UB :: Volume #3

#254: Mommy Ice Dragon mother

Icesource City, Pingcheng. 冰原市,平城 Today the Pingcheng association is especially grand. 今天平城协会格外隆重。 The reason is very simple, having the great person must come. 原因很简单,有大人物要来。 Is highest also Master Class a very tiny area in this Beast Master rank, two Legend arrive, inevitably is extremely the matter of stir. 在这个御兽师等级最高也不过大师级的弹丸之地,两位传奇到来,必然是极为轰动的事情。 Pingcheng association. 平城协会。 President Feng and Gym Leader Lin, Lin Xiuzhu and the others obtain the news ahead of time. 冯会长林馆主,林修竹等人早就已经提前得到消息。 Oh, oh.” “唉,唉。” At this time, Gym Leader Lin regrets extremely. 此时,林馆主后悔万分。 Shi Yu this boy, how discovered Iron Eater Overlord Species Evolution Method.” 时宇这小子,怎么就发现食铁兽霸主种族进化方法了呢。” Discovery discovered, why at that time Evolution I not on the scene, I hate.” “发现就发现吧,为什么当时进化时我没在场呢,我恨呐。” Sufficed Lin Xiuzhu to make the father little say. “够了够了林修竹让父亲少说一点。 You almost smiled to pass away at that time obviously, now suspends the face to look at to whom 明明当时你差点笑过世,现在又摆着脸给谁看 Originally Shi Yu is missing for three months, Panda Senior Sister also thinks that Shi Yu had/left what accident/surprise. 本来时宇失踪三个月,熊猫学姐还以为时宇出了什么意外。 But who can think, Shi Yu just had the news, had a more explosive information. 但谁能想到,时宇刚一有消息,就带回来了一个更劲爆的信息。 Archaeology discovered the Iron Eater stable Overlord Species Evolution plan! 考古发现了食铁兽稳定的霸主种族进化方案! This news, directly the dizziness that the Lin Family father and daughter explode. 这个消息,直接把林家父女炸的晕晕乎乎。 Through communication Equipment, Panda Senior Sister has understood the matter of Emperor Wu's Relic from Shi Yu there, even she has arranged the Emperor Wu meal at this time, opened on sold Panda. 通过通讯装备,熊猫学姐已经从时宇那里了解到了武帝遗迹发生的事情,甚至此时她已经安排好了武帝套餐,就等开卖熊猫了。 Why spells? 为什么这么拼? Also is not because understood Iron Eater second evolution from Shi Yu there still expensive as heck. 还不是因为从时宇那里了解到了食铁兽二段进化依然贵的要死 This Wuling's Bai Clan must discuss the cooperation with our Pingcheng, does not know how discussed the law.” “这次武陵白家要和咱们平城谈合作,也不知道是怎么个谈法。” The Old Feng comparison worry said, after all the Pingcheng mass, was too far with the Wuling's Bai Clan difference. 老冯比较担心道,毕竟平城的体量,和武陵白家差太远了。 One is even Top Master no small county city, one is to have Legend, has grasped Emperor Wu's Relic everyone Clan. 一个是连顶级大师都没有的小县城,一个是出过传奇、掌握武帝遗迹的大家 Don't be upset.” Gym Leader Lin is quite calm, said: Shi Yu also has the Breeding Center stock, who suffers a loss, he definitely does not think that suffer a loss.” “不要慌。”林馆主比较淡定,道:“时宇还有饲养基地股份呢,谁吃亏,他肯定也不想自己吃亏。” This cooperation, must be centered on Shi Yu. 这次合作,肯定是要以时宇为中心呀。 President, the person came.” 会长,人来了。” After the moment, Wuling Group arrived at the Pingcheng association, Bai Clan Legend Bai, Wuling association President Bai, Bai Xi this girl, arrived here. 片刻后,武陵天团来到了平城协会,白家白传奇,武陵协会白会长,还有白溪这个丫头,都来到了这里。 In addition, Ancient Metropolis University Old Principal as well as Lu Qingyi, but is accidental/surprised, Shi Yu not with. 除此之外,还有古都大学老校长以及陆青依,不过意外的,时宇没跟来。 