UB :: Volume #3

#252 Part 1: The plum opens three-time( 9 k character)

Grandmaster Qujie 曲解大师 Hears this name, Shi Yu has a kind feeling inexplicably. 听到这个名字,时宇莫名有种亲切的感觉。 Is this another region meets the old friend? 这就是他乡遇故人吗? Not is only Shi Yu, accompanies Shi Yu to participate in Advanced Exam Principal Feng and beast ear girl Senior Sister is very sigh with emotion. 不仅是时宇,陪同时宇参加过高级考核封校长兽耳娘学姐也很感慨。 The notch, wasn't this convenient? 哦豁,这不是省事了? Before Grandmaster Qujie did not say, Master License first gave Shi Yu to prepare. 之前曲解大师不是说,大师执照先给时宇预备着吗。 After this time fires off, can the earliest possible time acquire the license, good. 这次打完后可以第一时间拿到执照,不错哇。 Ok that trouble Grandmaster Qujie.” “可以吗那就麻烦曲解大师了。” Shi Yu looked embarrassed to President Bai. 时宇不好意思看向了白会长 President Bai laughs, said: All right, we were the old friends, this minor matter was not anything.” 白会长哈哈一笑,道:“没事,我们是老朋友了,这点小事不算什么。” Wuling City. 武陵市 Just finished eating the food with the Wuling Association Exam Office Grandmasters quite well, the Grandmaster Qujie mood returned to the hotel. 刚刚和武陵协会考核办的大师们吃完饭,曲解大师心情比较不错的回到了酒店。 At this moment, his telephone resounds. 就在这时,他的电话响起。 Old Bai? Matter got through, how to walk suddenly.” 老白?事情办完了吗,怎么突然就走了。” After answering the telephone, Grandmaster Qujie asked. 接了电话后,曲解大师问道。 Because blocked off the flow of news, he does not know obviously the Bai Xi uncle is because the Shi Yu matter left dining together suddenly. 因为封锁了消息,他显然不知道白溪的大伯是因为时宇的事情忽然离开了聚餐。 Haha, quick, Old Qu, your side finished eating.” “哈哈,快了快了,老曲啊,你那边吃完了吗。” Finished eating.” “吃完了。” Me probably needs your Sealing Talent to help slightly busy .” “我这边可能需要你的封印天赋帮个小忙,有空吗。” Carries on Master Examination to Beast Master probably, tests several skills while convenient the limits, his situation is quite special, oneself broke through the Grandmaster Level, beast pet or Commander-level, but beast pet can actually display the King Level strength, you looked at you to have the time.” “大概就是给一个御兽师进行一场大师考核,顺便测试几个技能的极限,他的情况比较特殊,自己突破到了大师级,宠兽还是统领级,但宠兽却能发挥出君王级的战力,你看你有时间吗。” „?” Grandmaster Qujie shows the unexpected expression. “哦?”曲解大师露出意外的表情。 Bai Clan talent. 白家的天才吗。 This situation is quite indeed special. 这种情况的确比较特殊。 Generally, this actually is still Quasi-Master, without King Level beast pet, throughout is Quasi-Master. 一般情况下,这其实依然算是“准大师”,没有君王级宠兽,始终是准大师 But in the President Bai mouth said, the opposite party had the King Level strength, was not ordinary Quasi-Master was so obviously simple, Grandmaster Qujie pondered, perhaps only then Bai Clan body fusion talent, can make Commander-level beast pet display the King Level strength. 白会长口中却说,对方拥有了君王级战力,那么显然不是普通准大师那么简单了,曲解大师思考了一下,或许只有白家合体天赋,才能让统领级宠兽发挥出君王级的实力了。 After all, after Beast Master and beast pet synthesis, the strength will have the qualitative change. 毕竟,御兽师宠兽合体后,实力会发生质变。 