AAMD :: Volume #21

#2037: Evacuate! The humiliation of wind brocade! Do you plan to give me a demonstration of authority?( Sought subscription!)

Present cinders ore many to not having boundary, spreads several tens of thousands of li (0.5 km), cannot see the end as before. 眼前的烬矿多到没有边际,蔓延数万里,依旧看不到尽头。 As if silver python under a deep buried bottom, making one shock. 仿佛一头深埋地底之下的银色巨蟒,令人震撼。 That wilderness that just now Wang Teng arrives is very big, but this cinders ore situated in that wilderness, did not say that the trim wilderness is, at least occupied a large part. 方才王腾所到的那片荒漠很大,而这座烬矿位于那荒漠之下,不说整片荒漠都是,起码占据了很大一部分。 If common Martial Artist, without using Source Power, is very difficult to limit the size of this mineral lode. 如果是寻常武者,在不动用原力的情况下,很难界定这座矿脉的大小。 But Wang Teng has 【The heart of Yuan magnetism The talent, has the spirit to read the strength to be auxiliary, sensation that can blur to the mineral lode of this place. 王腾拥有【元磁之心】天赋,更有精神念力辅助,可以模糊的感知到此地的矿脉。 Wang Teng deeply inspires, was been tranquil by oneself, looks to front cinders ore, the look somewhat is also dignified. 王腾深吸了口气,让自己平静下来,望向面前的烬矿,神色又有些凝重。 So many cinders ores, if falls to Dark Species in...... 这么多的烬矿,如果落到黑暗种手里…… " Can evacuate this cinders ore all? " In the Wang Teng heart has a bold idea. 「能不能将这座烬矿尽数搬空?」王腾心中冒出一个大胆的想法。 The cinders ore is very without doubt important, when necessary can become kills greatly, whose hand falls to, might as well fall to his own hand in good. 烬矿无疑很重要,必要时可以成为大杀器,落到谁的手里,都不如落到他自己手里好。 Makes the contribution to the bright universe in any case, he will not abuse. 反正都是为光明宇宙做贡献,他又不会乱用。 Was the present cinders ore too were mainly many, many to letting him has to move. 主要是眼前的烬矿实在太多了,多到让他不得不动心。 When the benefit is over 300 times, the person will take risks. 当利益超过三百倍,人就会铤而走险。 Wang Teng did not deny that own greedy, he is very difficult to give up these cinders ores. 王腾丝毫不否认自己的贪婪,他很难放弃这些烬矿。 " Oh! " 「唉!」 He thought that oneself received the huge test, and finally has not endured this test. 他觉得自己受到了巨大的考验,并且最终还是没经受住这考验。 " Does not manage, starves to death timidly, supports brave. " 「不管了,饿死胆小的,撑死胆大的。」 In the Wang Teng eye reveals one decidedly, looked sees. Truth how can there be to let off. That does not conform to his character. 王腾眼中露出一丝决然,看都看到了。岂有放过的道理。那不符合他的性格啊。 On this star also many cinders ores were short of this mineral lode in any case, the total quantity was also short of 1/45 at most, harmless. 反正这颗星球上还有不少烬矿少了这一座矿脉,总量也顶多是少了四五分之一,无伤大雅。 Wang Teng not hesitant, immediately 【The heart of Yuan magnetism The talent revolved the pinnacle, started to transport the cinders ore. 王腾没有犹豫,当即将【元磁之心】天赋运转到了极致,开始搬运烬矿。 These cinders ores in fact as before are the scattered distributions, some fist sizes, some head sizes, but also some diameters can reach several meters, but extremely few over ten meters. 这些烬矿实际上依旧是零零散散的分布,有的拳头大小,有的脑袋大小,还有的直径可达数米,但极少有超过十米的。 Therefore gathers also is quite but actually easy, does not need to divide again. 所以收取起来倒也颇为容易,不用再去分割。 The characteristics that the cinders ore can explode, increased the excavating difficulty without doubt, slightly is actually better to excavate. 