AAMD :: Volume #19

#1891: Comprehension! Eclipse of domain darkness! Void giant face!( Sought subscription to ask monthly ticket!)

Scoffs...... 嗤嗤嗤…… The boundless darkness covers Wang Teng around, cannot see the situation completely. 无边的黑暗将王腾四周笼罩,完全看不到外界情形。 Wang Teng Dark domain Was being corroded unceasingly, exudes „” sound, covers the range also to contract unceasingly. 王腾的【黑暗领域】不断被侵蚀着,发出“嗤嗤”声,笼罩范围也在不断收缩。 But he is unhurried, decides like the dog peacefully. 但他不慌,澹定如狗。 Wang Teng carefully is observing the strength of domain, spies on mystery. 王腾仔细观察着外界的领域之力,窥探其中的奥秘。 The domain that he grasps are many, but has not seen this dark domain, in heart actually non- origin an interest. 他掌握的领域不少,但还没有见过这种黑暗领域,心中倒是不由来了一丝兴趣。 If can grasp this domain, perhaps his dark domain can a level higher. 若是能够掌握这种领域,也许他的黑暗领域可以更上一层楼。 His Bloodshed domain, Blood ghost domain Waited no doubt to achieve melted the boundary rank, in many domains, was extremely powerful existences. 他的【血海领域】,【血煞领域】等固然都已经达到了融境级别,在众多领域当中,都是极为强大的存在。 But these domains cannot be the true dark domains, at most is a blood domain. 但这些领域并不能算是真正的黑暗领域,顶多算是血道领域。 Wang Teng grasped so many blood is an lineage/vein domain, naturally also understands the blood was dark is between difference. 王腾掌握了这么多血系一脉的领域,自然也明白了血系与黑暗系之间的区别。 Superficially, the blood department probably is also the dark lineage/vein, but the two actually melt in a special way, looks like these hybrids to plant, five lines of attributes and dark attributes melt, thus becomes half dark lifeform. 从表面上来看,血系好像也是黑暗一脉,但二者其实是以一种特殊的方式相融,就像是那些混血种,五行属性与黑暗属性相融,从而成为了半黑暗生物。 However the blood department is actually another special branch, if divides alone, was still existed unlike the true dark department. 但是血系其实算是另一个特殊的分支,如果单独划分出来,与真正的黑暗系仍是存在不同。 Although the blood group has bragged the Dark Species clan, but in fact they clearest, they are actually the blood are the lives. 尽管血族一直自诩黑暗种族,可实际上它们自己最清楚,它们其实是血系生灵。 The demon moth clan, the great demon clan, sheep's head demon clan these races somewhat are actually different, they are the true dark lifeform, within the body is flowing the extremely rich dark blood. 倒是魔蛾族,巨魔族,羊头魔族这些种族有些不同,它们是真正的黑暗生物,体内流淌着极为浓郁的黑暗之血。 Naturally, this is unimportant. 当然,这都不重要。 Wang Teng may, no matter the blood group is the true Dark Species clan, what he cares is the promotion in dark domain. 王腾可不管血族是不是真正的黑暗种族,他在意的是黑暗领域方面的提升。 This is helpful to him. 这对他有帮助。 Sometimes copes with Dark Species, but must be the dark strength. 有时候对付黑暗种,还得是黑暗力量。 So long as is helpful to him, he weeding out wool with all one's might, even if a star, his also photo weeds out does not harm. 所以只要对他有帮助,他就可劲的薅羊毛,哪怕是一颗星球,他也照薅不误。 At this moment, spirit read the strength to sweep across from his forehead a continuously, spread to go toward all around dark strength. 此刻,一缕缕精神念力从他的眉心处席卷而出,朝着四周的黑暗之力蔓延而去。 This spirit read in the strength to contain the rich dark strength, is resisting all around dark corrosion, spied on mystery. 这精神念力之中蕴含着浓郁的黑暗力量,抵挡着四周的黑暗侵蚀,窥探其中的奥秘。 Scoffs...... 嗤嗤嗤…… Even so, his spirit read the strength to be corroded by that dark domain as before. 即便如此,他的精神念力依旧是被那黑暗领域侵蚀着。 