UB :: Volume #4

#324: The masters add

In the in Rin cognition, it as Machine Lifeform, takes Advanced Intelligence skill for instance, wants to raise the rank of this skill, only has two methods. 在凛的认知里,它作为一个机械生命,以高级智能技能为例,想提升这个技能的等级,只有两种方法。 First, improves the intelligence through the unceasing self- learn/study. 一、通过不断的自我学习来提升智能。 Second, with the aid of other best quality goods Mechanical materials , to promote smart chip. 二、借助其他极品机械材料,升级智能芯片。 Former need lots of time, but latter need rarer Mechanical material and excellent Mechanical technology. 前者需要大量的时间,而后者需要更稀有的机械材料和高超的机械技术。 However, cold fantastic discovery, own master, but touched oneself two, own intelligent rank, was promoted. 但是,凛惊人的发现,自己的主人,只是摸了自己两下,自己的智能等级,就得到了提升。 This, it is unable to understand. 这个,它根本无法理解的。 Meanwhile, those who keep it from understanding, beast pet of master, is its other companions reports to give its daily training. 同时,更让它无法理解的是,主人的宠兽,也就是它的其他同伴汇报给它的每日训练情况。 Intelligence information match not on that complete and it analyzes 完完全全和它分析出来的情报资料匹配不上 Ginseng Tot, should strengthen own Life Force honestly, as well as Ground-Type compatible, is centered on this training task, striving for soon Evolution will be the wood and earth dual-type, the vitality stronger Ginsengwood, this will be the scientific training route. 一个参宝宝,本该老老实实来强化自己的生命力量,以及土系亲和度,以这个训练任务为核心,争取早日进化为木、土双系,生命力更强的“参果树”,这个才是科学的训练路线。 Finally, studies the samsara and Reincarnation concept, what thing is also, what is Fruit of Time?! 结果,研究轮回、转生概念,又是什么东西,时间果实又是什么?! Machine Rin discovered, oneself could not understand the companion to say anything completely, under analysis forcefully, even had almost a fever to fall ill 机械凛发现,自己完全听不懂同伴在说什么,强行的分析下,甚至差点发烧生病 Ginseng Tot, heal me 参宝宝,奶我 Side, broadcasts the Shi Yu weak sound. 旁边,传来时宇虚弱的声音。 Under one plus one milk, in the Machine Rin chaotic vision, the rank of its Advanced Intelligence, basic from the beginning, achieved master level. 一加一奶下,在机械凛混乱的目光中,它的高级智能的等级,从一开始的入门,达到了精通级 At this time, Machine Rin head picture still confused is staring at Ginseng Tot and Shi Yu, has not mastered the mechanism of this set of operation. 此时,机械凛的头像仍迷茫的盯着参宝宝时宇,还是没搞懂这一套操作的机制。 Because Shi Yu and Ginseng Tot this set adds nutritiously with Combination Technique, does not seem like Machinist normally to conduct the operation of promotion to Machine Lifeform. 因为时宇参宝宝这一套“加点与滋补”的组合技,怎么也不像是机械师机械生命正常进行升级的操作。 Also must continue “还得继续 Side, broadcasts the sound that Shi Yu and Ginseng Tot whispered. 旁边,传来时宇参宝宝嘀嘀咕咕的声音。 in addition , to continue. 加点,继续加。 Machine Rin seems like not quite intelligent. 机械凛看起来还是不太聪明。 yi!” “咿!” Shortly, with the rank of Advanced Intelligence from master level, starts to turn toward the Perfect Level promotion, the Machine Rin vision, no longer was so finally confused. 不久后,随着高级智能的等级从精通级,开始向着完美级提升,机械凛的目光,终于不再那么迷茫了。 Gradually, had some sober cognition. 逐渐,有了一些清醒的认知。 Machine Rin said: „The ( oo ) master your did open plug-in?” 机械凛道:“〣(oo)〣主人你外挂了?” Shi Yu and Ginseng Tot movement. 时宇参宝宝的动作一顿。 Also cannot say that is wrong. 也不能说是错误吧。 This named adding, you can understand for my second beastmaster talent.” “这个叫加点,你可以理解为我的第二御兽天赋。” Second beastmaster talent? It is not able to understand “第二御兽天赋?