Does not have the issue.” Grandmaster Qujie complies directly, this is not his labor of duty, simple, depending on him and Old Bai friendship, this small busy can help. “没问题。”曲解大师直接答应,这不是他的本职工作吗,简单,凭他和老白的交情,这点小忙还是能帮的。 Can make President Bai look for him directly, this person President Bai definitely takes seriously especially 能让白会长直接来找他,这个人白会长肯定格外重视 After the moment . 片刻后。 Emperor Wu's Relic nearby to battlefield. 武帝遗迹附近一处对战场。 The Grandmaster Qujie useless how much time caught up. 曲解大师没用多少时间就赶来了。 And, discovered in the assigned location is waiting for his President Bai and the others. 并且,在指定地点发现了正在等他的白会长等人。 of Grandmaster Qujie besides President Bai also has one group of people as far as eyes can reach. 曲解大师一眼望去除了白会长还有一堆人。 People many also no, but, judged carefully after these person of status, Grandmaster Qujie is a little ignorant. 人多也没什么,但是,仔细判断这些人身份后,曲解大师有点懵。 fuck.” 卧槽。” Bai Clan Legend Bai, Ancient Metropolis University Principal Feng, Lu Qingyi and Bai Xi, also has, fuck, Shi Yu? 白家白传奇,古都大学封校长,陆青依白溪,还有还有,卧槽,时宇 Almost is instantaneous, in the Grandmaster Qujie heart thump, discovered matter is not right. 几乎是瞬间,曲解大师心中咯噔一下,发现了事情的不对劲。 Grandmaster who must inspect? 要考核的大师呢? Legend Bai and Principal Feng, definitely are not, Lu Qingyi and Bai Xi have been Grandmasters, there is King Level beast pet, definitely is not, that 白传奇封校长,肯定不是,陆青依白溪早就是大师了,也有君王级宠兽,肯定也不是,那,那 Besides them, Grandmaster Qujie locked Shi Yu. 除了他们外,曲解大师一眼就锁定了时宇 First is vacant, latter is in the heart disorderly. 先是一阵茫然,后是心中凌乱。 Do not tell him, is Shi Yu this boy! 别告诉他,是时宇这小子! The mother, isn't here Wuling City??? 妈的,这里不是武陵市吗??? I travelled on official business! 我都出差了啊! Why this group of people also here!! 为什么这群人还在这里!! He turns the head subconsciously, but President Bai had discovered him at this time. 他下意识转头,但这时白会长已经发现了他。 Old Qu, why goes, here.” 老曲,干嘛去,我们这里呢。” Grandmaster Qujie: 曲解大师:“ I, my 我,我 Sees that in the Grandmaster Qujie heart sighed. 见状,曲解大师心中一叹。 It seems like could not avoid, after is depressed, he can only have the smile to go to and acquaintances greets. 看来是躲不开了,一阵郁闷后,他只能带着笑容去和熟人们打招呼。 Hahahaha, this is not Principal Feng and Professor Lu, Bai Xi and Shi Yu, you how.” “哈哈哈哈,这不是封校长陆博士,还有白溪时宇吗,你们怎么都在。” Old Master Bai, does not see for a long time.” 白老爷子,好久不见啊。” Grandmaster Qujie.” Shi Yu and other young humanity. 曲解大师。”时宇等年轻人道。 Long time no see.” Legend Bai and Principal Feng with a laugh. “好久不见了。”白传奇封校长笑呵呵的。 The Grandmaster Qujie corners of the mouth twitch looks at President Bai, said: That, that you said object who must inspect.” 曲解大师嘴角抽搐的看着白会长,道:“那个,那个,你说的要考核的对象呢。” Is I, Grandmaster Qujie.” Shi Yu said. “是我,曲解大师。”时宇道。 My TM knows that is you! 我就TM知道是你! In the Grandmaster Qujie heart was foul-mouthed. 曲解大师心中骂骂咧咧。 