TOTM :: Volume #3

#230: Curse origin( sought subscription)

January 5. 1月5日。 Aaron went out to stroll, settled down before some selling houses advertisements, with several merchant who intended to sell the real estate chats. 亚伦出外逛了一圈,在一些售房广告前驻足一番,与几位有意出售房产的商人谈了谈。 Finally, when the night, he had the dinner in nearby quite famous restaurant. 最终,在夜晚之时,他在附近一家比较出名的餐厅里吃了晚餐。 After enjoying the last roast mutton chop, Aaron with the towel cleaning clean palm, set out to pay up, went out of the restaurant. 当享用完最后一份烤羊排之后,亚伦用毛巾擦拭干净手掌,起身结账,走出了餐厅。 His footsteps are at a moderate pace, suddenly a revolution, enters a remote alley. 他脚步不紧不慢,忽然一转,走进一条偏僻的小巷。 Comes out, Miss, you have tracked me to be very long.” “出来吧,塔莎小姐,你已经跟踪我很久了。” Aaron has turned around, is looking at the street shadow place, is calm. 亚伦转过身,望着街道阴影处,语气平静。 Green...... you made me surprised.” “格林……你让我惊讶了。” Form is ordinary just like the chameleon, goes out from the shadow, steps on the thigh of high-heeled shoes to be equally clever just like the cat. 塔莎的身影宛若变色龙一般,从阴影中走出,踩着高跟鞋的大腿宛若猫一样灵巧。 „Do you track me? Actually for what?” “你跟踪我?究竟是为了什么?” Aaron pretends the startled anger to ask. 亚伦装作惊怒地问道。 I was curious your back founder......” to say the lie that did not believe that on the face had the smile of sincerely attracting, proceeded step by step: I want to conduct a more thorough exchange with you......” “我只是好奇你背后的铸造者……”塔莎说着自己也不信的谎话,脸上带着诚挚而魅惑的笑容,一步步往前:“我想要与你进行更加深入的交流……” She has not discovered this Green's back casting Grandmaster, if therefore does not need, does not want to get angry with Green. 她并未发现这个格林背后的铸造大师,因此如果没有必要,塔莎也不想跟格林翻脸。 Thorough exchange?” Aaron laughs at one, takes out a long linearity box from the bosom, after opening, inside is a jet black dagger, has the dark-red blood trough and strange pattern on the dagger blade: This is the end product, you should give money.” “深入交流?”亚伦嗤笑一声,从怀里取出一个长条形盒子,打开之后,里面是一柄漆黑的匕首,在匕首刃上还有暗红色的血槽与奇异花纹:“这是成品,你该给钱了。” Has completed unexpectedly?” “竟然已经完成了?” Is difficult to cover surprisedly, simultaneously was chuckling at heart: At this time was also thinking the transaction, is really naive...... is good because, since the manufacture is completed, that represents his back person, already in usvulture during control. ’ 塔莎难掩惊讶,同时在心里窃喜:‘这个时候还想着交易,真是天真啊……好在既然制作完成,那代表他背后的人,已经在我们‘秃鹫’的掌控之中了。’ She swayed from side to side the extremely slender waist to go forward, received the dagger: Its name? Negative effect?” 她扭动着水蛇腰上前,接过匕首:“它的名字?还有负面效果?” It is called ‚the blade of sob, the negative effect will make your touch extremely keen, even to touched gently will obtain the marvelous pleasant sensation the situation...... , if unable to adapt, will be passive in the fight.” “它叫做‘哭泣之刃’,负面效果是会让你的触感变得极其敏锐,甚至到了轻轻触碰就会获得奇妙快感的地步……如果无法适应的话,在战斗中会非常被动。” A Aaron youth same said probably: As for ‚the blade of sob the ability, is the wound meeting of manufacture is unable to heal, non-stop bleeding......” 亚伦好像个愣头青一样说道:“至于‘哭泣之刃’的能力,是制造的伤口会无法愈合,不停流血……” No mistake, is really this curse ability!’ ‘没有错,果然是这个诅咒能力!’ Eyes are greatly bright, the right hand fingertip is stroking the blade gently, seems testing the sharp degree of blade edge. 塔莎眼睛大亮,右手指尖轻轻抚摸着刀刃,似乎在测试刀锋的锋利程度。 