AAMD :: Volume #21

#2039: The apology admitting mistakes domineering and is a promising young man self-confidently( sought subscription to ask monthly ticket)

" Wang Teng, the present is to face Dark Species at crucial moment, you how could privately waste Duke. " The white clothing youth also wants to struggle again. 王腾,现在是面临黑暗种的关键时候,你岂能因私废公。」白衣青年还想再挣扎一下。 This Wang Teng is he has really bumped into the hardest to deal with person, in peer who he knows, has never presented this person. 这个王腾实在是他碰到过最难缠的人,在他认识的同辈之中,从未出现过这种人。 Even if were these for many years old fox, was insufficient to give him to feel like this. 哪怕是那些经年的老狐狸,都不至于给他这样的感觉。 But now, in this also wants on the young many youth compared with him, he felt being incapable of faint trace. 但现在,在这个比他还要年轻很多的青年身上,他感觉到了一丝丝的无力。 This lets in his heart dignified at the same time, was somewhat aroused the heart heart of trying to outdo others. 这让他心中凝重的同时,也有些被激起了心中的好胜之心。 " Do not speak these laughable words, if said that privately waste Duke, perhaps must be you, after all is you first privately waste Duke. " Wang Teng slightly has the profound meaning looks at him. 「不要说这些可笑的话了,若说因私废公,恐怕还要属你们吧,毕竟是你们先因私废公的啊。」王腾略有深意的看着他。 " ...... " White clothing youth stares slightly. Helpless in heart. This fake fellow said right. 「……」白衣青年微微一愣。心中更加无奈起来。这假家伙说的没错。 First privately the waste Duke person, exactly is they. Got the handle. Doing to of disciple. 最先因私废公的人,恰恰就是他们。被人抓住了把柄。徒之奈何。 At this time he criticized a stupidity in the heart. If not these people mentioned the matter of heavenly pillar star suddenly, will not be in so the situation noisily. Solely holds this Wang Teng, when such important does not see the person's shadow, then made him make to make concessions sufficiently. 此时他不禁在心底暗骂了一句愚蠢。若非这些人突然说起天柱星之事,根本不会闹到如此地步。单单是抓住这王腾在如此重要的时候不见人影,便足以让他做出退让了。 Gallacher, Penny, Zhao Yang yu and other talents saw even white clothing youth said dumbfounded, look at each other in blank dismay, in the heart somewhat is really unbelievable. 加拉赫,潘妮丝,赵阳宇等天才看到连白衣青年都被说的哑口无言,不禁面面相觑,心中着实有些难以置信。 Person but who he that place comes out. 他可是那个地方出来的人啊。 Moreover they have seen his method, said that turns the hand for the cloud turning over the palm is the rain, is not overrated. 而且他们都见过他的手段,说是翻手为云覆手为雨,都不为过。 Dumbfounded that but such a person, is said by Wang Teng now unexpectedly. 可这样一个人,如今居然被王腾说的哑口无言。 Is this real? Should not present the illusion? 这是真的?该不会出现了幻觉吧? " How do you want? " The white clothing youth gave up struggling finally, you can't win them all, today fell leeward, at the worst next time will recover the gathering place again, on his face shows a light smile, asked. 「你想怎么样?」白衣青年终于放弃了挣扎,胜败乃兵家常事,今日落了下风,大不了下次再找回场子,他脸上露出一丝淡淡的笑容,问道。 " Very simple, making this old seniors give my subordinate apology, making these keeping aloof talents admit mistakes...... " the Wang Teng light say/way. 「很简单,让这位老前辈给我的下属道歉,让这些高高在上天才低头认错……「王腾淡淡道。 The wind brocade looked suddenly to Wang Teng, in the heart cannot bear raise mighty waves. 风锦猛然看向王腾,心中忍不住升起了一丝波澜。 " Is impossible! " 「不可能!」 The Wang Teng words have not said that several young generation of talent then complexion ugly/difficult to look at opens the mouth said. 只是王腾话还未说完,那几个年轻一辈的天才便脸色难看的开口道。 The nose was being scolded one by this Wang Teng resentment, loses face enough. Also wants to make them admit mistakes unexpectedly, if this passes on, they also do have the face? 被这王腾怼着鼻子骂了一通,已经够丢人了。