UB :: Volume #4

#323 Part 2: Birth of machine beast

Your is my master?” “你就是我的主人吗?” Teaching success ratio: 【教学成功率】:中 However, what making Shi Yu most joyful is, is the Super Skill teaching success ratio of Advanced Intelligence life, unexpectedly middle-grade?? 不过,让时宇最为欣喜的是,高级智能生命的超阶技能教学成功率,竟然是中等?? Initial is middle-grade, is so crisp? 初始就是中等,这么爽? Your is my master!!” “你就是我的主人吗!!” Good, I am your Beast Master.” Shi Yu shows the happy expression. “不错,我就是你的御兽师。”时宇露出浓浓笑意。 My master, is under the entire day is most graceful most outstanding Beast Master, your new student/life small Mechanical makes the sound of doubts, lets in the Shi Yu heart thump, how also to have BUG. “我的主人,是全天下最帅最优秀的御兽师,你”新生的小机械发出疑惑的声音,让时宇心中咯噔一下,怎么还出BUG了呢。 I am not graceful, amn't I outstanding? Even if not, you must think yes! 我不帅吗,我不优秀吗?就算不是,你也得认为“是”啊! Waits, said that even established the initial, can still guide slowly? 等下,还是说,即使设定了初始指令,也得慢慢引导? Dean Hao has said probably, High-Grade Machine Lifeform is different from ordinary Mechanical, is not low level Mechanical of inflexible execution procedure, there is a certain self- elaborative faculty, initial, but plays certain impact on affect, to make Machine Lifeform believe in firmly, the lasting strengthening establishes 郝院长好像是说过,高级机械生命不同于普通机械,并非死板执行程序的低级机械,也有一定自我思考能力,初始指令,只是起到一定影响作用,要想让机械生命深信不疑,还是得持久的强化设定 Is I.” Shi Yu said categorically: I am under the entire day am most graceful most outstanding Beast Master Shi Yu.” “就是我。”时宇斩钉截铁道:“我就是全天下最帅最优秀的御兽师时宇。” The head picture in Cube screen hesitates, then nods, temporarily chose believes. 魔方屏幕中的头像迟疑一下,然后点了点头,暂时选择了相信。 High-Grade Machine Lifeform, is actually similar to Soul Seed, to setting up the person of initial will have certain psyche relation. 高级机械生命,其实和英灵魂种类似,会对设立初始指令的人拥有一定精神联系。 Even if therefore does not have the contract temporarily, it will also regard as the master Shi Yu. 所以哪怕暂时没有契约,它也会把时宇看做主人。 Naturally, all sorts of advantage of contract, before this, still cannot enjoy and that's the end. 当然,契约的种种好处,这之前依然享受不到就是了。 Then gives you to give a name.” Shi Yu looks at the illumination Cube, said: I think to look, later you must complete a research assignment, will transform the Mechanical imaginary god with dreamland Phantom of Qilin fossil, this is also the later Evolution direction, then the words of name, looks from this direction.” “接下来给你起一个名字吧。”时宇看着发光的魔方,道:“唔我想想看,之后你要完成一个研究任务,用一块麒麟化石的梦境幻影将自己改造成机械幻神,这个也是之后的进化方向,那么名字的话,也从这个方向中来找吧。” Was inferior, called you Cube.” “不如,就叫你魔方吧。” „?” The small Mechanical head picture vanished, turned into a pixel question mark. “?”小机械的头像消失,变成了一个像素问号。 It can understand the name the meaning, can understand the duty the meaning, can understand the Evolution meaning, even if Qilin Mythical Beast, in its basic data, there is a simple record, knows that this is Age of Myths Mythical Beast that represents the auspicious omen. 它能理解名字的含义,也能明白任务的含义,也能明白进化的含义,哪怕是麒麟这种神兽,它的基础资料中,也有简单记载,知道这是神话时代的一个代表祥瑞的神兽 In brief, each character that Shi Yu said that it can understand, but after continually becomes together, it does not understand why oneself name will turn into Cube. 总之,时宇说的每个字,它都能听懂,但是连成一起后,它不明白为什么自己的名字会变成“魔方”。 Un indeed are little significance probably. Quite difficult.” “嗯好像的确没多大关系。