UB :: Volume #3

#256 Part 1: Change of Relic Space

Pingcheng. 平城 Shi Yu returned to have Time has not come back the small villa. 时宇回到了已经有一段时间没回来过的小别墅。 Actually if possible, he feels that Relic Space is good. 其实如果可以的话,他觉着住遗迹空间就挺好。 At this time in Relic Space, they had been constructed a huge homeland by Shi Yu. 此时遗迹空间内,早就被时宇他们建造成了一个巨大家园。 Eleven Beany Panda Training Grounds and Ginseng Tot Fruit Research Institute and Wormie Equipment Research Institute also has the Shi Yu houses far away from these places, here has everything expected to find. 十一豆豆熊练兵场参宝宝果实研究所虫虫装备研究所还有远离这些地方的时宇住宅,这里应有尽有。 In addition, recreation zone that the farming area, the resources room and cafeteria, as well as Akame most likes, here also has. 除此之外,种田区、资源室、食堂、以及赤瞳最喜欢的休闲区,这里也是有的。 Living in Relic Space anything is good, but is easy secluded from the world, becomes the dead dwelling, after all in inside, only if want to go out on own initiative, otherwise outside is very difficult to relate fast on. 遗迹空间里什么都好,不过就是容易与世隔绝,成为死宅,毕竟在里面除非自己主动想出去,否则外边很难快速联系上里面。 What is main, without net. 最主要的是,没网。 After returning to the villa, Shi Yu looked for a dwelling to Jewel Cat, then telephones to Principal Feng. 回到别墅后,时宇宝石猫找了个住处,然后给封校长打了个电话。 Un, Shi Yu?” That side broadcasts the Principal Feng sound. “嗯,时宇?”那边传来封校长的声音。 Principal Feng, we have seen Ice Dragon.” 封校长,我们已经见完冰龙了。” Some place, on behalf of Ancient Metropolis University with the Pingcheng association was discussing that the cooperation Principal Feng brow selects, how quickly? 某地,正在代表古都大学平城协会谈合作事宜的封校长眉头一挑,怎么快? Wuling's Bai Clan wants to ride the bandwagon that Iron Eater rises, Ancient Metropolis University naturally also wants to sit. 武陵白家想坐一坐食铁兽崛起的顺风车,古都大学自然也想坐一坐。 If by some chance the Iron Eater fire, Ancient Metropolis University becomes can give the outstanding student to assign Iron Eater in the future only, and can help Iron Eater Beast Master plan the Evolution Method school, that also has Imperial Metropolis and Magic Metropolis Academy anything matter. 万一等日后食铁兽火了,古都大学成为了唯一能给优秀学生分配食铁兽、且可以帮食铁兽御兽师规划进化方法的学府,那还有帝都魔都大学什么事啊。 Overlord potential the attraction of newborn beast, is bigger than all absolutely. 霸主潜力的宠兽幼崽的诱惑力,绝对是大于一切的。 What kind of, Ice Dragon saw after Mu Huiyin Army Heroic Spirit, is anything responded.” Principal Feng asked fast. “怎么样,冰龙见到穆徽音英灵后是什么反应。”封校长快速问。 Also ok, kisses/intimate like mother and daughter.” Shi Yu said. “还行,亲如母女。”时宇道。 The Principal Feng smile chases to start, good good. 封校长笑颜逐开,好啊好啊。 Although knows that Ice Dragon and Mu Huiyin relations are not bad, but has not thought such well! 虽然知道冰龙穆徽音关系不差,但没想到这么好! It seems like that Mu Huiyin General Army is also fetters Beast Master, unexpectedly beast pet, when daughter raises, good good. 看来,穆徽音大将也是羁绊型御兽师呢,竟然把宠兽女儿养,不错不错。 Donghuang more arrives at the later generation to be stronger, besides better and better, because also one group of predecessors, because develops left behind one another to protect Donghuang beast pet voluntarily. 