Your TM is not before over six months, through Professional Exam, three months ago Advanced Exam that passes, how TM 你TM不是半年多以前才通过的职业考核吗,三个月前才通过的高级考核吗,怎么TM又 Also where is not right. 到底又哪里不对劲了。 „Did you break through to the Grandmaster?” After the heart was foul-mouthed, Qujie or toothache asked one. “你突破到大师了?”心中骂骂咧咧过后,曲解还是牙疼的问了一句。 No matter how thinks, is not quite scientific. 不管怎么想,都不太科学。 Shi Yu: Un, used Void Crystal, in addition has other methods to accelerate is very sudden.” 时宇:“嗯,用了一块空晶石,外加有其他方法加速就挺突然的。” Grandmaster Qujie: 曲解大师:“ Below the Grandmaster Level, meditation gets up is quite simple, is easiest to cultivate, so long as is willing to boil stage that the time can break through, Shi Yu uses up the value over a hundred million, and strategic resource that the association controls practices, Grandmaster Qujie does not know that should say what was good. 大师级以下,冥想起来还是比较简单的,在最容易修炼,只要肯熬时间就能突破的阶段,时宇用掉价值上亿,且协会掌控的战略性资源去修行,曲解大师不知道该说什么好了。 He suspected, this crowd of Human Alliance get up, is to frighten to oneself. 他怀疑,这群人联合起来,就是要给自己一个惊吓。 Nearby Lu Qingyi is also good, Bai Xi is also good, absolutely does not have Shi Yu is so luxurious! 旁边的陆青依也好、白溪也好,绝对都没时宇这么奢侈! Therefore what you meant was that does make me give under the Shi Yu inspection???” Grandmaster Qujie painstakingly face. “所以你们的意思是让我给时宇考核下吗???”曲解大师苦着脸。 Do not frighten me! 你们别吓我! Gives him meow young people to inspect, before coming two Legendary Beastmaster? 给他喵一个年轻人考核,至于来两个前传奇御兽师 Principal Feng and Legend Bai, are because gets old Legendary Beastmaster that various reasons retire, Lu Qingyi this girl is Quasi-Legend, President Bai is also the great person of taking constant care of many affairs of sate, do this group of people, come to see the inspection of Shi Yu? 封校长白传奇,都是因为上了年纪、各种原因退休的传奇御兽师,陆青依这丫头是个准传奇,白会长也是日理万机的大人物,这群人,都来看时宇的考核? Because before , twice experiences, must say that this no plot, he does not believe absolutely. 因为前两次经验,要说这次没啥阴谋,他是绝对不信的。 Actually, Shi Yu Master License, I have prepared.” Grandmaster Qujie said. “其实,时宇大师执照,我早就准备好了。”曲解大师道。 President Bai said: „???, Your this anything operates, evil, but this license non- license is not the key point, is mainly asks you to test several skills.” 白会长道:“???,你这什么操作,害,不过这次执照不执照的不是重点,主要是找你来实验几个技能。” The Grandmaster Qujie unclear premonition was more intense. 曲解大师不详的预感更强烈了。 So to be how sudden, had what important matter.” He must ask that understands. “怎么这么突然,是不是又发生了什么大事。”他得问个明白。 Shi Yu said: Also no, was my Iron Eater evolves the Advanced Overlord race, awakened newly three Super Species Skill, everyone needed under the collection the recent beast pet data.” 时宇道:“也没什么,就是我的食铁兽进化到了高等霸主种族,新觉醒了三个超阶种族技能,大家需要收集下新的宠兽数据。” fuck.” Grandmaster Qujie almost jumped. 卧槽。”曲解大师差点蹦了起来。 Ha??? He stared in a big way the eye. 哈???他瞪大了眼睛。 Intermediate Overlord Species Butterfly of Imagination that you, you, your boy meow did not evolve especially few days ago? 