A severe pain spreads to his mind immediately, making him frown. 一股剧痛顿时传入他的脑海之中,令他不由皱起眉头。 This feeling, looks like the hand that extends by the acupuncture, intimately connected, painful he held breath a cold air. 这种感觉,就像是伸出的手被针刺中,十指连心,痛的他倒吸了口凉气。 „The corrosion of this dark strength is so unexpectedly painful.” The Wang Teng brow tight wrinkle , without the time to think much, immediately grasps the time sensibility, in the eye is glittering unceasingly the miraculous glow: This domain seems like by the pinnacle darkness forms the corrosion, when dark strength as rich as the extreme, then had the ability of corroded similar strength......” “这黑暗力量的侵蚀竟然这般痛苦。”王腾眉头紧皱,没有时间多想,立刻抓紧时间感悟,眼中不断闪烁着灵光:“这种领域似乎是以极致的黑暗形成侵蚀,当黑暗力量浓郁到极点,便拥有了侵蚀同类力量的能力……” He feels the dark domain, while unifies oneself sensibility to various domains, analyzes the strength of that domain. 他一边感受外界的黑暗领域,一边结合自己对各种领域的感悟,解析那领域之力。 Right...... is the compression! “对了……是压缩! ! ” !” Suddenly, in the Wang Teng mind flashes through a white light courageous, seemed understood anything. 突然间,王腾的脑海中勐地闪过一道白光,好似明白了什么。 The Yuan magnetism domain, opens! 元磁领域,开! An unusual domain erupts from his body immediately, with whole body beside Dark domain Melts, terrifying strength since Yuan magnetic domain Divulges, Dark domain Compresses crazily. 一座奇特的领域顿时从他的身体之内爆发而出,与周身之外的【黑暗领域】相融,恐怖的力量从【元磁领域】中宣泄而出,将【黑暗领域】疯狂压缩起来。 Wang Teng Yuan magnetic domain Has achieved melted the boundary fifth-order level, the ratio Dark domain Is powerful, the strength of therefore its sending out, can definitely be right Dark domain Plays the role. 王腾的【元磁领域】已经达到了融境五阶层次,比【黑暗领域】还要强大,所以其所散发的力量,完全能够对【黑暗领域】起到作用。 Bang! 轰隆! The next quarter, he obviously feels oneself Dark domain Vibrated, as if by a pair of big hand toward the central extrusion, more and more dark strength was compressed, lets Dark domain Darkness becomes richly and purely, a black xu xu piece, dark evil meaning even more completely obviously without doubt. 下一刻,他明显感觉到自己的【黑暗领域】震动了起来,似乎被一双大手朝着中心挤压,越来越多的黑暗之力被压缩,让【黑暗领域】中的黑暗变得更为浓郁与纯粹,黑魆魆一片,黑暗邪恶之意越发尽显无疑。 Card...... 卡…… A strange sound transmits, strength corroded of all around domain, some as if corrosion...... was suddenly motionless. 一声古怪的声响传来,来自四周领域之力的侵蚀骤然一顿,似乎有些侵蚀……不动了。 That feeling, looks like the big dog to gnaw a bone probably, the bone suddenly becomes very hard, then gnawed motionless. 那种感觉,大概就像是大狗啃着一块骨头,骨头突然变得很硬,然后就啃不动了。 Also really!” Wang Teng eye one bright, in heart joyful exceptionally. “还真可以!”王腾眼睛一亮,心中不由的欣喜异常。 Scoffs...... 嗤嗤嗤…… But next quarter, his Dark domain Above spread the corroded sound unexpectedly again, and contracts continuously. 但下一刻,他的【黑暗领域】之上竟然再次传出了被侵蚀的声响,并继续不断收缩起来。 What's the matter?” The Wang Teng complexion changes, the brow wrinkles again. “怎么回事?”王腾面色微变,眉头再次皱起。 This surprises him. 这让他十分意外。 This thinks that has grasped the mystery of strength of that corrosion, but now looks like, seems not that a matter. 本以为已经掌握了那侵蚀之力的奥秘,可如今看来,似乎并不是那么回事。 Isn't the simple compression?” In Wang Teng heart doubt. “难道不是简单的压缩?”王腾心中狐疑。 When he wants to continue sensation the strength of domain, fills the air, but the spirit read the strength to separate suddenly, thoroughly by that domain corrosion completely. 