UB :: Volume #4

#325 Part 1: Again huge harvest and Shi Yu ambition

Ancient Metropolis University. 古都大学 In a classical garden. 一处古典的庭园内。 Here is the Principal Feng dwelling. 这里是封校长的住处。 At this time, Principal Feng and Jewel Cat are drinking the hot tea leisurely and carefree. 此时,封校长宝石猫正在悠闲的喝着热茶。 Before long, the exhausted form catches up together. 不一会儿,一道疲惫的身影赶来。 Principal Feng, Bone Sword Bone Sword Bone Sword, lets let me look.” 封校长,骨剑骨剑骨剑,让我康康。” After Shi Yu arrival, anticipates incomparably to ask to Principal Feng and Jewel Cat. 时宇到来后,期待无比问向封校长宝石猫 The people on one's own side are steady. 自己人还是稳啊。 Legendary Resource said that applied to apply. 传说级资源说申请来就申请来。 Not like Donghuang Association that side, sluggish 不像东煌协会那边,慢慢吞吞的 Owed he to make so many flash news. 亏他弄了那么多大新闻。 „In, cannot lose.” Principal Feng smiles. “在呢在呢,丢不了。”封校长笑。 Side, Jewel Cat is graceful, said: Small Akame.” 旁边,宝石猫优雅从容,道:“小赤瞳呢。” This time Ghost-Type Legendary Resource, is very useful to small Akame. 这次的死灵系传说级资源,对于小赤瞳很有用。 Shi Yu not anxiously not slow say/way: What Akame, where can give it directly.” 时宇不急不缓道:“什么赤瞳,哪能直接给它。” Waits for days it took Inter-team Match first, uses to it again.” “等哪天它拿了队内大赛第一,再给它用。” Does not experience wind Rain, where can see Bone Sword.” “不经历风,哪能见骨剑。” Principal Feng and Jewel Cat: 封校长宝石猫:“ When your beast pet, does not know is the good deed, is unlucky. 当你的宠兽,不知道是好事,还是倒霉。 Others Beast Master obtains Legendary Resource, wished one could to use immediately, strengthened beast pet, you were booing, when also rewarded? 人家御兽师获得传说级资源,恨不得立刻用了,强化宠兽,你倒好,还当奖励? Waits, Inter-team Match, is anything. 等下,队内大赛,又是啥。 Didn't you do the human affairs? 你又不干人事了? Now my rank is in any case insufficient, uses unable the legendary resources effect on display in a big way.” Shi Yu said. “反正现在我的等级不够,用了也无法把传说资源效果发挥到最大。”时宇道。 Generally speaking, legendary resources is King Level Breakthrough Overlord-level, Overlord-level Breakthrough Totem-Level, or is Totem-Level strengthens the time use. 一般来说,传说资源都是君王级突破霸主级,霸主级突破图腾级,或者是图腾级强化自身时候使用。 Is constrained by Shi Yu Space rank, Akame Growth Level, even if has legendary resources to strengthen, is impossible again Breakthrough. 受到时宇空间等级限制,赤瞳成长等级即使有传说资源强化,也不可能再突破 Certainly must keep the suitable time to use again. 肯定要留着适合的时机再用。 Is unimportant.” Jewel Cat said. “不要紧。”宝石猫道。 Knows that your rank is low, Bone Sword is not the traditional Enhancement-Type resources, can use momentarily.” “知道你等级低,骨剑并非是传统的强化系资源,随时可以用。” It is Strengthening Type and Special Type fusion resources.” “它算是强化型特殊型的融合资源。” First, it have the life that will cut to kill to recover and control its ability in the dead souls form.” “首先,它自身有着将斩杀的生命以死灵形式复苏并操控其的能力。” „It can be said that was one can help other lives change the Race ability.” “可以说,算是一件可以帮助其他生命改变种族的能力了。” Naturally, after turning into the dead souls, the remnant soul is in the majority, the remnant soul is similar to your schoolmate Yu Shu dragon, the Race ability will definitely reduce.” “当然,变成死灵后,残魂居多,就和你那个同学于澍的龙之残魂差不多,种族能力肯定会有所降低。” But, it actually is also extremely good soul vessel, although the interior can only store up the spirit body, but stores up dozens over a million should not to have the issue, dead souls that no matter if it is it makes, is other dead souls, so long as enters Bone Sword, will influence subtly to obtain the strengthening of Bone