竟然还想让他们低头认错,这若是传出去,他们还有脸面吗? On that day the old men in wind empire were also the complexion change, this Wang Teng first was to let him apologizes, must step on toward the ground his face seriously. 那天风帝国的老者也是面色微变,这王腾第一个就是让他道歉,当真是要把他的老脸往地上踩啊。 " My words have not said, you should better not to break me. " Wang Teng shot a look at their one eyes indifferently, said. 「我话还没说完,你们最好不要打断我。」王腾漠然的瞥了他们一眼,说道。 That several talent facial colors stagnate, is even more ugly. This fellow was too crazy, simply has not paid attention to them, this was regards anything them. 那几个天才面色一滞,越发难看起来。这个家伙太狂了,根本没把他们放在眼里,这是把他们当成什么了。 Similarly is the World Lord Level talent, no, the opposite party is only Territory Lord Level peak Martial Artist, why to gesticulate to them. 同样是界主级天才,不,对方只是一个域主级巅峰武者而已,凭什么对他们指手画脚。 In the final analysis, in these World Lord Level talent hearts has a superiority feeling, even if Wang Teng had rushed out the big reputation, has the World Lord Level strength, they think as before he is only Territory Lord Level Martial Artist. 说到底,这些界主级天才心中都是带着一丝优越感,哪怕王腾已经闯出了偌大的名声,已经有了界主级战力,他们依旧认为他只是一个域主级武者 Between Territory Lord Level and World Lord Level, have a huge gap, seems the people in two world is ordinary , seems the people of two varieties. 域主级界主级之间,有着一个巨大的鸿沟,就仿佛是两个世界的人一般,又仿佛是两个品种的人。 If World Lord Level is the dragon, that Territory Lord Level at most is the flood dragon. Now this flood dragon must crawl to their heads, asked that who can endure? 界主级是龙,那域主级顶多就是蛟龙。如今这头蛟龙要爬到他们的头上来,试问谁能忍受? However under the vision of that white clothing youth, they swallowed this tone finally, has not said anything again. 但是在那白衣青年的目光下,他们最终还是咽下了这口气,没有再多说什么。 " Wang Teng brother, what but also there is to request? " Asking of some white clothing youth slightly headaches. 王腾兄,还有什么要求?」白衣青年略有些头疼的问道。 The front two requests enough have felt embarrassed the person, may look at his appearance, as if also insufficient. 前面两个要求已经够为难人的了,可看他的样子,似乎还不够。 " The following action, I direct, you must be scrupulous in one's work obeys my order, otherwise I will depart at the scene, the command jurisdiction will give to you, but the consequence is under the charge to you. " Wang Teng said: " These words I reach an agreement with you beforehand, so as to avoid you comply in public but oppose in private when the time comes, delays the fighter aircraft. " 「接下来的行动,我来指挥,你们必须一丝不漏的听从我的命令,否则我会当场离去,将指挥权送给你们,但后果由你们自己负责。「王腾道:「这些话我事先跟你们说好,免得到时候你们阳奉阴违,延误战机。」 " If unreasonable demand? " The white clothing youth narrows the eye, this Wang Teng really good domineering. 「若是不合理要求呢?」白衣青年眯起眼睛,这个王腾果真好强势。 So many World Lord Level 这么多界主级 Later, and even the immortal level exists, unexpectedly wants to make them obey the order completely, this is the matter that he cannot think, discussed at most, but does not dare to order. 后期,乃至不朽级存在,居然想让他们完全听从命令,这是连他都不敢想的事情,顶多是商量,而不敢命令。 " Unreasonable request, must listen. " The Wang Teng look is light, supplemented one: " Had/Left the matter, I am responsible. " 「不合理的要求,也要听。」王腾神色平淡,又补充了一句:「出了事情,我负责。」 " This person is not only strong, but also is very self-confident. " The white clothing youth defines in the heart. 「此人不光强势,还很自信。」白衣青年在心底下了定义。 These powerhouse vision twinkles, the line of sight falls on the body of Wang Teng, is sizing up Heaven's Chosen in this hearsay secretly. Really seeing something once better than hearing hundred times. 那些强者目光闪烁,视线落在王腾的身上,暗暗打量着这位传闻中的天骄。果真百闻不如一见。 Before heard the reputation of opposite party, how could when they thought to meet can be so the scenes. 