TOTM :: Volume #3

#234: Degeneration it city( sought subscription)

Mentioned Bureau of Investigation, hasn't Victor caught?” “说起调查局,维克多还是没有抓到么?” Seizes one to exist inhuman, how possibly is the easy matter?” “抓捕一位非人存在,怎么可能是容易的事情?” He has been close to entire insane, brutal, cold blood and bloodthirsty......, even if our out of office extraordinariness, hopes that sees him to be caught.” “他已经接近全疯,残酷、冷血、嗜杀……纵然我们这种在野非凡者,也希望看到他落网。” Considers this with it, how might as well consider to arrest Phil...... that despicable fellow to depend on that to make many extraordinary capability invalid mysterious goods, is insufficient to get off scot-free...... Grandmaster Gandis to be as if interested in that goods very much?” “与其考虑这个,不如考虑怎么抓捕科波・菲尔……那个卑鄙的家伙要不是靠着那一件能令许多非凡能力无效化的神奇物品,也不至于能一直逍遥法外……甘提斯大师似乎就一直对那件物品很感兴趣?” Extraordinariness looks to Gandis. 一名非凡者看向甘提斯。 „, Yes.” “咳咳,是的。” Gandis coughs, opens the mouth saying: If some people can that mysterious goods of Phil to me, I be willing to pay 6000 pounds!” 甘提斯咳嗽一声,开口道:“如果有人能将科波・菲尔的那件神奇物品给我,我愿意支付六千镑!” That is counted his monetary reward, ten thousand pounds!” “那算上他本身的赏金,过万镑了!” „A price of inhuman strength.” “一位非人战力的价格。” Extraordinariness of attending the meeting exclaimed in surprise, actually and few really prepare to go into action actually. 参会的非凡者们纷纷惊叹,却并没有几个真的准备实际行动起来。 After all, the ability of that Phil is strange, the method is cruel, is not the affable object. 毕竟,那个科波・菲尔的能力诡异,手段残忍,不是好惹的对象。 Then...... was one's turn you, you can exchange the knowledge and issue duty, to sell the goods here......” “那么……轮到你了,你可以在这里交流知识、发布任务、售卖物品……” Gandis looks to Aaron, temperate say/way. 甘提斯看向亚伦,温和道。 „......” “咳咳……” Aaron coughs gently a sound said: I want to acquire a safe spirit world location technique......” 亚伦轻轻咳嗽一声道:“我希望获得一份安全的灵界定位技术……” This is the thing of his continuously seeking. 这是他一直寻找之物。 In fact, the extraordinariness biggest resources source, as before is Dream World! 实际上,非凡者们最大的资源来源地,依旧是梦界 But after high rank, so. 而到了高阶之后,就更加如此。 Spirit world location technique?” “灵界定位技术么?” Professor hehe smiled a sound said: In my hand has «Searches Dream Solon Note», should be able to meet your need......” ‘教授’呵呵笑了一声道:“我手上有一本《探梦者梭伦的笔记》,应该能满足你的需求……” Really Poore Mao Si is more developed than the green dense/woods, continually mysterious is so......’ ‘果然普尔茅斯就是比绿森发达,连神秘界都是如此……’ The goods that has looked for begin to materialize, even if Aaron is also in the heart produces the light joy: It is I wants, what achievement exchange do you need?” 一直寻找的物品有了眉目,纵然亚伦也是心中产生出淡淡的喜悦:“它正是我想要的,你需要什么作为交换?” My not deficient pound sterling, the books are the thought of solidification, but the thought and knowledge are often hard to weigh with the value......” “我并不缺乏金镑,书籍是凝固的思想,而思想与知识往往难以用价值衡量……” Professor pondered a say/way: 1000 pounds, in addition condition, this is my bottom line.” ‘教授’思考了一番道:“1000镑,外加一个条件,这是我的底线。” What condition?” “什么条件?” A Aaron brow wrinkle. 亚伦眉头一皱。 