Quickly to money, I do not want next time with your fellow who does not have the integrity traded.” Aaron resembles the discontented said/tunnel. “赶快给钱,下次我不想跟你这种没有诚信的家伙交易了。”亚伦状似不满地道。 Naive!’ ‘天真!’ Laughs at one, pretends extends the left hand to take the wallet, the right hand ‚the blade of sob suddenly to flash through an attractive arc, pricked the chest of Aaron! 塔莎心里嗤笑一声,装作伸出左手去拿钱包,右手的‘哭泣之刃’忽然闪过一道漂亮的弧线,刺入了亚伦的胸膛! „!” “啊!” The sound that the pitiful yell sound and dagger fall to the ground also resounds. 惨叫声与匕首落地的声音同时响起。 Looks at the dripping with blood palm, on the face is exuding the panic-stricken color. 塔莎望着自己鲜血淋漓的手掌,脸上泛起惊恐之色。 Center she fair palm, has the scar that blade together cuts open impressively! 在她原本白皙的手掌正中,赫然有着一道刀割开的伤痕! At this time, a lot of blood turbulently. 此时,大量的血液就从中汹涌而出。 „, Forgot to tell you, ‚the blade of sob also the negative effect of hidden, I held for it one time mirror counter- dense meter, it to others' injury, will be rebounded for the first time, fell in the hand of uses/gives Hai...... very benevolent right? Contained taught that we cultivated the behavior to want the good philosophy......” “哦,忘了告诉你了,‘哭泣之刃’还有一个隐藏的负面效果,我为它举行了一次‘镜反’密仪,它第一次给别人的伤害,会被反弹回来,落在施害者的手上……很仁慈对吧?这其中包含了教导我们做人要善良的哲理……” Aaron touched a wound no chest, the ground ‚the blade of sob picked: After this injury, it can serve for the new host wholeheartedly......, because is the hand that you first move, tore up the contract, therefore we are the enemies, I do not need to give back to you this mysterious goods, this is conforms to the law and justice.” 亚伦摸了摸一点伤都没有的胸膛,将地上的‘哭泣之刃’重新捡了回来:“当这一次伤害之后,它就可以全心全意地为新主人服务了……因为是你先动的手,撕毁了合同,所以我们已经是敌人了,我也不需要将这件神奇物品还给你,这是符合法律与正义的。” You......” “你……” To scold one pile of bad languages, but gazes at this time is bleeding the palm incessantly, on the face full is the fear. 塔莎想要骂出一堆脏话,但此时注视着流血不止的手掌,脸上满是恐惧。 She blew a whistling suddenly. 她忽然吹了声口哨。 Humming sound! 嗡嗡! In the darkness, departs many mosquito same strange insects immediately, flushes away toward Aaron. 黑暗之中,顿时飞出许多蚊子一样的怪虫,向着亚伦冲去。 Clenches teeth, transfers the body, fled the scene fast. 塔莎则是一咬牙,调转身体,飞快逃离了现场。 After her back vanishes, an only jet black beetle appears, is vicious than the strange insect, is gnawing the mosquito, swallows not long them. 当她的背影消失之后,一只只漆黑的甲虫浮现,比怪虫更加凶狠,一口一个啃噬着蚊虫,没有多久就将它们吞食一空。 Cocoon path? The ability as if is also operates the insect......” “‘蛹’之道路的么?能力似乎也是操纵虫子……” Aaron goes out, the expression is light, as if not caring a whoop fleeing. 亚伦从中走出,表情平淡,似乎丝毫不在意塔莎的逃离。 Also has left luckily, otherwise sees this, perhaps will be scared to death livingly. 也幸好塔莎已经离开,否则看到这一幕,恐怕会被活生生吓死。 Her extraordinary capability is to operate the insect, but the devil insect on Aaron, obviously compared with her fearfulness! 她的非凡能力是操纵昆虫,但亚伦手上的恶魔虫,显然比她的更加可怕! Aaron goes forward, messes with the blood that in some grounds flowed off with the paper goods, returned to the inn. 亚伦上前,用纸巾沾惹了一些地面上塔莎流下的血液,回到了旅店。 He must use this medium, the divination whereabout, fearful bitter experience that as well as will soon face. 他要利用这个媒介,占卜塔莎的下落,以及即将面临的可怕遭遇。 The curse that after all...... Aaron in that being dried up palm will only contain, urges to send one time, passed the burden above the dagger! 