UB :: Volume #3

#255: Overlord's Will

Shi Yu used a lot of time, gave the Ice Dragon lecture to be clear the Immortal Dark Phoenix matter. 时宇用了不少时间,把不死冥凤的事情给冰龙讲清楚了。 After listening, Ice Dragon is greatly amazed. 听完后,冰龙大受震撼。 Did the riddle of Bloodlines own Beast Master has not clarified for a lifetime untie finally? 自家御兽师一辈子没弄清的血脉之谜终于解开了? Mu Huiyin General Army receives the strength of Bloodlines to suffer since childhood, has to contract Ice-Type beast pet suppress Bloodlines. 穆徽音大将从小受血脉之力折磨,不得不契约冰系宠兽压制血脉 However even so, uses own ability each time, Mu Huiyin will be subject to suffers. 不过即使如此,每次动用自身的能力,穆徽音还是会备受折磨。 In order to help the master overcomes the strength of Bloodlines, searched the fan of clear Bloodlines, Ice Dragon and other beast pet tried hard to be very long. 为了帮助主人克服血脉之力,探清血脉之迷,冰龙宠兽努力了很久。 Finally, although Mu Huiyin successful separated the strength of some wild Bloodlines, checked Hero Ruins, but until Mu Huiyin passed away, actually they have not ravelled Mu Huiyin the strength of Bloodlines where to come. 最终,穆徽音虽然成功将部分狂暴的血脉之力分离了出来,寄存到了英灵遗迹,但直到穆徽音去世,他们也没弄明白穆徽音血脉之力究竟是哪来的。 Phoenix Clan.” 凤凰族。” Solar Phoenix and Immortal Dark Phoenix.” 太阳神凰不死冥凤。” Hoarfrost Dragon muttered, fuck, Mu Huiyin General Army biological mother by seal in that place named Ghost Battlefield??? 冰霜巨龙喃喃自语,卧槽,穆徽音大将的亲妈被封印在了那个叫亡灵战场的地方??? If we had known, is not recognizing this daughter quickly anxiously, who can think that the opposite party biological mother is also living. 早知道,不这么快急着认这个女儿了,谁能想到对方亲妈还活着。 Moreover, is Phoenix Clan to high Race. 而且,还是凤凰族的至高种族 According to the Shi Yu description, that only Immortal Dark Phoenix, although said that is the Akame biological mother, but looks indeed has the hazard factor. 时宇描述的来看,那只不死冥凤虽然自称是赤瞳亲妈,但看起来的确有危险因素。 No one knows its words is true or false. 谁也不知道它的话是真是假 Like Ice Dragon, its existence and status, is not the Mu Huiyin General Army Heroic Spirit approval of Hero Ruins. 不像冰龙,它的存在、身份,是英灵遗迹穆徽音大将英灵认可的。 The Ice Dragon vision paces back and forth in Akame and Shi Yu body unceasingly, starts to speak but hesitates. 冰龙目光不断在赤瞳时宇身上徘徊,欲言又止。 Helps Beast Master solve the riddle of Bloodlines, was at that time the Mu Huiyin all Ice-Type beast pet desires. 帮助御兽师解开血脉之谜,也是当时穆徽音所有冰系宠兽的愿望。 Never expected that after 2000, after Mu Huiyin passed away, the riddle presents an direction finally. 没想到直到两千后,穆徽音都去世后,谜团才终于出现一丝指向。 However, the Ice Dragon heart is very at present tired, it always felt that this matter is very troublesome. 但是,目前冰龙心很累,它总感觉这件事很麻烦。 Hateful, why Shi Yu said this suddenly. 可恶,时宇为什么忽然说这个。 That only Immortal Dark Phoenix, what strength?” “那只不死冥凤,什么实力?” Top Totem ?” 顶级图腾,吧?” Ice Dragon said: I thought that this biological mother does not want, was too dangerous, do not manage it, are few that what battlefield, does own matter to be good well.” 