Venerable Yuan

Venerable Yuan

Heavenly Silkworm Potato 237 2017-10-09

20 Negative
17 Neutral
170 Positive

Heaven and Earth as the furnace, all living things as the conductor, Yin and Yang as coal, good fortune as the worker.

Fate is to be vied for; the python swallows the dragon. Will the result be the python becoming honored, or will the saint dragon rise back up to tower over all living things?

This is a world where you can wield the universe in the palm of your hand, majestic and magnificent.

One move can shift mountains, can move oceans, can overturn the heavens, can wield a universe.

The world's yuan qi is separated into 9 ranks: 3rd rank means profundity, 6th rank means becoming a celestial, and 9th rank is the sign of a saint.

I have a mysterious yellow qi that can swallow everything.....

Absolute Resonance

Absolute Resonance

Heavenly Silkworm Potato 72 2021-08-04

3 Negative
2 Neutral
52 Positive

There are myriad idols in the world. And I, Li Luo, will eventually become the king of myriad idols.