TOTM :: Volume #3

#235: Lighthouse( asked monthly ticket)

Study room. 书房。 Under bright light. 明亮的灯光下。 Aaron «Will search Dream Solon Note» places on the desktop smoothly, opened p. 1. 亚伦将《探梦者梭伦的笔记》平整放在桌面上,翻开了第一页。 One line of graceful spirit world writing bodies, appear immediately in the flyleaf: 一行优雅的灵界文字体,顿时浮现在扉页: Dream World is nondescript, only to have this mortal world to be possible seal to carve the shadow of its glance...... 梦界无可名状,唯有尘世可印刻其一瞥之影…… Rustle! 沙沙! Aaron turns to the next page, discovered that above the paper surface impressively is one group of fuzzy ink marks. 亚伦翻到下一页,发现纸面之上赫然是一团模糊的墨迹。 Including was turning several pages, impressively so. 连着翻了几页,都赫然如此。 Professor is insufficient to meet on the pit for the first time I......, therefore, is explains the way is not right?” “‘教授’不至于第一次见面就坑我……所以,是解读方式不对?” The Aaron expression is calm, on the finger is twining a wisp of brilliance, falls on the paper. 亚伦表情平静,手指上缠绕着一缕光辉,落在纸张上。 That bunch of ink marks were melted brilliance, just like the innumerable tiny insects, climbs up on the paper, composes various strange mysterious symbols and typefaces. 那一团团墨迹被光辉化开,宛若无数细小的虫豸,在纸张上攀爬,组成各种奇异的神秘符号与字体。 This reading way, needs to decipher unceasingly......” “这种阅读方式,需要不断解密……” Aaron feels the irritation that the heart produced, if continues again, may enter the step to the degree of hearing talking during sleep. 亚伦感受到了心底产生出的烦躁,如果再继续下去,可能就会进阶到听到呓语的程度。 But he does not care about these, in the eye pupil pure white was filled. 但他不在乎这些,眼眸中被纯白充满。 Next flickers, the Aaron vision as if penetrated the page directly, arrived in the inexplicable spirit world, by one type observer the stance, gazed at ‚’ to start a brand-new exploration...... 下一瞬,亚伦的目光似乎直接穿透了书页,来到了莫名的灵界中,以一种‘旁观者’的姿态,注视着‘自己’开启了一次全新的探索…… In the dreamland, the innumerable strange regions and all sorts of strange and unusual spirit world lifeform, and even that spirit world final mystery, as if exposed an corner/horn to oneself gently...... 梦境之中,无数奇诡的地域、千奇百怪的灵界生物、乃至那灵界最终的奥秘,都似乎向自己轻轻揭露了一角…… Whistling......” “呼呼……” Aaron raised the head, just like comes back general from the water, is breathing the fresh air in gulps: This immersive experience was too strong, even some of my dizziness...... element level insufficient extraordinariness will be hard expel this influence probably......, but average person, is the careful study is polluted!” 亚伦抬起头,宛若从水里回来一般,大口大口呼吸着新鲜空气:“这种沉浸式体验太强了,连我都有些头晕……原质层次不够的非凡者大概会难以驱逐这种影响……而普通人,更是仔细钻研就会被污染!” Although this dense biography is only the form that the exploration writes down, the mysterious knowledge of record is few, does not involve exists greatly, but is quite high-end. 这一本密传虽然只是探索笔记的形式,记载的神秘知识很少,也不涉及伟大存在,但相当高端。 „...... It is not right, it in fact described one to exist greatly, that was the spirit world! A position standard of the world , is very naturally high...... the pollution that therefore supplements is very intense, has to hide the content, can only make extraordinariness independently explain......” “不……不对,它实际上还是描述了一位伟大存在的,那就是灵界本身!一个世界的位格,自然也很高……所以附带的污染很强烈,不得不隐藏内容,只能让非凡者自行解读……” Aaron as if understood the original intention of solon. 亚伦似乎理解了梭伦的初衷。 His expression was calm, turns the new page. 他表情平静,翻到了新的一页。 