Sword, this is the permanent strengthening.” “不过,它却也是极佳的灵魂容器,内部虽然只能储存灵体,但储存几十上百万个应该没问题,无论是它制造的死灵,还是其他死灵,只要进入骨剑,就会潜移默化得到骨剑的强化,这是永久性强化。” Particularly through Possession skill, the effect will be better, Possession Skill Rank is higher, the strengthening effect that can obtain is better.” “尤其是通过附体技能,效果会更好,附体技能等级越高,能得到的强化效果就越好。” Therefore theoretically, it not only can be the Enhancement-Type resources, strengthens Ghost-Type lifeform, and can like the Special Type resources, making beast pet obtain some new abilities, if absorbed the Bone Sword strength completely, could grasp its this ability that makes Ghost-Type Species.” “所以理论上,它既能作为强化系资源,强化死灵系生物,又可以像特殊型资源一样,让宠兽获得一些新的能力,如果完全吸收了骨剑的力量,说不定可以掌握它这个制造死灵种族的能力。” What is main, it and pure Enhancement-Type resources are different, the strengthening is influences subtly, the effect is not ominous, will be different from the common Enhancement-Type resources, used unable to stop, the brace exploded the user all of a sudden.” Jewel Cat said. “最主要的是,它和纯粹的强化系资源不同,强化是潜移默化的,效果没那么凶,不会和常见的强化系资源一样,一用了就停不下来,一下子撑爆使用者。”宝石猫道。 Un, is almost this, Ancient Metropolis University has two legendary resources, one is Bone Sword, another is the traditional Enhancement-Type resources , the Bone Sword effect, especially suits you and Akame.” “嗯,差不多就是这样,古都大学有两件传说资源,一件是骨剑,另外一件则是传统的强化系资源,其中,骨剑的效果,尤为适合你和赤瞳。” Principal Feng feeling: It does not grasp Lingkai skill, Lingkai skill is only effective to the dead souls life of formation, cutting to kill other type lives to be unfruitful, but if there is Bone Sword 封校长感慨:“它不是掌握灵解技能吗,灵解技能只对成型的死灵生命有效,斩杀其他类型生命并无效果,但是如果有了骨剑 Your Ginseng Tot which day explodes remnant several Overlord again, then makes up the blade with Bone Sword, they became the dead souls puppet, not only can work as the goon, but can also be its Lingkai nutrient.” “你的参宝宝哪天再炸残几个霸主,然后用骨剑补下刀,它们就成死灵傀儡了,不仅可以当打手,还能作为它灵解的养分。” Shi Yu stares, my goodness, made you plan to understand. 时宇一愣,好家伙,都让你们算计明白了。 The waste uses again. 废物再利用是吧。 Has this type the thing, earlier with. 有这种好东西,早点拿出来啊。 Also, if which day you have no way out, the mortal body suffered is unable the wound of cure, but the soul was actually all right, takes Bone Sword to oneself a blade, perhaps can also in the soul form, the dog extend to breathe the last breath of life, although the spirit body of Human was easiest to dissipate, but should also be have several years consciousness, to live in misery is better than dead in peace.” Jewel Cat smiles. “还有,如果哪天你走投无路,肉身遭受了无法治愈之伤,但灵魂却没事,拿着骨剑给自己一刀,说不定也能以灵魂形式,狗延残喘下来,虽然人类的灵体最容易消散,但应该还能有几年意识,好死不如赖活着。”宝石猫嘿嘿一笑。 Shi Yu: 时宇:“ Bone Sword.” 骨剑呢。” Here.” “在这里。” Jewel Cat Teleport, flickered to move to a black box, then opened. 宝石猫一个瞬间移动,将一个黑色盒子瞬移了过来,然后打开。 A fruit knife same white small sword, appeared in front of Shi Yu. 一把水果刀一样的白色小剑,出现在了时宇面前。 Small of Bone Sword in compared with Shi Yu imagination, clearly is mini Akame almost big or small dagger, can this also call the sword? 骨剑时宇想象中的小,分明是和迷你赤瞳差不多大小的“匕首”,这也能叫剑? This is what bone “这是什么骨质 Bone Sword is actually very attractive, like white jade, but after Shi Yu looked at one, Breeder Dex had not responded completely, cannot analyze its material quality. 骨剑倒是挺漂亮,像白玉一样,但时宇看了一眼后,饲育图鉴完全没有反应,分析不出来它的材质。 Even if General Mu Huiyin the material quality of Gemini Star Silver battle armor, Breeder Dex can examine in a flash, but this, had not responded. 