烬矿会爆炸的特性,无疑是加大了开凿难度,越小倒是越好开凿。 But the cinders ore volume is too small, the might will also be limited, only has to have the cinders ore weapon, can display truly the prestige of this special material. 但烬矿体积太小,威力也会受到限制,唯有掌握烬矿武器,才能真正将这种特殊物质的威能发挥出来。 He is almost certain now all influence had certainly the cinders ore weapon. 他现在几乎可以肯定各方势力一定掌握了烬矿武器。 " Receives! " 「收!」 " I receive! " 「我收!」 " I receive! " 「我收收收!」 Wang Teng always enjoys the present cinders ore will take in own debris, happen to before fused that hidden space, can be used to deposit the cinders ore. 王腾乐此不疲的将眼前的烬矿收进自己的空间碎片之内,正好之前融合了那座隐藏空间,可以用来存放着烬矿。 However needs to remind Flower Spirit Race young girl one, so as to avoid they did not trigger the cinders ore carefully. 不过还是需要提醒花灵族的少女一声,免得她们不小心触发了烬矿。 " I go, this cinders ore is a little big. " 「我去,这块烬矿有点大啊。」 Suddenly, Wang Teng stopped the step, looks at front cinders ore, in the eye reveals a vibration. 突然,王腾停住了步伐,看着面前的烬矿,眼中露出一丝震动。 Unearthed the most place mineral lode, finally bumped into a quite giant cinders ore. 挖掘了大半座矿脉,终于碰到了一块颇为巨大的烬矿。 This cinders ore 40-50 meters, assume the long linearity, but the width and thickness are also 20-30 meters fully. 这块烬矿足足有40-50米大小,呈长条形,但宽度和厚度也足有20-30米。 So giant cinders ore, this entire mineral lode, feared that is is very difficult to discover one. 如此巨大的烬矿,这一整座矿脉,怕是都很难找出一块。 " Perhaps can this cinders ore, threaten the immortal level to exist? " Wang Teng guessed secretly. 「这一块烬矿,恐怕都可以威胁到不朽级存在了吧?」王腾暗自猜测。 His cautious received this cinders ore, for fear that the lane exploded incautiously, his small physique may be unable to withstand. 他小心翼翼的将这块烬矿收了起来,生怕一不小心弄爆炸了,他的小身板可承受不住。 The time passes again, several hours flash by. 时间再度流逝,数个小时一晃而过。 Wang Teng immerses in the transporting cinders ore pleasure, even forgot the time, the time of excavation cinders ore, has surpassed him before and wind brocade, weighs the time of branch agreement. 王腾沉浸在搬运烬矿的乐趣之中,甚至忘记了时间,以至于挖掘烬矿的时间,已经超过了他之前与风锦,衡科约定的时间。 ...... ...... Meanwhile, above that unmanned star that the teng snake health/guard hidden, universe battleships descend one after another. 与此同时,螣蛇卫所隐藏的那颗无人星球之上,一艘艘宇宙战舰陆续降落。 These battleships all opened the hidden function, even navigates in void, is still very difficult to be discovered. 这些战舰全都开启了隐藏功能,即便在虚空中航行,也很难被发现。 At this moment descends after the star, 此刻降落在星球之上后, Wait melted with the desolated mountain range of under for a body, as if not exist general. 更是与下方的荒芜山脉等等融为了一体,似乎并不存在一般。 The four big influences of these battleship impressively day billows empires. 这些战舰赫然正是天澜帝国的四大势力。 After they receive the news of allied armies, then caught up nonstop, finally has not lost how much time. 他们接到联军的消息之后,便马不停蹄的赶了过来,终于没有耽误多少时间。 But after arrival, obtained one, if the person indignant news. 但到达之后,却又得到了一假令人气愤的消息。 The supervisory history of teng snake health/guard disappears! 螣蛇卫的监察史不见了! That side the allied armies makes them obey the teng snake health/guard supervision history direction, finally they came, that teng snake health/guard supervision history actually disappears. 联军那边让他们听从螣蛇卫监察史指挥,结果他们来了,那位螣蛇卫监察史却不见了。 This is not deliberately creates trouble. 