind empire, and usually quite receives odd/surplus to look, naturally cannot see that he is insulted. 他名为李雪松,乃是天风帝国的天才,且平时颇受余老关照,自然不能眼看着他受辱。 " Good, odd/surplus said no matter how is also our seniors, you to him, have to lose the demeanor, if Heaven's Chosen in hearsay is only this, that is really disappointing. " Talent Gallacher of Lask federation also said. 「不错,余老不管怎么说也是我们的前辈,你如此对他,却是有失风度,传闻中的天骄若只是这样,那真是令人失望。」瓦斯科联邦的天才加拉赫也是说道。 " What thing are you? Here wheel obtains you to speak. " Wang Teng light say/way. 「你们算什么东西?这里轮得到你们说话。」王腾淡淡道。 " You! " 「你!」 Li Xuesong and Gallacher stare slightly, the complexion simultaneously becomes extremely ugly/difficult to look at. 李雪松和加拉赫微微一愣,面色同时变得极为难看。 They have not really thought, this Wang Teng is so supercilious unexpectedly, the least bit face does not remain to them, then stepped on their dignity directly in the sole. 他们实在没有想到,这王腾竟然如此目中无人,半点面子都不给他们留,直接便是将他们的尊严踩在了脚底。 The talents as two big influences, when they receive so shame. 身为两大势力的天才,他们何时受过这般羞辱。 In two people eyes reveals the cold light immediately, is staring at Wang Teng stubbornly, as if the next quarter must unable to bear make a move. 两人的眼中顿时都是露出寒光,死死盯着王腾,似乎下一刻就要忍不住出手。 " Wang Teng, you were not the luck are good, entered the allied armies always the graceful eye, became the temporary direction? Here rampant anything. " Another talent Penny of Lask federation sees the companion by the shame, immediately spoke loudly shouts: " Fellow seniors here, where wheel obtain you to be dissolute. " 王腾,你不就是运气好了点,入了联军总帅的眼,才成为临时指挥的吗?在这里嚣张什么。「瓦斯科联邦的另一位天才潘妮丝见同伴被辱,顿时出言大喝道:「各位前辈在此,哪里轮得到你放肆。」 " Wang Teng, you truly extremely, Li Xuesong and Gallacher are the good words persuade, you insulted them, really did not have the quantity of being tolerant of others. " World Lord Level talent Zhao Yang yu of greatly bountiful empire stood slowly, an extremely disappointed appearance, shakes the head to say. 王腾,你确实太过了,李雪松和加拉赫不过是好言劝说,你却如此侮辱他们,实在没有容人之量。「大饶帝国的一名界主级天才赵阳宇缓缓站了出来,一副极为失望的样子,摇头说道。 Originally, if Wang Teng with the speech of their good words good language, both sides is not cannot cooperate, they will definitely obey the allied armies always the graceful arrangement, to this Wang Teng face, both sides attacks that star that Dark Species occupies now together. 本来,如果王腾跟他们好言好语的说话,双方也不是不能合作,他们肯定会听从联军总帅的安排,给这王腾面子,双方一起攻伐黑暗种如今所占据的那颗星球。 This is the win-win matter. 这是双赢的事情。 Moreover in their opinion, Wang Teng is the Territory Lord Level peak, the background definitely has insufficient, decides however must take advantage of them, will not easily get angry absolutely. 而且在他们看来,王腾不过是域主级巅峰,底蕴肯定有所不足,定然要依仗他们,绝对不会轻易翻脸。 But who knows, first came the wind brocade, is this Wang Teng, extremely strong, said that gets angry gets angry. 可谁知道,先是来了个风锦,接着又是这王腾,都是极为的强硬,说翻脸就翻脸。 What to do at this time can they? 此时他们能怎么办? Naturally can only the hard steel, otherwise the four big influences of their day billows area must become the laughingstock. 自然只能硬钢到底,否则他们天澜疆域的四大势力岂不是要成为笑柄。 The four big top influences of big area, must submit to Territory Lord Level Martial Artist unexpectedly, this is how possible. 偌大疆域的四大顶尖势力,居然要屈服于一个域主级武者,这怎么可能。 Weighs the branch and wind brocade two people of the talents that sees these big influences stood came out to accuse Wang Teng, but these powerhouses of influence as if also had the potential of ignores, has not prevented, immediately worried incomparably. 