无法理解 All right, slowly understood.” “没事,慢慢就理解了。” Waits for inferior inferior, I must first inspect to have the safety danger.” Machine Rin nervous say/way. “等一下等一下等一下,我要先检查一下有没有安全隐患。”机械凛紧张的道。 This sudden promotion, lets its innermost feelings not steadfast 这种突如其来的升级,让它内心不踏实 It stopped. 它制止了加点。 Side, Eleven selected a to praise silently. 旁边,十一默默点了个赞。 Wormie, Akame and Susu they look at each other in blank dismay. 虫虫赤瞳素素它们面面相觑。 The hidden danger words, are possibly easy to become addicted. 隐患的话,可能就是容易上瘾吧。 However, the new partner was just born to analyze the issue calmly, to a certain extent, is fierce. 不过,新伙伴刚出生就能冷静的分析起问题,从某种程度上来说,还是厉害的。 Ok, we also happen to rest.” Shi Yu and Ginseng Tot gasp for breath. “行,我们也正好休息一下。”时宇参宝宝喘了口气。 yi “咿 Then, Shi Yu preparation first Machine Rin Transform and Advanced Intelligence high. 接下来,时宇准备先把机械凛百变高级智能点高。 As the matter stands, cold can come to change various types of Mechanical tools through Transform, does the research, promote from me. 这样一来,凛就可以通过百变来自己变出各种机械工具,来做研究、来自我升级了。 Meanwhile, can obtain a better learn/study and analysis capability, assists Evelen's Group to train. 同时,也能获得更好的学习、分析能力,来辅助十一它们进行训练。 After the moment . 片刻后。 Machine Rin does not seem to inspect to go wrong. 机械凛似乎没有检查出什么毛病。 And through the self- analysis, discovered so-called in addition, uniform, without shortcoming. 并且通过自我分析,发现了所谓的加点,清一色的利利利利利利,没有弊。 This point, shocked Machine Rin. 这一点,震惊住了机械凛 In the Cube screen, Machine Rin hesitated, raised the head slightly, after confused, ponder and analysis, drew the final conclusion. 魔方屏幕中,机械凛迟疑了一下,微微抬起头,经过迷茫、思考、分析后、得出了最终结论。 Its incomparable admiration and worship looks at own Machinist. 它无比倾慕、崇拜的看着自己的机械师 Master, in addition!” “主人,加点!” It acknowledged, before was mistaken, the master is very outstanding. 它承认,之前看走眼了,主人果然很优秀。 Now, the additional point adds the point to add, only then a bit faster promotion intelligence, what it can be better is the master and companion makes the strengthen plan! 现在,加点加点加点,只有快点提升智能,它才能更好的为主人和同伴制定变强计划! Shi Yu: 时宇:“ Eleven, Wormie, Ginseng Tot: 十一虫虫参宝宝等:“ Ohh!!” “嗷喔喔喔!!” Meanwhile, saw that the new teammate finally changed intelligent, said Beast Master, in addition!” In this team the cipher password, five small only cheer to welcome the new companion to enter the team high. 与此同时,见到新队友终于变聪明了,说出来了“御兽师,加点!”这个队内暗号密码,五小只都高高欢呼起来欢迎起新同伴入队。 Over the following two days, Shi Yu started closing up again life. 接下来两天,时宇再次开始了“闭关”生活。 Explodes liver and resting and building up strength coexists. “爆肝”与“休养生息”并存。 The Machine Rin skill data, is also reborn. 机械凛技能数据,也脱胎换骨。 Name: Cold 名称】:凛 Growth Level: Transcendent Level 成长等级】:超凡级 Species Skill: Transform( Miraculous + 1), Advanced Intelligence( Miraculous + 2), Aerokinesis( basic) 种族技能】:百变(出神入化)、高级智能(出神入化)、风元素掌控(入门) Under the Shi Yu additional point, cold Transform and Advanced Intelligence two Advanced Skill, arrived at Miraculous Level quickly, and goes forward toward Full/Complete Level. 时宇的加点下,凛的百变高级智能两个高阶技能,很快来到了出神入化级,并且向着满级前进。 Except for Transform and Advanced Intelligence, Shi Yu has not selected other. 除了百变高级智能,时宇也没点别的。 He wants actually Loading skill first in the point, under the experience and Mechanical body-fusion feeling, but the issue is, did not select. 他倒是想把“装载技能先点上,体验下和机械合体的感觉,但问题是,点不了。 He altogether from Legend Xiao Shuang Demon God Darkwing there Copy three Mechanical skill, respectively is Godnet Loading Machine Space , only then Godnet this Super Skill, be at the Able to Learn condition. 