冰龙道:“我觉得吧,这个亲妈不要也罢,太危险了,你们就不要理它了,少去那个什么战场,好好做自己的事就好。” Small Akame after all is not Mu Huiyin oneself, Ice Dragon really does not want to meddle is too meddlesome. 赤瞳毕竟不是穆徽音本人,冰龙真的不想插手太多事了。 Un, this.” “嗯,就这样吧。” Hoarfrost Dragon pretended non-involvement clear/pain fast the relations, its intuition told it, Mu Huiyin Bloodlines, involved many troublesome and many disputes absolutely, in brief related to compared with Dragon Clan chaotic Phoenix Clan, it has not wanted to bring upon oneself the suffering. 冰霜巨龙快速撇清楚了关系,它的直觉告诉它,穆徽音血脉,绝对牵扯很多麻烦、很多纷争,总之涉及到比龙族还混乱的凤凰族,它可不想自找苦头。 No matter inside has what plot, did not close its matter! 里面不管有什么阴谋,也不关它的事情了! This.” Sees Hoarfrost Dragon to put aside the relations immediately, Shi Yu was silent, you are so so smart! “啊这。”见冰霜巨龙立马撇开关系,时宇沉默了,你这么这么机灵! Immortal Dark Phoenix is good , if having something else planned.” Shi Yu asked. 不死冥凤是好的也就罢了,万一是在对它另有所图呢。”时宇问。 Hoarfrost Dragon: I Breakthrough Totem, where I am just now victorious!” 冰霜巨龙:“我才刚突破图腾,我哪打得过!” Different, it was been so long by the seal, is very weak, you have Temporal-Type, is very strong.” “不一样,它被封印了这么久,很虚弱,你有时间系,很强的。” Even if you said “就算你这么说 Ni!!( Mother!!)” Small Akame under the direction of Shi Yu, shouted directly. “咪!!(妈!!)”小赤瞳时宇的指挥下,直接喊了出来。 Mommy Dragon!!” Shi Yu also shouted directly. 龙妈!!”时宇也直接喊了出来。 Hoarfrost Dragon:??? 冰霜巨龙:??? My TM!! 我TM!! Looks that the tearful looks own Shi Yu and by master Heroic Spirit that Shi Yu has a bad effect on, Hoarfrost Dragon was all of a sudden scared. 看着泪汪汪看着自己的时宇和被时宇带坏的主人英灵,冰霜巨龙一下子就傻眼了。 How its mouth owes, recognizes the chicken feather daughter. 它自己嘴怎么就这么欠呢,认个鸡毛干女儿啊。 Ni!!” “咪!!” dragon Do not shout that fuck me, fuck me knew!!!” A Hoarfrost Dragon parade is big. “别喊了,我特么,我特么知道了!!!”冰霜巨龙一阵头大。 It regrets immediately, this clarified the double mother to contend, must have one dead. 它立刻就后悔了,这摆明了双妈相争,必有一死。 I may warn you, I am not your goons, only if you have the danger, otherwise, otherwise I will not manage your others 's business absolutely.” “不过我可警告你们,我可不是你们的打手,除非你们有危险,不然,不然我绝对不会管你们的闲事的。” The contract broke, its have no reason to follow this Bloodlines to suffer hardships to exhaust oneself again! 契约都断了,它没理由再跟着这道血脉受苦受累! I must go to Dragon Palace Town, I must go, when Dragon King, I must have my influence, I am not a goon!!” Hoarfrost Dragon shouts greatly. “我要去龙宫城,我要去当龙王,我要有自己的势力,我才不是打手!!”冰霜巨龙大喊道。 Thanks for the compliment had your words enough, Dragon Palace Town, I understood, when the time comes I guided to you!!!” Shi Yu sees Ice Dragon to recognize the Beast Master Bloodlines reincarnation, immediately the expression is blissful. “好说好说有您这句话就够了,龙宫城是吧,我明白了,到时候我给你带路!!!”时宇冰龙还是认自家御兽师血脉转世的,顿时表情充满喜悦。 