你,你,你小子特喵不是前些日子才进化出的中等霸主种族空想之蝶吗? Now comes only Advanced Overlord is meow anything operates especially. 现在又来只高等霸主是特喵的什么操作。 This matter Master Qu you are specialized, should not have the issue, finally above the data must give looks.” Legend Bai said with a smile. “这种事曲大师你是专业的,应该没问题吧,最后数据是要交给上边看的。”白传奇笑道。 Grandmaster Qujie cried suddenly. 曲解大师忽然就哭了。 Always felt oneself were entrained the nest of thieves by President Bai. 总感觉自己被白会长拽进了贼窝。 Can call it above by Legend Bai, that side the headquarters? 能被白传奇称之为上边,总部那边? What situation. 什么情况。 Asked, the issue is not big.” He said. “问,问题不大。”他道。 Under, President Bai, you said a moment ago, Shi Yu beast pet, is Commander-level? Hasn't broken through the king?” “等下,白会长,你刚才说,时宇宠兽,才是统领级?还没突破到君王?” President Bai? 白会长 The Bai Xi uncle does not understand why called suddenly has unfamiliar. 白溪的大伯不明白为什么称呼忽然有生疏了。 However he nods saying: Yes.” 不过他还是点了点头道:“是啊。” What that must inspect is several beast pet?” Grandmaster Qujie asked the most essential question, but also really feared that Shi Yu came the Possession tactic again. “那要考核的是几只宠兽?”曲解大师问出最关键的问题,还真怕时宇再来个附体战术。 On Iron Eater one.” Shi Yu said. “就食铁兽一只。”时宇道。 hears word, Grandmaster Qujie was suddenly calm. 闻言,曲解大师忽然就冷静了。 This.” “这样啊。” That is good 那还行 The general knowledge, the Commander-level single body energy content bottleneck is 200,000, this rule, no one has broken. 常识,统领级单体能量值瓶颈为二十万,这个规律,一直还没人打破过。 Even if the lifeform of Overlord Species, was limited in becoming the length, the energy content is impossible too high. 哪怕是霸主种族的生物,受限制于成长度,能量值也不可能过高。 Even generally Overlord Species Commander-level surpasses 10 10,000 energy value well even. 甚至一般霸主种族统领级超过十万能量值就算是不错的了。 Shi Yu Novenary Black Warmonger becomes the length to be very high, even if surpassed 100,000 steadily, but absolutely is impossible over 200,000. 时宇九黎战兽成长度很高,就算稳稳超过了10万,但也绝对不可能超过20万。 But this, is the Grandmaster Level inspection, in other words, his beast pet, uses One Million Energy Value not to relate casually. 而这一回,是大师级考核,也就是说,他的宠兽,随随便便使用上百万能量值都没关系的。 In this case, selects one, is the energy suppresses, but how also possibly to turn over! 这种情况下,又是一挑一,又是能量压制,还怎么可能翻车! Good.” After wants to be clear, Grandmaster Qujie was suddenly relaxed. “那好吧。”想清楚后,曲解大师忽然轻松了。 The opportunity that old ox, you revenges came, this you can be a teacher to instruct the opposite party ruthlessly.】 【老牛,你报仇的机会来了,这回你能当个老师狠狠指导指导对方了。】 Is Shi Yu, is Iron Eater!】 【又是时宇,又是食铁兽!】 Master Examination!】 大师考核!】 Although King Oxhead is Grandmaster Qujie weakest beast pet, but is actually Grandmaster Qujie initial beast pet, the bilateral relations are best. 牛头兽王虽然是曲解大师最弱的宠兽,但却是曲解大师的初始宠兽,双方关系最好。 Because of the former overturned car accident, this time, Grandmaster Qujie took the lead to think of old ox twice. 因为之前两次翻车事故,这一次,曲解大师率先想到老牛。 This enmity, must report comes back, otherwise affects him and old ox relations. 