之前听闻对方的名声时,他们何曾想过见面时会是这般场景。 The performance of Wang Teng came as a surprise to their greatly. Wang Teng has not spoken, puts forward three requests, then calmly waits for their replies, does not seem to worry. 王腾的表现大大出乎了他们的预料。王腾没有说话,提完三个要求,便静静等待他们的回复,似乎一点也不着急。 This is his final breaking point. 这是他最后的忍耐极限。 If not for the general situation, he will not give them such opportunity. 若不是为了大局,他根本不会给他们这样的机会。 The white clothing youth vision concentrates, looks at the old god in Wang Teng, even more has a headache, he has looked, this Wang Teng is secure, did not fear that they do not comply. 白衣青年目光微凝,看着老神在在的王腾,越发头疼起来,他已经看出来了,这个王腾有恃无恐,根本不怕他们不答应。 In other words, if they do not comply, he estimated that really dares to wave the arms about to walk. 换句话说,他们如果不答应,他估计真敢甩手就走。 Then the issue came. 那么问题来了。 Without Wang Teng, they had confidence that attacks and occupies that by the star that Dark Species seizes? 没了王腾,他们有把握攻占那颗被黑暗种占领的星球吗? The white clothing youth could not bear look to the powerhouses of these older generations, immediately sent greetings to discuss. 白衣青年忍不住看向了那些老一辈的强者,顿时传音商议了起来。 Finally is very obvious. They simply have not grasped. 结果很明显。他们根本没有把握。 If really had confidence, in beforehand war, will not be pressed by Dark Species stubbornly. 若真有把握,之前的战争之中,也不会被黑暗种压的死死的了。 Moreover this time war can say that is a Wang Teng person initiates completely, the allied armies always lead also to coordinate him, the information that therefore they have is limited. 而且这次的战争可以说完全是王腾一个人发起的,就连联军总帅也只是在配合他罢了,所以他们掌握的情报根本就非常有限。 In this case, do they take an assurance? Therefore they made the decision quickly. 这种情况下,他们拿头把握?于是他们很快就做出了决定。 That several young generation of talent, complexion fluctuates, immediately probably ate the excrement to be generally ugly. Aggrieved! Depressed! But also has no alternative. 那几个年轻一辈的天才,脸色一阵变幻,当即像是吃了屎一般难看。憋屈!郁闷!但又无可奈何。 This is the decision that a numerous high level makes, they now again how unwilling, does not dare to defy their decisions, they may not have Wang Teng such courage. 这是一众高层做出的决定,他们如今再如何不甘,都不敢违抗他们的决定,他们可没有王腾那样的勇气。 The old man in wind empire, the complexion became flushed on that day directly. 还有那天风帝国的老者,脸色更是直接涨红起来。 Only has his older generation to exist by this is insulted. Lost to the family/home seriously disgraced. 唯有他一个老一辈存在受此侮辱。当真是丢人丢到家了。 But in the face of the situation , he is still incapable of resisting even. " The Wang Teng brother, your request we agreed. " White clothing youth deep looks at Wang Teng, finally said. 可是在大势面前,就算是他,也无力抵抗啊。「王腾兄,你的要求我们同意了。」白衣青年深深的看着王腾,最终说道。 Wang Teng shows neither approval nor disapproval, let the wind brocade, hinted them to start. 王腾不置可否,将风锦让了出来,示意他们可以开始了。 " Wind brocade, the beforehand matter...... " that several young generation of talent Martial Artist go forward, salutes the apology to the wind brocade. 「风锦,之前的事……」那几个年轻一辈天才武者纷纷上前,冲着风锦行礼道歉。 " Loud. " Wang Teng said. 「大声点。」王腾道。 " Wind brocade, the beforehand matter, is we have the mistake in first, we apologized to you. " That several young generation of talent Martial Artist facial colors become flushed, in the eye must torch, said loudly. 「风锦,之前的事,是我们有错在先,我们向你道歉。「那几个年轻一辈的天才武者面色涨红,眼中要喷火,大声说道。 " Good, this is the World Lord Level sound, just that sound small looks like the ant to be the same. " Wang Teng said. 「不错,这才是界主级的声音,刚刚那声音小的就像是蚂蚁一般。」王腾道。 On the people face the muscle twitches. 众人脸上肌肉抽搐。 