Oh!! 唉!! Does not know that Immortal Dark Phoenix is good is bad, always felt that Immortal Dark Phoenix is not quite credible, otherwise, if Akame has two Totem mothers, that would be nice. 就是不知道不死冥凤是好是坏,总感觉不死冥凤不太靠谱,不然,如果赤瞳有两个图腾妈,该多好啊。 Rounding up, is he also has two Totem relatives. 四舍五入,就是他也有两个图腾亲戚。 This he does not walk sideways in Donghuang. 这他在东煌不横着走。 But the present result was also good, Hoarfrost Dragon wants to join Dragon Palace Town, still keeps Donghuang. 但现在的结果也不错了,冰霜巨龙想加入龙宫城,也依然算是留在东煌 Moreover, the back also had in a big way by mountain, rounded up is equivalent to Akame to climb up the relative with Dragon Palace Town. 而且,背后也有了更大的靠,四舍五入就相当于赤瞳龙宫城攀上了亲戚。 Moreover, oneself recommended the Mommy Ice Dragon mother to Dragon Palace Town, that side Dragon Palace Town definitely was also thanks itself who wept bitterly to weep to send Totem to join, perhaps will also give oneself to train Dragon Palace Town Genius Dragon Girl, as the matter stands, happy, happy, added relationship to relationship. 另外,自己把冰龙妈妈引荐给龙宫城,龙宫城那边肯定也是痛哭涕零的感谢自己送来一尊图腾加入,说不定还会把龙宫城天才龙女送给自己培养,这样一来,皆大欢喜,皆大欢喜,亲上加亲。 Shi Yu fell into own fantasy all of a sudden. 时宇一下子就陷入了自己的幻想中。 Also looks around Ice Dragon and Jewel Cat to have Eleven and other an numerous beast pet silence. 看得旁边的冰龙宝石猫还有十一等一众宠兽一阵沉默。 Meow.” Jewel Cat held Shi Yu, such cold place, can you also be distracted? “喵。”宝石猫捅了捅时宇,这么冷的地方,你也能走神? Jewel Cat no longer goes to manage Shi Yu, finally oneself looked to Hoarfrost Dragon. 宝石猫不再去理时宇,终于自己看向了冰霜巨龙 But Hoarfrost Dragon, sees Jewel Cat toward the signal that oneself offer the good intentions, cannot help but stares, looked to this strength as if also very strong strange kitty. 冰霜巨龙,见宝石猫朝着自己释放出善意的信号,也不由得一愣,看向了这只实力似乎也很强的奇怪猫咪。 You, like the gem.” Jewel Cat opens the door to see mountain. “你,喜欢宝石吗。”宝石猫开门见 This who does not like.” Hoarfrost Dragon stares. “这谁不喜欢。”冰霜巨龙一愣。 Very good, we were also the good friends!” “很好,那我们也是好朋友了!” „??” “啊??” Small kitty where you come? 你是哪里来的小猫咪? Then, Jewel Cat and Ice Dragon started the prolonged discussion on the gem, looked Shi Yu they are in a daze in side. 接下来,宝石猫冰龙就宝石展开了旷日持久的讨论,看的时宇他们在旁边发呆。 Eleven, Ginseng Tot, Wormie and Akame look at the surrounding environment simply. 十一参宝宝虫虫赤瞳索性看起周围的环境。 Ginseng Tot places in Hiemal Breath, the surprise, here is also very extreme environment, it can absorb Hiemal Breath to congeal unexpectedly Mutant Fruit, cannot help but tries harder secretly, the preparation gains one. 参宝宝身处天霜寒气中,意外发现,这里也是十分极端的环境,它竟然可以吸收天霜寒气凝出变异果,不由得偷偷加了把劲,准备赚上一笔。 Temporal-Type can remain, Ice-Type do not remain.” 时间系可以留着,冰系别留着。” Shi Yu gives Ginseng Tot to suggest, making Ginseng Tot nod again and again, understands. 时宇给出参宝宝建议,让参宝宝连连点头,懂。 