AAMD :: Volume #19

#1890: Dark star! Ancient times dark will! Unusual domain!

Eight forms charged into eight different positions, the rapidness of speed, making one be flabbergasted. 八道身影冲向了八个不同的方位,速度之快,令人咋舌。 However the rear eight giant beast speeds are not slow, moreover in its is erupting the radiant ray impressively, changes to the light beam to project loudly. 不过后方的八头巨兽速度也不慢,而且其口中赫然正爆发出璀璨的光芒,化作光束轰然射出。 The time, the Wang Teng eight forms were submerged, the dissipation, only had the form to appear in another side directly together is void, avoided the light beam bombardment. 顿时间,王腾的八道身影被淹没,径直消散,只剩下一道身影出现在另一侧虚空,避开了光束轰击。 That is the main body is. 那是本体所在。 After the Wang Teng main body avoids the light beam of giant beast, then charged into void of distant place directly, in an instant can only see a back. 王腾本体避开巨兽的光束之后,便径直冲向了远处的虚空,转眼就只能看见一个背影。 Just then Cultivation technique of a while, won a lot of time to Wang Teng, making him spread out with the giant beast. 刚刚那么一会儿的功法,也给王腾争取了不少时间,让他与巨兽拉开了距离。 After that eight giant beasts solve clone of Wang Teng, only the giant beast follows after the Wang Teng main body. 那八头巨兽解决完王腾的分身之后,唯有一头巨兽跟在王腾本体之后。 Other seven giant beasts after destroying Wang Teng that seven clone, but the vision looks at the direction that a Wang Teng main body was at indifferently, then dissipates to open during unexpectedly, integrates to be void, changes to that colorful mist. 其余七头巨兽在毁灭了王腾那七道分身之后,只是目光冷漠的看了一眼王腾本体所在的方向,而后竟消散而开,融入虚空之中,重新化作那五彩斑斓的雾气。 Wang Teng has not seen this, he only saw own behind giant beast inflates unexpectedly, in the process of chase, changes to the big or small, terrifying pressure gradually also filled the air. 王腾并没有看到这一幕,他只看到自己身后的巨兽居然重新膨胀,在追逐的过程中,渐渐化作原本大小,恐怖的威压随之弥漫而出。 Restored!” “又恢复了!” His vision shrinks, is somewhat surprised, speechless say/way: This giant beast in this piece void within simply omnipresent.” 他目光一缩,有些惊讶,无语道:“这巨兽在这片虚空之内简直无所不在啊。” So long as that void will exists, she can transform at will.” Ices dignified saying. “只要那虚空意志存在,她就可以随意转换。”冰蒂丝凝重的说道。 Wang Teng nods secretly, knows that iced not to say false, but he not flurried, so long as that giant beast has been maintaining the attack of World Lord Level level, he can also socialize temporarily 12. 王腾暗自点了点头,也知道冰蒂丝所说不假,不过他并没有慌乱,只要那巨兽一直维持着界主级层次的攻击,他暂时还能周旋一二。 Bang! 轰! Behind him 【The wing of Saint light Flashes fast, making him change to the white flowing light, goes toward a direction direct impact. 他背后的【圣光之翼】快速闪动,令他化作白色流光,朝着一个方向直冲而去。 This time, has not flown is too long, front void then had the change. 这一次,并没有飞太久,前方的虚空便出现了变化。 If beforehand void is light, may penetrate the colorful mist, is extremely witnessable. 如果说之前的虚空是一片光明,可穿透五彩斑斓的雾气,极远都可看到。 Then void of this place becomes dark, all rays as if were swallowed generally, a black xu xu piece. 那么此地的虚空就变得黑暗起来,所有的光线仿佛都被吞噬了一般,黑魆魆的一片。 Enters this void, even could not find the least bit position, will lose the direction thoroughly. 进入这片虚空,甚至找不到半点方位,将会彻底迷失方向。 Roar! 吼! The roar of giant beast transmits from afar, in her pair of indifferent elusive double pupil, as if unusual look flashes through. 