AAMD :: Volume #19

#1889: The mystery of giant beast within the body! Bright star! The bright domain and bright source promote!

In giant beast within the body sensation to the Ice Attribute star and Lighting Attribute star general existence?” Iced to stare. “在巨兽体内感知到冰系星球和雷系星球一般的存在?”冰蒂丝愣了一下。 Wang Teng this senseless words, making her not respond for a while. 王腾这没头没脑的话语,让她一时没反应过来。 What is giant beast within the body has the Ice Attribute star and Lighting Attribute star general existence? 什么叫巨兽体内存在冰系星球和雷系星球一般的存在? Is it possible that this giant beast within the body also did condense the star to be inadequate? 莫非这巨兽体内还凝聚了星球不成? But she is the god level exists after all, immediately responds, on the face reveals the unusual look, asked: „Did you determine?” 但她毕竟是神级存在,立刻就反应了过来,脸上露出异色,问道:“你确定?” Right, I induced carefully three, truly with that Ice Attribute stars, the Lighting Attribute stars extremely similar structure exists.” Wang Teng this time extremely affirmative saying. “没错,我仔细感应了三遍,确实是与那冰系星辰,雷系星辰极为相似的结构存在。”王腾这次极为肯定的说道。 „Is the body structure is it possible that this giant beast imitates this piece void and forms?” Ices to say scruple. “莫非这巨兽的身体构造是模彷这一片虚空而形成的?”冰蒂丝迟疑道。 Except for this reason, I cannot think of other possibilities.” Wang Teng said. “除了这个原因,我想不到其他可能。”王腾道。 What do you plan to make?” Ices to frown. “那你打算做什么?”冰蒂丝皱起眉头。 This discovery has no function probably, even knows the body structure of giant beast is imitates this void, what Wang Teng can make? 这个发现好像没什么作用,就算知道了巨兽的身体构造是模彷这片虚空,王腾又能做什么? In the Wang Teng look reveals an exciting meaning, said: Can do may.” 王腾眼神之中露出一丝兴奋之意,说道:“能做的可多了。” He has not talked too much , to continue the structure in sensation that giant beast body, just now was only the sensation part, now he plans entire body sensation of giant beast. 他没有多言,继续感知那巨兽身躯之内的构造,方才只是感知了一部分,现在他打算将巨兽的整个身躯都感知一遍。 If his guess not wrong, then he can know this piece of void entire constructional drawing quickly, even found mystery. 如果他的猜测没有错,那么他很快就能够知道这片虚空的整个构造图了,甚至是找到其中的奥秘。 Thinks of here, he is more excited. 一想到此处,他就更加的激动起来。 ~ “呼~” However he was the deep breath several tones, by oneself was calmed down, unable to make that void will detect his goal absolutely, otherwise this matter is not so perhaps simple. 不过他还是深呼吸了几口气,让自己冷静下来,绝对不能让那虚空意志察觉到他的目的,否则这件事恐怕就没有这么简单了。 The void ephemeral fly can enter the body of giant beast, explained that void will cannot control the giant beast body completely each corner. 虚空蜉蝣能够进入巨兽的身体,说明那虚空意志并不能完全掌控巨兽身躯的每一个角落。 This without doubt is a limit! 这无疑又是一个限制! Also explained that she reposes the will in giant beast body will not be strong. 同时也说明她寄托于巨兽身躯之内的意志不会很强。 Only can absorb the limited energy to attack, this is a limit, only put in did not calculate the powerful will in giant beast within the body, was a limit. 只能汲取有限的能量进行攻击,这是一个限制,只投放了不算强大的意志在巨兽体内,又是一种限制。 Wang Teng and iced two to try to find out some weak points of that void will gradually. 王腾和冰蒂丝两个已经渐渐摸索出了那虚空意志的一些薄弱点。 In the opposite party are void in this piece, is not multipurpose. 