哪怕是穆徽音将军的双子星银战甲的材质,饲育图鉴都能一瞬间检测出来,但是这个,却没反应。 „It is not clear, but should be the skeleton of Demigod Stage Totem makes.” Principal Feng caressed the beard saying: Obtains this resources Hidden Realm, from Age of Totem.” “不清楚,不过应该是半神级图腾的骨骼制成的。”封校长抚了抚胡子道:“得到这件资源的秘境,来自图腾时代。” Including that Dragonball that I obtain, is of Wormie use, is in this Hidden Realm derivation Hidden Realm obtains.” Jewel Cat said. “包括我获得的那颗龙珠,也就是虫虫使用的那颗,也都是这个秘境的衍生秘境中得到的。”宝石猫道。 Shi Yu nods, Age of Totem 时宇点了点头,图腾时代 Age of Totem Beast Master culture, although not necessarily has Age of Beasts to be powerful, but, the Age of Totem time span was really long. 图腾时代御兽师文化,虽然不一定有御兽时代强盛,但是,图腾时代的时间跨度实在是太长了。 In this long time, Dragon Palace Town Dragon God Metropolis replaced over a hundred, it can be imagined, the Beast Master powerhouse in Human will not be few. 在这个漫长的时间中,龙宫城龙神都更换了上百个,可想而知,人类中的御兽师强者也不会少。 Shi Yu remembered the Mirror of Awakening master, Lady Yue. 时宇想起了觉醒镜的主人,岳女 The opposite party without a doubt are also the Age of Totem powerhouses. 对方毫无疑问也是图腾时代的强者。 Plunders other Beast Master talent beastmaster talent, too excessive 掠夺其他御兽师天赋御兽天赋,太过分了 Although is curious to Age of Totem, but Shi Yu also very rejoiced, has not passed through Age of Totem fortunately from the beginning, but is Modern Age, otherwise, the day painstakingly was big, cannot play the cell phone, not to mention machine armor. 虽然对图腾时代好奇,但是时宇也挺庆幸,还好一开始没穿越到图腾时代,而是现代,不然,日子就苦大了,连手机都玩不到,更别提机甲了。 Thanked.” “谢谢了。” Shi Yu received Bone Sword, said laughingly: Ancient Metropolis University, forever is my family/home.” 时宇收起了骨剑,笑哈哈道:“古都大学,永远是我的家。” Principal Feng and Jewel Cat sighed. 封校长宝石猫叹气。 You are milk makes a mother. 你这是有奶便是娘啊。 Although I am also similar.” In the Jewel Cat heart whispered. “虽然我也差不多。”宝石猫心中嘀咕。 Principal Feng, Teacher Ying, the matter, without me first went to meditation.” 封校长,荧老师,还有事吗,没有我先去冥想了。” Makes the meditation duty today, otherwise shares tomorrow's acquired, is more uncomfortable. 还是今天把冥想任务做了吧,不然分摊到明天后天,更难受。 Having, should not be anxious, one pile of matters.” “有,不要急,还有一堆事。” Principal Feng rubbed the head saying: Several things must give you.” 封校长揉了揉脑袋道:“还有好几个东西得给你。” He from oneself Relic Space, puts out two documents, with a data chip. 他从自己的遗迹空间,拿出两个证件,和一个数据芯片。 The First Department official member document.” 第一局正式成员证件。” The First Department Dex data chip.” 第一局图鉴的数据芯片。” Although legendary resources has not examined and approved, but you are the The First Department member.” “虽然传说资源还没审批下来,但是你已经是第一局成员了。” Jewel Cat is raising the head, is on good terms Patron Deity, is capable of Patron Deity making a move, can enter The First Department. 宝石猫扬着头,交好图腾守护神,有能力让图腾守护神出手之人,就可以进入第一局 Now, Shi Yu makes Ice Dragon and Jewel Cat make a move basically is nothing issue, therefore the The First Department document succeeds in obtaining naturally. 如今,时宇冰龙宝石猫出手基本是没什么问题的,所以第一局证件自然而然到手。 commander Zhao of Shi Yu in regarding document the immunity, his quite curious The First Department Dex data chip, has what difference from Third Department and material of Eleventh Department implication at this time. 时宇对于证件上的帅照已经免疫,此时他比较好奇第一局图鉴的数据芯片,和第三局、第十一局蕴含的资料有什么不同。 Third Department Breeder Dex records various types of cultivation materials, Eleventh Department Dex records various types of Archaeology materials, then, The First Department? 