这仇,必须报回来,不然影响他和老牛的关系。 King Oxhead:???】 牛头兽王:???】 Roar!!!】 【吼!!!】 It is not dry/does. 不干。 【The opposite party 20 10,000 energy value, you can use the complete strength, that is, over 1 million.】 【对方才20万能量值不到,你可以用全部力量,也就是,百万以上。】 In Beast Space, the small snail stares. 御兽空间内,牛牛一愣。 This Beast Master finally not pit? 这次御兽师终于不坑了? The outside world, Grandmaster Qujie restored the smile, is undesirable that has happened more than three times this idiom, he thinks right. 外界,曲解大师恢复了笑容,事不过三这个成语,他认为还是对的。 Before long, several people entered to the battlefield. 不一会儿,几人就进入了对战场内。 Others stop the footsteps, Grandmaster Qujie and Shi Yu step onto the location to stop. 其他人停下脚步,曲解大师时宇走上场地才停下。 At this time, Grandmaster Qujie summoned beast pet. 这时,曲解大师召唤起宠兽 In the location, the dark red roaring flame formation, the huge King Oxhead empty shadow appears slowly, it grasps the battle axe, sharp-eyed earnest. 场地上,深红烈焰形成,巨大的牛头兽王虚影慢慢浮现,它手持战斧,目光锐利认真。 Roar!!!” “吼!!!” This time, Shi Yu looks at big King Oxhead, is startled slightly. 这一次,时宇看着高大的牛头兽王,微微一怔。 Because does not have King Oxhead energy content Gundam / as high as of seal energy 1.31 million, before any, the strength of its even odd change was useless. 因为没有封印能量的牛头兽王能量值高达131万,之前任何一场,它都连零头的力量都没用。 Roar!!” “吼!!” Takes the complete strength, King Oxhead, the expression is quite very bad. 拿着全部的力量,牛头兽王很嗨,表情颇为不善。 This 131 10,000 energy value, can you second I? 这次131万能量值,你能秒我? However, the opposite Shi Yu expression is a little strange. 然而,对面时宇的表情却有点奇怪。 How is King Oxhead! 怎么又是牛头兽王 Grandmaster Qujie as the top Grandmaster, can resist existence of Overlord-level theoretically. 曲解大师作为顶级大师,理论上是能对抗霸主级的存在啊。 Compares his title, this only King Oxhead strength a little insufficiently looks obviously. 相比他的头衔,这只牛头兽王的实力显然有点不够看。 Meanwhile, Shi Yu was a little also worried, it can block Eleven eruption 同时,时宇也有点担心,它能不能挡住十一的爆发 Summoned beast pet.” “召唤宠兽吧。” Good.” “好。” hears word, Shi Yu nods. 闻言,时宇点了点头。 Before the body , the blue space ripples appear, less than one meter small Iron Eater goes out slowly. 身前蓝色空间涟漪浮现,一只一米不到的小食铁兽缓缓走出。 Looks at the volume getting smaller, meets each time shrinks Eleven, the opposite, the Grandmaster Qujie corners of the mouth twitched. 看着体积越来越小,每次见面都缩水一圈的十一,对面,曲解大师嘴角抽搐了一下。 ying chirp.” Eleven notifies the opponent. “嘤嘤嘤。”十一跟对手打了个招呼。 Roar!” King Oxhead stared. “吼!”牛头兽王瞪了回去。 Meanwhile, as Eleven appears, observing Principal Feng and the others of the expression changes slightly. 与此同时,随着十一出现,观战的封校长等人表情微微变化。 By the energy content detector, after Eleven enters the stage, the above digit rapidly is changing. 透过能量值检测器,十一出场后,上面的数字快速的变化着。 , Ten and hundred 个、十、百 195,764?” “十九万五千七百六十四?” As the Eleven energy content determined, Legend Bai called out in alarm one. 随着十一的能量值确定,白传奇惊呼了一声。 fuck. 