对方在这片虚空内,并不是万能的。 Or it has scruples. 或者说,它有所顾忌。 Bang! 轰! At this time, the rear area heard the bellow again, that giant beast absorbed the energy to lock Wang Teng once again, launched the attack. 这时,后方再度传来轰鸣声,那巨兽汲取完能量又一次锁定了王腾,发动了攻击。 Wang Teng recovers courageous, direct use Dodges spatially, Is vanishing same place, then the vision flashes, speeds away to go in a direction. 王腾勐地回过神来,直接动用【空闪】,在原地消失,而后目光一闪,朝着一个方向疾驰而去。 ! 唰! His form changes to together the flowing light in void, the speed will draw near pinnacle, he also has just now retained, now was the complete explosion. 他的身影在虚空中化作一道流光,速度快到了极致,方才他还有所保留,现在则是完全爆发了。 Under pair of a whiteness wing that is condensed by the ray opens in his back, fans, making his speed increase quickly several times immediately. 一对由光芒凝聚的洁白色羽翼在他后背张开,扇动之下,令他的速度顿时增快了数倍。 The wing of Saint light! 圣光之翼! Even if only the wing of first-order Saint light, to him now, enough has made his speed rise dramatically. 哪怕只是一阶的圣光之翼,对他现在来说,也已经足够令他的速度暴增了。 In addition Escaping light With Dodges spatially These two velocity profile Fighting technique, the Wang Teng speed can definitely compare favorably with World Lord Level Martial Artist. 加上【遁光】与【空闪】这两门速度型的战技,王腾的速度完全可以与界主级武者媲美。 Roar! 吼! That giant beast does not seem to think that his speed can also erupt, immediately exudes a roar, pursues to go. 那巨兽似乎没想到他的速度还能够爆发,顿时发出一阵吼声,直追而去。 Wang Teng turn head looked at one, the corners of the mouth exuded a curve. 王腾回头看了一眼,嘴角泛起一丝弧度。 A person of beast continues you to pursue me to escape, does not seem to change anything, but only Wang Teng knows, the favorable turn must arrive immediately. 一人一兽继续着你追我逃,似乎并未改变什么,但只有王腾知道,转机马上就要到来。 Soon, the front suddenly presented a piece of white light, even in that colorful mist, still seems extremely dazzling, making one unable to open the eye. 不多时,前方突然出现了一片白光,即便是在那五彩斑斓的雾气内,也显得极为耀眼,让人睁不开眼睛。 Ha haha......” “哈哈哈……” Wang Teng laughed immediately, his suspicion obtained the verification, here is really bright is the star in it place. 王腾顿时大笑了起来,他的猜想得到了印证,这里果然是光明系星球所在之地。 This is he route that tries to find out from the body of giant beast! 这是他从巨兽的身体之内摸索出来的路线! Originally somewhat is disturbed, for fear that comes to naught to like, now finally has been confirmed that he was naturally happy. 本来还有些忐忑,生怕只是一场空欢喜,现在终于得到证实,他自然高兴。 Iced to look at Wang Teng one, in the eye revealed unusual look. 冰蒂丝看了王腾一眼,眼中不由露出一丝异色。 Roar! 吼! That back giant beast roar becomes somewhat seems to be rapid, along with, even if thunders to transmit together, the light beam across the colorful mist, charges into Wang Teng ruthlessly. 那背后的巨兽吼声似乎变得有些急促起来,随即便又是一道轰鸣传来,光束穿过五彩斑斓的雾气,狠狠冲向王腾 „To prevent me? Too late.” Wang Teng coldly smiles, again Dodges spatially Avoids, then charges into that piece of white light directly in the region. “想阻止我?太晚了。”王腾冷冷一笑,再次【空闪】避开,然后径直冲向那片白光所在区域。 Bang! 轰! The mist was broken open by his violence directly, forms a channel, goes directly to the white light deep place. 雾气径直被他暴力破开,形成一条通道,直达白光深处。 