第三局饲育图鉴是记载着各种培育资料,十一局图鉴是记载各种考古资料,那么,第一局呢? On this, to record various PY skills?” Shi Yu ponders is taking up the chip. “这上面,难道说记载着各种PY技巧?”时宇沉思着拿起芯片。 How possibly!” Principal Feng said. “怎么可能!”封校长道。 On this, records the Donghuang Ancient Kingdom collection the known Totem-Level lifeform material, regardless of the enemy and ourselves, including Area Totem Totem, the Totem materials of other six countries', can check in the world, because of generally speaking, is one's turn the The First Department member to act , the event will involve Totem basically.” “这上面,记载着东煌古国收集的全世界已知的图腾级生物的资料,无论敌我,包括图腾图腾,其他六国的图腾资料,都能查到,因为一般来说,轮到第一局成员出手,那么,事件基本会涉及到图腾。” Shi Yu nods, so that's how it is. 时宇点了点头,原来如此。 However the feeling does not have Third Department and Eleventh Department Dex to be useful 不过感觉没第三局、第十一局图鉴有用啊 Ok, had this, later knows that which Totem is good to bully, which Totem saw around walking, was good. 算了,有了这个,以后就知道哪个图腾好欺负,哪个图腾看见得绕着走了,也还行。 This is anything.” Shi Yu curious looked to another document. “这是什么。”时宇又好奇的看向了另外一个证件。 He takes up looks, originally is the Conservation Department document, without meaning. 他拿起一看,原来是环保部的证件啊,没意思。 This document is special, with difference that Brigadier-General Xiao Qin they attain, the right that can exercise is equal to other Donghuang The Thirteeth Department member, can first use and develop the Sea resources, the necessary time, can mobilize the Navy Legend strength, the Navy military hardware.” “这个证件是特殊的,和萧琴准将他们拿到的不同,能够行使的权利等同于东煌另外十三局成员,可以优先使用、开发海洋资源,必要时刻,可以调动海军传奇力量,海军的军事武器。” Naturally, at present only then your has this document, can become Donghuang The Fourteenth Department as for Department of Ocean Conservation, how looked at the following development, after all only then your one person had the qualifications to have this document, The Fourteenth Department was very difficult independent establishment.” “当然,目前只有你一人拥有这个证件,至于海洋环保部能不能成为东煌第十四局,就看接下来的发展怎么样了,毕竟只有你一个人有资格拥有这个证件,第十四局是很难单独成立的。” The Principal Feng expression is strange, without whom. 封校长表情古怪,也没谁了。 Shi Yu one pile of titles, he looks now is afraid! 时宇现在一堆头衔,他看着都害怕! You must collect the Fourteenth Department document, summoned Legend Machinery? 你这是要凑齐十四局证件,召唤机械传说吗? This good!” Shi Yu at present one bright, received the Conservation Department document. “这个好!”时宇眼前一亮,也收好了环保部证件。 The next quarter, he stares, said: Also?” 下一刻,他一愣,道:“还有?” Also.” “还有。” Principal Feng continued to take three resources. 封校长继续拿出来了三件资源。 Although legendary resources has not examined and approved, but arrives with the Conservation Department document, these Water-Type resources, your previous time did not say that wants the high quality the Water-Type resources to use to Cerulean Fae?” “虽然传说资源还没审批下来,但是和环保部证件一起到来的,还有这几件水系资源,你上次不是说要高品质的水系资源给沧海精灵用吗?” This is the first batch chooses to suit.” “这是第一批挑选出来适合的。” Shi Yu looks immediately. 时宇立刻看了过去。 Respectively is Rank 2, Rank 6 and Rank 7 Resource. 分别是二级六级七级资源 Although the energy rank is various, but main, is their qualities. 虽然能量等级各不相同,但最主要的,是它们的品质。 The predecessor is Legendary Resource, is the Legendary qualities. 前身无一不是传说级资源,都是传说品质。 Principal Feng is pointing at water blue elemental core said together: 封校长指着其中一块水蓝色的元素核心道: elemental core, in some ancient period, because Submarine volcano erupts, the Eastern Hemisphere encountered the unprecedented super megatsunami, and tsunami also obtained the life, becomes Life Element, the birth is Totem, it wreaked havoc at that time when Eastern, but will soon encounter the Donghuang mainland, was jointly struck to kill by land lifeform.” 