In this searches in the dream note, how recorded the author in detail the accident of sorts, the sleepwalk to enter the spirit world, then loafed, tried to find out, finally summarized the rule the process. 在这本探梦者笔记中,详细记载了作者是如何机缘巧合,梦游进入灵界,然后在其中游荡,摸索,最后总结出规律的过程。 Wrote down thinly, is only initially crossing the threshold rank of spirit world exploration very much probably, Aaron looks not long, even also some feelings of having not given full expression. 笔记很薄,大概只属于灵界探索的初入门级别,亚伦没有多久就看完了,甚至还有些意犹未尽之感。 This searches dream solon...... the element level should not be low, the exploration to the spirit world is very thorough...... was a pity, following volume two, volume three I had not noticed perhaps...... they grasp in professor in hand, knowledge that cannot easily sell.” “这位‘探梦者’梭伦……原质层次应该不低,对灵界的探索更是十分深入……可惜,后续的卷二、卷三我没有看到……它们或许掌握在‘教授’手里,不是能轻易售卖的知识。” In this note, besides records in some Dream World, most essential then described a location technique...... to say according to the author, must from fluctuate in the uncertain spirit world, found eternally unchanging thing, took this as the frame of reference, thus confirmed that own coordinates...... with deep sea disorientation, needs to find the lighthouse direction similarly......, also provided suited the catechumen's registering in the spirit world ‚’ the region......, so long as proficiently grasped the localization, can go to a that coordinates.” “这本笔记中,除了一些梦界中的记录之外,最关键的便是描述了一种定位技术……按照作者所说,要从‘变幻不定的灵界之中,找到永恒不变之物’,以此为参照物,从而确认自己的坐标……就跟深海迷航中,需要找到灯塔指引类似……并且,也提供了一处适合入门者在灵界中‘登录’的地域……只要熟练掌握定位,就可以前往那个坐标。” Aaron ejects a coin, confirmed the authenticity of dense biography, and after accuracy of that coordinates, on the face shows a smile: Finally...... can go to the spirit world exploration heartily.” 亚伦抛出一枚硬币,确认了密传的真实性,以及那个坐标的准确性之后,脸上露出一丝笑容:“终于……能尽情前往灵界探索了。” The previous time Yanan small town does not calculate the official exploration, after all he discovered that there spirit world was passed through fixedly, the spirit world region of correspondence will not change, therefore also calculates the comparison security. 上次雅楠小镇不算正式探索,毕竟他发现那里的灵界被贯穿固定,对应的灵界地域不会变化,因此还算比较安全。 I actually most worried, is only and Time Manager suddenly face, other fortunately......” “我其实最担心的,只是与司岁们突脸而已,其它都还好……” „The spirit world location technique in this knowledge is not profound, the key was to find in the spirit world the invariable frame of reference, as lighthouse...... lighthouse......” “这份知识中的灵界定位技术并不高深,关键就是要找到灵界中不变的参照物,作为灯塔……灯塔……” Aaron nods: That spirit world region of Yanan small town correspondence, is very appropriate...... it not to change . Moreover the position standard is high enough, is the god child rank......, if has this rank lighthouse, so long as does not fall into the Time Manager fan barrier, should not become lost in the dream......” 亚伦点点头:“雅楠小镇对应的那片灵界区域,就很合适……它并不会变化,况且位格足够高,是神子级别的……如果拥有这种等级的‘灯塔’,只要不落入司岁的迷障中,应该都不会在梦中迷路了……” According to the understanding of Aaron, this type lighthouse also has the meaning of signal tower. 按照亚伦的理解,这种‘灯塔’还有信号塔的含义在内。 If in Dream World, entered some special regions, with bringing the compass is entering the magnetic field chaotic region to be the same, even if there is lighthouse is also useless. 如果在梦界之中,进入了一些特殊区域,就会跟带着指南针走进磁场混乱区域一样,哪怕有着灯塔也没有用。 