当他想要继续感知外界的领域之力时,弥漫而出的精神念力突然断开,彻底被那外界的领域侵蚀殆尽。 Hiss!” “嘶!” The pain of suddenly raiding makes Wang Teng held breath again a cold air. 突然袭来的痛楚让王腾不由的再次倒吸了口凉气。 However his soul body is powerful, supported actually, drives out the pain. 不过他的灵魂体毕竟强大,硬是撑了下来,将痛苦驱除。 Wang Teng Dark domain Is contracting as before unceasingly, covered several hundred meters range, now actually contracts 30 meters gradually. 王腾的【黑暗领域】依旧在不断的收缩着,原本笼罩数百米范围,如今却渐渐收缩到了三十米。 Continues again, does not use a while, he will be swallowed the corrosion by that domain thoroughly. 再这么继续下去,不用一会儿,他就会被那外界的领域彻底吞噬侵蚀。 Troublesome!” “麻烦!” The Wang Teng look is very throughout tranquil, in the mind was always talking about one, immediately opens the strength of dark source principle. 王腾的眼神始终很平静,心目中叨念了一句,顿时开启黑暗本源法则之力。 Bang! 轰! His Dark domain Vibrates instantaneously, strange black rune/symbol writing appear in the domain, formed the chains, the command Dark domain Sends out the powerful and strange strength. 他的【黑暗领域】瞬间震动起来,一道道奇异的黑色符文出现在领域之内,形成了锁链,令【黑暗领域】散发出强大而奇异的力量。 Fourth-order dark source principle! 四阶黑暗本源法则! The strength of domain was blocked instantaneously, even the strength of that corrosion, is unable to shake Wang Teng at this moment Dark domain. 外界的领域之力瞬间被挡住,即便是那侵蚀之力,此刻也无法撼动王腾的【黑暗领域】。 However above the domain also presented black rune/symbol writing, is evil and dark, making the strength of that corrosion more powerful. 不过外界的领域之上也出现了一道道黑色符文,邪恶而黑暗,令那侵蚀之力更为强大。 Fortunately Wang Teng the strength of dark source principle is powerful enough, is strength of the domain strength of principle is unexpectedly equally matched. 所幸王腾的黑暗本源法则之力足够强大,竟是与外界领域之力中的法则之力不相上下。 During both sides fell into immediately refused to budge. 双方顿时陷入了僵持之中。 Bang! Bang! Bang...... 轰!轰!轰…… An intermittent bellow spreads in the collisions of two domains unceasingly, reverberation in all directions. 一阵阵轰鸣声在两座领域的碰撞中不断传出,回荡四面八方。 What strength is?” “到底是什么力量?” Wang Teng looks at that domain, in the mind the thought is rotating crazily, the spirit read the strength to sweep across again, searched into the outside world in the domain. 王腾望着外界那座领域,脑海中念头疯狂转动,精神念力再度席卷而出,探入外界的领域之内。 Comes from is completely disregarded by him the domain pain, if unable to withstand including such pain, he did not need to cultivate the martial arts. 来自于外界领域的痛苦完全被他无视,如果连这么点痛苦都无法承受,那他也不用修炼武道了。 Compared with some pain that he experienced in the past, although this time pain is somewhat different, and aims in the energetic body directly, but is not unsupportable. 与他以往经历的一些痛苦相比,这次的痛苦虽然有些不同,并且也是直接针对于精神体,但并不是不能忍受。 Initially in the imaginary heart tower in Secondary Profession Alliance headquarters, he for in the universe level boundary, made own psychic force break through the Territory Lord Level level forcefully, the pain of receives also wanted intense innumerable times compared with this. 当初在副职业联盟总部的幻心塔中,他为了在宇宙级境界,强行让自己的精神力突破域主级层次,所受的痛苦比这还要强烈无数倍。 Right, my Eclipse of domain light, Somewhat is probably similar to this dark domain the strength of corrosion.” In the Wang Teng mind flashes through suddenly together miraculous. “对了,我的【光明之蚀领域】,好像与这黑暗领域的侵蚀之力有些相似。”