Yakumo Family's Great Young Master 八云家的大少爷

As the forever 17 years old peeping tom, wrong, as the forever 17 years old Youkai Sage Yakumo Yukari's little brother, Yakumo Mo feels tremendous stress. Although he didn't need to worry about having his face rolled on the keyboard by his Onee-sama, but......

"Mo'er, you were definitely thinking something disrespectful a moment ago, right!? Boundary Between Wave and Particle!” "Don't, Onee-sama......" Bang...... Yakumo Mo was sent flying to the Forest of Magic. He looked at the present black and white with a 囧 look.

"Yo, Yakumo Family's nii-chan, we come on an artillery Da☆Ze!" Comes an artillery your younger sister!

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Yakumo Family's Night Crow
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