元素核心,在古代某个时期,因为海底火山喷发,东半球遭遇了史无前例的超级大海啸,并且海啸还获得了生命,成为了元素生命,诞生即图腾,它当时肆虐在东方,但即将遭遇东煌大陆时,被陆地生物联合击杀。” This is its elemental core, because contains the strength of powerful fluctuation, therefore also called the sea waves stone, because the past was extremely remote, possibly many lifeform have fought for and used the sea waves stone, now its Energy Rank, has dropped Rank 2.” “这是它的元素核心,因为蕴含强大的波动之力,所以又叫海波石,不过由于年代太过久远,可能有许许多多生物争抢、使用过海波石,如今它的能量级别,已经跌落到二级。” But, although it does not contain the powerful Water-Type strength, however fluctuation super Profound Augmentation of brand mark, is actually worth Water-Type beast pet comprehending.” “不过,虽然它已不蕴含强大的水系力量,但是烙印的波动超级奥义,却值得水系宠兽参悟。” Afterward, Principal Feng continues to point at dark blue Meteorite of another fist size, said: 随后,封校长继续指着另外一块拳头大小的深蓝色的陨石,道: Water-type Strange Star, in the ancient times, contained Meteorite of Water-Type strength to crash together to Blue Star, generally speaking, Meteorite crashes Blue Star, only if volume specially huge, otherwise rarely has high-temperature test that can pass through the atmosphere, but this Water-Type meteor is very special, the volume is not big, but as a result of the special structure, does not fear the high temperature, successfully falls in some Donghuang place.” 水系异星,古代,一块蕴含水系力量的陨石坠落向蓝星,一般来说,陨石坠落蓝星,除非体积特别巨大,不然很少有能经过大气层的高温考验的,但是这块水系陨星很特殊,体积并不大,但由于特殊的结构,不惧高温,成功掉落在东煌某地。” It is also very special, from the beginning belongs to Legendary Resource, drops because of the time to the Rank 6 resources, its effect, is implication Wish Star Power, takes this meteor Water-Type beast pet, can feel the arrival to stem from beyond day Water-Type Power of Nature, is mysterious.” “它也很特殊,一开始属于传说级资源,是因为时间而跌落到六级资源的,它的效果,是蕴含‘祈星之力’,拿着这块陨星的水系宠兽,可以感受到来源于天外的水系自然之力,非常神奇。” Finally this Rank 7 waterdrop, named Memory Crystal, is our Donghuang deceased special Water-Type and time dual-type Totem, the control experience of strength of Miraculous Level water element, a item that stores up, from the beginning is also Legendary Resource, because uses repeatedly, most Skill Experience had been digested, surviving Skill Experience are not many, the energy rank naturally also dropped.” “最后这个七级水滴,名为记忆水晶,是我们东煌的一位已故的特殊水系、时间双系图腾,将出神入化级元素之力的掌控经验,储存起来的一件道具,一开始也是传说级资源,不过由于多次使用,其中大部分技能经验已经被消化,残存的技能经验已经不多了,能量等级自然也跌落了。” Even so, regarding Overlord-level following water elementals, is rare Treasure, can in carrying the Memory Crystal situation , to promote Water-Type skill proficiency high-speed, under drive of Memory Crystal, Cerulean Fae reincarnation, quick that skill proficiency can promote, when the time comes, under drive of Skill Rank, Breakthrough to Overlord, is not the difficult matter.” “不过即使如此,对于霸主级以下的水元素生命来说,也是不可多得的宝物,可以在携带记忆水晶情况下,高速提升水系技能熟练度,在记忆水晶的带动下,沧海精灵转生体,技能熟练度会提升的很快,到时候,在技能等级的带动下,突破霸主,也不是什么难事。” This was suitably at present the resources of Cerulean Fae Reincarnation use carefully chose, actually, some resource storehouse also many Water-Type resources, you can also search through Third Department Dex, if the environmental protection bureau also had any special demand in addition, can following satisfy.” Principal Feng said. “这是精心挑选出来的最适合目前沧海精灵转生体使用的资源了,其实,国家资源库还有许许多多水系资源,你通过第三局图鉴也都能搜索到,如果除此之外环保局还有什么特殊需求,都是可以后续满足的。”