TV :: Volume #5

#438: Jerusalem Information Station

Intelligence Station in Jerusalem new city area, the Xia Lei three people got out in the far place, walks Intelligence Station. Its surface is Sex Shop that a Chinese manages, this store average person keeps at a respectful distance, few people pay attention, let alone was goes to look. Has saying that this camouflage is very wise. 情报站耶路撒冷新城区,夏雷三人在较远的地方下车,步行到了情报站。它的表面是一个华人经营的情趣用品店,这种商店一般人都敬而远之,很少有人关注,更别说是进去看一看了。不得不说,这种的伪装是很高明的。 To Intelligence Station, Xia Lei knows that the expert group the member had been delivered to the Ambassador hall. From this Intelligence Station, is only away from a distance of street. Because the situation is urgent, when the Xia Lei three people rush to here, information personnel in Intelligence Station shifted in the member of expert group the Ambassador hall. 到了情报站,夏雷才知道专家组的成员已经被送到了大使馆之中。距离这个情报站,只隔着一条街的距离。因为情况紧急,在夏雷三人赶往这里的时候,情报站里的情报人员已经将专家组的成员转移到了大使馆之中。 This is a very wise procedure, the Ambassador hall was equal to that a territory of country's, Israeli(s) will not go in the examination, let alone was goes to make an arrest. By Israel and China current relations, believe that the Israel official will not allow United States to enter the China embassy to run amuck. 这是一个非常明智的做法,大使馆就等于是一国的领土,以色列人是不会进去进去查看的,更别说是进去抓人了。以以色列华国目前的关系,相信以色列官方也不会允许美国进入华国的使馆胡作非为。 Shifts the expert group member to Intelligence Station Agent named Liu Qiang, he remained, has not followed the expert group the member to enter the Ambassador hall to seek asylum. The goal that he keeps is also to describe the process of event to the Xia Lei three people. 将专家组成员转移到情报站特工名叫刘强,他留了下来,没有跟随专家组的成员进入大使馆避难。他留下来的目的也是为了向夏雷三人描述事件的经过。 We receive the Intelligence Station urgent message, immediately starts to shift the expert group the member.” In an underground secret room, Liu Qiang was recalling then scene, mood as before very tense, at that time, we had discovered that had the Israel soldier and police moves in the nearby. The also CIA person, they should be the leader of this motion.” “我们接到情报站的紧急情报,立刻开始转移专家组的成员。”一间地下密室里,刘强回忆着当时的情景,情绪依旧很紧张,“那个时候,我们已经发现有以色列的士兵和警察在附近活动。还有cia的人,他们应该是这次行动的主导者。” Long Bing has rubbed silver tooth, the sound ice-cold, continued.” 龙冰磨了一下银牙,声音冰冷,“继续说。” Our plans shift together, was the situation of reality actually already not possibly. Dou Yong has made the decision, he remains to attract the line of sight of CIA and Israeli(s) with another three colleagues, gives opportunity that I and expert group the member of create to run away. I led the person to shift to the hotel back door, Dou Yong they have then staved the glass of room, was opening fire to the sky. We ran away actually promptly, but they......” Liu Qiang could not be justified, the man of firm, in the eye is actually with the tears. “我们的计划是一起转移,可是现实的情况却已经没有可能了。窦勇做出了决定,他和另外三个同事留下来吸引cia以色列人的视线,给我和专家组的成员创造逃走的机会。我带着人转移到酒店后门,窦勇他们便敲破了房间的玻璃,对着天空开枪。