TOTM :: Volume #3

#233: High-end meeting( in addition asked monthly ticket)

Elder sister!” “姐姐!” Outstanding Xi Tower has a big shock, looked that shattered the expression elder sister to whole face, looks at the Aaron vision on to look at a big unprincipled person probably, wants to open the mouth to scream. 杰西塔大惊失色,看向满脸‘坏掉了’表情的姐姐,望着亚伦的目光就好像在看一个大坏人,想要开口尖叫。 Relax, I understand the custom, you looked, the castle has not attacked me......” “放心,我懂得规矩,你看,城堡都没有攻击我……” Aaron makes the innocent shape: Because your older sister has not received harms...... her slightly is only...... is too joyful!” 亚伦做无辜状:“因为你姐姐并未受到丝毫伤害……她只是……太快乐了!” The outstanding Xi Tower whole face does not believe that but saw that in the castle indeed has not changed, does not have the waiter and guard appears, accepted this explanation reluctantly. 杰西塔满脸不信,但看到城堡中的确没有变化,也没有侍者与卫兵出现,勉强接受了这个解释。 Ok, gave you finally an advice, in the mysterious world, must maintain humbly...... perhaps a common unimportant person forever, had very secretive fearful method.” “好了,最后给你们一个忠告,在神秘的世界中,要永远保持谦卑啊……或许一个不起眼的小人物,就拥有十分诡秘可怕的手段呢。” Aaron pulls out the pound sterling with a laugh, the goods that will purchase put in the bag, the back goes far away gradually. 亚伦笑呵呵地掏出金镑,将购买的物品收入囊中,背影渐渐远去。 At this time, Lily stood reluctantly, the both legs somewhat became tender as before. 这个时候,莉莉才勉强站了起来,双腿依旧有些发软。 Elder sister...... are you all right? Mr. Potter said a moment ago, you are too happy......” “姐姐……你没事吧?刚才波特先生说,你是太愉快……” Do not say again!” “不要再说了!” Lily's face another becomes red, the ear almost must emit the mist, but looks to the vision of Aaron back, suddenly was full of the fear: This person...... this person...... is very dangerous, special hazard! He perhaps mental firm, resisted that negative effect completely, perhaps used the profound occult sciences knowledge and fearful strength, the seal the negative effect......, no matter which type, showed that he was not simple!” 莉莉的脸庞又一下变得通红,耳朵几乎要冒出水雾,但望向亚伦背影的目光中,忽然又充满了恐惧:“这个人……这个人……很危险,特别危险!他或许心智坚定,完全抗拒了那种负面效果,或许利用高深的神秘学知识与可怕的实力,封印了负面效果……不管哪一种,都说明他不简单!” I even suspected...... vulture demise, cannot withdraw the relations with him!” “我甚至怀疑……‘秃鹫’的灭亡,跟他脱不开关系!” Originally he is so fierce.” Outstanding Xi Tower is ignorant, saw that Lily turns around to leave, asked curiously: Elder sister, do you do?” “原来他那么厉害。”杰西塔懵懵懂懂,看到莉莉转身离开,不由好奇问道:“姐姐,你去干什么?” Lily's footsteps were quicker, the tone also as if brings to shame angry: I change the clothes......” 莉莉的脚步更快了一些,语气又似乎带着羞恼:“我去换衣服……” ...... …… In hall. 大厅内。 Aaron rented a long table as usual, displays several mysterious goods, starts to fish leisurely and carefree. 亚伦照旧租了一张长桌,摆上几件神奇物品,开始悠闲钓鱼。 Not long, has seen previous time Gandis came. 没有多久,上一次见过的甘提斯就来了。 His vision has taken a fast look around on the table the brand-new three mysterious goods, looks prudently to a Aaron eye of band of light: Green...... you were all right are really good, were these new works?” 他目光扫视过桌子上全新的三件神奇物品,望向亚伦的目光带着慎重:“格林……你没事真是太好了,这些是新的作品?” Yes.” “是的。” The Aaron nod acknowledged, feels the faint trace shock of opposite party. 亚伦点头承认,感受到对方的丝丝震惊。 After all he has not concealed, but Green Potter and vulture the matter is not the secret. 