毕竟……亚伦可是将原本那只干枯手掌中蕴藏的诅咒,一次性催发出来,转嫁到了匕首之上啊! ...... …… Xiacheng District, vulture organization station. 下城区,‘秃鹫’组织驻地。 Vulture strength is not tyrannical, comes by a criminal syndicate transformation of originally, leader Maige also accidentally through intoxicating to assassinate a mysterious person, obtained the inheritance. ‘秃鹫’实力并不强横,由一个原本的黑帮转化而来,首领麦格也只是偶然间通过下毒暗杀了一名神秘人,获得了传承。 Subsequently, depends on hostile aggressive as well as accepts some ferocious criminals, and picks between some big organizations the remaining benefit, vulture will develop, the reputation in mysterious is not very good, is regarded as the scavenger vulture. 继而,靠着好勇斗狠以及收容一些穷凶极恶的罪犯,并捡一些大组织之间残余的利益,将‘秃鹫’发展了起来,在神秘界中的名声很不好,被视为食腐的秃鹫。 Maige has the room in the motion castle, with wild animal common man who conspires. 麦格就是在移动城堡中拥有房间,与塔莎密谋的野兽一般的男人。 At this time, he is filling the rye beer toward the mouth, drinks water to be the same probably. 此时,他正往嘴里灌着黑麦啤酒,就好像喝水一样。 Eldest child, red bee came back.” “老大,‘红蜂’回来了。” One similarly is extraordinariness, but only opened the first element, the subordinate named Loud comes to report: Her condition very not good......” 一名同样是非凡者,但只开启了第一原质,名叫‘劳德’的手下进来报告:“她的状态很不好……” Maige...... I failed, we underestimated that young apprentice, he is very strong, no, is very sly!” “麦格……我失败了,我们都小看了那个年轻学徒,他很强,不,很狡猾!” No meeting, walked, her right hand already in package thick gauze, but still in infiltrated the blood unceasingly outward, will put in order only the palm to soak red. 没有一会,塔莎走了进来,她的右手已经包上了厚厚的纱布,但仍旧在不断向外渗透鲜血,将整只手掌浸红。 Apprentice...... did you find his teacher?” The aura of Maige instantaneously becomes somewhat dangerous. “学徒……你找到他的老师了没有?”麦格的气息瞬间变得有些危险。 Without...... did not take quickly the previous time medicinal ointment, I lost blood dead quickly!” “没有……还不快把上次的药膏拿出来,我就快失血而死了!” Is cursing nearby Loud, making the latter go to inside room hastily, took out one box of grease shape goods. 塔莎咒骂着旁边的劳德,让后者连忙去里面一个房间,取出了一盒油膏状的物品。 „Is this wound, that curse?” “这种伤口,是那个诅咒?” Saw wound that bleeds unceasingly, Maige sinking sound said. 看到塔莎不断流血的伤口,麦格沉声道。 Yes, the thing of that curse had been built a dagger, had the manufacture bleeding wound ability...... I playing by that apprentice. Damn......” “是的,那件诅咒之物已经被打造成了一柄匕首,拥有制造流血伤口的能力……我被那个学徒给耍了。该死的……” Clenches jaws: I was good, I will certainly make him know that what is the regret!” 塔莎咬牙切齿:“等我好了,我一定会让他知道什么叫后悔!” Very good, so long as builds the mysterious goods, that artisan also certain curse.” “很好,只要打造成神奇物品,那个‘工匠’也一定中了诅咒。” Maige nods satisfied. 麦格满意地点点头。 They had discovered a fearful ancient vestige, the curse that was survived by inside entangles, leaves behind the bleeding wound of not healing on the body! 他们曾经发现过一个可怕的古老遗迹,被里面残存的诅咒缠上,在身上留下不会愈合的流血伤口! Is good time makes a determined effort because of Magna, pays to organize member casualties half of grievous costs, carried over the method of manufacturing of the vestige curing the medicament, is that type of medicinal plaster. 好在麦格那次发了狠,付出组织成员伤亡一半的惨痛代价,从遗迹中带出了一种治愈药剂的制作方法,就是那种膏药。 Otherwise, perhaps vulture organization will perish under that fearful curse thoroughly! 否则的话,恐怕‘秃鹫’组织就会彻底灭亡于那个可怕的诅咒之下!
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