AAMD :: Volume #19

#1892: Star change! 11! Ancient times the place of dark giant beast falling from the sky!( Sought subscription to ask monthly ticket!)

Void, the terrifying face appears, a pair of elusive indifferent eye pupil overlooks world. 虚空中,恐怖的面孔浮现,一双空灵冷漠的眼眸俯瞰世间。 Wang Teng stands above the dark star, is looking at each other with it. 王腾站在黑暗星球之上,与其对视着。 Swallows the day to bite the magical powers to revolve as before, and had been opened the pinnacle, the crazy absorption is swallowing the life source energy above dark star. 吞天噬地神通依旧在运转,并且已经被开启到了极致,疯狂吸收吞噬着黑暗星球之上的生命本源能量。 Rumble! 轰隆隆! Dark star fierce vibration, immediately unexpectedly rapid traverse in void, and speed is getting more and more fast, finally is just like the meteorite unexpectedly, charges into the void deep place. 黑暗星球剧烈的震动,随即竟是在虚空中快速移动起来,并且速度越来越快,最后竟是犹如陨石般,冲向虚空深处。 A powerful strength suddenly appears above the body of Wang Teng, almost must fling from the dark star him. 一股强大的力量突然出现在王腾的身体之上,几乎要将他从黑暗星球之上甩出去。 Bang! 轰! The strong winds howled, formed the fearful sonic boom, blasted out in his ear. 狂风呼啸,形成了可怕的音爆,在其耳边炸开。 If not the Wang Teng mortal body is powerful enough, merely was just this, then lets his both ears abandonment sufficiently. 若非王腾肉身足够强大,仅仅是刚刚这一下,便足以让他的双耳报废。 This is......” “这是……” His complexion changes, the body had been flung, thinks without enough time, immediately Yuan magnetic domain Exerts on oneself, making it crash ruthlessly, bang pounded above the ground, making the land present a gulf. 他面色微变,身体已经被甩出,来不及多想,立刻将【元磁领域】施加于自己身上,令其狠狠坠落,“轰”的一声砸在了地面之上,让大地出现一个深坑。 Meanwhile, the spirit read the strength to sweep across, protected his both ears, isolated the sound of sonic boom. 与此同时,精神念力席卷而出,护住了他的双耳,隔绝外界的音爆之声。 What does she want to make?” Ices somewhat shocking asking. “她要做什么?”冰蒂丝有些震惊的问道。 Where I know.” Wang Teng raised the head to stare void, actually sees the dark star that oneself are at to run out of that dark region, gradually in giant incomparable face far away from void. “我哪里知道。”王腾抬头凝望着虚空,却见自己所在的黑暗星球正冲出那片黑暗区域,逐渐远离虚空中巨大无比的面孔。 This strange behavior, making him somewhat unable to feel the mind, does not know that void will actually does want to do? 这诡异的行为,让他有些摸不着头脑,不知道那虚空意志到底想干什么? No matter she must do, first absorbed the life source energy of this star to say again.” Wang Teng said. “不管她要干什么,先吸收了这颗星球的生命本源能量再说。”王腾道。 Bang! 轰! Swallows the day to bite the magical powers to revolve crazily, is to make that black vortex spread unexpectedly again, almost must cover the most star, the strength of terrifying attracting pulling erupts. 吞天噬地神通疯狂运转,竟是让那黑色漩涡再度扩散,几乎要笼罩大半颗星球,恐怖的吸扯之力爆发而出。 This is without doubt terrorist! 这无疑非常恐怖! An vortex covered the most star, simply with extinguishing world not different. 一个漩涡笼罩了大半颗星球,简直与灭世无异。 As the black vortex expands, the strength of terrifying attracting pulling makes the life source energy in dark star be attracted to pull crazily, submerges in the vortex. 随着黑色漩涡扩大,恐怖的吸扯之力让黑暗星球之内的生命本源能量被疯狂吸扯而出,没入漩涡之内。 Wang Teng felt that the rich life source energy integrated own body, making his mortal body repeatedly have the transformation, powerful. 王腾感觉到了浓郁的生命本源能量融入自己的身体,令他的肉身不断发生蜕变,更加的强大。 