Welcome “欢迎欢迎 Sees such big battle formation, President Feng is a little immediately disturbed. 见到这么大阵势,冯会长当即就有点忐忑。 President Feng, Gym Leader Lin and Panda Senior Sister greet the honored guest immediately. 冯会长林馆主熊猫学姐立刻迎接起贵客。 However at this time, after the Panda Senior Sister vision seeks Shi Yu is fruitless, cannot help but looks to own Genius study younger sister, Bai Xi, as well as with same time, is actually called Chosen Girl Lu Qingyi in Ancient Metropolis University, these two 不过此时,熊猫学姐的目光寻找时宇无果后,不由得看向了自己的天才学妹,白溪,以及和自己同期,却在古都大学被称为天之骄女陆青依,这两人 Lu Qingyi and Bai Xi also unexpected discovery this girl's clothes, how look like with the Panda coat that former Shi Yu wears. 陆青依白溪也意外的发现这女孩的衣服,怎么跟以前时宇穿的熊猫外套那么像。 But at the same time. 而与此同时。 Shi Yu has fanned out in two groups with the people, he has no interest in this cooperation, he only wants to look for Grannie Ice Dragon now. 时宇已经跟众人兵分两路,他对这种合作事宜没兴趣,他现在只想去找冰龙奶奶 I must first a person go to and Ice Dragon chat, this matter, the person were many were not good.” “我要先一个人去和冰龙谈谈,这种事,人多了不好。” By this view, Shi Yu went to Ice Dragon Snow Mountain alone. 凭借这个说法,时宇独自前往了冰龙雪山 Speaks the truth as for Shi Yu security problem, the people are not worried very much. 至于时宇的安全问题说实话,众人已经不是很担心。 Ice Dragon Snow Mountain only has King-level Wild Beast, moreover distributes loosely, by the Shi Yu present strength, to any, escapes or does not have the issue. 冰龙雪山只有君王级凶兽,而且分布松散,凭借时宇现在的实力,对上任何一只,逃跑还是没问题的。 Relic Ring Hollowfy ability, with Wormie Space Cloak and Teleport, but is not the ornaments. 遗迹环虚化能力,和虫虫空隐瞬间移动,可都不是摆设。 What is main, this Shi Yu still led the bodyguard. 最主要的是,这次时宇依然带了保镖。 Hasn't arrived?” “还没到吗?” Some Jewel Cat lazy lying down on the flying blanket, to side in Red-Haired Red-Eye Shi Yu of sky flight was saying. 宝石猫慵懒的躺在飞毯上,对着旁边在天空飞行的红发赤瞳时宇道。 Quick.” “快了快了。” Shi Yu sighed. 时宇叹了口气。 He comes out the next day from Emperor Wu's Relic, this cat ran Wuling City. 他从武帝遗迹出来次日,这只猫就跑来武陵市了。 Shi Yu is missing these three months, must say anyone who most suffers hardships, definitely is this fellow. 时宇失踪这三个月,要说最受苦的谁,肯定是这家伙。 After Gemfruit finished eating and could not find Ginseng Tot and Shi Yu, Jewel Cat immediately explodes. 宝石果吃完又找不到参宝宝时宇后,宝石猫当即就炸了。 Three months do not see, were thinner. 三个月不见,消瘦了许多。 This Shi Yu froths over with great difficulty, it is said that anything must depend by Ginseng Tot, harvests several box Gemfruit to walk again. 这次时宇好不容易冒泡,它说什么也要赖在参宝宝旁边,多收获几箱子宝石果再走。 After white Snow Mountain, the blue sky, is cold. 白色的雪山,蓝色的天空,一阵寒冷过后。 Shi Yu they fell on a snow peak placed an upper limit on, in ice snow Remains. 时宇他们落在了一处峰封顶,一处冰遗迹之中。 ying.” 。” Eleven exhausted lying on Shi Yu, such cold place, wants to raise the working zeal, but also is really not that easy. 十一疲惫的趴在时宇身上,这么冷的地方,想提起干劲,还真不是那么容易。 yi.” “咿。” Ginseng Tot also hides in the pocket, rubs the hands to keep warm silently, is pasting with Shi Yu of Possession condition as far as possible. 参宝宝也躲在口袋里,默默搓手取暖,尽可能跟附体状态的时宇贴着。 Since Wormie flies from the Shi Yu shoulder, looks at the biological mother Ice Dragon housing Ice Dragon Relic, a feeling. 