UB :: Volume #3

#251: Mechanical institute and Forbidden Zone of the Gods

Wuling City center, Emperor Wu's Relic. 武陵市中心,武帝遗迹 A long blockade line that Royal Beasts Unit establishes here package solid. 御兽兵团建立的一道长长的封锁线将这里包裹的严严实实。 After all inside possibly has a totem. 毕竟里面可能存在一尊图腾。 Although said that does not seem like the hostile totem, but if, if when the time comes comes out, the trouble was big. 虽然说看起来不像敌对图腾,但万一呢,到时候如果出来,麻烦就大了。 This whole life, does not have such heart stops up.” “这辈子,从没这么心塞过。” The Bai Xi uncle, Commander Bai is looking in the blockade line, sighed unceasingly. 白溪的大伯,白团长望着封锁线里面,不断叹气。 At present, although Donghuang Forbidden Weapon has locked Emperor Wu's Relic, but in this geographical position, if with the totem battle, kills the enemy 1000 to damage 800 purely. 目前,虽然东煌禁忌武器已经锁定了武帝遗迹,但在这种地理位置如果和图腾交战,纯粹杀敌一千自损八百。 The totem of totem area, the totem in human country, regarding a threat of country, is completely two ranks, after all no country wants economic development good the area in own national territory to put in Forbidden Weapon. 图腾区的图腾,人类国家内的图腾,对于一个国家的威胁,完全是两个级别,毕竟没有国家想在自己国土内经济发展不错的地区投放禁忌武器 White Commander Bai,” “白白团长,” Vestige had the response!!!” “遗迹有反应了!!!” When Commander Bai daily patrol, suddenly, a voice of soldier attracted him, immediately makes him stare the big eye. 白团长日常巡逻时,忽然,一个士兵的声音吸引了他,顿时让他瞪大眼睛。 What did you say?!!” “你说什么?!!” After the moment, under the gazes of over a hundred Royal Beasts Unit soldiers, nine column transmission regions, as a white light flashes through, the body hangs four beast pet forms to reappear slowly. 片刻后,在上百御兽兵团士兵的注视下,九柱传送区域,随着一道白光闪过,身上挂着四只宠兽的身影缓缓浮现。 At this time, sees this form, all soldiers were shocked, they have tears streaming down the face immediately, this was not they looked for nearly three months of Shi Yu. 此时,看到这个身影,所有士兵都愣住了,他们顿时泪流满面,这不就是他们找了近三个月的时宇吗。 It seems like this unlucky star, has not hung! 看起来这个灾星,没挂! Is the good deed. 是好事。 Explained that inside totem is not hostile. 说明里面的图腾不是敌对的。 Shi Yu!!!” After discovering Shi Yu comes out, the Commander Bai wind speed arrived in the blockade line, outside transmitting the region is gazing at him. 时宇!!!”发现时宇出来后,白团长风速来到了封锁线内,于传送区域外注视着他。 That just came out, Shi Yu sees this battle formation, immediately was clear what's the matter. “那个”刚刚一出来,时宇一见这阵势,顿时明白了怎么回事。 He cannot help but shows the embarrassed expression, said: That, laborious 他不由得露出不好意思的表情,道:“那个,各位辛苦了 At this time what inside totem Commander Bai most cares is this. “里面的图腾白团长此时最关心的是这个。 After Shi Yu is slightly silent, said: died probably probably.” 时宇微微沉默后,道:“大概大概死了吧。” His these two months, have not succeeded to relate Makros Tortoise again, the coming out time also want to Makros Tortoise saying that is coming, but has not been responded. 他这两个多月,再也没成功联系到重玄,出来时候也想跟重玄说一声来着,但也没得到回应。 According to Makros Tortoise said, this time it estimated used own race talent rebirth. 按照重玄自己所说,这时候的它估计使用自己的种族天赋重生去了。 Mother, did you extinguish the totem?” Commander Bai one startled one for the first time. “妈的,你把图腾灭了?”白团长一惊一乍。 People:??? 众人:??? Shi Yu:??? 