毕竟他没有怎么掩饰,而格林・波特与‘秃鹫’的事情也不是秘密。 So long as the well-informed point person, will guess vulture the destruction is related with him. 只要消息灵通一点的人,都会猜测‘秃鹫’的覆灭跟他有关。 This is a deterrent! 这就是一种威慑! Naturally, looks like in Aaron, was the hole of fishing net is enlarged, some small fish small shrimp can set free directly. 当然,在亚伦看来,就是渔网的孔被放大了一些,一些小鱼小虾可以直接放生了。 If can also hit, was the true big fish. 如果还能撞上来的,就是真正的大鱼了。 Really is an exquisite workmanship Grandmaster...... Green, Poore Mao Si who you arrived at recently?” “真是一位工艺精湛的大师啊……格林,你是最近才到的普尔茅斯吧?” Gandis takes up on the table a white gauze glove, the facial expression is inexplicable. 甘提斯拿起桌子上一只白纱手套,神情莫名。 Yes.” Aaron replied very much honestly. “是的。”亚伦很诚实地回答。 „, Are you interested in some profound meetings? It is not hall salon this type, but is more secret, a higher-end meeting?” “那么,你对于一些高深的聚会感兴趣么?不是大厅沙龙这种,而是更加隐秘、更加高端的聚会?” Gandis smiled, this is not only shows good will, is some inspection. 甘提斯笑了,这既是示好,也是某种考察。 The true big organization recruits the manpower, similarly also has the observation period, even is very long. 真正的大组织招收人手,同样也会有着观察期,甚至还很漫长。 Naturally, if you are willing to lead the way, this is my being honored.” “当然,如果你愿意引路,这是我的荣幸。” Aaron without delay, takes in ‚the travel bag of meat the thing on table completely, follows in Gandis behind. 亚伦二话不说,将桌子上的东西全部收进‘肉食者的行囊’,跟在甘提斯身后。 But the appearance of this type of space mysterious goods, making Gandis become more prudent a point. 而这种空间型神奇物品的出现,令甘提斯变得更加慎重了一点。 Two people across the stairway that having the waiter protects, arrived at castle's second, opens two leaves of surfaces to have the front door of complex trace decoration, enters a conference room. 两人穿过有侍者守护的楼梯口,来到了城堡第二层,打开两扇表面有复杂纹路装饰的大门,进入一间会议室。 I and some friends, have the regular meeting in the castle of Mr. Halsey, the time is Friday night, nine points!” “我与一些朋友,在哈尔西先生的城堡中有定期聚会,时间是周五晚上,九点!” Gandis smiles saying: „After I bring you have come one time, the second porter will not stop you.” 甘提斯微笑道:“我带你来过一次之后,第二次守门人就不会阻拦你了。” Aaron nods, looked for a chair to sit down at will. 亚伦点点头,随意找了一张椅子坐下。 At this time in the conference room only then 78 extraordinariness, are resembling talks at will. 此时会议室中只有七八个非凡者,正在状似随意地交谈。 „, Grandmaster Gandis.” “哦,甘提斯大师。” A golden hair, the eye pupil is deep blue, look handsome young extraordinariness sees Gandis to come, greeted with a smile: Sought an rookie?” 一名金色头发,眼眸蔚蓝,相貌英俊的年轻非凡者看到甘提斯进来,笑着打招呼道:“又发掘了一位新人?” Evening is good, I am Green, Green Potter!” “诸位晚上好,我是格林,格林・波特!” Aaron opens the mouth to introduce oneself. 亚伦开口自我介绍道。 That has an artisan to support secretly, all extinguishes vulture doubtful ‚’ Mr. Potter?” “那个有着一位工匠在幕后支持,疑似全灭‘秃鹫’的波特先生?” The extraordinariness expression of deep blue eye pupil one became serious, seemed clearer the information, stood up a ritual to say good: I am Langlie Tannisi!” 蔚蓝眼眸的非凡者表情一下变得严肃了许多,更仿佛清楚许多情报,站起身行了一礼道:“我是兰利・坦尼斯!” Mr. Tannisi.” “坦尼斯先生。” Aaron nods. 亚伦点点头。 „Haven't you actually refuted to extinguish vulture?” “你竟然没有反驳全灭‘秃鹫’?” At this time, another extraordinariness opens the mouth that wears the jet black mask, the voice is hoarse, has the traces left by time, as if the age is big: As far as I know, they curse from ancient vestige, but in fact, that curse is a very high rank ceremony, named sharp blade, most when starts, is believe in ‚mother of night the priests invent, it is not the curse, but is one type enhances the inspiration, contacts the great way......” 