好难啊。” Called the Qilin directly?” “直接叫麟?” In Earth mythical, the Qilin male gender called the qilin, the female calls the Qilin, called the phoenix with the Phoenix male gender, the female calls the phoenix to be similar, although in Phoenix Clan in Blue Star mythical system, did not have this view, but Shi Yu deferred to this view, studied the name to the virtual assistant. 地球神话中,麒麟雄性称麒,雌性称麟,跟凤凰的雄性称凤,雌性称凰类似,虽然蓝星神话体系中的凤凰族中,并没有这个说法,不过时宇还是按照这个说法,给虚拟助手研究起名字。 „Not good name not to seem like the girl.” “不太好名字不像是女孩子。” Small Mechanical: 机械:“ Waits, otherwise, Yao light/only? 等下,要不然,瑶光? The Shi Yu ponder, in Big Dipper the benetnasch represents the auspicious omen, the Qilin is also the auspicious beast, moreover this name, felt that also very builds with Machine Lifeform 时宇沉思,北斗七星中摇光代表祥瑞,麒麟也是瑞兽,而且这个名字,感觉也跟机械生命挺搭 Waits, read carefully, Shi Yu thought that this name, is a bit like the villain, is unkind. 等下,仔细念了下,时宇又觉得这个名字,有点像反派,不亲切。 One type will kill the master, destroys the star regards the feeling. 给人一种会干掉主人,毁灭星球的既视感。 At all not auspicious omen. 根本不怎么祥瑞。 The head picture in Cube said seriously: Asked the master seriously to ponder 魔方中的头像严肃道:“请主人认真思考 Ok, that was cold ok, the Qilin character traded a sound.” Shi Yu said: Cold, serious, treating the work is serious, waits later to turn into machine armor, best also powerfully.” “算了,那叫‘凛’好了,麟字换个音。”时宇道:“凛,严肃,对待工作严肃认真,等之后变成机甲,最好也威风凛凛。” Head picture silent, accepts again silently. 头像沉默了一下,再次默默接受。 It looked to Shi Yu, looked to the room, again after silent one next, said: Starting today, I formulate the strict learn/study and training task for the master and your beast pet.” 它看向了时宇,又看向了屋外,再次沉默了一下后道:“从今天起,我会为主人和你的宠兽们制定严格的学习、训练任务。” Now collects the foundation information, when master your daily meditation the length is many.” “现在搜集基础情报,请问主人你每天的冥想时长是多少。” „, meditation? Deep two, have no free time to put, all along with the reason, looked that on the same day has had free time.” “呃,冥想?有空就冥两下,没空就放放,一切随缘,看当天有没有空。” Cold:!!! 凛:!!! According to the scientific study, Beast Master every day the best meditation time is 8 hours, therefore you can sign the contract for the master with me as soon as possible, then you must maintain every day eight hours of strict meditation time.” “根据科学研究,御兽师每天最佳冥想时间为八个小时,所以为了主人你能够尽快与我签订契约,接下来你必须保持每天八个小时的严格冥想时间。” The Shi Yu expression is strange, waits, where establishes the initial time to have problems, how did you also manage me? 时宇表情古怪,等下,设定初始指令时候是不是哪里出了问题,怎么你还管上我了? I will make the training program as soon as possible, then I must collect the daily training of companions.” Then, it then wants to go to seek for Evelen's Group. “我会尽快制定训练计划,接下来我要收集同伴们的日常训练情况。”说完,它便想出去寻找十一它们 Doesn't worry “不着急不着急 „It is not good, the waste too much time, are my dereliction of duty.” “不行,浪费太多时间,是我的失职。” Shi Yu looks at Cube that turns around, a confused Cato class, looked likely to the ceiling, always felt this design where had is not right. “啊时宇看着转身的魔方,像个迷茫的小鲨鱼,看向了天花板,总感觉这次设计的有哪里不对劲。 Probably, designed a troublesome fellow to come out, how this also caught a fish by hand, as for was so earnest. 好像,设计了个麻烦的家伙出来,这还怎么摸鱼,至于这么认真吗。 Outside World. 外界 As Machine Rin comes out, Eleven, Wormie, Ginseng Tot, Akame and Susu they encircle immediately, a face is novel, curious. 随着机械凛出来,十一虫虫参宝宝赤瞳素素它们立刻围了上来,一脸新奇,好奇。 Meanwhile, Machine Rin also observes the companion in setting earnestly. 同时,机械凛也认认真真观察起设定中的同伴。 