The front suddenly sees the light, ices and Wang Teng also sees clearly that white light finally the source, impressively is a star of bright department. 前方豁然开朗,冰蒂丝和王腾也终于看清那白光的源头,赫然正是一颗光明系的星球。 The rich light is Star Source Power fills the air in void, making Wang Teng this have Bright sacred body With Martial Artist of Saint level bright talent, feels a whole body happiness immediately. 浓郁的光明系星辰原力弥漫于虚空之中,让王腾这个拥有【光明圣体】与圣级光明天赋的武者,顿时感觉到浑身一阵舒畅。 That feeling, was similar to the fish to return to the sea probably. 那种感觉,大概就如同鱼儿回归了大海。 Meanwhile, he also sees all around is floating massive attribute air bubbles, in the heart one happy, the spirit read the strength to sweep across immediately, collected these attribute air bubbles. 与此同时,他也看到四周漂浮着大量的属性气泡,心中一喜,精神念力顿时席卷而出,将那些属性气泡拾取了回来。 Bright Star Source Power * 1200】 【光明星辰原力 Bright Star Source Power * 1500】 【光明星辰原力 Bright Star Source Power * 2000】 【光明星辰原力 Yuan magnetic domain * 150】 【元磁领域】 Yuan magnetic domain * 100】 【元磁领域】 ...... …… Well, does here have the Yuan magnetism domain?” Wang Teng is a little surprised. “咦,这里也有元磁领域吗?”王腾有点惊讶。 It seems like during this Yuan magnetic domain in this piece is void seriously is everywhere. 看来这元磁领域在这片虚空之中当真是无处不在。 Is it possible that what special effect has to this void revolution? 莫非对这片虚空的运转有什么特殊作用? Wang Teng is not him to think temporarily, immediately charges into that bright star, without a while, arrived at the near. 王腾暂时不做他想,立刻冲向那颗光明星球,没一会儿,就来到了近前。 This bright star and Lighting Attribute star are different, it sends out the white holy ray all over the body, the entire star looks like a luminophor, the rich light is above the Source Power winding, making it many a sacred feeling. 这颗光明星球与雷系星球不同,它通体散发白色圣洁的光芒,整个星球就像是一个发光体,浓郁的光明系原力缠绕其上,令其多了一种神圣之感。 As Wang Teng arrives, above the bright star has the white light gathering immediately, as if must obstruct his entry. 随着王腾到来,光明星球之上顿时有着白光汇聚,似乎要阻挠他的进入。 ~ wants to prevent me.” “呵~想阻止我。” Wang Teng whole body sending out white light, Bright sacred body Has opened, changes to a white light, lose breaks in the bright star just like the arrow. 王腾浑身散发白光,【光明圣体】已然开启,化作一道白光,宛如箭失般冲入光明星球。 Bang! 轰! The white light that gathering comes was broken open instantaneously, is unable to block his step. 那汇聚而来的白光瞬间被破开,根本无法阻挡他的步伐。 Roar! 吼! The giant beast angrily roars, arrives around the bright star, a pair of ice-cold indifferent eye pupil is gazing at the bright star, is actually not able to approach. 巨兽怒吼,来到光明星球附近,一双冰冷漠然的眼眸注视着光明星球,却无法靠近。 Its body was too big, is unable to enter in that star, only during can stay to be void. 它的身躯太大了,根本无法进入那颗星球之中,只能停留虚空之中。 Wang Teng has not turned head, unprecedented breaks in the bright star, the spirit read the strength to sweep away the entire star. 王腾没有回头,一往无前的冲入光明星球,精神念力横扫整颗星球。 Found you!” “找到你了!” Soon, he however smiles courageous, along with, even if charged into the land directly. 不多时,他勐然一笑,随即便径直冲向了大地。 Bang! 轰! The ground was broken open, a giant pothole appears. 地面被破开,一个巨大的坑洞出现。 