However is very obvious, Hiemal Breath is primarily the Ice-Type strength, Ginseng Tot condenses Mutant Fruit to use energy. 不过很显然,天霜寒气还是以冰系力量为主,参宝宝凝聚一颗变异果都十分费劲。 Meanwhile, Shi Yu sized up Jewel Cat and Hoarfrost Dragon. 与此同时,时宇更是打量起来了宝石猫冰霜巨龙 He first looked to Hoarfrost Dragon. 他先是看向了冰霜巨龙 This with Mu Huiyin General Army has gone on an expedition Giant Dragon, was determined the professor Super Skill success ratio by Skilldex is middle-grade. 这个跟着穆徽音大将征战过的巨龙,被技能图鉴判定教授超阶技能的成功率是“中等”。 Afterward, looked to Jewel Cat. 随后,又看向了宝石猫 Jewel Cat accidental/surprised has to study the Realm of Imagination aptitude, it by Skilldex was judged the professor Super Skill success ratio is also middle-grade. 宝石猫意外的有学习空想领域的资质,它被技能图鉴判断教授超阶技能的成功率也是“中等”。 These two beast pet, have not presented the success ratio in Shi Yu imagination tall Jigao judgment. 这两只宠兽,都没出现时宇想象中的成功率“高极高”的评判。 Their one is to participate in War of Totems millennium Giant Dragon, Totem-Level, one is to participate in hundred years of kitty of dead spirit disaster, is Overlord-level Creature. 要知道,它们一个是参加过图腾之战的千年巨龙,都图腾级了,一个是参与过亡灵天灾的百年猫猫,是霸主级生物 Even they, Will and innermost feelings can't 100 withstand the Super Skill in addition? 即使是它们,意志与内心也不能100承受住超阶技能的加点? Properly speaking, even the life and death crisis, they will still experience excessively several times. 按理说,即使是生死危机,它们也应该经历过数次了。 Accurate, after Shi Yu Breakthrough grandmaster, seen all beast pet, the Super Skill teaching success ratio did not have one to surpass middle-grade. 准确来说,时宇突破大师后,见到的所有宠兽,超阶技能教学成功率还没有一个超过“中等”的。 Even, the Super Skill teaching success ratio that Lu Qingyi and Senior Sister Bai Xi most beast pet, Dex demonstrates is also extremely low. 甚至,陆青依白溪学姐的大部分宠兽,图鉴显示的超阶技能教学成功率也都是“极低低”。 Teaching success ratio like Eleven low is a few. 十一这样教学成功率“低”的都是少数。 This discovery, making Shi Yu understand, was not beast pet draws the hip, but was Skilldex is especially strict regarding a additional request of Super Skill, has the extremely high request regarding beast pet Will and mind. 这种发现,让时宇明白了,不是自家宠兽拉胯,而是技能图鉴对于超阶技能的加点要求格外严格,对于宠兽意志与心灵有着极高的要求。 Ok, you also had other matters.” “好了,你们还有其他事吗。” Finishes talking a business with Jewel Cat, Hoarfrost Dragon is cheerful. 宝石猫谈完一桩生意,冰霜巨龙乐呵呵的。 Has not thought that this cat understands actually very much. 没想到这只猫倒是很懂啊。 It suspected that this cat is Giant Dragon changes. 它怀疑这只猫是不是巨龙变的。 „Does our approximately time go to Dragon Palace Town together? After a period of time is the Dragon Palace Town banquet, is the good time of visiting.” Shi Yu said. “那我们约个时间一起去龙宫城?过段时间就是龙宫城宴会,正是拜访的好时候。”时宇道。 Does not have the issue.” Ice Dragon is delighted. “没问题。”冰龙眉飞色舞。 I must go.” Jewel Cat is also eager to try. “我也要去。”宝石猫也跃跃欲试。 