Crash-bang ~ 哗啦啦~ The blood is flowing, may hear clearly, as if contains the terrifying energy, formed the tide to move in his all the limbs and bones rolling. 血液在流淌,清晰可闻,仿佛蕴含着恐怖的能量,形成了潮汐在他的四肢百骸之内滚滚而动。 Bang! 轰! A moment later, thunders in his body resounds suddenly. 片刻之后,一阵轰鸣在他的身体之内陡然响起。 Breakthrough! 突破了! An invisible mortal body barrier was broken open, reached some limit! 一道无形的肉身屏障被破开,达到了某种极限! That is the limit of universe level! 那是宇宙级的极限! That flash, Wang Teng has a feeling, as if even opens ten heavy strength, living that his mortal body can still support. 那一瞬间,王腾有一种感觉,仿佛就算自己开启十重界力,他的肉身也能够支撑的住。 This was...... the breakthrough!” “这是……突破了!” Wang Teng stretches out the palm, grasped the fist, in the eye revealed a happy intent. 王腾伸出手掌,握了握拳头,眼中不由露出一丝喜意。 After absorbing about two -and-a-half star life source energies, his mortal body finally broke through the limit of universe level, achieved a strongest condition of universe level. 吸收了将近两颗半的星球生命本源能量之后,他的肉身终于是突破了宇宙级的极限,达到了一种宇宙级的最强状态。 This is inconceivable! 这非常不可思议! In the middle of bright universe that innumerable universe level Martial Artist, can achieve ten heavy strength Martial Artist, it may be said that is very few. 在光明宇宙那数不清的宇宙级武者当中,能够达到十重界力的武者,可谓是少之又少。 Coming that since the innumerable years, such Martial Artist, the number can count. 无数岁月以来,这样的武者,数都能够数的过来。 Even in darkness, such existence is still equally scarce, 1 million years are not necessarily able to present one. 甚至就算是在黑暗界,这样的存在也是一样稀少,百万年都未必能够出现一个。 Dark Species was usually famous for the mortal body powerful, even if this, can make the strength achieve existence of universe level limit, is still so scarce. 黑暗种素来以肉身强大着称,可即便是这样,能够让力量达到宇宙级极限的存在,也是如此稀少。 Obviously this strength limit, is rare. 可见这种力量极限,有多么难得。 This is extremely the road of say/way! 这是极道之路! Do not say that breaks through the mortal body intensity limit, can the terrorist forces of carrying/sustaining ten heavy strength, reach the universe level the limit. 更不要说是突破肉身强度极限,能够承载十重界力的恐怖力量,达到宇宙级的极限。 The mortal body and strength are not coordinated. 肉身与力量并不对等。 Some Martial Artist, by the powerful physique talent, can erupt the terrifying temporarily the strength, but their mortal bodies are not necessarily able the carrying/sustaining. 有些武者,凭借强大的体质天赋,可以暂时爆发出恐怖的力量,但他们的肉身未必就能够承载。 Displays that and other powerful strengths, needs to pay a big price, will cause the mortal body damage. 发挥那等强大的力量,需要付出不小的代价,会造成肉身损伤。 Like beforehand Wang Teng. 就像之前的王腾一样。 If not he can makes up for his body damage with the life source and immortal material, has not known that will leave behind many internal injuries. 若非他可以用生命本源和不朽物质来弥补自身的身体损伤,还不知道会留下多少暗伤。 Only then is also the limit the mortal body intensity, may display also to reach the limit the strength. 而只有将肉身强度同样达到极限,才有可能发挥出同样达到极限的力量。 The two complement one another! 二者相辅相成! Now, Wang Teng achieved such boundary. 如今,王腾就达到了这样的境界。 He has been able to rely on oneself mortal body, displays ten heavy strength. 他已经可以凭借自己的肉身,来发挥出十重界力。 But even opens various physicals, displays the favorable balance of trade over ten heavy strength terrorist forces, will not be similar to beforehand will such cause the enormous damage again. 