卧槽 Is this Commander-level beast pet should have the energy content? 这是一只统领级宠兽应该还有能量值? Side, Lu Qingyi, Bai Xi and the others stare slightly. 旁边,陆青依白溪等人都是微微一愣。 Three months ago, the Eleven energy content 110,000, an evolution, is the change so big? 要知道,三个月前,十一的能量值才11万,一个进化,变化这么大? This is any odd value! 这是什么离谱数值! Scratches.” “擦。” In the location, the Grandmaster Qujie ear moves, complexion one black, over 200,000 have not surpassed, but is so high, makes sense. 场地上,曲解大师耳朵一动,脸色一黑,没超过20万是没超过,但真的这么高,像话吗。 This energy content, especially meow was other Overlord Species beast pet one time with Growth Level! 这能量值,都特喵是其他同成长等级霸主种族宠兽一倍了吧! He understands directly why Shi Yu said Iron Eater had the King Level strength. 他直接就明白为什么时宇食铁兽君王级战力了。 Because of Iron Eater Super Species Skill Convergence, is extremely high to the capacity usage ratio. 因为食铁兽超阶种族技能内敛锋芒,对能量利用率极高。 Can take the severe wound as the price, exceeds the body withstands the limit erupts the complete strength as well as stores up in the source of physical strength extra strength, displays several times strength shortly! 可以以重伤为代价,超越身体承受极限的爆发自身全部力量以及储存在体力之源的额外力量,短暂发挥出数倍战力! However 不过 Fortunately, is still very big with the King Oxhead disparity. 还好,和牛头兽王的差距依然很大。 That doesn't, with use King Oxhead seal part of strengths?” “那个,用不用牛头兽王封印一部分力量?” Grandmaster Qujie asked. 曲解大师问道。 After all, this inspection can Shi Yu their demands be a lord. 毕竟,这次考核得以时宇他们的需求为主嘛。 The King Oxhead energy seal to 1 million, him feels no. 牛头兽王的能量封印到100万,他觉得没什么。 King Oxhead:??? 牛头兽王:??? Go away. 滚啊。 Does not need not to use “不用了不用了 At this time, Shi Yu flexure the cheeks, said: Words said, our skill is tests , manifests in the fight inspection, finally makes the data summary.” 这时,时宇挠了挠脸颊,道:“话说,咱们技能是一个一个测试,还是,在战斗考核中体现,最后再做数据总结。” Actually I felt that its three new skill, supports is not suitable to demonstrate alone, must depend on Combination Technique to display the complete tactical value in the fight.” “其实我感觉它的三个新技能,都挺不适合单独展示的,要在战斗中靠组合技才能发挥出全部战术价值。” Puts out to come to see alone perhaps there is no, but combines, to fight the king.” “单独拿出来看或许没什么,但组合起来,可战君王。” Grandmaster Qujie said: You are optional, our we are good.” 曲解大师道:“你随意,我们我们都行。” Legend Bai, Principal Feng and the others also nod. 白传奇封校长等人也是点头。 Doesn't worry, the time is very long, today some are the time. 不着急不着急,时间很长,今天有的是时间。 This fight, in people opinion, the victory and defeat is not the key point. 这场战斗,在众人看来,胜负不是重点。 Also no one thinks that Shi Yu can win. 也没人想时宇能赢。 The key point is to test three engraved inscription Novenary Black Warmonger potential and strength! 重点是测试三铭文九黎战兽的潜力、战力! The synthesis fight, the sole test, must conduct! 综合战斗,单一测试,都是要进行的! However, although the Iron Eater energy content is indeed high, but with surpassing a oneself big rank, the energy content is six times of objects is the challenge opponent, really appropriate. 