Hunting Demons is My Specialty

Hunting Demons is My Specialty

Seven Attractions and Eight Compulsions 8 2021-10-09

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Qin Wen, who had traveled to another world, was alone, bubbling poorly.

The only exorcism firm that can handle it is still on the verge of bankruptcy!

Just when Qin Wen hesitated whether to switch to a foot massage shop, the laptop suddenly lit up and changed everything.

All kinds of bizarre events, strange characters of all kinds, and confusing and strange conspiracies began to appear frequently.....

As long as Qin Wen completes these tasks of varying difficulty, he and his firm can continue to improve.

As the firm became more and more famous, Qin Wen gradually discovered the shocking mystery of himself!

Within the rumors.

There is such a firm that people who have been to say it is super professional!

But somehow, they never repeat customers.