AAMD :: Volume #19

#1888: Terrifying void will! Limit? Turning point!( Sought subscription to ask monthly ticket!)

Void birth will, even disperses the will in the star, this means the void will infiltrates entire void, in this piece is void anything within its control? 虚空诞生意志,甚至将意志分散于星球之中,这岂不是意味着虚空意志渗透整个虚空,在这片虚空内的任何事物都在其掌控之内? The bonus is to ice is experienced, at this moment cannot bear the feeling heart send coldly. 饶是冰蒂丝见多识广,此刻也忍不住感觉心底发寒。 Wang Teng also thought of this point obviously, the complexion is serious, if so , he even if escapes to void, as if cannot escape from that void will palm. 王腾显然也想到了这一点,面色严肃凝重,如果真是如此,那他就算逃到虚空之中,似乎也逃不出那虚空意志的手掌心。 This time troubled probably is really big! 这次好像麻烦真的大了! To turn over to think, making him sit waiting for death is impossible, even the death, must struggle suddenly is not. 想归想,让他坐以待毙也不可能,就算是死,也要挣扎一下不是。 Bang! 轰! In the meantime, the back hears the sound of thundering, Wang Teng only feels absolutely terrified, an intense death crisis just like tidal well ups instantaneously, almost must submerge him is one of them. 就在此时,背后传来轰鸣之声,王腾只觉得毛骨悚然,一股强烈的死亡危机瞬间犹如潮水般涌上心头,几乎要将他淹没在其中。 He turn head looked at one, child Kong contracted the pinnacle immediately. 他不禁回头看了一眼,童孔顿时收缩到了极致。 Sees only in that giant vertical eye, innumerable rune/symbol writing gathers, the strength of the world ferments, bloomed the gorgeous and dangerous purple ray. 只见那巨大的竖眼之中,无数符文汇聚,天地之力在其中酝酿,绽放出了绚丽而危险的紫色光芒。 Walks quickly!” “快走!” Iced also to see this, could not bear said with amazement. 冰蒂丝也看到了这一幕,忍不住骇然道。 Damn!” The Wang Teng complexion is ugly, felt oneself had been locked, all around space as if becomes stagnates, made his speed slow down unexpectedly. “该死!”王腾面色难看,感觉自己已经被锁定,四周的空间似乎都变得凝滞起来,竟让他的速度变慢了许多。 The body of fifth-order space, opens! 五阶空间之体,开! In his heart angrily roars, immediately fifth-order 【The body of space Opened the pinnacle, did not harbor any leaving things to chance. 他心中怒吼一声,立刻将五阶【空间之体】开启到了极致,根本不抱任何侥幸心理。 Bang! 轰! In an instant, his within the body the strength of space wells up all crazily, does not have any retains. 刹那间,他体内的空间之力尽数狂涌而出,没有任何保留。 A fights the sword to appear just like the shadow dark colored in his hands, the strength of space gathers above immediately, changes to together the strange sword glow. 一柄宛如阴影般的暗黑色战剑出现在他的手中,空间之力顿时在其上汇聚,化作一道奇异的剑芒。 Bang! 轰隆! Meanwhile, the ray in back that vertical eye seems ferments the pinnacle, vision indifferent looking to Wang Teng. 与此同时,背后那竖眼之内的光芒似乎已是酝酿到了极致,目光漠然的望向王腾 Thunders erupts suddenly, that ray changes to together the terrifying light beam, explodes to shoot toward Wang Teng directly. 一阵轰鸣骤然爆发,那光芒化作一道恐怖的光束,朝着王腾径直爆射而来。 Scoffs! 嗤啦! The place visited, the space was torn, fearful space cracks also appear. 所过之处,空间被撕裂,一道道可怕的空间裂缝随之出现。 The Wang Teng scalp blasts out, the shadow sword in hand cuts immediately. 王腾头皮炸开,手中的暗影剑立刻斩出。 The Sky Exterminating God Sword Art second type, broken spatial! 空灭神剑决第二式,碎空! Bang! 轰! The strange and powerful sword glow coerces the strength of endless space to erupt, the innumerable say/way sword light simultaneous/uniform concentrated fire, cuts into all around void together, erupts the intense bellow. 