时宇:??? Your this what is noisy the circuit. 你这什么闹回路。 Many soldiers look own senior official, a dumbness, said always and pig class beast pet fit 众多士兵看着自己长官,一阵无言,都说了不要总是和猪类宠兽合体了 A Shi Yu face heavy line, said: How possibly.” 时宇一脸黑线,道:“怎么可能。” Then, Shi Yu received the strictest care. 接下来,时宇受到了最严格的关心。 Almost does not have after a while, Legend Bai, President Bai and Bai Xi, these two months have treated in Principal Feng and Lu Qingyi that Wuling City does not have come. 几乎没过一会儿,白传奇白会长白溪,还有这两个月一直待在武陵市没走的封校长陆青依都来了。 They saw a Shi Yu not matter came out, immediately is pleasantly surprised extremely. 他们见到时宇没有一点事的出来了,顿时惊喜万分。 Is all right well.” Principal Feng laughs. “没事就好。”封校长笑哈哈的。 Good, not to have lacked arm few legs.” Bai Xi shakes the fist. “好耶,没缺胳膊少腿。”白溪挥拳。 Lu Qingyi shows a faint smile, has not said anything. 陆青依微微一笑,没说什么。 Looks at present Legend Bai, Principal Feng, Lu Qingyi and Bai Xi, a Shi Yu silence. 看着眼前的白传奇封校长陆青依白溪,时宇一阵沉默。 Saw that so many people care about themselves, he is a little also disturbed. 见到这么多人关心自己,他也有点忐忑。 Oneself are missing this for nearly three months, the mighty waves that it is estimated that causes are big, he has expected in inside. 自己失踪这近三个月,估计引起的波澜不小吧,他在里面已经预料到了。 For does not make everyone discuss itself, Shi Yu can only the fast transfer topic, say: I am all right, but I had the important matter to say.” 为了不让大家讨论自己,时宇只能快速转移话题,道:“我没事,不过我有重要的事情要说。” I in inside, some big discoveries, archaeology big discovery.” “我在里面,有大发现,考古大发现。” Before long, the relevant source gathers completely. 不一会儿,相关人士全部聚集。 In a room, Shi Yu, Legend Bai, Principal Feng and Senior Sister Bai and Senior Sister Lu, Wuling City President Bai, several people sat one in abundance. 一间房间内,时宇白传奇封校长白陆两位学姐,还有武陵市白会长,几个人纷纷坐到了一起。 Seeing Shi Yu is so dignified, facial expression is so complex, their several were also done quite attaches great importance, temporarily shifts from Shi Yu the attention to the matter that on Shi Yu soon must say. 时宇这么凝重、神情这么复杂,他们几个也被搞得颇为重视,暂时把注意力从时宇身上转移到时宇即将要说的事情身上。 Matter a little complex “事情有点复杂 Emperor Wu's Relic has the mutation, you were transmitted, but I stayed behind , because inside Relic Space deep place dwells a totem, but this totem its real status 武帝遗迹之所以发生异变,你们之所以被传送出去,而我被留下,是因为里面的遗迹空间深处栖息一尊图腾,而这只图腾它的真实身份 Is Emperor Wu beast pet, Makros Tortoise.” “是武帝宠兽,重玄。” Shi Yu opens the mouth slowly, his words fall, immediately, Principal Feng and Lu Qingyi and the others the pupil shrinks. 时宇缓缓开口,他话一落,顿时,封校长陆青依等人瞳孔一缩。 fuck.” Legend Bai is direct. 卧槽。”白传奇直接傻眼。 In heavy heavy Makros Tortoise legend that only then the totem of turtle bloodlines??” “重重玄传说中那只有神龟血脉的图腾??” Under, I remember that at that time you scolded the turtle , because this stayed behind.” “等下,我记得当时你骂了乌龟,是不是因为这个被留下的。” Shi Yu: 时宇:“ How possibly.” “怎么可能。” The Shi Yu fast explanation, said: Actually, on that day my guess is right, Emperor Wu's Relic indeed is Emperor Wu drill ground that to train the Iron Eater regiment constructs . Moreover, is the Makros Tortoise construction.” 