巨兽的吼声远远传来,她那双冷漠的空灵双眸之中,似乎有一丝异色闪过。 As if thought that this fellow dares to enter that dark region, courts death simply. 似乎觉得这家伙敢进入那黑暗区域,简直就是找死。 Although from the beforehand performance, the opposite party in dark is the attainments in aspect is not low, but she is also quite self-confident about oneself dark attainments. 虽然从之前的表现来看,对方在黑暗系方面的造诣并不低,但是她对自己的黑暗造诣同样极为自信。 In all attributes, her grasping to dark department is most powerful. 在所有的属性当中,她对黑暗系的掌握最为强大。 However Wang Teng has not noticed this point, he has broken in that dark region directly, seeks for the dark star to be. 不过王腾并没有注意到这一点,他已是径直冲入那片黑暗区域,寻找黑暗星球所在。 【The heart of darkness, Opens! 【黑暗之心】,开! Drinks lightly in the Wang Teng heart resounds. 一声轻喝在王腾的心底响起。 The mysterious and strange energy gathers in his heart place, making his heart as if change to a strange dark heart, lends the evil dark aura. 神秘而诡异的能量在他的心脏处汇聚,令他的心脏仿佛化作一颗奇异的黑暗之心,散发出邪恶黑暗的气息。 Really black heart jpg 【真・黑了心】jpg Is relying on second-order 【The heart of darkness The talent, Wang Teng immediately becomes to the induction of strength of darkness extremely keen. 凭借着二阶【黑暗之心】天赋,王腾对黑暗之力的感应顿时变得极为灵敏。 He at this moment, is similar to this dark part, from is dark and fresh, all and dark interlinked. 此刻的他,就如同这黑暗的一部分,自黑暗而生,一切都与黑暗相通。 In numerous dark talents that Wang Teng grasps, 【The heart of darkness It can be said that purest one dark talent. 王腾掌握的众多黑暗天赋当中,【黑暗之心】可以说是最为纯粹的一种黑暗天赋。 Other darkness are the talent physicals, such as Deep god body, Blood god's body Wait, is inferior to this 【The heart of darkness Purely. 其他的黑暗系天赋体质,诸如【冥神体】,【血神之体】等等,都不如这【黑暗之心】纯粹。 Therefore in dark sensation, Wang Teng first thinking is 【The heart of darkness. 所以在黑暗感知方面,王腾第一个想到的就是【黑暗之心】。 Let alone also has God level dark talent Helps one another, the sensation of Wang Teng strength to darkness, was an inhuman degree. 何况还有着【神级黑暗天赋】相助,王腾对黑暗之力的感知,更是达到了一种非人的程度。 Even if some Demon Venerable levels exist, perhaps is unable to compare with him. 就算是一些魔尊级存在,恐怕都无法与他相比。 Almost is instantaneous, Wang Teng induces strength of the darkness immediately extremely richly is, eye is one bright. 几乎是瞬间,王腾立刻感应到了一处黑暗之力极为浓郁的所在,眼睛不由的就是一亮。 There should be the dark star. 那里应该就是黑暗星球所在了。 He not hesitant, immediately transfers a direction, rushes over toward that side. 他没有犹豫,立刻转了个方向,朝着那边冲了过去。 With nearness, all around presented the attribute air bubble again, the Wang Teng spirit read the strength to curl, immediately collected. 随着靠近,四周再次出现了属性气泡,王腾精神念力卷出,当即拾取了起来。 Dark Star Source Power * 2800】 【黑暗星辰原力 Dark Star Source Power * 3000】 【黑暗星辰原力 Dark Star Source Power * 3500】 【黑暗星辰原力 Yuan magnetic domain * 100】 【元磁领域】 Yuan magnetic domain * 120】 【元磁领域】 ...... …… Completely is dark Star Source Power and Yuan magnetic domain attribute, this aspect in expected of Wang Teng, he excessively has not paid attention completely much, the little while non-stop charges into that dark star. 全部都是黑暗星辰原力和元磁领域属性,这方面完全在王腾的意料之中,他并没有过多关注,半刻不停的冲向那颗黑暗星球。 In that numerous darkness, he already can see a giant dark star static float in void, just like a terrifying dark giant beast, is passing evilly, chaotic, and even indescribable meaning. 