奇异而强大的剑芒裹挟着无尽的空间之力爆发而出,无数道剑光齐齐攒射而出,斩入四周的虚空,爆发出强烈的轰鸣声。 Ka-ka...... 卡卡卡…… Originally blocked void will spread the sound that is unable to withstand the load shortly, later in card observes in sound to disrupt thoroughly. 原本被封锁的虚空顷刻间传出不堪重负的声响,随后在一阵“卡察”声中彻底碎裂而来。 Wang Teng felt immediately a whole body loosen, that type locked felt like vanishes. 王腾顿时感觉浑身一松,那种被锁定的感觉似乎消失了。 Bang! 轰! But at this time, then from the vertical eye erupts, but the light beam is close at hand, hardly arrives at the kilometer with his distance. 而这时,那从竖眼之内爆发而出的光束已经近在眼前,与他的距离几乎不到千米。 In the Wang Teng eye is producing an inverted image that radiant ray, only feels dazzlingly incomparable, the back emitted cold sweat, he thinks without enough time, immediately displays Dodges spatially. 王腾眼中倒映着那璀璨的光芒,只感觉刺眼无比,后背都冒出了一层冷汗,他来不及多想,立刻施展【空闪】。 Bang! 轰! The next quarter, that radiant light beam is submerges him thoroughly. 下一刻,那璀璨的光束便已是彻底将他淹没。 However during at this moment, is void, the space fluctuates slightly, together form from runs out, actually impressively Wang Teng. 不过就在这时,虚空之中,空间微微波动,一道身影从其中冲出,却赫然正是王腾 Close call, scared to death the father!” He could not bear pat the chest, spirit is willing looking of season to under that Lighting Attribute star. “好险,吓死爹了!”他忍不住拍了拍胸口,心有余季的望向下方那颗雷系星球。 Other skin, walked quickly!” Ices to urge. “别皮了,快走!”冰蒂丝催促道。 Wang Teng naturally knows this point, immediately flushes away toward the distant place, this trim void in covering of that void will, escapes from this place to be important early, as for what chance, waited to save the poor life to say again. 王腾自然知道这一点,立刻朝着远处冲去,这一整片虚空都在那虚空意志的笼罩之内,还是早早逃出此地要紧,至于什么机缘,等保住了小命再说。 In Wang Teng escapes crazily, the vertical eye in that Lighting Attribute star is indifferently, does not seem to actually lost one's temper because of running away of Wang Teng as before, indifferent does not seem like a life. 就在王腾疯狂逃命之时,那雷系星球之内的竖眼却是依旧漠然,似乎并没有因为王腾的逃走而动怒,冷漠的不像是一个生命。 She overlooked a below land, life aura fills the air from that vertical eye continuously, submerges in the star, making this star that soon dried up restore a vitality again. 她俯瞰了一眼下方的大地,一缕缕生命气息从那竖眼之内弥漫而出,没入星球之中,让这已经快要枯竭的星球再度恢复了一丝生机。 If Wang Teng when this star, will then still discover at this moment, this Lighting Attribute star again restores him to enter the appearance, is filling the life aura everywhere. 如果王腾此刻还在这颗星球之上,便会发现,这颗雷系星球又再次恢复了他进入时的样子,到处弥漫着生命气息。 The life source energy core of that core place, is also gathering, did not compare by him is swallowed beforehand difference many. 就连那核心处的生命本源能量核心,也在重新汇聚,丝毫不比被他吞噬之前差多少了。 This is without doubt terrorist. 这无疑非常恐怖。 Must know before him, spent many times, swallows the life source energy of this star, result that vertical eye is only the time of a blink, then made its restoration thoroughly. 要知道他之前可是花费了不少功夫,才将这颗星球的生命本源能量吞噬,结果那竖眼只是一眨眼的功夫,便彻底令其恢复。 Without the boundless life source, how could to achieve this point? 没有磅礴的生命本源,岂能做到这一点? After restoring the life source core of Lighting Attribute star, that vertical eye dissipates to go slowly. 在恢复了雷系星球的生命本源核心之后,那颗竖眼缓缓消散而去。 ...... …… ! 