时宇快速的解释起来,道:“其实,那天我的猜测是对的,武帝遗迹的确是武帝为了训练食铁兽军团建造的练兵场,而且,正是重玄建造的。” In, indeed is depositing the Iron Eater second evolution secret.” “里面,也的确存放着食铁兽二段进化的秘密。” Because I and Eleven the performance in Glory Arena was too outstanding, triggered the reward mechanism of trial facility directly, Makros Tortoise is also therefore awakened.” “因为在威临台我和十一的表现太优秀了,直接触发了试炼设施的奖励机制,重玄也因此被惊醒。” The people somewhat are all of a sudden absent-minded. 众人一下子有些恍惚。 Especially Legend Bai, President Bai and the others. 尤其是白传奇白会长等人。 Their how many stare the big eye, fuck, but also really made then Shi Yu ignorant/veiled right?? 他们几个瞪大眼睛,卧槽,还真让当时的时宇蒙对了?? This luck, Too fucking was good. 这个运气,也太他娘好了吧。 Later.” Bai Xi cannot bear ask. “之后呢。”白溪忍不住问。 I contacted Makros Tortoise, understood some history of losing.” “我接触到重玄了,也了解到了一些遗失的历史。” For example, Emperor Wu dynasty has a powerful Iron Eater regiment.” “比如,武帝王朝有一支强大的食铁兽军团。” For example, Emperor Wu oneself also contract has powerful Iron Eater.” “比如,武帝本人也契约有一只强大的食铁兽。” For example, Emperor Wu because of dies with -and-a-half god level totem wars.” “比如,武帝是因为和一尊半神级图腾大战而死。” For example, Iron Eater real evolution to the Overlord Species method!” “比如,食铁兽真正的进化到霸主种族的方法!” Shi Yu each few words, make in the people heart shake, Bai Clan is the Emperor Wu fans, but Principal Feng and Lu Qingyi take the archaeologist, naturally also highly cares to these, they cannot help but turn very quiet, calmly listens to Shi Yu to say. 时宇每一句话,都让众人心中一震,白家上上下下都是武帝的粉丝,而封校长陆青依作为考古学家,自然也对这些非常在意,他们不由得屏住呼吸,静静听着时宇说道。 In brief, because I was too outstanding, Makros Tortoise could not bear suddenly, looked for me directly, helping my family Eleven complete the evolution.” “总之,由于我太优秀了,重玄一时间没忍住,直接把我找了过去,帮助了我家十一完成了进化。” Evolution Materials many that pitifully, inside deposits my Iron Eater only evolved the Advanced Overlord race with the help of Makros Tortoise, half of potential after including evolution has not arrived completely.” “可惜,里面存放的进化材料不多我的食铁兽只在重玄的帮助下进化到了高等霸主种族,连完全进化后的一半潜力都没到。” People:???? 众人:???? When we make the question mark, is not we have the issue, but thinks you have the issue. 当我们打出问号,不是我们有问题,而是认为你有问题。 Damn logical expression? 他妈的人话? Did the Advanced Overlord race put in great inconvenience to you? 高等霸主种族委屈你们了? President Bai and Bai Xi eyes were red directly. 白会长白溪直接就眼红了。 Others had Overlord Species beast pet to be honored as the capital of legend, you one pile, makes sense now. 人家有一只霸主种族宠兽都被誉为传奇之资了,你现在一堆了,像话吗。 Also puts is being a pity. 还搁着可惜呢。 Principal Feng said: You stayed for two months in inside, to evolve? That, that heavy, Makros Tortoise??” 封校长道:“你在里面待了两个月,就是为了进化?那,那重,重玄呢??” Shi Yu said: „It is not, evolution a while was good, the key is the Makros Tortoise senior is seriously injured, to falling from the sky is not far, this time pure broken is because we regain consciousness accidentally/surprisingly it are Ruins Master, is closely linked with the stability of vestige, if we have not judged wrong, it should fall from the sky now, after this, Relic Space stabilizes slowly, we can come out 时宇道:“不是,进化一会儿就好了,关键是重玄前辈受了重伤,离陨落不远了,这次纯碎是因为我们意外苏醒它又是遗迹之主,跟遗迹的稳定性息息相关,如果我们没判断错,它现在应该陨落了,这之后,遗迹空间才慢慢稳定下来的,我们才得以出来 People:???? 