不过,虽然食铁兽的能量值的确高,但拿超出自己一大级别,能量值是自己六倍的对象做挑战对手,真的合适吗。 If the opponent is not suitable, when the skill shows will also be soundless. 如果对手不适合,技能展现时也会蹑手蹑脚的。 Ok, that starts.” “行,那就开始吧。” Shi Yu nods, has prepared for has directed Eleven to fight. 时宇点了点头,已经做好了指挥十一大战一场的准备。 Come, making me have a look, you now become strong.” “来,让我看看,你们现在变得有多强。” Roar!!!” “吼!!!” King Oxhead raised the axe, at this time, most wants to go all out one, was it. 牛头兽王提起斧子,此时,最想大干一场的,莫过于它了。 Beast Master, does attractively, after this time won, Grandpa ox my anything listens your. 御兽师,干得漂亮,这次赢了后,牛爷爷我啥都听你的。 You said that how finally can.” “你们说,结果会怎样。” The auditorium, Principal Feng and the others sit is pondering. 观众席,封校长等人坐着思考着。 Shi Yu this fellow, mysterious very much, has not disclosed Iron Eater new skill 时宇这家伙,神秘的很,一路都没透露食铁兽的新技能 Is the powerful skill? 到底是多强大的技能? Can make Shi Yu trust, even thinks that can jump the ranks to challenge King Level beast pet 能让时宇这么信赖,甚至认为可以越级挑战君王级宠兽 „, I do not believe in any case.” Legend Bai hehe, said: I feel, perhaps this boy has not experienced beating mercilessly mostly, the inflation.” “啧,反正我是不怎么信。”白传奇嘿嘿了一下,道:“我觉着,或许这小子多半是没经历过毒打,膨胀了。” „The Advanced Overlord race I have to see, wants to depend on Super Skill to jump the ranks the challenge established king difficulty in Commander-level to be very big.” 高等霸主种族我也不是没见过,想在统领级靠着超阶技能越级挑战老牌君王难度很大。” He has Advanced Overlord race beast pet, thinks, even if fit in Commander-level and this/should beast pet, is very difficult to jump the ranks the fight. 他自己就有高等霸主种族的宠兽,自认为哪怕是在统领级和该宠兽合体,也很难越级战斗。 This missed 1 million magnitudes, was not several hundred thousand! 这可是差了百万量级,不是几十万! Iron Eater has not arrived at the King Oxhead energy odd change! 食铁兽牛头兽王的能量零头都没到! I believe actually, should.” Bai Xi licked the lip. “我倒是认为,应该可以。”白溪舔了舔嘴唇。 Legend Bai:??? 白传奇:??? Has you to wreck the grandfather event. 有你这么砸自家爷爷场子的吗。 Why?” “为什么?” „It is not good, Iron Eater drill ground in me!!” Bai Xi at this moment as if Panda Senior Sister Possession. “强不好吗,食铁兽的练兵场可是在咱家!!”白溪此刻仿佛熊猫学姐附体 During the people discussions, in the location, Grandmaster Qujie sees Shi Yu they not to move, preemptive! 众人讨论间,场地上,曲解大师时宇它们迟迟未动,先发制人! Also is inaccurate. 也并不准确。 both sides should make a move together. 双方应该是共同出手的。 Just, a Grandmaster Qujie side, was King Oxhead erupts the deterrent. 只不过,曲解大师一方,是牛头兽王爆发出来了威慑。 But a Shi Yu side, is Shi Yu acts! 时宇一方,则是时宇出手的! Everyone's vision gawked, looks to the Shi Yu hand. 大家的目光一愣,看向了时宇手中。 Sees only Shi Yu to spread out the hand, above is placing ten black board game piece same metal balls. 只见时宇摊开手,上面摆放着十粒黑色的棋子一样的金属球。 Shi Yu throws the appearance ground of ten metal beans directly. 时宇直接把十粒金属豆扔到了场地上。 The next quarter, the black metal bean seed seems to be same, absorbs the nutrient fast, the white light lingers the growth evolution for one another with Eleven exactly the same small Iron Eater. 