UES :: Volume #17

#1617: Central Plain red

Thousand snake chaotic heart! 千蛇乱心阵! Seventh Grade inferior profound, can be used to cope with King Wu's powerful Array Method, once starts just like having thousand poisonous snakes flees, keeps releasing to confuse the mental medicine, the prestige can be quite astonishing. 七品下等玄阵,能够用来对付武王的强大阵法,一旦发动宛若有千条毒蛇窜动,不停地释放迷惑心智的药物,威能极为惊人。 At present this is also most Array Method that Tang Junming can arrange, at present this Array Method by the Tang Junming arrangement in the middle of own south day of county palace. 这也是目前唐君明能够布置的最阵法,目前这座阵法就被唐君明布置在自己的南天郡王府当中。 When this Seventh Grade inferior profound, Tang Junming also arranged many Sixth Grade Spirit Array, Fifth Grade Spirit Array and Fourth Grade Spirit Array...... to compose thousand snake chaotic heart Array Method groups together, can erupt the astonishing prestige energy momentarily. 在这座七品下等玄阵的时候,唐君明还布置了不少六品灵阵五品灵阵四品灵阵……共同组成了千蛇乱心阵法群,随时能够爆发出惊人的威能。 Even if intermediate King Wu falls is still very difficult to work loose, let alone was Martial Venerable. 即便是中级武王落入其中也很难挣脱,更别说是武尊们了。 If Martial Venerable falls into the middle of this thousand snake chaotic heart Array Method groups, the possibility that can maintain a livelihood less than 1/10000, basically also means ten dead not fresh. 若是武尊落入这座千蛇乱心阵法群当中,能够活命的可能性不足万分之一,基本上也就意味着十死无生了。 The dim light of night is dim, dark and windy. 夜色朦胧,月黑风高。 Tang Junming lords over in the middle of the main hall in county palace, is drinking wine to make music, the beautiful women of dozens causing the downfall of the nation beautiful women dance lightly before him, the graceful physique makes people intoxicated. 唐君明高踞郡王府的主厅当中,正在饮酒作乐,数十位倾国倾城的佳丽在他面前翩翩起舞,曼妙的身姿让人心醉。 In addition also have several low level King Wu to be in the hall, accompanies Tang Junming to drink, protects the Tang Junming security. 除此之外还有数位低级武王位列厅中,陪着唐君明喝酒,保护唐君明的安全。 Meanwhile in the big county palace surrounding, more than 30 assassins is divided into several waves to submerge quietly, wants to assassinate Tang Junming, but they first were surrounded by thousand snake chaotic heart. 与此同时在偌大的郡王府外围,三十多名刺客分为几波悄无声息地潜入其中,想要来刺杀唐君明,但是他们第一时间就被千蛇乱心阵困住了。 Hissing hissing hissing......” “嘶嘶嘶嘶嘶嘶……” After all assassins enter the county palace, Tang Junming started thousand snake chaotic heart, along with the sound of strange neighing, poisonous snakes emerges out of thin air around many assassins. 当所有的刺客都进入郡王府以后,唐君明就发动了千蛇乱心阵,伴随着诡异的嘶鸣之声,一条条毒蛇凭空出现在众多刺客周围。 Where these poisonous snakes come, a bit faster out of the way.” “这些毒蛇是哪儿来的,快点躲开呀。” This is not the true poisonous snake, this is the poisonous snake that Seventh Grade inferior profound thousand snake chaotic heart transform.” “这不是真正的毒蛇,这是七品下等玄阵千蛇乱心阵幻化出来的毒蛇。” Since is the poisonous snake that transforms, means they are false, and no toxicity?” “既然是幻化出来的毒蛇,是不是意味着它们都是假的,并没有什么毒性?” Idiot, although these poisonous snakes are transform, but hidden toxicant by far true the poisonous snake in their illusory image, wants fearful thousand times of ten thousand times compared with the living poisonous snake, must avoid, otherwise must die without doubt.” “蠢货,虽然这些毒蛇是幻化出来的,可是隐藏在它们幻影中的毒药远胜真正的毒蛇,比起活生生的毒蛇还要可怕千倍万倍,一定要躲开,否则必死无疑。” „It is not good, I felt that the head starts to feel dizzy, this profound was too fierce.” “不好了,我感觉脑袋开始发晕,这玄阵太厉害了。” „It is not right, here besides thousand