众人:???? „Did Makros Tortoise die??” Legend Bai compelled ignorant, vision blasting open, fuck, how can die. 重玄死了??”白传奇懵逼了,目光炸裂,卧槽,怎么能死呢。 Principal Feng and Lu Qingyi they are opening the mouth slightly, wants saying that anything actually does not know said what good. 封校长陆青依他们微微张着嘴巴,想说什么却不知道说什么好。 Shi Yu said: Naturally may also not die, it is said the hopes of some own also rebirths, but needs several hundred years of 时宇道:“当然也有可能没死,它说自己还有重生的希望,不过需要几百年时间 Several people of facial colors change again. 几人面色又再次变化。 With dying had the difference. 跟死了有区别吗。 Then, Shi Yu more careful and opposite party said Emperor Wu, Makros Tortoise and Meteorum matter. 接下来,时宇更加细致的和对方说了武帝重玄陨犴的事情。 Hearing Emperor Wu dynasty is depends on does the Overlord Species Iron Eater regiment that half god Meteorum has, the people somewhat are suddenly vacant. 听到武帝王朝就是靠着干半神陨犴拥有的霸主种族食铁兽军团,众人一时间有些茫然。 This biggest harvest, should find the Iron Eater Overlord Species evolution plan.” Shi Yu earnest say/way. “这次最大的收获,应该就是找到了食铁兽霸主种族进化方案。”时宇认真道。 „, Most main Evolution Materials, is the Meteorum fragment.” “其中,最主要的进化材料,就是陨犴碎片。” Although can also achieve the effect of evolution by other rare Rank 8 metals, but I checked, these metals are not the non- renewable resource, has vanished on the historical arena, is the birth condition is difficult, under the quantity are extremely small, compares, the Meteorum fragment, perhaps is the only stability evolution channel.” “虽然靠其他稀有的八级金属也能达成进化的效果,但我查了,那些金属不是属于不可再生资源,已经消失在历史舞台,就是诞生条件困难无比,数量极少,相比较下,陨犴碎片,或许是唯一的稳定进化渠道。” Meteorum fragment 陨犴碎片 A Principal Feng brow wrinkle, fell into the ponder. 封校长眉头一皱,陷入了思考中。 In other words, Emperor Wu almost quite therefore perishes together with Meteorum, but Meteorum not necessarily was thorough President Bai to be dignified. “也就是说,武帝几乎相当于是跟陨犴同归于尽的,但是陨犴不一定彻底死了白会长凝重。 Is because has conducted the fight with Meteorum, therefore Emperor Wu can take its body fragment stable cultivation Iron Eater second evolution shape “就是因为和陨犴进行过战斗,所以武帝才能拿它身体碎片稳定的培育出食铁兽二段进化 Un, actually Makros Tortoise also gave me together the Meteorum fragment, but the issue is, it is said that with this thing, certainly will stare by Meteorum, that Shi Yu said: Therefore you understood.” “嗯,其实重玄也给了我一块陨犴碎片,但问题是,它说用了这个东西,一定会被陨犴盯上,那个时宇道:“所以你们理解了吧。” Legend Bai, Principal Feng, Lu Qingyi and Bai Xi expression gradually enriches. 白传奇封校长陆青依白溪的表情逐渐丰富起来。 You stabilized lonely!!! 你这是稳定了个寂寞啊!!! The ordinary totem and top totem, half god half god that is stands erect existence in totem apex, looks it to trouble? 普通图腾、顶级图腾、半神半神那是屹立于图腾顶点的存在,去找它麻烦? Even if the stable Overlord Species evolution channel is important, the price of but gaining was too still big a point. 就算稳定的霸主种族进化渠道至关重要,但获取的代价也太大一点了吧。 