而就算是开启各种体质,来发挥出超过十重界力的恐怖力量,也不会再如同之前那样造成极大的损伤。 Such mortal body, can be called was the human body buried treasure. 这样的肉身,称得上是人体宝藏了。 Regarding these Dark Species, this mortal body simply is the best blood food, if can swallow, to them without doubt is the huge help. 对于那些黑暗种来说,这种肉身简直就是最好的血食,若是能够吞噬,对它们无疑是巨大的助益。 „Won't my mortal body, stare by Dark Species?” Wang Teng touches the chin, felt oneself must turn into Monk Tang meat probably. “我这肉身,不会被黑暗种盯上吧?”王腾摸了摸下巴,感觉自己好像要变成唐僧肉了。 Good terrifying the strength of mortal body!” “好恐怖的肉身之力!” Ices as if also to detect that the change of Wang Teng, in the eye revealed the astonished color. 冰蒂丝似乎也察觉到了王腾的变化,眼中露出惊异之色。 At this moment in her eyes, Wang Teng is similar to the body to have a giant beast to regain consciousness simply general, lends the fearful aura. 此刻在她的眼中,王腾简直就如同身体内有一头巨兽苏醒一般,散发出可怕的气息。 This must be lucky several stars of this place.” Wang Teng looks to void, said with a smile. “这还要多亏了此地的几颗星球啊。”王腾望向虚空,笑道。 First do not cheer too soon, you first find the way to solve the present trouble, does not know that void will does want to do?” Iced to throw basin cold water. “先别高兴的太早,你还是先想办法解决现在的麻烦吧,也不知道那虚空意志想干什么?”冰蒂丝泼了一盆冷水。 „.” Wang Teng restrains the smile immediately, serious looks to void. “咳咳。”王腾立刻收敛了笑容,严肃的看向虚空之中。 Bang! 轰隆! In the meantime, the dark star starts to collapse, because was absorbed massive life source energy, this star soon withering. 就在此时,黑暗星球开始崩溃,因为被吸收走大量的生命本源能量,这颗星球即将“枯萎”。 Can unable to support?” Wang Teng looks down. “要撑不住了吗?”王腾低头看去。 Was absorbed massive life source energy by you, under the so high-speed movement, does not collapse must blame.” Ices to show the whites of the eyes quietly, said. “被你吸收了大量的生命本源能量,又在如此高速的移动之下,不崩溃才怪。”冰蒂丝悄然翻了个白眼,说道。 Wang Teng has not said that is looking void, vision twinkle, after just now joy, he is quiet, starts to deal with the present situation serious and earnest. 王腾没接话,望着虚空,目光闪烁,经过方才的欣喜之后,他已经平静下来,开始严肃认真的应对眼下的情况。 The time passes slowly, he slowed down to swallow to the life source energy of dark star temporarily, did not have many in any case, looks at the star to collapse with it, might as well have a look at the situation to say again. 时间慢慢流逝,他暂时放缓了对黑暗星球的生命本源能量吞噬,反正也没多少了,与其看着星球崩溃,不如看看情况再说。 Moreover he feels, no matter how he swallows, above this star will emerge a new life source energy. 而且他感觉到,不管他怎么吞噬,这颗星球之上都会涌现出一股新的生命本源能量。 Does not calculate too! 不算太多! But maintains the star to exist sufficiently, being insufficient makes it collapse thoroughly. 但足以维持星球存在,不至于让它彻底崩溃。 This discovery made Wang Teng totally give up the life source energy of swallowing this dark star, he guessed that this dark star should void have extremely very vital function in this piece, therefore that void will not make it collapse thoroughly. 这个发现让王腾彻底放弃了吞噬这颗黑暗星球的生命本源能量,他猜测这颗黑暗星球应该在这片虚空中有着极为很重要的作用,所以那虚空意志不会让它彻底崩溃。 Well?!” Wang Teng detected suddenly anything, in the mouth spread one lightly. “咦?!”王腾突然察觉到了什么,口中不由传出一声轻咦。 What's wrong?” Ices to ask. “怎么了?”冰蒂丝问道。 „Do you have the discovery, has this star been as if revolving that huge face rotation?” Wang Teng said scruple. “你有没有发现,这颗星球似乎一直在围绕那巨大的面孔转动?”