Master of Starry Skies 星空之主

Year 800 of the New Yanhuang Calender.

The world has long since bid farewell to the ancient cultivation era, entering the modern era.

Mutually profitable exchange, competitions, and collaborations are the mainstream of current era.

There's a treasure refining all living things, there's a big dream that I've been conscious of all my life, there's a talented deity who has appeared in this mundane world......

Unknown truths, the endless starry skies is the completely new trek that all cultivators collaborate on.

A vessel advances to the degree that transcends the era, yet coming from the other shore of mysterious history is a spirit boat carrying young man Shen Jianshi towards the cosmos sea, sailing past eras.

The new age of cultivation is approaching the starry skies. Only those with high ambitions will survive time, breaking through the clouds, and into the sea of stars.

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