他一共从萧霜传奇黑翼魔神那里复制了三个机械技能,分别是“神网装载机械空间”,其中,只有“神网”这个超阶技能,处于可教学的状态。 But Loading and Machine Space, is demonstration compatibility is insufficient, is unable the teaching. 而“装载”和“机械空间”,都是显示的契合度不够,无法教学。 This, Shi Yu also wants to understand probably. 这个,时宇大概也想明白了。 Machine Department requests regarding skill compatibility, could high. 机械系对于技能契合度要求,可能要更高一点。 If oneself do not have the correspondence Mechanical Equipment, very difficult learned to correspond Machine Department skill, if Shi Yu thinks that teaching cold Loading and Machine Space these two skill, following conducts to cold Race further promotes is good, needs the Mechanical components of promotion correspondence. 如果自身没有对应的“机械装备”,很难学会对应的“机械系技能”,如果时宇想教学凛“装载”和“机械空间”这两个技能,就得后续对凛自身种族进行进一步升级才行,需要去升级对应的机械零件。 On the contrary yes, Godnet this Super Intelligence, the description splits many intelligent brain territory composition complex neural network systems, does not need the promotion disposition, on the existing Advanced Intelligence chip through adding promotion will do. 反倒是,神网这个顶级智能,描述只是分裂出多个智能脑域组成复杂的神经网络系统,并不需要升级配置,在已有的高级智能芯片上通过加点升级就行了。 Regarding this discovery, Shi Yu had not thought that has anything to trouble, when the cold intelligence enhanced, when the time comes he provided the material by all means that Let RIn gives himself to promote will do. 对于这一发现,时宇也没觉得有什么麻烦的,等凛的智能提高了,到时候他只管提供材料,让凛给自己升级自己就行了。 Also really let alone, after Transform and Advanced Intelligence pull, the cold change is big, to the present can let Shi Yu crisp one. 还真别说,把百变高级智能拉高后,凛的变化非常大,大到现在就能让时宇爽一下了。 Cold.” “凛。” In Relic Space, Shi Yu grasps Cube, under the Shi Yu instruction, a Cube face puzzled rapid change in his hand, is almost one second has not arrived, turned into multibarreled revolving Green Machine Gun, was raised by Shi Yu in the hand. 遗迹空间中,时宇手持魔方,在时宇的指令下,他手中的魔方一脸纠结的快速变化,几乎是一秒都没到,就变成了一个多管旋转的格林机关枪,被时宇提在手中。 Azure black color, very. 青墨色,非常酷。 Next quarter, infinite Wind Element accumulation, as Shi Yu presses down the switch, as Machine Gun muzzle pit-a-pat pit-a-pat the sound, starts to present everywhere the spatial gas bomb that is compressed by the strength of Wind Element becomes! 下一刻,无穷风元素聚集,随着时宇按下开关,机关枪的枪口随着“突突突突”的声音,开始出现漫天由风元素之力压缩而成的空气弹! Pit-a-pat pit-a-pat 突突突突 One minute of after past, close to 10,000 rounds of bullets, simultaneous/uniform simultaneous/uniform projected in the front mountain massif, made into the hole the entire mountain massif. 一分钟过去后,接近一万发子弹,齐齐打到了前方的山体上,将整个山体打成了窟窿。 This has not ended. 这还没完。 Delight that Shi Yu plays. 时宇玩的不亦乐乎。 Master, I felt, there is no significance “主人,我觉得,这并没有什么意义 Changed finished up.” “变就完事了。” The next quarter, cold turned into a silver ambush artillery, Shi Yu it with before the body, as the strength of Wind Element condenses and aims, bang round of single body might stronger Air Cannon, rumbles directly the powder the small-scale mountain massif of front. 下一刻,凛又变成了一个银色的狙击炮,时宇把它拿在身前,随着风元素之力凝聚、瞄准,“轰隆”一声一发单体威力更强的风压炮弹,直接将前方的小型山体轰成粉末。 Machine Gun and ambush artillery also has the Mechanical sword, at this moment, has Miraculous Level Transform and Advanced Intelligence cold may turn completely fast! 