下一刻,黑色的金属豆仿佛种子一样,快速吸收外界养分,白光萦绕成长进化为了一只又一只和十一一模一样的小食铁兽 Their probably each, has 40,000 over energy contents. 它们大概每一只,都有着四万出头的能量值。 ying chirp.” “嘤嘤嘤。” This crowd of Beany Panda regarding Eleven, group ying gather together. 这群豆豆熊们围绕十一,群嘤荟萃。 A side, is the oppressive vegetable/dish masterstroke/divine skill deterrent, the clear mixed fish, a side, made one pile of mixed fish specially. 一方,是虐菜神技威慑,专清杂鱼,一方,偏偏制造出来了一堆杂鱼。 This flash, the people a little cannot respond very much obviously. 这一瞬间,很显然众人有点反应不过来。 Roar!!!!” “吼!!!!” However in a flash, as King Oxhead bellows, the flame deterrent of eruption blots out the sky sweeps across, quick, the people complexion changes. 不过转瞬,随着牛头兽王大吼,爆发的火焰威慑铺天盖地的席卷起来,很快,众人面色微变。 King Oxhead expression fierce and brutal, gets angry to be howling, the heat wave of whole body starts to sway, the red deterrent of substantializing, makes the location directly red, the deterrent of Master Level just like changes into flame dragon scroll, the twinkling swallows to go toward the opponent! 牛头兽王表情凶暴,怒嚎起来,周身的热浪开始摇晃,实质化的红色威慑,直接让场地变得通红,完美级的威慑犹如化为火焰龙卷,瞬息向着对手吞噬而去! However, facing this together powerful skill, the strength that opposite Eleven only small panda displays, makes the people astonished directly. 然而,面对这样一道强大的技能,对面十一小熊猫展现的力量,却直接让众人惊愕。 ying chirp.” “嘤嘤嘤。” Group ying gathers together, in the location, Eleven only small Iron Eater, the whole body the golden light lingers immediately , their golden light produce the resonance, changed into a huge golden domain to cover them. 群嘤荟萃间,场地上,十一只小食铁兽,全身立刻金光萦绕,紧接着,它们身上的金光产生共鸣,化为了一个庞大的金色领域笼罩了它们。 Bang! 轰! The domain of gold/metal just like a giant illusory city, impregnable, jumps is shooting the astonishing brilliance, the golden arrogance is dazzling, Panda King Eleven stands in the center, Iron Defense of Pinnacle rank is inspiring ten small Iron Eater Expert Level Iron Defense, put forth the regiment resonance technique directly! 金之领域宛若一座巨大的虚幻城池,牢不可破,迸射着惊人的光辉,金色气焰耀眼无比,熊猫王十一站立于中心,技进乎道级别的固若金汤引动着十只小食铁兽精通级固若金汤,直接使出了军团共鸣技! Instant that the deterrent and Iron Defense collide mutually, a remarkable appearance. 霎那,威慑与固若金汤相互碰撞,惊人的一幕出现。 Under the protection of Castle of Gold, let alone by ten Beany Panda Soliders protections in central Panda King Eleven, ten small and weak Beany Panda, facing the perfection deterrent of King Level beast pet, was returned safe and sound even unexpectedly! 金之城池的守护下,别说是被十只豆豆熊士兵守护在中心的熊猫王十一了,就算是十只弱小的豆豆熊,面对君王级宠兽完美威慑,竟然都毫发未伤! Because of the intense deterrent, is bumping into Iron Defense, directly bang disappears. 因为强烈的威慑,在碰到固若金汤,直接“轰”的一声泯灭。 How possibly!” “怎么可能!” Roar!!” “吼!!” Sees this, Grandmaster Qujie and King Oxhead stares the big eye. 见到这一幕,曲解大师牛头兽王瞪大眼睛。 fuck. 卧槽 This TM anything. 这TM什么啊。
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