东煌之所以越到后世越强,除了因为发展的越来越好外,还因为一群前人留下了一只又一只自愿守护东煌宠兽 Compares Human, some beast pet Life Span are very long, for example plant life body, for example Elemental Lifeform, for example Giant Dragon, dead souls, so long as absorbs enough can guarantee resources that grows, can live is very long, is really not good, but can also choose the deep sleep, becomes Guardian God in darkness. 相比人类,部分宠兽寿命还是十分悠长的,比如植物生命体、比如元素生命体,比如巨龙,死灵,只要吸收够可以保证成长的资源,都可以活的很久,实在不行,还能选择沉睡,成为中的守护神 Depending on this advantage of bring, makes the association vigorously propagandize Beast Master and beast pet fetters sufficiently should place first. 光凭这一点的带来的好处,就足以让协会大力宣传御兽师宠兽的羁绊应该放在第一位。 How that Ice Dragon said that what it does have to plan to later?” Principal Feng asked. “那冰龙怎么说的,它对之后有什么计划?”封校长问。 Was lucky the under threat of Immortal Dark Phoenix, Ice Dragon is willing to keep nearby Donghuang to act as small Akame Guardian God, shelters it to grow, after all it also feared that Immortal Dark Phoenix injures to its daughter, still look, the double mother contends, must have one to injure “多亏了不死冥凤的威胁,冰龙愿意留在东煌附近充当下小赤瞳守护神,庇护它成长起来,毕竟它也怕不死冥凤伤害到它女儿,依然看,双妈相争,必有一伤 Un???” Principal Feng detected suddenly where was not right. “嗯???”封校长忽然察觉到了哪里不对劲。 Waits, to wait? 等,等下? Who is whose mother? 谁是谁妈? Principal Feng, that The First Department, I can enter.” 封校长,那第一局,我能进吗。” After Principal Feng one, has not responded, his corners of the mouth twitch saying: „After , said that in the telephone is not convenient, otherwise you also come, or, we look for you.” 封校长一愣后,还没反应过来,他嘴角抽搐道:“等之后再说,电话里不方便,要不然你也过来,或者之后我们去找你。” If real PY to Ice Dragon, Shi Yu can only has the Reserve Member qualifications of The First Department. 如果真PY到冰龙,时宇只能算是有第一局预备成员资格。 After all at present this becoming friends with, relations of both sides is what degree unable to reach an agreement. 毕竟目前这种结交,双方的关系达到什么程度根本说不好。 To become The First Department official member is not easy, at least must have to fight side-by-side with Guardian God one time, solves a Donghuang crisis is the official basic condition. 想成为第一局正式成员没那么容易,起码也得是有过一次和守护神并肩作战,解决过一次东煌的危机才算正式入门条件。 Only by doing so, can show that this/should Beast Master and Guardian God have certain fetters, can say, Beast Master that in The First Department has not basically bullied the weak by relying on powerful connections exists, relates with Guardian God to completely well to request Beast Master that they make a move. 只有这样,才能证明该御兽师守护神有着一定的羁绊,可以说,第一局内基本没有狐假虎威的御兽师存在,全部是跟守护神关系好到可以请求它们出手的御兽师 After informing the Principal Feng that side, Shi Yu was busy at own matter coming, to solve Ice Dragon, then here also no important matter. 通知完封校长那边后,时宇忙起自己的事情来,解决了冰龙,接下来这边也没什么重要的事情了。 It is not right, but must find time to teach Panda Senior Sister Steel-Type Nurturing Method, then made her help Eleven Panda King Bloodlines awakening. 哦不对,还得抽空把金系蕴养法教给熊猫学姐,然后让她帮忙把十一熊猫王血脉觉醒了。 