TOTM :: Volume #3

#231: Dissemination( asked monthly ticket)

Weapon that curse transforms, is very certainly sharp...... that dagger, I wanted!” “那种诅咒转化的武器,一定特别锋利……那柄匕首,我要了!” Maige announced excitedly, looks Loud smudges on that type of grease. 麦格略带兴奋地宣布,看着劳德为塔莎涂抹上那种油膏。 „!” “啊!” Several minutes passed by, looks by the grease that the blood washes away, on the face is being frightened gradually with fills desperately. 数分钟过去了,塔莎望着被鲜血冲走的油膏,脸上渐渐被惊惶与绝望充满。 She was very beautiful, but the red lip of bright desire drop has become pale, skin to chap at this time incomparably...... as if original life vigor, the wound place that also from bleeds unceasingly passes quietly! 她原本十分美丽,但此时鲜艳欲滴的红唇已经变得无比苍白、皮肤皲裂……仿佛原本的生命活力,也从不断流血的伤口处悄然流逝! Eldest child...... I, my hand is quite sore!” “老大……我,我的手好疼!” Works as one, the medicinal ointment box in Loud hand falls on the ground, he is looking above the palm, a blade that appears shears the wound, in the sound takes a weeping voice: Saves me...... I not to die!” 哐当一声,劳德手里的药膏盒掉在地上,他望着自己手心之上,浮现出的一道刀割般的伤口,声音中不由带上一丝哭腔:“救我……我还不想死啊!” Damn, is your cheap person...... you betrays me, thinks the strategic point I?” “该死的,你这个贱人……是不是你出卖我,想要害我?” The Maige expression suddenly becomes incomparably fierce, in the eyeball was filled by the blood threads , seems to be concealing indescribable panic-stricken, held neck. 麦格表情忽然变得无比狰狞,眼珠里面被血丝充满,又似乎暗藏着难以言喻的惊恐,抓住了塔莎的脖子。 In that vestige, the curse has the specific rule, only then after being cut, meets the wound to bleed continuously. 在那处遗迹里面,诅咒有着特定的规律只有被割伤之后,才会伤口流血不止。 But now? 而现在呢? In Loud's hand, actually appears bewilderedly the wound! 劳德的手上,竟然莫名其妙地浮现出伤口! Maige is actually clear, this big probability was to curse the mutation! 麦格其实清楚,这大概率是诅咒异变了! But he does not want to believe that subconsciously this result, wanting Gentaz to acknowledge, is she is being up to mischief! 但他下意识地不想相信这个结果,想要让塔莎承认,是她在搞鬼! Because revolts even if, consequence that brings, is well below to curse the mutation terrifying! 因为哪怕塔莎叛变,所带来的后果,也远远不如诅咒异变恐怖! My......” “我……没……” Kicks the leg to struggle in the midair unceasingly, both hands held Maige's sturdy arm. 塔莎在半空不断踢着腿挣扎,双手抓住了麦格粗壮的胳膊。 Suddenly, Maige felt that on the arm a pain, appears with palm exactly the same wound, the blood murmur flows, just like small stream. 忽然间,麦格感觉手臂上一痛,一条跟塔莎手心一模一样的伤口浮现,鲜血潺潺流淌,宛若小溪。 No!” “不!” Maige partly kneels on the ground, takes away to block the wound the thing that the grease and bandage, any can see, but is useless! 麦格半跪在地上,将油膏、绷带、任何能看见的东西都拿去堵住伤口,但没有用! The blood still slowly and flowed firmly, just like passing of time was ordinary, no one can recall! 鲜血仍旧在缓慢而坚定地流淌,正如时间的流逝一般,无人能够挽回! Hehe...... we will die!” “呵呵……我们都会死!” Smiled desperately, during smile, her coat position was contaminated by the blood suddenly, another wound appears, bleeds unceasingly. 塔莎绝望地笑了,在微笑的同时,她的上衣位置忽然被血浸染,又一道伤口浮现出来,不断流血。 Is the wound on your palm, it...... it will infect!” “是你手掌上的伤口,它……它会传染!” Maige screamed one suddenly, just like scared little miss: „Is the way of infection...... the contact?!” 麦格忽然尖叫一声,宛若被吓坏的小姑娘:“感染的途径……是接触?!” His seemingly rough semblance, actually has one also to calculate the intelligent head, otherwise not from that in vestige that proliferates the sharp blade and alpine yarrow survives, but also found the raft. 他看似粗犷外表的之下,其实有着一颗还算聪明的脑袋,否则也不会从那个遍布利刃与锯齿草的遗迹之中存活下来,还找到关键物品。 