唰! Void, Wang Teng crazy escape, but he extremely penetrated this void before, moreover is filling the colorful mist everywhere, has made him somewhat unable to find the outlet. 虚空中,王腾疯狂逃命,但他之前太过深入这片虚空,而且到处弥漫着五彩斑斓的雾气,已经让他有些找不到出路了。 After all here all are revolving quietly, not remain unchanged, the original outlet has vanished does not see. 毕竟这里的一切都在悄然运转,并非一成不变,原先的出路早已消失不见。 This discovery makes the heart of Wang Teng sink downward. 这个发现让王腾的心不由往下一沉。 Ices, can you also unable to find the previous road?” Wang Teng is holding the last luck. “冰蒂丝,你还能找得到之前的路吗?”王腾抱着最后一丝侥幸。 Cannot.” Icing vision is dignified, looks all around, shakes the head to say. “不能。”冰蒂丝目光凝重,环顾四周,摇头道。 „......” “……” Wang Teng is helpless, has to read the strength to spread the spirit, seeks for the most possible road. 王腾无奈,只好将精神念力蔓延而出,寻找一条最可能的路。 Although had had the change, but many traces stay behind, following these traces, not necessarily cannot find the road to outside world. 虽然已经出现了变化,但多少还是有些痕迹留下,顺着这些痕迹,未必不能找到通往外界的路。 Moreover before he left behind the void ephemeral fly above that Ice Attribute star, now can through with the relation of void ephemeral fly, find the position that the Ice Attribute star is at actually. 而且之前他在那颗冰系星球之上留下了虚空蜉蝣,如今倒是可以通过与虚空蜉蝣的联系,找到冰系星球所在的位置。 Found the Ice Attribute star, the good and evil can determine direction that just now entered. 找到了冰系星球,好歹可以确定方才进入的方向。 Bang! 轰! However in the meantime, the mist above his front top of the head actually rolls suddenly, then toward center gathering. 然而就在此时,他前方头顶之上的雾气却突然滚动起来,而后朝着中心处汇聚。 This change makes Wang Teng be startled, the complexion changes, in the heart emits the ominous premonition suddenly. 这个变化让王腾大吃一惊,面色微变,心中骤然冒出不祥的预感。 Bang! 轰! Really, has not waited for him to think, first convenient is one thunders. 果然,还不等他多想,前方便是一阵轰鸣。 The Wang Teng vision closely stared at that mist, in the heart is being vigilant the extreme. 王腾的目光紧紧盯着那片雾气,心中警惕到了极点。 At this moment is not he does not want to escape, but is that all around mist is tumbling, surrounded him completely, as if totally blocks this region. 此刻不是他不想逃,而是那四周的雾气都在翻滚,完全将他包围了起来,仿佛将这一片区域彻底封锁。 Space all around, becomes stagnates again. 就连周遭的空间,也都是再次变得凝滞起来。 Wang Teng tightened the shadow sword in hand, serious incomparable, this piece void is really the domain of opposite party, where regardless of he arrives , the opposite parties can relaxed its locking. 王腾紧了紧手中的暗影剑,面色凝重无比,这片虚空果然都是对方的地盘,无论他走到哪里,对方都能够轻松的将其锁定。 How does this also escape? 这还怎么逃? Roar! 吼! Suddenly, a strange roar spreads. 突然,一阵奇异的吼声传出。 Came!” Wang Teng heart one tight. “来了!”王腾心头一紧。 Along with even sees extremely astonishing one, in that mist, a colorful giant beast is reappearing slowly. 随即便看到极为惊人的一幕,在那雾气之内,一头五彩斑斓的巨兽正缓缓浮现而出。 This giant beast is huge, at all is not Thunder Dragon above Lighting Attribute stars may compare, solely was that advantage of terrain huge several hundred times continued compared with that Thunder Dragon, just like a true starry sky giant beast. 这头巨兽庞大无比,根本不是雷系星辰之上的雷龙可比,单单是那身形便比那雷龙庞大了数百倍不止,宛如一头真正的星空巨兽。 Even the beforehand Lighting Attribute star, in front of this big dragon, seems somewhat tiny. 就算是之前的雷系星球,在这头巨龙面前,都显得有些渺小。 