机关枪、狙击炮还有机械剑,此时此刻,拥有出神入化级百变高级智能的凛全部可快速变成! Naturally, what a pity currently is only has its shape spatially, the different shapes except for can Aerokinesis different usage displays better outside, did not have other functions, in other words, at present is also only a flower trellis. 当然,可惜目前只是“空有其形”,不同的形态除了能将“风元素掌控”的不同用法发挥的更好外,就没其他功能了,换句话来说,目前还只是花架子。 But wants these shapes, to promote as the strategic card in a hand shape truly, that must collect the Mechanical material regarding these shapes, conducts the pointed promotion to be good. 而想真正把这些形态,升级为极具战略意义的底牌形态,那就得围绕这些形态搜集机械材料,进行针对性的升级才行。 For example Sniper Rifle shape, if provides strategic point to lock Full/Complete Level Super Sight Loading body-fusion energy solidification and other abilities, Shi Yu grasps Sniper Rifle again, can big of its effect display, about 800 li (0.5 km), a spear/gun jump the ranks the issue that assassinates the enemy is not big. 比如狙击枪形态,如果配备上“要害锁定满级超视力装载合体能量固化”等能力,时宇再手持狙击枪,可以把其效果发挥的更大,八百里开外,一枪越级暗杀敌人的问题不大。 Naturally, these play, the intelligent specific occasion uses, what is most essential is the ability most comprehensive Mecha Form. 当然,这些都只是玩玩而已,智能特定场合用,最关键的还是能力最综合的“机甲形态”。 However, this shape, to Rin's ability, very be at present difficult to be completed, said actually not the intelligent rank and Transform rank are insufficient, but is its main body, is only together Transforming Stone, in the Growth Level insufficient situation, does not have enough body points system of solutions synthesis machine armor 不过,这个形态,以目前凛的能力,很难完成,倒不是说智能等级和百变等级不够,而是它的本体,只是一块百变石而已,成长等级不够的情况下,没有足够的体积分解组合成机甲 This is also the Transforming Machine most difficult place, wants to combine bigger Machine Lifeform, following needs to continue to fuse many Transforming Stone, is the small ground and soaked black beans. 这也是百变机械最难的地方,想组合成更大的机械生命,后续需要继续融合更多百变石,都是小钱钱。 Naturally, this difficulty, Shi Yu is also actually good to solve, because of him can to teach RIn clone and Multi-Size skill. 当然,这个难点,时宇这边其实也好解决,因为他能教凛“分身”和“倍化技能 Therefore, so long as gives it the constructional drawing, it spends some time, can turn into machine armor oneself. 所以,只要给它构造图,它花费一定时间,还是能把自己变成机甲的。 However this machine armor, the performance different people had different views to different people have different views, machine armor that turned into forcefully, the no matter if it is strength and continue voyage, were definitely more complete than Legend Xiao Shuang that disposition, machine armor that completely comprised of true Transforming Stone drew the hip. 不过这个机甲嘛,性能就仁者见仁智者见智了,强行变成的机甲,无论是战力、续航,肯定都比萧霜传奇那种配置齐全,全部由真正百变石组成的机甲拉胯。 But the disposition does not improve importantly, without the special capability is unimportant, changes is not unimportant as a empty shell purely, currently speaking, led to finish up. 但配置不完善不要紧,没有特殊能力不要紧,单纯作为一个空壳变化出来也不要紧,目前来说,帅就完事了。 How as for becomes graceful and useful, issue that then should ponder on is Rin, otherwise Advanced Intelligence adds is so high, not to have the significance. 至于如何变得又帅又有用,那就是凛自己该思考的问题了,不然高级智能加的这么高,岂不是更没意义。 Ok, the share tries the spear/gun to finish today “好了,今日份试枪完毕 Continues.” “继续回去加点。” Also after is several days . 又是几日后。 Machine Rin Transform and Advanced Intelligence, were selected Full/Complete Level by Shi Yu. 