When the time comes, Shi Yu can have a look at the effect Eleven Intimidate (Ability) to Pinnacle. 到时候,时宇就能把十一威慑技能点到技进乎道看看效果了。 Miraculous deterrence can the long Time winding external object, Shi Yu a little want to know the Pinnacle level fiercely deterrence. 出神入化威慑都能长时间缠绕外物了,时宇有点想知道技进乎道级的威慑有多厉害。 Glimmer, I first went to Relic Space to have a look, had the matter to contact with me.” “荧,我先去遗迹空间看看了,有事联系我。” Loses Jewel Cat to the villa, prepares the room to it, and after leaving enough Gemfruit, Shi Yu arranged the temporary Relic Space transfer passage, then said. 宝石猫丢到别墅里,给它准备好房间,并留给足够的宝石果后,时宇又布置了个临时的遗迹空间传送通道,然后说道。 Un??” Jewel Cat exudes the lazy cry, felt that Shi Yu was getting more and more impolite, actually did not call the teachers. “嗯??”宝石猫发出慵懒的叫声,感觉时宇越来越没大没小了,竟然连老师都不叫了。 Owed it also to teach the knowledge of Shi Yu about Overlord's Will , Shi Yu with the resources traded, that was all right. 亏它还传授了时宇关于霸主意志的知识,哦,时宇拿资源换的啊,那没事了。 Ka.” Jewel Cat another Gemfruit, calm looks at the cat and mouse on the sofa. “咔。”宝石猫又一口宝石果,淡定的在沙发上看着猫和老鼠。 In Relic Space. 遗迹空间内。 Shi Yu convenes four beast pet completely, serious and earnest visits them. 时宇把四只宠兽全部召集,严肃、认真的看着它们。 About Overlord's Will “关于霸主意志 Rumble.” Besides Eleven, Wormie, Ginseng Tot and Akame swallowed a saliva. “咕噜。”除了十一之外,虫虫参宝宝赤瞳都是咽了口口水。 They actually did not fear is injured and trains, after all they have instantaneous restore and cure oneself method. 它们其实并不太怕受伤、训练,毕竟它们都有着瞬间恢复、治愈自己的手段。 But the issue is, this Shi Yu description was too fearful. 但问题是,这次时宇描述的太可怕了。 Requests not to have the strength to use skill to tow a wound situation exhausted to get down to surpass the limit facing the life and death, this, this does not press beast pet. 要求精疲力竭没有力气使用技能且拖着一身伤的情况下去面对生死超越极限,这,这不是难为宠兽吗。 Incautiously, will really hang. 一不小心,真会挂的。 If possible, actually I do not want to demand you to exercise this.” Shi Yu ponder. “如果可以的话,其实我也不想强求你们锻炼这个。”时宇沉思。 This group of little fellows including Ginseng Tot, but also is in child stage. 这群小家伙包括参宝宝在内,还都处于孩子阶段而已。 But Overlord's Will, is these Basic Tier Beast Species, to surpass the Race limit, the Breakthrough Race bottleneck, in disciplining of life and death, exercises the product that Will and Mind the pinnacle condenses. 霸主意志,是那些低种族宠兽,为了超越种族极限,突破种族瓶颈,在生与死的磨练中,将意志心灵锻炼到极致凝聚出来的产物。 They indeed do not need now by this pain, the joyful growth is also good. 它们的确没必要现在受这个苦,快快乐乐成长也挺好。 Simply had not heard before Shi Yu Overlord's Will can see, this thing is very difficult to condense, basically does not have the universality. 时宇之前根本没怎么听说过霸主意志就能看出,这玩意很难凝聚,基本没有普遍性。 But the issue is, has no alternative but to practice, the words that does not practice, Super Skill did not have. 但问题是,不能不能练啊,不练的话,超阶技能就无了。 Shi Yu estimated, has Overlord's Will beast pet, absorbed the Super Skill experience success ratio definitely to be able in high above. 时宇估计,拥有霸主意志宠兽,吸收超阶技能经验成功率肯定就能在“高”以上了。 