Wants the localization to be accurate, the signal tower sends out framing signal must enough! Strongly to penetrates some spirit world lifeform of harboring evil intentions sufficiently under the arrange/cloth barrier! 想要定位准确,信号塔发出的‘定位信号’必须足够强!强到足以穿透一些不怀好意的灵界生物所布下的‘屏障’! Best signal tower, naturally is Time Manager, this exempts discussed, was the god child rank......” “最好的信号塔,自然是‘司岁’们,这个免谈,接下来就是神子级别了……” Treats as the lighthouse with the spirit world region that a god child affects, the effect is not absolutely bad.” “用一位神子影响的灵界地域当做灯塔,效果绝对不差。” Aaron starts to read aloud own revering name, making the spirit body have the hole. 亚伦开始念诵自己的尊名,让灵体出窍。 Quick, fabricated spirit appears, is gazing at own body. 很快,‘虚妄之灵’就浮现而出,注视着自己的身躯。 Fabricated spirit extremely idealist, I went to them unable to see, therefore must wear the clothes...... to be a pity, I only had Auclercq skin.” “‘虚妄之灵’太过唯心,我去了他们也见不到,所以还得穿衣服……可惜,我只有一件‘奥克莱尔’皮肤。” Aaron drills into evil spirit Auclercq within the body, looks in a mirror, puts out a hand to wipe above the face. 亚伦钻入恶灵奥克莱尔体内,照了照镜子,伸手在脸庞之上抹了一把。 Shortly, a Auclercq's facial feature distortion, turned into the appearance of Green Potter. 顷刻之间,原本奥克莱尔的脸部特征一阵扭曲,变成了格林・波特的模样。 Meanwhile, his complex magnificent classical aristocrat formal clothes also vanished do not see, changed into the classical style shirt and jeans, wears the stetson, the waist is also leaving a revolver. 与此同时,他身上复杂华丽的古典贵族礼服也消失不见,换成了经典风格的衬衫与牛仔裤,戴着牛仔帽,腰间还别着一柄左轮手枪。 The ordinary goods are unable to lead into the spirit world, but contains the spirituality goods actually! 普通物品是无法带入灵界的,但蕴含灵性的物品却可以! In addition......” “除此之外……” Aaron puts out a spell, the direct crumb, making the invisible strength fall on oneself. 亚伦拿出一枚符咒,直接捏碎,让无形的力量落在自己身上。 Around his body, the terrifying feeling of that evil spirit gradually abates, changed the degree of ordinary spirit body. 在他身体周围,那种恶灵的恐怖感逐渐消退,变回了普通灵体的程度。 Cannot go against the evil spirit to go to the spirit world, will scare, according to searching on the dream note said that...... that place registers the region, is from generation to generation the extraordinariness development, in Dream World the quite safe region, bumps into other extraordinariness very much easily.’ ‘总不能顶着恶灵去灵界,会将人吓坏的,根据探梦者笔记上面所说……那处登录区域,算是经过一代又一代非凡者开发,梦界之中较为安全的区域,很容易就碰到其它非凡者。’ As the evil spirit instinct, making the Aaron flash to open the front door to spirit world. 作为恶灵的本能,令亚伦一瞬间就可以打开通往灵界的大门。 At this time, he started the spirit world location technique that deferred to the note to record, is tracking down own occult sciences relation, at present as if appears a plain small town, in the sky is being hanging a round of purple moon. 这时候,他开始按照笔记上记载的灵界定位技术,追寻着自身的神秘学联系,眼前仿佛浮现出一个古朴的小镇,天空中悬挂着一轮紫色的月亮。 In the moon center, is a flesh embryo of indistinct formation. 在月亮中心,则是一枚隐约成型的血肉胚胎。 Takes Yanan small town in the region that in the spirit world forms for the coordinates reference...... that I should go to here!” “以雅楠小镇在灵界中形成的区域为坐标参照……那么,我应该去这里!” Aaron waves, tears front void, just like opening the invisible door, making the spirit body take a step to enter. 亚伦一挥手,扯开面前的虚空,宛若打开无形的门扉,让灵体迈步而入。 Next flickers, dizzy, he had arrived at Dream World! 下一瞬,天旋地转中,他已经来到了梦界
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