I obtained one recently goes to degenerate city Diaz a key, I have been attempting to form one to dare the team that goes to explore......” “我最近得到了一把前往堕落之城‘狄亚特’的钥匙,我一直在尝试组建一支敢于前往探索的队伍……” Professor said: Pitifully has lacked the manpower, if you are willing to join, I will appreciate.” ‘教授’道:“可惜一直缺乏人手,如果你愿意加入,我将不胜感激。” ‚The city of degeneration was too dangerous.” “‘堕落之城’太危险了。” Gandis shakes the head saying: There is putrefies and degenerates the dreamland explorer who everywhere, the gloomy strength...... goes almost not to have one to have the good end.” 甘提斯摇头道:“那里到处都是腐化、堕落、阴暗的力量……前去的梦境探险家几乎没有一个有好下场的。” He is for fear that Aaron does not know that Diaz terrifying, easily complies, this reminded with good intention. 他是生怕亚伦不知道狄亚特的恐怖,轻易答应下来,这才好心提醒。 ‚The city of degeneration- Diaz?” “‘堕落之城’-狄亚特?” Aaron is reading aloud this name in a low voice, a faint trace memory appears, in the heart is very sigh with emotion: ‚, OnceLight of Redemption the headquarters are, is regarded as the apocalypse only hope place, turned into the city of degeneration unexpectedly? This how satirized! ’ 亚伦则是低声念诵着这个名字,一丝丝记忆浮现出来,心中无比感慨:‘没想到,曾经‘救赎之光’的总部所在,被视为末世唯一希望的地方,竟然变成了堕落之城?这何其讽刺!’ Professor, you have not given up.” “‘教授’,你还是没有放弃啊。” Langlie Tannisi is sighing the say/way. 兰利・坦尼斯叹息着道。 Tracks down the knowledge and mysterious footsteps, forever will not stand still.” Professor replied with deep veneration. “追寻知识与神秘的脚步,永不会停歇。”‘教授’肃然回答。 What meaning is key?” “钥匙是什么意思?” Aaron asks. 亚伦开口询问。 You know that the spirit world is inenarrable, the space and time is unstable, therefore also has no map and so on...... to go to some destination, most important is not away from and position, but is key...... it can be a stone that writes down, together the roadside, even is a wisp of memory, but the common ground is, they have the relation in occult sciences with the destination, can be the direction, is the compass in spirit world!” “你知道的,灵界难以描述,时空都不稳定,所以也没有什么地图之类……想要前往某个目的地,最重要的并非距离与位置,而是‘钥匙’……它可以是一份笔记、一块路边的石头、甚至是一缕记忆,但共同点在于,它们都与目的地有着神秘学上的联系,可以作为指引,是灵界之中的指南针!” Professor said: However I ensure- searches dream the reputation of solon, you inquired slightly knew, the skill in his note recording, perhaps is not most advanced, but certainly is most popular, experiences countless people to confirm, is representing the security, this is very to us important! After all we are unable the mortal body to enter the spirit world, the spirit body lacks the necessary protection, is very easy to be polluted the influence and external information!” ‘教授’道:“而我保证-‘探梦者’梭伦的名声,你稍微打听一下就知道了,他的笔记中记录的技巧,或许不是最先进的,但一定是最普及的,经历过无数人验证,代表着安全,这对于我们而言很重要!毕竟我们无法肉身进入灵界,灵体缺乏必要的保护,很容易受到外来信息的影响与污染!” Deal!” “成交!” Aaron pretended to experience one to struggle, finally complied, took out one pack of cash: How should I contact with you?” 亚伦装作经历了一番挣扎,最终答应下来,取出一叠现金:“我该怎么联系你?” I time will select to you, then we meet in the spirit world directly, the exact place has in the note, that is the safest approach.” Professor replied: You do not want when the sleepwalk, to give us to take care the body, right?” “我会给你一个时间点,然后我们直接在灵界中会面,具体地点在笔记上有,那是最安全的做法。”‘教授’回答道:“你也不想在梦游之时,将身体交给我们保管,对吧?” Very good, decided.” “很好,就这么决定。” Aaron received a light notebook, as well as a short note, the nod said. 