What is actually most essential, Meteorum now not necessarily is the most flourishing condition, after all wants to resurrect the estimate to need the huge energy, if it remains, certainly is restoring the strength in some place, perhaps now the strength of ordinary totem does not have continually, this is most essential.” “其实最关键的是,陨犴现在不一定是全盛状态,毕竟想复活估计需要庞大能源,如果它还存在,一定是在某个地方恢复着力量,说不定现在连普通图腾的实力都没有,这个才是最关键的。” Moreover corrects, perhaps is not the stable Overlord Species evolution plan, but is the accurate Mythical Species evolution plan, the Meteorum fragment that because uses it is said are more, evolution potential bigger “而且纠正一下,或许不是稳定的霸主种族进化方案,而是准神话种族进化方案,因为据说用到的陨犴碎片越多,进化潜力越大 People: 众人: „One side in brief, hits the Meteorum idea first to put, if I used Meteorum fragment it if hits, I should be all right.” Shi Yu mew mew asked quietly: Can use.” “总之,打不打陨犴主意先放一边,如果我用了陨犴碎片它如果打过来,我应该没事吧。”时宇悄咪咪问:“能用吗。” As Shi Yu said, the people were also silent. 随着时宇说完,众人又沉默了。 The Legend Bai headache said: You may have the extraordinary news.” 白传奇头痛道:“你可带回来了了不得的消息啊。” The archaeologist is really the matter compels, their Wuling City used dozens years of vestige trifling thing not to have, Shi Yu came one pile of matters. 考古学家果然都是事逼,他们武陵市用了几十年遗迹屁事没有,时宇一来一堆事。 If Meteorum, because this matter runs Donghuang, instead the matter is not puzzled, perhaps then it leaves degenerates into the renewable resource is not far.” Principal Feng said. “如果陨犴因为这种事跑来东煌,反而事情就没那么纠结了,那它恐怕离沦为可再生资源不远了。”封校长道。 Bai Xi said: In other words, initiative choice whether must because of the stable Overlord Species channel, but annoying a lifeform of doubtful half god is very difficult, needs to consider the gain or loss.” 白溪道:“也就是说,主动抉择是否要因为稳定的霸主种族渠道而惹上一尊疑似半神的生物很困难,需要考虑利益得失。” Instead, if it attacks on own initiative, that didn't need to intertwine?” “反而,如果它自己主动攻过来,那就不用纠结了?” Legend Bai said: Probably is this meaning, this was makes war the difference that and was forced on own initiative to counter-attack.” 白传奇道:“大概就是这个意思,这算是主动开战和被迫反击的区别了。” Makes war on own initiative this matter to a totem area totem, at least needs to undergo the domestic most legends and high-level nods to be good, our Donghuang war party actually few.” “向一尊图腾区图腾主动开战这种事,起码需要经过国内大部分传奇、高层点头才行,我们东煌主战派其实还是很少的。” Moreover, today we can destroy completely Meteorum for the resources, then might also make a move to other totem tomorrow, if causes among the totem also to form the alliance is not good.” “而且,今天我们可以为了资源灭掉陨犴,那么明天也有可能对其他图腾出手,如果导致图腾之间也组成联盟就不好了。” We for deterring the Forbidden Machine quantity of totem are limited, if makes war massively, instead is disadvantageous to us.” “我们用于威慑图腾的禁忌机械毕竟数量有限,如果大规模开战,反而对我们不利。” Looking at it like this, is the fishing law enforcement instead the optimal choice?” Bai Xi. “这样看来,钓鱼执法反而是最优选择?”白溪 Lu Qingyi: „The premise is Meteorum really gruff running over, but how wants is not not possible.” 陆青依:“前提是陨犴真的憨憨的跑过来,但怎么想也不可能。” At this time, listening to people's discussion, Shi Yu to feel at ease. 此时,听着众人的讨论,时宇一阵心安。 Legend Bai said: Wanted me saying that can first investigate the Meteorum information to say again.” 白传奇道:“要我说,可以先去调查一下陨犴的情报再说。” After all now we are a driving side.” “毕竟现在我们才是主动的一方。” „If there is not restored, bombed directly was also free from worry, in any case sooner or later next War of Totems, can solve under a savings the strength advantage to be bigger than the fault ahead of time absolutely.” “万一还没恢复过来,直接轰炸了也省心,反正迟早会发生下一次图腾之战,能提前解决一个积蓄下己方力量好处绝对大于坏处。” Bai Xi said eagerly: I a little loved dearly Emperor Wu the words to say suddenly, solved Meteorum, must want many Forbidden Weapon.” 