Monsters Will Die if they are Killed 怪物被杀就会死

Spiritual Qi has recovered and the world has changed. Numerous stars tremble, evil spirits have come back to life.

This is a crazy era where monsters and demons walk the earth, former souls of the deceased return to the human world, and the shadow of the end is constantly creeping forth.

——But how come it's as if this isn't the case someplace else?

"If you're going to kill, then kill. If you're going to cut, then cut......AHH, don't come over!!!!"

"Brother Zhou, stop hitting, if you keep hitting, the evil spirit is going to die!"

"Brother Zhou, let it be, let it be, let them off, they're really miserable......"

Su Zhou: "I can't just let it be!"

After all, monsters will die when they're killed.

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