这不是胡闹吗。 Such important time, that teng snake health/guard supervision history does to be missing unexpectedly, can not be far-fetched? 如此重要的时候,那螣蛇卫监察史竟然搞失踪,能不能再不靠谱一点? " Fellow Sirs should not be anxious, my family Sir is not missing for no reason, he sees has not arrived, then oneself went to investigate the Dark Species special details. " Weighs the branch facing numerous World Lord Level, even is the immortal level big shot, trembles at heart, but thinks confession of Wang Teng, he then forces himself to be calm, said to them lightly. 「各位大人勿急,我家大人并非无故失踪,他只是见诸位还未到达,便自己前去探查黑暗种的具体情况了。「衡科面对一众界主级,甚至是不朽级大佬,心里直打颤,但一想到王腾的交代,他便强迫自己镇定下来,冲着他们淡淡说道。 " You are blame us to come was too late? " Greatly bountiful empire World Lord Level exists coldly said. 「你这是怪我们来的太迟了?」大饶帝国一位界主级存在冷冷道。 " Does not dare. " Weighing the branch after all is only Territory Lord Level Martial Artist, has somewhat been incapable of supporting before one group of big shot. 「不敢。」衡科毕竟只是域主级武者,在一群大佬面前已经有些无力支撑。 Several other thousand health/guard Chang at this time also on the scene, sees this scene, smiled in the heart, even if this graduated arm branch is promoted hundred health/guard Chang, is useless, before the powerhouse, only has the strength to speak well. 另外几个千卫长此时也在场,看到这幅景象,不由的在心底笑了起来,哪怕这衡科晋级百卫长,也没什么用,在强者面前,唯有实力才好说话。 The teng snake health/guard must depend eventually their. 螣蛇卫终究还是要靠他们的。 That supervises Sir history to understand this point quickly. 想必那位监察史大人很快就会明白这一点。 " Everyone, my family Sir one person alone thorough Dark Species in it place investigation, you did not forgive , is the present to do? " Wind brocade cold snort/hum, stood, said: " Trivial how many hours could not wait, did you then obey the direction? " 「各位,我家大人孤身深入黑暗种所在之地探查情况,你们不体谅也就罢了,如今是想要干什么?「风锦冷哼一声,站了出来,说道:「区区几个小时都等不了,你们便是这么听从指挥的?「 " Wind brocade! " 「风锦!」 The appearance of wind brocade, lets in the middle of several big influence young generations masculine Martial Artist eye slightly one bright. 风锦的出现,让几大势力年轻一辈当中的男性武者眼睛微微一亮。 She after all is heavenly pillar star Heaven's Chosen . Moreover the appearance makings are good, is very naturally attractive regarding these young generation of Martial Artist. 她毕竟是天柱星的天骄,而且容貌气质俱佳,对于这些年轻一辈的武者自然很有吸引力。 And as day of billows area Heaven's Chosen, they naturally know the opposite party, recognized it instantaneously. 并且身为天澜疆域的天骄,他们自然都认识对方,瞬间就将其认了出来。 " Wind brocade, you unexpectedly here, but also joined the teng snake health/guard. " Lask federation World Lord Level exists to knit the brows to say. 「风锦,你居然在这里,还加入了螣蛇卫。」瓦斯科联邦一位界主级存在皱眉道。 This is quite young Human Race World Lord Level exists, moreover similarly is the female, therefore to the wind brocade face, she had not sized up wind brocade one after at this time, in the eye revealed a contempt. 这是一个颇为年轻的人族界主级存在,而且同样是女子,所以并没有给风锦面子,此时她打量了风锦一眼后,眼中更是露出了一丝轻视。 " Such long has not seen, your strength is such weak. " 「这么久没见,你的实力还是这么弱。」 Obviously, two people had also known. 显然,两人也早就认识。 But seems like the relations to be not very good. 只不过看起来关系并不是很好。 The wind brocade shot a look at her one eyes, has not spoken, instead looks to others, does not seem to pay attention to general it. 