You also want to swallow the life source core of this star unexpectedly! “你居然还想吞噬这星球的生命本源核心! ! ” Ices to shock unusually, she also has doubts from the beginning, does not know that Wang Teng must make anything, but she knows now. !”冰蒂丝震惊异常,她一开始还非常疑惑,不知道王腾要做什么,但现在她知道了。 This fellow swallowed a life source core of Lighting Attribute star to be insufficient, but also wants to continue to swallow, was this what kind of brave? 这家伙吞噬了一个雷系星球的生命本源核心还不够,还想继续吞噬,这是何等的胆大? He does not know during own present also was chased down? 他难道不知道自己现在还在被追杀当中吗? Continues to anger that void will, who knows that what will have? 继续惹怒那虚空意志,谁知道会发生什么? Roar! 吼! Void, the giant beast roaring filial piety, the entire bright star vibrates, the innumerable ray gatherings, take away as many things as possible toward Wang Teng. 虚空中,巨兽咆孝,整颗光明星球震动起来,无数光芒汇聚,朝着王腾席卷而去。 This ray is still holy, but were many a murderous intention, each ray contains the strong might, if were fallen on the body, feared that does not die must draw back a skin. 这光芒依旧圣洁,但却多了一丝杀机,每一道光芒都蕴含着强大的威力,若是被落在身上,怕是不死也得退层皮。 The Wang Teng vision flashes, in the heart drinks lightly. 王腾目光一闪,心中一声轻喝。 Bright domain, Opens! 【光明领域】,开! Has reached the solid boundary seven steps Bright domain Was opened by Wang Teng, changes to a strange field territory, twines in his whole body. 已是达到实境七阶的【光明领域】被王腾开启,化作一片奇异的场域,缠绕在他的周身。 Bang! 轰! These sweep across the bright strength that came from the bright star, shelled above the Wang Teng field territory, making it vibrate, is actually not able to break open this Bright domain. 那些从光明星球之上席卷而来的光明之力,轰击在了王腾的场域之上,令其震动起来,却无法破开这【光明领域】。 Wang Teng continues to charge into the bottom, the land is broken open, is unable to block his step. 王腾继续冲向地底,大地被破开,根本无法阻挡他的步伐。 Finally, the front presents a tremendous underground space, he entered in the core of this bright star impressively. 终于,前方出现一片巨大的地下空间,他赫然进入了这光明星球的核心之中。 One group of dazzling white rays appear in his eyes, is quite similar to the life source core of that Lighting Attribute star, is lending the rich life aura. 一团耀眼的白色光芒出现在他的眼中,与那雷系星球的生命本源核心极为相似,散发着浓郁的生命气息。 Swallows the day to bite the magical powers, opens! 吞天噬地神通,开! The Wang Teng top of the head appears immediately a black vortex, crazy is swallowing that life source core. 王腾头顶顿时浮现出一个黑色漩涡,疯狂的吞噬着那生命本源核心。 Bang! 轰! Suddenly, the innumerable rays gather to come, to shell Wang Teng again Bright domain, To break open it. 一时间,无数光芒再度汇聚而来,轰击着王腾的【光明领域】,想要将其破开。 Wang Teng this Bright domain Although has not achieved the friendly boundary, but the good and evil is also the solid boundary seven step ranks, is not easy to break open. 王腾这【光明领域】虽然没有达到融境,但好歹也是实境七阶级别,不是那么容易破开的。 At this time his vision ice-cold, takes a fast look around in this places base space, saw many attribute air bubbles again, immediately collects. 此时他目光冰冷,在这片地底空间之中扫视而过,再次看到了不少属性气泡,立刻拾取起来。 Bright Star Source Power * 2500】 【光明星辰原力 Bright Star Source Power * 3000】 【光明星辰原力 Bright Star Source Power * 2200】 【光明星辰原力 ...... …… Has again massively bright is Star Source Power swamps into the body of Wang Teng, enabling him to support is longer, does not need to be worried that the light is the Star Source Power consumption light. 