我们倒是及时逃出来了,可是他们……”刘强说不下去了,铁铮铮的汉子,眼里却含着泪水。 Do not be sad.” Tang Yuyan has patted the shoulder of Liu Qiang, their blood white print, CIA, I will not want them to pay compared with this serious ten times of price sooner or later!” “不要难过。”唐语嫣拍了一下刘强的肩膀,“他们的血是不会白流的,cia,我早晚要他们付出比这惨重十倍的代价!” Xia Lei looks with a middle-aged man in secret room, proposed his issue, Mr. Qiao, who did have is revealed our whereabouts?” 夏雷看着同在密室里面的一个中年男子,提出了他的问题,“乔先生,有没有查到是什么人泄露了我们的行踪?” That middle-aged man named Qiao Ping, is this Intelligence Station stationmaster, the rank and Long Bing is the same with Tang Yuyan. 那个中年男子名叫乔平,是这个情报站的站长,级别与龙冰唐语嫣是一样的。 Qiao Ping said: Cannot look up, such matter let alone in such quick time, even if , is also very difficult to look up.” 乔平说道:“查不到,这样的事情别说在这么快的时间里查到,就算以后也很难查到。” Xia Lei was silent, his actually has thought of some people, for example Mu Jianfeng, for example Ye Kun, for example Gu Kewen. But, these people, although is very suspicious, but does not have the evidence, he does not dare to draw a conclusion rashly. Especially Mu Jianfeng and Ye Kun, these two person indeed have to him in the deathtrap thoughts and motive, but they are country words war industry Enterprise Executive, the risk that such makes is too big, perhaps the two have not dared to take such risk. Remaining Gu Kewen, Gu Kewen joins shortly after CIA, she is not high in the China status, does she possibly obtain the secret intelligence of this rank? 夏雷沉默了,他其实想到了一些人,比如木剑锋,比如叶坤,比如古可文。可是,这些人虽然很可疑,但没有证据,他不敢贸然下结论。尤其是木剑锋叶坤,这两个人确实有致他于死地的心思和动机,但两人都是国字号军工企业老总,这么做的风险太大,那两人恐怕还不敢冒这样的风险。剩下一个古可文,古可文加入cia不久,她在华国的地位也不高,她怎么可能得到这种级别的机密情报? Except for these three people, he could not think of others again. 除了这三个人,他再也想不到别人了。 At this time Qiao Ping sighed, fortunately, our expert group member shifted promptly, their duties have not divulged a secret, otherwise had no way friendly.”, He also said: Has this situation, I suggested that you cancel the duty, I will arrange you to return to homeland.” 这时乔平叹了一口气,“还好,我们的专家组成员及时转移了,他们的任务也没有泄密,不然的话就没法善了了。”顿了一下,他又说道:“发生这种情况,我建议你们将任务取消,我会安排你们回国。” Tang Yuyan and Long Bing looked to Xia Lei, was waiting for his opinion. Has this matter, goes back, above will not blame anything. Continues to carry out the task, will have very big risk, so long as Xia Lei wants to remain, they actually fearless, will remain to accompany him to continue to carry out the task. 唐语嫣龙冰都看向了夏雷,等着他的意见。发生这种事情,回去,上面也不会责备什么。继续执行任务,会有很大的风险,不过只要夏雷想要留下来,她们却是无惧的,都会留下来陪他继续执行任务。 Goes back, no doubt can avoid the danger, but Ancient Alloy and Bronze Treasured Book secret is unable to explain. This lets the Xia Lei difficult choices, he has thought that I must remain to carry out the task. Mr. Qiao, can you help me?” 回去,固然可以避免危险,可是古合金青铜宝书的秘密就无法破解了。这让夏雷难以取舍,他想了一下,“我要留下来执行任务。乔先生,你能帮我一个忙吗?” You need me to make anything Qiao Ping to ask for you. “你需要我为你做什么”乔平问道。 Xia Lei said: I need Jerusalem old city area a chart of drainage system.” 