机械凛百变高级智能,都被时宇点到了满级 This time Transform skill, to the extremely exaggerating degree, the decomposition words, it has been able the body of Cube size, to decompose precisely countless with the super Little Fang block that the naked eye cannot see clearly, to has not arrived at atomic rank Shi Yu not to know, with Super Sight, is very in any case difficult to judge after present Rin decomposes body quantity. 此时的百变技能,已精密到了极为夸张的程度,分解的话,它已经可以把魔方大小的身体,分解成数之不尽用肉眼看不清的超级小方块,到没到原子级别时宇不知道,反正用超视力,都很难判断如今凛分解后的身体数量。 As for the combination ability, it corresponds with the resolution capability mutually, it can control these countless Little Fang blocks simultaneously, combines the new object fast. 至于组合能力,它跟分解能力相互对应,它可以同时操控这些数之不尽的小方块,快速组合成新物体。 At the present precise degree, new Mechanical that it turns into, absolutely is the outstanding person in Machine Lifeform, being the foundation is very reliable that type, in the future after joining other Mechanical materials upgrade, there is this accuracy to take the foundation, will be very difficult to have the flaw and loophole. 以如今的精密程度来看,它变成的新机械,绝对是机械生命中的佼佼者,属于基础十分牢固那种,日后加入其他机械材料进行升级后,有这种精密度作为基础,会很难出现缺陷、漏洞。 As for Full/Complete Level Advanced Intelligence strong, Shi Yu is not good to judge, he in any case before bought places Machine Research Institute all Mechanical equipment, present Rin has been able to complete Rapid Dismantle and Assembly, just like legendary level Machinist. 至于满级高级智能有多强,时宇也不好判断,反正他之前买的放在机械研究所的一切机械设备,如今凛已经可以完成“快速拆解快速组装”,活脱脱一个传奇级机械师 Moreover from the cold calm appearance, it is estimated that it at this time „the whole staff machine armor project to have certain clue to Machine Fantasy Beasts. 而且从凛从容的模样来看,估计它此时已经对“机械幻兽计划全员机甲计划”有了一定的头绪。 Outside Machine Research Institute. 机械研究所外。 Is big shot stance Machine Rin floats in in the air, it looks at Mech Rex that in dragon Quan runs, opens the mouth saying: Gives me, I will strive to complete the Machine Fantasy Beasts plan in three months.” 已经是大佬姿态的机械凛漂浮在空中,它看着龙圈中奔跑的机械霸王龙,开口道:“交给我吧,我会争取在三个月之内完成机械幻兽计划。” As for ‚the Fusion Mecha plan and ‚the Mythic Phantom Machine plan could after this.” “至于‘合体机甲计划’和‘神话幻影机械计划’可能要在这之后。” Why is three months.” Shi Yu asked. “为什么是三个月。”时宇问。 Because three months later is the Donghuang Kingdom new Machine Convention beginning time, if can succeed to study the ancient times to plant Phantom Mechanical, the master can consider whether attended this congress, if can win the championship, Fusion Mechamythical Mechanical will have very big help then regarding studies very difficult ‚.” The Machine Rin analysis said: Machine Convention, just like Breeder Competition and National Competition, in my initial material has recorded, but the master you have not noticed.” “因为三个月后是东煌国新一届机械大会的开始时间,如果能成功研究出古代种幻影机械,主人可以考虑是否去参加这个大会,如果能夺得冠军,对于接下来研究更高难度的‘合体机甲’‘神话机械’会有很大帮助。”机械凛分析道:“机械大会,和饲育大会全国大赛一样,我的初始资料中有所记载,只是主人你没有注意到。” Machine Convention?” Shi Yu stares, immediately, the expression is gradually joyful, said: This congress, you refuel.” 机械大会?”时宇一愣,随即,表情逐渐欣喜起来,道:“还有这种大会啊,那你加油。” We are first convenient with the champion come back, when the time comes, mixes Fourth Department Machine Dex, you will promote to be indeed easier.” “我们先顺手拿个冠军回来,到时候,混个第四局机械图鉴,你自我升级起来的确会更容易。” In his Archaeodex and Breeder Dex, then record various Donghuang types of high-end Archaeology materials, feeds the material, then Fourth Department Dex, should record the Mechanical material theoretically? 