snake chaotic heart, definitely also fused other Array Method, otherwise the prestige can so not be big, never expected that south the day of county palace also has such Array Method expert, why we had not obtained the news.” “不对劲儿,这里除了千蛇乱心阵以外,肯定还融合了其它的阵法,否则的话威能不会这么大,没想到南天郡王府还有这样的阵法高手,为什么我们一直没有得到消息。” ...... …… With pitiful yells, many assassins look like sheared wheat but actually, died in the surrounding of county palace in abundance, even the institute has not stepped into, it can be imagined thousand snake chaotic heart prestige can strong. 伴随着一声声惨叫,众多的刺客就像是被割倒的麦子,纷纷死在了郡王府的外围,甚至连中院都没有踏入,可想而知千蛇乱心阵的威能有多强。 But among these assassins, insisted time longest is the assassin of taking a life, is the big imperial prince and big sovereign female employment assassinates the Tang Junming assassin. 而在这些刺客当中,坚持时间最久的便是杀生的刺客,也就是大皇子和大皇女雇佣来刺杀唐君明的刺客。 It is a pity that these by the assassin who the big imperial prince and big sovereign female place the great expectations, all the side of death is miserable, no can live, let alone assassinates Tang Junming. 遗憾的是这几个被大皇子和大皇女寄予厚望的刺客,全都死的极惨,没有一个能够活下来,更别说是刺杀唐君明了。 Today this wave also good, particularly final several die, verifies their status well, who has a look is wages a war, unexpectedly sent out several high-level Martial Venerable to assassinate me, but also really gave this king face.” “今天这一波还不错,尤其是最后几个死的,好好查明他们的身份,看看到底是谁这么大动干戈,居然派出了数位高级武尊来刺杀我,还真是给本王面子。” Right, making the Central Plain red person make a move, tempered them well.” “对了,让中原一点红的人出手,好好锤炼一下他们。” Saw that all assassins died, Tang Junming then however stood leisurely, walks toward the secret room that closing up practice. 看到所有刺客都死光了,唐君明这才施施然地站了起来,朝着闭关修行的密室走去。 Body week several King Wu salutes respectfully: Your highness be please slow.” 身周几位武王恭恭敬敬地行礼:“殿下请慢走。” To Tang Junming, the tonight's assassination is the minor matter, even the storm is not, is not worth caring. 唐君明来说,今晚的刺杀不过是小事罢了,甚至连风浪都算不上,根本不值得放在心上。 Same assassination short about a year he has experienced too multiple, the tonight's assassination increases the number of times that assassinated. 同样的刺杀短短一年左右他经历过了太多次,今晚的刺杀不过是增加了一下刺杀的次数而已。 Lets perhaps is that several that only he is interested taking a life at this moment, although is just high-level Martial Venerable, but the battle efficiency is quite considerable, understands much the say/way of Array Method, the quality was very good. 唯一让他感兴趣的或许就是那几个杀生的此刻了,虽然只不过是高级武尊,但是战斗力颇为可观,对于阵法之道也了解不少,质量很不错了。 Can send out such assassin, the back enemy is also has certain background and influence, is worth Tang Junming checking actually well. 能够派出这样的刺客,背后的敌人也算是有一定的背景和势力,倒是值得唐君明好好地查一查。 As for other assassins, has not insisted including three minutes, the qualifications of radically even investigating do not have, although Tang Junming now influence sharp increase, but cannot uses the time and energy on the bodies of these small fish small shrimp, such rather also too low. 至于其他的刺客,连三分钟都没有坚持下去,根本连调查的资格都没有,唐君明现在虽然势力剧增,但也不能把时间和精力用在这些小鱼小虾的身上吧,那样未免也太low了。 Places the assassination of great expectations to end by the big imperial prince and big sovereign female like this, hired the expert of taking a life confidently, finally has not actually seen the Tang Junming surface, is in the several other waves of assassin together situations in. 被大皇子和大皇女寄予厚望的一场刺杀就这样落幕,信心十足雇佣了杀生的高手,结果却连唐君明的面都没有见到,还是在跟其他几波刺客一起的情况下。 