虫虫则是从时宇肩膀飞起,看着亲妈冰龙居住的冰龙遗迹,一阵感慨。 Previous time was thrown to recognize mother by Shi Yu, it is Azure Silkbug, but now Evolution, does not know that Ice Dragon also does know it. 上次被时宇扔过来认妈,它还是一条青绵虫,而现在进化了,不知道冰龙还认不认识它。 Was here.” Jewel Cat also jumps down from the flying blanket, the eye is staring at Ice Dragon Relic. “就是这里了吗。”宝石猫也从飞毯上跳了下来,眼睛盯着冰龙遗迹 It heard, Western Giant Dragon likes collecting the treasure, but this only Ice Dragon, lives from the Emperor Shi period, overcame crosses the river mountain, the score may compared with its horizontal sweep Ghost Battlefield, then this only Ice Dragon, could collect one pile of rare gems theoretically? 它听说,西方巨龙都非常喜欢收集财宝,而这只冰龙,又是从时帝时期活下来的,打下过江,战绩可比它横一处亡灵战场强多了,那么理论上来说这只冰龙,有可能收藏着一堆稀有宝石? Was here.” “就是这里了。” Shi Yu spat a hot silk, then looked that said to Eleven, Wormie and Ginseng Tot: I felt, when later we came Ice Dragon Snow Mountain practice and training to be good, here severe environment was very suitable your.” 时宇吐了一口火丝,然后看向了十一虫虫参宝宝道:“我感觉,等之后我们就来冰龙雪山历练就好了,这里严酷的环境还挺适合你们的。” „!!” Although Eleven likes in the normal place training, but is unable to accept. “嗷!!”十一虽然还是喜欢在正常的地方训练,但也不是无法接受。 Actually Wormie and Ginseng Tot, is painstakingly the face, feels in Relic Space the training fragrance. 倒是虫虫参宝宝,则是苦着脸,觉得还是遗迹空间里训练香。 Rumble!! 轰隆隆!! This time, as Shi Yu they arrive, knocks on a door radically uselessly, Remains then vibrates. 此次,随着时宇他们到来,根本没用敲门,遗迹便自己震动起来。 Roar!!!” “吼!!!” The fearful dragon roar, spreads from the world together suddenly, this dragon roars, makes nearby Jewel Cat be startled directly slightly. 一道可怕的吼,忽然从天地间传出,这道吼,直接让旁边的宝石猫微微一怔。 Very powerful 好强 Hateful, does not know when it can step into Totem-Level. 可恶,不知道它什么时候才能踏入图腾级呢。 Contributing money was also too difficult! 攒钱也太难了吧! You guys are finally here!】 你们可算来了!】 In Relic Space, Ice Dragon opens the eye slowly, previous time meets, after Lu Qingyi told it the Mu Huiyin Heroic Spirit present world, it has been waiting for Shi Yu to bring Sword Sprite to come. 遗迹空间内,冰龙缓缓睁开眼睛,上次见面,陆青依告诉它穆徽音英灵现世后,它就一直在等时宇带着剑灵过来。 However this first-grade, waits was too long. 但是这一等,也等的太久了。 Comes in quickly.” Ice Dragon impatient say/way. “快进来。”冰龙迫不及待道。 Space transforms, the change of the seasons, suddenly, Shi Yu they appeared in one completely frozen, Time as if static world. 空间变换,斗转星移,眨眼间,时宇他们出现在了一个完全冰封,时间仿佛静止的世界。 The pinnacle coldness, is the outside several times. 极致的寒冷,是外边的数倍。 After coming, Shi Yu and the others, saw directly lies Hoarfrost Dragon on seal is staring at them. 一进来后,时宇等人,直接就看到了趴在封印上的冰霜巨龙在盯着他们。 Name: Hoarfrost Dragon( special) 名称】:冰霜巨龙(特殊) Attribute: Ice and dragon 【属性】:冰、 Species Tier:??? 种族等级】:??? Growth Level: Totem-Level 成长等级】:图腾级 Energy Value:??? 能量值】:??? At this time, Shi Yu looks at Ice Dragon, Dex appears with seeing the Makros Tortoise same response. 此时,时宇看着冰龙,图鉴出现了跟看到重玄一样的反应。 Because Energy Value of opposite party exceeded the Dex examination upper limit 100 million, does not come out on the examination directly. 