他的考古图鉴饲育图鉴中,便记录着东煌各种高端的考古资料,饲育资料,那么理论上第四局图鉴,应该记载着机械资料吧? Yes.” Machine Rin nods. “是的。”机械凛点头。 In the in Rin present research difficulty determination, Ancient Species Machine Fantasy Beasts is easiest to study, the team Fusion Mecha difficulty follows, what is most difficult is transforms mythical Fantasy Beast Mechanical oneself. 在凛如今的研究难度判定中,远古种机械幻兽最容易研究,全队合体机甲难度紧随其后,最难的是把自己改造成神话幻兽机械 I will try hard, but also asked the master you to try hard meditation, if can sign the contract, my learn/study, computation and research capability can also be increased again.” The cold urging said. “我会努力的,不过也请主人你努力冥想,如果能够签订契约,我的学习、计算、研究能力还能再次有所提升。”凛催促道。 Good good, has what Mechanical material and demand in Mechanical knowledge to tell me, I help you buy the material and look for the teaching material.” Shi Yu said. “好的好的,有什么机械材料、机械知识方面的需求告诉我,我去帮你买材料和找教材。”时宇道。 „() Good.” “()好。” Currently speaking, the foundation Mechanical theoretical knowledge enough, all Mechanical systems could not have left the foundation, now should not have the Mechanical theory material about Machine Fantasy Beasts, therefore is not very immediately big regarding the demands of other Mechanical knowledge, now what I need to do deduces a new Mechanical system, but during this, I probably need the help of Eleven, Wormie, Ginseng Tot, Akame and Susu.” “目前来说,基础机械理论知识已经够了,一切的机械体系都离不开基础,现在应该没有关于机械幻兽机械理论资料,所以当下对于其他机械知识的需求并不是很大,我现在需要做的是推演出一个新的机械体系,不过这期间,我可能需要十一虫虫参宝宝赤瞳素素的帮助。” Arrived Full/Complete Level Advanced Intelligence, after renewing the Evelen's Group material, cold now to the Evelen's Group situation is not hard to understand. 到了满级高级智能,更新了十一它们的资料后,凛如今对十一它们的情况不是那么难以理解了。 And, Eleven takes the weapon cache, Wormie Phantom, the Ginseng Tot time and life fruit, the Akame soul exchange ability, the Susu mind purification ability, Rin felt in studying the Mech Rex process, may play the help, therefore it needs the teammate to give certain support. 其中,十一作为武器库,虫虫幻影,参宝宝的时间、生命果,赤瞳的魂魄互换能力,素素的心灵净化能力,凛觉得在研究机械霸王龙的过程中,都有可能起到帮助,所以它需要队友给予一定的支持。 Good!” “好!” At this moment, Shi Yu is free from worry. 此时此刻,时宇非常省心。 Good. 好啊。 The Machine Fantasy Beasts project, can progress finally, three months later perhaps the smooth words, can take anything again first . Moreover, has not worried with oneself, good. 机械幻兽的工程,终于可以有进展了,三个月后顺利的话,说不定还能再拿个什么什么第一,而且,还不用自己操心,太好了。 Should do that it seems like own capitalist skill, has not selected to Pinnacle. 早就应该这么做了,看来自己的资本家技能,还没点到技进乎道嘛。 Master, this/should meditation.” “主人,该冥想了。” Shi Yu. 时宇 Shi Yu:(? " ) 时宇:(?」) Principal Feng has the matter to look for me, meditation, will be certain tomorrow.” 封校长有事找我,冥想,明天一定。” Task list renews, already today share meditation duty rational distribution to the following three working days.” “任务列表更新,已将今日份冥想任务合理分配到接下来三个工作日。” Shi Yu: „-” 时宇:“啊—” Principal Feng indeed looks for Shi Yu to have the matter. 封校长的确找时宇有事。 Accurate, is Principal Feng and Jewel Cat looks for Shi Yu together. 准确来说,是封校长宝石猫一起找时宇 Yeah, Teacher Ying, how I always felt, this is a little atypical.” “哎,荧老师,我怎么总感觉,这样有点不地道。” Principal Feng face vicissitudes. 封校长一脸沧桑。 Ancient Metropolis University at present altogether on two Legendary Resource, is Academy's Treasure. 古都大学目前一共就两件传说级资源,是镇校之宝 This time, all let Jewel Cat with the prestige and own old qualifications new promote Totem, applied to come out. 这次,全让宝石猫用新晋图腾之威以及自己的老资历,申请出来了。 