UES :: Volume #17

#1618: South destruction day of way

With the aid of Central Plain red strength, Tang Junming attacks the non-Chinese southern person mountain to control the south cloud Laiguo county city is very smooth in secret. 借助中原一点红的力量,唐君明无论是攻伐南蛮大山还是暗中掌控云来国南部的一个个郡城都十分顺利。 Even Tang Junming starts to gather the elite powerhouse in non-Chinese southern person mountain to join the Central Plain red, makes up for one's deficiency by learning from others'strong points the enhancement Central Plain red strength. 甚至唐君明开始招揽南蛮大山中的精锐强者加入中原一点红,取长补短增强中原一点红的实力。 The Central Plain has been promoting red at an exceptional pace, existence because of day Lingwu seal, its foundation is also quite solid, issue that Tang Junming does not need to be worried about to defect. 中原一点红一直在以惊人的速度提升着,因为天灵武印的存在,其根基也极为扎实,唐君明丝毫不用担心反水的问题。 Like this under the Central Plain red assistance, the Tang Junming influence is promoting at the fearful speed. 就这样在中原一点红的辅助下,唐君明的势力以可怕的速度提升着。 But this does not mean that Tang Junming did not have the enemy, facing the south day of county aggressive offensive, the influence of non-Chinese southern person mountain was not the fool, shortly alone was not south the opponent in day of county, started to join up gradually. 但这并不意味着唐君明就没有敌人了,面对南天郡咄咄逼人的攻势,南蛮大山的势力也不是傻子,眼看着单独不是南天郡的对手,渐渐地开始联合起来。 King monarch sovereign Sir said that a south day of county can in our non-Chinese southern person mountains invincible invincible, is mainly because south has a day of way, so long as we destroyed south a day of way, Tang Junming cannot send out the regiment to attack that us with ease, south such we can defeat a day of county.” “诸位国主大人说了,南天郡之所以能够在我们南蛮大山中攻无不克战无不胜,主要就是因为有南天路径,只要我们破坏了南天路径,唐君明就不能轻松地派出军团攻伐那我们,那样的话我们就能够击败南天郡。” Good that said that our elders also said that therefore sends us to join the joint army contigent, south south the common destruction a day of way, cuts off the line of supply of day of army, tidies up them again well.” “说的不错,我们长老也是这么说的,所以才派遣我们加入联合军团,共同破坏南天路径,切断南天大军的补给线,再好好地收拾他们。” „A south day of way is south the lifeline of day of county, so long as we can destroy south a day of way, had south the possibility that south defeats a day of county, we cannot be victorious otherwise decisively a day of army.” “南天路径就是南天郡的生命线,只要我们能够破坏了南天路径,就有了击败南天郡的可能性,否则的话我们断然打不过南天大军。” Let alone so many idle talk, everyone found own attack position respectively, then destroyed a day of way south together, must its radical destruction, unable to have the place of slight levelling.” “别说那么多废话了,大家各自找好自己的攻击方位,然后一起破坏南天路径,一定要将其彻底破坏,绝不能有丝毫平整之处。” ...... …… With the sound of intermittent call, came from the elite soldiers in non-Chinese southern person various countries swarms plunges south a day of way, starts to destroy crazily. 伴随着阵阵呐喊之声,来自于南蛮各国的精锐士卒蜂拥扑向一段段南天路径,开始疯狂地破坏起来。 Bang bang bang bang bang bang......” “砰砰砰砰砰砰……” „......” “哐哐哐哐哐哐……” Rumbling rumbling......” “轰轰轰轰轰轰……” ...... …… Under these person destruction, a big segment Daduan south day of way was destroyed unscrupulously, a south day of way that a south day of county excavates laboriously was ruined by like this. 在这些蛮人肆无忌惮的破坏下,大段大段的南天路径被破坏,南天郡辛苦开凿的南天路径就这样被一段段毁掉。 As the saying goes, the construction has not destroyed forever quickly. 俗话说得好,建设永远没有破坏快。 The cultivators in south day of county need to spend a small section way that several days and dozens talents can excavate, people actually only need several breath to be able completely to destroy. 