The mouth of this fellow, seriously is poisonous. Gallacher, how could Penny and other talent Martial Artist receive so the humiliation, simply been mad wants to spit blood. 这家伙的嘴巴,当真是毒的可以啊。加拉赫,潘妮丝等天才武者何曾受过这般屈辱,简直被气的想吐血。 However they have said the apology, does not have to dispute again, they were understood, now and Wang Teng disputes, could not ask for what advantage. 不过他们已经道完了歉,也没有再去争执,他们算是明白了,现在与王腾争执,根本讨不到什么好处。 Was one's turn on that day the old men in wind empire. 轮到那天风帝国的老者了。 Everyone's vision fell on his body, meaning was unclear. 所有人的目光不由落在了他的身上,意味不明。 Gallacher Penny Zhao Yang bao bamboo pole talent Martial Artist at heart many 加拉赫潘妮丝赵阳宝竿天才武者心里多少 The pyrrole carbamide, drops to gather, reaching positively charged electron and other great ability recentlies somewhat were balanced. 吡脲,滴妮萃,达阳子等大才此者心里有些平衡了。 Even this old seniors cannot escape, they calculate anything. 连这位老前辈都逃不掉,他们又算的了什么呢。 However their many somewhat sympathized with this odd/surplus, the good and evil was also later period of World Lord Level exists, now unexpectedly must apologize to Territory Lord Level peak Martial Artist, thinks to know in his heart to be uncomfortable. 不过他们多少有些同情这位余老了,好歹也是界主级后期存在,如今居然要向一个域主级巅峰武者道歉,想想就知道他心中有多么难受。 " Wind brocade, is the old man is just now unfair, now, the old man lags behind this face, apologized to you. " On that day the old men in wind empire deeply inspired secretly, 「风锦,方才是老夫有失公允,现在,老夫拉下这张老脸,向你道个歉。「那天风帝国的老者暗暗深吸了口气, Old face somewhat dispirited, opens the mouth to say. 苍老的脸庞有些颓丧,开口道。 Wind brocade deep looked at his one eyes, nods, then fell back on Wang Teng not silently behind. 风锦深深的看了他一眼,点了点头,便一言不发的退到了王腾的身后。 Let World Lord Level Martial Artist achieve this degree later, enough had been OK, she does not want to reach out for a yard after taking an inch again. 让一个界主级后期武者做到这种程度,已经够可以了,她不想再得寸进尺。 Martial Artist depends own strength, rather than external force. Today Wang Teng has helped her be many, but wants many respect, she must enhance oneself strength. 武者靠的还是自身的实力,而不是外力。今日王腾已经帮了她很多,而想要得到更多的尊重,她必须提升自己的实力。 As the World Lord Level talent, she has the confidence in the future to reach the World Lord Level peak, even attacks that immortal level. 身为界主级天才,她有信心日后可以达到界主级巅峰,甚至去冲击那不朽级。 As the people apologized, atmosphere as if immediately relax relaxed, before no longer resembles, like that at daggers drawn. 随着众人道歉完毕,现场的气氛似乎顿时松缓了下来,不再像之前那般剑拔弩张。 " Can the Wang Teng brother, say your plan now? " The white clothing youth opens the mouth to say with a smile. 王腾兄,现在可以说说你的计划了吧?」白衣青年笑着开口道。 " Like only smiles a fox. " Wang Teng looked at his one eyes, in the heart suddenly thought that the image of opposite party, looked like a superficial fox with a laugh seriously very much. 「像只笑面狐。」王腾看了他一眼,心中突然觉得对方的形象,当真是很像一只表面笑呵呵的狐狸。 This person is hardest to deal with. 这种人是最难缠的。 From beginning to end, the opposite parties have not revealed the slight angry color, even if fell leeward, as before with a laugh, making one unable to see that his heart is thinking anything. 从始至终,对方都没有露出丝毫的恼怒之色,哪怕落入了下风,也依旧笑呵呵的,让人看不出他心底在想什么。 This is not the common person can achieve. 这可不是寻常人能够做到的。 " How to call? " Wang Teng urgently the reply, has not instead been asking. " Looks at me, forgot self introduction unexpectedly. " The white clothing youth pats the forehead, said with a smile: " In the next day billows mountain...... day billows star latitude. " 「怎么称呼?」王腾没有急着回答,反而问道。「瞧我,竟然忘记了自我介绍。」白衣青年一拍额头,笑着说道:「在下天澜山……天澜星纬。」 " Takes the day billows as the surname. " In the Wang Teng heart stares slightly. Although had guessed correctly that the opposite party stems from the day of billows mountain, but never expected that the opposite party takes the day billows as the surname unexpectedly. 「以天澜为姓。」王腾心中微微一愣。虽然早就猜到对方出自天澜山,但是没有想到对方竟然以天澜为姓。 It seems like the position of day of billows mountain was really confuses more and more. " Wang Teng, this person should be direct descendant of day of billows mountain, only then day billows mountain direct descendant can take the day billows as the surname. " The sound of plump resounds in the Wang Teng mind. 看来天澜山的地位真是越来越迷了。「王腾,此人应该是天澜山的嫡系,只有天澜山的嫡系才能够以天澜为姓。「圆滚滚的声音在王腾脑海中响起。 Wang Teng nods secretly, if there is a profound meaning looked at his one eyes, said: " Where before weren't you curious I to go to? Now I tell you, I went to that star. " 王腾暗自点了点头,若有深意的看了他一眼,说道:「之前你们不是好奇我去了哪里吗?现在我就告诉你们,我去了那颗星球。」 " Went to that star! " 「去了那颗星球!」 People slightly one startled, they thought Wang Teng investigation near that star, but now is not coarse from the words of opposite party, he seems to have mounted that star. 众人微微一惊,他们原本以为王腾只是在那颗星球附近探查情况,可现在从对方的话语中不难听出,他似乎已经登上了那颗星球。 " The Wang Teng brother, have you mounted that star? " Day billows star latitude scruple asking. 王腾兄,你已经登上那颗星球了?」天澜星纬迟疑的问道。 " Good. " Wang Teng nods. 「不错。」王腾点了点头。 " Good method. " The day billows star latitude had not asked that but in the heart the appraisal to Wang Teng got up one. 「好手段。」天澜星纬没有多问,只是心中对王腾的评价又上了一层。 " He said that mounted that star, mounted that star, how we know that is really false? " Suddenly resounds to the indetectable sound together slightly, person of impressively that Penny opens the mouth. 「他说登上了那颗星球,就登上了那颗星球,我们怎么知道是真是假?」一道细微到不可察觉的声音突然响起,开口之人赫然正是那潘妮丝。 Wang Teng swept her one eyes, has not cared slightly. 王腾扫了她一眼,丝毫没有在意。 The wind brocade frowns, this woman is so loathful, does not seem to speak, others will work as the mute to be the same her. 风锦不由皱起眉头,这个女人就是这般讨人厌,好像不说话,别人就会把她当哑巴一样。 " Penny! " The day billows star latitude frowns, looked at opposite party one eyes lightly. 「潘妮丝!」天澜星纬皱起眉头,淡淡的看了对方一眼。 Penny the neck shrank immediately, hides in Gallacher behind, does not dare to talk too much again, 潘妮丝顿时脖子一缩,藏在了加拉赫的身后,不敢再多言, " The Wang Teng brother continued. " Day billows star parallel of latitude. 王腾兄继续说。」天澜星纬道。 " On that star already by Dark Species belittles the regiment to seize black, and I heard a news from their, as if other Dark Species regiments must arrive. " Wang Teng is saying, suddenly looks to other thousand health/guard Chang of teng snake health/guard, said: " This point, the teng snake health/guard should obtain the corresponding information. " 「那颗星球上已经被黑暗种的黑蔑军团所占领,并且我从它们那里听到了一个消息,似乎还有其他黑暗种军团要到来。」王腾说着,突然看向螣蛇卫的其他千卫长,说道:「这一点,螣蛇卫应该已经得到相应的情报了吧。」 " Good. " That several thousand health/guard Chang immediately one startled, never expected that they have not reported that this supervisory history had known, in the heart smiled bitterly, after looking at each other one, the nod said: " We have truly investigated the corresponding information, many Dark Species regiments are catching up toward that star, then included the black flame regiment, dark scale regiment, as well as nether world regiment these three big regiments. " 「不错。」那几个千卫长顿时一惊,没想到他们还未汇报,这位监察史就已经知道了,心中不由苦笑了一下,对视了一眼之后,点头道:「我们确实已经调查到相应的情报,正有不少黑暗种军团正朝那颗星球赶来,其中便包括了黑炎军团,暗鳞军团,以及幽冥军团这三大军团。「 Before so many powerhouses, they do not dare to play any wishful thinking again. 