由于对方的能量值超过了图鉴的检测上限一亿,直接就检测不出来了。 As for Species Tier normal Ice Dragon is Intermediate Overlord, but this only Ice Dragon, obviously is mutated, it is estimated that is lowest also has Advanced Overlord Race. 至于种族等级正常冰龙中等霸主,但是这只冰龙,明显是变异进化过,估计最低也有高等霸主种族 Un?” “嗯?” At this time, after seeing Shi Yu again them, Ice Dragon complete attention by the Shi Yu attraction of Red-Haired Red-Eye. 此时,再次看到时宇他们后,冰龙的全部注意力都被红发赤瞳时宇吸引。 Because Full/Complete Level Possession will make Shi Yu also obtain the strength of Bloodlines temporarily, therefore on Shi Yu, Ice Dragon felt the Mu Huiyin aura all of a sudden. 由于满级附体会让时宇也临时获得血脉之力,所以在时宇身上,冰龙一下子感受到了穆徽音的气息。 It cannot help but silent. 它不由得沉默了一下。 „Under your can first separate?” The Ice Dragon brow selects. “你们能不能先分开下?”冰龙眉头一挑。 Good ha.” “好哈哈哈。” hears word, Shi Yu decisive relieved Possession with Akame. 闻言,时宇果断跟赤瞳解除了附体 The next quarter, the Phoenix Sprite stance, appeared just like small Phoenix of orange-red flame constitution in the midair. 下一刻,凤灵姿态,宛如橙红火焰构成的小凤凰出现在了半空中。 „After chirp comes out, looks to stare at own Ice Dragon, Akame is nervous, but the instinct felt a kind feeling on Ice Dragon, Icy, wants to paste the post. “啾”出来后,看着盯着自己的冰龙,赤瞳紧张兮兮的,不过本能在冰龙身上感受到了一股亲切的感觉,冰冰的,想贴贴。 At that moment, as Akame reveals true colors, the Ice Dragon vision was more earnest. 当下,随着赤瞳现形,冰龙目光更认真了。 Careful and earnest is staring. 仔仔细细、认认真真的盯着。 Hahahaha!!!” “哈哈哈哈哈哈!!!” However, who knows, in a minute, Ice Dragon with going crazy same laughed, smiled is especially wild. 然而,谁知道,片刻,冰龙就跟发疯了一样大笑,笑的格外猖狂。 Indeed is her Bloodlines.” “的确是她的血脉。” Fog grass Shi Yu and Jewel Cat they have a scare, suddenly how to smile is so abnormal. 雾草时宇宝石猫他们吓了一跳,怎么忽然笑的这么变态。 It seems like, does not seem like sees the long-separated for a long time Beast Master Bloodlines affected and happy laughter radically, but is 看起来,根本不像是见到阔别已久的御兽师血脉感动、高兴的笑声,而是 Chirp small Akame also has a scare, the subconsciousness wants to hide in the Shi Yu body, but discovered oneself had been locked by Ice Dragon. “啾”小赤瞳也吓了一跳,下意识想躲回时宇身体里,但发现自己已经被冰龙锁定。 Ice Dragon stretches out the great claw directly, small Akame that will have a scare hugged itself side, said wildly: Before you made me shout mother, now I decided that must recognize you to make dry/does daughter, before calling you, horizontally I, haha, did you have the opinion??” 冰龙直接伸出巨爪,将吓了一跳的小赤瞳搂到了自己身边,猖狂道:“以前你让我喊妈,现在我决定了,要认你做干女儿,叫你以前横我,哈哈,你们有意见吗??” Then, it looked to Shi Yu. 说完,它看向了时宇 Shi Yu, Jewel Cat, Eleven, Wormie and Ginseng Tot:??? 时宇宝石猫十一虫虫参宝宝:??? fuck, anything with what ghost. 卧槽,什么跟什么鬼。 The expensive/noble, expensive/noble circle is really chaotic! 贵,贵圈真乱! Wormie: Who am I??? 虫虫:那我是谁??? Akame: QAQ??? 赤瞳:QAQ??? This.” Shi Yu compelled directly ignorant, waits, waits, this script is not right. “啊这。”时宇直接就懵逼了,等下,等下,这剧本不对劲啊。 Should not be Ice Dragon has tears streaming down the face, recognizes Akame for the lord, decided that this life follows again, goes through fire or water. 不应该是冰龙泪流满面,认赤瞳为主,决定这一生再次跟随,赴汤蹈火吗。 Why, retaliated meaning to entrain to want directly fully, when Akame mother. 