白溪眼巴巴道:“我忽然有点心疼武帝话说,解决陨犴,得要多少禁忌武器啊。” Opponent who Emperor Wu can defeat whole-heartedly, by modern Machine Department blood to subdue|grams. 武帝全力以赴才能拼掉的对手,被现代机械系血克。 After all, Forbidden Machine Weapon and Machine Army of Donghuang deterrent totem, only have Damage Skill. 毕竟,东煌威慑图腾的禁忌机械武器机械军团,只有一个攻击技能 Self-Destruct. 自爆 Isn't able the wound of cure? 无法治愈之伤? From the beginning has not been thinking injury. 一开始就没想着受伤。 Only then this extreme tactical rules, can make the totem be panic at the news. 只有这种极端的战法,才能让图腾们闻风丧胆。 Legend Bai said: Oh, although Emperor Wu is strong, but the time has changed.” 白传奇道:“唉,武帝虽强,但时代已经变了。” As for must use many specifically, cannot reach an agreement.” “至于具体要用多少,说不好。” God Level Forbidden Weapon that studies, although can extinguish kills half god, but the issue is, is a limited number, creating the usage cost is too high, is impossible easily to start.” “那位研究出来的神禁级禁忌武器,虽然可以灭杀半神,但问题是,数量有限,创造使用成本过高,不可能轻易启动。” In the past was because God Level Machine extinguished killed three alien race half gods, War of Totems of worldwide scale finished rapidly, but this type of thing, with one, without one, used to need the great care, used up, we may would have no to threaten the Totem Creature weapon.” “当年就是因为神禁级机械灭杀了三尊异族半神,世界范围的图腾之战才迅速结束的,但这种东西,用一枚,没一枚,使用起来需要格外谨慎,用光了,我们可就没威胁图腾生物的武器了。” Mechanical institute, Forbidden Zone of the Gods, but the premise, is our firepower enough.” “机械所及,神之禁区,但前提,是我们的火力足够强。” God Level Forbidden Machine, not only can block the space, locks the enemy, but also for sea, outer space and other extreme environments, and has the intense destruction effect on the soul and fine Myth Metropolis, is not ordinary Forbidden Weapon can compare. 神禁型禁忌机械,不仅可以封锁空间,锁定敌人,还适用于海洋、太空等各种极端环境,且对灵魂、精神都有强烈的毁灭效果,不是普通禁忌武器能比。 This, is the Donghuang final card in a hand at present. 这个,算是目前东煌的最终底牌了。 God Level Machine Lifeform definitely cannot easily use, if Meteorum has not restored to the complete body strength, can solve by ordinary Forbidden Weapon, even if needs ten ordinary Forbidden Weapon, such resources exchange is also worth, after all the ordinary Forbidden Weapon construction cost cost is not high, the only difficulty is needs Legendary Beastmaster to start.” 神禁级机械生命肯定不能轻易动用,如果陨犴还没恢复到完全体实力,靠普通的禁忌武器能解决的话,哪怕需要十枚普通禁忌武器,这样的资源互换也是值得的,毕竟普通禁忌武器造价成本没那么高,唯一的难点就是需要传奇御兽师才能启动。” „The important matter of this rank, all definitely by that decision.” “不过这种级别的大事,一切肯定还是得靠那位决策。” Bai Xi is startled slightly. “啊白溪微微一怔。 Shi Yu hears these great people to discuss that mechanical legend for the first time. 时宇还是第一次听到这些大人物讨论那位机械传说。 He said: „This matter, will alarm that.” 他道:“这次这件事,会惊动那位吗。” Principal Feng looked at Shi Yu, shakes the head saying: First under decision.” 