在这么多强者面前,他们也不敢再耍什么小心思。 Moreover domineering and overbearing that Wang Teng just displayed, makes in their hearts dread, received some improper thoughts. 而且王腾刚刚表现出的强势和霸道,也让他们心中忌惮不已,纷纷收起了一些不该有的心思。 " What?! " This time, the day billows star latitude loses one's voice. " Nether world regiment! You determined that is the nether world regiment!? " In his eye revealed a dignity immediately, 「什么?!」这一次,天澜星纬不由失声。「幽冥军团!你们确定是幽冥军团!?」他的眼中顿时露出了一丝凝重, Looks to these thousand health/guard Chang of teng snake health/guard, pursues asks. 看向螣蛇卫的那些千卫长,追问道。 " The nether world regiment, their spaceships, we will not misread. " Does health/guard long Ma Tianlu complexion serious nodding the head saying: " Should be only in which army of nether world regiment, is not the entire regiment arrives. " 「正是幽冥军团,它们的飞船,我们不会看错的。「干卫长马天禄面色严肃的颔首道:「不过应该只是幽冥军团的其中一支军队,并非整个军团降临。」 " Even if only a regiment, still made us attach great importance to sufficiently. " The day billows star latitude deeply inspires, turns the head to look to Wang Teng, asked: " Can the Wang Teng brother know this nether world regiment? " 「就算只是一支军团,也足以让我们重视了。」天澜星纬深吸了口气,转头看向王腾,问道:「王腾兄可知道这幽冥军团?」 " Has heard actually, but is not very clear, is it possible that does the star latitude brother know what? " The appearance that Wang Teng has not experienced very much, asked. 「倒是听说过,但并不是很清楚,星纬兄莫非知道什么?」王腾一副很没见识的样子,问道。 Actually he has done several things at the same time there to know from the blood god existence of nether world regiment, this is a ratio belittles the regiment also to want the fearful regiment black, their commands are deep god clan Dark Species , can only be deep god clan Dark Species. 其实他已经从血神分身那里知道了幽冥军团的存在,这是一个比黑蔑军团还要可怕的军团,它们的统帅是冥神族黑暗种,也只能是冥神族黑暗种 Generally speaking, this is one completely by the regiment that the deep god clan controls, Dark Species of other races cannot meddle completely. 总的来说,这就是一个完完全全被冥神族掌控的军团,其他种族的黑暗种完全插不上手。 But floor Dark Species in nether world regiment, after the deep god clan Dark Species special training, is very more powerful and terrifying, is just like the person ready dead to be the same. 而幽冥军团之中的底层黑暗种,更是经过冥神族黑暗种特殊的训练,十分强大与恐怖,一个个皆是犹如死士一般。 Originally Dark Species on fierce does not fear, after the training of deep god clan, does not fear the life and death, it may be said that stricts enforcement of orders and bans. 本来黑暗种就悍不畏死,经过冥神族的训练之后,更加的不惧生死,可谓是令行禁止。 Even if makes them from exploding, they still without hesitation does. 即便是让它们自爆,它们也会毫不犹豫的去做做。 Therefore, this army place visited, just like the deep god to arrive simply, harvests all lives, making one dread. 所以,这一支军队所过之处,简直犹如冥神降临,收割走一切生命,令人畏惧。 No wonder day after day billows star latitude such person, changes color instantaneously. The day billows star latitude does not have the thoughts to ridicule that at this time the Wang Teng experience are few, others similarly so, their facial colors are dignified incomparable, during falling into was silent. 难怪连天澜星纬这样的人,都瞬间变色。天澜星纬此时没有心思去嘲笑王腾见识少,其他人同样如此,他们的面色都是凝重无比,陷入了沉默之中。 " Do you as if fear that nether world regiment very much? " Wang Teng light say/way. " Snort, really does not know that does not fear. " On the Penny face cannot hang, spoke again the taunt. 「你们似乎很怕那幽冥军团?」王腾淡淡道。「哼,真是不知者不畏。」潘妮丝脸上挂不住,再次出言嘲讽。 " Hehe, I do not know does not fear, you said does not calculate, but I can definitely, facing Dark Species, what I never fear, on the contrary is you, just now isn't also a very extraordinary appearance? Now speaking of Dark Species, how to instigate? " Wang Teng said with a smile lightly. " You! " Penny is been embarrassed by the complexion that he taunted. " The Wang Teng brother do not tease us. " The day billows star latitude forced smile said: " Compared with you, we somewhat was truly timid, but hears the reputation of that nether world regiment so, if meets in the battlefield, how should also? Is really should not. " 「呵呵,我是不是不知者不畏,你说的不算,但我可以肯定一点,面对黑暗种,我从未怕过什么,反倒是你们,方才不是还一副很了不起的样子吗?现在说到黑暗种,怎么怂了?「王腾轻笑道。「你!」潘妮丝被他嘲讽的脸色难堪至极。「王腾兄就不要取笑我们了。」天澜星纬苦笑道:「与你相比,我们确实有些胆小了,只是听闻那幽冥军团的名声就如此,若是在战场上遇到,又该如何?实属不该。」 Wang Teng suddenly thought that this person is very interesting, never minded that uncovers own short, the facial skin is very thick. 王腾突然觉得此人很有意思,从来不介意揭自己的短,脸皮还挺厚的。 " Said that looks. " Say/Way that he puts on airs. The day billows star latitude explained directly. 「说说看吧。」他装模作样的道。天澜星纬直接解释了起来。 " You know are less than me. " Wang Teng very disappointed shaking the head said. 「你知道的也并不比我多啊。」王腾很失望的摇头道。 The day billows star latitude corners of the mouth pull out, was you make me say good. Wang Teng has not actually paid attention to him, complexion one positive, looks to the people, the sinking sound said: " I know that you dreaded to Dark Species, but I am those words, Dark Species can also kill, demon brain clan Dark Species can kill, deep god clan Dark Species same can kill. " 天澜星纬嘴角一抽,是你让我说的好吧。王腾却没有理会他,面色一正,看向众人,沉声说道:「我知道你们对黑暗种十分忌惮,但是我还是那句话,黑暗种也是可以杀死的,魔脑族黑暗种可以杀死,冥神族黑暗种一样可以杀死。「 " Initially Secondary Profession Alliance headquarters that war, I ran into deep god clan Dark Species, the opposite party am almost struck to kill by me, if not for the general situation, it could not escape at that time. " 「当初副职业联盟总部那一战,我曾经遇到过一头冥神族黑暗种,对方差点就被我击杀,若不是当时为了大局,它根本逃不掉。」 " Therefore faces that nether world regiment even, I can still say unrestrained/no trace of politeness, I do not fear. " 「所以即便是面对那幽冥军团,我也可以毫不客气的说,我丝毫不惧。」 " My such Territory Lord Level Martial Artist did not fear, what you do fear? " 「连我这样一个域主级武者都不怕,你们怕什么?」 One group of people somewhat ashamed, in the heart that he said even raised a heroic spirit. 一群人被他说的有些惭愧,心中甚至不由升起一股豪气。 Right, his Territory Lord Level did not fear, they fear anything. " Good! " 对,他一个域主级都不怕,他们怕什么。「不错!」 During that several immortal level exists, finally some people open the mouth saying: " The Wang Teng little friend said is extremely, trivial Dark Species what fearing had, obsolete had also killed many Dark Species initially, how otherwise can promote enter the immortal level. 那几个不朽级存在当中,终于有人开口道:「王腾小友所言极是,区区黑暗种何惧之有,老朽当初也是杀过不少黑暗种的,否则如何能够晋入不朽级。 The opens the mouth that the immortal level has, making the people heart inspire, the meaning of fear just now has dissipated much. 不朽级存在的开口,让众人心头更是一振,方才生出的畏惧之意消散了不少。 When the day billows star latitude vision flashes, looks to Wang Teng, dreading of eyeground was deeper several points. 天澜星纬目光微闪,看向王腾时,眼底的忌惮更深了几分。 To be honest, he before, has not treated as the opponent this Wang Teng. 说实话,他在来之前,并未将这王腾当做对手。 A Martial Artist light has martial blade, opens does not have any. Also needs full of wisdom. 一个武者光有武刀,开没有什么。还需要有智慧。 A person, only if Wang Teng can become to the powerhouse. Obviously, Wang Teng 只是一个人而已,除非王腾能够成为至强者。很显然,王腾 The present is not. 现在并不是。 However after seeing Wang Teng, he impression to Wang Teng had the huge new face, this person is not absolutely simple. 但是在见到王腾之后,他对王腾的印象发生了巨大的改观,此人绝对不简单。 