But the appearance of giant beast, is Wang Teng is unprecedented, it is the mist condenses, as if no fixed shape, its body various places are wriggling, is flashing the ray of twinkle star, has rune/symbol writing brand mark, strange. 而巨兽的模样,亦是王腾前所未见,它是雾气凝聚而成,似乎没有固定的形状,它的身体各处都在蠕动,其中闪动着星星点点的光芒,更有符文烙印,奇异非常。 The giant beast has one pair but indifferently the ice-cold elusive double pupil, coldly is gazing at Wang Teng. 巨兽有着一双漠然而冰冷的空灵双眸,冷冷注视着王腾 Wang Teng felt immediately with that vertical eye general boundless will, this giant beast was representing that terrifying void will obviously. 王腾顿时感觉到了与那竖眼一般的磅礴意志,这巨兽显然就代表着那恐怖的虚空意志。 No spoken language, the giant beast opens the big mouth slowly, among ray gathering. 没有任何言语,巨兽缓缓张开大口,其内光芒汇聚。 Wang Teng felt again the threat of death, does not dare to neglect, the shadow sword in hand cuts again, to void, opened the space blockade all around, then escapes directly in the reverse direction. 王腾再一次感觉到了死亡的威胁,不敢怠慢,手中的暗影剑再一次斩出,噼向虚空,噼开了周遭的空间封锁,而后径直朝着相反方向逃去。 Bang! 轰! The light beam erupts from the giant beast mouth, ruthlessly bang to Wang Teng. 光束从巨兽口中爆发而出,狠狠轰向王腾 Dodges spatially!” “空闪!” Wang Teng to dodge directly spatially , to continue to escape crazily. 王腾直接以空闪避开,继续疯狂逃命。 A person of beast in this void within launched a chase immediately, the giant beast seemed not aware of fatigue, pursues Wang Teng not to put, and erupted the attack unceasingly, wanted to strike to kill Wang Teng in this. 一人一兽顿时在这虚空之内展开了一场追逐,巨兽仿佛不知疲倦,追着王腾不放,且不断爆发出攻击,想要将王腾击杀于此。 This fellow also really bears a grudge.” Wang Teng escapes, while cannot bear complain. “这家伙还真是记仇。”王腾一边逃命,一边忍不住吐槽起来。 Is it possible that Lighting Attribute star does have what special effect? Very important?” Ices to speculate saying: Therefore you want to swallow the life source core of that star, did she hate you?” “莫非那颗雷系星球有什么特殊作用?十分重要?”冰蒂丝推测道:“所以你想吞噬那颗星球的生命本源核心,她就恨上你了?” „A your such saying...... had the possibility actually.” In the Wang Teng heart moves. “你这么一说……倒是有可能。”王腾心中一动。 You discover not to have, the attack of this giant beast has maintained at the World Lord Level level . Moreover the strength of that space blockade also throughout is in the World Lord Level category.” Ices to say. “你发现没有,这巨兽的攻击一直维持在界主级层次,而且那空间封锁的力量也始终是界主级范畴之内。”冰蒂丝道。 Has discovered, otherwise I can also escape now.” Wang Teng looks at the giant beast after likes and dislikes, frowns. “早就发现了,不然我还能逃到现在。”王腾望向背后的巨兽,皱起眉头。 That void will is quite truly boundless and terrifying, but method actually very limited, has attacked with the strength of the world source principle . Moreover the might is not very strong. 那虚空意志确实极为磅礴与恐怖,但手段却非常的有限,一直都是用天地本源法则之力来进行攻击,而且威力并不是很强。 Naturally, regarding ordinary universe level Martial Artist, such might is very terrifying. 当然,对于普通的宇宙级武者来说,这样的威力已经十分恐怖了。 But Wang Teng here, World Lord Level might, although is also very powerful, but actually not cannot avoid and resist. 但在王腾这里,界主级的威力虽然也很强大,但却并不是不能躲避与抵御。 This gives the opportunity that he panted for breath. 这就给了他喘息的机会。 Just like otherwise he himself said that this void was that will the place of covering, the opposite party strikes can perhaps get rid of him, where can also escape now. 