Actually as for this thing is anything, understood with the Shi Yu way. 至于这玩意究竟是什么呢,用时宇的方式理解了一下。 For example met Totem, if Ginseng Tot does not have Overlord's Will, will definitely be frightened the buttocks urine class/flow, the little darling offers Ginseng Tot to , in order to maintains life. 比如遇到了一只图腾,如果参宝宝没有霸主意志,肯定会被吓得屁股尿流,乖乖献上参宝宝之须以求保命。 But if Ginseng Tot has Overlord's Will, although it was possibly still bumped to hang by Totem, but had died even if, however, it refused to accept, hangs was not convinced, before dying, wants with probably pull out opposite party, perhaps, with the help of Overlord's Will, but can also be on site Breakthrough, instead killed the opponent. 但如果参宝宝霸主意志,虽然它可能依然被图腾碰一下就会挂,可哪怕是已经死了,但是诶,它就是不服,挂了也不服气,死之前都想用须抽对方一下,说不定,在霸主意志的帮助下,还能临场突破一下,反杀对手。 Under some specific scene, actually very important ability. 在某种特定的情景下,倒是十分重要的能力。 He looked to Eleven and the others, said: According to Teacher Ying said that although your Species Tier enough you grow smoothly Overlord-level, but, Totem-Level, mythical level?” 他看向了十一它们,道:“按荧老师说的,虽然你们的种族等级足够你们顺利成长到霸主级,但是,图腾级呢,神话级呢?” You do not have Mythical Species, is unable to depend on natural growth successful Breakthrough to mythical level, you do not want to become unique mythical creature.” “你们没有神话种族,无法靠着自然成长水到渠成的突破神话级,难道你们就不想成为独一无二的神话生物吗。” Overlord's Will is not perhaps big to the help that Overlord-level plays to your Breakthrough, but, since it can let the low Race lifeform Breakthrough bottleneck, achieves High-Grade to leave, then perhaps, in the future will also be your Breakthrough to the biggest boost of mythical level.” 霸主意志或许对你们突破霸主级起到的帮助不大,但是,既然它能让低种族生物突破瓶颈,达到更高级别,那么说不定,日后也是你们突破神话级的最大助力。” Eleven, Wormie, Ginseng Tot and Akame blink. 十一虫虫参宝宝赤瞳眨了眨眼。 Too far was too far, pie picture was too far, King Level has not arrived, no reality. 太远了太远了,大饼画的太远了,君王级还没到呢,没有一点现实感啊。 Ok, I laid cards on the table with you, in addition selects talent to have problems, although my own Physique now withstood the Super Skill in addition to select sufficiently, but by the additional 0.1 sides, was you, without enough Will, could not absorb the experience of Super Skill.” “算了,我跟你们摊牌了,加点天赋出了点问题,我自己的体质现在虽然足以承受住超阶技能的加点了,但是被加点一方,也就是你们,如果没有足够的意志,是吸收不了超阶技能的经验的。” Light body prostration, heavy overstated, was very dangerous, after all the experience of Super Skill implication was not Basic Skill can compare, had involved certain Law initially.” “轻则身体虚脱,重则走火入魔,很危险,毕竟超阶技能蕴含的经验不是低阶技能能比的,已经初步涉及了某些规则。” Eleven, Wormie, Ginseng Tot and Akame complexion changes, no wonder Shi Yu has not added has selected Super Skill! 十一虫虫参宝宝赤瞳面色一变,怪不得时宇从没加点过超阶技能 Therefore you understood, a Super Skill additional premise, was Overlord's Will, practiced inadequate Overlord's Will, in the future will unable to enjoy in addition to select basically, changed a mentality, so long as there is Overlord's Will, basically recommended for admission to school Totem-Level, not, Demigod Stage, was Meteorum, King of Totems that rank.” “所以你们懂了吧,超阶技能的加点前提,就是霸主意志,练不成霸主意志,日后基本就享受不到加点了,换个思路,只要有了霸主意志,基本就保送图腾级,哦不,半神级了,也就是陨犴,图腾之王那个级别。” Present effort, for the future relaxedness.” “现在的努力,是为了日后的轻松。” Their expression is gradually dignified. 