Goes, can go.” Shi Yu said, has the bodyguard to follow on own initiative, do not want white/in vain, as the matter stands, even if no Legend Bahai to lead, his here still safe. “去,都可以去。”时宇道,有保镖主动跟着,不要白不要,这样一来,就算没有霸海传奇带队,他这里也安全的很。 Good, that settled.” Ice Dragon shouted the tone, then, it must continue to squeeze to absorb Glacial Totem for the Ice-Type strength of resurrecting gathering, when absorbs was similar, makes Human throw Forbidden Weapon to come directly to rewrite this environment thoroughly, extinguished kills Glacial Totem will do. “好,那就这么说定了。”冰龙呼了口气,接下来,它要继续压榨吸收冰河图腾用于复活聚集过来的冰系力量了,等吸收的差不多了,直接让人类扔个禁忌武器过来彻底改写这片环境,灭杀冰河图腾就行了。 Steady! 稳! From now henceforth, it must say goodbye to Snow Mountain, started to live from zero in Dragon Palace Town newly! 从今以后,它就要告别雪山,在龙宫城从零开始新的生活了! Big outline how long.” Ice Dragon asked. “不过大概要多久。”冰龙问道。 Also one month was less.” Shi Yu returns said. “也就一个月不到了。”时宇回道。 These days, he must go to Imperial Metropolis to help Ginseng Tot Evolution with a sense of urgency. 这段时间,他要抓紧去帝都帮助参宝宝进化了。 Un, that time is up.” Ice Dragon nods. “嗯,那时间差不多。”冰龙点了点头。 They also chat, after the moment, Ice Dragon they delivered Shi Yu. 他们紧接着又聊了聊,片刻后,冰龙时宇他们送了出去。 After going out, Shi Yu is cheerful. 出去后,时宇乐呵呵的。 This negotiations, although reduced a rank, but generally speaking, was successful hugs Ice Dragon. 这次的谈判,虽然降低了一个辈分,但总的来说,算是成功把冰龙抱上了。 Hehe returns to the way, Shi Yu is especially excited. “呵呵”回去路上,时宇格外兴奋。 He entered the Sword Sprite Possession condition at this time, releases the arrogance to fly to hurry along in wind snow. 他此时又进入了剑灵附体状态,释放着气焰在风中飞行赶路。 Side, Jewel Cat still on the flying blanket, narrows the eyes to focus, is hitting breathing out. 旁边,宝石猫依然在飞毯上,眯着眼,打着哈气。 Under.” Before long, when Shi Yu they arrived in the Ice Dragon Snow Mountain Blizzard region, Jewel Cat is just about to bring Shi Yu their Teleport shuttle, Shi Yu suddenly stops. “等下。”不一会儿,时宇他们抵达了冰龙雪山暴风雪区域,宝石猫正要带着时宇他们瞬间移动穿梭时,时宇忽然叫停。 Does.” Jewel Cat sees Shi Yu to stare at Blizzard to size up, said. “干嘛。”宝石猫时宇盯着暴风雪打量起来,道。 How has a look here Blizzard intensity.” Shi Yu looks at the sky Blizzard, before he and Gym Leader Lin and other grandmaster came together time, Their group must the little darling get down, slowly crossed this region, even if were Senior Sister Lu, did not contend with Power of Nature. “看看这里暴风雪强度怎么样。”时宇看着天空的暴风雪,之前他和林馆主大师一起过来的时候,他们一行人都得乖乖下去,慢慢渡过这片区域,哪怕是陆学姐,也跟自然之力抗衡不了。 Therefore, Eleven and the others , compared with here ice snow environment, was tinier. 所以,十一它们,跟这里的冰环境比起来,就更渺小了。 Even if Totem-Level lifeform, strengthens itself with the aid of the strength of nature, attacks the enemy, can see from here, nature the potential of strength huge. 哪怕是图腾级生物,都是借助大自然的力量来强化自己,攻击敌人,从这里就能看出,大自然的力量的潜力有多庞大。 