在那重重黑暗之中,他已是可以看到一颗巨大的黑暗星球静静的悬浮在虚空之中,宛如一头恐怖的黑暗巨兽,透着邪恶,混乱,乃至不可名状之意。 To be honest, Wang Teng has not seen similar dark star in darkness, now sees one on the contrary here. 说实话,王腾在黑暗界都没有看到类似的黑暗星球,如今反倒是在这里看到了一颗。 Seriously is people are just the victims of fate. 当真是造化弄人。 At this moment, Wang Teng just approached some, then frowns, stopped the figure. 此刻,王腾刚刚靠近些许,便不由皱起眉头,停下了身形。 He feels dangerous aura from this dark star at present. 他从眼前这颗黑暗星球之上感觉到了一丝危险的气息。 This is very strange! 这很诡异! A star sends out the danger unexpectedly the aura, does not know that what above has? 一颗星球竟然散发出危险的气息,不知上面有什么? He looked at one toward the rear area, sees that giant beast not to pursue, in heart surprise. 他又朝着后方看了一眼,见那巨兽没有追上来,心中更为诧异。 It seems like that void will has much self-confidently to this star. 看来那虚空意志对这颗星球很有自信啊。 „Is this must gamble with me?” Wang Teng smiled. “这是要跟我博弈吗?”王腾笑了起来。 He as if understands suddenly that void will intention, the unfavorable situations of front two stars, it is estimated that make that void will also very angry. 他似乎突然明白了那虚空意志的意图,前面两颗星球的失利,估计让那虚空意志也十分恼怒吧。 I must accompany you to be fun actually.” In the Wang Teng heart talked to oneself. “那我倒是要陪你好好玩玩了。”王腾心中自语道。 Wang Teng, I cannot help here, first returned to the ice hornless dragon bead.” Ices to say suddenly. 王腾,我在这里也帮不上什么忙,就先回冰螭珠里面去了。”冰蒂丝突然道。 Wang Teng looked at her one eyes, sees in her eye to reveal an ill meaning, immediately understands, nods. 王腾看了她一眼,见她眼中露出一丝不适之意,顿时明白过来,点了点头。 Delivers a letter 下书吧 Good!” “好!” Yourself were careful.” “你自己小心。” Iced to remind one, then drills into ice hornless dragon bead of its top of the head immediately, vanished does not see. 冰蒂丝提醒了一句,便立刻钻入其头顶的冰螭珠内,消失不见。 Definitely can see from her appearance, she is really does not want to treat. 从她的样子完全可以看出,她真的是一刻都不想多待。 Even if her such god level exists, facing the so pure dark strength, is still the dislike. 即便是她这样的神级存在,面对如此纯粹的黑暗之力,也是厌恶至极。 Wang Teng puts out a hand to grasp, will then ice the hornless dragon bead to receive, then he has not hesitated, charges into the front that dark star directly. 王腾伸手一抓,便将冰螭珠收了起来,而后他没有迟疑,径直冲向前方的那颗黑暗星球。 He must have a look but actually, what medicine that in that void will bottle gourd sells? 他倒要看看,那虚空意志葫芦里卖的什么药? The sky of dark star is filling the strong black fog, will put in order a star to cover, the land also presents the color of one darkness, everywhere is the crack, once for a while has the dark aura to flutter from that crack, integrates in the fog in sky. 黑暗星球的上空弥漫着浓重的黑色云雾,将整颗星球笼罩,大地也呈现出一种黑暗之色,到处都是裂缝,时不时有着黑暗气息从那裂缝之中飘荡而出,融入天空中的云雾之内。 The entire star is passing the strange and evil meaning everywhere, if common Martial Artist enters here, feared that will be is soon then invaded dark, degenerates into the dark lifeform. 整颗星球处处透着诡异与邪恶之意,若是寻常武者进入这里,怕是用不了多久便会被黑暗侵染,沦为黑暗生物。 Wang Teng the flowing light has appeared above the dark star, float in midair, looks at this, in the eye is revealing a dignified meaning. 王腾所化的流光已是出现在了黑暗星球之上,悬浮在半空,望着这一幕,眼中露出一丝凝重之意。 He has opened Really the child of regarding, But has not seen the life source core of this star in that core place. 