风锦瞥了她一眼,并未说话,反而是看向其他人,似乎没有将其放在眼里一般。 " You! " In the World Lord Level female eye of Lask federation reveals anger immediately. 「你!」瓦斯科联邦的界主级女子眼中顿时露出一丝怒意。 " Penny, do not make the senseless quarrel. " The light sound resounds in the one side together. 「潘妮丝,不要做无谓的争吵。」一道平淡的声音在一旁响起。 " Gallacher. " Penny looks at always the person, a brow slightly wrinkle, but did not have to say anything finally again, was only cold snort/hum one. 「加拉赫。」潘妮丝看向来人,眉头微微一皱,但最终没有再多说什么,只是冷哼了一声。 Gallacher is an appearance handsome alien race man, on the face has some Qilin pieces to attach, but this not only has not affected his appearance, instead made him many different kind makings, at this moment he looks at the wind brocade, very sincere saying: " Wind brocade, really has not thought that will so meet in the situation, the matter of heavenly pillar star we heard, is regrettable, was sorry very much beforehand has not added on what busy. " 加拉赫是一位模样英俊的异族男子,脸上有着些许麟片附着,但这不但没有影响他的容貌,反而令他多出一丝别样的气质,此刻他看着风锦,非常诚恳的说道:「风锦,真是没有想到会在如此情况下相见,天柱星的事情我们都听说了,非常遗憾,也很抱歉之前没有帮上什么忙。」 " Now said that these have what meaning, the heavenly pillar star is good now, does not need you to worry. " Sneering that the wind brocade actually did not appreciate kindness rendered said. 「如今说这些又有什么意思,天柱星如今好得很,无需你们操心。」风锦却是丝毫不领情的冷笑道。 Initially the heavenly pillar star met misfortune, these people to its evading like the viper, say that now these without doubt were the suspicions of some belated actions. 当初天柱星落难,这些人对其避之如蛇蝎,现在说这些无疑是有些马后炮的嫌疑。 " Wind brocade, do not know good from bad. " Penny listens to these words language, immediately the anger welled up. 「风锦,你别不知好歹。」潘妮丝一听这番话语,顿时怒气又涌了上来。 The wind brocade actually does not pay attention to her as before, the complexion is tranquil, appearance that has not lost one's temper. 风锦却依旧不理会她,脸色平静,没有丝毫动怒的样子。 After the heavenly pillar star suffers disaster, she saw clearly many things. 天柱星遭难之后,她看清楚了不少事情。 No matter how said, only has own reality 不管怎么说,唯有自身的实 The strength is most important. 力才是最重要的。 As for these people, no credible. 至于这些人,没有一个可信的。 How even if with is the day billows area influence, the critical moment, who is unreliable. 哪怕同为天澜疆域的势力又如何,关键时刻,谁也靠不住。 If really makes her believe anyone, currently perhaps also only has Wang Teng one person, after all the opposite party did not seek the rescue of return the heavenly pillar star, was the least bit not parsimonious own sensibility, helped her break through half World Lord Level spirit. 如果真让她相信谁,现在恐怕也唯有王腾一人而已,毕竟对方可是丝毫不求回报的救助了天柱星,更是半点不吝啬自己的感悟,助她突破了半步界主级精神。 If Wang Teng knows oneself in the wind brocade heart are the so glorious image, does not know that can not know whether to laugh or cry. 王腾如果知道自己在风锦心中是如此光辉形象,不知道会不会哭笑不得。 The eye that Penny air/Qi wants to torch. 潘妮丝气的眼睛欲喷火。 Every bumps into the wind brocade one time, she cannot occupy what winning side, because of wind brocade this its stance of disregarding, is really always exasperating. 每一次碰到风锦,她都占不到什么上风,因为风锦总是这幅将其无视的姿态,实在气人。 " In your heart has the resentment to be very normal, in that situation, we are also unable to defend oneself, is really incapable of rescuing the heavenly pillar star. " Gallacher shakes the head to say. 