为什么,直接报复意味十足的拽了过去要当赤瞳妈。 Chirp!!!( Saves me!!)” Was being hugged by Ice Dragon, Akame turn head prays for rescue from Shi Yu. “啾!!!(救我!!)”被冰龙搂着,赤瞳回头向时宇求救。 Shi Yu: 时宇:“ Shi Yu starts to speak but hesitates, wants to say anything, but looked that Ice Dragon as if is not very maliciously big, finally can only be silent. 时宇欲言又止,本想说些什么,但看冰龙恶意似乎也没很大,最终只能沉默。 Pale, calm, recognizing mother is also good, you recognized, recognized on province I, having mother is good, the wind blows Rain to hit did not fear, some anything people conduct the shoulder.】 【淡,淡定,认妈也挺好,你认了,就省的我认了,有妈多好啊,风吹打都不怕,什么事都有人扛着。】 Akame:???】 赤瞳:???】 Meow at this time, Jewel Cat a little cannot respond. “喵”此时,宝石猫有点反应不过来。 Shi Yu is braces oneself saying: For a long time does not see, but, this, what is this.” 时宇则是硬着头皮道:“好久不见,不过,这,这是什么意思。” Ice Dragon does not care at all saying: Has what relations, in any case is not oneself, I was happy, how, is not good, you suffered a loss, suffered a loss.” 冰龙毫不在意道:“有什么关系,反正又不是本人,我高兴,怎么,不行吗,你们吃亏了吗,吃亏了吗。” Comes, when my daughter!” It was saying to Akame. “来当我女儿吧!”它对着赤瞳道。 Chirp!!!( Does not want.)” Small Akame changed into the Sword Sprite shape all of a sudden, then Minimize to the pinnacle, changed into the grain of rice size, escaped from the great claw. “啾!!!(不要。)”小赤瞳一下子化为了小剑灵形态,然后缩小到了极致,化为了米粒大小,从巨爪中逃了回来。 „.” Saw that small Akame runs away, Ice Dragon stares, reveals not to have the expression of meaning. “啧。”见到小赤瞳逃走,冰龙一愣,露出没意思的表情。 If before, it will do this definitely will pull out in turn, was stepped on the under foot, that feeling will make Ice Dragon fondly remember very much, what a pity now anything does not have. 如果是以前,它这样做肯定会被反过来抽一顿,被踩在脚下,那种感觉很让冰龙怀念,可惜现在什么都没了。 罢了罢了 Its vision brilliant looks at Shi Yu and the others, particularly said to Shi Yu: Trains well it, if annoys it to be angry, I will not forgive your.” 它目光灼灼的看着时宇等人,尤其是对时宇道:“好好把它培养起来,如果惹它生气,我不会饶过你的。” Shi Yu received Sword Sprite, the numerous nods, said: Naturally, it is like my own daughter, that will definitely look after well 时宇接过小剑灵,重重点头,道:“当然,它就跟我亲女儿一样,肯定会好好照顾的 Akame approves layer on layer/heavily. 赤瞳重重认可。 Ice Dragon: Go away, little occupies the old lady to be cheap.” 冰龙:“滚,少占老娘便宜。” Shi Yu: 时宇:“ After is speechless, Ice Dragon deep sigh tone. 一阵无言后,冰龙长叹口气。 In brief, I can not have departure of regret like this.” It is very satisfied. “总之,这样我就可以没有遗憾的离开了。”它很是满足。 Has not thought before deciding to leave Donghuang, but can also see Beast Master Bloodlines. 没想到在决定离开东煌之前,还能看到御兽师血脉 „, Waited.” At this time, Shi Yu looked suddenly to Ice Dragon. “等,等下。”此时,时宇忽然看向了冰龙 He has not forgotten the trip most vital duty. 他可没忘记此行最重要的任务。 According to traces that Senior Sister Lu provides, Ice Dragon has to leave the trend of Donghuang. 根据陆学姐提供的蛛丝马迹来看,冰龙是有离开东煌的趋向的。 If possible, the association naturally is hopes that Ice Dragon keeps Donghuang, becomes here Guardian God. 如果可能的话,协会自然是希望冰龙留在东煌,成为这里的守护神 „Do you want to leave Donghuang?” Shi Yu asked. “您要离开东煌了吗?”时宇问。 