南天郡的修行者需要花费数天、数十天才能够开凿的一小段路径,蛮人们却只需要数个呼吸就能够完全破坏。 Facing these crazy barbarian people, south day of way damage is serious, to a certain extent contained south the expansion and plundering of day of county. 面对这些疯狂的蛮人,南天路径损伤惨重,一定程度上遏制了南天郡的扩张和搜刮。 Tang Junming knew after the news is angry, has a mind to dispatch troops to protect south entire a day of way, is a south day of way is extremely long, the troops of south day of county are limited, could not protect such a long south day of way. 唐君明得知消息以后大怒,有心想要派兵保护整条南天路径,可是南天路径太过漫长,南天郡的兵力有限,根本保护不了这么长的南天路径。 After considering one, Tang Junming sends red completely 2/3 Central Plain, matches the different quantities of elite soldiers to them respectively, south random protection some day of way important sections. 考虑一番之后,唐君明将三分之二的中原一点红全部派出去,分别给他们搭配数量不等的精锐士兵,随机保护南天路径一些重要的地段。 Once the soldiers in non-Chinese southern person various countries come out to destroy these sections, then south will encounter day of County Army corps coordination Central Plain red killing, losing is also quite serious. 南蛮各国的士卒一旦出来破坏这些地段,便会遭到南天郡兵团配合中原一点红的袭杀,损失同样极为惨重。 These are unimportant, or is restore easy section Tang Junming has not dispatched troops to guard, this was destroyed even, the loss of south day of county is still limited. 那些不重要,或者是修复容易的地段唐君明并未派兵驻守,这样就算是被破坏了,南天郡的损失也有限。 The following some time, some south day of counties and non-Chinese southern person influences and states center on a south day of way to engage in frigid battle and battle. 接下来的一段时间,南天郡和南蛮一些势力和国度就围绕着南天路径展开了惨烈的厮杀和交锋。 Today I destroy a you important way, tomorrow I will kill your one group of elite soldiers...... to start once again like this, looked that who first will unable to insist. 今天我破坏你一段重要的路径,明天我杀了你一群精锐蛮兵……就这样周而复始着,就看谁先坚持不住。 As expected, non-Chinese southern person each influence first could not insist that after all south compared with a united south day of county, the non-Chinese southern person major influences no doubt is by far a day of county, is a group of people without a leader, does not obey mutually, and has ulterior motives respectively. 不出所料的,南蛮各个势力首先坚持不住了,毕竟比起团结一致的南天郡,南蛮各大势力固然远胜南天郡,可是群龙无首,互相并不服从,而且各自心怀鬼胎。 The powerful point barbarian country wants to take the opportunity to weaken these weakness the barbarian country, the weakness barbarian country is not resigned to be weakened, will naturally revolt, or presents Yang Wei Yin. 强大点的蛮国想要借机削弱那些弱点儿的蛮国,弱点儿的蛮国不甘心被削弱,自然会有所反抗,或者是阴奉阳违。 In addition south day of county agitates, Tang Junming enslaved the leaderships in some non-Chinese southern person various countries quietly, obtained many inside information from their, thus the group extinguished south many destruction the barbarian person army corps of day of way. 再加上南天郡在其中煽风点火,唐君明悄然奴役了一些南蛮各国的高层,从他们那里获得了很多内部情报,从而团灭了不少破坏南天路径的蛮人兵团。 The people are not concerted, traitor within runs amuck...... in this case various non-Chinese southern person influences gradually tends to be leeward, unexpectedly is not south the opponent in day of county. 人心不齐、内奸横行……在这种情况下南蛮各势力渐渐地趋于下风,竟然不是南天郡的对手。 Must know that various non-Chinese southern person influences the abundance of strength, is south over dozens times of day of county, if can unite as one, even Tang Junming still withdraws the non-Chinese southern person mountain obediently. 要知道南蛮各势力的实力之雄厚,乃是南天郡的数十倍以上,若是能够团结一致的话,即便是唐君明也得乖乖地撤出南蛮大山。 