它们表情逐渐凝重。 But you are young, I do not demand you, some interests practice to look, without the interest does not worry, takes your time, even after all you had Overlord's Will, my in addition cannot select, must prioritize, who can first bring forth Overlord's Will, definitely first in addition selected on whom “但你们还小,我也不强求你们,有兴趣就练练看,没兴趣也不着急,慢慢来,毕竟就算你们都有了霸主意志,我也加点不过来,肯定得有先有后,谁能先练出霸主意志,肯定就谁先加点了 Suddenly, their simultaneous/uniform simultaneous/uniform had the sense of crisis. 忽然,它们齐齐有了危机感。 Before that I think that looked I should go to wild field contract one directly take shape grasped Overlord's Will wild beast pet Shi Yu to fall into the thinking. “在那之前,我想想看我是不是应该直接去野外契约一只已经成型的掌握霸主意志的野生宠兽时宇陷入了思索。 Before you have not brought forth Overlord's Will, first adds to it selects Super Skill “在你们没练出霸主意志之前,先给它加点超阶技能 Good, is really this probably a good way??? 好耶,这好像真是一个好办法??? Goes to contract one directly, in the nature, has experienced the life and death to discipline, Super Skill adds a success ratio is high beast pet! 直接去契约一只,在自然界中,已经经历过生死磨练,超阶技能加点成功率为高的宠兽 Does not know that such beast pet, can follow Human, if disdains to a additional this effortless matter when the time comes extremely, that was awkward. 就是不知道这样的宠兽,会不会跟随人类,万一到时候对加点这种不劳而获的事情不屑万分,那就尴尬了。 yiiinng!!!” 嘤嘤嘤!!!” At this time, the Eleven expression is gradually earnest, ying ying shouts wildly, no leaves. 此时,十一表情逐渐认真起来,狂喊,别啊别啊。 Overlord's Will, it practiced! 霸主意志,它练定了! For the Super Skill in addition . 为了超阶技能的加点,冲啊。 It is not a more bitter training, it did not fear! 不就是更苦的训练吗,它不怕! !!” “唔!!” Wormie follows, Super Skill additional is ahead of time Overlord's Will? Said early! 虫虫紧随其后,超阶技能的加点提前是霸主意志?早说啊! At the worst experiences a Azure Silkbug period the misery. 大不了重新体验一遍青绵虫时期的苦难。 Spelled. 拼了。 yi.” Ginseng Tot was also jealous, if it becomes in the team first learned Overlord's Will beast pet, then can first enjoy to select Super Skill, then the superior resembles will roll the snow ball to be common, gets bigger and bigger “咿。”参宝宝也眼红了,假如它成为了队内第一个学会霸主意志宠兽,那么就能第一个享受加点超阶技能,然后优势就会像滚球一般,越滚越大 Ni.” About Akame observes the situation, sees everyone to change countenance, it is also fanning the wing, that, then it also follows diligently. “咪。”赤瞳左右环视,见大家都这么动容,它也扇动着翅膀,那,那,那它也跟着努力一下吧。 Very good!!!” “很好!!!” Saw to say one pile , after has not said Overlord's Will is more effective, Shi Yu tears that a Super Skill additional premise came, Ice Dragon by the easy and comfortable environment is rubbed the skin the edges and corners, Jewel Cat by the Metal money is smoothed by grinding the edges and corners, you by additional pitch corrosion Mind. 见说了一堆,也没说出霸主意志超阶技能的加点前提来的更有效后,时宇泪目了,冰龙是被安逸的环境磨皮了棱角,宝石猫是被钱磨平了棱角,你们是被加点腐蚀了心灵啊。 