亚伦接过一本薄薄的笔记本,以及一张便签,点头道。 Oh......” “唉……” Side, Gandis sighed: Green, I must remind you, Diaz is quite dangerous, if you are determined to go, remembers prepares some luminary nature spell, un, this aspect you have the convenience!” 旁边,甘提斯叹息一声:“格林,我要提醒你,狄亚特相当危险,如果你执意要去,记得多准备一些‘曜’性相的符咒,嗯,这方面你有便利!” Thanks.” “谢谢。” Aaron expressed gratitude sincerely, somewhat was actually choked up with emotions in secret slightly: Diaz degeneration, withMother of Nature doesn't the birth, know the relations? ’ 亚伦真诚地道谢,暗中却是略微有些心潮澎湃:‘狄亚特的堕落,与‘自然之母’的诞生,不知道有没有关系?’ ...... …… After one hour . 一小时之后。 Hunter bar. 猎人酒吧。 Wineshop attendant Barzin saw that took off Aaron of mask to walk, immediately smiled to bow saying: Boss!” 酒保‘巴尔金’看到摘下面具的亚伦走了出来,立即微笑躬身道:“老板!” Un...... does well!” “嗯……好好干!” Aaron nods, left hunter bar from the special secret door. 亚伦点头,从特殊的暗门离开了‘猎人酒吧’。 No mistake! 没有错! This hunter bar, has become the Aaron property. 这家‘猎人酒吧’,已经成为了亚伦的财产。 In vulture in the safety deposit box has several real estate documents, included hunter bar that! 在‘秃鹫’的保险箱中有几份地产文件,其中就包括了‘猎人酒吧’的那一份! Aaron found the black heart attorney, after spending a sum of money, completed regarding hunter bar holding. 亚伦找了个黑心律师,砸了一笔钱之后,就完成了对于‘猎人酒吧’的控股。 To him, being the monetary reward hunter is not possible, boss but who works as the monetary reward hunters, is some interests. 对于他而言,做赏金猎人是不可能的,但当赏金猎人们的老板,还是有些兴趣。 According to today inquired the situation, ‚’ similar castle entrance that vulture grasps, having three...... I occupied one to be similar.” “按照今天打听到的情况,‘秃鹫’掌握的类似城堡入口,有着三个……不过我占据一个就差不多了。” Comes out from the bar back door, Aaron turned a direction, enters the mainstream road. 从酒吧后门出来,亚伦拐了个方向,进入主流干道。 Although becomes the bar boss, but that often has the extraordinariness difference bar, obviously does not suit as the dwelling place. 虽然成为了酒吧老板,但那个经常有非凡者出入的酒吧,显然是不适合作为居住点的。 Even, vulture the remaining several real estate, Aaron does not prepare to live. 甚至,就连‘秃鹫’剩下的几处房产,亚伦也不准备住进去。 After these days inspection, he settled on an alone small villa in the Jiesidun area, the key is quite peaceful, the area is also big enough, facilitates a person home to make some occult sciences to test. 经过这段时间的考察,他在杰斯顿区看中了一处独栋小别墅,关键是相当安静,面积也足够大,方便一个人居家做些神秘学实验。 After exchanging another human skin mask the false status of fabricating, Aaron bought this to be located in Fenghuang Street No. 27 real estate. 通过换上另外一张人皮面具之后捏造的假身份,亚伦买下了这处位于凤凰街27号的房产。 At this time, he changed another human skin mask, changes to become a look ordinary middle-aged person, pulls out the key from the coat, opened Fenghuang Street No. 27 front door. 此时,他换了另外一张人皮面具,摇身一变成为一个相貌普通的中年人,从大衣里掏出钥匙,打开了凤凰街27号的大门。 After operating electric lamp switch, Aaron draws in the window curtains, some are not quite still satisfied: Residence insufficiently hides, I did not strive for being able here to hide directly, but if there is a Halsey's castle such space charge effect well......” 按开电灯开关之后,亚伦拉上窗帘,依旧有些不太满意:“住所还是不够隐蔽,我不求能将这里直接隐藏起来,但如果有哈尔西的城堡那样的空间效果就好了……”
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