王腾迟疑道。 Does not know that is his misconception, he always feels that giant face continuously to this dark star, he can always see the upfront of that giant face. 不知道是不是他的错觉,他总觉得那巨大面孔一直对着这颗黑暗星球,以至于他始终能够看到那巨大面孔的正面。 Her eye pupil has been gazing at Wang Teng. 她的眼眸一直注视着王腾 This type was staring at the feeling, making the Wang Teng whole body not comfortable. 这种被盯着的感觉,让王腾浑身不自在。 Ices to stare slightly, immediately looks to void, she can see that giant face similarly, at this moment after the reminder of Wang Teng, his complexion enforced immediately. 冰蒂丝微微一愣,随即望向虚空,她同样可以看见那巨大面孔,此刻经过王腾的提醒,他的面色顿时严肃了起来。 Bang! Bang! Bang...... 轰!轰!轰…… In the meantime, void hears the sound of thundering, deafening, lets Wang Teng and ices is startled. 就在此时,虚空中传来轰鸣之声,震耳欲聋,让王腾和冰蒂丝都是不由的一惊。 What's the matter?” Wang Teng slightly one startled, passes on the whence to look toward the bellow, immediately stares the big eye. “怎么回事?”王腾微微一惊,朝着轰鸣声传来处望去,随即不由瞪大眼睛。 Before seeing only, Lighting Attribute star and bright star that he once arrived, at this time came from void unexpectedly air-splitting, although also has the extremely remote distance, but Wang Teng has been able to see them. 只见之前他曾经降临的雷系星球和光明星球,此时竟然从虚空中破空而来,虽然还有着极为遥远的距离,但王腾已是能够看到它们。 This is without doubt inconceivable. 这无疑非常不可思议。 These stars are unexpectedly automatic from void speed away to come, does that void will actually want to do? 这几颗星球竟然自动从虚空中疾驰而来,那虚空意志到底想干什么? This! “这! ! ” !” The complexion that ices also becomes serious incomparable, vision dignified looking to void. 冰蒂丝的面色也变得严肃无比,目光凝重的望向虚空之中。 Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang...... 轰!轰!轰!轰!轰…… This bellow has not stopped, transmits from void as before, came from the different directions. 这轰鸣声并未停止,依旧从虚空中传来,来自于不同的方向。 In the Wang Teng eye reveals a vibration, looks to other positions, actually sees several different stars to speed away to come fast, as if meteorites, towed to entrain the long light tail in void. 王腾眼中露出一丝震动,看向其他方位,却见几颗不同的星球正快速疾驰而来,仿佛一颗颗陨石般,在虚空中拖拽出了长长的光尾。 Metal Attribute, Wood Attribute, Water Attribute, Fire Attribute, Earth Attribute...... 金系,木系,水系,火系,土系…… On behalf of five lines of attribute star distant appearances in the eye of Wang Teng. 代表五行属性的星球遥遥的出现在了王腾的眼中。 Before these stars, has not appeared, he has not looked for the past with enough time, never expected that was appears in his front now unexpectedly in this manner. 这几颗星球之前并未出现,他也还没来得及找过去,没想到如今竟是以这样方式出现在了他的面前。 Just thinking, void to be hearing several to thunder again. 正想着,虚空中再次传来几声轰鸣。 Bang! Bang! Bang...... 轰!轰!轰…… Three different color stars approached fast, respectively is the ice blue color star, quiet green star, azure star. 三颗不同颜色的星球快速靠近了过来,分别是冰蓝色星球,幽绿色星球,青色星球。 Ices the blue star Ice Attribute star! 冰蓝色星球正是冰系星球! But another two stars, from the color, obviously are the Poison Attribute star and Wind Attribute star. 而另外两颗星球,从颜色上来看,明显就是毒系星球与风系星球。 Such that just like Wang Teng guessed, during this piece was void, each species star had one. 正如王腾所猜测的那样,这片虚空之中,每一种属性的星球都存在一颗。 A total of 11 stars! 总共十一棵星球! But he guessed correctly the opening, has not actually guessed correctly the process. 