「你心中有怨气很正常,那种情况下,我们也自身难保,实在无力救援天柱星。「加拉赫摇头道。 Good that " wind brocade, Gallacher said that the situation of heavenly pillar star we do not want to see, but in that situation, we must consider for the general situation, not possible to put in more resources for the heavenly pillar star. " 「风锦,加拉赫说的不错,天柱星的情况我们都不想看到,但那种情况下,我们都要为大局考虑,不可能为了天柱星投放更多的资源。「 At this time, another sound resounded. 这时,另一道声音响起。 World Lord Level existence of day wind empire stood, knits the brows to look at the wind brocade, he thought that the wind brocade somewhat creates a scene, situation everyone of heavenly pillar star is not does not know, in that situation will concentrate on the resources only to cause bigger losses, will not absoltely need. 一位天风帝国的界主级存在站了出来,皱眉看着风锦,他觉得风锦有些无理取闹,天柱星的情况大家又不是不知道,那种情况下投注资源只会造成更大的损失,根本没有必要。 " How was casual you saying that now the matter has passed, said that these were not meaningful, was you must find a consoling oneself excuse to oneself. " On wind brocade face reveals to taunt, said: " Is feared that can't pass at heart? " 「随便你们怎么说,如今事情已经过去,说这些没有任何意义,是你们非要给自己找个自我安慰的理由罢了。「风锦脸上露出一丝嘲讽,说道:「是怕心里过不去吗?」 Her vision faint has swept in the crowd, particularly stopped on several leaderships in day wind empire, appears meaningful. 她目光淡漠的在人群中扫过,尤其是在天风帝国的几个高层身上停顿了一下,显得意味深长。 Weighs the branch unable to bear be flabbergasted, this great-aunt may really dare to say. 衡科忍不住咋舌,这位姑奶奶可真敢说啊。 At this time he knows that this has followed to supervise Sir history behind female, actually has such status. 此时他才知道这名一直跟在监察史大人身后的女子,竟然有着如此身份。 The situation of heavenly pillar star, their teng snake health/guard naturally knows. 天柱星的情况,他们螣蛇卫自然知晓。 Moreover they also know, the heavenly pillar star has restored now, making a move impressively their supervisory history everyone. 而且他们还知道,天柱星如今已经恢复,出手的赫然正是他们那位监察史人人。 Saves the heavenly pillar star by a person of strength, this is not the average man can accomplish. 凭借一人之力拯救天柱星,这可不是常人所能办到的。 It can be said that initially he braved to offend other thousand health/guard Chang risks to go out to greet this new supervisory history, very big reason then knows person who the news of heavenly pillar star, can achieve that thing, can it be that simple generation. 可以说,当初他之所以冒着得罪其他千卫长的风险出去迎接这位新任监察史,很大原因便是知道了天柱星的消息,能够做到那种事的人,又岂是简单之辈。 However now he also admires this wind brocade very much, dares to be in front of so many powerhouses saying that words, really suffices to be brave. 不过现在他也很佩服这风锦,敢当着这么多强者的面说那种话,果然够勇。 Conversion is he, even if refuses to accept at heart, it is estimated that will still swallow this tone forcefully. 换成是他,就算心里不服,估计也会强行咽下这口气。 Let alone is a person, how is adds on the entire heavenly pillar star, compares at present with these four big influences, is really some insufficiently looks. 别说是一个人,就是加上整个天柱星又如何,与眼前这四大势力比起来,实在是有些不够看啊。 Silent! 沉默! The people fall into silent, on the face somewhat could not hang. 众人不由陷入沉默,脸上都是有些挂不住了。 The wind brocade said is very direct, but might as well be a fact. 风锦说的很直接,但未尝不是一个事实。 Said so many, nothing but to look for one can give a pretext satisfiedly. 