My Gene Evolves Infinitely

My Gene Evolves Infinitely

Blue Sky Cleansing Rain 48 2021-10-09

2 Negative
1 Neutral
26 Positive

In a world where science and the extraordinary coexist, demon beasts run rampant and ten thousand races march to war. Mutations frequently occur and dangers lurk in every corner. Fortunately, the human race has the opportunity to activate the gene chain between the ages of sixteen and eighteen, becoming a genetic warrior.

Genetic warriors venture into mystical Lands of Origin, seeking for treasures and to engrave extraordinary genes into themselves, gaining mystical and formidable powers. They then become the main force to stave off crises.

Lu Yuan traveled to this world, carrying a strange cube capable of infinitely evolving his genes.

He suddenly woke up.

Crossing over, handsome looks, has a golden finger, oh my god, all the key ingredients together! Could it be that I am the legendary protagonist?!

I, Lu Yuan! I am the man destined to be the pillar of the human race!