只不过他猜到了开头,却没有猜到过程。 He has not thought completely, these stars will appear in his front in this manner. 他完全没有想到,这些星球会以这样的方式一齐出现在他的面前。 What does she want to make? 她到底要做什么? In the Wang Teng heart is even more curious. 王腾心中越发好奇。 Although all these can say that is he creates single-handedly, but he does not know oneself will compel what degree that void will, does not know how she will do? 尽管这一切可以说都是他一手造成的,但是他也不知道自己会把那虚空意志逼到何种程度,更不知道她到底会怎么做? All these unknown. 这一切都是未知的。 He just in the gambling, bets an immeasurable thoroughfare for himself. 他只不过是在赌,为自己赌一个无量通途。 So long as promotes Territory Lord Level the chaos stars secret art, his these then can smoothly enter the Territory Lord Level level time, the future road will be more unobstructed, rather than stopped up in the universe level. 只要将混沌星辰诀提升到域主级,他这一次便能够顺利进入域主级层次,未来的路将会更加通畅,而不是被堵在宇宙级。 In the Wang Teng heart the train of thought rotation, is waiting for the next action of that void will simultaneously. 王腾心中思绪转动,同时等待着那虚空意志的下一步行动。 Meanwhile, he discovered that because of just now domain collision, above the present dark star had fallen unexpectedly massive attribute air bubbles. 与此同时,他发现因为方才的领域碰撞,眼下的黑暗星球之上竟然已经掉落了大量属性气泡。 Has not thought, Wang Teng will read the strength to sweep across immediately energetic, collected it. 没有多想,王腾立刻将精神念力席卷而出,将其拾取了起来。 Eclipse of domain * 2500 darkness 【黑暗之蚀领域】 Eclipse of domain * 3000 darkness 【黑暗之蚀领域】 Eclipse of domain * 2800 darkness 【黑暗之蚀领域】 ...... …… Dark source * 1200】 【黑暗本源】 Dark source * 1500】 【黑暗本源】 Dark source * 1000】 【黑暗本源】 ...... …… Ancient times dark will * 4200】 【远古黑暗意志】 Ancient times dark will * 5000】 【远古黑暗意志】 Ancient times dark will * 4000】 【远古黑暗意志】 ...... …… Massive attribute air bubbles gather to come from various dark star places, the young swallow turns over to the nest to swamp into the body of Wang Teng generally. 大量的属性气泡从黑暗星球各处汇聚而来,乳燕归巢一般涌入王腾的身体之内。 In the Wang Teng mind, many sensibility appear, makes his Eclipse of domain darkness Increases fast. 王腾的脑海中,诸多感悟浮现,令他的【黑暗之蚀领域】快速攀升。 Is only the ordinary domain rank Eclipse of domain darkness, Achieved the solid boundary rank instantaneously, even is still continue promote, enters the friendly boundary rank. 原本只是普通领域级别的【黑暗之蚀领域】,瞬间达到了实境级别,甚至还在继续提升着,直入融境级别。 The rapidness of that speed, even Wang Teng felt flabbergasted. 那速度之快,连王腾自己都感觉咋舌不已。 Eclipse of domain darkness: 1200 / 4000( melts boundary fourth-order) ; 【黑暗之蚀领域】:1200/4000(融境四阶); Melting the boundary fourth-order! 融境四阶! Wang Teng somewhat surprised looks to the property panel, has not thought of this Eclipse of domain darkness Achieved unexpectedly directly melted the boundary fourth-order, whom this promotion speed did not have simply. 王腾有些惊讶的看向属性面板,没想到这【黑暗之蚀领域】竟然直接达到了融境四阶,这提升速度简直没谁了。 And is not only Eclipse of domain darkness The promotion, Wang Teng felt oneself are right Dark domain The sensibility, quick can also promote to melting the boundary fourth-order rank, after all the two are common. 而且不仅仅是【黑暗之蚀领域】的提升,王腾感觉自己对【黑暗领域】的感悟,很快也能够提升到融境四阶级别,毕竟二者是共通的。 Another abstruser sensibility appears. 紧接着,另一种更为深奥的感悟浮现。 Dark source principle! 黑暗本源法则! This is the dark source principle sensibility! 