TV :: Volume #5

#437: fellow citizens bloodbath

On the street, several police vehicles howl. 街道上,几辆警车呼啸而过。 Xia Lei looked at the direction that a police vehicle left, within heart has had one unlucky premonition suddenly. That direction, is the Spring of the Desert hotel direction. 夏雷看了一眼警车开往的方向,心中忽然生出了一种不祥的预感。那个方向,正是沙漠之泉酒店的方向。 Liang Siyao's appears, the police of howling, these make him uneasy. 梁思瑶的出现,呼啸的警察,这些都让他感到不安。 Tang Yuyan and Long Bing have as if realized anything, some expression also tense. 唐语嫣龙冰似乎也意识到了什么,神色也有些紧张了起来。 „It is not...... Did Professor Qin they have an accident?” Long Bing said. “不会是……秦教授他们出事了吧?”龙冰说。 We quickly go and take a look.” Tang Yuyan sped up the footsteps. “我们赶快过去看看。”唐语嫣加快了脚步。 After several minutes, three people on the street that arrives at Spring of the Desert hotel to be, is away from a distance, no longer approaches. That several police vehicles really stopped in front of hotel, hotel all import and export channels were also blocked by the police. 几分钟后,三人来到了沙漠之泉酒店所在的街道上,隔着一段距离,不再靠近。那几辆警车果然停在了酒店门前,酒店的所有的进出口通道也都被警察封锁。 In fact, not only there is police, also wears the unknown person of Israel soldier and wear plainclothes of military uniform. This is a magnificent scene, if the seizing ordinary criminal, simply does not need to use these many personnel. 事实上,不仅有警察,还有穿着军装的以色列士兵和穿着便衣的不明身份的人。这是一个大场面,如果是抓捕普通的罪犯,根本就不需要动用这么多人员 Long Bing frowned, „the worst result was Dr. Qin their is discovered that the best result was not they who these people grasped, was other person.” 龙冰皱起了眉头,“最坏的结果是秦博士他们被人发现了,最好的结果是这些人抓的不是他们,是别的人。” „Are you view?” Tang Yuyan has bumped the Xia Lei's waist, asked him. “你是看法?”唐语嫣碰了一下夏雷的腰,问他。 Xia Lei also maintains is actually looking into the hotel seventh posture, he is looking for Qin Changqing and Mary and the others the rooms. Actually did not wait for him to find, see through to Qin Changqing and the others the situations, in hotel spread a sound of gunfire suddenly. 夏雷却还保持着眺望酒店第七层的姿势,他在寻找秦长青马莉等人的房间。却不等他找到,透视秦长青等人的情况,酒店里突然就传出了一片枪声。 The sound of gunfire resounded, defends has crashed in hotel in the hotel big entrance police and Israel soldier fast. also several plainclothes, they follow in the police and Israel soldier, the quick-moving, each other shield, the fight accomplishment also wants to be higher than these police and Israel soldier. 枪声响起,守在酒店门口的警察和以色列士兵快速冲进了酒店还有几个便衣,他们跟随在警察和以色列士兵的身后,动作迅速,彼此掩护,战斗素养比那些警察和以色列士兵还要高很多。 Xia Lei within heart moves, is CIA Agent?” 夏雷心中一动,“难道是cia特工?” pēng pēng pēng...... 砰砰砰…… The sound of gunfire in hotel was more intense. 酒店里的枪声更激烈了。 Many people flee from hotel, the startled sound screamed, a scene confusion. 不少人从酒店里奔逃出来,惊声尖叫,场面一片混乱。 huā lā! The glass windows of seven buildings disrupt suddenly, a person crashes from the window, pounded on a police vehicle. The crown of police vehicle is loudly hollow, the car window disrupts in the action of impulse completely. The one who pounds the vehicle roof is a Chinese man, the whole body is the blood, has been killed violently. 哗啦!七楼的一堵玻璃窗突然碎裂,一个人从窗户里面坠落下来,砸在了一辆警车上。