再次有着大量光明系星辰原力涌入王腾的身体之中,让他可以支撑更久,不用担心光明系星辰原力消耗光。 In the meantime, all around bright Star Source Power as if also changed, gradually changes to a strange field territory unexpectedly, toward Wang Teng Bright domain The hit comes ruthlessly. 就在此时,四周的光明星辰原力似乎也发生了变化,竟然逐渐化作一片奇异的场域,朝着王腾的【光明领域】狠狠撞击而来。 Bang! 轰! The giant bellow resounds. 巨大的轰鸣声响起。 Wang Teng Bright domain Immediately fierce tremor, and spreads sound that one is unable to withstand the load intermittently. 王腾的【光明领域】顿时剧烈的颤动起来,并且传出一阵阵不堪重负的声响。 I go, the will of this bright star also grasped the bright domain unexpectedly.” “我去,这光明星球的意志居然也掌握了光明领域。” His eye stares slightly, is somewhat surprised. 他眼睛微微一瞪,有些惊讶。 Before that Lighting Attribute star can release the strength of tribulation thunder, but this bright star can display the domain strength unexpectedly, whom also did not have. 之前那雷系星球能够释放劫雷之力,而这光明星球居然可以施展领域力量,也是没谁了。 Wang Teng a little cannot think through, how these stars grow. 王腾都有点想不通,这些星球到底是怎么发育的。 It looks like the same parents, the fresh child has the difference respectively, the different talents, master the different skills finally. 就像是同一个父母,生的孩子各有不同,不同的天赋,最终也掌握不同的技能。 It seems like this void within various stars, should be different, cannot treat lightly. 看来这虚空之内的各种星球,应该都会有所不同,不能等闲视之。 Wang Teng does not dare to neglect, immediately displays the strength of bright source principle. 王腾不敢怠慢,立刻施展光明本源法则之力。 Unusual strength sweeps across from his body a continuously, integrates in the domain, changes to unusual bright rune/symbol writing, the brand mark above. 一缕缕奇特的力量从他的身体之内席卷而出,融入领域之内,化作一道道奇特的光明符文,烙印在其上。 Bang! 轰! Suddenly, the Wang Teng field territory had the inconceivable transformation, with the bright domain collision of this place, erupts the fierce bellow. 骤然间,王腾的场域发生了不可思议的蜕变,与此地的光明领域碰撞,爆发出剧烈的轰鸣声。 However what made Wang Teng more accidental was, above the bright domain of this place also appeared unexpectedly bright rune/symbol writing. 但是令王腾更为意外的是,此地的光明领域之上居然也浮现出了一道道光明符文。 From the strength of that source principle, achieved at least third-order. 从那本源法则之力来看,起码达到了三阶。 But Wang Teng own bright source principle, actually merely second-order. 王腾自身的光明本源法则,却仅仅只有二阶而已。 My goodness, you are compel me to use other methods!” “好家伙,你这是逼我用其他手段啊!” Wang Teng is a little helpless, wants to use the bright method solution, now looks like, must use other methods. 王腾有点无奈,本想用光明手段解决,现在看来,还是要用其他手段。 In an instant, the bright domain of its outside the body then contracted, transforms as another domain. 刹那间,其体外的光明领域便是收缩了起来,转化为另一种领域。 This domain and bright domain are clearly opposite, are passing the evil meaning. 这种领域与光明领域截然相反,透着邪恶之意。 Dark domain! 黑暗领域! This is the dark domain that Wang Teng grasps! 这是王腾掌握的黑暗领域! The light restrains the darkness, dark similarly is the bright difficult adversary, looked that who was stronger. 光明克制黑暗,黑暗同样是光明的克星,就看谁更强了。 