If knows that this matter, does not know the big imperial prince and big sovereign female will make what feelings, certainly wants to cry happily one. 若是知道这件事情的话,不知道大皇子和大皇女会作何感想,一定会很想痛快地哭一场吧。 What the big imperial prince and big sovereign female do not know, Tang Junming is using these assassins to discipline red his subordinate assassination regiment Central Plain. 大皇子和大皇女更不知道的是,唐君明正在利用这些刺客磨练他麾下的暗杀军团中原一点红。 Reason that called this name, was because these Central Plain red cultivators grasped a prestige to be able astonishing assassination secret skill. 之所以叫这个名字,是因为这些中原一点红的修行者都掌握了一门威能惊人的刺杀绝学 A light shadow sword! 光影一剑! This secret skill only then a move, actually 3600 move of positions and 720 catching up skills, once practices the pinnacle, can erupt over dozens times battle efficiencies instantaneously. 这门绝学只有一招,却有三千六百个出招方位、七百二十种发力技巧,一旦修行到极致,能够在瞬间爆发出数十倍以上的战斗力。 Because this secret skill most is good at killing the throat strategic point of enemy, once will sneak attack successfully will stay behind on the throat of enemy wipes the crimson bloodstain, therefore this assassination regiment was called the Central Plain by Tang Junming red. 因为这门绝学最擅长袭杀敌人的咽喉要害,一旦偷袭成功就会在敌人的咽喉上留下一抹绯红血迹,所以此暗杀军团被唐君明称之为中原一点红。 The red meaning was needless saying that the principle is implying the Tang Junming ambition, in the future the necessary hunting Central Plain, becomes the Central Plain overlord, then ruled the entire supernatural might mainland. 一点红的意思不用说,中原则暗含着唐君明的野心,未来必要狩猎中原,成为中原霸主,进而统治整个神武大陆。 The Central Plain can be said as under Tang Junming red the sharpest army, is not only skilled in the assassination, assassination and sneak attack technique , the upfront operational capacity was also quite considerable, concentrated under Tang Junming most trustworthy a group of powerhouses. 中原一点红可以说是唐君明麾下最精锐的部队,不但精通暗杀、刺杀、偷袭之术,正面作战能力也极为可观,集中了唐君明麾下最值得信任的一批强者。 Even any position that is quite important, Tang Junming arranged the military seal servant, guaranteed the entire Central Plain red loyal degree. 甚至凡是比较重要的位置,唐君明都安排了武印奴仆,确保了整个中原一点红的忠心程度。 Central Plain at this moment red, although only then 10,000 troops, even if lets them facing over 100,000 regular regiments, the Central Plain can still rout it red with ease. 此时此刻的中原一点红虽然只有一万人马,可是即便让他们面对十万以上的正规军团,中原一点红也能够将其轻松击溃。 Those who are most terrorist is the entire Central Plain red 10,000 troops, is completely Martial Venerable, no master of martial arts. 最恐怖的是整个中原一点红一万人马,全部都是武尊,没有一个武师。 Under the Tang Junming ten King Wu level servants, six assume personal command in the Central Plain red, it can be imagined Central Plain red strength fearful. 唐君明麾下的十位武王级奴仆,有六位都坐镇于中原一点红,可想而知中原一点红的实力有多可怕。 Moreover the Central Plain can also help Tang Junming enslave King Wu level powerhouse red effectively, Tang Junming can grasp so many King Wu level servants in short about a year, the Central Plain has lasting achievements red. 而且中原一点红还能够有效地帮助唐君明奴役武王级强者,唐君明之所以能够在短短一年左右掌握了这么多武王级奴仆,中原一点红可谓是功不可没。 This is Tang Junming trains specially, agrees with extremely own terrifying regiment. 这是一支唐君明专门培养的,极为契合自身的恐怖军团。 In other words this assassination regiment is tailor for Tang Junming, can coordinate his all sorts of actions effectively, making Tang Junming erupt to be above the prestige energy of imagination. 换句话说这支暗杀军团是为唐君明量身打造,能够有效地配合他的种种行动,让唐君明爆发出超乎想象的威能。
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