他已经开启了【真视之童】,但是并未在那核心处看到这颗星球的生命本源核心。 Unlike former that several stars, the life source core of this dark star has melted with the star for a body thoroughly, this aspect is quite actually similar to certain unusual lives. 与之前那几颗星球不同,这颗黑暗星球的生命本源核心已经彻底与星球本身融为了一体,这方面倒是与某些奇特生灵极为相似。 They fuse their soul and mortal body, share everything. 它们将自身的灵魂与肉身融合,不分彼此。 Then, their mortal bodies become extremely powerful, cultivates the soul, then cultivates the mortal body, two with cultivating. 如此一来,它们的肉身会变得极为强悍,修炼灵魂,便是修炼肉身,二者同修。 However also has the shortcoming, if the mortal body is seriously injured, the soul will also be seriously battered, compared with the normal life, pouring also said no that on who is good who to be bad, can only say that is each has his good points. 不过也有缺点,如果肉身受重伤,灵魂也会遭受重创,与正常生灵相比,倒也说不上孰好孰坏,只能说是各有千秋。 Snort!” Wang Teng cold snort/hum, in the heart coldly smiles: Thinks that this can be occupied by me rarely?” “哼!”王腾冷哼一声,心中冷冷一笑:“以为这样就能难得住我了吗?” Swallows the day to bite the magical powers, opens! 吞天噬地神通,开! A black vortex appears above his top of the head, the super revolving, is sprawling, fills the air to open toward all around, as if must cover the entire land. 一个黑色漩涡出现在他的头顶之上,高速旋转,不断扩大,朝着四周弥漫而开,似乎要笼罩整个大地。 In swallowing the day bites in front of the magical powers, even if the life energy core of this star melts with the star, is still same can be attracted to pull and swallows. 在吞天噬地神通面前,就算是这颗星球的生命能量核心与星球本身相融,也是一样可以被吸扯出来并吞噬。 That void will underestimated his swallowing day to bite the magical powers. 那虚空意志还是太小看他的吞天噬地神通了。 Bang! 轰! The black vortex under the control of Wang Teng, drops unceasingly, almost must touch with the star land, the strength of terrifying attracting pulling erupts sky over the land, the ground as if vibrated. 黑色漩涡在王腾的控制下,不断下降,几乎要与星球的大地相触,恐怖的吸扯之力在大地上空爆发,地面似乎都震动了起来。 Massive dark strength were swallowed by the black vortex. 大量的黑暗之力被黑色漩涡吞噬了进去。 If the nihility swallows the beast here, perhaps facing the so rich dark strength, has been far away from this place, more impossible to swallow. 如果是虚无吞兽在此,面对如此浓郁的黑暗之力,恐怕早就远离此地了,更不可能去吞噬。 But Wang Teng fearless, he has the extremely strong dark talent, the strength of darkness to him is the nourishment, does not need to be worried about anything completely. 王腾无惧,他自身拥有极强的黑暗天赋,黑暗之力对他而言就是养料,完全不用担心什么。 Will not be wasted. 更不会被浪费。 Swallows many, he absorbs many. 吞噬多少,他就吸收多少。 Bang! 轰隆! That dark star seemed to be enraged, vibrates loudly, everything may become vulnerable, just like the scenery of end, a powerful imposing manner raises from the land suddenly. 那黑暗星球似乎被触怒,轰然震动起来,地动山摇般,宛如末日之景,一股强大的气势骤然从大地之下升起。 Evil, dark, ancient, boundless...... 邪恶,黑暗,古老,苍茫…… As if darkness of terrifying existed to tread from the ancient times, appeared in this stretch of the world. 仿佛一尊恐怖的黑暗存在从远古踏来,出现在了这片天地之间。 This is......” the Wang Teng complexion changes, the vision contracted suddenly: „ Ancient times dark will! “这是……”王腾面色微变,目光骤然收缩了一下:“远古黑暗意志! ! ” !” He will not feel wrong, this was the ancient times dark will! 