警车的顶部轰然凹陷,车窗玻璃在冲击力的作用力全部碎裂。砸中车顶的是一个华裔男子,浑身是血,已经毙命。 The Xia Lei three people of lines of sight almost simultaneously fall on full of that Chinese man are on the faces of blood stain, three people of hearts sink to the dangerous place all of a sudden he are Bureau 101's Agent Dou Yong! 夏雷三人的视线几乎同时落在那个华裔男子的满是血污的脸上,三人的心一下子沉入冰谷他是101局的特工窦勇 The China treasure hunt expert group really had an accident! 华国的寻宝专家组果然出事了! „Before we have not come, they have been all right, we came them to have an accident.” Xia Lei's complexion ice-cold, some people betrayed our whereabouts!” “我们没来之前他们一直都没事,我们一来他们就出事了。”夏雷的脸色冰冷,“有人出卖了我们的行踪!” „Did our duties expose?” Tang Yuyan complexion ashen, within heart is also having the anger that difficult suppresses. “我们的任务暴露了吗?”唐语嫣的脸色也铁青着,心中有一股难以抑制的怒火。 Such early do not draw a conclusion.” Long Bing appears exceptionally calm, we have four Agent in the security of protection treasure hunt expert group, now dies, we have not seen some people to carry over our people. This matter, said the not necessarily also favorable turn.” “不要这么早下结论。”龙冰显得异常冷静,“我们有四个特工在保护寻宝专家组的安全,现在才死一个,我们也没有看见有人带出我们的人。这件事,说不一定还有转机。” Like this as if has to comfort the intention of Xia Lei and Tang Yuyan, but Xia Lei or Tang Yuyan do not believe this matter also anything favorable turn. Bureau 101's Agent naturally does not have anything saying that they are the Iron and Blood good sons in Republic, fierce does not fear, even if will be arrested will not confess the secret duty of treasure hunt expert group. But these experts are different, their simply is not a soldier, by the specialized training, had not been tortured slightly will confess! 这样的话似乎有安慰夏雷唐语嫣的用意,可是无论是夏雷还是唐语嫣都不相信这件事还有什么转机。101局的特工自然没什么好说的,他们都是共和国的铁血好男儿,悍不畏死,就算被捕也不会供出寻宝专家组的秘密任务。可那些专家就不一样了,他们根本就不是战士,也没有受过专业的训练,稍微一用刑就会招供! Once some people confessed that the Ancient Alloy secret may not have preserved! 一旦有人招供,古合金的秘密将没有可能保存! pēng pēng pēng...... 砰砰砰…… The sound of gunfire in hotel is still continuing. 酒店里的枪声还在继续。 Xia Lei, Long Bing and Tang Yuyan three people wish one could to clash to help the person on one's own side fight immediately, but, the importance of duty actually just likes a mountain generally presses in three people of hearts, making three people unable to breathe heavily, is unable to move. 夏雷龙冰唐语嫣三人恨不得立刻冲进去帮助自己人战斗,可是,任务的重要性却犹如一座大山一般压在三人的心头,让三人喘不起来,也无法动弹。 Kills, then? 杀进去,然后呢? Not then, even if Xia Lei, even if Long Bing and Tang Yuyan has by enemy hundred abilities is unable to defeat the Israel army, Mossad also world four big Agent organizations, the final result can only die or be captured, does not have other. 没有然后,就算是夏雷,就算是龙冰唐语嫣都有以一敌百的能耐也无法战胜以色列的军队,还有世界四大特工机构之一的摩萨德,最终的结果只能是死亡或者被擒,没有别的。 also another political reason, actually, because World War II China has provided the asylum for the Jew, the Jew is one understood the nationality that feels grateful, post-war Israel little has not helped China carry out the national defense development, even is not parsimonious the advanced technology. Until now, the relations of two countries are good, if no United States pressure, the relations of Israel and China will be better. In such a case, can three people clash fight with the Israel police and soldier? 