Iron Eater middle-grade Transcendent Species. Unknown Butterfly, doubtful Bug-Type. Ginseng Tot, Advanced Transcendent Race. The unknown spirit body, should be Ghost-Type. Water Slime, Advanced Transcendent Race! 食铁兽中等超凡种族。未知蝴蝶,疑似虫系参宝宝,高等超凡种族。未知灵体,应该是死灵系水史莱姆,高等超凡种族 Its main line duty, is helps the master and companion become stronger . Moreover, is assiduous and diligent, bears the burden of responsibility, has the rock general will, regarding the work, the duty has intense sense of responsibility therefore, it inquires immediately Evelen's Group current training task situation, wants to formulate to them is more detailed, more scientific training program. 它的主线任务,就是帮助主人和同伴变得更强,另外,刻苦、勤奋,任劳任怨,具备着磐石一般的毅力,对于工作,任务有着十分强烈的责任感所以,它立刻询问起来十一它们目前的训练任务情况,想给它们制定更详细、更科学的训练计划。 It thinks that oneself can complete! 它认为自己可以做好! Is seeing the flash of companion, the Machine Rin basic data, then fast arrangement theoretically very scientific training program. 在见到同伴的一瞬间,机械凛的基础资料,便快速排列组合出来了理论上非常科学的训练计划。 ying! !!” “嘤!唔!!” But facing the issue of new companion, Evelen's Group naturally also earnest, talked at once to reply. 而面对新同伴的问题,十一它们自然也认认真真,七嘴八舌回答了起来。 yiiinng!!( The present is Will trains stage, must turn into childhood shape to swim in volcano, jumps down from ten thousand meters upper air)” 嘤嘤嘤!!(现在是意志训练阶段,要变成幼年形态在火山里游泳,从万米高空跳下)” !! !!( Recently all previous Dragon God in dream and Dragon Palace Town talked openly to piece together their Race merits to stick itself on.)” “唔!!唔!!(最近就是在梦里和龙宫城的历代龙神谈谈心拼凑它们的种族优点粘到自己身上。)” yi!( Could I recently in research samsara Reincarnation concept, Fruit of Time, summon reincarnation the previous generation strength of life body?)” “咿!(我最近在研究‘轮回’‘转生’概念,时间果实,有没有可能把转世的生命体的前世力量召唤出来呢?)” Shi Yu follows comes out, comes out, is a little late. 时宇紧随其后出来,不过出来的,还是有点晚。 Outside World, the Machine Rin screen has spent, the head picture expression turned „.” The fuzzy eye, ponders some overloads probably, side, a Evelen's Group face is startled. 外界,机械凛屏幕已花,头像的表情变成了“.”模糊眼,好像思考有些过载,旁边,十一它们一脸惊慌。 Said the daily training how it turned into this! 只是把日常训练情况说了说,它怎么就变成这样了! Cold: Analysis failure restarts to restart 凛:“分析失败重启中重启中 Shi Yu: 时宇:“ First is higher the cold smart point. 还是先把凛的智能点高一些吧。 This intelligent rank, is very at present difficult to understand the daily behavior logic of Evelen's Group. 目前这个智能等级,恐怕很难理解十一它们的日常行为逻辑。 Let alone studied Machine Fantasy Beasts and Fusion Mecha this epic level duty, perhaps the new duty was very difficult to live completion. 别说研究机械幻兽合体机甲这种史诗级任务了,恐怕新手任务都很难活着完成。 Name: Cold 名称】:凛 Attribute: Mechanical and wind 【属性】:机械、风 Species Tier: Advanced King 种族等级】:高等君王 Growth Level: awakening Rank 1 成长等级】:觉醒一级 Species Skill: Transform, Advanced Intelligence and Aerokinesis 种族技能】:百变高级智能风元素掌控 Shi Yu touched two cold conveniently. 时宇顺手摸了两下凛。 Teaching successful 【教学成功】 Advanced Intelligence( basic) has promoted to Advanced Intelligence( Proficient)】 高级智能(入门)已升级至高级智能(熟练)】 At present, the cold vision, changed the wisdom instantaneously, but felt the promotion of intelligence, were more, was still confused. 眼下,凛的目光,瞬间变智慧了一些,不过感受到智能的升级,更多的,依然是迷茫。 Understanding cannot “理解不能 Sees Benben's Machine Rin, Eleven and other beast pet shook the head, Machine Lifeform, is not intelligent, this studies the tyrant?! 看到笨笨的机械凛,十一宠兽摇了摇头,机械生命,也不怎么聪明嘛,这是学霸?!
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