夏雷说道:“我需要一张耶路撒冷老城区的排水系统的图。” Qiao Ping has gawked, „do you want that blueprint to do?” 乔平愣了一下,“你要那种图纸干什么?” Naturally useful.” Xia Lei said: „The chart of drainage system I want is more ancient is better, can do for me?” “当然有用。”夏雷说道:“我要的排水系统的图越古老越好,能为我搞到吗?” Qiao Ping said: You wait, I ask that my person, look at them to have the means.” Then, he left secret room. 乔平说道:“你等一等,我去问问我的人,看他们有没有办法。”说完,他离开了密室。 Liu Qiang, you get down the rest. Expert group member returning to homeland, you also together return to homeland.” Long Bing said. 刘强,你下去休息吧。专家组的成员回国的时候,你也一起回国吧。”龙冰说道。 No, Section Chief Long.” Liu Qiang said: Makes me remain to complete the task with you together, I do not want to make Dou Yong they sacrifice in vain.” “不,龙科长。”刘强说道:“让我留下来与你们一起完成任务吧,我不想让窦勇他们白白牺牲。” Long Bing looked at Xia Lei one, you make this decision.” 龙冰看了夏雷一眼,“你来做这个决定吧。” Xia Lei said: You want to remain to remain, many person are also many a strength.” 夏雷说道:“你想留下来就留下来吧,多一个人也多一份力量。” Thanks.” Liu Qiang said. “谢谢。”刘强说。 Xia Lei has not said anything, is only nodded. 夏雷没说什么,只是点了一下头 Qiao Ping returned to the secret room in a while, the coming straight to the point tunnel: Mr. Xia, sorry, we have no way to do that type of map for you. However, our Intelligence Officer boyfriends work in the Jerusalem museum, she comes and goes out the Jerusalem museum frequently. She said that she sees a very ancient map in the archaeology museum in Jerusalem museum, on the map has Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the area also and Jerusalem old city area is similar, it is estimated that is the map that you want.” 乔平没过多久就返回了密室,开门见山地道:“夏先生,抱歉,我们没法为你搞到那种地图。不过,我们的一个情报员的男朋友在耶路撒冷博物馆工作,她经常出入耶路撒冷博物馆。她说,她在耶路撒冷博物馆的考古学博物馆看到过一张很古老的地图,地图上有圣墓教堂,面积也和耶路撒冷老城区相似,估计是你想要的地图。” Museum?” On the Xia Lei's face suddenly has emerged a anguished smiling face. Just was out of danger from the tigers mouth, actually must go to museum that place, but also is really otherwise the person was peaceful. “博物馆?”夏雷的脸上顿时浮出了一丝苦涩的笑容。刚刚才从虎口脱险,却又要去博物馆那种地方,还真是不然人安生啊。 Qiao Ping said: Mr. Xia, I did not suggest that you go to the museum to steal that unfold a map, there security facility is strict. You know that this place has been at the battle condition, has the police and Mossad person like museum that place generally guards, particularly the Mossad person, their experiences are rich, is very hard to deal with.” 乔平说道:“夏先生,我不建议你去博物馆偷那张地图,那里的安保设施非常严密。你知道的,这个地方一直处于战斗状态,像博物馆那种地方一般都有军警和摩萨德的人守卫,尤其是摩萨德的人,他们的经验非常丰富,很难缠。” Does not need to steal, I only needed to have a look at that unfold a map on the line.” Xia Lei said. “不用偷,我只需要看看那张地图就行了。”夏雷说道。 Qiao Ping asked: Now can go?” 乔平问道:“现在就要去吗?” Xia Lei said: No, tomorrow will go again. Outside this little while definitely makes an arrest in the martial law, at this time went to the risk to be too big.” 夏雷说道:“不,明天再去吧。这会儿外面肯定在戒严抓人,这个时候去风险太大。” Qiao Ping said: Good, I go to arrange the room to you.” 