However the issue is not big, if the present effort is not more relaxed in the future, that will not have the significance. 不过问题不大,如果现在的努力不是为了日后更轻松,那将毫无意义。 After Shi Yu beast pet draw the pie, four little fellows are eager to try. 时宇宠兽们画完大饼后,四个小家伙跃跃欲试。 However, they quick were vacant, does not know how should do. 然而,它们很快就茫然了,不知道该怎么做。 Now biggest problem, actually because they were too strong, because by additional comprehensive, having Comatose can rapidly recover the energy, having Rapid Healing can rapidly restore the injury, has to resist with all one's strength the Monarch strength to let them facing overwhelming majority dangers, besides some special conditions, the training environment in Relic Space, is really also not enough to support them to discipline probably. 现在最大的问题,其实还是因为它们太强了,由于被加点的很全面,有绝对睡眠可以快速恢复体力,有高速愈合可以快速恢复伤势,有力敌君王的实力可以让它们面对绝大部分危险,除了一些特殊环境,遗迹空间内的训练环境,好像还真不足以支撑它们磨练。 Now is not first anxious.” Shi Yu looks to stand in same place, a little does not know four little fellows who should how train said: Several days later, we will go to Imperial Capital University that Hidden Realm of Time.” “现在先不急。”时宇看着站在原地,有点不知道该怎么去训练的四只小家伙道:“过几天,我们会去帝都大学那个时光秘境。” Heard that there environment is bad, Will is weak, psyche does not concentrate, Mind not firm life to be very easy unable to withstand the Power of Time baptism, in other words, there is very good disciplining Will and Mind place, when Ginseng Tot will go to that side Evolution several days later, you first look for the feeling there.” “听说那里环境恶劣,意志薄弱、精神不集中、心灵不坚定的生命很容易承受不住时间之力的洗礼,换句话来说,那里是一个很好的磨练意志心灵的地方,等过几天参宝宝去那边进化时,你们先在那里找找感觉。” yi!!” Ginseng Tot at present one bright, Evolution Evolution. “咿!!”参宝宝眼前一亮,进化进化 Before that compared with counting on to be exercising Overlord's Will fast, might as well Time first spend, in oneself exercise on Super Skill, although Super Skill is more difficult than to promote proficiency Low Grade, mid rank and Advanced Skill, but depending on your foundations, mastery proficiency should be able by to achieve diligently fast.” Shi Yu feels the chin analysis to say. “在那之前,比起指望着快速锻炼出霸主意志,不如把时间先花在自己锻炼超阶技能上,虽然超阶技能低阶中阶高阶技能更难提升熟练度,但是凭你们的基础,精通熟练度应该还是可以靠努力快速达到的。”时宇摸着下巴分析道。 basic mastery this rank, even if not depend on direct in addition, is not unattainable. 入门~精通这个级别,就算不靠直接加点,也并非遥不可及啊。 For example Eleven you, because there is Electric-Type, and Maglev, Charge exercised the pinnacle reason, your lightning rod skill, incessantly basic was by far simple, now should be Proficient Level is right.” “比如十一你,因为有雷系,且电磁悬浮,蓄能闪电都锻炼到了极致的缘故,你的避雷针技能,远远不止入门简单,现在应该是熟练级才对。” Wormie your Realm of Imagination and Dragon of Imagination, were affected by Manifest Illusion , is almost Proficient Level.” “还有虫虫你的空想领域空想之龙,受到虚实幻影的影响,也差不多是熟练级。” Ginseng Tot your Source of Life, followed your Sluggish Healing and Rapid Healing proficiency large scale promotion, the proficiency rank should also be driven to be separated from Basic Level to be right.” 