还有另外一层政治上的原因,其实,因为二战时期华国为犹太人提供了庇护,犹太人是一个懂得感恩的民族,战后以色列也没少帮助华国搞国防建设,甚至不吝啬一些先进的技术。直到现在,两个国家的关系还算不错,如果没有美国的压力,以色列华国的关系会更好。在这样一种情况下,三人又怎么能冲进去与以色列的警察和士兵战斗呢? simply cannot. 根本不能。 But the eyeball looks that own fellow citizens died in battle, that feeling is also rending, is very painful! 可眼珠子看着自己的同胞战死,那种感觉却又撕心裂肺,痛苦不堪! This suffering had ended quickly, the sound of gunfire stood still finally. 这种煎熬很快就结束了,枪声终于停歇了下来。 Some people shouted propaganda in English in the hotel hall, surrender, you did not have the road to run away, here had been surrounded!” 有人在酒店大厅里用英语喊话,“投降吧,你没有路可逃了,这里已经被包围了!” You draw back!” In the hall some people responded in English: Otherwise I have killed him!” “你们都退开!”大厅里有人用英语回应:“不然我杀了他!” The police and Israel in soldier hall has drawn back, afterward is that several plainclothes. They go in finally, but actually finally comes out. What can judge is, commencing of action, their actually to forefront. 大厅里的警察和以色列士兵退了出来,随后又是那几个便衣。他们最后进去,但却是最后出来。可以判断出的是,战斗开始的时候,他们其实是冲在最前面的。 The Xia Lei's line of sight falls , was taking on speaker the man of bald person, his eyes have recognized the identity of that man. In South Korea Seoul, he has seen this man, he directs the CIA Agent person. Afghanistan, Yelena had mentioned the status of this man, he is CIA Middle East Person-In-Charge, Goodson. 夏雷的视线落在了一个拿着扬声器的秃顶的男子身上,他一眼就认出了那个男子的身份。在韩国首尔,他见过这个男子,他是指挥cia特工的人。阿富汗,叶列娜曾经提到过这个男子的身份,他是cia中东主管,古德森 Xia Lei has thought suddenly of Liang Siyao, she appeared, Goodson also appeared, this is not a coincidence. Sees Goodson, his had determined at heart also an awful situation, that is CIA knows that he came Israel, launched to move. 夏雷忽然又想到了梁思瑶,她出现了,古德森也出现了,这不会是一个巧合。看到古德森,他的心里也确定了一个糟糕的情况,那就是cia已经知道他来以色列了,也展开行动了。 When Xia Lei is thinking these, a Chinese youth held under duress a blond man to go out of the hotel front door. His whole body is the blood, the injury is serious, but the look actually appears very fearful. He uses the arm to force the neck of that blond man, another hand holds a pistol, the muzzle of that pistol also arrived on the head of that blond man. 就在夏雷想着这些的时候,一个华裔青年挟持着一个金发男子走出了酒店大门。他的身上浑身是血,伤势严重,可眼神却显得很可怕。他用胳膊勒着那个金发男子的脖子,另一只手抓住一只手枪,那支手枪的枪口也抵在了那个金发男子的脑袋上。 Lays down the spear|gun!” Goodson has opened up the psychological offensive, you have been injured, needs to treat. You lay down the spear|gun, we give you to treat. I promised you that nobody will injure you, you fairly will also be placed on trial. If in your hand has the valuable thing, we can also make a transaction with you, you know that my meaning.” “放下枪!”古德森展开了心理攻势,“你受伤了,需要治疗。你放下枪,我们给你治疗。我向你保证,没人会伤害你,你也会受到公正的审判。如果你手里有有价值的东西,我们还可以与你做一笔交易,你知道的,我的意思。” Here, Long Bing has lowered the sound, he called Wang Hai, the person of another group. I heard that he is a very filial person, his mother......” 这边,龙冰压低了声音,“他叫王海,另一个组的人。听说,他是一个很孝顺的人,他母亲……” She could not be justified. 