Ice Dragon lowers the head looks like, said: I had not said that strides in Totem, after solving the glacier, I must return to the hometown to have a look.” 冰龙低头看来,道:“我没说吗,跨入图腾,解决冰河后,我要回家乡看看。” „More than 2000 years pass by, although definitely already the people are no longer the same, but after all are place that I was born to grow truly “两千多年过去,虽然肯定已经物是人非了,但毕竟是我真正出生成长的地方 It fondly remembers looked to Western. 它怀念的看向了西方 Emperor Shi hung, that Dragon Hunt definitely also hung, this time went back to be definitely all right.” 时帝都挂了,那个猎龙者肯定也挂了,这次回去肯定没事了。” Listens to thinking aloud of Ice Dragon, Shi Yu to be startled , Aunt Ice Dragon is also because Western Dragon Hunt flees from calamity. 听着冰龙的自言自语,时宇一怔,果然,冰龙大妈也是因为西方猎龙者逃难过来的。 More than 2000 years ago, Western was also born Legendary Beastmaster, is known as Dragon Hunt. 两千多年前,西方也诞生了一位传说御兽师,号称猎龙者。 He the hometown was destroyed by Giant Dragon since childhood, becomes hostile toward Giant Dragon, to revenge, he grows after Legendary Beastmaster, started the death that the war of extinguishing dragon shocks Western, slaughters escaping of escaping, dies Western Giant Dragon, although finally, Dragon Hunt was extinguished by Giant Dragon Clan Totem together kills, but a Giant Dragon Clan also therefore vitality damages severely. 他自幼家乡被巨龙毁灭,变得非常仇视巨龙,为了报仇,他一路成长为了传说御兽师后,发动了震惊西方的灭之战,将西方巨龙屠戮的逃的逃、死的死,虽然最终,猎龙者被巨龙图腾共同灭杀,但是巨龙也因此元气大伤。 At that time, fleeing from calamity Giant Dragon also started to bloom a loose leaf in each region. 那个时候,逃难的巨龙也开始在各地开枝散叶。 That, should go home to have a look, but, you also plan to come back.” Shi Yu asked. “那个,是应该回家看看,不过,您还打算回来吗。”时宇问。 Ice Dragon said: Does?” 冰龙道:“干嘛?” If by some chance Akame thought you “万一赤瞳想您了 Ice Dragon looked to Akame, yes. 冰龙看向了赤瞳,也是哦。 Possibly?” However it responded quickly. “可能吗?”不过它很快反应了过来。 even mother not agrees called, you added that can think me? 连妈都不肯叫,你还说会想我? Comes back to do, here is not worth yearning, your boy does not want to keep Donghuang to work as the goon me, wants to deceive the old lady, no way.” “回来干嘛,这里也没什么值得留恋的了,你小子不就是想把我留在东煌当打手吗,想骗老娘,没门。” Shi Yu: 时宇:“ In brief do not think, later I plan Dragon Palace Town in Legendary to have a look, heard that there provides food to wrap up, welcome Dragon Clan of the world to join, I come Eastern am planned turns to Dragon Palace Town, who thinks that the halfway was grasped by Mu Huiyin.” “总之别想了,之后我打算去传说中的龙宫城看看,听说那里包吃包住,欢迎世界各地的龙族加入,我来东方本来就是打算去投靠龙宫城的,谁想到半路被穆徽音抓了住。” Now is not late, by my present strength, mixes a queen ding-dong should no issue, what is main is heard there to joining Totem is very friendly, will also share final secret to Dragon God domain “不过现在也不晚,以我现在的实力,去混个女王当当应该没什么问题吧,最主要的是听说那里对加入的图腾很友好,还会分享通往龙神领域的最终秘密 Hoarfrost Dragon smiles, said: Turns to there, did not compare to turn to your Donghuang more fragrant, there everyone was Dragon Clan, when definitely is comparing easily and comfortably here.” 冰霜巨龙嘿嘿一笑,道:“去投靠那里,不比投靠你们东煌香多了,那里大家都是龙族,待着肯定比这里安逸。” No matter which the Totem-Level strength goes is a guest. 图腾级战力不管是去哪都是座上宾。 