参宝宝你的生命之源,伴随你的缓慢愈合高速愈合熟练度大幅度提升,熟练度等级应该也被带动脱离了入门级才对。” Super Skill can drive Basic Skill proficiency, trades, Basic Skill definitely can also drive Super Skill proficiency, but, the scope definitely will change small, because Super Skill will be more difficult to practice in the future, but without a doubt, will still have the effect! 超阶技能能带动低阶技能熟练度,换过来,低阶技能肯定也能带动超阶技能熟练度,不过,幅度肯定会变小许多,因为超阶技能越往后越难练,但毫无疑问,依然有效果! Therefore Shi Yu was also considering, should before they do not have the means were taught Super Skill, a multi- teaching point and Super Skill compatibility high Basic Skill drives the promotion of Super Skill! Many a little makes a mickle. 所以时宇也在考虑,是不是应该在它们没办法被教导超阶技能之前,多教学一点与超阶技能契合度高的低阶技能来带动超阶技能的提升!积少成多嘛。 In brief then, Eleven you first mainly practice four Super Skill, your four Super Skill can follow the bad practice simultaneously, the efficiency will not lower.” “总之接下来,十一你先主要练习四个超阶技能吧,你的四个超阶技能可以同时循坏练习,效率不会低的。” „After you uses Army Maker to summon 10 Beany Panda, first to Beany Panda attaches the demon Space ability, then attaches the demon to direct the thunder ability with Lightning Rod to them and to oneself, the attraction thunderstorm, later, making them use Spatial Quake to resist the thunderstorm , the thunderstorm can chop them if as expected instantaneously, naturally, you are definitely all right, the thunderstorm will be absorbed in the source of physical strength by you, for exercising Convergence, as the matter stands, four skill circulated “你用凝豆成兵召唤十只豆豆熊后,先给豆豆熊们附魔空间能力,再用引雷针给它们、给自己附魔引雷能力,吸引雷暴,随后,让它们用震空对抗雷暴,不出意外的话,雷暴会瞬间劈死它们,当然,你肯定没事,雷暴会被你吸收到体力之源中,用于锻炼内敛锋芒,这样一来,四个技能就循环好了 Eleven covers mouth with tears, Wormie, Ginseng Tot and Akame also cover mouth with tears. 十一含泪捂嘴,虫虫参宝宝赤瞳也含泪捂嘴。 This is the training method that the capitalist of what rank can want to come out. 这是什么级别的资本家能想出来的训练方法啊。 Bean, bean, Bear! 豆,豆, Wormie your practice is also very simple, practiced Dragon Realization Profound Augmentation quite therefore to exercise two Super Skill simultaneously.” Shi Yu said: Has the words of ample force, can also use Psychokinesis and deterrence.” 虫虫你的练习也很简单,多练习练习画龙点睛奥义就相当于是同时锻炼两个超阶技能了。”时宇道:“有余力的话,可以把念力威慑也用上。” Dragon Realization Profound Augmentation, Wormie attacks Profound Augmentation in light of Realm of Imagination, Dragon of Imagination and other skill strongly. 画龙点睛奥义,是结合空想领域空想之龙技能虫虫最强攻击奥义 To use, must first arrange Realm of Imagination, as the matter stands, the Wormie psyche strength will have the qualitative change, the strength increases, in this case, then uses Dragon of Imagination, obtains Dragon Attribute, strengthens Dragon-Type compatible, Physique increases , then fusion Manifest Illusion and Realm of Imagination, made Divine Dragon Phantom in domain, the main body can perfection fusion have Divine Dragon Phantom to start fatally to the enemy strike. 