My Game Took the Universe By Storm

My Game Took the Universe By Storm

You Made Me 5 2021-10-09

1 Negative
0 Neutral
3 Positive

Yin Jian traveled to the interstellar age.

All of the games here are paid games, and there are no pirated versions.

Therefore, one after another free to play games appeared from Yin Jian’s hand.

Yin Jian: "What I do is not games but dreams. Don't talk about money with me. Talking about money hurts feelings."

Player 1: "Woo woo woo, Teacher Yin is not doing games, but doing charity."

Player 2: "Although I don't know why it costs more than 10,000 to play a free game, I blow up Teacher Yin's game!"

Game operations:

Skin ten-minute experience card, buy it now and enjoy a 20% discount!

Log in to get a free lottery, and get a golden reward for the first ten consecutive times!

Registration is a lifetime member, and you can enjoy 18 privileges for the first ten dollars!

Yin Jian: "The free one is the most e xpensive."