Eldest child?” “老大?” At this time, here tumult has passed to the outside world, vulture the member walked one after another, is looking at this, just like roused the terrifying recollection that anything is unable to put behind, eyeball suddenly/violently protrude, covers entirely the blood threads, the both legs becomes tender, is avoiding the pool of blood, wishes one could to turn into a paper, by wall. 此时,这里的骚动已经传到外界,‘秃鹫’的成员陆续走了进来,望着这一幕,宛若被勾动了什么无法忘却的恐怖回忆,一个个眼珠暴凸,布满血丝,双腿发软,躲避着血泊,恨不得变成一张纸,靠在墙壁上。 You...... drag...... to feel relieved this woman quickly, so long as does not contact the blood that she flows out, is all right.” “你们……赶快把这个女人拖出去……放心,只要不接触到她流出的血,就没事。” Maige ties up the arm with the bandage stubbornly, on the face the expression constantly changes: This is that artisan does certainly the ghost, we all send out, must compel him to relieve the curse...... not, perhaps I should take the complete cash, comes to apologize, hopes that can gain his understanding......” 麦格用绷带将手臂死死捆住,脸上表情不断变化:“这一定是那个工匠搞得鬼,我们全部出动,一定要逼他解除诅咒……不,或许我应该带上全部现金,上门道歉,希望能获得他的谅解……” He in the prestige in vulture is very high, immediately extraordinariness the courage, is using own extraordinary capability greatly, making a string just like living general, the snake is twisting the advance on the ground equally, tied up, drags her slowly to out of the door. 他在‘秃鹫’之中威望很高,顿时就有一个非凡者大着胆子,使用自己的非凡能力,让一条绳子宛若活过来一般,蛇一样在地上扭曲着前进,捆住了塔莎,将她慢慢拖向门外。 At this moment, in bystander , the person called out pitifully, with the vision of shivering, is looking at own palm position. 就在这时,围观者中,又有一人惨叫一声,用颤抖的目光,望着自己的手心位置。 In there, the wound of together unceasingly bleeding, appears impressively! 在那里,一道不断流血的伤口,赫然浮现出来! I...... I have not contacted anything.” “我……我没有接触什么东西啊。” That extraordinariness one collapsed, the whole face collapses to the ground desperately: I want the grease, the grease......” 那个非凡者一下崩溃了,满脸绝望地瘫坐在地上:“我要油膏,油膏……” In the crowd calls out in alarm unceasingly, on almost everyone, appeared the similar wound...... 人群中惊呼不断,几乎每一个人身上,都浮现出了同样的伤口…… Is the vision...... the vision sees the wound, will infect?” Maige is staring at wickedly, suddenly goes forward with stride, caught her. “是目光……目光看到伤口,就会传染?”麦格恶狠狠盯着塔莎,忽然大步上前,将她抓了起来。 This time, whole body was covered entirely by the wound, just like a porcelain doll of to split open, the excessive loss of blood, has come to the verge of death. 此时的塔莎,全身上下都被伤口布满,宛若一个开裂的瓷娃娃,早已失血过多,濒临死亡。 I once loved you......” “我曾经爱你……” Maige muttered one, the left hand made a fist fiercely, a fist pounded on face. 麦格喃喃一句,左手猛地握拳,一拳砸在塔莎脸上。 This female extraordinariness flies upside down immediately, the face is hollow, direct death! 这位女性非凡者顿时倒飞出去,脸部凹陷,直接死亡! Purifies her!” “净化她!” Maige angrily roars: Does not want dead complies immediately, she curses the source!” 麦格怒吼一声:“不想死的就立即照做,她是诅咒源头!” Vulture extraordinariness display the ability, or loses the spell, making the purification the ray wrap, the flame fast combustion, fires the ashes her. ‘秃鹫’的非凡者们纷纷施展能力,或者丢出符咒,让净化的光芒将塔莎包裹,火焰迅速燃烧,将她烧成灰烬。 But is useless! 但没有用! The wounds of various people, as in slowly and increase firmly, in the main hall, gradually turned into pools of blood. 各人身上的伤口,依旧在缓慢而坚定地增多,厅堂之内,逐渐变成了一片血泊。 The pool of blood rises slowly, turns into the marsh land and pond...... 