王腾脑海中突然闪过一道灵光。 This Eclipse of domain light Comes from the morning sun meghimatium bilineatum, shortly after he also just obtained, has not used, now bumps into also has „the strength of corrosion the dark domain, he thought it finally. 这【光明之蚀领域】来自于曦光蛞蝓,他也是刚得到不久,还没怎么使用,如今碰到一个同样拥有“侵蚀之力”的黑暗领域,他终于是将其想了起来。 Wang Teng closed the eye slowly, in the mind flashed through about Eclipse of domain light The related sensibility, as if understood anything. 王腾缓缓闭上了眼睛,脑海中闪过关于【光明之蚀领域】的相关感悟,似乎明白了什么。 Since the strength of light can corrode, the strength of darkness naturally can also corrode, the strength of compression darkness is a change, making the strength of darkness have to swallow the strength of corrosion, is the change of another deeper level.” Wang Teng as if understood anything, opens the eye courageous. “既然光明之力可以侵蚀,黑暗之力自然也可以侵蚀,将黑暗之力压缩是一种变化,让黑暗之力拥有吞噬侵蚀之力,又是另一种更深层次的变化。”王腾似乎明白了什么,勐地睁开眼睛。 ! 唰! None projects from his eye together, along with even changed to the richest jet black color. 一道精光从他的眼中射出,随即便化作了最为浓郁的漆黑之色。 His Dark domain Changed that is inconceivable instantaneously, as if had the qualitative change, immediately had the strength of corrosion. 他的【黑暗领域】瞬间发生了难以想象的变化,仿佛产生了质变,顿时拥有了侵蚀之力。 Scoffs...... 嗤嗤嗤…… In domains of both sides spread the sound again, but these is actually not Wang Teng time Dark domain Was corroded, but is the domain is corroded. 双方的领域之间再次传出了嗤嗤声,但这一次却并不是王腾的【黑暗领域】被侵蚀,而是外界的领域被侵蚀。 The balance had the incline! 天平发生了倾斜! Erupts fourth-order in Wang Teng Dark source Later, during strength of both sides falls into refuses to compromise, but Wang Teng comprehends a change of strength of corrosion now, his domain naturally becomes stronger. 王腾爆发出四阶【黑暗本源】之后,双方的力量陷入僵持之中,但如今王腾领悟了一丝侵蚀之力的变化,他的领域自然变得更强。 However the strength of this corrosion, is very weak now, looks like an ant in the body of tear and bite elephant, the including the skin does not nip broken, not possible to cause what substantive damage. 不过这种侵蚀之力,如今还很微弱,就像是一只蚂蚁在撕咬大象的皮肉,连皮都咬不破,不可能对其造成什么实质性的伤害。 If wants to corrode by the strength of this corrosion the domain, is almost not possible. 如果想凭借这侵蚀之力去侵蚀外界的领域,几乎是不可能的。 Wang Teng is not but actually anxious, his vision flashes, saw attribute air bubbles appear in the collisions of two domains. 王腾倒也不急,他目光一闪,看到了一个个属性气泡在两座领域的碰撞中出现。 Because of his domain strengthen, had the impact on that domain, naturally can fall the attribute air bubble. 因为他的领域变强,对那外界的领域造成了冲击,自然会掉落出属性气泡。 This is his plan. 这就是他的打算。 Weeds out the wool the posture to be correct, only by doing so, can weed out the succinctness in wool. 薅羊毛的姿势要正确,只有这样,才能薅到羊毛中的精粹。 Collect! 拾取! The spirit read the strength to sweep across, collected these attribute air bubbles entirely. 精神念力席卷而出,将那些属性气泡统统拾取了回来。 Eclipse of domain * 300 darkness 【黑暗之蚀领域】 Eclipse of domain * 200 darkness 【黑暗之蚀领域】 Eclipse of domain * 500 darkness 【黑暗之蚀领域】 ...... …… Eclipse of domain darkness!” In the Wang Teng eye none flashes, secretly thought: Really with Eclipse of domain light Similar, even the name is similar.” “黑暗之蚀领域!”