封校长道。 „When for example, the limit is close to Overlord-level again, Water-Type Legendary Resource cough cough, should have the possibility.” “比如,再极限接近霸主级时,水系传说级资源,应该也有可能。” Memory Crystal guaranteed stable growth of Cerulean Fae Reincarnation, the strength of communication day of extra income is the special strength that Cerulean Fae has not had, but the sea waves stone guaranteed Cerulean Fae Reincarnation fight skill, looks like in Donghuang Association, the low level resources of these three Legendary qualities, build powerful Overlord Cerulean Fae Reincarnation, is not a problem. 记忆水晶保证了沧海精灵转生体的稳定成长,沟通天外水之力是沧海精灵生前都不曾拥有的特殊力量,而海波石保证了沧海精灵转生体的战斗技巧,在东煌协会看来,这三件传说品质的低级资源,将沧海精灵转生体打造成一尊强大的霸主,不成问题。 True Legendary Resource, so long as Cerulean Fae has the demand, Donghuang Association will not be parsimonious. 真正的传说级资源,只要沧海精灵有需求,东煌协会也不会吝啬。 It looks like in Donghuang Association, hurries to cultivate Overlord-level Susu, receives the Cerulean Fae inheritance, is the most important matter. 东煌协会看来,赶紧把素素培育到霸主级,接收沧海精灵传承,是最重要的事。 Naturally, they do not dare to spoil by trying is too helpful, the promotion too quickly is not the good deed, this will be on good terms without enough time Cerulean Fae, Shi Yu and Cerulean Fae Reincarnation being together time is too short, does not favor establishes the fetters. 当然,他们也不敢拔苗助长,升级太快也不是好事,这样会来不及交好沧海精灵,时宇沧海精灵转生体相处时间太短,也不利于建立羁绊。 Donghuang Association, wants to strive for steadily. 东煌协会,还是想求稳。 Good.” Shi Yu is well satisfied. “好。”时宇心满意足。 Good. 不错。 Water fluctuation, vibration skill and this Susu, although can rely on the Hydrokinesis use and related to one or two things, but indeed is not mastery, Wish Star Power? That has not involved. But Memory Crystal, to be honest, the Shi Yu interest is biggest. 水波动、震动技巧、这个素素虽然可以凭借水元素掌控使用、涉及一二,但的确不算精通,祈星之力?那就更不曾涉及了。而记忆水晶,说实话,时宇兴趣最大。 Because actually not had this, how many in addition possibly saves Shi Yu to select the Hydrokinesis skill strength, rather, it by the Temporal-Type skill manufacture, if after Susu swallowed, mastered similar ability? 倒不是因为有了这个,可能节省时宇几次加点水元素掌控技能的力气,而是,它是由时间系技能制造的,万一素素吞了后,也掌握了类似能力呢? huge harvest.” Side, envying of Jewel Cat whole face. “大丰收了呀。”旁边,宝石猫满脸的羡慕。 Hateful hateful hateful, Shi Yu this dog local tyrant, was more extravagant than it did not know many times, but also installed all day poorly. 可恶可恶可恶,时宇这个狗土豪,比它阔绰了不知道多少倍,还整天装穷。 Fortunately fortunately.” Shi Yu with a laugh. “还好还好。”时宇笑呵呵的。 Also.” Principal Feng was endless. “还有。”封校长还没完没了了。 Also?” Shi Yu stares. “还有?”时宇一愣。 This to you, was dispensable, the significance is not very big.” Principal Feng puts out a license. “这个对你来说,就可有可无了,意义不是很大。”封校长又拿出一个执照。 Top Beastmaster License, Top Master, requesting the Beast Master strength to contend with Overlord-level Creature shortly, except for can inspect to the association headquarters, some vindicable scores, can be the inspection judgment standard, because of your performance in the National Competition, the Donghuang Association headquarters issued the Top Master license to you directly, exempted a promotion to inspect.” 