血泊慢慢升高,变成洼地、池塘…… I do not want dead, does not want dead!” “我不想死,不想死啊!” Finally, extraordinariness collapsed, sheds bitter tears runs to out of the door: Saves me...... to save me......” 终于,一个非凡者崩溃了,痛哭流涕地跑向门外:“救我……救我……” When running, his wound one cracks, as if tore the aorta unlucky, making the blood gush out like the fountain generally. 在奔跑之时,他身上的伤口一下崩裂,似乎倒霉地撕裂了大动脉,令血液如同喷泉一般涌出。 Idiot!” “白痴!” Maige angrily roars, but also becomes the air/Qi to be insufficient gradually, seems very weak. 麦格怒吼一声,只是也渐渐变得中气不足,显得十分虚弱。 Grease no matter also used, represents the rank of that curse, was higher after the mutation?” “油膏也不管用了,代表那个诅咒的等级,在异变之后更高了?” That artisan works as the origin of infection with, is wants us vulture to extinguish? Suppressed......” “那个工匠用塔莎当传染源,是想要我们‘秃鹫’全灭?太狠了……” Maige's first regretting, he as if provoked one to be worse , a more savage enemy him! 麦格第一次感到后悔,他似乎招惹上了一个比他更加邪恶、更加凶残的敌人! We look for Mr. Halsey, his trouble-maker exists, perhaps perhaps...... also has the means......” “我们去找哈尔西先生,他是非人存在,或许……或许还有办法……” Maige is struggling standing up, looks the third wound on oneself reappearing, in the tone has the despair of being able to say. 麦格挣扎着站起身,看着自己身上浮现出的第三道伤口,语气中有着说不出的绝望。 Even if injured in that vestige, the wound also only then together, will not multiply! 哪怕是在那个遗迹中受伤,伤口也只有一道,不会增殖! The intensity and fearfulness of curse, as if one rose dramatically ten times to continue! 诅咒的烈度与可怕,似乎一下暴增了十倍都不止! Actually we...... annoyed anyone......” “我们……究竟惹上了什么人啊……” Extraordinariness is muttering, the last drop of blood flows, turns into a withered corpse, pours in the middle of the pool of blood. 一个非凡者喃喃着,最后一滴血液流淌而出,变成一具干瘪的尸体,倒在血泊当中。 I......” “我……” Maige struggles to crawl the hall, the feeling strong body had actually lost the last strength. 麦格挣扎着爬出大厅,却感觉强壮的身躯已经失去了最后一丝力气。 He puts out the final one breath, pours in the pool of blood, the two sides cheeks place opened a blood-stained mouth respectively, just like comedian clown's ridicule. 他吐出最后一口气,倒在血泊之中,两边脸颊处各开了一道血口,宛若小丑的嘲弄。 ...... …… „The carrier of curse, is remembers......, so long as sees that wound, could not forget the person who this memory, will be cursed.” “诅咒的载体,是记忆啊……只要看到那一道伤口,忘不掉这段记忆的人,就会被诅咒。” In the inn, Aaron opens the eyes, is looking at the map. 旅店之内,亚伦睁开双眼,望着地图。 Originally den in Xiacheng District? After the death ray, makes Auclercq clean up the trash......” “原来老巢是在下城区么?等到死光之后,就让奥克莱尔去捡垃圾……” Good curse, good might, what a pity one-off effect.” “不错的诅咒,不错的威力,可惜只有一次性的效果。” That say/way lets the curse that vulture all extinguishes, the curse strength of withered palm, is equivalent to Aaron with these darkly the curse, made one -off spell, then lost. 那道让‘秃鹫’全灭的诅咒,来自干枯手掌中的诅咒之力,相当于亚伦用那些‘闇’之诅咒,制造了一张一次性符咒,然后丢给了塔莎。 Then, he displays ‚the blade of sob, most gives others to leave behind the wound that non-stop bleeding together, did not have the curse of dissemination and multiplication. 接下来,他施展‘哭泣之刃’,最多给别人留下一道不停流血的伤口,却没有传播与增殖的诅咒了。 Un, vulture died up and down cleanly, happen to sealed up the curse mold because of the channel of dissemination, so as to avoid injured accidentally......, but concluded finally, if made that curse disseminate unceasingly, perhaps Xiacheng District resulted in the casualty to be serious, until alarming investigation bureau......” “嗯,‘秃鹫’上下死得干干净净,正好封闭了诅咒模因传播的渠道,免得误伤……但最后还是得去收尾一下,如果让那种诅咒不断传播,恐怕下城区得死伤惨重,直至惊动调查总局……”
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