这是黑暗本源法则感悟! In the double pupil of Wang Teng as if has many dark rune/symbol writing to glitter, the mystical are unusual, is passing a darkness evil meaning unfortunately, making his whole person look appears some evil intent. 王腾的双眸之中仿佛有着诸多黑暗符文在闪烁,神异非常,偏又透着一丝黑暗邪恶之意,令他整个人看起来都显得有些邪意。 Dark source: 13500 / 40000( fourth-order) ; 【黑暗本源】:13500/40000(四阶); Dark source fourth-order level, not separation of husband and wife, but increased several thousand points of attribute values all of a sudden, is good. 黑暗本源还是四阶层次,并未破镜,但一下子提升了数千点属性值,已经非常不错了。 After the moment, dark rune/symbol writing in Wang Teng eye restrains to go gradually, is invisible, the sensibility in dark source principle had been absorbed the digestion by him thoroughly, changes to his sensibility. 片刻后,王腾眼中的黑暗符文渐渐收敛而去,消失于无形,黑暗本源法则方面的感悟已经被他彻底吸收消化,化作他自身的感悟。 Afterward the third sensibility wells up like surging tides. 随后第三种感悟如潮水般涌来。 This sensibility is quite special, merely is in an instant, in the Wang Teng mind then presented an extremely strange picture. 这种感悟极为特殊,仅仅是刹那间,王腾的脑海中便出现了一幕极为奇异的画面。 That is void! 那是一片虚空! In this void, has colorful mist to exist, gathers an appearance of palm. 在这虚空中,有着一片五彩斑斓的雾气存在,汇聚成了一只手掌的模样。 Overlooks from the above, this palm was assumes unexpectedly grasps the shape, palm place that colorful mist formed an vortex, is revolving slowly. 从上方俯瞰,这手掌竟是呈微握形状,掌心处那五彩斑斓的雾气形成了一个漩涡,正在缓缓的旋转着。 But in that colorful mist vortex, the obvious different stars appears from time to time, seems surrounding the vortex to revolve. 而在那五彩斑斓的雾气漩涡之中,时而可见一颗颗不同的星球出现,似乎正环绕着漩涡旋转。 Such condition does not know how long maintained, some moment, void has a giant beast to fall suddenly, happen to pounded to fall above a black star. 这样的状态不知道维持了多久,某一刻,虚空中突然有着一头巨兽掉落下来,正好砸落在了一颗黑色星球之上。 The time passes slowly, the land cracks, embezzles the giant beast body, as if melts with the star for a body. 时间慢慢流逝,大地开裂,将巨兽身躯吞没,仿佛与星球融为了一体。 Since then, that black star changed, the above dark strength is richer purely, faint even has ancient times the boundless meaning to appear, making that black star many one type ancient with the vicissitudes, becomes unlike other stars. 自此之后,那颗黑色星球发生了变化,上面的黑暗之力更为浓郁纯粹,隐隐中甚至有着远古苍茫之意出现,让那颗黑色星球多了一种古老与沧桑,与其他的星球变得不同。 But the emergence and evolution of meaning of this ancient vicissitudes , the brand mark in the Wang Teng mind, changed to his sensibility. 而这古老沧桑之意的出现与演变,也烙印在了王腾的脑海中,化作他的感悟。 ...... …… !” “呼!” The picture interrupt, Wang Teng puts out foul air suddenly, the eyeground flashes through together dazzling none. 画面中断,王腾骤然吐出一口浊气,眼底闪过一道刺目的精光。 Originally this was that the origin of ancient times dark will!” Wang Teng surprised talking to oneself. “原来这就是那远古黑暗意志的来历!”王腾惊讶的自语道。 He thought from the beginning this dark star is somewhat strange, is more powerful than other attribute stars, almost let him the say/way. 他一开始就觉得这颗黑暗星球有些古怪,比其他属性星球更为强大,差点让他着了道。 Now looks like unexpectedly is because that dark giant beast. 如今看来竟是因为那头黑暗巨兽。 Without a doubt, appears in that picture, was an ancient times dark giant beast, the age is impressively remote. 毫无疑问,在那画面之中出现的,赫然是一头远古黑暗巨兽,年代非常久远。
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