乔平说道:“那好,我去给你们安排房间。” Approximately after the quarter, Qiao Ping was leading Xia Lei, Long Bing and Tang Yuyan returned to the ground, on Sex Shop two buildings. The underground basement is the region of Intelligence Station work, these two buildings are the housing regions. But, has two bedrooms. 大约一刻钟后,乔平领着夏雷龙冰唐语嫣返回了地面,上了情趣用品店的二楼。地下的地下室是情报站办公的区域,这二楼是居住的区域。可是,只有两间寝室。 Qiao Ping opened a door of room, was sorry, only then put in great inconvenience your four to live in a room. I and my person live in another room.” 乔平打开了其中一个房间的房门,“抱歉,只有委屈你们四位住一个房间了。我和我的人住另外一个房间。” Long Bing and Tang Yuyan brow suddenly wrinkled. 龙冰唐语嫣的眉头顿时皱了起来。 Liu Qiang said: I lived in a moment ago that basement, there had a table, gave me a blanket on the line.” 刘强跟着说道:“我还是住刚才那间地下室吧,那里有一张桌子,给我一张毯子就行了。” Lives with two female Section Chief in a room, Liu Qiang even want cannot think. 与两个女科长住在一个房间,刘强连想都不敢去想。 Xia Lei also open the mouth and said: I also......” 夏雷开口说道:“我也……” Actually did not wait for Xia Lei to say the words that Tang Yuyan then said: Do not go, lives with us.” 却不等夏雷把话说完,唐语嫣便说道:“你就别去了,和我们一起住。” Xia Lei is very awkward, may also not say anything. 夏雷很是尴尬,可又不好说什么。 Qiao Ping as if smelled any strange smell, hurries saying: You go in the rest, has anything to need to call me. Was right, your weapons have transported, in Intelligence Station, you momentarily can take away.” 乔平似乎嗅到了什么奇怪的气味,赶紧说道:“你们进去休息吧,有什么需要就叫我一声。哦对了,你们的武器已经运过来了,就在情报站,你们随时都可以拿走。” Temporarily does not need.” Long Bing said. These words, were equal to asking the person to leave. “暂时不需要。”龙冰说。这句话,等于是请人离开了。 Qiao Ping and Liu Qiang were tactful leave. 乔平刘强识趣地离开了。 Xia Lei put on a bold face entered the room, passes through the gate his whole person not to be good. In this room everywhere is sex toys, electric vibrator, sex doll, sex toys that the transparent appeal clothing, Nurse also and uniform anything, can think in brief, here has. What exaggerates was on the wall of bedside has hung all over the linearity silicone apparatus, various colors, various sizes, gave people colorfully a feeling of being dazzled. 夏雷硬着头皮进了房间,一进门他整个人都不好了。这个房间里到处都是情趣用品,电动的工具,仿真的娃娃,透明的情趣服装,还有护士、制服什么的,总之能想到的情趣用品,这里都有。最夸张的是床边的一堵墙上挂满了条形硅胶用具,各种颜色,各种尺寸,花花绿绿给人一种眼花缭乱的感觉。 Tang Yuyan and Long Bing also awkwardly, these feminine things make them be red in the face. What makes their embarrassed is, their brains can unable to bear relate with the Xia Lei's body these apparatus. These imagination, really shamed individual. 唐语嫣龙冰也都尴尬得要死,那些女性的用品让她们面红耳赤。更让她们难堪的是,她们的大脑会忍不住将那些用具跟夏雷的身体联系起来。那些想象,真是羞死个人了。 un un......” Xia Lei broke the awkward silence, „is this place probably the demonstration room? Is a warehouse.” 嗯嗯……”夏雷打破了尴尬的沉默,“这个地方大概是个展示的房间吧?或者,是个仓库。” What do you want to say?” The Tang Yuyan ill-humored tunnel, she has then lowered the sound, pervert.” “你想说什么?”唐语嫣没好气地道,然后她压低了声音,“色狼。” Xia Lei shrugged the shoulders, disguises not to hear awkwardly. He arrives at the window, tucks up an corner/horn window curtains, looks at downstairs street. 