封校长看了一眼时宇,摇了摇头道:“先下边决策着吧。” That does not exist in the human form, the domestic set resources, after making massive Forbidden Machine, to prevent to happen accidentally/surprisingly, he has transformed himself becomes the heart of machinery, changes into the consciousness body to regulate all Special Type and God Level Forbidden Machine.” “那位已经不以人类形式存在了,国内集合资源,制造大量禁忌机械后,为了防止意外发生,他老人家已经把自己改造成为了机械之心,化为意识体监管所有特殊型神禁型禁忌机械。” Generally, he in the deep sleep, cannot easily be awakened.” “一般情况下,他老人家都是在沉睡,不能轻易被唤醒。” Shi Yu is startled slightly, then nods. 时宇微微一怔,然后点了点头。 „After that gave you the matter confession of Emperor Wu's Relic was clear, Shi Yu knows, was not can mix. “那就交给你们了”把武帝遗迹的事情交代清楚后,时宇知道,接下来就不是自己能掺和的了。 Then the association how decision, that was the matter of association, he only needs slowly growth will do now. 接下来协会怎么决策,那是协会的事情了,他现在只需要慢慢发育就行了。 Perhaps, the policy-making result has not come out, he already myth? 说不定,决策结果还没出来,他就已经神话了呢? Right.” At this time, Lu Qingyi looked to Shi Yu. “对了。”此时,陆青依看向了时宇 Un?” Shi Yu turns the head. “嗯?”时宇转头。 Recently, but also had an important matter, is related with you.” “最近,还发生了一件大事,与你有关。” Ice Dragon on Ice Dragon Snow Mountain, the war beast of General Mu Huiyin, was breaking through the totem level some time ago, becomes a Ice Dragon totem.” 冰龙雪山上的冰龙,穆徽音大将军的战兽,在不久前突破到了图腾级,成为了一尊冰龙图腾。” It has made the decision, coordinates human, extinguished thoroughly kills Glacial Totem.” “它已经做出决定,配合人类,彻底灭杀冰河图腾了。” Shi Yu:???!!! 时宇:???!!! What??!!” “什么??!!” Shi Yu stares the big eye to look at Senior Sister Lu. 时宇瞪大眼睛看着陆学姐 „Did Aunt Ice Dragon promote the totem??” 冰龙阿姨晋升图腾了??” Lu Qingyi nods, said: Yes 陆青依点了点头,道:“是啊 Previous time only discussed after a time, it slept to cultivate directly, a sleep/felt woke up, was right the breakthrough to the totem, it is said that wants to see you, accurate, wants to see your Sword Sprite.” “上次只谈了一次后,它就直接去睡觉修炼了,一觉醒来,就突破到图腾了对了,它说想见你,准确来说,想见你的剑灵。” Principal Feng and the others the complexion is strange. 封校长等人面色古怪。 My goodness, the master Heroic Spirit contract, should see. 好家伙,把人家主人英灵契约了,是该见见。 However, was Shi Yu the experience is too rich. 不过,时宇是不是经历太丰富了点。 Short one year, Ice Dragon, Makros Tortoise, Immortal Dark Phoenix had the relations with one pile of totem! 短短一年,冰龙,重玄,不死冥凤跟一堆图腾都扯上了关系! At this time, Shi Yu was silent. 此时,时宇则沉默了。 This Originally he in the Makros Tortoise senior to regret for was unable PY on, but did Aunt Ice Dragon promote the totem unexpectedly? 本来他还在为不能PY上重玄前辈而惋惜,但是冰龙阿姨竟然晋升图腾了? Such powerful? 这么给力? That, that this wave does not depend on small Akame background PY to Aunt Ice Dragon directly, becomes its spokesman to enter The First Department, then on shame regarding god of name his PY!!! 那,那这波不直接靠着小赤瞳的背景PY到冰龙阿姨,成为它的代言人进入第一局,那就愧对于他PY之神这个名字啊!!! „One side Meteorum matter first puts, you pass on toward above slowly, my young Grandmaster does not mix, when I can return to Pingcheng.” Shi Yu said. 陨犴的事情先放一边,你们慢慢往上面传,我这个小大师就不掺和了,我什么时候能回平城。”时宇道。 People: 众人:“ Principal Feng gets angry: Processed to say here matter again, I may ask you, do not toss about randomly, although this did not owe!” 