她说不下去了。 Xia Lei looks at the face of Wang Hai, the face of Wang Hai full is the blood stain, the brilliance feeling that but difficult described at this moment, touched his mind all of a sudden. 夏雷看着王海的脸,王海的脸满是血污,可这一刻却有一种难以形容的光辉感,一下子就触动了他的心灵。 Brothers!” Wang Hai spoke in Chinese suddenly, you walked first one step, I immediately! I have words to you, the sheep in our village, returned to the sheepfold!” “兄弟们!”王海忽然用汉语说话,“你们先走一步,我马上就来!我给你们带句话,咱们村里的羊,已经回羊圈啦!” What did you say?” Goodson has not understood the Wang Hai words obviously, but he actually guessed correctly that Wang Hai wants to do, he exclaimed: Puts down the weapon, do not impulse! You will die!” “你说什么?”古德森显然没听懂王海的话,但他却猜到王海想干什么了,他跟着吼道:“放下武器,不要冲动!你会死的!” Bah!” Wang Hai spat bloody water toward the ground, father calculates dead must draw several pad backs!” “呸!”王海往地上啐了一口血水,“老子计算死也要拉几个垫背的!” You “你” Bang! A gunshot, a Wang Hai spear|gun hit to explode the head of blond man. Then transfers the muzzle to open fire to Goodson. 砰!一声枪响,王海一枪打爆了金发男子的脑袋。然后调转枪口向古德森开枪。 What a pity, he did not have to take away the trigger with enough time once more, an ammunition clip bullet flies from his side, has hit his body. 可惜,他还没来得及再次扣动扳机,一梭子子弹就从他的侧面飞来,击中了他的身体。 Blood splattering, Wang Hai fell down. 鲜血喷溅,王海倒在了地上。 Hateful!” Goodson pounded the speaker in hand bitterly on the ground, at the same time the anger exclaimed: One crowd of waste, link a living witness not to hold unexpectedly! Searches, goes to their rooms to search, must find the clue!” “可恶!”古德森恨恨地将手中的扬声器砸在了地上,一边怒吼道:“一群废物,居然连一个活口都没有抓住!搜,去他们的房间搜,一定要找到线索!” Several CIA plainclothes Agent have crashed in hotel. 几个cia的便衣特工跟着又冲进了酒店 Afterward, two Israel police lifted a corpse, was a Chinese youth. In addition Dou Yong of crash vehicle roof, dying in battle Wang Hai, Bureau 101's four Agent died three. also actually disappears. 随后,两个以色列的警察抬出了一具尸体,也是一个华裔青年。加上坠落车顶的窦勇,战死的王海,101局的四个特工死了三个。还有一个却不见踪影。 We walk.” Tang Yuyan said: Matter possible also favorable turn.” “我们走。”唐语嫣说道:“事情可能还有转机。” Xia Lei knows the favorable turn that she said is anything, four Bureau 101's Agent died three, also has disappeared, moreover member of treasure hunt expert group has not seen. This has a situation, that is four Bureau 101's Agent had realized that shifted the safe place the member of expert group promptly. 夏雷知道她说的转机是什么,四个101局的特工死了三个,还有一个不见踪影,另外寻宝专家组的成员一个都没见到。这存在着一个情况,那就是四个101局的特工有所察觉,及时将专家组的成员转移到了安全的地方去了。 „Those words that Wang Hai spoke do you still remember?” Xia Lei is looking pensive typical: He said that the sheep of our village returned to the sheepfold, is this suggestion?” 王海说的那句话你们还记得吗?”夏雷若有所思地道:“他说我们村的羊已经回羊圈了,这是不是一种暗示?” The Long Bing sound is low and deep, should be. Leaves here, I relate our information personnel, confirmed the situation.” 龙冰声音低沉,“应该是。离开这里,我联系一下我们的情报人员,确认一下情况。” Three people leave quickly. 三人快步离开。 Arrived at the street end corner, Xia Lei turns head to look at one. 走到街道尽头拐角处,夏雷回头看了一眼。 Goodson stands in hotel big entrance looks around, seems seeking for anything. A troop Israel soldier at the cleaning up scene, keeps the order. 