不然正如他自己所言,这虚空都是那意志的笼罩之地,对方一击恐怕就能够干掉他,哪里还能逃到现在。 „Can this will only display so the strength? What or has to limit?” “难道这意志只能发挥出这般实力?或者说有什么限制?” In the Wang Teng mind flashes through all sort of thoughts, with icing is exchanging, exchanges the mentality, she is the god level exists, known are more than him, could see anything. 王腾脑海中闪过诸般念头,与冰蒂丝交流着,互换思路,她是神级存在,知道的比他多,也许能够看出什么。 Has this possibility.” Ices to look to behind giant beast, suddenly probably discovered anything: You look quickly, it continuously in absorbing all around energy, moreover probably every will not derive one time too, is maintaining a limit.” “不是没有这种可能。”冰蒂丝望向身后的巨兽,突然像是发现了什么:“你快看,它一直在汲取四周的能量,而且好像每一次都不会汲取太多,保持着一个限度。” Limit!” The Wang Teng eyebrow selects, the spirit read the strength to sweep across, could not attend to being able to be detected, spread around that giant beast directly, induced carefully. “限度!”王腾眉毛一挑,精神念力席卷而出,也顾不上会不会被察觉,直接散布于那巨兽四周,仔细感应了一番。 Really like icing said that that giant beast every absorbed the energy one time, was very limited, as if had scruples. 果然就像冰蒂丝所言,那巨兽每一次汲取能量,都十分有限,似乎有所顾忌。 The energy is insufficient, naturally cannot play the too big might. 能量不够,自然发挥不出太大的威力。 Can not make bricks without straw! 巧妇难为无米之炊! The vitality is sometimes powerful, is not representing this life, has certainly extremely strong striking power. 有时候生命力强大,并不代表着这个生灵,就一定拥有着极为强大的攻击力。 At present this void might is so. 眼前这虚空意志很可能便是如此。 Perhaps she thinks that Wang Teng was weaker than her, then can strike to kill with ease, therefore then came to chase down directly. 她也许以为王腾比她弱了很多,便能够轻松击杀,所以便直接现身追杀。 But she estimated that has not thought can be this result. 可她估计没有想到会是这个结果。 Obviously is only universe level peak Wang Teng, can actually escape from her space blockade again and again, avoids her each attack. 明明只是宇宙级巅峰的王腾,却能够一而再再而三的逃脱她的空间封锁,避开她的每一道攻击。 Existence that this keeps aloof, does not know that will feel depressed. 这高高在上的存在,不知道会不会感到郁闷。 It seems like my poor life was preserves temporarily.” In the Wang Teng heart relaxes slightly, so long as the attack in World Lord Level, he can also deal with 12. “看来我的小命算是暂时保住了。”王腾心中微微松了口气,只要还是界主级以内的攻击,他就还能够应付一二。 But that space blockade, cannot baffle him, after all his 【The body of space But achieved fifth-order, in addition powerful space Fighting technique Sky Exterminating God Sword Art, Cuts the space blockade of broken opposite party, is not a difficult matter. 而那空间封锁,也难不倒他,毕竟他的【空间之体】可是达到了五阶,加上强大的空间战技空灭神剑决】,斩碎对方的空间封锁,并不是难事。 The consumption in strength of space, can collect the attribute air bubble to supplement from void, does not need to be worried to consume in a short time. 就连空间之力方面的消耗,也可以从虚空之中拾取属性气泡来补充,不用担心会在短时间内消耗完。 This simply in card bug! 这简直就是在卡bug! His space Fighting technique, can make void in presents the space attribute air bubble, as the matter stands then can supplement the consumption strength of the part of space. 他施展空间战技,能够让虚空之中出现空间属性气泡,这样一来便又能够补充消耗的一部分空间之力。 So long as gives him the cushion the time, does not need to be worried that completely the strength of space will consume the light. 只要给他缓冲的时间,就完全不用担心空间之力会消耗光。 