Shi Yu has thought that wants to train beast pet Will and mind, overcomes the life and death, overcomes the fear, overcomes desperately, overcomes exhaustedly, overcomes the grief, in the heart sets the firm goal, the baptism these qualities of experience time all does not vacillate, that beast pet Will and mind, absolutely were enough. 时宇想过了,想培养宠兽意志与心灵,克服生死,克服恐惧,克服绝望,克服疲惫,克服伤痛,心中树立坚定的目标,经历时间的洗礼这些素质也全部不动摇,那宠兽意志与心灵,绝对算是够了。 Perhaps here, can exercise 1-2 qualities. 或许这里,能锻炼1-2素质。 Confirmed the exercise place, here could be used to discipline Ginseng Tot their Will.” “确认一下锻炼场所,这里说不定能用来磨练参宝宝它们的意志。” Under pinnacle severely cold environment, very suitable for consuming light complete physical ability, comes the Breakthrough limit, by the exhausted body, smothers the grief that wind snow brings, disciplines oneself. 极致严寒的环境下,很适合用于消耗光全部体能,来突破极限,以疲惫之躯,强忍风带来的伤痛,磨练自身。 Except for Eleven, Shi Yu feels another three beast pet. 除了十一,时宇感觉另外三只宠兽都挺不过。 Akame, Ginseng Tot and Wormie: 赤瞳参宝宝虫虫:“ The Jewel Cat brow selects: I can report that you maltreat beast pet, this is not the autonomy.” 宝石猫眉头一挑:“我可以举报你虐待宠兽吗,这不是自残吗。” Shi Yu said: My also same place.” 时宇道:“我也一起。” Super Skill cannot add, his heart is itchy, now endures, immediately can catch a fish by hand to Totem-Level. 超阶技能加不了点,他心痒痒,现在忍一忍,马上就可以一口气摸鱼加点到图腾级了。 Issue is not this!” Jewel Cat whispered, said: Exercising that thing is useful, they are Overlord Species, in the future will practice skill, with the resources, successful can Breakthrough to Overlord-level, you also want to discipline every Overlord's Will to them.” “问题不是这个啊!”宝石猫嘀嘀咕咕,道:“锻炼那玩意有什么用,它们都是霸主种族,日后练练技能,用用资源,水到渠成就能突破霸主级,你还想给它们人手磨练一个霸主意志啊。” What is that?” “那是什么?” Shi Yu looked suddenly to Jewel Cat. 时宇忽然看向了宝石猫 Jewel Cat stares, saw the eager vision that Wormie, Ginseng Tot and Akame transmit, covers to be quiet suddenly, realized spoke incorrectly the words. 宝石猫一愣,看到虫虫参宝宝赤瞳传来的眼巴巴的目光,忽然捂住嘴,意识到了说错了话。 No, no.” “没,没。” Said that looks.” “说说看。” Ten! Tonight makes Ginseng Tot do.” “十!今晚就让参宝宝做出来。” Ginseng Tot:??? 参宝宝:??? Good.” Jewel Cat spreads out the claw immediately, smiles saying: „When common Overlord Species lifeform in Growth Level from King Level Breakthrough to Overlord-level, by exercising Species Skill or uses the High-Grade resources to strengthen can very relaxed Breakthrough bottleneck.” “那好吧。”宝石猫立刻摊开爪子,笑眯眯道:“寻常霸主种族生物成长等级君王级突破霸主级时,靠锻炼种族技能或者使用高级资源强化就能很轻松突破瓶颈。” But regarding low Race lifeform, the especially those does not have Super Species Skill lifeform, even is counted has Super Species Skill lifeform, they think that is very difficult Breakthrough to Overlord-level, even if there is a Legendary Resource strengthening is also same, is very difficult, this is the limit of Race, is unable to change.” “但是对于低种族生物来说,尤其是那些没有超阶种族技能生物,甚至算上一些有超阶种族技能生物,它们想突破霸主级十分困难,哪怕有传说级资源强化也是一样,很困难,这是种族的限制,无法改变。” But, the