But various non-Chinese southern person influences have oneself calculation, is unable to form a whole effectively, in addition south day of county agitates, starts to fall in leeward unexpectedly in just several months. 可是南蛮各势力都有自己的小算盘,根本无法有效地形成一个整体,再加上南天郡在其中煽风点火,竟然在短短几个月里就开始落于下风。 Tang Junming also stopped the expansion temporarily, gave some non-Chinese southern person influence intention lucky opportunities, this even more kept various non-Chinese southern person influences from forming the effective whole. 唐君明暂时也停止了扩张,给了一些南蛮势力心怀侥幸的机会,这越发的让南蛮各势力无法形成有效的整体了。 The time is spreading quietly, various non-Chinese southern person influences do not know, a south day of county stopped the expansion, is the fruit that these days eats are too mainly many, needs certain time digestion. 时间悄然流传着,南蛮各势力并不知道,南天郡之所以停止了扩张,主要是这段时间吃掉的果实太多,需要一定的时间消化而已。 More than 30 barbarian countries, some scattered barbarian person influences, about could catch up with 1/3 cloud Laiguo, even this region again how deficient bad, the resources of implication were still incomparably considerable. 三十多个蛮国啊,还有一些零散的蛮人势力,合起来赶得上三分之一个云来国了,就算这片区域再怎么贫乏恶劣,蕴含的资源也是无比可观的。 Especially certain hidden for a long time rare and precious ores, its value surpassed the imagination of average person by far. 尤其是某些隐藏已久的珍稀矿石,其价值远远地超过了普通人的想象。 Besides that iron ore, the prospecting experts in south day of county discovered more minerals, although these minerals do not have that iron ore is so huge, but about was not a small number, even also had several gold ores and silver ore. 除了那座铁矿以外,南天郡的探矿专家们又发现了更多的矿产,这些矿产虽然没有那座铁矿那么庞大,但是合起来也不是一个小数字了,其中甚至还有几座金矿和银矿。 If can mine completely these minerals, its value could catch up with cloud Laiguo dozens years of tax revenue. 若是能够将这些矿产全部开采出来,其价值赶得上云来国数十年的税收了。 Resources that each country leaves behind, these need to spend the time to digest. 还有各个蛮国遗留下来的资源,这些都需要花费时间去消化的。 Just these also not broken through non-Chinese southern person influence timidly jointly in one, a south day of county suspends expanding while this opportunity, well digestion consolidated, relieves hostilities and alliances of these influences. 刚好那些还没有被攻破的南蛮势力胆怯地联合在了一起,南天郡趁此机会暂停扩张,好好消化巩固一番,也解除这些势力的敌视和联盟。 However saw that south a day of county stopped expanding, starts to contract, the non-Chinese southern person major influences actually think that south was they destroys the strategy of day of way to become effective, for a while cheered. 但是看到南天郡停止扩张,开始收缩了,南蛮各大势力却以为是他们破坏南天路径的策略生效了,一时欢呼雀跃。 Even more is not willing to start a bigger war while this opportunity, such words loss is too big, will make many small influences wither away thoroughly, how could these small influences want. 就越发的不愿意趁此机会掀起更大的战争,那样的话损失太大,甚至会让很多小势力彻底消亡,这些小势力岂能愿意。 These big barbarian person influences see this scene, naturally is not willing to dispatch large quantities of own elite to continue to destroy, this will lose astonishingly, is very easy to make them drop from the ranks of country big influence, when the time comes will be rally togethered to attack by these ambitious medium small influences. 那些大点儿的蛮人势力见此情景,当然也不愿意派遣大批自己的精锐继续破坏,这样的话会损失惊人,很容易让他们从蛮国大势力的行列跌落下来,到时候就会被那些野心勃勃的中小势力群起而攻之。 When the time comes waited for them is being the total destruction, therefore many small influences withdrew from south the destruction in shortly one after another team of day of way, in these large-scale influence also started to retreat. 到时候等待着他们的就是灭顶之灾了,所以眼看着很多小势力接连退出了破坏南天路径的队伍之中,这些中大型势力也开始退却。
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