说那么多,无非是为了找一个能够心安理得借口罢了。 " Small girl, you were too dissolute. " Day wind empire facial features old World Lord Level has the sound hoarse opens the mouth to say. 「小丫头,你太放肆了。」天风帝国一位面容苍老的界主级存在声音沙哑的开口道。 Bang! 轰! During the speeches, a tyrannical imposing manner fills the air from his body, fell on the body of wind brocade. 说话间,一股强横的气势从他的身上弥漫而出,落在了风锦的身上。 Oppresses others by the potential. 以势压人。 In this case, he cannot make a move, but gives a wind brocade small lesson with the imposing manner. 这种情况下,他不能出手,但用气势给风锦一个小小的教训还是可以的。 The speech is so direct, does not know that must offend many people. 说话如此直接,不知要得罪多少人。 The wind brocade complexion changes, but also responded without enough time, a swift and fierce imposing manner falls on her body, making her whole body unable to move, the spirit received the unprecedented pressure. 风锦面色微变,还来不及反应,一股凌厉的气势就落在她的身上,令她浑身无法动弹,精神受到了前所未有的压力。 She transfers her half World Lord Level spirit immediately, condenses the imposing manner, resists this swift and fierce imposing manner. 她立刻调动自身的半步界主级精神,凝聚出气势,抵挡这股凌厉的气势。 However the both sides disparity was too obvious. 然而双方差距太明显了。 The old men in that day wind empire are later period of World Lord Level exist, imposing manner, is not the wind brocade can the enemy. 那名天风帝国的老者已经是界主级后期存在,气势之强,绝非风锦所能敌。 Penny sneered, is really from behaving badly cannot live, gave the stair not, now knows the consequence seriously? 潘妮丝冷笑了起来,真是自作孽不可活啊,给了台阶不下,现在知道后果有多严重了吗? Initially gave up the heavenly pillar star is not 1-2 influences 当初放弃天柱星可不是1-2势力 Decision, but is the decision that everyone jointly makes, your World Lord Level later generation can change and censure can it be that. 的决定,而是大家共同做出的决定,岂是你一个界主级的后辈能够改变与非议的。 Also was in front of so many high-level to open this matter, did not give them completely the face, how did not give her to select to teach to maintain their dignity. 还当着这么多高层的面揭开此事,完全是不给他们面子,不给她点教训怎么维持他们的威严。 Other young generation of Martial Artist facial colors vary, but no one opens the mouth for the wind brocade speech. 其他年轻一辈武者面色各异,但无人开口为风锦说话。 Existence of older generation is a few words does not have, the look is light, as if at present is only a minor matter. 老一辈的存在更是一句话都没有,眼神平淡至极,仿佛眼前只是一件小事。 " Small girl, apologized to senior. " The old men in that day wind empire tranquil looks at the wind brocade, light say/way. 「小丫头,给诸位前辈道歉。」那名天风帝国的老者平静的看着风锦,淡淡道。 " My what wrong has? " The wind brocade clenches teeth to say. 「我何错之有?」风锦咬牙道。 " Does not respect the elder, did the heavenly pillar star teach your? " The imposing manner that the old man cold sound said in day wind empire, erupts is more terrifying, as if had/left wind in the spaceship involution, surrounds on the body of wind brocade, actually does not affect others slightly. 「不尊重长辈,天柱星就是如此教导你的?」天风帝国的老者冷声道,爆发出的气势更为恐怖,似乎在飞船内卷出了一股风,环绕在风锦的身上,却不影响其他人丝毫。 Suddenly, the wind brocade felt that a mountain depresses from the top of the head, the entire body seems to be curving. 一时间,风锦感觉一座大山从头顶压下,整个身体似乎都要弯曲。 " The elder of my heavenly pillar star, I will respect. " In the wind brocade eye revealed capillaries, is actually not willing to submit as before, straightened up the wainscot, coldly said: Senior who " these died in battle, I regard them for the example, I can the dying in battle battlefield, not be insulted by this. " 「我天柱星的长辈,我自会尊重。」风锦眼中露出了一道道的血丝,却依旧不肯屈服,挺直了腰板,冷冷道:「还有那些战死的前辈,我更视他们为榜样,我可以战死战场,却不受此侮辱。「 " You! " The day wind empire old man complexion changes, never expected that the wind brocade said so words decidedly unexpectedly. 「你!」天风帝国老者面色一变,没想到风锦竟说出如此决然的话语。 This said that they do covet life and fear death? 这岂不是说他们贪生怕死吗? Other high-level facial colors also slightly change, some people of shame, some people of angry, some people indifferently...... 其他高层的面色也是微微一变,有人惭愧,有人恼怒,有人漠然…… " Lawless...... day wind empire old men quite somewhat became angry out of shame simply " , drinks one coldly, is unretentive, terrifying imposing manner direct suppression under. 「简直无法无天了……」天风帝国老者颇有些恼羞成怒,冷喝一声,再无保留,恐怖的气势直接镇压而下。 Bang! 轰! The wind brocade whole person stagnates same place, the whole body bone exudes ka ka the sound, seems unable to withstand that terrifying the pressure, in the eye full is the meaning of humiliation. 风锦整个人凝滞原地,浑身骨头都发出咔咔之声,仿佛无法承受那恐怖的压力,眼中满是屈辱之意。 Although she also quite understood sometimes the high-level choice, does not save the heavenly pillar star to be not necessarily wrong, but these people's hypocritical comfort before her, really made her feel sick, she does not want to pay attention, finally the opposite party was actually unforgiving, really made her indignant. 虽然她有时也颇为理解高层的选择,不拯救天柱星未必就是错的,但这些人在她面前假惺惺的安慰,实在令她作呕,她本不想理会,结果对方却不依不饶,实在令她气愤。 Stood says these things in the angle of observer, naturally was calm, superficial, who has understood the feeling of this litigant? 站在旁观者的角度去说这些事情,自然是心平气和,不痛不痒,可又有谁体会过她这个当事人的感受? No, these people never putting oneself in another's place has thought. 没有,这些人从来没有设身处地的想过。 Ka ka ka .... 咔咔咔.... The wind brocade almost must unable to withstand that terrifying the imposing manner, the body bent gradually, she broke by biting the lip, the blood following the mouth inflow throat, actually slightly unconsciously. 风锦几乎要承受不住那恐怖的气势,身躯渐渐弯了下去,她咬破了嘴唇,鲜血顺着口腔流入喉中,却丝毫不觉。 " Big power and prestige! " 「好大的威风!」 In the meantime, together cold snort/hum sound suddenly extremely towering spreading from void. 就在此时,一道冷哼之声突然从虚空之中极为突兀的传出。 Numerous powerhouse eyebrows select, in the tranquil look experienced the fluctuation finally, reveals a surprise, looks at the windward brocade body side. 众多强者眉毛一挑,平静的眼神中终于是出现了波动,露出一丝诧异,看向风锦身侧。 The space fluctuates slightly, the young form also treads together. 空间微微波动,一道年轻身影随之踏出。 Tall and straight body, young the age of not making sense, that lid everyone's handsome appearance, the unique makings, all these have combined in together, a feeling of difficult word. 挺拔的身躯,年轻的不像话的年纪,还有那盖过所有人的英俊容貌,独特的气质,这一切组合在一起,给人一种难言的感觉。 Sees only him to appear in the wind brocade body side, a hand builds on her shoulder, another hand wields gently, at present the terrifying imposing manner then also dissipates. 只见他出现在风锦身侧,一只手搭在她的肩上,另一只手轻轻一挥,眼前恐怖的气势便随之消散。 " ! ! ...... " 「呼!呼!呼……」 The wind brocade only thought that whole body one light, the mountain of top of the head also dissipates, as if has never appeared generally, her big mouth is breathing heavily, looks to youth, in the eye revealed a brilliance finally. 