From the beginning appears now, Wang Teng has handled the matter, as if there is extremely strong sense of purpose, and is early deliberate, impulsive behavior that not does not pass through the mind. 从一开始出现到现在,王腾所做过的事情,似乎都有着极强的目的性,并且早有预谋,并非不经头脑的冲动行为。 This was very fearful. 这就十分可怕了。 Coordinates his strength, so plans, how could also to make one dread? 配合他的实力,如此心机,又岂能不让人忌惮? Wang Teng does not know that the opposite party is thinking anything, sees people's response, nods secretly , to continue saying: " Situation everyone on that star thinks that has understood. " 王腾并不知道对方在想什么,看到众人的反应,暗自点了点头,继续说道:「那颗星球上的情况大家想必已经有所了解了吧。」 " Cinders ore! " Day billows star parallel of latitude. 「烬矿!」天澜星纬道。 " Un, above has existence of cinders ore . Moreover the content is quite considerable, the bang kills many immortal levels to exist sufficiently. " Wang Teng said. 「嗯,上面有着烬矿的存在,而且含量颇为可观,足以轰杀多位不朽级存在。」王腾道。 " Bang kills many immortal levels to exist! " The people complexion changes. Is these immortal levels exists, in the eye reveals the meaning of thick dreading. 「轰杀多位不朽级存在!」众人面色一变。就是那些不朽级存在,眼中都是露出浓浓的忌惮之意。 If not for the cinders ore, how they possibly to arrive personally. Now hears so the news, shocks as before. They had not suspected that the Wang Teng words, because, him is a Saint level seek the mining engineer as we all know. 若不是为了烬矿,他们又怎么可能亲自降临。如今听到这般消息,依旧震撼不已。他们没有怀疑王腾的话语,因为所有人都知道,他是一位圣级寻矿师。 This news decides however real. 这个消息定然是真的。 Wang Teng suddenly discovered eyeground that an interesting phenomenon, these immortal levels have, except for dreading, but also has one to flash past scalding hot. 王腾突然发现了一个有趣的现象,这些不朽级存在的眼底,除了忌惮,还有着一丝灼热一闪而过。 " It seems like they have the interest in the cinders ore unavoidably. Wang Teng shakes the head secretly, even more determined own beforehand decision not wrong, the cinders ore to anyone might as well to he himself, in the heart secret smile, on the face has not actually displayed slightly, then said: " You could rest assured that Dark Species has not unearthed, and...... " 「看来他们也免不了对烬矿产生兴趣啊。王腾暗自摇头,越发确定自己之前的决定没有错,烬矿给谁都不如给他自己,心中暗暗一笑,脸上却丝毫没有表现出来,接着说道:「不过你们放心,黑暗种还未挖掘完,而且……」 " And what? " The day billows star latitude is a little helpless, this Wang Teng always likes beating around the bush, making them have to coordinate. 「而且什么?」天澜星纬有点无奈,这个王腾总喜欢绕弯子,让他们不得不配合。 " Have you understood the relations between Dark Species major races? " Wang Teng asked a senseless question suddenly. 「你们了解过黑暗种各大种族之间的关系吗?」王腾突然问了一个没头没脑的问题。 " Relations among major races!? " The day billows star latitude frowns, in the mind seems the miraculous glow twinkle, also has not held promptly. 「各大种族之间的关系!?」天澜星纬不由皱起了眉头,脑海中似有灵光闪烁,却又没有及时抓住。 Others are also the whole face doubt, does not understand why Wang Teng mentioned this suddenly, what relations did this have with the cinders ore? 其他人也是满脸狐疑,不明白王腾为什么突然说起这个,这跟烬矿有什么关系吗? " I knew. " In the day billows star latitude eye none explodes flashes, suddenly fast saying: " The relations between Dark Species major races are poor, and often clashes, even if in battlefield same so, therefore you mean, will these regiments possibly attack brutally for the cinders ore? " 「我知道了。」天澜星纬眼中精光爆闪,突然快速的说道:「黑暗种各大种族之间的关系并不怎么好,并且时常爆发冲突,哪怕是在战场上一样如此,所以你的意思是,那些军团可能会为了烬矿大打出手?」 " Is a promising young man. " Nod of Wang Teng appreciation. " ...... " Day billows star latitude corners of the mouth pull out, felt educated what's the matter? 「孺子可教。」王腾赞赏的点了点头。「……」天澜星纬嘴角一抽,感觉被教育了是怎么回事?
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