王腾眼中精光一闪,暗道:“果然和【光明之蚀领域】类似,连名字都差不多。” Special sensibility appear in his mind, making him right Eclipse of domain darkness The grasping degree was raised rapidly. 一段段特殊的感悟出现在他的脑海之中,令他对【黑暗之蚀领域】的掌握程度快速提升了起来。 Just now just grasped, now had these attribute air bubbles, he can let quickly Eclipse of domain darkness It is not the low level, even catches up with the domain above this dark star. 方才只是刚刚掌握,现在有了这些属性气泡,他很快就能够让【黑暗之蚀领域】达到不低的层次,甚至是赶上这黑暗星球之上的领域。 Strengthens with the strength of opposite party, this is weeds out the wool the essence to be. 用对方的力量来增强自我,这才是薅羊毛的精髓所在。 Really, with Wang Teng Eclipse of domain darkness The enhancement, in the domain, more and more attribute air bubbles fall. 果然,随着王腾的【黑暗之蚀领域】增强,外界的领域之中,越来越多的属性气泡掉落而出。 The Wang Teng domain had contracted 30 meters range, now finally arrives at counter-attacking time, the domain covers the range to proliferate toward the outside world unceasingly, making the domain start to contract. 王腾的领域原本已经收缩到了三十米范围,如今终于到了反攻的时候,领域笼罩范围不断朝着外界扩散,让外界的领域开始收缩。 Roar! 吼! A roar transmits from void. 一阵吼声从虚空之中传来。 Wang Teng looked up one, the undulating smiled: „To prevent my way with this dark star, you were too naive.” 王腾抬头看了一眼,不禁澹澹一笑:“想用这颗黑暗星球阻挡我的去路,你太天真了。” Bang! 轰! Voice side drop, his domain seemed to be strengthened courageous, proliferated several hundred meters suddenly. 话音方落,他的领域似乎勐地增强了许多,骤然扩散出去数百米。 Meanwhile, did not have the hindrance of domain, his Swallows day to bite The magical powers also revolve again crazily, the absorption swallows the life source energy of dark star. 与此同时,没了外界领域的阻碍,他的【吞天噬地】神通也再次疯狂运转起来,吸收吞噬黑暗星球的生命本源能量。 Crisp!” “爽!” Wang Teng felt the strange energy that body within the body flows, the mortal body is strengthening at the visible speed, cannot bear shouted one in the heart. 王腾感觉到身体内流淌的奇异能量,肉身正以肉眼可见的速度增强,忍不住在心底大喊了一声。 Rumble! 轰隆隆! The dark star strenuous vibration, more and more cracks appear above the star land, that type of rich life aura is dissipating slowly. 黑暗星球剧烈震动,越来越多的裂缝出现在星球大地之上,那种浓郁的生命气息正在慢慢消散。 This was swallowed the consequence of life source energy by Wang Teng. 这是被王腾吞噬了生命本源能量的后果。 This way, this dark star also on Lighting Attribute star and bright star footsteps step. 再这样下去,这颗黑暗星球也将步上雷系星球和光明星球的后尘。 Roar! 吼! The angry roaring sound that void hears is even more fierce, the penetration is void, penetrates the strong mist of dark star, the vibration vault of heaven, reverberates above the entire star. 虚空中传来的怒吼声越发剧烈,穿透虚空,穿透黑暗星球的浓重雾气,震动苍穹,回荡在整颗星球之上。 Called to do loudly?” Wang Teng pulled out the ear, the undulating say/way: „The life source energies of your stars I absorbed to decide, looked at you to be able my what?” “叫那么大声干什么?”王腾掏了掏耳朵,澹澹道:“你这些星球的生命本源能量我吸收定了,看你能奈我何?” Roar! 吼! She in this piece void everywhere, had heard the Wang Teng words, in that roar erupts the intense anger. 她在这片虚空无处不在,已是听到了王腾的话语,那吼声之中爆发出强烈的怒意。 Suddenly, the mutation lives steep! 突然间,异变陡生! Bang! 轰隆! The trim as if vibrated void, the innumerable space cracks also appear, even above the dark star, still had massive space cracks. 整片虚空似乎都震动了起来,无数空间裂缝随之出现,即便是在黑暗星球之上,也是出现了大量的空间裂缝。 This is......” “这是……” Wang Teng sees this, is startled. 王腾看到这一幕,不由的一惊。 Won't give to compel her anxiously?” “不会是把她给逼急了吧?” He is a little afraid, looks to void. 