风锦只觉得浑身一轻,头顶的大山随之消散,仿佛从未出现过一般,她大口喘着粗气,望向身边的青年,眼中终于露出了一丝光彩。 On that day the old man complexion of wind empire changed, as if saw any unbelievable thing, vision somewhat inconceivable is staring at Wang Teng. 那天风帝国的老者面色微变,似乎看到了什么难以置信的东西,目光有些不可思议的盯着王腾 Was his imposing manner so relaxed is routed?! 他的气势如此轻松就被击溃了?! These young generation of Martial Artist are in the heart vibrates, is looking at front youth, look some with amazement. 那些年轻一辈武者更是心中震动不已,望着面前的青年,眼神有些骇然。 So the elegant demeanor, they are still overshadowed even. 这般风采,就算是他们也都是黯然失色。 " In my domain, moves my person at will, as if not give me very much the face. " Wang Teng vision light takes a fast look around in all around, said lightly. 「在我的地盘,随意动我的人,诸位似乎很不给我面子啊。「王腾目光平淡的在四周扫视而过,淡淡说道。 The people fall into a silence immediately. 众人顿时陷入一阵沉默。 In the final analysis, they somewhat are truly in the wrong, now was hit by the opposite party, even if their facial skin is thick, somewhat had nothing to say in reply. 说到底,他们确实有些理亏,如今被对方撞了个正着,哪怕是他们脸皮再厚,也有些无言以对。 If common Martial Artist, but the opposite party now is the supervisory history of teng snake health/guard, is the temporary captain who the allied armies always lead to assign personally, before they arrive, Commander Xing Cezong has talked over the telephone with them especially, making them probably obey the direction. 如果是寻常武者也就罢了,可对方如今是螣蛇卫的监察史,更是联军总帅亲自指定的临时指挥者,在他们降临之前,邢策总帅特地与他们通过话,让他们务必听从指挥。 But just meets now, makes this matter to come, on whose face is unattractive. 可如今刚一见面,就闹出这种事来,谁的脸上都不好看。 " Wang Teng! " 王腾!」 On that day the old men in wind empire silent, the vision were staring at Wang Teng, suddenly said solemnly: " This is the matter of my day wind empire. " 那天风帝国的老者沉默了一下,目光盯着王腾,突然沉声道:「这是我天风帝国的事情。」 " The matter of day wind empire? " The Wang Teng vision falls on his body, looks at the windward brocade, light asking: " Did you say? " 「天风帝国的事情?」王腾目光落在他的身上,又望向风锦,平淡的问道:「你说呢?」 " I now am your assistant. " The wind brocade said. 「我现在是你的助手。」风锦道。 " You look, she now is my subordinate. " Old men of Wang Teng to that day wind empire said: " Hadn't she told you before? " 「你看,她现在是我的下属。」王腾冲着那天风帝国的老者说道:「难道她之前没有告诉你?」 " I said. " The wind brocade said. 「我说了。」风锦道。 " Then, you clearly know that she is my subordinate, begins to her as before, whether I can believe that you do plan to give me a demonstration of authority? " The Wang Teng tone was very tranquil, when speaking of last few words, has been full of the ice-cold meaning. 「这么说来,你明知道她是我的下属,依旧向她动手,那我是不是可以认为,你们打算给我一个下马威?」王腾的语气原本很平静,但说到最后一句话时,已然充满冰冷之意。 Bang! 轰! Also the eruption, a tyrannical incomparable imposing manner, recovered from the high antiquity just like the ancient gods, arrived at this space and time, is overlooking that old man. 随之爆发而出的,还有一股强横无比的气势,宛如古老的神明从远古时代复苏,来到了这一片时空,俯瞰着那位老者。 The next quarter, the old man complexion of day wind empire changes, rubs drew back continually three steps toward the rear area. 下一刻,天风帝国的老者面色顿变,蹭蹭蹭的朝着后方连退了三步。 () () …… ……
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