古德森站在酒店门口东张西望,似乎在寻找什么。一大群以色列士兵在清理现场,维持秩序。 The Xia Lei's line of sight transferred to one group of bystanders of street suddenly, his line of sight stopped suddenly on a body of woman. That woman is not others, in Liang Siyao that Mount Golgotha meets! 夏雷的视线忽然移到了街边的一群围观者中,他的视线忽然就停顿在了一个女人的身上。那个女人不是别人,正是在各各他山碰面的梁思瑶 A Xia Lei's within heart suddenly piece of tuck dive, „isn't Liang Siyao CIA Agent? At this time, she should participate in the motion being right, but she actually stood in the crowd peeps, has she been separated from CIA? She has duty?” 夏雷的心中顿时一片翻腾,“梁思瑶不是cia特工吗?这个时候,她应该参与行动才对,可她却站在人群里偷看,难道她已经脱离cia了?还是,她有被的任务?” These issues, if did not ask Liang Siyao personally, perhaps could not find the answer. 这些问题,如果不亲自问梁思瑶,恐怕找不到答案。 Three people stepped over the street corner, Long Bing pull out the cell phone, has made a phone call. She said one string of complex passwords first, after the opposite party confirmed that she officially spoke, our situations were very dangerous, needs to shelter. Moreover, I need to understand the latest information.” 三人迈过街头拐角,龙冰掏出手机,打了一个电话。她先说了一串复杂的密码,等到对方确认之后,她才正式说话,“我们的处境很危险,需要庇护。另外,我需要了解最新的情报。” Xia Lei looks at the speech Long Bing, he cannot hear cell phone inside sound, but he can actually estimate that the opposite party is giving the Long Bing arrangement asylum, as well as latest information. Although he is the team leader of this treasure hunt motion, but has not actually begun using the jurisdiction of Bureau 101's information resources. 夏雷看着说话的龙冰,他听不见手机里面的声音,但他却能估计到对方正在给龙冰安排庇护,以及最新的情报。他虽然是这次寻宝行动的组长,但却没有启用101局的情报资源的权限。 Really, the telephone conversation ended, Long Bing said: We go to Intelligence Station, but also living that Agent called Ma Jun, was he leads the member of expert group to shift Intelligence Station. We in Church of the Holy Sepulchre, our Intelligence Station obtained the urgent information, has informed them promptly. They report to us without enough time, launched the shift plan directly.” 果然,通话结束,龙冰说道:“我们去情报站,还活着的那个特工马军,是他带着专家组的成员转移到了情报站。我们在圣墓教堂的时候,我们的情报站获得了紧急的情报,及时通知了他们。他们来不及向我们汇报,直接就启动了转移计划。” Xia Lei long relaxed, luckily is this result, perhaps otherwise, we moved here must finish ahead of time.” 夏雷长长地松了一口气,“幸好是这种结果,不然,我们在这里的行动恐怕要提前结束了。” Tang Yuyan looks at Xia Lei, you were said that our also opportunity did complete the task?” 唐语嫣看着夏雷,“你是说我们还有机会完成任务?” Xia Lei said: I do not know how the CIA person knows we have one expert group here, but I believe that even if they had some information, is not enough to know the goal of expert group. Otherwise, expert group in here such long time, they have the motion words, on the day of simply will not wait till.” 夏雷说道:“我不知道cia的人是怎么知道我们有一支专家组在这里的,可我相信,就算他们掌握了一些情报,也不足以知道专家组的目的。不然,专家组在这边这么长的时间,他们有行动的话,根本就不会等到这一天。” Do not discuss that returned to Intelligence Station to say again.” Long Bing stands in the roadside, put out a hand to block a rental car. <\; “别谈了,回情报站再说吧。”龙冰站在路边,伸手拦下了一辆出租车。<\;
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