Even if Dragon Palace Town such has several Totem great no Bahai foreign influences, if there is new Totem to join, is affects the huge matter regarding there, Ice Dragon also has no ambition, planned that turns to a jumbo influence on have a comfortable old age. 哪怕是龙宫城这样的拥有数尊图腾的巨无霸海洋势力,如果有新图腾加入,对于那里也是影响巨大的事情,冰龙又没什么野心,打算去投靠一个巨无霸势力安度晚年。 By its strength, was supplied by Dragon Palace Town, with Dragon Palace Town several Totem said that the brother said the younger sister issue is not indeed big. 以它的实力,被龙宫城供起来,跟龙宫城的几尊图腾称兄道妹问题的确不大。 „.” Shi Yu stares. “啊。”时宇一愣。 What?” “啊什么?” Shi Yu: „The issue is, Dragon Palace Town is also Donghuang part.” 时宇:“问题是,龙宫城也是东煌的一部分啊。” Hoarfrost Dragon: „?” 冰霜巨龙:“?” Dragon Palace Town has undergone a turbulence the millenniums ago, has replaced Dragon God, present Dragon Palace Town Dragon God, after was past Emperor Shi, another Legendary the good friend in Beast Master Dragon Emperor, they once had fought side-by-side in addition, Dragon Palace Town Sea Dragon King, was a Donghuang Legendary Beastmaster Lin Feng war beast, the strength reached Totem-Level hundred years ago, Dragon Palace Town most Totem, more or less with some Donghuang relations.” 龙宫城在千年前经历过一次动荡,更换过一次龙神,现在的龙宫城龙神,是当年时帝之后又一位传说中的御兽师龙帝的好友,他们曾并肩作战过除此之外,龙宫城海龙王,也是东煌一位传说御兽师林风的战兽,实力在百年前就达图腾级了,还有龙宫城的大部分图腾,多多少少都跟东煌有些关系。” Now, Donghuang and Dragon Palace Town, are very sturdy ally relations, shares everything.” “现在,东煌龙宫城,是十分牢靠的盟友关系,不分彼此的。” According to Shi Yu knows, The First Department some members, are because has that the relation enters with Dragon Palace Town 时宇所知,第一局的个别成员,就是因为和龙宫城有联系才进入的 Ice Dragon:??? 冰龙:??? Does fuck, have this matter? 卧槽,有这回事? Ice Dragon Time is a little ignorant, the Emperor Shi period, Dragon Palace Town and Donghuang human race, may have no relation. 冰龙时间有点懵,时帝时期,龙宫城东煌人族,可还没什么联系。 That, I and Sea Dragon King relate the iron, its scale faith token, will go to Dragon Palace Town visiting shortly, otherwise, did I recommend for you? When the time comes, we go together.” “那个,我和海龙王关系很铁,还有它的鳞片信物,不久后就会去龙宫城拜访,要不然,我替您引荐一下?到时候,我们一起去。” Does Shi Yu join Dragon Palace Town to be indifferent to Ice Dragon, even, joining was better, the PY net was bigger. 时宇冰龙加入不加入龙宫城无所谓,甚至,加入了更好,PY网更大了。 This.” Hoarfrost Dragon again ignorant. “啊这。”冰霜巨龙再次懵了一下。 Your boy, was not right, said, needed help from me.” Ice Dragon realized is not right. “你小子,不对劲,说,是不是有求于我。”冰龙意识到了不对。 Shi Yu is silent. 时宇沉默。 said that you possibly do not believe that besides you, Akame also mother, but that mother harbors evil intentions doubtful, may cause the damage to Akame, if you can keep Donghuang, I can also feel relieved, Akame am at least bullied 说起来您可能不信,除了您之外,赤瞳还有一个妈,不过那个妈疑似不怀好意,可能会对赤瞳造成伤害,如果您能留在东煌,我也能放心一点,至少赤瞳不会被欺负了 You are cruel enough to daughter to be robbed by others.” “你忍心女儿被别人抢走吗。” It needs a reliable patron now.” “它现在太需要一个可靠的保护神了。” After all, that Immortal Dark Phoenix seems like ominous, is quite fierce, we cannot be victorious “毕竟,那个不死冥凤看起来好凶,好厉害,我们根本打不过
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