想使用,需先布置空想领域,这样一来,虫虫精神力会发生质变,实力大增,这种情况下,再使用空想之龙,获得龙属性,增强龙系亲和度,体质大增,随之,再融合虚实幻影空想领域,于领域中制造神龙幻影,本体就能完美融合神龙幻影对敌人发动致命一击了。 This move can accelerate the Divine Dragon speed with Psychokinesis, can twine Phantom with Dragon's Might, if used High-Grade Dragon-Type Equipment in Space Pocket, the might will be higher, is very high difficult to withstand to Eleven, therefore there is Equipment Wormie and does not have Equipment Wormie, is completely two Race. 这一招可以用念力加速神龙速度,可以用龙威缠绕幻影,如果使用了空间口袋中的高级龙系装备,威力会更高,高到十一都很难顶住,所以有装备虫虫和没装备虫虫,完全是两个种族 .” Wormie nods. “唔唔唔。”虫虫点头。 „After Ginseng Tot your Source of Life autonomy, treated will do.” 参宝宝生命之源自残后自己治疗自己就行了。” Ginseng Tot:??? 参宝宝:??? Meaning is, waits for Evolution, now Super Skill are too few.” “意思是,还是等进化吧,现在超阶技能太少了。” Ginseng Tot: QAQ 参宝宝:QAQ Akame also said that gave it to take care of will do Ice Dragon Blade, Akame can through Possession Ice Dragon Blade, use Ice-Type force, at this time, Ice Dragon Phantom in Ice Dragon Blade, will use the frost strength to coordinate Akame Heat Haze, with Sword of Imbrication, this was also exercised Heat Haze and Sword of Imbrication simultaneously. 赤瞳这边也好说,把冰龙之刃交给它保管就行了,赤瞳可以通过附体冰龙之刃,来使用冰系力量,这个时候,冰龙之刃内的冰龙幻影,会使用冰霜之力配合赤瞳阳炎,用出交错之剑,这样也算是同时锻炼了阳炎交错之剑了。 The use of Sword of Imbrication, will bring the harm to the body, and consumption physical ability, Flames of Rebirth of Lingkai Phoenix Sprite condition, restored the flame to solve these extremely, calculated the exercise. 交错之剑的使用,会给身体带来伤害,且极为消耗体能,灵解凤灵状态的再生之炎,恢复之炎解决了这些,也算得到了锻炼。 You use Ice Dragon Blade and Lightning Cutter practice in turn.” Shi Yu was saying to Akame. “你使用冰龙之刃天雷切轮流练习。”时宇对着赤瞳道。 Actually, besides Ice Dragon Blade, Emperor Wu's Relic this nearly three months of Time, Shi Yu they also built other Equipment. 其实,除了冰龙之刃,武帝遗迹这近三个月时间,时宇他们还打造了其他装备 And, Lightning Cutter is after Ice Dragon Blade, the second long sword that Shi Yu they build. 其中,天雷切便是继冰龙之刃之后,时宇他们打造的第二把长剑。 If Ice Dragon Blade is the Ice-Type weapon, then Lightning Cutter naturally was the Electric-Type weapon. 如果说冰龙之刃冰系武器,那么天雷切自然就是雷系武器了。 Still used similar Ice Dragon Blade building method, but Ice Dragon's Whisker this Core, changed into Eleven to give to direct the hardening material of thunder characteristics. 依然是用了类似冰龙之刃的打造方法,但把冰龙之须这个核心,换成了十一赋予引雷特性的硬化物质。 Lightning Cutter, the deep sleep Wormie manufacture Phantom of Eleven, is controlling is directing the thunder switch. 天雷切内部,沉睡着虫虫制造的十一幻影,把控着引雷开关。 In brief, when Akame Possession Lightning Cutter, then can inspire the strength of Heavenly Thunder , coordinating it to use the thunder flame Sword of Imbrication pressure. 总之,当赤瞳附体天雷切的时候,便可以引动天雷之力,配合它使用雷炎交错剑压了。 What a pity, Eleven Spatial Quake proficiency is too low, the nature is also not enough long Time to give, is unable to manufacture the Space weapon, but, a Ice Dragon Blade and Ice Dragon Blade liangs weapon was also enough. 可惜,十一震空熟练度太低,性质还不足以长时间赋予,无法制造空间武器,不过,冰龙之刃把武器也足够了。
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