Naturally, this/should careful is careful, that attack might was more powerful than him, if were hit, his body will explode at the scene, dying cannot die again. 当然,该小心还是要小心,那攻击威力毕竟是比他强大了很多,若是被击中,他的身躯当场就会爆开,死的不能再死。 He by space method unceasing dodging, has not shouldered now directly hardly, has not naturally encountered the big injury. 他现在不过是凭借空间手段不断的闪避而已,没有正面硬扛,自然没有遭到多大的伤害。 You relax, if compelled it anxiously, this and other special strange existences, not necessarily cannot display a more powerful method.” Ices to remind. “你还是悠着点吧,万一把它逼急了,这等特殊的奇异存在,未必不能发挥出更强大的手段。”冰蒂丝提醒道。 I know.” Wang Teng nods, the vision twinkle is uncertain, does not know that is thinking anything. “我知道。”王腾点了点头,目光闪烁不定,不知道在想着什么。 He sharply is not leaving now actually, is avoiding the attack of that giant beast, while is observing the change of giant beast. 他如今倒是不急着离开了,一边躲避着那巨兽的攻击,一边观察着巨兽的变化。 Iced to provide a mentality to him, so long as monitored the energy of that giant beast absorption, can roughly know the attack might that she played, can avoid promptly. 冰蒂丝给他提供了一个思路,只要监测那巨兽吸收的能量,就可以大体知道她所发挥出的攻击威力,可以及时躲避。 Moreover Wang Teng felt that the energy revolution way of that giant beast within the body is special, wants carefully to observe. 而且王腾感觉那巨兽体内的能量运转方式非常特殊,也想要仔细观察一番。 He has not forgotten the goal, perhaps this void strange place is he breaks through the Territory Lord Level key to be, but at present the emergence of this void will, might as well be a turning point. 他并没有忘记此行的目的,这片虚空的奇异之处也许就是他突破域主级的关键所在,而眼前这虚空意志的出现,未尝不是一个契机。 Makes him spy on the turning point of this void deeper level mystery! 一个让他窥探这片虚空更深层次奥秘的契机! The Wang Teng vision is certain, the idea in heart gradually takes shape, immediately the big hand wields, grains of star light depart from his hand, is the void ephemeral fly. 王腾目光一定,心中的想法逐渐成型,随即大手一挥,一粒粒星光从其手中飞出,正是虚空蜉蝣。 After these void ephemeral flies appear, immediately submerges in all around mist. 这些虚空蜉蝣出现之后,立刻没入四周的雾气之中。 That giant beast is absorbing all around energy quietly, the void ephemeral fly also integrates giant beast within the body. 那巨兽正在悄然吸收着四周的能量,虚空蜉蝣也随之融入巨兽体内。 Reposed psychic force quiet permeating giant beast within the body in void ephemeral fly. 原本寄托于虚空蜉蝣之内的精神力悄无声息的渗入巨兽体内。 Regarding own energetic method, Wang Teng is quite self-confident, that will is no doubt powerful, so long as evades its point, should not be discovered. 对于自己的精神手段,王腾还是颇为自信的,那意志固然强大,但只要避其锋芒,应该不会被发现。 Really, integrates the psychic force of giant beast within the body to be safe and sound, simply had not driven out. 果然,融入巨兽体内的精神力安然无恙,根本没有被驱除。 Wang Teng cautious makes that faint trace psychic force walk randomly in various giant beast body places, is observing change, and revolution of energy. 王腾小心翼翼的让那一丝丝精神力游走于巨兽身体各处,观察着其中的变化,以及能量的运转。 Un?!” “嗯?!” Suddenly, Wang Teng as if detected that anything, on the face revealed an astonished color. 突然间,王腾似乎察觉到了什么,脸上露出一丝惊异之色。 What's wrong?” Ices to ask. “怎么了?”冰蒂丝问道。 I probably in within the body sensation of this giant beast to similar Ice Attribute star and Lighting Attribute star general existence.” Wang Teng said scruple. “我好像在这巨兽的体内感知到了类似冰系星球和雷系星球一般的存在。”王腾迟疑道。
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