顶级御兽师执照,顶级大师,要求御兽师战力可短暂抗衡霸主级生物,除了可以到协会总部进行考核,一些可证明的战绩,也可以作为考核评判标准,因为你在全国大赛的表现,东煌协会总部直接给你颁发了顶级大师执照,就免去一次晋升考核了。” Our Ancient Metropolis does not have the Top Examination power, now is also convenient, you did not need Imperial Metropolis to inspect.” Principal Feng said with a laugh: Said, because managed your three inspections, in addition benefitted from association with daughter, Grandmaster Qujie of our Ancient Metropolis association, received being promoted opportunity from Imperial Metropolis probably, may go to the Imperial Metropolis headquarters to hold an office momentarily.” “我们古都顶级考核的权能,现在也省事了,你也不用去帝都考核了。”封校长笑呵呵道:“说起来,因为主持了你三次考核,再加上沾了女儿的光,咱们古都协会的曲解大师,好像还收到了来自帝都的升职机会,随时可去帝都总部任职。” Does not know that he can go to “不知道他会不会去 Assigns to the Overlord-level colleague and teammate, becomes to Top Master and Legendary Beastmaster inspection the opportunity of Legend Examiner, the opportunity is rare.” “分配到霸主级同事、队友,成为给顶级大师传奇御兽师考核的传奇考官的机会,机会难得啊。” The Shi Yu expression is strange, Grandmaster Qujie must be promoted goes to the headquarters, good. 时宇表情古怪,曲解大师要升职去总部了啊,挺好。 What a pity, his top license has, did not need to ask him to inspect. 可惜,他的顶级执照已经有了,不用找他老人家去考核了。 Well, Grandmaster Qujie also has a daughter.” Shi Yu suddenly discovered the blind spot. “咦,曲解大师还有个女儿吗。”时宇忽然发现了盲点。 Ok , there is nothing to do with him. 算了,与他无关。 Troubled you.” After Shi Yu huge harvest, is expressing gratitude to Principal Feng. “麻烦您了。”时宇大丰收后,对着封校长道谢起来。 Afterward, asked cautiously: This should be all right?” 随后,小心翼翼问:“这次应该没什么事了吧?” This also a little does him slightly to anticipate, hopes many points of matters, this has the matter to come the resources, to come the document, who can withstand. 这搞得他还有点小期待,希望多点事,这一有事就来资源、来证件,谁顶得住。 Did not have!” Principal Feng hehe smiles. “没了!”封校长呵呵一笑。 Said, Senior Sister Lu has not gone out.” Shi Yu asked. “说起来,陆学姐还没出关吗。”时宇问。 Principal Feng was all right, he had the matter. 封校长没事了,他有事了。 After Lu Qingyi since decides to participate in Series Battle, started to close up the self-torture, must attack the boundary of Legend, has not come out, Shi Yu scrap two Overlord, became the National Champion matter, Senior Sister Lu has not known. 陆青依自从决定参加序列之争后,就开始闭关苦修了,要冲击传奇之境,至今没有出来,时宇炸碎两个霸主,成为全国冠军的事情,陆学姐都还不知道。 Legendary Relic Space that the self-torture place, is Lu Qingyi Archaeology obtains Age of Totem Legendary Beastmaster that leaves behind, Shi Yu envies very much. 苦修地点,是陆青依自己考古获得的一个图腾时代传说级御兽师遗留下来的传说遗迹空间,时宇很羡慕。 In brief, such long has not seen Senior Sister Lu, Shi Yu also very thought of Myth Resurgence skill that Senior Sister Lu Archaeology obtains, was known as Super Skill of rank, Shi Yu had not cared most in echelon from the beginning, but, as must study the mythical type of Fantasy Beast Qilin fossil, Shi Yu is thinking, this skill, can studying to play the help? He prepared Copy to have a look to say again, look can teach Machine Rin. 总之,这么久没有看到陆学姐,时宇还挺想念的,陆学姐考古获得的神话复苏技能,号称最强梯次等级的超阶技能,时宇一开始本来没在意,但是,随着要研究神话幻兽麒麟化石,时宇在想,这个技能,能不能对研究起到帮助?他准备复制过来看看再说,看看能不能教给机械凛 Qingyi did not have.” Principal Feng shakes the head saying: That legendary resources , after must waits for her to come out again under the strengthening that Court Spirit to her, could help her helping hand.” 青依还没。”封校长摇头道:“那件传说资源,也得等她出来再给她强化下那个庭乡精灵后,或许能助她一臂之力。” mo qi sha drills the yun jiao adze han geng xia deserted nail dusk to beat cen yu fermium fan adze umbrella yue wu jiao Qi Chan to stamp the shen Jian Huxi cu fine jade li kan mo umbrella 銆愭帹鑽愪笅锛屽挭鍜闃呰昏拷涔湡鐨勫鐢锛岃繖閲屼笅杞澶跺幓蹇鍙浠瘯璇曞惂銆傘
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