Invincible Powers

Invincible Powers

Defying the Firmament 41 2021-01-16

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1 Neutral
13 Positive

The Vast World, divided into three lands. From the disastrous Land of Extinction, the genius Sovereign of the Medicine God Sect was unable to cultivate for his whole life. Just as his natural end was about to come, he found a way to reincarnate. However, the deep oceans of life and death, the long road of rebirth, and the twists of cause and effect were never able to be predicted. The danger was yet to come.

Limitless Devil Dao

Limitless Devil Dao

Defying the Firmament 15 2021-02-09

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5 Positive

Limitless Devil Sect is just a second-rate sect of the Devil Dao. There are countless devil cultivation sects in the Tianxuan Continent, where being a second-rate sects is basically the same as being unknown to the world, but Ding Hao's entry in the Limitless Devil Sect has led all of the world's dao sects and demon sects to remember this inferior Devil Dao small sect!

Ding Hao also became the first person in 5,000 years of the Limitless Devil Sect to be crowned with the title – Limitless Devil Monarch!

The Devil Dao is known for its truly fast cultivation speeds, yet the Limitless Devil Merit cultivation technique is not only incomparably slow in the eyes of the Devil Dao, but cannot even compare with the speed of the orthodox cultivator's techniques. Not to mention the power, as even most of the Limitless Devil Sect's disciples themselves have already switched to other techniques, but Ding Hao has increased the cultivation speed of the Limitless Devil Merit by more than a hundred times, and has rising up to pierce the heavens of the Devil Dao.

Ding Hao is a person who is ruthless, cold and bloodthirsty, bold, but also strong-willed, deliberate, cunning as a fox, is definitely a good candidate for demon cultivation ah!