The Wang Teng undulating smiles, not only erupts to melt the boundary third-order Dark domain, Is fourth-order level the strength of dark source principle erupts continually. 王腾澹澹一笑,不但爆发出融境三阶的【黑暗领域】,更是连四阶层次的黑暗本源法则之力都爆发而出。 Bang! 轰! The terrifying strength spreads instantaneously. 恐怖的力量瞬间扩散。 The bright domain of this place as if met what extremely terrifying thing, the instantaneous contraction retrocedes. 此地的光明领域仿佛遇到了什么极为恐怖的事物,瞬间收缩后退。 The collision places of two domains, have the sound to spread unceasingly. 两座领域的碰撞处,不断有着嗤嗤声传出。 Now wants to walk, late.” Wang Teng spreads the dark domain loudly, ruthlessly hit above this place bright domain. “现在想走,晚了。”王腾轰然将黑暗领域扩散而出,狠狠撞击在此地的光明领域之上。 Bang! 轰隆! That bright domain cannot support finally, the instantaneous disruption explodes. 那光明领域终于支撑不住,瞬间碎裂爆开。 Attribute air bubbles fall instantaneously. 一个个属性气泡瞬间掉落而出。 The Wang Teng spirit read strength one volume, then collected the attribute air bubble entirely. 王腾精神念力一卷,便将属性气泡统统拾取了起来。 Bright Star Source Power * 3500】 【光明星辰原力 Bright Star Source Power * 3000】 【光明星辰原力 ...... …… Bright domain( solid boundary) * 2000】 【光明领域(实境)】 Bright domain( solid boundary) * 3000】 【光明领域(实境)】 Bright domain( solid boundary) * 2500】 【光明领域(实境)】 ...... …… Bright source * 2400】 【光明本源】 Bright source * 3200】 【光明本源】 Bright source * 2800】 【光明本源】 ...... …… Unexpectedly so many.” Wang Teng is somewhat surprised. “居然这么多。”王腾有些惊讶。 These attribute air bubbles integrate in his body all, part changes to bright Star Source Power, circulation all the limbs and bones, another part changes to the sensibility, integrates in his mind. 这些属性气泡尽数融入他的身体之中,一部分化作光明星辰原力,流转四肢百骸,另一部分则是化作感悟,融入他的脑海之中。 Wang Teng bright Star Source Power obtained the supplement immediately, just now consumption restores immediately. 王腾的光明星辰原力顿时得到了补充,方才的消耗立刻恢复了过来。 Bright Star Source Power of this place are really many, enough supplements his Source Power completely. 此地的光明星辰原力着实很多,完全足够补充他的原力 But his bright domain is also promoting, in his mind has the related sensibility to reappear unceasingly, making his grasping to bright domain even more profound. 而他的光明领域也在提升,他的脑海中不断有着相关的感悟浮现而出,令他对光明领域的掌握越发精深。 Bright domain: 2600 / 9000( solid boundary nine steps) ; 【光明领域】:2600/9000(实境九阶); Solid boundary nine steps!” Wang Teng looked at a property panel, immediately eye one bright. “实境九阶!”王腾看了一眼属性面板,顿时眼睛一亮。 The boundary seven steps are raised to the solid boundary nine steps truthfully, upgraded two levels, although has not achieved the friendly boundary rank, but is not easy. 从实境七阶提升到实境九阶,足足提升了两个层次,尽管还未达到融境级别,但也是非常不容易了。 Another sensibility also appears in the Wang Teng mind, is the strength of sensibility bright principle. 紧接着,另一种感悟随之出现在王腾的脑海中,正是光明法则之力感悟。 This sensibility analogy domain senses is abstruser, but regarding the Wang Teng perception and talent, cannot be regarded anything, he then its absorption digestion, changes to his sensibility quickly thoroughly. 这种感悟比方才的领域感悟更加深奥,不过对于王腾的悟性和天赋来说,算不得什么,他很快便将其吸收消化,彻底化作自身的感悟。 Bright source: 7500 / 30000( third-order) ; 【光明本源】:7500/30000(三阶); Third-order!” In the Wang Teng heart moves, is somewhat pleasantly surprised. “三阶!”