封校长怒道:“把这边事情处理完再说,我可求你了,别乱折腾了,虽然这次不亏!” Legend Bai bursts into tears in side, the archaeology found greatly you do not owe, but Wuling City this economic loss directly toward 1 billion upward. 白传奇在旁边流泪,考古大发现你是不亏,但武陵市这次经济损失直接朝着十亿往上去了。 Good Emperor Wu's Relic is all right! 还好武帝遗迹没事! Under.” Principal Feng suddenly discovered the blind spot. “等下。”封校长忽然发现了盲点。 Your Grandmaster?” “你大师了?” Shi Yu said: Un, was lucky Void Crystal that President Ye delivers, suppressed for two months, I also succeeded to break through the Grandmaster Level, was beast pet has not broken through King Level.” 时宇道:“嗯,多亏了叶会长送的空晶石,憋了两个月,我还成功突破到了大师级,就是宠兽还没突破到君王级。” People:??? 众人:??? fuck, your two months, actually especially meow enrichment. 卧槽,你这两个月,倒是特喵的充实。 Wait wait/Etc. etc., what is most essential, your Eleven became has multi-!! Told me a bit faster.” Bai Xi cannot bear say. “等等等等,最关键的是,你的十一变得有多强了!!快点告诉我。”白溪忍不住道。 The news that today obtains was too explosive. 今天得到的消息太劲爆了。 Does Emperor Wu really have Iron Eater?? 武帝竟然有食铁兽?? She also wants contract one!! 那她也要契约一只!! Overlord Species. 霸主种族诶。 Is money the issue?? 钱是问题吗?? It is not! 不是! „Very strong, in brief cultivates the Iron Eater blood to gain does not owe, Senior Sister, that side Ancient Metropolis University also three aptitude very good small Iron Eater, you have a look to select one to cultivate with Senior Sister Lu one person, letter/believes me, does not owe absolutely!!” “很强,总之培育食铁兽血赚不亏,学姐,古都大学那边还有三只资质非常不错的小食铁兽,你看看和陆学姐一人挑一只培育吧,信我,绝对不亏!!” Bai Xi and Lu Qingyi looked at each other one, in any case Bai Xi was very excited. 白溪陆青依对视了一眼,反正白溪是非常心动了。 However verbal statements are no guarantee. 但是口说无凭啊。 Legend Bai, Principal Feng and the others look at each other in blank dismay. 白传奇封校长等人都是面面相觑。 Words said that discussed is so long, should first under the confirmation the Overlord Species Iron Eater strength and potential.” “话说讨论了这么久,是不是应该先确认下霸主种族食铁兽的实力、潜力。” This is to decide the most essential point of Donghuang high-level decision-making. 这个才是决定东煌高层决策的最关键的一点。 This Shi Yu nods, said: Ok.” “这个时宇点了点头,道:“可以啊。” Demonstrated directly, comes a trainer, I feel that it should be strong at present, although Commander-level, but defeated general King Level should not to have the issue.” “是直接展示,还是来个陪打,我觉着它目前应该还是蛮强的,虽然才统领级,但是战胜一般君王级应该没问题了。” Legend Bai, Principal Feng and the others the complexion is strange, my goodness, looks at this rampant speech. 白传奇封校长等人面色古怪,好家伙,看这嚣张的发言。 At this time, President Bai that side could not interpose suggested: Haha, I felt, you can definitely make a Grandmaster Level to inspect while convenient, I happen to have a friend to come Wuling City to travel on official business, he is Sealing Talent, the data that should be able very good test your Iron Eater various skill limits, you to obtain like this is also more accurate.” 这时,旁边一直插不上话的白会长建议道:“哈哈,那我感觉,你完全可以顺便做个大师级考核啊,我正好有个朋友来武陵市出差,他是封印天赋,应该可以很好的测试出你的食铁兽的各种技能极限,这样你们得到的数据也更准确一些。” „, Waits, you definitely also know him, Ancient Metropolis Grandmaster Qujie.” “诶,等下,你们肯定也认识他,古都曲解大师嘛。” Principal Feng, Shi Yu and Bai Xi: 封校长时宇白溪: Does the plum plum open three-time? 梅开三度?
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