此时,另外一位戴着漆黑面具的非凡者开口,嗓音沙哑,带着沧桑感,似乎年纪已经不小了:“据我所知,他们都中了一种来自古代遗迹的诅咒,但实际上,那种诅咒是一种很高阶的仪式,名为‘利刃’,最开始时,是信奉‘夜之母’的祭司们所发明,它并不是诅咒,而是一种提高灵感,接触伟大的途径……” Came finally knowledgeable. The sharp blade ceremony biggest effect, does not make one bleed until death, but when coming to the verge of death, the inspirational promotion to the inconceivable situation, sees extraordinariness is not usually able the picture and information of sensation, even the direct contact exists greatly......’ ‘总算来了个有见识的。利刃仪式最大的效果,并不是让人流血至死,而是在濒临死亡之际,将灵感提升至不可思议的地步,看到平时非凡者都无法感知的画面与信息,甚至直接接触伟大存在……’ ‚‚ The mother of night, is brand-new existence? Is It also scarlet the way? ’ ‘不过‘夜之母’,又是一位全新的存在?祂也属于‘赤’之途径的?’ In the Aaron heart nods, said with a smile lightly: You said well.” 亚伦心中点头,轻笑道:“你说得不错。” I like the knowledge, was very interested to the standard meters of some ancient religions, if you grasped sharp blade dense meter, can exchange with me.” “我喜欢知识,对古代一些宗教的典仪都很有兴趣,如果你掌握了‘利刃密仪’,可以跟我交换。” The old man of jet black mask opens the mouth saying: Price will not disappoint you, un, said one while convenient, I am called professor!” 漆黑面具的老者开口道:“价格不会让你失望的,嗯,顺带说一句,我叫做‘教授’!” I will consider.” “我会好好考虑的。” In the Aaron heart exudes a strange feeling: Was interested in the ancient knowledge, was not Tajikistan is Peru, was extraordinariness of double way path? ’ 亚伦心中则是泛起一丝奇异的感觉:‘对古代知识感兴趣,不是‘塔’就是‘秘’,或者,是双途径道路的非凡者?’ After the professor opens the mouth, remaining extraordinariness sized up Aaron several, has not asked that some are instead discussing other things. 在教授开口之后,剩下的非凡者只是打量了亚伦几眼,并未开口询问,有的反而在自顾自地谈论着其它事情。 It is said recently secret police of Bureau of Investigation and Druid Sect ‚the link of oak some friction......” “据说最近调查局的秘警们与德鲁伊教派的‘橡木之环’有些摩擦……” „Isn't this very normal? These hyenas do not organize the friction with the secret are strange matter.” “这不是很正常么?那些鬣狗不跟隐秘组织摩擦才是怪事。” Hehe...... this really difference, you cannot certainly think time, Bureau of Investigation this time displays restrains, but maintained the minimal surveillance, but was discovered unfortunately...... even so, has not clashed, even if suffers a loss......” “呵呵……这一次真的不一样,你一定想不到,调查局这次表现得非常克制,只是维持了最低限度的监视,但不幸被发现……即使如此,也没有爆发冲突,哪怕吃了点亏……” „Is such restraint, really these lunatics?” “这么克制,真的是那些疯子么?” Extraordinariness who several originally not care, one got down the interest. 几个原本毫不在意的非凡者,一下起了兴趣。 But Aaron is the expression somewhat is strange. 亚伦则是表情有些古怪。 Good, this is my pot...... with is the same, Bureau of Investigation that I guessed does not dare to Aaron Yougesi began, even if were his friend is also the same......, therefore, this time Bruce was shocking but not dangerous......’ ‘好吧,这是我的锅……不过跟我猜测的一样,调查局不敢对亚伦・尤格斯动手,哪怕是他的朋友也一样……所以,这次布鲁斯算是有惊无险吧……’ He must act before one time by the appearance/portrait, how otherwise to tell person of Bureau of Investigation to arrive at Poore Mao Si news? 他之前必须以真容行动一次,否则怎么告诉调查局的人自己已经到达普尔茅斯的消息?
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