王腾心中一动,有些惊喜。 The strength of bright source principle from second-order was increased unexpectedly third-order . Moreover the attribute value reached 7500 points all of a sudden, this promotion was really big. 光明本源法则之力竟然从二阶提升到了三阶,而且属性值一下子达到了7500点,这次的提升着实不小。 All these is a long story, in fact is during the short breath. 这一切说来话长,实际上不过是短短呼吸之间。 The life source core of that bright star as if knows unable to resist Wang Teng, starts toward rear suddenly/violently to retreat, changes to a continuously branch, wants to run away. 那光明星球的生命本源核心似乎知道抵挡不住王腾,开始朝着后方暴退,化作一缕缕分支,想要逃走。 Well?” Wang Teng suddenly discovered an issue. “咦?”王腾突然发现了一个问题。 The life source core of this bright star not by the control of that void will, otherwise should run away early, when how he arrives, starts to swallow. 这光明星球的生命本源核心难道不受那虚空意志的控制,不然早该逃走了,岂会等到他降临,开始吞噬。 What difference in this as if also has? 这里面似乎又有什么不同? Iced also to discover this issue, could not bear look to Wang Teng, two people vision looked at each other one, saw the same doubts from the eyes of opposite party. 冰蒂丝也发现了这个问题,忍不住看向王腾,两人目光对视了一眼,都从对方的眼中看到了相同的疑惑。 This place is passing a strangeness seriously everywhere. 这地方当真处处透着一丝诡异。 Before they think that this star will is a that void will part. 之前他们以为这星球意志就是那虚空意志的一部分。 But now looks like, as if difference. 可如今看来,似乎又有一丝区别。 Seem like the Martial Artist main body with clone general. 倒像是武者的本尊与分身一般。 No matter first these.” Wang Teng is holding the doubts in heart, goes toward life source energy suddenly/violently to rush who that runs away. “先不管这些。”王腾抱着心中的疑惑,朝着那逃走的生命本源能量暴冲而去。 Situation almost with the Lighting Attribute star that side exactly the same, has Swallows day to bite The magical powers, most life source energies almost cannot escape from his evil clutches, but the part still had integrated in the star, wants not to absorb completely possibly. 情况几乎与雷系星球那边一模一样,有着【吞天噬地】神通,大多数生命本源能量几乎都逃不脱他的魔爪,但仍有一部分已经融入星球之中,想要全部吸收没可能。 Wang Teng had not regretted, feels the life source energy in within the body continuous flowing, he is very satisfied, flushes away toward the ground in directly. 王腾也没有丝毫遗憾,感受到体内源源不断的流淌的生命本源能量,他十分满足,直接朝着地面上冲去。 Bang! 轰! The land breaks open, he looked at one toward void. 大地破开,他朝着虚空中看了一眼。 If the common person, cannot see void the situation, however in the Wang Teng eye, can actually clear saw that terrifying giant beast is gazing on this star covetously every action and every movement, as if the gods of supervisory world. 若是寻常人,根本看不到虚空中的情况,但是在王腾眼中,却能够清晰的看到那头恐怖的巨兽正虎视眈眈的注视着这颗星球上一举一动,仿佛监察世间的神明。 And in the mouth of this giant beast, has the ray gathering, prepares to erupt at any time. 并且这巨兽的口中,已是有着光芒汇聚,随时准备爆发。 Perhaps so long as a Wang Teng appearance, faced will also want the fearful murderous intentions compared with before. 恐怕只要王腾一出现,面对的就将是比之前还要可怕许多的杀机。 However he is actually only the undulating smiles, the figure flashes, then changed to the flowing light to charge into the upper air. 不过他却只是澹澹一笑,身形一闪,便化作流光冲向了高空。 