夏雷尴尬地耸了一下肩,假装没听见。他走到窗户边,将窗帘撩开一个角,看着楼下的街道。 A police vehicle is drawing the police siren, howls from the street. Sits the police in car(riage) is observing the pedestrian and vehicles on street in the glass, looks serious. 一辆警车拉着警笛,从街道上呼啸而过。坐在车里的警察在车窗里观察着街道上的行人和车辆,神情严肃。 Really with such that he suspects, entire Jerusalem declared martial law. 果然和他猜想的那样,整个耶路撒冷都戒严了。 wū wū...... 呜呜呜…… Spread strange sound suddenly. 身后忽然传出了奇怪的声音。 Xia Lei returns to be excessive, actually sees Long Bing receives an electric shock from a sofa to jump, had apparatus of linearity to be touched the switch behind her buttocks by mistake, wū wū has rotated. 夏雷回过了头去,却看见龙冰触电似的从一张沙发上跳起来,在她屁股后面有一只条形的用具被误触开关,呜呜地转动了起来。 This is the matter that very much comedy, but Xia Lei and Tang Yuyan cannot smile. Bureau 101's Agent of that three sacrifice looked like 3 stone presses on their hearts is the same, was very heavy. 这是一件很搞笑的事情,可夏雷唐语嫣都笑不出来。那三个牺牲的101局的特工就像是三块石头压在他们的心上一样,沉重得很。 Hateful!” Long Bing worked on that thing to throw in the corner, shamed the angry tunnel: How is this place occupied by person?” “可恶!”龙冰抓起那只东西就扔到了墙角里,羞恼地道:“这个地方怎么住人啊?” Tang Yuyan broken day wasteland has not talked back to Long Bing, she sighed, endures, tomorrow we will change a place to live again.” 唐语嫣破天荒地没有与龙冰顶嘴,她叹了一口气,“忍忍吧,明天我们再换一个地方住。” Xia Lei said: Tonight your bed, I rest the sofa.” 夏雷说道:“今晚你们睡床,我睡沙发。” Tang Yuyan and Long Bing have looked at each other one, although has not spoken, but tacitly approved. Three people in a room, want what happened are impossible. 唐语嫣龙冰对视了一眼,虽然都没有说话,但都默认了。三个人在一个房间里,想发生什么事情都不可能了。 The following time, Xia Lei lies down on the sofa calmly was recalling he has looked at all, a flickering construction, fast become formed of streets in his mind, his thought looks like a bird flies round in Jerusalem old city area equally, is seeking for any thing. 接下来的时间,夏雷躺在沙发上静静地回想着他所看过的一切,一幢幢建筑,一条条街道在他的脑海里快速成型,他的思维就像是一只飞鸟一样在耶路撒冷老城区里飞来飞去,寻找着什么东西。 In the afternoon, Xia Lei must come a notebook, searched the material of Jerusalem museum with Google search engine. He looks one after another that and bears in mind these contents. 下午,夏雷要来了一台笔记本电脑,用谷歌搜索引擎搜索出了耶路撒冷博物馆的资料。他一条一条地看着,并将那些内容记在心里。 If in the Jerusalem museum has such ancient map, he only needs to look that on the energy remembered, simply does not need to steal away. Therefore, motion actually of tomorrow's going museum is not difficult. The Unique risk needs to avoid the Mossad person, the also CIA person. 如果耶路撒冷博物馆里真有那样一张古老的地图,他只需要看一眼就能记住,根本不需要偷走。所以,明天的去博物馆的行动其实并不困难。唯一的风险就是需要避开摩萨德的人,还有cia的人。 Night, Long Bing and Tang Yuyan rest on the bed, Xia Lei rests on the sofa, pours also lives in peace with each other. However, rests with two women in a room, that feeling is also strange. <\; 夜里,龙冰唐语嫣睡在床上,夏雷睡在沙发上,倒也相安无事。不过,和两个女人睡在一个房间里,那种感觉却也是怪怪的。<\;
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