他不会感觉错,这就是远古黑暗意志! Because of the strength of this will, he grasps, is completely exactly the same, unexpectedly just here ancient times dark will, grasped him was more powerful. 因为这种意志之力,他本身就有掌握,完全一模一样,只不过这里的远古黑暗意志,竟然比他掌握的更加强大。 Has not thought that on this star actually contains the ancient times dark will! Moreover is so powerful!” Wang Teng deeply inspires, making oneself tranquil. “没想到这颗星球上竟然蕴含着远古黑暗意志!而且如此强大!”王腾深吸了口气,让自己平静下来。 His fearless this ancient times dark will. 他无惧这远古黑暗意志。 But this will appears was extremely sudden, makes him very surprised. 但这意志出现的太过突然了,还是让他十分惊讶的。 „But how will this star be born the strength of this ancient will?” Wang Teng is overlooking the land, in the heart is somewhat regrettable, frowns. “可这星球怎么会诞生这种古老意志之力?”王腾俯瞰着大地,心中有些遗憾,不由皱起了眉头。 He somewhat does not think clearly. 他有些想不明白。 This dark star and former Lighting Attribute star, the bright star was born in this void similarly. 这颗黑暗星球与之前的雷系星球,光明星球同样诞生于这片虚空。 The front two star this ancient meanings, why hadn't this dark star been born the so ancient will? 前面两颗星球并没有这种古老之意,为什么偏偏这颗黑暗星球诞生了如此古老的意志? Is it possible that here has what unique element? 莫非这里有什么特殊之处? But is this relying on that void will? 而这就是那虚空意志的凭仗? Bang! 轰! Has not waited for him to think that powerful ancient times dark will has then arrived on his body, full is the terrifying great peak of meaning of darkness pounds just like one loudly above his top of the head. 还不等他多想,那强悍的远古黑暗意志便已是降临在了他的身上,宛如一座满是黑暗之意的恐怖巨峰轰然砸在他的头顶之上。 Wang Teng body cannot help but falls toward, on his face actually does not see the flustered color, the corners of the mouth appears slightly an undulating happy expression, in the mouth puts out a few words slowly: 王腾的身躯不由自主的朝着下方落去,不过他的脸上却不见丝毫慌张之色,嘴角浮现出一丝澹澹笑意,口中缓缓吐出一句话来: Ancient times the meaning of blood ghost, opened!” “远古血煞之意,开!” Bang! 轰! The voice falls, a powerful imposing manner erupts from his body similarly. 话音落下,一股强大的气势同样是从他的身上爆发而出。 Bloody, evil spirit, ancient times, boundless...... 血腥,凶煞,远古,苍茫…… Recovered from the ancient times just like a blood ghost murderer, arrives at this stretch of the world, circled sky over the Wang Teng top of the head, resisted that ancient times dark will for him. 宛如一头血煞凶手从远古复苏,降临这片天地,盘旋于王腾头顶上空,为他抵挡那远古黑暗意志。 Meanwhile, dark star sky that dense cloud Jing washed out in an instant, revealed a giant cavity, like by general that a person fist pounds. 与此同时,黑暗星球上空那黑压压的云竟是刹那间被冲散,露出了一个巨大的空洞,如同被人一拳砸出的一般。 Bang! 轰隆! Two wills collide in void, just like heavenly thunder deafening sound, reverberation horizon. 两股意志在虚空中碰撞,宛如天雷震响,回荡天际。 The entire star is blustery, above the land presents thick fissures, seems unable to withstand the bombardment of this terrifying will. 整颗星球风起云涌,大地之上出现一道道粗大的裂痕,似乎无法承受这恐怖意志的轰击。 Reviews Wang Teng, is actually treads to be built on the midair, is gorgeously motionless. 反观王腾,却是踏立于半空,巍然不动。 That ancient times dark will is unable to shake his slightest again. 那远古黑暗意志再也无法撼动他分毫。 Roar! 吼! Void, that giant beast spreads one to angrily roar immediately, transmits rolling, even if can hear clear above the dark star. 虚空之中,那头巨兽顿时传出一阵怒吼,滚滚传来,即便是在黑暗星球之上都能够听得一清二楚。 