Void, that giant beast vision flashes, saw Wang Teng the flowing light must appear, the ray in its mouth had aimed at him. 虚空中,那头巨兽目光一闪,眼看着王腾所化的流光就要出现,它口中的光芒已是对准了他。 Then the next quarter, making the situation that it compelled ignorant appear. 然后下一刻,令它懵逼的情况出现。 The streams are only divided into nine in void unexpectedly, runs away to go in the different directions. 那道流光竟然在虚空中一分为九,朝着不同方向逃窜而去。 „???” “???” As if has one series of huge black person question marks to appear above the forehead of giant beast, it was shocked immediately, looks at that nine streams, which attack is not only knowing toward suddenly unexpectedly. 仿佛有着一串巨大的黑人问号出现在巨兽的脑门之上,它顿时愣住了,望着那九道流光,一时间竟不知道朝哪个攻击。 Is a time of such god, Wang Teng has gone far away. 就是这么一愣神的功夫,王腾已经远去。 Roar! 吼! In the roar of giant beast took obvious anger finally, this sentimental performance on the body of that giant beast, or on the body of that void will, is the first appearance. 巨兽的吼声之中终于是带上了一丝明显的怒意,这种情绪化的表现在那巨兽的身上,或者说在那虚空意志的身上,还是第一次出现。 It aims at the flowing light immediately, the ray in mouth erupts together immediately, wants to obstruct him to continue to go forward. 它立刻对准一道流光,口中的光芒顿时爆发而出,想要阻挠他继续前进。 What a pity Wang Teng is prepared early, that form however flashes courageous, vanishes unexpectedly directly, making the light beam of giant beast come up empty-handed. 可惜王腾早有准备,那身影勐然一闪,竟是直接消失,让巨兽的光束扑了个空。 Blood ghost movement! 血鬼身法! This is the blood ghost movement that Wang Teng grasps, the lake made many people, at this moment here made equally that void will lake, was extremely difficult to distinguish. 这是王腾掌握的血鬼身法,湖弄了不少人,此刻在这里一样将那虚空意志湖弄住了,极难分辨。 Pursues me.” “来追我啊。” Wang Teng that remaining eight forms appear in void different the positions, cancelled the finger to the rear giant beast. 王腾那剩下的八道身影出现在虚空中不同的方位,冲着后方的巨兽勾了勾手指。 „......” Ices. “……”冰蒂丝。 This fellow feared that did not flutter. 这家伙怕不是飘了吧。 Just also pursued running away everywhere, now is booing, dares to provoke that void will, this treats as the neglected advice her beforehand reminder completely. 刚刚还被追的到处逃窜,现在倒好,敢去招惹那虚空意志了,这是完全把她之前的提醒当做耳旁风了。 Roar! 吼! That giant beast sees Wang Teng that eight forms, sends out to angrily roar again, immediately the body starts to split to open unexpectedly, changes to eight exactly the same giant beasts, but body of these eight giant beasts were to change without doubt small, seeming like not big. 那头巨兽看着王腾那八道身影,再次发出怒吼,随即身体竟开始分裂而开,化作八头一模一样的巨兽,只不过这八头巨兽的身型无疑是变小了许多,看起来并没有原先那么大。 Rumble...... 轰隆隆…… Eight giant beasts also run out, just like giant fortress steamroll void, catches up with Wang Teng that eight forms. 八头巨兽同时冲出,宛如巨型堡垒碾压着虚空,追上王腾那八道身影。 This is also good!” The Wang Teng eye stares slightly, feels somewhat inconceivable, flushes away toward the distant place immediately. “这也行!”王腾眼睛微微一瞪,感觉有些不可思议,立刻朝着远处冲去。 His main body during the direction, impressively this piece is void another star to be, that is...... the dark star! 他本体所去的方向,赫然正是这片虚空之中的另一颗星球所在,那是……黑暗星球!
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