衡科与风锦二人见这几大势力的天才都是纷纷站了出来指责王腾,而这些势力的强者似乎也有放任之势,并未阻止,顿时担忧无比。 Right now, Wang Teng becomes as if the target of public criticism. Although they before to the Wang Teng truly unusual trust, but faces these influences now simultaneously, even they, felt that boundless pressure, let alone is Wang Teng. 这下子,王腾似乎成为了众矢之的。他们之前虽然对王腾确实非常的信任,但如今同时面对这些势力,即便是他们,都感觉到了那种磅礴的压力,更何况是王腾 The wind brocade bites the lip tightly, in the heart has set firm resolve, if Wang Teng cannot withstand the pressure, that is admitted mistakes by her, cannot let Wang Teng absolutely by this humiliation. 风锦紧咬嘴唇,心中已然下定决心,如果王腾顶不住压力,那就由她去低头认错,绝对不能让王腾受此屈辱。 Gallacher and Li Xuesong sneer slightly, several big influences also exert pressure, they do not believe this Wang Teng also to support by hard and stubborn effort. On that day the old men in wind empire also relaxed, but in the eye revealed one to worry, looked to other powerhouses of influence. 加拉赫与李雪松都是微微冷笑起来,几大势力同时施压,他们就不信这王腾还能够硬撑下去。那天风帝国的老者也是松了口气,但眼中又露出一丝担忧,看向其他势力的强者。 Promised that Commander Xing Cezong, must coordinate this Wang Teng well, now becomes this noisily, 原本答应那邢策总帅,要好好配合这王腾,如今闹成这样, Whether some extremely? 是否有些太过了? In the final analysis, they by the power and influence of several big influences on the Wang Teng hydrostatic testing, many are somewhat rely on simultaneously bully the weak, to bully little, passes on also to harm the face countenance. 说到底,他们以几大势力的威势同时向王腾试压,多少是有些倚强凌弱,以多欺少了,传出去同样有损颜面。 However he sees the vision of others , thought through quickly. If really makes Wang Teng ride on them, perhaps they will not have the face countenance. 不过他看到其他人的目光,很快也想通了。如果真让王腾骑到他们头上,那他们恐怕会更无颜面。 Two harm the power, chooses the lesser. Now they have been unable to back down. " Ha haha...... " 两害相权,取其轻。如今他们已是骑虎难下。「哈哈哈……」 In the meantime, big laughter spreads from the Wang Teng mouth suddenly. Everyone was shocked. Can this fellow also smile? 就在此时,一阵大笑声突然从王腾口中传出。所有人不禁愣住了。这家伙还笑得出来? " Old seniors? Hehe, is really funny, can the old seniors does not distinguish between right and wrong, accuse the younger generation at will? " 「老前辈?呵呵,真是好笑,老前辈就能够不分青红皂白,随意指责晚辈?」 The Wang Teng vision has swept from these powerhouses, then falls on several young generation of World Lord Level Martial Artist, disdained saying: 王腾目光从那些强者身上扫过,而后落在几个年轻一辈的界主级武者身上,不屑的说道: " The matter of heavenly pillar star, is far from to wrong, this matter everyone knows in heart. " 「天柱星之事,谈不上对错,这件事大家心里都有数。」 " But you were in front of litigant to say in side some superficial words, can think the feeling of opposite party? " " Result said that but, but must begin! " 「但是你们当着当事人的面在旁边说着一些不痛不痒的话语,可想过对方的感受?「「结果说不过,还要动手!」 " The promptness that if not for I come back, can your old seniors press my subordinate to kowtow to apologize to you? " 「若不是我回来的及时,你们这些老前辈是不是就要压着我的下属给你们磕头赔罪?「 " Is this bearing of old seniors? " 「这就是老前辈的气度?」 His voice is getting more and more loud, until resounding through the entire spaceship, falls in the people ear. 他的声音越来越大,直至响彻整艘飞船,落在众人耳中。 Revealing! 振聋发聩! Everyone's complexion changed, the powerhouse of especially those older generation, thought that on the face was slapped several faces ruthlessly, burning. 所有人的面色都变了,尤其是那些老一辈的强者,更是觉得脸上被人狠狠抽了几巴掌,火辣辣的。 Wang Teng has not actually paid attention to them, the vision stopped on Li Xuesong and Gallacher, not to the opportunity that they refuted, continued saying: 王腾却没有理会他们,目光在李雪松和加拉赫身上停顿了一下,丝毫不给他们反驳的机会,继续说道: " Just now said by you, needs to respect the senior, that also needed my interim director to make anything, looked for several oldest coming out to be the director to be good directly. " 「以你们方才所言,需要尊重前辈,那还需要我这临时指挥做什么,直接找几个最老的出来当指挥就好了。」 " Also, how do I handle affairs, need you to gesticulate? Does the wheel obtain you to be disappointed? " 「还有,我如何行事,需要你们来指手画脚?轮得到你们失望?」 Li Xuesong and Gallacher complexion fluctuates, azure white, said having nothing to say in reply. 李雪松与加拉赫面色变幻,一阵青一阵白,被说的无言以对。 " You. " 「还有你。」 Wang Teng will direct the spearhead at Penny suddenly, shouted lightly: " You can go out to ask greatly how having a look at my temporary direction the position to come, without me discovered that this place exceptionally, what your day billows area must suffer, you can know? " 王腾猛然将矛头指向潘妮丝,轻喝道:「你大可以出去问问,看看我这临时指挥的职位是怎么来的,若没有我发现此地异常,你们天澜疆域要遭受什么,你们可知道?」 " These words, I do not want to say that since you said the matter by this, I said with you well. " 「这些话,我本不想说,既然你们以此说事,那我就跟你们好好说道说道。」 " Young generation does not understand, is it possible that the older generation does not understand. " His whole face ridiculed ridiculing, the vision one on these older generation powerhouses swept, finally returned to Penny, sneered saying: 「年轻一辈不懂,老一辈莫非也不懂。」他满脸讥嘲,目光又在那些老一辈强者身上一扫而过,最终回到潘妮丝身上,冷笑道: " What does not know, then do not spout rhetoric in this, otherwise only the meeting disciple increases the laughingstock. " 「什么都不知道,便不要在此大放厥词,否则只会徒增笑柄。「 " Small achievement has not stood, then wants to seize power, is laughable. " " You! " A Penny said elegant face rose the color of pig liver. 「寸功未立,便想夺权,才是可笑至极。」「你!」潘妮丝被说的一张俏脸涨成了猪肝之色。 Talent as Lask federation . Moreover the appearance is beautiful, does not know that receives many people to hound, now unexpectedly is taunted, seriously is first time. 身为瓦斯科联邦的天才,而且容貌美丽,不知受到多少人追捧,如今居然被人如此嘲讽,当真是头一遭。 Moreover looks look that the seniors glitter, she then knows the estimate that the opposite party said is not false. 而且看着众位前辈闪烁的眼神,她便知道对方说的估计不假。 In other words, her just now words, possibly really look like the clumsy mischief-doer to be common, the disciple increases the laughingstock. 也就是说,她方才的话语,可能真的就像是跳梁小丑一般,徒增笑柄。 " Quantity of what for being tolerant of others? " The Wang Teng vision shifts directly from Penny, fell on the last young generation of talent, said lightly: " I hit your fist, you said with a laugh doesn't have the relations? This is the quantity of being tolerant of others you said that haven't I understood wrong? Do you want to try? " 「何为容人之量?」王腾的目光直接从潘妮丝身上转移开,落在了最后一个年轻一辈的天才身上,淡淡说道:「我打你一拳,你笑呵呵的说没关系可以吗?这就是你所言的容人之量,我没理解错吧?你要不要试试?」 Zhao Yang yu corners of the mouth twitched, cannot bear retrocede one step, he really feared Wang Teng to him a fist. 赵阳宇嘴角抽搐,忍不住后退了一步,他真怕王腾给他一拳。 With the style of this fellow, not without this possibility. The wind brocade and graduated arm branch two people are dumbfounded. 以这家伙的行事风格,并不是没有这种可能。风锦和衡科两人目瞪口呆。 The Wang Teng spoken language unexpectedly is so of sharp, the talent that several influence said is dumbfounded, even the powerhouses of these older generations, were the somewhat afraid, facial colors such as eat together the excrement to be common. 王腾的言语竟然如此犀利,说的那几个势力的天才哑口无言,甚至连那些老一辈的强者,都是有些心虚,一个个面色都如同吃了屎一般。 The wind brocade somewhat is suddenly venting, looks to Penny, the complexion is strange. 风锦突然有些解气,看向潘妮丝,面色不禁古怪起来。 This woman is been soon shameful, stood somewhat moves restlessly anxiously there that Wang Teng said that as if wished one could to look for a tunnel to worm one's way into. 