Principal Feng and Cat Totem joint effort, the right to speak indeed is not other Ancient Metropolis University core high levels can compared with resulting. 封校长图腾猫合力,话语权的确不是其他古都大学核心高层能比得过的。 The Ancient Metropolis University family property, did not have all of a sudden. 啪,古都大学的家底,一下子全没了。 Some where matters, that two legendary resources put is also putting, the resources used are the good resources, waited for Shi Yu and Qingyi grows, was worth.” Jewel Cat true channel. “哪有的事,那两件传说资源放着也是放着,资源用了才是好资源,等时宇青依成长起来,都是值得的。”宝石猫确信道。 A Principal Feng face is strange, your Guardian Overlord, Breakthrough, evacuated Ancient Metropolis University directly, without whom. 封校长一脸古怪,你这个守护霸主,一突破,直接把古都大学搬空了,也没谁了。 However, after Principal Feng receives misleading of Jewel Cat, the subconsciousness stood Jewel Cat. 不过,封校长受到宝石猫的蛊惑后,还是下意识站到了宝石猫这边。 The reason is very simple, Jewel Cat is Shi Yu and Lu Qingyi these two Ancient Metropolis University in the past dozens years most outstanding students applies for Legendary Resource, but these two, Principal Feng also very favor, therefore supported. 原因很简单,宝石猫是在为时宇陆青依这两个古都大学近几十年来最优秀的学生申请传说级资源,而这两人,封校长也都挺看好,所以就力挺了。 Otherwise, depending on him and Jewel Cat independent, definitely could not decide the ownership of Ancient Metropolis University Academy's Treasure, naturally, most primary factor, Jewel Cat promoted Totem, let alone two legendary resources, five, the value still compared one Totem in peak condition even. 不然,光凭他和宝石猫单独一个,肯定决定不了古都大学镇校之宝的归属,当然,最主要的因素,还是宝石猫晋升图腾了,别说两件传说资源,就算五件,价值也比不过一只巅峰状态的图腾 cough, this is good for Ancient Metropolis University.” The Jewel Cat true channel, will not say again this is to preserve the best plan of gem. ,这都是为了古都大学好。”宝石猫再次确信道,才不会说这是为了保住自己宝石的上上之策。 However, these legendary resources, the light collects indeed is also being useless, might as well used to potential new generation Beast Master. 不过,这些传说资源,光收藏着也的确没用,还不如给有潜力的新生代御兽师用了。 Ancient Metropolis University, altogether collects three legendary resources from the beginning. 古都大学,一开始一共收藏三件传说资源 Three legendary resources, originate from Ghost Battlefield Hidden Realm. 三件传说资源,都是来源于亡灵战场秘境 Hundred years ago, under dual function that because Ancient Metropolis University Immortal Dark Phoenix go berserk and Age of Totem Hidden Realm presents, had the disaster of dead spirit, this disaster, although caused the losses of huge to Ancient Metropolis, however in Hidden Realm, Ancient Metropolis also harvested the innumerable most precious objects, these three legendary resources, part that Ancient Metropolis University obtains. 百年前,古都大学因为不死冥凤暴走图腾时代秘境出现的双重作用下,发生了亡灵之灾,这场灾难,虽然对古都造成了巨大的损失,但是在秘境中,古都也收获了无数的至宝,这三件传说资源,就是其中古都大学得到的一部分。 And the Ghost-Type gem, Jewel Cat used together, wasted 其中一块死灵系宝石,宝石猫自己用了,浪费了 Remaining two, is Ghost-Type legendary resources, Jewel Cat gave to plan, planned that gave Shi Yu. 剩下的两件,也是死灵系传说资源,宝石猫都给算计了出来,打算把其中一件,交给时宇 This resources, look like in it, very suitable Shi Yu small Akame, is surely useful. 这件资源,在它看来,很适合时宇的小赤瞳,必定用得上。 Name: Bone Sword 名称】:骨剑 Attribute: Ghost-Type 【属性】:死灵系 Rank: Rank 9( Legend-Level) 【等级】:九级(传说级) Introduction: The sword of dead, can in the dead souls form recover and control the life that cutting to kill its Will. 【介绍】:亡者之剑,可以将斩杀的生命以死灵形式复苏并操控其的意志
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