Such imposing manner also wants to exceed me.” Wang Teng looks up to void, as if can see that giant beast, the undulating smiles. “就这么点气势还想胜过我。”王腾抬头望向虚空,仿佛能够看到那巨兽,澹澹一笑。 Bang! 轰! The next quarter, that black vortex revolves crazily, attracts pulls is swallowing the life source energy in dark star. 下一刻,那黑色漩涡疯狂旋转起来,吸扯吞噬着黑暗星球之中的生命本源能量。 One the dark aura flutters from the star continuously, is mixing with the life aura, obviously this dark star is unable to resist Wang Teng Swallows day to bite Magical powers. 一缕缕黑暗气息从星球之上飘荡而出,其中夹杂着生命气息,显然这颗黑暗星球无法抵挡王腾的【吞天噬地】神通。 Bang! 轰! Suddenly, the entire dark star vibrates again, the terrifying black ray erupts from the land suddenly. 突然,整颗黑暗星球再度震动起来,恐怖的黑色光芒骤然从大地之下爆发而出。 Un?!” During a Wang Teng brow wrinkle, from that is black light to feel that immediately a pinnacle threat, in the heart does not dare to neglect, the dark strength current craze in within the body wells up, formed the special field territory in outside the body, is the dark domain. “嗯?!”王腾眉头一皱,顿时从那黑光之中感觉到了一股极致的威胁,心中不敢怠慢,体内的黑暗之力顿时狂涌而出,在体外形成了特殊的场域,正是黑暗领域。 In the meantime, he however discovered courageous the top of the head also has the black ray to erupt...... not, should say that is has the black ray to sweep across to come in all directions, covers Wang Teng around all. 就在此时,他勐然发现头顶也有着黑色光芒爆发……不,应该说是四面八方皆是有着黑色光芒席卷而来,将王腾四周尽数笼罩。 Suddenly, all around darkness becomes deeper, such as the water submerges all, making one feel to suffocate. 一时间,四周的黑暗变得更为深沉,如水般淹没一切,令人感到窒息。 This is the strength of domain!?” Wang Teng felt one strange and darkness to the pinnacle field territory. “这是领域之力!?”王腾感觉到了一股诡异而黑暗到极致的场域。 Bang! 轰! In an instant, that darkness has then swept across to come, immediately made him feel own Dark domain Strenuous vibration. 刹那间,那黑暗便已是席卷而来,顿时令他感觉到自己的【黑暗领域】剧烈震动了起来。 Ka-ka...... 卡卡卡…… Cracks appear in instantaneously his Dark domain Above. 一道道裂缝瞬间出现在他的【黑暗领域】之上。 The Wang Teng child hole shrinks suddenly, the innermost feelings presented one finally with amazement. 王腾童孔骤然一缩,内心终于是出现了一丝骇然。 This is without doubt inconceivable. 这无疑非常不可思议。 Because of his Dark domain But achieved melted the boundary third-order level, now this strange domain actually flash makes his Dark domain Presented the fissure. 因为他的【黑暗领域】可是达到了融境三阶层次,如今这诡异的领域竟然一瞬间就令他的【黑暗领域】出现了裂痕。 Scoffs...... 嗤嗤嗤…… However has not waited for Wang Teng to recover, he hears above this domain to spread by the corrosion sound suddenly unceasingly. 不过还不等王腾回过神来,他突然又听到这领域之上不断传出被腐蚀般的声响。 „Is that domain corroding my domain unexpectedly?” The Wang Teng heart slightly shakes, is somewhat unbelievable. “那领域居然在侵蚀我的领域?”王腾心头微震,有些难以置信。 Can look, the domain of opposite party is also the dark type domain. 看得出来,对方的领域也是黑暗类型的领域。 May similarly be the dark domain, the domain of this star can corrode his domain unexpectedly, this was very terrifying. 可同样是黑暗领域,这颗星球的领域竟然可以侵蚀他的领域,这就十分恐怖了。 Wang Teng as if understands the energy of that void will is. 王腾似乎明白了那虚空意志的底气所在。 This dark star is a little really strange, cannot regard with the common sense. 这颗黑暗星球果然有点诡异,不能用常理来看待。
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