day does not have road of the beast certainly, so long as they experience the life and death unceasingly, disciplines powerful Will and mind, then has the probability to condense a very idealist ability Overlord's Will, assists their Breakthrough to Overlord-level, generally speaking, this is Basic Tier Beast Species achieves the Overlord-level optimal path, naturally is also the most difficult way, but regarding high Race beast pet, does not need is so tired, level natural growth will do.” “不过,天无绝兽之路,只要它们不断经历生死,磨练出强大的意志与心灵,便有几率凝聚出一种十分唯心的能力‘霸主意志’,辅助它们突破霸主级,一般来说,这是低种族宠兽达到霸主级的最佳途径,当然也是最难途径,而对于高种族宠兽来说,就没必要这么累了,躺平自然成长就行了。” Shi Yu stares, said: This Overlord's Will, fierce, you have.” 时宇一愣,道:“这个霸主意志,厉害吗,你有吗。” Jewel Cat wielded the claw, said: Un it is not the fierce issue, but is very rare, but, Basic Tier Species, even if has Overlord's Will, was limited in Race, cannot definitely be victorious Advanced Tier Species, even if they are the powerhouses in mind.” 宝石猫挥了挥爪,道:“嗯它不是厉害不厉害的问题,而是十分罕见,但,低种族的生物就算有霸主意志,受限制于种族,也肯定打不过高种族生物,哪怕它们是心灵上的强者。” But the same rank with Race, having Overlord's Will indeed is fierce, because they in various extreme environments, often can erupt extremely unscientific surpassing cognition the strength, therefore this ability is very idealist.” “但是同等级同种族下,有霸主意志的确是厉害许多,因为它们在各种极端环境下,动不动就能爆发出极为不科学的超出认知的力量,所以说这种能力十分唯心。” With the terminology in animated cartoon, has Overlord's Will lifeform, easily can enter explodes plants condition, occasionally instead kills an opponent at the point of death, occasionally is on site Breakthrough, occasionally surpasses the limit to jump the ranks to battle, understood.” “用动画片中的术语来讲,拥有霸主意志生物,非常轻易就能进入‘爆种’状态,偶尔临死反杀个对手,偶尔临场突破一下,偶尔超越极限越级作战一下,懂了吧。” As for me, I do not need this type of thing, the variation to Overlord Species, then, lets the resources and Metal money with great difficulty corrodes my mind.” Jewel Cat licked the claw claw. “至于我,我不需要这种东西,好不容易变异到霸主种族,接下来,就让资源和钱腐蚀我的心灵吧。”宝石猫舔了舔爪爪。 Race high also exhausted oneself, that was too suffering.” 种族高了还受累,那就太委屈自己了。” At this time, Shi Yu looked to Eleven, Wormie, Ginseng Tot and Akame. 此时,时宇看向了十一虫虫参宝宝赤瞳 Four beast pet have not a good premonition. 四只宠兽都有一种不好的预感。 Oh no, too early your Race Evolution was too high.” “糟糕,太早把你们种族进化的太高了。” „The issue is not big, otherwise, what Overlord's Will do you also attempt to condense that?” “不过问题不大,要不然,你们也尝试凝聚个那什么霸主意志?” As the matter stands, the Super Skill additional point ought not to have the issue! 这样一来,超阶技能的加点总该没问题了吧! ying!!” Eleven rolls into the pocket, feels no issue, thinks that can challenge, it looked to another three companion same places!!! !!”十一滚入口袋,觉得没什么问题,认为可以挑战一下,它看向了另外三只同伴一起啊!!!
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