这女人已经被王腾说的快要无地自容了,站在那里都有些躁动不安,似乎恨不得找个地洞钻进去。 She a little wants to smile, actually also knows that at this time cannot smile, suppresses very laboriously. 她有点想笑,却也知道此时不能笑出来,憋得很辛苦。 These thousand health/guard of teng snake health/guard long fell into thoroughly silent, is looking at Wang Teng, somewhat admires. 螣蛇卫的那些个千卫长彻底陷入了沉默,望着王腾,不禁有些佩服起来。 Too fierce! 太猛了! This new supervises Sir history seriously is a fierce person! They really have to admire. 这位新任监察史大人当真是个猛人啊!他们实在不得不佩服。 If changes into them, even if by the power and influence of teng snake health/guard, still decided however must be suppressed by this major influences, where can also look like the Wang Teng so loud and clear rebuttal. 若是换成他们,就算是凭借螣蛇卫的威势,也定然要被这各大势力镇压了,哪里还能像王腾这般掷地有声的反驳。 啪啪呼啪 Suddenly, an applause resounds in the crowd. 突然,一阵掌声在人群中响起。 Wang Teng complexion light turning the head looks, sees only behind that crowd, goes out of a youth who wears the white clothing, his appearance is handsome, the makings have the dust to be refined, mild-mannered and cultivated. 王腾面色平淡的转头望去,只见那人群后方,走出一名身穿白衣的青年,他的模样非常俊朗,气质出尘脱俗,温文尔雅。 Zhao Yang yu, Penny, Gallacher, Li Xuesong and the others saw this person, the complexion all changes, the eyeground deep place revealed a different kind color. 赵阳宇,潘妮丝,加拉赫,李雪松等人看到此人,面色俱是一变,眼底深处露出了一丝别样的色彩。 The powerhouses of these older generations, relax at this moment slightly, the vision falls on that white clothing youth. 就连那些老一辈的强者,此刻也是微微松了口气,目光落在那白衣青年身上。 Wang Teng gets a panoramic view all these, has not actually opened the mouth, but static is looking at the opposite party, probably was saying: " Please start your performance. " 王腾将这一切尽收眼底,却没有开口,只是静静的望着对方,好像在说:「请开始你的表演。」 " ..... " 「.....」 That white clothing youth sudden corner of the eye jumps. Unmanned coordination. It is awkward. 那白衣青年突然眼角一跳。无人配合。就挺尴尬的。 He thinks Wang Teng will unable to bear first opens the mouth, finally, the opposite party had not as if guessed correctly that he will appear general. 他原本以为王腾会忍不住先开口,结果并没有,对方似乎早就猜到他会出现一般。 " Interesting! " 「有意思!」 In the white clothing youth heart whispered, looks to Wang Teng, opens the mouth to say on own initiative: " Wang Teng your excellency, I have heard your name, has heard your deeds, oneself admire very much, now sees you with own eyes, knows seeing something once better than hearing hundred times. " 白衣青年心中嘀咕了一句,望向王腾,主动开口道:「王腾阁下,我听说过你的名字,也听闻过你的事迹,本人很是敬佩,如今亲眼见到你,才知道百闻不如一见。」 " You are also like them, is very disappointed? " Wang Teng said. " No , I have not instead admired you. " The white clothing youth said with a smile: " Not all young generation of Heaven's Chosen, can achieve your so degree, you are a person who is worth admiring. " 「你也和他们一样,很失望?」王腾道。「不,并没有,我反而更加佩服你了。」白衣青年笑道:「并不是所有年轻一辈的天骄,都能够做到你这般程度的,你是一个值得敬佩的人。「 " Therefore? " Wang Teng remains unmoved, asked lightly. " Therefore, I want to say that perhaps what everyone has to misunderstand, this matter, might as well sit calmly discussed that how you did look? " The white clothing youth said. 「所以呢?」王腾不为所动,淡淡问道。「所以,我想说大家也许有什么误会,这件事情,不如坐下来心平气和的谈一谈,你看如何?」白衣青年道。 " Misunderstanding? " Wang Teng smiled, looks at him meaningfully, said: " How you just did not come out saying that is the misunderstanding? " 「误会?」王腾笑了,意味深长的看着他,说道:「你刚刚怎么不出来说是误会呢?」 " Ha 「哈哈哈 Just I only think that is a minor matter, reality 刚刚我只以为是件小事而已,实 In has not thought that you will be in so the situation noisily. " White clothing youth spoke frankly with a smile: " Now we place the same camp, the common enemy is Dark Species is right, really does not need, for small contradictory and noisy not happily, if delayed the fighter aircraft, passes to that side the allied armies, does not have the advantage to you. " 在没有想到你们会闹到这般地步。「白衣青年笑着直言道:「如今我们身处同一个阵营,共同的敌人是黑暗种才对,实在没有必要为了一点小矛盾而闹得不愉快,若是耽误了战机,传到联军那边,想必对你也没有好处。」 " I am actually indifferent, this temporary direction works as improper, I am, after all is a temporary direction, is not the advantage. " Wang Teng tranquil say/way. " ...... " White clothing youth is speechless. This fellow really some oil salts have not entered. 「我倒是无所谓,这临时指挥当不当,我是都可以的,毕竟就是个临时指挥而已,又不是什么实打实的好处。」王腾平静的道。「……」白衣青年无言。这家伙还真有些油盐不进啊。 He is sizing up Wang Teng carefully, wants to have a look at him really indifferently, such big merit is placed in the front, who can not move? 他仔细打量着王腾,想看看他是否真的无所谓,这么大一件功劳摆在面前,谁能不动心? But is very regrettable, he sees from the face of Wang Teng, truly is a dispensable potential facial expression. 但很遗憾,他从王腾的脸上看到的,确实是一种可有可无的潜在神情。 With his vision, this point can look. In some slight expressions to the square features, cannot cheat. This lets in his heart is somewhat dignified, energy where this Wang Teng comes, even if not work as this temporary direction, not cares a whoop. 以他的眼光,这一点还是可以看出来的。对方脸上一些细微的表情,做不了假。这让他心中不由的有些凝重起来,这个王腾到底哪里来的底气,哪怕是不当这临时指挥,都丝毫不在意。 Where he knows, Wang Teng obtains enough advantage. At this time even if abandons that temporary direction the position, will not affect his anything, at the worst is few merit, by his ability, goes to other places the same as fish many merit, does not miss this. 他又哪里知道,王腾早就得到了足够的好处。此时就算抛弃那临时指挥的职位,也不会影响到他什么,大不了就是少一点功劳而已,以他的能力,去其他地方一样可以捞到不少功劳,不差这一处。 If no his help, these people want to seize that cinders ore from the Dark Species mouth, perhaps being no different difficult such as to ascend to heaven. 而且若没有他的帮助,这些人想要从黑暗种口中夺下那烬矿,恐怕无异于难如登天。 To put it bluntly, is he has these influences on fish the merit, rather than these influences lead him to fish the merit. 说白了,是他带着这些势力捞功劳,而不是这几个势力带着他捞功劳。 What a pity they have not seen clearly this point. 可惜他们并没有看清这一点。 Meanwhile, these powerhouses as if also saw anything, looked at each other one with no trace, in the heart is thump. 与此同时,那些强者似乎也看出了什么,一个个不着痕迹的对视了一眼,心中都是不由咯噔了一下。 don't What non Wang Teng also knows extremely important information, sufficiently decision war? 非这王腾还知道什么极为重要的情报,足以决定战局? Otherwise he why so secure. 否则他为何如此有恃无恐。 Suddenly, these powerhouses were some headaches. 一时间,这些强者都是有些头疼了起来。 Difficult to gnaw! 难啃! This Wang Teng seriously is a bone that is difficult to gnaw. 王腾当真是一块难啃的骨头。 No wonder can rely on the Territory Lord Level peak strength, then rushes out the big reputation in the universe, virtual Yuzhou Corporation, Secondary Profession Alliance such giant, favors him extremely. 难怪能够凭借域主级巅峰实力,便在宇宙中闯出偌大的名声,就连虚拟宇宙公司,副职业联盟那样的巨头,都极为看好他。 The wind brocade and graduated arm branch looked at each other one, they were also worried about Wang Teng, now sees this, as if somewhat understood, Wang Teng does not launch an attack for no reason, but was in the heart has the plan, owed they also to be worried. 风锦和衡科不禁对视了一眼,他们原本还十分担心王腾,如今看到这一幕,似乎有些明白了过来,王腾并非无故发难,而是心中早就有了打算,亏他们还担心了一场。 Obviously, advantage in us. 很显然,优势在我方。 () () …… ……
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