他有点心虚,望向虚空之中。 In the meantime, beside that dark star, the form of giant beast dissipates to open unexpectedly loudly, integrates in all around colorful mist. 就在此时,在那黑暗星球之外,巨兽的身影竟轰然消散而开,融入四周五彩斑斓的雾气之中。 Afterward that mist tumbles fiercely, gathers unexpectedly, moreover that giant beast dissipates, but the mist are more than is thicker, changed to a giant incomparable face in void, blocks the sky general. 随后那雾气剧烈翻滚起来,竟然重新汇聚,而且比那巨兽消散而出的雾气更多更浓,在虚空中化作了一张巨大无比的面孔,遮天蔽日一般。 In his pair of giant eye socket, various types of strength measuring instruments present, represents different energy form strange rune/symbol writing to flash. 其一对巨大的眼眶之内,各种力量具现,代表不同能量形式的奇异符文闪动着。 gold/metal wood water fire clay, wind, thunder, poisonous, ice, bright, dark...... 金木水火土,风,雷,毒,冰,光明,黑暗…… All attributes, condense in that pair of eyes pupil unexpectedly, according to some type of unusual path is revolving, as if formed an unusual balance. 所有的属性,竟然都在那双眼眸之内凝聚而出,按照某种奇特的轨迹运转着,仿佛形成了一种奇特的平衡。 That eye passes through void, across the numerous darkness, fell on the body of Wang Teng. 那双眼睛穿过虚空,穿过重重的黑暗,落在了王腾的身上。 Hiss!” “嘶!” Wang Teng held breath a cold air, why does not know, is away from obviously is very far, but he saw that pair of eyes pupil extremely clearly, as if at present. 王腾倒吸了口凉气,不知道为何,明明距离很远,但他还是极为清楚的看到了那一双眼眸,仿佛就在眼前。 both sides on are that looking at each other. 双方就那么对视着。 Is this what kind of terrifying look?! 这是何等恐怖的眼神?! Ice-cold, indifferently, dignified, sacred, elusive...... 冰冷,漠然,威严,神圣,空灵…… Wang Teng does not know how should describe her look, only feels even the previous vertical eye, and eye pupil of giant beast, as if not so terrifying. 王腾不知道该如何形容她的眼神,只觉得就算是之前的竖眼,以及巨兽的眼眸,似乎都没有这般恐怖。 Under the gazes of this pair of eyes pupils, he felt that own whole body becomes stiff, as if had the gaze by a god level. 在这双眼眸的注视之下,他感觉自己浑身都变得僵硬起来,仿佛被一位神级存在注视。 ((( ;??? ;))) (((;???;))) A frightened feeling raises in his heart. 一种惊悚之感在他的心底升起。 She not, or counts at all costs to do me?” Wang Teng is a little afraid. “她不会真的要不计一切代价搞死我吧?”王腾有点心虚。 Has made you relax, you are so unscrupulous, can she not be anxious?” Ices voice to resound in the Wang Teng mind. “早就让你悠着点了,你这么肆无忌惮,她能不急吗?”冰蒂丝的声音在王腾脑海中响起。 Although she has not appeared in the outside world, but has actually been watching the situation, now naturally also the giant face that notices to present void. 她虽然没出现在外界,但却一直关注着外界的情况,如今自然也注意到了虚空中出现的巨大面孔。 The strength of will especially in that look sends out , is more terrifying than the beforehand giant beast. 尤其是那眼神中散发出的意志之力,更是比之前的巨兽还要恐怖许多。 Does not need to want also to know that void will was really is compelled anxiously. 不用想也知道,那虚空意志真是被逼急了。 You understand anything, I am to compel her.” Wang Teng deeply inspires, making oneself tranquil, meaningful saying. “你懂啥,我就是要将她逼出来。”王腾深吸了口气,让自己平静下来,意味深长的说道。 Although a little feels weak, but since had arrived this step, naturally can only brace oneself to continue, can the Territory Lord Level chaos stars secret art become, but looked at this time. 尽管有点发虚,但既然已经到了这一步,自然只能硬着头皮继续下去了,域主级的混沌星辰诀能不能成,可就看这一次了啊。
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